LED LIGHTS - BEACONS - DIMMERS
      AEROLEDS NS9180 WINGTIP STROBE                                                                  SINGLE / 2 CHANNEL PWM DIMMERS
                           An all LED navigation/strobe designed for the
                           wingtips of an aircraft and project a 180 degree
                           light coverage that meets TSO requirements.                                                                                                              CM
                           NS180 does not require an external power sup-
                           ply and will retrofit the mounting footprint of tra-
ditional legacy lighting. It is recommended that the SunTail be sold with
the NS180 for AFT position/strobe to enhance recognition. Power: 18
Watts Voltage: 9-36 Vdc Weight: 4oz          P/N 11-08171 ..............$875.50                                                                                                     WP
                      An all LED navigation/strobe/position light de-
                                                                                                The two dimmers include a single channel model. Both use pulse wave
                      signed for the wingtips of an aircraft. NSP does
                                                                                                modulation, or PWM electronic design for precise control of LED light-
                      not require an external power supply and will ret-
                      rofit the mounting footprint of traditional legacy
                      lighting. Light output meets TSO requirements.
                                                                                                ing such as LED instrument panel lighting, baggage, utility, map or post
                                                                                                lights. The self-contained products are designed for easy installation and
                                                                                                feature integrated on/off switches on each rheostat.
Power: 20 Watts Voltage: 9-36 Vdc Weight: 4oz
                                                                                                Rated at 18 Watts per dimmer channel, the dimmers are capable of op-
                                        PN 11-08172 ...............$895.00
                                                                                                erating a large number of interior lighting products and are engineered
                              AC-POWERED FLASHER                                                to provide additional over-current, over-voltage and reverse polarity pro-
                 This anti-collision flasher meets Part 103 ultralight dawn
                 to dusk flying requirements. The units draw 2.7 amps at
                                                                                                                    Single Channel Pilot’s Light Dimmer                             HA
                 14V (nominal). It has a clear Lexan Polycarbonate lens                                             Single Channel Dimmer is ideal for LED Light Strips,
                 and a 35W halogen lamp. Mounting bracket shown is also                                             General Panel Lighting or Series of Lights (such as map
                 included.............................. P/N 10-01490 .............. $87.75                          or baggage lights). The rotating control has its own on/
                                                                                                                    off switch.
                              ULTRALIGHT BEACONS
            These miniature self-contained units use solid state circuitry
                                                                                                                      * 1.5A (18W) 12V dimmer using PWM (pulse wave
                                                                                                                    modulation) for precise control * Integrated on/off switch
            for reliability and a lexan lens that is UV protected and shat-                                         and smooth action rotating control * Just 1.75” x 1.75”
            ter resistant for durability. Now available with an internally                                          inches square. 1/4” shaft with high quality knob * Screw
            regulated flashing LED Lamp. 14 amps & 50,000 hr expect-                            down terminals for input and output wiring. *Very easy to install. * Pow-
            ed life. 12V DC power source required for both units. Wt.
less than 7 oz. Size: 3” H x 2-5/8” W. For Experimental Aircraft Only
                                                                                                erful enough to operate numerous panel lights and convenience lights
                                                                                                * To install, drill 1/4” hole, wire input and output to screw terminals and         LG
Beacon, clear lens ........................................... P/N 11-03007 .......$59.95       install.
Beacon, red lens ............................................. P/N 11-03008 .......$59.95                          2-Channel Pilot’s Light Dimmer
                                                                                                                   Dual Channel (2 channel) Dimmers can be used with
                          RED LED AIRCRAFT BEACON                                                                  any combination of lighting - Dual Color LED Light Strips
              This self contained 14 Volt beacon uses surface mounted
              LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology and meets FAA re-
                                                                                                                   or for controlling 2 different sets of lights. Each channel
                                                                                                                   has its own ON/OFF switch and dimmer control.
              quirements for anti-collision light systems in both airplane                                            * Each channel controls 1.5A (18W) using pulse-wave
              and rotorcraft categories. Measures 1.7 inches in diam-                                              modulation for precise control * Controls LED or incan-
              eter, 3.5” tall and weighs 8.4 oz. Average current draw at                                           descent lighting, up to 18W each channel * Dual inte-
14V is 0.6 Amps with peak input current of 1.2 Amps. Flash rate of 60 per                       grated on/off switches and smooth action rotating control * Permits com-
minute and will not produce EMI or RFI interference. Aviation Red LEDs
through a clear Polycarbonate Fresnel lens. Projected life for the LEDs is
                                                                                                plete independent operation of each channel (on/off & dimming) * Just
                                                                                                2.5” x 1.75” inches square. Dual 1/4” shafts with push-on knobs * Screw
up to 100K hours. Mount with a #10-32 stainless steel stud that is in the                       down terminals for input and output wiring. *Very easy to install. * Power-
bottom center of the base. NOT TSO’D P/N 11-05111 ...........$233.95                            ful enough to operate numerous panel lights and convenience lights
                              ULTRALIGHT RED/GREEN
                                 POSITION LIGHTS
                                                                                                    * Mode of Operation: Continuously variable, pulse width modulation
                                                                                                      (PWM)                                                                         IN
              Made for easy installation to fit the tube that makes up                              * Supply Voltage: 8 to 20 VDC working voltage, up to 30VDC
              the wing tip of most Ultralights. Powered by 12VDC and                                  momentary. Dimmer must be fused at power source
              drawing only 1/3 amp each, these lights are just the thing                            * Output Voltage Range: From zero VDC to supply voltage
              for the Ultralight flyer that wants to add that special touch                         * Output Current Range: Up 1.5A
              of position lights to his bird for those twilight flights. These
easy to mount lights measure 1-3/8” x 4-3/8”. Please note that these
                                                                                                    * Max Continuous Output Current: Full rated current up to 105F
                                                                                                      (40C), 75% of rated current up to 115F (46C)
lights are NOT TSO’d for VFR night flight...P/N 11-01356 ...........$36.75                          * Ambient Temp Range: Minus 40F (-40C) to 115F (46C), with
                                                                                                      restriction as noted
   NFLITE’S LOW VOLTAGE ANNUNCIATOR                                                                 * Size: About 1-3/4” inch square
                              The EA-1050 is designed for experimental
                              aircraft. The microcontroller-based design is
                              reliable, light-weight, consumes minimal cur-
                                                                                                    * Weight: 30 to 40 gm, depending on wired connection type
                                                                                                    * Heat Sink: Electrically isolated from voltage and acts as a circuit
                                                                                                      enclosure. Max. temperature rise under load is about 40 F (22C)
                              rent, and uses very little panel real estate.                           above ambient.
                              The industrial grade surface mount compo-
                              nents used are shock/vibration resistant and                                        Description                            Part No.       Price
provide a wide operating temperature range. The large red LED flashes
for 60 seconds when alternator output voltage drops to 13V (normal out-
                                                                                                        Single Channel PWM Dimmer 12V
                                                                                                        Single Channel PWM Dimmer 24V
put is ~14V). It then goes to continuous illumination until the condition                                  Two Channel PWM Dimmer                        11-06675      $43.50
is rectified. The flashing draws immediate attention to the condition --
continuous illumination is not a pilot distraction thereafter. The voltage                            LIGHTMAN HIGH INTENSITY STROBE
drop could be the result of an alternator malfunction or an overloaded                                                 Portable battery operated strobe which is an ideal
system. Check by switching off a high load device, like landing light or
strobes. If the ALT light goes off, the alternator is not malfunctioning but
                                                                                                                       addition to a pilot survival kit. Flash can be seen
                                                                                                                       up to 3 miles and operates for 3-7 hours on AA
you are sourcing more voltage from your battery than the alternator is                                                 batteries. It is impact & weather resistant; size:
replacing. If the ALT light remains on, the alternator is malfunctioning and                                           3.5” on each triangular side; wt: 3.5oz. w/batter-
all non-essential electrical systems should be shut down immediately to                         ies. Includes storage pouch, belt/visor clip, magnet, & other attachment
                                                                                                accessories. Furnished with clear dome. ....P/N 11-08200 .......... $18.95
conserve remaining battery voltage. The LED activates when the master
switch is turned on and goes out after engine start, assuming the alterna-
tor side of the master is on and alternator output is normal. Observing
                                                                                                Dome only (Price/ea.)
                                                                                                Amber .... P/N 11-08205....... $3.50     Red .P/N 11-08210 ............ $3.50
this should be a checklist item, as it indicates that conditions are normal                     Green..... P/N 11-08215....... $3.50     Blue .P/N 11-08220 ............ $3.50
and the annunciator unit is functioning prior to flight. The flashing LED                       Clear ...... P/N 11-08225....... $3.50
serves as a reminder to turn off the master switch after engine shutdown.                                         BLACK FLUTED CONTROL KNOB
It’s also a helpful reminder to turn on the alternator switch after engine                                       Black Bakelite knob. Fluted grip. ¼” brass bushing with
start (recommended starting procedure). The entire unit is less than 1 sq.                                       set screw. ¾” in diameter x 7/16” high. Fits potentiom-
in. x 0.5” deep. A drill template is provided for attaching the LED bezel                                        eters for Superior Panel Technology dimmers.
unit to the panel. Complete installation and electrical connection instruc-                                                       P/N 11-07344..............................$4.50
tions are also provided.              P/N 11-02451...........................$89.95

                                          AIRCRAFT SPRUCE WEST                                 AIRCRAFT SPRUCE EAST
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice   CORONA, CA • (877) 4-SPRUCE                        PEACHTREE CITY, GA • (877) 477-7823                                        503

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