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30 AUG 2008
It’s all about you!
It is all about you, your inspiration and your development; and not the least, about your
motivation which will decide how you teach your classes week after week. If you have the
fire and the drive, then the temperature of your participants will increase. When they
feel your enthusiasm, they will return, again and again, and bring their friends.
They will return to your next class, not because they have to, but because they really
want to. They will once again be inspired by your energy and passion. The physical
workout will be an extra bonus.

When you perform each class 100% present and focused you are improving the lives of your participants.
You not only make your class into the best hour of the entire week, you help them to enjoy getting
stronger, more energized and to move more freely. You, together with 90,000 other instructors,
are influencing the world so that more and more people feel better, both physically and mentally.

For that reason, you need to refuel with energy and inspiration. To give of yourself, you need new impressions, new
skills and new motivation - a spark in your own development as an instructor. It is for this simple reason that we are
arranging SUPER SATURDAY for the fourth year, this year with more classes, more star presenters and more
happenings than ever before. 9 of Les Mills DVD-presenters will be coming to Stockholm so that you can experience
them live. Don’t miss listening to star lecturer, Sasha Coburn, when she talks about how you can develop as a person
and instructor.

It is all about you; it’s called SUPER SATURDAY and is being held at Eriksdalshallen in Stockholm on August 30!

See you there and turn it up!

                     Jesper Magnusson
                     Les Mills
             IS CALLED

BODYATTACK® is back in Sweden!
Are you thinking about becoming a BODYATTACK®
instructor? Or wondering if the program suits your
club? Or, do you just want a really good workout?

Test BODYATTACK® with Program Director Lisa
Osborne. This year she will be accompanied on stage by
Portugal’s famous BODYATTACK® star Fábio Abrantes,
and our own Nordic program coach John Quist from

We guarantee you will be affected!

– I tested BODYATTACK® with Lisa Osborne last year
and fell completely in love. I have been waiting for it to
be released once again so that I can train to become a
BODYATTACK® instructor. It was love at first sight,
says Senada Zilkic´, from nJoy Örebro.
Wanted - photographs
Tell the world what you do at your club. Send photographs to us when your
club have quarterly releases, displays or an event. We will choose a winner
in the categories “best branding” for each program.

Instructions: Send the photograph and a short description about what you
have done. E-mail to: or send by post to: Les Mills,
Attn. Katarina Zell, Narvavägen 12, 115 22 Stockholm
Questions? Phone +46(0)8-556 096 83 or e-mail to

 Are you the world’s strongest
 BODYPUMP® instructor?
 During SUPER SATURDAY we will appoint the strongest BODYPUMP®
 instructor of the Nordic countries in the categories of men and women. You
 will be judged according to weight and form – i.e. the correct maintained
 form during the entire song for songs 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The weight will be
 totalled following song 6. Judges will be on hand to control the form and to
 add up the points.

 Where: Register and collect your race tag directly when you arrive on
 Saturday morning. The competition will be held during the second
 BODYPUMP® class at 12.15 -13.15 o’clock. Further instructions will be
 given on site.

AIM™– Advanced Instructor Module
Hundreds of instructors who have completed AIM™ testify how the course
has changed how they look at themselves and their role as an instructor.
AIM™ gives you the tools to find the core of your instructor role and
clarify what you need to do in order to develop. Charlotte Althin guides you
through the course and helps you to find your own, real and true answers.

Where: Friday August 29. Further information will be given on registration.

Technique check
Visit our evaluators and trainers for feedback on your technique. From 12.00
noon, there will be trainers on site at the expo in order to give you personal
feedback and to evaluate your technique. Take the chance to discuss details
or just drop by and chat a little.

Where: Saturday August 30 from 12.00 noon at the expo.
Dan Cohen
Dan lives and breathes his sport. He has a black belt in kickboxing and in Lau Gar
Chinese boxing, as well as a junior black belt in Shotokan karate. He won the British
Championships in kickboxing in 1996 and came in second place in the World
Championships the following year. Together with his soul mate Rachael Cohen,
the dynamic duo are developers, choreographers and role models for an entire world of
BODYCOMBAT® instructors. Today, there are more than 7,000 BODYCOMBAT® clubs.

David McKenzie “Dr Dave”
David is a well-known profile for all BODYBALANCE™ instructors as he has been
included on almost all DVD-videos during the last five years. David divides his worklife
into two similarly large portions, where he works during one as a general practitioner and
during the other as an instructor and trainer. Since ”Dr Dave” lives every day with his goal
of “helping people” to create a happier, healthier and richer life, both parts harmonize with
each other.

Fabio Abrantes
Fabio is Portugal’s biggest international instructors’ star. He is a RPM™,
BODYCOMBAT® and BODYATTACK® trainer and has participate in no less than three
BODYATTACK® DVDs (51, 56 and 61). During his career as a Les Mills trainer, he has
also taught at conventions in Switzerland, Great Britain, Belgian, New Zealand and in
Norway. This is the first time in Sweden.

Gandalf Archer “G”
is program director for BODYJAM®. He has committed his life to dance and has an
extensive background in teaching and performing. Gandalf’s natural talent, charisma and
desire to spread dance to people makes him the perfect BODYJAM® model. “G” and his
team work regularly together with international dance/fitness stars to make sure that the
BODYJAM® choreography is up-to-date with the latest moves, music and trends.

Lisa Osborne
is program director for BODYATTACK® and the research and development director for
BODYSTEP®. As a passionate ambassador for training and the Les Mills training
program, Lisa started her career with a university degree in physical education in 1990.
During most of the 90’s, she was successful within competitive aerobics with five wins in
the Australian Championships and three international medals. Last year, the ceiling nearly
lifted during her BODYATTACK® class and was, according to many, the highlight of
Mark Nu’u
As program director for BODYSTEP® since 1994, Mark has had a significant influence
on modern step-up. Through his passion and intuitive understanding of training, he has
contributed to the development of a form of training and movement which gives results
while simultaneously keeping entertainment in focus. Previous success within competitive
aerobics, both nationally and internationally, contributes to Mark’s charisma and dynamic
presenter style

Sacha Coburn
Sacha has been a part of the Les Mills’ family for more than 17 years. She is an educated
and qualified lawyer and has just completed her Master’s Degree in pedagogy. Her love
for learning and taking on challenges in order to grow as a person, in combination with a
charismatic personality, makes her lectures unique and full of personal insight.

Steven Renata
Steven has been a part of Les Mills International since 1995. During his years in the
company, he has contributed with his knowledge within the areas of company
consultation, education and presentation. He has been a key figure in the introduction
of the new Les Mills’ program and in sales development. Steven has a background as a
rugby player and an ironman triathlete. Steven has the 1999-World’s Record in stationary
indoor cycling.

Susan Renata
Susan is head trainer for BODYPUMP® and a well-known face from the DVD for all
BODYPUMP® instructors throughout the world. Her commitment and experience is
mirrored at all levels she participates at within Les Mills, everything from basic education
to the presentation of AIM™ (Advanced Instructor Module). Her unique appearance has
made her the number one cover girl of Les Mills and you have probably seen her in a
number of posters and advertisements. Susan has previously worked as a police
commissioner in Aukland, but has for many years now worked solely for Les Mills and
lives presently in the Netherlands.

Niklas Liljestrand
Music, dance and song have always been a passion and he has
participated as a singer and dancer in Trollflöjten, Phantom of the
Opera, Mac Beth and Living in America, among others, at theatres
in Gothenburg. Niklas is a member of the Nike Instructor Team.
Anna Key                                                         Hanna Lennartsson
Anna is a BODYPUMP® and RPM™ trainer.                            Hanna is a BODYSTEP®, BODYATTACK® and BODYPUMP®
During the weekdays, she is a teacher and lives in Malmö.        trainer and works fulltime as quality co-ordinator for Les Mills

Anna Paringer                                                    Henrik Thorndal Machon
is a BODYBALANCE™ trainer and Nordic program coach for           lives in Odense and is a Nordic program coach in
BODYVIVE®. Anna works fulltime at Les Mills and is a member of   BODYBALANCE™ as well as a BODYVIVE® instructor. He has
the Nike Instructor Team.                                        many years of experience in power and ashtanga vinyasa yoga and
                                                                 also instructs functional and Physio Pilates.

Arja Vanhanen                                                    Johanna Andersson
is a BODYSTEP®, BODYBALANCE™ and BODYVIVE® trainer.              is a BODYJAM® and BODYBALANCE™ trainer. The dance led her
She also is a Pilates instructor and has a master’s degree in    from Skåne to South Africa and finally to Gothenburg. On the way
nutrition and sports medicine; she was also seen in the          she also found yoga, which is today an important part of her life.

Charlotte Althin                                                 Jimmy Lundqvist
is a BODYPUMP® and BODYBALANCE™ trainer. She is an               lives in Gothenburg and is a BODYPUMP® trainer as well as a
educated sports pedagogue and works mainly as a lecturer and     Nordic program coach in RPM™. During the weekdays, he works
inspirer at companies and training facilities.                   as an ambulance nurse.

Dorotka Baburin                                                  John Quist
is a BODYJAM® trainer and a well-known training profile in       is a Nordic program coach and BODYATTACK® trainer; he has
Sweden and in Europe. She works with the development of          instructed for nine years. He lives in Copenhagen and works as a
educations for World Class International and is a member of      physiotherapist.
Team Nike.

Eerika Kiuttu                                                    Katarina Skanderby
is a BODYCOMBAT®, BODYPUMP® and RPM™ trainer and                 comes from Umeå and is a BODYPUMP®, BODYBALANCE™
works as group fitness manager at Lady Line Herttoniemi in       trainer and Nordic program coach in BODYSTEP®. Katarina
Helsinki.                                                        participated in the DVD for BODYSTEP® 68.

Fredrik Andersson                                                Katarina Zell
is a BODYCOMBAT®, RPM™ trainer and is a Nordic program           is a BODYBALANCE™, BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT® and
coach in BODYPUMP®. Fredrik is a member of the Nike Instructor   BODYVIVE® trainer. She has worked at Les Mills for 10 years and
Team and will be participating in BODYPUMP®-recordings during    is presently the Marketing Manager for the Nordic Countries.
Kimmo Jukuri                                                            Pernilla Blomquist
is a BODYJAM® and BODYPUMP® trainer. He has a background                is a BODYBALANCE™ trainer and Nordic program coach in
as a dancer in street and jazz dance. For the last two years Kimmo      BODYCOMBAT®. She works as a secondary high school teacher,
has also travelled actively to different conventions.                   has a black belt and has competed at an elite level in Karate.

Leon Hansen                                                             Petter Ehrnvall
is a BODYCOMBAT® and BODYPUMP® trainer. He has a black                  is a BODYCOMBAT®, BODYPUMP® and RPM™ trainer and a
belt in Taekwondo and previously competed at an elite level. Leon       member of the Nike Instructor Team. Petter has participated in the
works presently as a training coordinator for Les Mills.                DVD for BODYPUMP® 61 and 66.

Malene Christensen                                                      Ragnhild Lien
is a BODYCOMBAT® and BODYPUMP® trainer which she has                    is a BODYBALANCE™, BODYVIVE® and BODYJAM® trainer.
taught for eight years. Marlene works during weekdays as a              She is an educated personal trainer and works as a group fitness
correctional caretaker/official and is a test leader for physical       manager for three Sports Club Akropolis facilities in Drammen.
training within correctional care in Denmark.

Sarah Galan                                                             Susanna Dahlgren
Sarah is a BODYCOMBAT® trainer and was part of the program              is a BODYSTEP® and BODYVIVE® trainer. She lives in Helsinki
launch in Denmark 2000. She has a background in boxing, lives in        and works as a marketing manager for Nike Women’s Fitness in
Chopenhagen and works as a journalist.                                  Finland.

Oscar Nilsson                                                           Åsa Eriksson
is a BODYPUMP® and BODYCOMBAT® trainer and has been a                   comes from Gothenburg and is a trainer in BODYJAM®. Åsa is an
member since BODYPUMP® started in Sweden in 1997. He is a               educated dancer as well as a dance pedagogue with many years
product manager and runs his classes at World Class in                  of experience. She runs the company Moving Arts and works as
Kungsholmen; he is a member of Team Adidas.                             artistic leader at a cultural school.

Pernilla Andersson                                                      Åsa Fornander
is a BODYBALANCE™, BODYPUMP®, BODYATTACK® and                           lives in Stockholm and is Nordic program coach in BODYJAM®,
BODYSTEP® trainer. She runs Motionshuset in Falkenberg                  she is a member of the Nike Instructor Team. Åsa can be seen as
together with her partner. Pernilla is a guest instructor in great      a dancer on Dutch MTV and will be participating in a BODYJAM®
demand.                                                                 recording this autumn 2008.

Emma Wallin                                                             Monika Björn
is a diet scientist at the University of Umeå. With great commitment,   is a pioneer in indoor cycling, as she was one of the first in the world
clarity and humour Emma mediates knowledge about foods in a             to work with spinning. Monika has educated and inspired thousands
practical and easily accessible way.                                    of instructors. She is the founder of SB Production&InCycle
                                                                        Education, a member of Team Activio and Nike Instructor Team.

ROOM 1                               ROOM 2                                 ROOM 3 (Sprallen)                               LECTURE
                                                                                                                                                Hour of Power
                                                                                                                                                Activio let your heart
                                                                                                                                                lead you the right way.
                                                                   9.00 - 10.00                                                                 Experience strength,
                                                                                                                                                passion and
                                                                                                                                                intensity during this
                                                                                                                                                hour of pure Power.
Dan, Pernilla B, Sarah               Jimmy, Steve                           Oscar, Fabio                                    Lisa Osborne

                                                                  10.15 - 10.45                                                                 Workshop
                                                                                                                                                Develop personal tools
                                                                                                                                                which are relevant
                                      Key note presentation - Everyone changes - Sacha Coburn                                                   to your situation and
                                                                                                                                                needs. One size does
                                                                  11.00 - 12.00                                                                 not fit everybody!
                                                                                                                                                Create a personal
                                                                                                                            Workshop            framework for giving
                                                                                                                                                up and letting go and
Gandalf, Åsa F, Kimmo                Steve                                  Mark, Lisa, Katarina S (Susanna, Pernilla A)    Sacha Coburn        create a permanent
                                                                                                                                                change in your life.
                                                                  12.15 - 13.15
                                                                                                   BODYPUMP®                Generic Session     Generic Session
                    Dave, Henrik                                                                   Competition                                  Lecture about
(Katarina Z, Johanna, Charlotta A)   Monica Björn                           Susan, Hanna, Petter                            Oscar Nilsson       building relationships
                                                                                                                                                and creating a spirit of
                                                                                                                                                community among the
                                                                  13.30 - 14.30                                                                 participants. How do
                                                                                                                                                you build lasting
                                                                                                                                                relationships? And
                                                                                                                                                how does our
Lisa, Fabio, John                    (mix) Jimmy, Anna, Fredrik             Mark, Katarina Z, Arja, Anna, Susanna           Susan Renata        communication
                                                                                                                                                influence how many
                                                                  14.45 - 15.45                                                                 people come to your
                                     Freestyle                                                                              Food for training
Dan, Fabio (Leon, Marlene, Eerika)   Niklas Liljesand                       Dave, Anna, Ragnhild                            Emma Wallin         Food for training
                                                                                                                                                Food and training are
                                                                  16.00 - 17.00                                                                 closely connected
                                                                                                                                                regardless of which
                                     Tai Chi                                                       Nr 68
                                                                                                                                                level you exercise or
                                                                                                                                                train at. But how are
Gandalf, Åsa E, Dorotka              Mark Blimling                          Susan, Fredrik, John (Katarina S, Pernilla B)   Dan Cohen           they really connected?
Les Mills Weekend in Stockholm

 Relax and “chill out” with us!
 Wind down and relax after a hard day of training and
 concentration. Mingle with colleagues, presenters, trainers at the
 Clarion Hotel. There is always a lot to celebrate!

 Where: Clarion Hotel, Ringvägen 98, tel. +46(0)8 462 10 00
 Time: 20.00 hrs.
 Price: SEK 200 (1 glass sparkling, 1 glass wine/beer, 1 drink with snacks).
 Preregistration is required; see “Register for Les Mills’ SUPER
 SATURDAY” on page 12.

Here are three alternatives for accommodation nearby
Eriksdalshallen. Please note that Tjejmilen (a women’s race)
is being held in Stockholm on Sunday August 31, so book your
accommodations early!

Skanstulls Vandrarhem (youth hostel)
Ringvägen 135
+46(04)8 643 02 00
Double room for 2 persons from SEK 795:-
Bed only from SEK 355:-

Scandic Hotell Malmen
Götgatan 49-51
+46(700)8 517 34 00
Double room for 2 persons from SEK 1,590:-

Clarion Hotell Stockholm
Ringvägen 98
+46(00)8 462 10 00
Weekend price double room SEK 1,425:-
LES MILLS                       NIKE
From August 30 you can buy Les Mills clothing
from Nike. How about a pair of BODYPUMP®
tights, a BODYSTEP® skirt or a BODYJAM®
top? The collection is limited and will be
introduced with special offers during SUPER

This year most educational organisations will be
on site at our expo. They are offering courses
to Les Mills instructors at special prices during
SUPER SATURDAY for thoose of you who want
to add on with more theoretical education in
e.g. anatomy and physiology. There will also be
exhibitors selling music, bars and other things at
special prices at the expo. In the lounge you will
find Thai masseurs who will massage non-stop
for SEK 50 per treatment. Remember that many
exhibitors have no credit card terminal (Les Mills/
Nike clothes can be paid for with a credit card)
and that the nearest ATM is far off, so come
loaded with cash if you want to shop!

There will also be Les Mills group fitness
consultants at the expo who will help clubs to
succeed in their group training. Take the chance
and book a meeting in order to further sharpen
your group fitness! Tel. +46(0)8 556 096 90,
Register for Les Mills SUPER SATURDAY

Browse to the webshop Sign on
(if you do not have a user name, contact us at, state your name, address,
telephone number, e-mail and that you wish to participate

 I register and pay personally                                I register and my club will pay                              We are a club and wants to register one
 1. Sign on in the webshop (see above).                       Your club must approve your registration for                 or more instructors
 2. Click on the tab Training. Click on Register              invoicing (talk with your supervisor when unsure).           1. Sign on in the webshop with the sign-on
    Training.                                                 1. Sign on to the webshop.                                      information of the club.
 3. Click on the SUPER SATURDAY image.                        2. Click on the tab Training. Click on Register              2. Click on the tab Training. Click on Register
    A list will appear with those activities which you           Training.                                                    Training.
    can register for.                                                                                                      3. Click on the SUPER SATURDAY image.
                                                              3. Click on the SUPER SATURDAY image.                           A list will appear with those activities which you
 4. Click on those you want to participate in.                   A list will appear with those activities which you           can register for.
    Remember that you must register for the                      can register for.                                         4. Mark an activity, e.g. SUPER SATURDAY.
    quarterly workshop in the program(s) you                                                                               5. Click on those instructors who want to participate
    teach, in order to receive your DVD-kit on site           4. Click on those you want to participate in.                   in the activity you have marked.
    during SUPER SATURDAY.                                       Remember that you must register for the                   6. Confirm registration and click on GO BACK.
                                                                 quarterly workshop in the program(s) you                  7. Repeat for the next activity.
 5. Complete the registration and go to checkout.                teach, in order to receive your DVD-kit on site              Remember that you must register the instructors
 6. Check that you have the correct activities in the            during SUPER SATURDAY.                                       for the quarterly workshop in the program(s)
    shopping cart.                                                                                                            they teach, in order for them to receive
 7. Pay using a credit card.                                  5. Click on register instructor.                                their DVD-kit on site during SUPER SATURDAY.
 8. You will receive an e-mail confirmation. Bring the        6. You will receive an e-mail confirmation. Bring the        8. The club and each instructor will receive a
    confirmation with you to SUPER SATURDAY - it is              confirmation with you to SUPER SATURDAY - it is              confirmation via e-mail for each activity. Bring the
    your entrance ticket.                                        your entrance ticket.                                        confirmation to SUPER SATURDAY – it is your
                                                              7. An invoice will be sent to your club following               entrance ticket.
                                                                SUPER SATURDAY.                                            9. An invoice will be sent to the club following
                                                                                                                             SUPER SATURDAY.

 If you are paying for a certain part personally, e.g. the fee for SUPER SATURDAY and your club is paying for another part, e.g. the quarterly workshop with the DVD-kit, then
 follow the description above, but book each activity individually (you sign on and pay for your part and the club signs on and books you for the part they are paying for).

 Feel free to contact us at FIN +358 (0)2 551 00 01, NO +47 815 00 411, EST +46(0)8 556 096 90 or
 Refunds will not be given upon cancellation. Should you become ill and are unable to attend, we will refund 75% of the course fee given that you are able to provide
 a doctor’s certificate.

                                                         Description of lecture                                KEY NOTE PRESENTATION - Sacha Coburn

Activio is an effective, motivating and fun concept      ”Food for training”                                   “Everyone changes”
for training with the pulse as an aid in group
                                                         Food and training are closely connected regardless    We live in a world where people are becoming
training. Activio suits everyone, regardless of age
                                                         of which level you exercise or train at.              more obese faster than ever.
or experience. As a participant you will experience
a unique training experience where you can follow        But how are they really connected?
                                                                                                               As an instructor, we have a unique role and task in
your own pulse level with the help of an intensity
                                                         When, what and how much do you need to eat in         the struggle against “globesity”.
meter. Each metre is personal and anonymous.
                                                         relation to your training? What is the difference     But are we really making a difference to our
                                                         between exercise and training? Are extra protein      participants’ lives? Are you living your best life?
• Activio makes it easy to follow different
                                                         and extra energy necessary? And how good is your      How do you keep a high tempo without becoming
  pulse-based class plans.
                                                         rate of recovery after your class?                    burnt out?
• Makes training more effective and gives better
                                                         Why is it so important, when does your body need      Sacha will challenge you to take hold of things
• Works for everyone - regardless of experience in
                                                         additional energy and what is actually a good         which directly influence how you live your life and
                                                         recovery meal?                                        how you influence your participants in achieving
• Increases the motivation to train through direct
                                                                                                               their training goals.
  feedback of the pulse.
• Increases the interest in training and gives insight   Included in the lecture are also concrete and
  on the effects.                                        practical tips about food for training which can be
                                                         used in a simple and manageable way.
                                                                                                               Develop personal tools relevant to your situation
                                                                                                               and your needs. One size does not fit everyone!
More information                                                                                Create a personal framework for giving up and
                                                                                                               letting go and create a permanent change in your

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