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					                   Request for Proposals

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                   RFP for Great Plains and FRX
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                                              (650) 599-1234
San Mateo County             From outside the 650 area code
   Employees                            call 1-800-339-0761
   Association               100 Marine Parkway, Suite 125
    March 2008
                                Redwood Shores, CA 94065
Page 2 of 10                                          Request for Proposals-IT Plan

               I. Introduction
               II. Scope & Deliverables
               III. Background
               IV. General Conditions Of Submission
               V. Proposal Contents
               VI. Questions Regarding This RFP
               VII. Submission
Page 3 of 10                                                   Request for Proposals-IT Plan

The San Mateo County Employees’ Retirement Association (SamCERA) seeks a qualified
firm (Contractor) to upgrade SamCERA’s accounting system, Great Plains 7.5, and FRx
6.5, to the newest available version of Microsoft Dynamcs GP and Microsoft FRx. The
Contractor (the Proposer chosen to perform the work) will also provide details for an
ongoing support/maintenance agreement, and training of staff.

The Contractor will study the way SamCERA’s staff is currently using Great Plains 7.5 and
FRx 6.5. Contractor will make recommendations on how to better use the new version,
additional modules, and make recommendations on efficiencies, optimizations, and
integration with other software in use at SamCERA.

The Contractor will provide an analysis of integration possibilities with accounting systems
used in the County of San Mateo (called IFAS), integration possibilities with State Street
(investment custodian), and integration possibilities with other software such as the
Microsoft Office Suite, and SamCERA’s pension management software PensionGold.

A key component of the Great Plains/FRx upgrade will be recommendations on how to
best integrate existing and new technologies that the Contractor recommends that
SamCERA implement. Contractor will make SamCERA aware of any technology that can
improve efficiency, accuracy, and workflow.

Key goals for the upgrade are to maintain the chart of accounts and history already input
into Great Plains 7.5, the report formats and the ability to extract history from FRx 6.5.

The Senior Accountant produces monthly financial statements in Excel. The Contractor
will analyze and recommend a solution using Microsoft FRx, which would also allow the
data to be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Contractor will study the way SamCERA’s staff is currently preparing and maintaining the
Administrative budget (salaries, education, equipment, etc). The Contractor will make
recommendations on how to best implement a similar budgeting system in the new
software, which will allow reporting, quarterly updates, and budget forecasting.

The Contractor will recommend and provide appropriate training for staff.

The Contractor will provide a detailed estimate and timeline/schedule for implementation.

The Contractor will implement all approved recommendations.

Important Dates:
June 30th: Fiscal Year End
June 1 : Project completion deadline
July – August: Auditors
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The version of Great Plains/FRx in use currently at SamCERA has two concurrent user
licenses and no current support agreement. Current modules in use are: General Ledger,
and FRx report writer.

SamCERA will require at least 4 concurrent user licenses for the new system and an
ongoing support/maintenance agreement.

The main user of Great Plains is the Senior Accountant (The Investment Analyst acts as a
backup). The Senior Accountant currently inputs data into an Excel spreadsheet to
organize and reconcile the data, then re-enters it into Great Plains. Below are the sources
of data:

   Source        Data Type                Description                       Notes
IFAS (County    Print Out       Cash flow; summarized
accounting                      amounts that the Senior
system)                         Accountant researches and
                                expands upon into detailed line
                                items for Great Plains
State Street    Print Out &     Investment information              Investment Analyst
                Website                                             prepares JE, Senior
                                                                    Accountant enters into
Budget          Excel                                               Received from
Report          Spreadsheet                                         Management Analyst
PensionGold     Print Out           -  Retiree Payroll (data        Received from
                                       entered into Excel           SamCERA Controller
                                       spreadsheet before
                                       entering into Great
                                   - Void & Reissues
Deposit         Print Out       Extracted from IFAS                 Received from
Permits                                                             Investment Analyst
Contribution    Print Out       Biweekly Pension contributions      Received from the
Report                                                              County Controller’s
Check           Print Out       Details of each check issued        Received from
Register                                                            SamCERA Controller,
                                                                    Senior Accountant
                                                                    reenters data into
                                                                    Excel spreadsheet,
                                                                    then reenters data
                                                                    into PensionGold.

Check           PensionGold     Details of each check issued        SamCERA would like
Printing                                                            the ability to enter and
                                                                    print checks directly
Page 5 of 10                                                    Request for Proposals-IT Plan

                                                                     from PensionGold to
                                                                     Great Plains.
Investment      Excel           Data entered into Excel              Received from
Management      Spreadsheet     spreadsheet by Investment            Investment Analyst
Fees                            Analyst, then re-entered into
Accruals                        Great Plains by Senior

All other current users use FRx for generating various reports out of Great Plains.

Current Technologies:
SamCERA is currently in the process of planning and implementing a technology
infrastructure upgrade which will include the use of VMWare products, and a high speed
WAN connection to San Mateo County (which will also be SamCERA’s Internet
connection). This upgrade is still in the planning stages and should be complete within the
second quarter of 2008.

SamCERA’s current technology includes:
Function:                                            Operating System          Hardware
File & Application Server                            Novell Netware 6.5        Dell
    - PensionGold v1 (Uses a FoxPro database)                                  Poweredge
    - Great Plains 7.5 / FRx 6.5
    - GroupWise 6.5 (Secure encrypted E-Mail
       through the county “Tumbleweed” server)
    - Novell File Search
    - File Server
Replica Server                                       Novell Netware 6.5  Dell
- Nightly Replica of main File Server                                    Poweredge
Windows Server                                       Windows 2003 Server Dell
    - DHCP, DNS, WINS                                                    Poweredge
    - Software Installs
    - Internal Web Server
    - WSUS
    - Testing new apps
Backup Server                                        Windows 2003 Server Dell
    - File backup of Novell Server                                       Poweredge

Desktops are all Dell Optiplex, with a mix of Dell laptops with docking stations.

    Gigabit LAN
    A T1 (1.44Mbps) to the county network.
         o NOTE: An upgrade to a high speed private wireless WAN connection is
    VPN software available for remote access
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Future Plans (Excerpts from the SamCERA IT Plan):
    SamCERA will implement Windows Vista and Office 2007 in the second quarter
      of 2008. About 90% of employees will have laptops and remote VPN access.
    SamCERA’s WAN connection (including Internet) will be upgraded from a T1 to
      a dedicated wireless link (45 Mbps), and a redundant optical link (5 Mbps). This
      should occur within the second quarter of 2008.
    SamCERA’s technology Infrastructure will be transitioned into a VMWare
      environment, with 100% virtualized servers, dedicated to specific tasks (i.e. we
      will have dedicated servers for networking (DNS, DHCP, WINS), file hosting,
      application hosting (maybe one server per application), web, etc.)
    SamCERA will be issuing an RFP to upgrade our Pension Management software
      within the next two years
    SamCERA will be issuing and RFP then implementing a new document
      management and imaging solution within the next year.
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      1. All proposals submitted become the property of SamCERA. Should a Proposer
         wish to cancel, a written letter so stating must be received by SamCERA.

      2. There is no expressed or implied obligation for SamCERA to reimburse
         responding firms for any expenses incurred in preparing proposals in response
         to this request. Costs for developing proposals are entirely the responsibility of
         the Proposer and will not be chargeable to or reimbursable by SamCERA.

      3. All proposals submitted in response to this RFP shall become the exclusive property
         of SamCERA and shall be subject to public disclosure pursuant to the California
         Public Records Act (Cal. Govt. Code Section 6250 et. seq.). The Act provides that
         access to information concerning the conduct of the people’s business is a
         fundamental and necessary right to every person in the state. Public records are
         defined as any writing related to the conduct of the publics’ business. Public
         records are open to inspection during normal business hours.

      4. There are specific exceptions to the Public Records Act. In the event SamCERA
         receives a request for inspection of any proposal submitted pursuant to this RFP, it
         is the responsibility of the organization whose proposal has been requested to
         assert any right of confidentiality that may exist. SamCERA will not make that
         assertion on behalf of the Proposer. Absent a judicial determination that the
         documents are exempt from disclosure, they will be subject to inspection.

      5. Submission of a proposal constitutes a complete waiver of any claims whatsoever
         against SamCERA, and/or its agents, trustees, officers, fiduciaries, or employees,
         that SamCERA has violated a Proposer’s right to privacy, disclosed trade secrets
         or caused any damage by allowing the proposal to be inspected.

      6. All proposals must remain valid for a period of not less than 120 days from the
         submission. This includes pricing as well as nominated engagement staff.

      7. SamCERA reserves the right to retain all proposals submitted and to use any ideas
         in a proposal regardless of whether that proposal is selected.

      8. Proposers will direct all communications to:

                     Tariq Ali, Information Technology Manager,
                     San Mateo County Employees' Retirement Association
                     100 Marine Parkway, Suite 125
                     Redwood Shores, CA 94065-5802

         Proposers are specifically precluded from contacting other SamCERA staff or
         trustees, until a contract has been entered into with the successful Proposer.

      9. SamCERA reserves the right to contact current and former clients of the Proposer
Page 8 of 10                                                    Request for Proposals-IT Plan

        for information at anytime during the proposal process.

     10. SamCERA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals and may waive
         any requirements of this Request for Proposal if it deems it in the best interests of

     11. SamCERA reserves the right to contact individual Proposers for clarifying
         information at anytime during the proposal process.


To be eligible, Proposers shall adhere strictly to the format set forth below. Each of the
required sections identified must be addressed and must be specifically labeled.

The content and sequence of the proposal will be as follows:

                        Section                      Title
                          1          Cover Letter
                          2          Table of Contents
                          3          Executive Summary
                          4          Engagement Staff
                          5          Methodology
                          6          Firm Background
                          7          Contract Form and Specifications
                          8          Current Clients/References
                          9          Statements

Items 1 through 9 below contain brief descriptions of material that must be included in this

     1. Cover Letter: Proposer shall identify the firm, its home office and branch office, if
        any, that would provide the services offered in the proposal. Addresses shall be
        supplied, along with name, telephone number and facsimile number and email
        address of a principal contact for information regarding the proposal.

     2. Statement that the proposal is a firm and irrevocable offer for 120 days following the
        date for submission of proposals.

        Engagement Staff: Proposer shall identify the individuals who are going to provide
        the services along with a brief description of his and or her experience and

     3. Methodology: Proposer shall explain its approach to the proposed projects, outline
        the methodology to be employed, and identify unique or innovative techniques to be
        employed in the engagement.
Page 9 of 10                                                   Request for Proposals-IT Plan

   4. Firm Background: A general history of the Proposer and pertinent experience with
      comprehensive strategic IT plans. Proposer shall provide a list of clients that the
      Proposer provided similar services.

   5. Contract Form and Specifications: The purpose of the attached Sample Agreement
       is to indicate the type of contract contemplated and to set forth some of the general
       provisions SamCERA anticipates including in the final contract. In submitting a
       proposal, the Proposer will be deemed to have agreed to each clause unless the
       proposal identifies an objection, sets forth the basis for the objection, and provides
       substitute language to make the clause acceptable to the Proposer. Such
       objections and substitute language must be submitted no later than the deadline for
       the proposal.

     6. Statements:

          a. Statement of the availability and location of staff and other required
             resources for performing all services and providing deliverables within
             indicated time frames. Statement as to whether or not the services outlined
             in these specifications will be performed using only your present staff.

          b. Statement of the level of Commercial General Liability and Professional
             Liability/Errors and Omissions insurance that will be maintained by Proposer
             in favor of the board.

          c. Statement of conflict of interest: Any affiliation, partnership, contract, or
             agreement with companies and\or products the Proposer may or may not
             recommend that are in any way related to this RFP.

          d. Statement of pending litigation: Any litigation for or against the Proposer that
             may or may not be directly related to this RFP.

          e. Statement of Proposed fees. Include an itemized statement of proposed fees
             for the services described in the proposal.

          f. Proposer will take complete responsibility for the security of all data and all
             information that the Proposer will have access to. Proposer will ensure no
             data breach at any time before, during and after the execution of the

          g. Miscellaneous fee proposal considerations. If the number of client visits
             would impact the fee proposal, please indicate the number of visits that are
             included in your proposed fee.

          h. Please indicate your hourly charges for additional services requested by the
             system, if any, not included within the scope of the routine services outlined
             in these specifications.
Page 10 of 10                                                Request for Proposals-IT Plan

          i.    If you propose additional services, such services should be outlined and
                separately priced in your proposal.

Proposers requiring clarification of the intent or content of this RFP may request
clarification by submitting written questions via email.

                Tariq Ali, Information Technology Manager
                San Mateo County Employees' Retirement Association
                100 Marine Parkway, Suite 125
                Redwood Shores, CA 94065-5802

NOTE: Written questions are to be received via email. Responses will be provided
via email.

All proposals must be in writing and must be delivered by email, mail or delivery service.
No faxed, or telephone proposals will be accepted.

Schedule for submission:

     Start Date                          Title                    Due Date
Thu March 13th, 2008       RFP Distributed
Thu March 13th, 2008       RFP Responses                   Tue March 25th, 2008
Wed March 26th, 2008       Review of RFP Responses by
Week of April 7th          Interviews/Presentations
                           Selection of Proposal by        Mon April 14th, 2008
Week of April 21st         Project Start
June 1st                   Project End