GAME FISHING by pengtt


									                             Prices as of the 1st Dec 2007


                                   GAME FISHING
               Wild Blue or Shogun For 8 X hour day (per head)

Wild Blue 88,000vt     (Approx AUD$1,100.00 or NZD$1,300.00)
                                                                          1 Person
Shogun 120,000vt       (Approx AUD$1,450.00 or NZD$1,750.00)

Wild Blue 44,000vt     (Approx AUD$550.00 or NZD$650.00)
                                                                     2 Person Share
Shogun 60,000vt        (Approx AUD$800.00 or NZD$875.00)

Wild Blue 29,333vt     (Approx AUD$365.00 or NZD$430.00)
                                                                     3 Person Share
Shogun 40,000vt        (Approx AUD$535.00 or NZD$580.00)

Wild Blue 22,000vt     (Approx AUD$275.00 or NZD$325.00)
                                                                     4 Person Share
Shogun 30,000vt        (Approx AUD$400.00 or NZD$435.00)

Wild Blue 17,600vt     (Approx AUD$220.00 or NZD$260.00)
                                                                     5 Person Share
Shogun 24,000vt        (Approx AUD$320.00 or NZD$350.00)

Wild Blue 14,666vt     (Approx AUD$185.00 or NZD$215.00)
                                                                     6 Person Share
Shogun 20,000vt        (Approx AUD$266.00 or NZD$290.00)

                              INTRO TO GAME FISHING

        3 Hours for 40,000vt (Wild Blue Only) (Approx AUD$470.00 or NZD$540.00)
      Or 2 Hours Game Fishing and 1 Hour Reef Fishing. (4 People Max).

                                    OUR PACKAGES

                       Accommodation and Fishing Package

                             4 Hours Game Fishing
                   Venture Offshore in search of the 'BIG ONE'

                   Wild Blue 45,000vt (Approx AUD$550.00 or NZD$670.00)
                    Shogun 65,000vt (Approx AUD$800.00 or NZD$970.00)

                             8 Hours Game Fishing
   Fish the renowned waters out from Pango Point, Hat Island & Sea Mounds
           Check out the offshore FAD (Fishing Aggregation Device)
          Enjoy lunch on the Boat or take a break on a deserted beach.

                  Wild Blue 88,000vt (Approx AUD$1,100.00 or NZD$1,300.00)
                  Shogun 120,000vt (Approx AUD$1,480.00 or NZD$1,750.00)

                                               We can arrange

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