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Fishing guide

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									        Fishing guide

sweden, Jämtland härjedalen
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dream Fishing in
Jämtland and härJedalen
            The book is divided by destinations including
            brief texts about the fishing opportunities to-
            gether with information about tourist agencies
            and fishing waters.

            In the final section we also describe angling in
            the fells region.

            Welcome to Sweden’s foremost
            angling county!
                                                                         COntents                    FVO is Swedish for Fishery Conservation Area
                                                                                                                                                        Krokom................................................................. 25
We reserve the right for priting errors and changes in the programmes.

                                                                         map                                                                    3       bakvattnets fvo, föllinge-kyrkslätt fvo, landösjöns fvo, laxsjö fvo,
                                                                         Contents                                                               4       laxvikens fvo, nedre långans fvo, rörvattnet-skogsjö fvo,
                                                                         Welcome to Jämtland County                                             5       Valsjöns fvo, Åkersjön fvo
                                                                         the seasons                                                            6       Ragunda............................................................... 29
                                                                         angling tips from Peter sjödin                                         8       digerlemmarnas fvo, Gesundens fvo, nedre ammeråns fvo,
                                                                         distance chart                                                         9       stuguns fvo, övre ammeråns fvo
                                                                                                                                                        Strömsund........................................................... 31
                                                                         Ljungaleden. ....................................................... 12        lidsjöbergs fvo, rossöns fvo, rörströmsälvens fvo,
                                                                         börtnans fvo, klövsjö samff, ljungdalens fvo, storsjö fvo,                     solberg-Vikens fvo, Tåsjöns fvo, Vängelälvens fvo
                                                                         Åsarna fvo, övre hoans fvo                                                     Frostviken............................................................ 33
                                                                         Bräcke................................................................... 15   Gäddede fvo, Jormvattnets fvo, kvarnbergsvattnets fvo
                                                                         anvikssjöns fvo, Gimdalens fvo, Grimnäs-landsomfjärdens fvo,                   Bydalen................................................................. 37
                                                                         övre Gimåns fvo, hällesjö fvo, nordöstra sundsjö fvo, revsundssjöns            dammåns fvo
                                                                         södra fvo, storåsen-albackens fvo                                              Kallbygden........................................................... 39
                                                                         Funäsdalen.......................................................... 17        anjan-Gråsjöns fvo, suljättens fvo, kall-kyrkslätt samff
                                                                         bruksvallarnas kfo, Tännäs fvo, långå fvo                                      Mattmar/Mörsil................................................... 40
                                                                         Vemdalen............................................................. 19       Ockesjön-kvissleströmmarnas fvo
                                                                         långå fvo, hede samff, hedevikens fvo, hån-Vemdalens fvo                       Södra.Årefjällen.................................................. 42
                                                                         Hogdalsbygden.................................................. 21             Ottsjö fvo, hensjön-henåns fvo, Gräpplingens samff
                                                                         ytterhogdals fvo, ängersjö fvo                                                 Åre......................................................................... 44
                                                                         Lofsdalen.............................................................. 22     duveds fvo, Åre fiskesamff
                                                                         lofsdalen-Glöte fvo                                                            Östersund.and.Lake.Storsjön........................... 46
                                                                         Sveg/Härjedalsporten....................................... 23                 lillsjöhögens fvo, nedre hårkans fvo, singsjövattnens fvo,.
                                                                         sveg-herrö fvof                                                                storsjön centrala råd

                                                                                                                                                                                                              photo: Göran strand

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                                                                         drömfIske Is publIshed by JämTland härJedalen TurIsm •
                                                                         Printing: GTC luleå Graphic design: rime design & media, Gustav frändén kron •
                                                                         Cover photo:kjell-erik ahlgren Translation: klartext eva henricson/nJ Text & Tolk.
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lOve at First Cast
Sweden has some 40 000
square kilometres of water,
roughly equal in surface to
the Netherlands.
We also have 11 590 km of
mainland coastline. This is
roughly equal to one quarter
of the Earth’s perimeter.

These are figures that make all true fishing afi-
cionados dig out their fly-fishing rods, check
the box of spoons and speculate whether
the waders have dried since the most recent
fishing trip.
   There is thus plenty of fishing waters in our
country. The question is whether the best of
them might be found in Jämtland.

   personally I discovered Jämtland when, as
a ten year old, I was at the library in örebro.
   Ten years later I had the opportunity to go
fishing in the county in the company of my
idol fisherman rolf smedman. This was love
from the first cast. but no fish.
   To a true fishing enthusiast, Jämtland härje-         my love for the fishing in Jämtland härjedalen
dalen has many advantages; the geographical           is deeply founded. but I would be delighted to
situation of Jämtland härjedalen means easy           share it with you.
access for most people, the stock of fish is gene-       I promise that a fishing adventure in Jämtland
rally excellent, the streams are famous and the       härjedalen has all the chances of becoming
fishing traditions as deep as the miles and miles     a memory for the rest of your life. and when I
of forests that embrace the fertile and scenic        make a promise, it is not written with a pencil.
lake storsjön area.                                      I look forward to seeing you in Jämtland
   add to this the local inhabitants and their        härjedalen!
mostly great personalities; helpful, hospitable
and genuine.

  personally I do fly-fishing, casting and angling.   William Moberg-Faulds
  fly-fishing I have most at heart and in that
respect my love for Jämtland härjedalen is a
lucky cast.
  any optimistic fishing aficionado who would
wish to find the fishing of his or her dreams
should try the waters in Jämtland härjedalen.
The risk of disappointments is minimal. by all
means, the optimists usually are just as wrong
as the pessimists – but the optimists are guaran-
teed more fun.

                                                                                            photo: Göran strand

    gO Fishing Whenever yOu
    Want –all year rOund!
    abOut angling in the seasOns

    The great thing about sport fishing is that it is an outdoor inte-
    rest you can pursue throughout the year - and yet enjoy variety
    and new experiences. To the highest extent, Jämtland/Härjeda-
    len can offer angling in all seasons.

    early summer
    When the evenings begin to draw out and the
                                                          September comes with
    countryside takes on a green tinge, the time is       its magnificent palette
    ripe for drag fishing in the large char lakes. The
    grayling have got their appetites back after the      of colours and still
    mating season and the brown trout are hungry
    after the long winter. Great catches can be           days.
    secured by trolling at this time, which is also a
    good time for brook fishing. believe it or not,
    you can still go ice-fishing in the highland lakes.

    high summer                                           large perch in the forest lakes and rivers reward
    The high mountains turn blue and the snow-            you by making floats disappear. The brown
    fields shrink. The brown trout enjoy a midsum-        trout, grayling and such like are on the move in
    mer party on the newly hatched mayflies. The          the rivers and calm backwaters. The light nights
    mountain fishing waters are alive with the            mean you can fish around the clock - what
    movements of fish surfacing to feed and the           freedom!
                                                                                          photo: Ingrid hedlund

late summer                                           mid-winter
The time for twilight fishing. arctic char pick at    more people should experience the atmosphe-
gnat grubs as the sun sets. The brown trout feed      ric mid-winter fishing. In recent years, it has
in the increasing darkness when the hatching          become increasingly apparent that there is
of the caddis flies is at its most intensive. large   good ice-fishing to be had in many places in
whitefish are happy to take a dry fly or spinner      Jämtland/härjedalen in december and January.
even in the sunshine, while pike and perch            Why not celebrate Christmas and new year at
thrive during heat waves.                             a fishing camp? enjoy the fishing, snow, arctic
                                                      nights, the cold and the warmth of the cabin.

early autumn
september comes with its magnificent palette of       early spring
colours and still days. The brown trout and char      also called winter-spring with ice sparkling in
are concentrating on mating, but the grayling         the wintry sun, early spring acts like a magnet
are still on form and are happy to nibble at a dry    to those wanting to go ice-fishing. march comes
fly. several streams and rivers permit grayling       with its long, beautiful days; suntans, snowmo-
fishing while it is close season for brown trout      bile safaris, circling shoals of char. Out and about
and char. Whitefish, perch and pike are still         on skis with a rucksack. Coffee by a campfire on
biting, especially on the mild days of an Indian      the beach and a nap on the reindeer skins. Won-
summer.                                               derful recreation for all the family. The month
                                                      of may is the ”fifth season” in the mountains. In
                                                      this month, summer and winter are fighting for
late autumn                                           control of the landscape. The birch trees are in
a time of transition. The grayling are still wat-     bud and the migratory birds are returning; warm
ching along the shores of the lakes, while the        winds and light nights provide a foretaste of the
mountain lakes and tarns are covered by shiny         new season. Jigging on the spring ice is not only
new ice. brown trout and char are now - after         fantastic fishing; it is also a nature experience
the mating - happy to bite, and ice fishing can       over and above most others.
be a wonderful experience at a time of year
which some regard as dreary ... now is also the
time for bagging whitefish, an impressive fishing
experience on dark autumn evenings.
    angling tiPs
    to most angling aficionados in this part of
    the world, the name Peter sjödin is well
    known. Peter is a frequent guest in the
    popular swedish tv show ’Jakt & Fiske’
    (hunting & Fishing). For more than 40
    years Peter has been an active angler, and
    here follow a few generous tips from this
    Jämtland angling profile.

    stake out the fishing water
    It is essential that you familiarize yourself with
    the fishing ground before getting started. a
    rise would reveal good casting points. edges of
    streams, deep ridges, rocks and nick-points are
    some examples of interesting fishing grounds.
    The current hatching of insects can help you
    choose flies. With the use of binoculars you can
                                                              photo: magnus ström
    cover a larger area.

    Keep track of the weather                             current. The fly will pass the fish’s water sky in
    my favourite weather for angling is warm and          profile which often proves very effective.
    humid with clouds. One good way of finding a
    local forecast for the next few days is using the     sneak indian-style
    Internet. my preferred site is              keep a low profile. do not stand on rocks when
                                                          you are angling, but try to place yourself close
    a leader                                              to the surface of the water. become one with
    – one and a half times the the length of the rod      nature and blend into the surroundings, moving
    a fly becomes livelier with a long leader. The        with care. Wade as little as possible; the large
    presentation also improves since the line with        fish often stand near land.
    the leader has such a long reach. I seldom use a
    leader spit less than 0.25 mm.                        Priority on angling from land
                                                          In streaming waters you should cover the nea-
    the imitation                                         rest edge of streams with short effective casts.
    should be bigger than the original                    The fish stand closer to land than you think. In
    a fly’s pattern should be one size bigger than        unfamiliar waters you should avoid wading;
    the insect it is imitating. The fly will then stand   once you step into the water you are quite likely
    off against the others and the likelihood that a      to frighten the fish nearby.
    fish will bite at your imitation so much higher.
                                                          angling in the darkness
    look out for gulls and terns                          The dark nights towards the end of summer can
    use the birds to help you find the biggest            bring surprises. protected by the darkness, the
    hatchings. The gulls and terns will feed in the       large brown trout assume positions which they
    biggest clouds of caddis and mayflies.                would normally avoid during the lighter nights
                                                          earlier in summer. The feeling of night fishing
    the rapala knot                                       is very special since you are using other senses
    The rapala knot creates a loop which gives the        compared to daytime. and – don’t forget the
    fly a natural movement in the water. The knot         headlamp – Good luck!
    is most suitable in streams and for bigger flies
    such as muddlers, but is also used in lakes.

    Cast across the current                               Peter Sjödin
    Cast slightly upstream. angle the rod towards
    the bank downstream and retrieve the fly. a wide
    line arc gives the fly speed as it moves across the









      in km






    hammarstr                    82      274          130        255       123      221    172      170      117      171        28       246          274         254        122          44      161    137          227         200        194   152        96
    bräcke        82                     243          145        289       97       180    219      144       92      130        54       205          233         229        156          66      220      96         202         159        169   111        71
    funäsdalen   274            243                   275        441       203      63     358      245      231      114       279         42           78        330        308         230      136    145          341           84       270   132      210
    föllinge     130            145      275                     165       90       212    116       97       44      162       139       237          265         180          66         99      252    128            67        191        121   143        65
    Gäddede      255            289      441          165                  256      378    149      263      210      328       273       403          431         347        133         223      418    294          100         357        288   309      233
    hallen       123             97      203          90         256                141    206       42       46       91       133       149          194         126        156          84      180      58         156         120         66    72        65
    hede         221            180      63           212        378       141             295      182      168       51       216       105            78        267        245         167       73      82         278           21       207    69      147
    hoting       172            219      358          116        149       206      295             207      160      246       181       330          349         296          50        141      336    212          183         274        237   226      150
    Järpen       170            144      245          97         263       42       182    207                53      133       164       191          236           84       161         125      222    100          163         162         25   114        73
    krokom       117             92      231          44         210       46       168    160       53               118       112       193          221         137        110          73      208      84         110         147         77    99        21
    klövsjö      171            130      114          162        328       91       51     246      133      118                166       127          104         217        195         127       58      31         228           32       157    19        97
    kälarne       28             54      279          139        273       133      216    181      164      112      166                 256          267         249        129          39      238    132          174         195        189   147        91
    ljungdalen   246            205      42           237        403       149      105    330      191      193      127       256                    120         275        270         202      178    125          303         126        215   110      171
    lofsdalen    274            233      78           265        431       194      78     349      236      221      104       267       120                      358        298         202       67    137          331           72       260   123      200
    storlien     254            229      330          180        347       126      267    296       84      137      217       249       275          358                    247         209      306    184          247         246         60   198      158
    strömsund    122            156      308          66         133       156      245     50      161      110      195       129       270          298         247                     91      285    161          133         224        187   176      100
    stugun        44             66      230          99         223       84       167    141      125       73      127        39       202          202         209          91                 217      93         166         156        150   108        52
    sveg         161            220      136          252        418       180      73     336      222      208       58       238       178            67        306        285         217             122          318           56       246   109      187
    svenstavik   137             96      145          128        294       58       82     212      100       84       31       132       125          137         184        161          93      122                 194           61       124    13        63
    Valsjöbyn    227            202      341          67         100       156      278    183      163      110      228       174       303          331         247        133         166      318    194                      257        187   209      131
    Vemdalen     200            159      84           191        357       120      21     274      162      147       32       195       126            72        246        224         156       56      61         257                    186    48      126
    Åre          194            169      270          121        288       66       207    237       25       77      157       189       215          260           60       187         150      246    124          187         186              138        98
    Åsarna       152            111      132          143        309       72       69     226      114       99       19       147       110          123         198        176         108      109      13         209           48       138              78
    östersund     96             71      210          65         233       65       147    150       73       21       97        91       171          200         158        100          52      187      63         131         126         98    78

      (fells favourites)

              your best friend when aiming for the large
              brown trout. rapala X-rap 6 centimetres
              comes in 14 great colours. The perfect size,
              designed to look like an injured bait fish.

                                       Vibrax spinners need no further
                                       presentation. The safest bet
mörungen is a classic choice for       when you are aiming for grayling,
fishing in the swedish moun-           brown trout and arctic char. The
tains. Try retrieving in adding a      favourite in the highlands.
few twitches and you will soon
be landing your dream fish.

                                                       Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted
           SCAs skogar…                                              (sCa’s forests…)
           ...are not merely sources of raw materials and natural habitats for animals
           and plants. They are also outdoor recreational environments where humans
           go to unwind, for hunting, fishing or to gather berries and mushrooms.
           More than 100 000 hectares of SCA’s productive forests are exempted
           from active forestry through voluntary measures. In addition to these, some
           50 000 hectares of forest land are managed with other objectives than
           maximum production of timber.
           At you will find information about where to find our
           land, and the possibilities for hunting and fishing with tips for interesting

Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted

                                                     Stor                     mm
                                                                        a strö                                                             Östersund


                                                                                                                         Skålan           Åsarna


                                                                                                Storhogna                                                      Ljun
                                                                                                                                                 ån                gan             Ånge

                                                                           For more information about the                                                              Överhogdal
                                                                           fishery conservation areas detailed                                               Vitvattnet
                                                                           maps and fishing permits, visit                                                             Sveg
FVO is Swedish for Fishery

Conservation Area

                                                                           For more tips about accommodation,
                                                                           activities and attractions, visit

                             lJungaleden and
                             södra stOrsJöbygden
                             börtnans FvO, KlövsJö samFF, lJungdalens FvO, stOrsJö FvO,
                             Åsarna FvO, övre hOans FvO

                             The Ljungaleden route takes you through mountains and forests.
                             Klövsjö, Åsarna, Börtnan, Storsjö and Övre Hoan not only offer
                             enchanting views but also crystal clear, fresh water, which is the
                             natural habitat for brown trout, Arctic char and grayling.
                               around the genuine mountain village storsjö,                                  Winter-spring fishing for whitefish and perch
                             the landscape is open in stark contrast to the                               in lake klövsjön is also highly popular. klövsjö
                             surrounding wilderness. storsjö fishery conser-                              is included in the water system of the river
                             vation area is one of the largest in Jämtland with                           ljungan and has a varied population of fish. We
                             more than 50 lakes and 20 km of wild rapids                                  also recommend ice-jigging for the game fish
                             harbouring big graylings and migratory large                                 in svartåstjärnen tarn. as soon as the ice has
                             brown trout. during the winter, storsjön tempts                              thawed starts the fishing for large pike in the
                             with fine ice-jigging for grayling and brown                                 coves and in shallow water, in particular in the
                             trout. for an excursion, here starts the fishing                             strait between the lakes klövsjön and lännäs-
                             trail, a snowmobile trail originating at storsjö                             sjön. during the summer months large perch
                             fiskecamp and then continuing eastbound to                                   tempt in the deep pools as well as spooning and
                             bergvallen. Thereafter it runs to Grasmortjärn,                              trolling in lake lännässjön.
                             björnhåbergstjärn, svantjärn, rotsjön before                                    The surroundings of ljungdalen tempts with
                             returning down on lake storsjön and back to                                  scenic sensations with its glacier-covered peaks
                             the village; a great excursion on a beautiful                                and crystal clear water. fishing here is mostly
                             winter-spring day.                                                           in highland waters but also in forest landscape
  12                           LjungaLeden           and    Södra StorSjöbygden •      www.LjungdaLSfjaLLen.Se/www.StorSjobygdenSturiSt.Se
                                                                                                                         Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted
near the river ljungan and skärkan together
with the tarns Orrtjärn and björnskalletjärn. all
the lakes have populations of char and brown
   Åsarna, a village primarily famous for the suc-
cessful nordic skiers, also has fine fishing waters.
here are 40 km of streams rich in brown trout,
grayling, pike and perch. nightbirds should visit
börtnan during the summer for fly-fishing, espe-
cially when the mayflies hatch in the early part
of summer. here are 600 hectares of lakes and
25 kilometres of varying streams with fine popu-
lations of brown trout, char, grayling, whitefish,
                                                                           photo: bengt nilsson
perch, pike, and burbot. In börtnan the swedish
rainbow trout record was set, weighing 14 kg.
   övre hoan’s fishery conservation area invites
fishing in lakes, currents and winter fishing. The
area includes lake Vitvattenssjön, sörtjärnen
and horten and the species available here are
perch, pike, whitefish, char, and brown trout.
   ljungaleden offers fishing for everyone. make
your choice if you want to go fishing in unspoi-
led wilderness or just pull over on the roadside
and cast from land. novices will also find put-
and-take lakes with good fishing and service.

                   Welcome here to enjoy
                    extraordinary fishing
                                                                           Tel. 070-586 16 01

                                                              StorSjö FjällturiSm & FiSkecamp
                                                              840 34 Storsjö Kapell Tel. +46 (0) 687-211 22,
                                                              Web site E-mail:

                                                              location: By Lake Storsjön in Härjedalen. accommodation: Camping and
                                                              cabins with 4, 6, 12 beds with WC/shower, kitchen and more basic 4-bed
                                                              camping cabins. Fishing: Fine streams such as Sölvbacka, Rövran, Ljungan,
                                                              etc with brown trout and grayling. Fishing from boat in Lake Storsjön and
                                                              many minor tarns for brown trout, char, grayling, pike, and whitefish.
                                                              activities: Small game hunting and mountain hikes such as to the Helags
                                                              glacier and Storådörren. Nature paths leading to waterfalls, canyon and bird
                                                              towers. Canoeing in Lake Storsjön; beaver safaris, horseback riding in the
                                                              mountains. misc: Jan-April and June-September.

                  LjungaLeden and Södra
Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted
                                                    StorSjöbygden •   www.LjungdaLSfjaLLen.Se/www.StorSjobygdenSturiSt.Se                    13
                                                      HelaGS WärDSHuS – ljungdalen
                                                      Tel. 0687-20009 Fax. 0687-20180

                                                      location: Wärdshuset in the middle of the village close to fine
                                                      fishing in the River Ljungan and highland lakes.
                                                      accommodation: Cosy and homely accommodation of guest-
                                                      house standard; Restaurant and pub in the same building.
                                                      Fishing: Grayling, brown trout and char. Summer and winter
                                                      fishing. Complete fishing packages.
                                                      misc: Restaurant, pub and accommodation. Wilderness shops,
                                                      Snowmobile rental, Complete packages.

                                                      ljunGDalSFjällenS turiStbyrå
                                                      Tel. 0687-200 79,

                                                      booking of accommodation: Agents letting privately owned
                                                      cabins in peaceful fells atmosphere. Lovers of fells and
                                                      highland nature will find Ljungdalen an ideal starting point
                                                      with fine fishing waters and great hiking trails.

                                                      FjällHornet ljunGDalSFjällen
                                                      Tel. 08-781 14 03, web site:

                                                      location: 7 km W of Ljungdalen at the foot of Mount
                                                      Dunsjöfjället - at an altitude of 750 metres.
                                                      accommodation: Our nine cabins offer possibly the best
                                                      gateway to the Swedish fells – in summer like in winter.
                                                      Here you will catch brown trout, char, grayling, whitefish,
                                                      and pike. misc: Communal lounge and sauna.

        Tossåsen fishing permit area is situated in highland nature
        along the valley of the River Ljungan between Börtnan and
        Storsjö Kapell in Berg Municipality. Good access to small and
        medium-sized waters with salmon family fish. Fine winter
        fishing for char. Contact: Jämtlands SF, 063-15 05 00, Åsarna
        distrikt, Agne Wikén, 0687-515 05.

14   LjungaLeden   and   Södra StorSjöbygden •   www.LjungdaLSfjaLLen.Se/www.StorSjobygdenSturiSt.Se
                                                                                          Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted

photo: kerstin andersson                                        Östersund                                                            Kälarne
                                                                                          Landsom- Börjesjön
                                                              Pilgrimstad           E14   fjärden
                                                                                           Gällö                                                       Hällesjö

                                                                       Herrevad-                                                ån
                                                                       strömmen      Ammerön
                                                                                                   Stavre                    Gim
                                                              Bodsjö                                Gim           Gimdalen




                                                                            For more information about the

                                                                                                                                                                  Conservation Area
                                                                                                                                                                  FVO is Swedish for Fishery
                                                                            fishery conservation areas detailed
                                                                            maps and fishing permits, visit
                                                                            For more tips about
                                                                            accommodation, activities and
      photo: helen boström                                                  attractions, visit

          anviKssJöns FvO, gimdalens FvO, grimnäs-landsOmFJärdens FvO,
          övre gimÅns FvO, hällesJö FvO, nOrdöstra sundsJö FvO, rev-
          sundssJöns södra FvO, stOrÅsen-albaCKens FvO
          Wherever you are in Bräcke you always find yourself near a lake,
          tarn or currents. Here are some of the most interesting fishing
          waters in Sweden.

             lake revsundssjön is probably one of the                                     for families hoping for angling or drag fishing
          richest lakes in Jämtland in terms of fish popula-                              from a boat.
          tion. The character and depth of the lake pro-                                     Within Gimdalens and storåsen-albackens
          motes high reproduction of fish. The large bays                                 fishery conservation areas are most of the rapids
          with big brown trout and pike are interesting for                               and currents. The area tempts with genuine
          trolling. The coves, shoals and spits are singular                              north-sweden forest landscape with many lakes,
          for angling, fly-fishing and spinning. lake                                     tarns and streams.
          revsundssjön is split into four fishery conserva-                                  hällesjö is a scenic riverine valley with a chain
          tion areas (fVOs): revsundssjöns southern fVO,                                  of beautiful wilderness lakes rich in fish. With the
          The upper Gim river fVO, anvikssjön fVO and                                     help of forest roads there are many easily acces-
          Grimnäs-landsomfjärdens fVO.                                                    sible lakes and tarns within nordöstra sundsjöns
             many fishermen using a rod in streams find                                   fishery conservation area.
          the Gim river a favourite, in particular on ac-                                    Irrespective of you opting for summer of win-
          count of the fabulous grayling. This unexplored                                 ter fishing, a visit to bräcke municipality means
          forest river is one of the most scenic streams in                               a lot of time for fishing with little time wasted
          Jämtland County. The northern sector is one of                                  on transport to the fishing waters. Thanks to the
          the best waters for brown trout in the county,                                  wild rapids, the many lakes and the innumerable
          especially early in the summer, and features                                    tarns you will have the opportunity of a varied
          the hard-struggling Gimå brown trout. further                                   fishing holiday within short distances.
          down the river grayling becomes more and
          more dominating, in particular in Idsjöström-
          men, where many fishermen return on an
          annual basis. here are also various lakes suitable
          Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted                                                                bräcke •    www.bracke.Se       15
                                              campVikinG resort & outdoorcenter
                                              Tel. 0693 - 203 60, email

                                              location: In scenic setting by Lake Revsundssjön.
                                              accommodation: Fine cabins equipped for self-catering.
                                              Fishing: Primarily brown trout, perch and pike.
                                              Summer as well as winter fishing.
                                              misc: Fully licensed restaurant where you can ask the chef to
                                              cook your catch. Good facilities nearby:
                                              OkQ8 petrol station, ICA supermarket and bank etc. Boat
                                              rental. Open year round.

                                              björknäSGårDen Hotell ****
                                              By the E14, 6 km N of Bräcke, tel. 0693-160 20, fax 0693-160 80
                                     Lat:N62°48’18.25˝ Long:E15°21’7.38”

                                              location: Fine situation on the shores of 68 square km large Lake Rev-
                                              sundssjön, possibly the lake with the richest fish population in Jämtland,
                                              near the River Gimån. accommodation: Cosy 4-star hotel with high-class
                                              restaurant, delighted to cook something tasty of your catches. Fishing:
                                              The population of fish includes brown trout, char, grayling, whitefish,
                                              pike and perch in Lake Revsundssjön. Light boats with or without electric
                                              engines for hire and trolling boat on site. Fine ice-fishing in the winter.
                                              500 metres to the River Gimån (one of Sweden’s best fly-fishing waters).
                                              activities: see our web site
                                              misc: Anglers also want to stay in comfort and eat well. Welcome here!

                                              albackenS jakt & FiSkecamp
                                              Albacken, 840 67 Sörbygden, Tel 0696-600 06, Fax 0696-600 86

                                              location: Excellent setting by the River Gimån and the Drog-
                                              sjöforsen currents, well known for the large brown trout.
                                              accommodation: 12 fully modern log cabins with 4-6 beds,
                                              kitchenette, WC & shower, sauna, drying cabinet and TV.
                                              misc: Fishing in waters exclusive to our guests.
                                              Rentals of boats, canoe, floating ring and fishing equipment.
                                              We also have conference facilities with capacity up to 50
                                              persons and excellent hunting facilities.

       discover           The complete visitors’ guide

                                             place your
                                             order at

                       photo: Tomas meijer

16   bräcke •   www.bracke.Se                                                           Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted


                                                    Röros                                    Bruksvallarna



                                                                                                                 Tännäs                                   un
                                                                                                                                         Loss                   ön

                                                                                                                                                   84                      Sveg

                                                                            Ro                                                        Särna

                                                      For more information about the

                                                                                                                                                                                   Conservation Area
                                                                                                                                                                                   FVO is Swedish for Fishery
                                                      fishery conservation areas detailed
                                                      maps and fishing permits, visit
                                                      For more tips about
                                                      accommodation, activities and
                                                      attractions, visit

Funäsdalen                                                          bruKsvallarnas KFO, tännäs
                                                                    FvO, lÅngÅ FvO
In Funäsdalen there are more fishing waters than fishermen.
Here the options range from easily accessible family fishing wa-
ters for novices to challenging highland waters for the experts.
The legendary grayling waters in the scenic fells area of Tännäs
are said to be some of the best in Sweden.
   here you can go fishing every day in a new                       fishing in the river ljusnan and mittån. fishing
lake in the mountains without running across                        in the tarns usually also starts around midsum-
another fisherman.                                                  mer when the water temperature has risen and
   Grayling, char and brown trout thrive in the                     the populations of insects grown.
funäsdalen waters. In total here is an excess of                       The inland ice has created an impressive fells
300 km of streams and more than 250 mountain                        landscape and fascinating wilderness in the area
lakes. The area also has many easily accessible                     around Tännäs in western härjedalen. The river
lakes and tarns above the treeline that do not                      Tännån meanders through fells-near forests in
require long hikes. The chances of landing game                     the shadow of mount rödfjället and the musk-
fish are excellent.                                                 ox grounds at storvålen. few places in sweden
   bruksvallarna in western härjedalen is ideal for                 can match these excellent grayling waters, both
thrilling mountain fishing, ranging from easy-                      in streams and quiet waters. The small rivers
access family fishing to more advanced fells                        Tännån and mysklan are legendary grayling
waters for the experts. families are recommen-                      waters and the lakes Vängarna and abborrvick-
ded the lower parts of the river ljusnan and the                    rarna excellent grayling lakes.
upper section of the river mittån, messmörtjärn                        The area around Tännäs harbours 63 different
together with the tarns west of the mittådals-                      fishing waters, of which six are restricted to fly-
vägen road.                                                         fishing, which means many alternatives for the
   The more experienced anglers are suggested                       sports fishermen in the form of lakes, tarns and
the upper part of the river ljusnan, ljusnetjärn.                   streams. fly-fishing here is excellent around mid-
Those who are good at stalking should attempt                       summer when the light nights allow for fishing
the mid-section of the river mittån where fine                      not only at daytime but throughout the night.
char hover near the osier-covered riverbanks.
Why not try the outlets of small brooks? around
midsummer, when the spring floods have sunk,
and up to the end of august you will find good
Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted                                              funäSdaLen •                                           17
     långå                                                      grounds range from small highland tarns to
     långå tempts with its scenic area in the proxi-            currents with native populations of brown trout
     mity of the mountains and several waters with              and char. The river ljusnan is suitable for the
     very strong populations of game fish. here are             grayling enthusiasts whereas the river mittån
     the four ‘big’ species in swedish fishing: brown           harbours a fine population of large brown trout
     trout, arctic char, grayling and whitefish.                and grayling. most of the fishing grounds are
        situated between funäsdalen and Vemdalen is             easily reached by car while others may require a
     långå fishery conservation area with a size of 50          bit of a hike.
     square km. lake Grundsjön with its renowned
     fishing for char, in winter like in the summer, is
     the core of the area. In this tranquil environment
     inspiring harmony you will find thrilling fishing
     throughout the summer season. The fishing

                                                   nättan SkoG & FritiD
                                                   Övre Kyrkbyn 21, 840 94 Tännäs, web site:
                                                   Tel. 068424001 or 0702501863, email

                                                   location: We offer exclusive fishing in the currents of the upper part of
                                                   the River Tännån for fly-fishing guests staying in the company’s cabins.
                                                   The River Tännån meanders through the fells-near forests in the shadow
                                                   of the peaks Rödfjället and Storvålen. Fishing here is primarily in the
                                                   form of catch and release but one fish a day is allowed to reach the
                                                   frying pan.
                                                   accommodation: Various options are available; ranging from wilderness
                                                   stays with water taken from a brook to modern cabins in Tännäs village.
                                                   misc: Guided highland fishing tours for brown trout and char on offer to
                                                   all our fishing guests. Also possible are guided ptarmigan shootings over
                                                   pointing dogs on our own land.

                               tännäS FiSkecentrum ocH roGenS naturinFo
                               Tel 0684 24200, email:, web site:

                               Fishing: The gateway to one of Härjedalen’s most scenic areas, also abounding in fish.
                               Around 60 abundant alternatives are available for sport fishing. Fishing in this area is
                               highly varied with lakes, tarns and streams. The grayling fishing in the lakes here is
                               completely unique. We organize regular fishing tours during the summer weeks and
                               fly-fishing school every year during week 25.

           We offer everything that a fishing enthusiast
           may need, such as fishing gear (buy or hire),
           garments, fly-fishing courses with well-trained
           guides and also canoe rental.

           Tel: 0684 - 214 35

        Always ready for takeoff
        With more than 55 years’ experience, Jämtlands Flyg stands med
        Med över femtiofem års erfarenhet är Jämtlands Flyg
         säkerhet och effektivitet redo att ta safely ditt fiskevatten.
        ready to take you to your fishing waters,dig tilland efficiently.
        Besök us on +46 (0)63-18 36 70
        Visit www.jamtlandsflyg or calleller ring 063- 18 36 70

18     funäSdaLen •                                                     Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted



                                                       Mittådalen                                                                                                              Klövsjö

                                                    Funäsdalen                             84            Hede             Hedeviken
                                                                                                       Oltjärn             Vikarsjö                Vemhån

                                                                                                                     Nyvallen         84

                                                                                               Sonfjällets Nationalpark

                                                                         For more information about the

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Conservation Area
                                                                                                                                                                                                  FVO is Swedish for Fishery
                                                                         fishery conservation areas detailed
                                                                         maps and fishing permits, visit
                                                                         For more tips about accommodation,
                                     photo: hån/Vemdalens fVO            activities and attractions, visit

lÅngÅ FvO, hede samFF, hedeviKens FvO, hÅn-vemdalens FvO
Destination Vemdalen has a rich offering of fishing opportunities,
both in the mountains and the forests. Families will enjoy easily
accessed lakes, tarns and streams, scenically imbedded in the
great forests and wilderness of Härjedalen.
   In the middle of härjedalen is hedeviken. here                                     flows down sonfjället; in magnificent scenery.
the river ljusnan runs through lake Vikarsjön                                         another gem is lake Tumsjön situated 6 km
and this is the place for the big fish. during a                                      north of hedeviken. This is one of the best year-
brief period in april it is also possible to fish                                     round fishing areas in härjedalen, comprising
for large brown trout in the inlet of the river                                       brown trout, char and perch.
ljusnan into lake Vikarsjön.                                                             In hån-Vemdalen’s fishery conservation area
   In the area around hede are lakes rich in fish                                     the more experienced fishermen can challenge
at altitudes up to 1 000 m. In most of the fishing                                    the large grayling in the main artery, the river
grounds the water is clear and drinkable and                                          Veman, which every summer offers a large
here the fish thrive. The active and adventure                                        number of ten kg graylings.
seeking fishermen will find miles and miles of                                           The highland area Oxsjön with populations of
streams with brown trout and grayling whereas                                         char is a given destination especially in respect
the restless individuals can opt for secure                                           of winter fishing. The area also comprises part
catches in put-and-take waters. In road-less land                                     of the river ljusnan and also the river aloppan
there are snowmobile and hiking trails.                                               which is an interesting and scenic wilderness
   south of hedeviken-sörviken, en route to son-                                      stream. In addition to these are many minor
fjället national park are the lakes rörsjön and                                       lakes and tarns with salmon family populations.
källsjön, together with the river Valmen which

                                            GårD SmeDjeHöGen
                                            Långå 115 840 93 Hede, Tel. 0684-130 22/130 15,
                                            accommodation: Modern detached cabins with 4-6 beds, near water.
                                            misc: Bathe islet and BBQ tipi. Fine fishing in summer and winter. Sales of fishing
                                            permits, info and guides. Rental of boats, fishing equipment. Fly-fishing courses and
                                            wilderness guides. Elk and small game hunts.

Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted                                                           VemdaLen •                         19
                                               VemHånS FiSkecamp & riDcenter
                                               Svegsvägen 25, 840 91 Vemhån, tel/fax 0684-400 27

                                               location: 36 km N of Sveg, 20 km S of Vemdalen.
                                               accommodation: Self-catering cabins with 3-6 beds and cam-
                                               ping. open: Full service offering during the summer season.
                                               Reception is open 09.00-23.00.
                                               misc: IT café, pub, sauna, boat rental, BBQ cabin and communal
                                               lounge with big-screen TV.
                                               Icelandic horses, riding camps, riding school and hacks organised
                                               by Vemhestar, for bookings call tel. 0684-402 21

                                               VemDalenS campinG
                                               Tel: 0684-302 00, e-mail

                                               about the camp site: A family owned facility, open year round.
                                               Package deals incl. accommodation, meals and activities for
                                               individuals and companies. Fully-licensed restaurant, mini-shop
                                               with sales of fishing permits.
                                               Here is also Put-and-Take fishing for rainbow trout, brown trout
                                               and char. A separate fishing permit is sold in reception. Fish
                                               caught is paid by the weight in the shop.

                                               Tel 0684-121 30 or 070-665 08 69

                                               location: By the River Ljusnan in Hedeviken. Near Sonfjället
                                               National Park.
                                               accommodation: 10 four-bed log cabins; equipped with micros,
                                               TV, fridge/freezer and most of what you need for cooking. The
                                               service building has WC, shower, laundry room, sauna etc.
                                               Reception with kiosk, café and fishing shop, open 09.00-20.00
                                               from June until end of August.
                                               misc: Rental of fishing equipment and boats.
                                               Sandy beach with jetty.

                                               HeDe campinG

                                               location: In scenic setting on the banks of the River Ljusnan, in
                                               the middle of Hearty Härjedalen. accommodation: Caravans,
                                               camping cabins and well-equipped apartments. Service building
                                               with sauna. Fishing: Some 30 lakes and streams rich in fish
                                               including grayling, brown trout, char, whitefish, pike and perch.
                                               Activities: Heated pool with waterslide, hiking trails, canoe
                                               rental. misc: Fully-licensed restaurant. Sales of fishing permits,
                                               rental of fishing equipment. Open year round.
                                               Wireless Internet.

20   VemdaLen •                                       Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted

                                      Stenstjön   Ölvattnet
                                Svart- Hoan


                                 84                                    Ljusdal
                       r tsjö
                             n           Ängersjö
                                                                                       photo: Tina stafrén

                                                                 For more information about the

                                                                                                                                     Conservation Area
                                                                                                                                     FVO is Swedish for Fishery
                                                                 fishery conservation areas detailed
                                                                 maps and fishing permits, visit
                                                                 For more tips about accommodation,
                                                                 activities and attractions, visit

ytterhOgdals FvO, ängersJö FvO
The Hogdalsbygden area is situated in the borderland between
Härjedalen, Hälsingland and Medelpad. Active conservation mea-
sures have been made in the form of transplantations and many
happy anglers nowadays return year after year to Hogdalsbygden.
  Ice-jigging for game fish in general and arctic                           to bite in the waters storvattnet, ölvattnet and
char in particular has made ytterhogdal famous                              lången.
in angling circles all over the country. keeping                               In the south-eastern part of härjedalen is
pace with the quickly growing stream of visitors,                           ängersjö; a genuine forest landscape with ad-
the volume of the annual transplantations has                               ditions of fells character since parts of the area
grown substantially. besides the fine ice-jigging                           is situated at 450 metres above sea level. The
for brown trout and char in the tarns Åkertjärn                             area comprises some 80 waters, most of them
and svarttjärn, lake stensjön has developed                                 reached by car during the summer.
into a true char paradise attracting many repeat                               night owls could test angling in brooks since
anglers.                                                                    this is the time of day when the brown trout
  because of the transplantations of brown trout                            bites the best. Try casting underneath over-
and char, these tarns are also fine fly-fishing                             hanging trees and behind rocks, often the place
waters during the summer. soon after the thaw                               where the fish rise.
in spring, the char is willingly biting in lake                                anglers in search of true challenges are recom-
stensjön. later on, from midsummer and for                                  mended to try lake svartsjön, a fickle lake which
a few weeks more, the bites in the river hoan                               may at times seem dull. Try angling near the
are good. during this same period, the more                                 bottom using a big worm on these occasions, or
experienced angler may want to challenge the                                try a leaded nymph, slowly retrieved.
large brown trout at örastupet. This is also the
place to hook some really large perch, also in
existence in many tarns and lakes in the area.
following a few days’ heat wave it is also happy
                                                                                     HogdaLSbygden •         www.HogdaLSbygden.Se   21




                                                                    St                                                                                     Linsell
                                                                                                               Glöte            esjön
                                                                                                                    n        Dyd
                                                                                           n                                       Glöte
                                                                                     lin                                       Glöte


                             photo: hans Grönlund

                                                            For more information about the
                                                            fishery conservation areas detailed
FVO is Swedish for Fishery

                                                            maps and fishing permits, visit
Conservation Area

                                                            For more tips about accommodation,
                                                            activities and attractions, visit

                             lOFsdalen-glöte FvO
                             Lofsdalen-Glöte fishery conservation area is a 50 000 hectares
                             large area with mountain brooks, tarns and lakes unexploited in
                             scenic surroundings. The area offers a varied selection of fishing
                             opportunities in the highlands and forests alike and is suitable
                             for both families and expert anglers.

                                lake lofssjön harbours sturdy brown trout,
                             the lakes dyckessjön and stråsjön are excellent
                             char waters. lake Glötessjön is an easily acces-
                             sed lake with plenty of brown trout and fine
                             perch. The lake also features a beach and is very
                             popular among families with young children.
                             The highland tarn stråsjön with fishing for char
                             is a must for the angling enthusiasts.
                                The small rivers lofsen, Glötån, sömling-
                             sån and stråån are rich in fish and exciting
                             wilderness waters. each part of the fells area has
                             its own distinctive character, just like the tarns
                             beyond damkojan. These tarns are ideal ‘fells
                             hiking and fishing waters’. here you can hike at
                             your leisure between the 36 tarns. The entire
                             area has many excellent waters for both summer
                             and winter fishing.

                                                                                photo: dag kjelaas

       22                      LofSdaLen •
                                        a n




                                                         Sveg                           84

                                                                         ds       E45



                                                                For more information about the

                                                                                                                                           Conservation Area
                                                                                                                                           FVO is Swedish for Fishery
                                                                fishery conservation area, detailed
                                                                maps and fishing permits, visit
                                                                For more tips about accommodation,
                                                                activities and attractions, visit

sveg-herrö FvOF

A very peculiar kind of fishing is on offer during the winter, at
the point when the regulated Lake Svegssjön is at its lowest and
all the fish gather in the old grooves of the rivers Veman, Ljusnan
and Härjeån.
Incredible quantities of whitefish, perch and                              mayfly hatches en masse will never forget the
pike are caught here every year which explains                             sight. shoals of giant char, weighing three, four
why fishing enthusiasts from all over sweden                               and five kilos swim up from the depths to feast
come here during the ideal winter spring                                   on the mayflies, showing themselves in all their
season.                                                                    glory in the shallow water to the spectators.
  also the summer tempts with unusual fishing
experiences. hundsjön and hocksjön,                                                                           photo: The Country fisher

the two gem lakes of sveg have superb
populations of char and brown trout. Those
who have been lucky enough to see what
happens around midsummer when the

                                                                              SVeg/HärjedaLSporten •   www.HerjedaLSporten.Se             23
                                                       Lillhärdals fvof
                                                       Welcome to one of the largest fishery
                                                       conservation areas in Sweden.
                                                       Area 240 square km • 22o km of streams
                                                       Some 30 lakes and some 30 tarns

                                                       Transplanted waters for winter as well as summer
                                                       fishing. Two-day fishing competition in week 29, day
                                                       one: pike, day two game fish. Two-man teams. See the
                                                       advertisement at the web site. Fishing restrictions and
                                                       permit rates: Visit our web site. Info:
                                                       Hans Ove 070 2267337, Bengt 070 5116397

          The complete visitors’ guide
     place your order at                                               Jämtland

                    photo: Tomas meijer

24   SVeg/HärjedaLSporten •   www.HerjedaLSporten.Se                            Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted
                                                                                                                             photo: anneli Åman


                                        Rörvattnet                   Hotagen


                                                                                                                 Laxviken             Laxsjö

                                                   Åkersjön                           Skärvången

                                                                                                                             Ottsjön               Hammerdal
                                                      n ö

                                                                                                                                                                                               photo: anneli Åman


                                         nd                        Landön
                                                  n                                                                                    Häggenås


                                                                                                                     For more information about the

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Conservation Area
                                                                                                                                                                                                                FVO is Swedish for Fishery
                                                                                                                     fishery conservation areas
                                                                                                                     detailed maps and fishing
                                       Änge                                                                          permits, visit

                                                                                                                     For more tips about accom-
                  Mörsil       Alsen Alse                                             n
                                                                                                                     modation, activities and attractions,
                              Mörsil                                                                  Krokom                    Lå
                                                                                                                                      ng     Lit
                                                         E14                                                                            an         In
                                                                                                        E14                                             lsä
                                                                  ST                                                                                       lve
                                                                     OR                                                                                       n


                          baKvattnets FvO, Föllinge-KyrKslätt FvO,
      landösJöns FvO, laxsJö FvO, laxviKens FvO, nedre lÅngans FvO,
      rörvattnet-sKOgsJö FvO, valsJöns FvO, ÅKersJön FvO
      Krokom has many options for the enthusiasts. Here you can go
      fishing every month of the year and any time of the day.
         you can start in bakvattnet during the month                                                                    with more than 100 fishing waters and a fishing
      of november, when the ice has just set; this                                                                       surface comprising 6 000 hectares – in one and
      is the time for the best fishing. Then continue                                                                    the same permit. easily accessed lakes, tarns and
      during the most glittering winter months to the                                                                    streams, many of them equipped with shelters
      easily accessed fishing waters of lake landösjön                                                                   and bbQ facilities contribute to the comfort for
      to try bettering your personal char record. If you                                                                 families with young children. here, everyone,
      are lucky fisherman there are various ice-jigging                                                                  from the amateur to the most fastidious of fly-
      competitions to enter during the spring months.                                                                    fishermen find their own favourite.
         In the early summer and up until midsummer                                                                         In the late summer the time has come to visit
      we recommend that you go to laxviken to try                                                                        föllinge-kyrkslätt’s fishery conservation area to
      fishing in the currents. In this scenic and unex-                                                                  enjoy the fishing for grayling and brown trout.
      ploited wilderness there is no risk of crowds.                                                                     Once the temperatures start dropping and the
         The sunny summer days are best spent                                                                            first ice settles it is time to go out on lake Åker-
      wading into the well-known large brown trout                                                                       sjön equipped with the ice-drill for ice-jigging
      waters of the lower river långan. This typical                                                                     for char.
      wilderness water with varying currents and                                                                            a fishing year in krokom offers plenty of varia-
      smooth sections is generally easy to wade and                                                                      tion and options to suit both the experienced
      there are plenty of positions. The river långan is                                                                 angler and the family. Those who follow fiske-
      a fabulous fly-fishing water.                                                                                      vägen – ‘the fishing route’ – from krokom in a
         If you prefer fishing in lakes, then the fishery                                                                north-westerly direction towards the norwegian
      conservation areas of Valsjön and rörvattnet-                                                                      border – will have the opportunity to try most
      skogsjö is an alternative. both waters are                                                                         of the options.
      included in the unique hotagen permit area
                                                                                                                                                                   krokom •   www.turiSm.krokom.Se     25
     Welcome to Hotagen and surroundings

                                                      More than 100
                                                      fishing waters in
                                                      one permit.

                                         Children and youths aged
                                       less than 18 angle at no cost.

                                                       We offer angling for native populations of
     Cabins and                                        brown trout and char in famous jämtland

     fishing waters                                    waters near the fells. cabin with own angling
                                                       water ’around the corner’.

                                             Hårkan & lånGan jakt ocH FiSke
                                             Kallsta Gård 105, 836 92 Lit, tel. 0642-300 04, mobile 070-314 41 28.

                                             location: Accommodation in five camps, all of them situated by
                                             the best stretches for angling of the rivers Hårkan and Långan.
                                             accommodation: Unique wilderness lodging of good standard
                                             on the riverbank with Calor-gas stove, wood-stove and privy. 18
                                             cabins with 2-4 beds and also exclusive accommodation at the
                                             farm, some 10 minutes from the fishing ground for discerning
                                             guests. misc: Join our fly-fishing courses with local, professional
                                             instructors or make an appointment with one of our fishing
                                             guides. Welcome to our first-rate Jämtland fishing waters!

26   krokom •   www.turiSm.krokom.Se                                                 Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted
                                            ValSjöbynS jakt & FiSkecamp
                                            Näset 4888, 830 67 Valsjöbyn Tel: 0645-320 84
                                            E-mail: web site:
                                            location: 110 km N of Krokom, near the Norwegian border. accommodation: 12
                                            cabins, each with 4 beds, of which two with kitchenettes and WC/shower. Caravans
                                            and camping; kitchen and dining room for the camping guests. Shower and WC in the
                                            service building. Boats for hire and sales of fishing permits.

                                                                 Fishing shop with equipment, fishing
                                                                 permits and information. Kiosk products
                                                                 and souvenirs. Cabins and boats for hire.
          Valsjöbyn                                              Tel. 0645-71 62 00 •

                                            Hovden 4814 830 67 Valsjöbyn Tel: 0645-320 82 or 070-2965987
                                            Web site: Email:
                                            location: 2 km W of Valsjöbyn along road 340 ‘Fiskevägen’. accommodation: Modern lakeside
                                            cabin and varied sport fishing in a scenic area with large lakes. Several streams and many tarns are
                                            included in the Hotagenkortet fishing permit. Fishing: Brown trout and char are the most common
                                            catches but here are also grayling, whitefish, perch, and pike.

             jämtland food artisans
                       When fishing in the vicinity of Föllinge and
                     Valsjöbyn you are welcome to visit our famous
                   village dairy. The cheese café is open with guided
                    visits to the dairy every day during the summer.


                                                                                                  Tel. 0645-401 40
                                                                                                 Fax 0645-71 61 40

Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted                                                      krokom •    www.turiSm.krokom.Se            27
                             rötVikenS campinG
                             070-494 07 80, mobil 070-494 07 80, e-post:

                             location: Lovely location by Lake Hotagen.
                             accommodation: 4-bed cottages, caravan points with power, service building with
                             showers, toilets, laundry, drying cabinets, kitchen, freezer and a communal room with TV.
                             Near grocery shop. other: Offers small game hunting with or without dogs.
                             Approved organiser of hunts on state-owned land.

                             rörVattnetS FjällHotell
                             Rörvattnet 503, 830 60 Föllinge Tel: 0645-330 90
                             Web site: Email:
                             location: 120 km N of Östersund. accommodation: 10 rooms, 19 beds. All rooms
                             with en-suite shower/WC. Fishing: Rörvattnet-Skogsjö fishery conservation area
                             comprises more than 30 fishing waters on one fishing permit. In Rörvassdalen the
                             sports fishing is so varied so that most methods are successful.

                                                 rörVattnetS FiSkecamp
                                                 Tel. 0645-330 02 eller 070-28 42 600

                                                 location: 120 km from Östersund by Lake Rörvattnet.
                                                 accommodation: Camping, summer and winter rentals,
                                                 cabins, boat rental, fishing shop, kiosk and fishing permit
                                                 sales. open: Summer and winter season.

       The power companies want to
       expand the hydroelectric power
       ...but they are reluctant to build fish routes
       or fauna passages. This is a threat to outdoor
       recreation, sports fishing and nature tourism.
       Join älvräddarna, your membership means a
       lot!, tel. 070-372 57 76

28   krokom •   www.turiSm.krokom.Se                                                    Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted
                                   Hammerdal    Skyttmon Borgvattnet


                                    Östersund    Stugun
                                                    Sittån                                               Hammarstrand
                                                   Sittsjön        Mjösjön


                                                For more information about the

                                                                                                                                            Conservation Area
                                                                                                                                            FVO is Swedish for Fishery
                                                fishery conservation areas detailed
                                                maps and fishing permits, visit
  photo: helena elf
                                                For more tips about accommodation,

                                                activities and attractions, visit

digerlemmarnas FvO, gesundens FvO, nedre ammerÅns FvO,
stuguns FvO, övre ammerÅns FvO
Nordic coral reefs, the River Ammerån’s unkempt grayling waters
and the pike tournament are some of the experiences on offer
in Ragunda. Here is a rich offering of fishing opportunities both
among native populations and in many well-managed transplan-
tation waters.
Within Gesundens fishery conservation area                    as a nordic equivalent of tropical coral reefs with
are many lakes with fine fishing waters. lake                 a wide selection of species in coexistence.
Gesunden is a widening of the river Indalsälven                  In the quieter sections of the river perch,
and here thrive pike, perch, whitefish, grayling              pike, roach, whitefish and burbot thrive, while
and burbot. In the lakes sittsjön and sittån live             grayling is dominant in the rapids. The streams
primarily perch and pike; a very pleasant lake in             are also habitats for brown trout, burbot, ide,
particular for angling in the winter-spring. lake             dace, minnow, and miller’s thumb. In the fishery
mjösjön has transplanted game fish such as                    conservation area are eight lakes, of which stor-
brown trout and arctic char.                                  digerlemmen is the largest, with game fish and
   The swift rapids of the river ammerån are                  various brown trout brooks together stretching
one of the few unregulated waterways in                       for 20 km. brown trout have lived here for thou-
sweden. ammerån’s water system is the second                  sands of years and presently constitute the basis
largest inlet of the river Indalsälven and the                of the continuous planning process.
surroundings are enchanting – the deep ravine                    In the river Indalsälven is a 15 kilometre
is framed by tall, bluish mountains. The area is              stretch between stugun’s power plant and nä-
completely exempt from power regulation and                   verede kraftstation which offers exciting fishing.
thus highly interesting in terms of natural value,            Over the years many sturdy brown trout have
both in and around the river. following various               been caught here. fishing for pike has grown
threats of regulation, the river ammerån is                   tremendously in popularity; every year large
nowadays protected by law against power plant                 numbers of pike weighing more than eight kilos
exploitation – to the joy of sports fishermen and             are bagged landed here, and weights up to 12
friends of nature.                                            kilos are not that rare. This is the venue for the
   The streams affect the surroundings and                    annual pike tournament storsloken, a summer
provide for varied environments with habitats                 fishing competition which has grown into a local
for many forms of organism. The reproduction                  festival.
rate is high and these waters are often described
                                                                                          ragunda •   www.ragunda.Se/turiSm             29
                                                       ammerånS FiSkecamp
                                                       Tel: 0696-211 94, 070-591 76 12, 070-590 45 36

                                                       location: On the banks of the River Ammerån.
                                                       accommodation: Cabins, rooms in service building with com-
                                                       munal facilities. Cottage and cabins along the River Ammerån.
                                                       Also caravan sites with power.
                                                       Fishing: In streams, also dedicated fly-fishing section with
                                                       special regulations; angling in tarns and lakes.
                                                       misc: Fishing shop with sales and rental of equipment, boats
                                                       and canoes.

                                                       FärSånS FritiD ocH FiSkecamp
                                                       Tel: 0696 240 28, 070 363 26 34, 070 630 42 87
                                                       email:, web site:

                                                       location: A strategic and friendly base for fishing in the River Nedre
                                                       Ammerån, situated 10 km upstream from the River Indalsälven in the
                                                       village Färsån. Proximity to 20 km of streams with grayling and brown
                                                       trout. Possibilities for fishing from a boat in the River Indalsälven.
                                                       Guided fishing and other services adapted to your needs. We also sell
                                                       flies, see accommodation: Choose the standard
                                                       that suits you. All the cabins are fully equipped for self-catering. You
                                                       can hire bed linen and final cleaning. When booking before 1 May
                                                       we offer 10% discount on this year’s pricelist. Welcome, Agneta
                                                       and Lennart!

                                 SkyttmoboDen - ammeråns jakt & Fiskecentrum
                                 Tel. 0695-700 00 Email: web site
                                 location: In scenic setting one hour’s drive from Östersund.
                                 accommodation: Cabins with shower/WC, 4 beds, terrace, self-catering. Restaurant/
                                 café, fishing information, fishing guides, shop and souvenirs, put & take pond, boats.
                                 Fishing: Fine stocks of pike and perch but also grayling and brown trout.
                                 open: Year round.

                                 Hotell HammarStranD
                                 Gullbacksvägen 16 Hammarstrand , Tel. 0696-107 80
                                 location: Centrally in Hammarstrand near grocery shop, fishing shops and bank.
                                 accommodation: Double and single rooms with TV, shower and WC.
                                 Fishing: We organise various types of fishing events; we welcome your proposal so
                                 that we can design a package based on your wishes.

                                 berGVallenS StuGby
                                 Gullbacksvägen 16 Hammarstrand, Tel: 070-325 46 54
                                 Web site: E-mail:
                                 location: About 3 km from central Hammarstrand.
                                 accommodation: High standard with TV, shower, sauna, wood stoves, terrace etc
                                 Fishing: Visit The guide to fishing in Ragunda Municipality!

                                                                          Tel. 070-589 55 07
     A family adventure with thrilling fishing. The River Indalsälven
     invites fishing for brown trout, grayling and pike. Boat and canoe   Lat. 63 8´8´´ N
     rental. Accommodation in cabins, caravans and tents. We are          Lon. 16 10´8´´ E
     located half way between Östersund and Sundsvall on the 87 road.

30   ragunda •   www.ragunda.Se/turiSm                                                        Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted

                   Storån        Li
    Gäddede                        ds

                 Gärdsjön              Svarttjärn
Svaningen                    Lidsjöberg
                                                                                        sjön          Rörströmssjön


                                               Dr                                                                                         Hocksjön
                                                     an                                                       Bod

                         Föllinge                                     Strömsund
                                                                  fjärden                                                            Backe

                                                                                                      Vän               Vängel
                                                                                                          g elälv

                                                                                                                                                       photo: svante harström
                                                        Edesjön                                                                  Ramsele

                                                                                               For more information about the

                                                                                                                                                                                         Conservation Area
                                                                                                                                                                                         FVO is Swedish for Fishery
                                                                                               fishery conservation areas detailed
                                                                                               maps and fishing permits, visit
                                                                                               For more tips about accommodation,
                                                                                               activities and attractions, visit

   lidsJöbergs FvO, rOssöns FvO, rörströmsälvens FvO,
   sOlberg-viKens FvO, tÅsJöns FvO, vängelälvens FvO
   In the forest landscape the rivers grow wider and to form long-
   stretched, large lakes and lake systems. Here are innumerable
   glittering small lakes, called ’tarn eyes’, bubbling brooks and
   meandering rivulets.
   In a magic troll forest landscape is the village                                                                 something of an angling eldorado. In this 40 km
   lidsjöberg, 70 km nW of strömsund. In the area                                                                   long lake live most species of freshwater fish.
   are four large waters with lake Gärdsjön being                                                                   The measures of forbidding net fishing over a
   the dominant. here is a good idea to troll for large                                                             few years and the continuous transplantation of
   brown trout. If you prefer streams challenging the                                                               brown trout and char have promoted the lake
   hard struggling brown trout you can try the river                                                                among the angler. The catches vary of course but
   storån between Gärdvattnet and lake Gärdsjön.                                                                    in sport fishermen circles lake Tåsjön is highly
   brown trout and arctic char are common in most                                                                   praised both in terms of accessibility and in parti-
   waters which means that this is a good area for                                                                  cular, in respect of the size of the catches.
   ice-jigging. The area is highly family friendly with                                                               The river rörströmsälven, between hoting and
   gravel roads leading up to most of the waters.                                                                   rossön, is three kilometres long with intersecting
   at lake svarttjärn there is also a ramp for the                                                                  currents and smooth stretches. If you drive for
   disabled.                                                                                                        10 km northbound from rossön you will reach
     Over the years, lake Tåsjön has become                                                                         the hocksjö area. here you can choose between
                                                                                                                                                     StrömSund •     www.StromSund.Se   31
     fishing in currents for grayling and brown trout                          river Vängelälven is rare since it is a bifurcation, a
     in the hocksjöforsarna rapids or for brown trout                          branch between the Jämtland river faxälven and
     and char in the eight hocksjötjärnarna tarns. The                         the Ångermanland river fjällsjöälven. Catches
     water is extremely clear with a native population                         of grayling and brown trout are very good and
     of perch together with transplanted brown trout                           fly-fishingmen have two kilometres of the river
     and char.                                                                 Vängelälven all to themselves. The fishery con-
        In the surroundings of rossön there are some                           servation area also comprises some 15 lakes and
     180 km of beaches which make the area easy to                             tarns, some with brown trout and char only but
     access and with plenty of fishing points. Within                          also fine pike and perch lakes.
     rossön’s fishery conservation area lakes and tarns                           The upper section of legendary river ammerån,
     blend with smaller waters. The dominant water                             sW of hammerdal, lies within solberg-Viken’s fish-
     systems are the regulated river fjällsjöälven and                         ery conservation area. The river ammerån is fa-
     lake bodumsjön. The bollstjärn tarn is popular                            mous for its fine grayling fishing primarily during
     among anglers with the transplanted hornavan                              late summer and autumn. On quiet august and
     char throughout the winter. make sure to vary                             september days, dry-fly fishing with caddis fly
     the depth of fishing all the way from the bottom                          imitations can be very rewarding. The best time
     to just below the ice for the best luck. Those who                        of the day is mid day with sunshine when the
     yearn for a longer fishing excursion will find lake                       large grayling is at its most active. This section
     byvattnet, situated at high altitude between the                          of the river ammerån also has a large number
     peaks of Orrnäsberget, a given destination.                               of rapids reached on forest roads. språnghällan,
        The river Vängelälven, south of rossön, has                            skyttmoforsen, and höghällan tempt with large
     everything one can expect from a forest river:                            brown trout and grayling.
     falls, rapids, currents and smooth sections. The

                                       biG riVer camp
                                       Storåbränna 405 FÖLLINGE Tel. 0645-22002 or 070-3973412

                                       location: West of Strömsund near the wilderness. accommodation: 3 four bed
                                       cabins; 2 fully-equipped mini villas with 6 beds. Access to BBQ tipi and service
                                       building with WC/shower, kitchen, drying cupboard, and washing machine.
                                       angling: In the nearby and popular River Storån and Lake Lakavattnet.

                                                                                                      Bli m

                   för tjejer

          Our fishing waters and accommodation are situated in
          north-western Jämtland. The area can be reached from
          Strömsund and Gäddede and is located between Hillsand
          and Svaningen.
             A fishing permit for this area provides access to around 15 fishing waters and
          eight new rowing boats. We also offer accommodation and four-stroke boat engi-
          nes. Bookings by telephone or at the web site. Fishing permits and keys are handed
          out at Hillsand’s goat´s farm, well worth a visit in itself.

          Anders Lysén 070-6685424, Leif Nilsson 070-2093339

32     StrömSund •     www.StromSund.Se                                                               Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted
                                                           Bj        Saxnäs/Vilhelmina

                                      Stekenjokk                                                   photo: marianne Tharaldsson


                  Stora Blåsjön

                  Vikens kapell
                        b     n
           Björkvattnet ergsv
                              a         ttn
                                  M        ur
                                   ur         uå
                                      us         n
                                                                                attu   Strömsund
                                                     Hällingsåfallet                dal

                                                                                                      For more information about the

                                                                                                                                                                     Conservation Area
                                                                                                                                                                     FVO is Swedish for Fishery
                                                                                                      fishery conservation areas detailed
                                                                                                      maps and fishing permits, visit
                                                                                                      For more tips about accommo-

                                                                                                      dation, activities and attractions,

gäddede FvO, JOrmvattnets FvO, Kvarnbergsvattnets FvO

The highlands of Frostviken are situated in the northernmost part
of Jämtland and the proximity to the Lapland fells is obvious in
this vast and unspoiled fells area.
This area has some of the best fishing on offer                                                         to Vilhelmina. many people claim this to be one
in the Jämtland fells. The waters harbour brown                                                         of the most scenic roads in the country with its
trout and arctic char of the highest quality. In                                                        grand views and highly attractive flora.
the reindeer pasture fells and in the pre-fells                                                            you do not need to be an expert fisherman
landscape are plenty of fine fishing waters;                                                            to have luck in frostviksfjällen. The families will
lakes, tarns, currents, rivers and brooks. In the                                                       find several easily accessed tarns near Gäddede,
extreme north, near the ‘three-country cairn’                                                           Jormvattnet and kvarnbergsvattnet. south
where norway, lapland and Jämtland meet, is                                                             of Gäddede is the popular fly-fishing river
the fells area around stekenjokk. here you can                                                          muruån. Jormvattnet’s fishery conservation area
go for hiking and fishing in very exclusive char                                                        conducts substantial work which has made of
or brown trout lakes and tarns, fishing for char                                                        Jormvattnet a popular fishing resort for both
with spoons or for brown trout with wobblers,                                                           children and adults. here is, as an example, a
or try the gorgeous winter-spring ice-jigging                                                           tarn dedicated to children and the disabled and
for char. stekenjokk is easy to reach by car from                                                       there are also tarns reserved for fly-fishing. The
June until October on the Vildmarksvägen road,                                                          more than 30 km long lake kvarnbergsvattnet is
which runs from strömsund via Gäddede, Jorm-                                                            circled by a road making it very easy to reach.
vattnet and stora blåsjön up to the stekkenjokk
plateau and further along through kultsjödalen

                                                         jormVattnet FiSkecamp
                                                         Jormvattnet 885 Gäddede. Tel. 0672-201 00

                                                         location: Drive towards Gäddede and turn off north on to road 819.
                                                         accommodation: 4 and 6 bed cabins with TV, shower & WC. Caravan points with
                                                         electricity and TV sockets; conference rooms. misc: Full board available, guided
                                                         hunting and fishing tours. Bath tub, miniature golf, boat rental.
Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted                                                                                froStViken •   www.froStViken.Se   33
SCAs fiskevatten                                                                  sCa’s fishing grounds…

Lögdö kortfiskeområde                               Ankarvattnets kortfiskeområde
Ca 50 km NV Sundsvall. Ett Sundsvall. fiske
Situated about 50 km NW of tilltalande An           Situated norra Frostviken. Öring och röding
                                                    Beläget i in northern Frostviken. Brown trout
attractive area for I de många variationsrika
och fritidsområde. fishing and other outdoor        and char (native populations). Fly-fishing
                                                    (natur-vatten). Flugfiske i Ankarälven ochin the
pursuits. The many vattendragen finns det
mindre sjöarna och and varied small lakes           rivers Ankarälven and Lejarälven. Fine winter
                                                    Lejarälven. Bra rödingfiske i Ankarvattnet
öring, röding och regnbåge. Gädda och abborre
and waterways have populations of brown             fishing for char in Lake är tillåtet i Ankar-
                                                    vintertid. Fiske från båt Ankarvattnet. Fishing
trout, char and rainbow trout. Here are
förekommer också. Naturcamping med also             from a
                                                    vattnet.boat is permitted in Lake Ankarvattnet.
pike and perch. Nature camping with caravan
uppställningsplatser för husvagn finns inom         Kontakt: Jämtlands SF, 063-15 05 00, Peter
                                                    Contact: Jämtlands SF, 063-15 05 00, Peter
facilities Stugor finns att hyra. Stor for hire.
området.within the area, also cabins Åstjärn        Karlström, 0671-71 52 51, Hotings distrikt,
är undantagen ochis exceptedandaTake-vatten.
Lake Stor Åstjärn är ett Put as Put and Take        Kent Olausson, 0671-71 52 52. 52.
Fiskekort finnspermits for sale at Västanåfallets
water. Fishing att köpa vid Västanåfallets
Naturum, OKQ8 Sörberge, Ås Tomatodling.
                              and Ås                Sjougdälvens kortfiskeområde
Tomatodling. Two interesting nature botaniskt
Två intressanta naturreservat, det enareserves,     Beläget ca 60 km norr N ofStrömsund.
                                                    Situated about 60 km om Strömsund.
och det andra and the other with the character
one botanical urskogsbetonat. För Din hjälp         Fiskarter: Öring, röding, abborre samtalso pike
                                                    Species: Brown trout, char, perch and även
of ancient forest. To help you around there
finns en områdesguide anställd. Broschyr is         in the i Sjougdälven.
                                                    gädda River Sjougdälven.
över Lögdöcall. You can request arekvireras for
a guide on vildmark samt karta brochure             Kontakt: Jämtlands SF, 063-15 05 00, Peter
                                                    Contact: Jämtlands SF, 063-15 05 00, Peter
från Medelpads SF 060-19 34 fromBritt-Marie
Lögdö wilderness with a map 73, Medelpads           Karlström, 0671-71 52 51. Hotings distrikt,
SF 060-19 34 Områdesguide Olofsson or the
Olofsson eller 73, Britt-Marie Arvo Pylväinen,      Kent Olausson, 0671-71 52 52.
0692-100 98. Pylväinen, 0692-100 98.
area guide Arvo
                                                    Torsfjärdens kortfiskeområde
Kycklingvattnets kortfiskeområde                    Situated about 75 km NW of Strömsund
                                                    Beläget ca 75 km nordväst om Strömsund mot
Situated km N of Gäddede. Native water
Beläget 77km norr om Gäddede. Naturvatten           towards Gäddede. Species: Brown trout
                                                    Gäddede. Fiskarter: Öring och röding. and
for brown trout and char. Fine winter fishing
öring och röding. Bra rödingfiske vintertid.        Kontakt: Jämtlands SF, 063-15 05 00, Orvar
                                                    char. Contact: Jämtlands SF, 063-15 05 00,
Kontakt: Contact: Jämtlands SF, 063-15 05
for char. Jämtlands SF, 063-15 05 00, Peter         Orvar Jönsson, 0670-168
                                                    Jönsson, 0670-168 05. 05.
00, Peter Karlström, 0671-71 52 51, Hotings
Karlström, 0671-71 52 51, Hotings distrikt,
                                                      Fishing permit area
distrikt, Kent Olausson, 52 52.
Kent Olausson, 0671-71 0671-71 52 52.
                                                                            Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted
                                                                                Since 1890

                                                                           Photo: Peter Sjödin

 The adventure starts here                                                      Since 1890

Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted   bräcke •   www.bracke.Se    35
                   Så får du pengar kvar till äventyret
                              The way to have money left for the adventures

 Vadare – Vadarskor – Underställ – Jackor – Spön – Rullar – Flytringar – Solglasögon – Väskor – Tillbehör
Waders – Wading shoes – undergarments – Jackets – rods – reels – flotation rings – sunglasses – bags – accessories

                  Marknadsförs av            BIOS AB 0280 - 441 00 • •
                                                                jön            Mattmar

                                         Håckren                   Ågårdarna                           ST
                                                                                              Hallen         SJ



                                                                      Gräftåvallen                                         Myrviken


                                                                                                                                                   Conservation Area
                                                                                                                                                   FVO is Swedish for Fishery
                                             For more information about the
                                             fishery conservation area, detailed
                                             maps and fishing permits, visit
                                             For more tips about accommodation,
                                             activities and attractions, visit

photo: Ingrid hedlund

bydalen/dammÅn                                                                                dammÅns FvO
The River Dammån meanders down the 40 km from Höglekarda-
len to Lake Storsjön; at times gushing, at times flowing slowly.
Here is a wonderful blend of mountain landscape and deep val-
leys. The river is well-known as the habitat of the large brown
trout and is often visited by the really good anglers.
during the winter months the brown trout is               and night fishing is both a very thrilling and
wintering in lake storsjön, before in the begin-          serene experience. enjoy the peaceful and quiet
ning of June returning to the river dammån.               surroundings while challenging the brown trout
The river dammån is the only remaining natural            to a vigorous struggle.
spawning ground for the migratory brown trout
of lake storsjön. fishing for dammå brown trout
is very similar to fishing for salmon so the fly-
fishermen are recommended to use streamers
and tube flies.
   downstream is the village Ågårdarna inviting
varied fishing and with rich deep pools. during
the summer it is possible to watch the catch and
control of the magnificent brown trout in the
fish ladder. ever since the 1950s, each brown
trout passing the ladder has been counted,
measured, weighed, and sex determined every
morning and evening. during the light summer
months it is possible to fish around the clock,           photo: Ingrid hedlund

                                                                                      bydaLen •             www.bydaLSfjaLLen.Se                  37
                                                       HöGlekarDalen SemeSterby
                                                       Box 76, 830 01 Hallen, tel. 0643-320 27, fax 0643-12 89 70.

                                                       location: Here you are staying in the middle of the grand scenery
                                                       adjacent to Dromskåran’s mighty ice-river canyon.
                                                       accommodation: 58 fully equipped cabins, 4-8 beds with kitchen,
                                                       TV, woodstove, drying cupboard, shower and WC. misc: Pack
                                                       a tent, boots, and spirit stove and head off for a hike or book a
                                                       guide for a daytrip. Everyone will feel at home here within walking
                                                       distance of the shop, restaurant, reception and cabins. Hire a boat,
                                                       canoe, mountain bike or book a full or half day horseback ride. We
                                                       make sure that you will have a pleasant adventure and a good
                                                       memory for the rest of your life. Welcome to Höglekardalen!

                                     camp Dammån
                                     Tel. 0643-31056, Fax 0643-31046,,

                                     location: Within a cast of the River Dammån’s currents, in Ågårdarna.
                                     accommodation: Solid log cabins with bedrooms and kitchen, small fishing huts,
                                     camping for caravans or tents. Service building with showers, WC, kitchen and
                                     washing machine. Wilderness cabins with stoves, Calor gas stoves, BBQ tipi and
                                     wood-heated sauna. Fully-licensed restaurant. Fishing: primarily brown trout but also
                                     grayling; best known for the native stem of Dammå brown trout which have been

     migrating freely without interruptions. activities: Beaver safari, put-and-take ponds, fishing guides, canoe and ca-
     boat rental, small game hunts, snowmobile safaris, conferences and kick-offs. misc: Sales of fishing gear and kiosk
     products in reception. Fishing permit vending machine. Fully-licensed restaurant and café with outdoor service. Wil-
     derness room with the wild animals and fish of the area on display. GPS/SatNav coordinates: X7011184 Y1406791.

     KABÅT® for fishing and hunting
            Easy to carry, capsize-proof boat and canoe in one.
               Easy to row and paddle for two passengers

                     Wilderness baths and snowmobile sleighs
                               PLAST & PULKA AB
     Tel +46(0)695-300 84 • +46 (0)70-512 90 68 •
38   bydaLen •   www.bydaLSfjaLLen.Se                                                          Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted

                                                    kli        Kolåsen
                                       Gr                                                             Bergsjön
    Levanger                                  ön                               Juvuln



            Storrensjön                                                        Sulviken







                                            Storlien                                                                              photo: marianne Tharaldsson




                                                                                                                                                                 Conservation Area
                                                                                                                                                                 FVO is Swedish for Fishery
                                                                                  For more information about the
                                                                                  fishery conservation areas detailed
                                                                                  maps and fishing permits, visit
anJan-grÅsJöns FvO,                                                               For more tips about accommodation,
sulJättens FvO,                                                                   activities and attractions, visit
Kall-KyrKslätt samFF                                                    

The area around Kall, Kallbygden, invites fishing in wonderfully
scenic environments. The most frequent species are brown trout,
Arctic char and whitefish.
surrounded by tall peaks is suljättens fishery con-                                         minor waters, primarily on the south-eastern
servation area. When viewed from the south, the                                             slopes of mount anjeskutan. besides brown trout
summit of the mountain suljätten resembles the                                              and char, anjan also invites fishing for grayling.
outline of a face with a big nose. This has inspired                                          kall too invites enthralling nature and is said to
the legend of a giant from sul in Verdal on the                                             be one of the most beautiful villages in the coun-
norwegian side of the border who in a fist fight                                            try of sweden. lake kallsjön is as long as 156 km
was knocked down by the giant rut i skut and                                                with a depth of at most 134 metres and harbours
never got up again. a visit to the characteristic                                           the large lake trout. The best way to fish here is
’nose’ invites breathtaking views.                                                          from a boat, and trolling in lake kallsjön is highly
   The tarns are situated in open fells landscape                                           popular. Those who wish to combine fishing
and the paths and trails enable easy access, in the                                         with hiking should aim for lake häggsjön. after
summer just like in the winter. during the winter                                           about 50 minutes of walking you will find seven
the highland tarn utsulan tempts with excellent                                             tarns within a radius of two kilometres. This is the
fishing for char. anjan is a varied area with both                                          place to fish for brown trout and char in peaceful
large lakes such as Gråsjön and anjan, and also                                             surroundings.

                                            kolåSenS FjällHotell
                                            Kolåsen 830 05 Järpen, Tel. 0647 81017 Email:
                                            Web site:
                                            location: Kolåsens Fjällhotell is situated in the Skäckerfjällen massifs with lakes and
                                            tarns rich in game fish. Accommodation: In cabins or hotel rooms including breakfast;
                                            Restaurant & bar. Fish species: Brown trout, Arctic char und grayling.

Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted                                                                kaLLbygden •              39
                             photo: Ingrid hedlund
                                                                             Järpen                                                               Alsen

                                                               Trondheim                      Mörsil
                                                                                      Liten                                                                       Ytterån
                                                                                                                          jön         Kvitsle
                                                                                                                                men Väg 321
                                                                                                                  tsles                                             sjön
                                                                                                              Kvi                                               Stor

                                                                                                           sjön                 mån

                                                            For more information about the
                                                            fishery conservation area, detailed
FVO is Swedish for Fishery

                                                            maps and fishing permits, visit
Conservation Area

                                                            For more tips about accommodation,
                                                            activities and attractions, visit

                             OCKesJön-Kvissleströmmarnas FvOF
                             Lake Ockesjön-the Kvissleströmmarna currents fishery conserva-
                             tion area. You can sit in comfort in your cabin or caravan and
                             watch the fish waking. In this peaceful and scenic atmosphere lie
                             the famous grayling waters of the Kvissleströmmarna currents.
                               The mighty kvitssleströmmarna currents form                    large brown trout swim past the kvissleström-
                             some of the best grayling waters in Jämtland.                    marna currents every year. during summer
                             here is every opportunity for learning the vari-                 nights and autumn days, the kvissleströmmen
                             ous fly-fishing techniques in the multi-faceted                  is at its best and has been given much praise by
                             currents, demonstrating both quiet sections and                  anglers from near and afar.
                             rough white waters.                                                 lake Ockesjön has fine populations of pike,
                               This is the final white-water stretch of the                   grayling, perch and whitefish. during the sum-
                             river Indalsälven before it runs into lake                       mer months it is suitable to fish from a boat
                             storsjön. The river drops between six and nine                   with spinner, reel and fly, whereas in the winter,
                             metres in two kilometres, depending on the                       ice-jigging is the normal method and angling for
                             water level of lake storsjön. The kvissleström-                  pike using bait.
                             marna currents run in two branches around
                             the island hästön outside the village kvitsle in
                             Western Jämtland. The northern branch is called
                             mattmarströmmen and the southern Ocke-
                             strömmen. although the water may seem large
                             and inaccessible it is shallow and wadeable in
                             many places.
                               The river kvissleströmmen offers some of the
                             most interesting angling in Jämtland and is an
                             essential ground for the lake storsjön brown
                             trout. here both the river dammån and the
                             storbo brown trout come past on their way to
                             the spawning grounds; in total about 500-700
       40                     mattmar/mörSiL •       www.mattmar-morSiL.Se
                                                                                              photo: Ingrid hedlund
                                            VilDmarkSbyn SällSjö
                                            Baksjövägen 345, 830 40 Mörsil Tel. 0647-66 20 50, 070-29 30 945
                                            E-mail: Web site:
                                            location: 10 km S of Mörsil, in the direction of Åre from Östersund. accommodation:
                                            Cabins with 4-12 beds. There are fishing waters such as Kvissleströmmarna, Dammån,
                                            Håckrenmagasinet and Ockesjön. misc: Service building with cafe/TV/lounge. Come
                                            fishing for brown trout and char in scenic highland setting!

                                            kViSSleStrömmenS FiSkecampinG
                                            Tel 0640-450 08, 070-678 18 22,
                                            location: : Adjacent to one of Sweden’s best waters for grayling and brown trout,
                                            the Kvissleströmmen currents, in a scenic and quiet area.
                                            accommodation: 4-8 bed cabins, caravans with power points. Shop for fishing
                                            permits and boat rental. Fishing: Fly-fishing or spinning from the shores or boats,
                                            in streams or lake.

      The online shop with one of the largest European
      selections of quality flies for the Scandinavian fly-fishing!

Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted                                     mattmar/mörSiL •     www.mattmar-morSiL.Se   41
                               photo: leif silversund
                                                                                                              Sandvika                                                                            lsj
                                                                           Sandvika                                                               lsj                Åre
                                                                                                                                                             lven Åresjön
                                                                                                                        ön               Duvedsä
                                                                                                   Duved        E14
                                                                                                                 Åre                  Greninge
                                                                                                       Storlienn Åresjön
                                                                                                             ve                                n
                                                                                                Duvedsäl                                                          Hensjön
                                                                                Gevsj                                                                                                                             K
                                                                                                                                                                                         Undersåker E14           L
                                                                               E14           Grening
                                                                                                     en                                                                     Henån
                                                                                                            Hensjön                                                 Krokom
                                                                                                                                            Undersåker E14          Liten

                                                                                                                                                                               en                       Hå
                                                                                                              Hustjär                                                                                     ckr
                                                                                                                             nen                                                                              n
                                                                                                               Ottsjö                               Hå
                                                                                                                                                              n                 Fångåmon
                                                                                                                               Storån               Vålådalen

                                                             For more information about the
                                                             fishery conservation areas detailed
FVO is Swedish for Fishery

                                                             maps and fishing permits, visit
Conservation Area

                                                             For more tips about accommodation,
                                                             activities and attractions, visit

                             södra ÅreFJällen
                             OttsJö FvO, hensJön-henÅns FvO, gräPPlingens samFF
                             In Södra (southern) Årefjällen the summer is short, intense and
                             stunningly beautiful while the winter is long and glitteringly gor-
                             geous. Here are many fine fishing waters to enjoy whether you
                             opt for driving a snowmobile out on the frozen Lake Ottsjön for
                             ice-jigging or if you prefer to hike the peaks in Edsåsdalen.

                             situated in a scenic highland valley is beautiful                      small spinners. angling in the brooks using a long
                             edsåsdalen. The fishing waters consist of a                            rod is also popular when the brown trout bites.
                             system of small lakes and tarns surrounded by                            Ottsjö tempts with varied sports fishing in
                             bogs, birch tree and spruce forests and they are                       highland and wilderness atmosphere, ranging
                             surrounded by peaks; Åreskutan to the north,                           from angling in minor rivers and brooks to
                             bunnerfjällen’s ridges to the west and the close-                      excellent fly-fishing in streams. In the winter the
                             by renfjället, Grofjället and hållfjället. The most                    char and brown trout hover underneath the ice
                             reliable way of landing fish is using a spinning                       on lake Ottsjön while summer invites fly-fishing
                             rod or trolling spoon, primarily in the morning                        in the river storån or the hustjärn tarn for char,
                             and evening. If you hire a boat, trolling is usually                   brown trout and grayling.
                             the best method.
                                also lake hensjön is appreciated by ice-jiggers
                             for its fine char. This lake in close proximity of
                             the peaks only harbours arctic char and brown
                             trout. lake hensjön is situated at an altitude of
                             550 m between the mountains renfjället, ham-
                             merdals- and Tjärndalsfjället and together with
                             the river henån it is the easiest accessed water
                             in edsåsdalen. you can drive here by car and
                             there are boats for hire.
                                The currents of the river henån invite thrilling
                             angling for brown trout. you can try using a dry
                             fly on a fly-fishing rod or a light spinning rod with                  photo: leif silversund

       42                      Södra ÅrefjäLLen •       www.Sodra-arefjaLLen.Se
                                                               VålåGårDenS värdshus & camping
                                                               Östra Vålådalen 120, Vålådalen Tel 0647-351 73, 070-372 50 21

                                                               location: 21 km SW of Undersåker. Scenic setting in fells terrain
                                                               near the River Vålån and Vålådalen Nature Reserve.
                                                               accommodation: 10 double rooms, 2 self-catering cabins, 5 ba-
                                                               sic camping huts, 40 camping points with power. Fishing: Three
                                                               minor rivers, 7 tarns and 2 lakes within 8 km. Here you may catch
                                                               char, brown trout and grayling in beautiful settings, in summer
                                                               like in the winter. Own fishing and hunting guide, fly-fishing
                                                               courses. misc: Shop selling local delicacies and souvenirs.
                                                               Restaurant offering venison and local fish courses served with
                                                               mushrooms and berries from the area.

                                                               ottSjö FjällStuGor
                                                               Ottsjö 163, 830 10 Undersåker, tel. 0647-340 30.

                                                               location: 30 minutes from Åre in scenic fells environment
                                                               with 180 degrees views of peaks and lakes.
                                                               accommodation: 20 modern cabins with kitchen, shower /WC
                                                               and TV. Some of the cabins also have sauna and fireplaces.
                                                               misc: Fine fishing grounds, boat rental, hiking and horseback
                                                               riding. Reception is situated in ICA Ottsjöbua, the local well-
                                                               assorted grocery shop also selling petrol.
                                                               Ottsjö is beautiful in summer just like in winter and we are
                                                               open all year. Welcome!

                                                               FjällFiSke i eDSåSDalen
                                                               Tel: 0647 332 00

                                                               location: Fishing in tarns and brooks in a magic and rolling setting by
                                                               Mount Renfjället, less than 20 km from Åre.
                                                               accommodation: Fishing camp by the Offsjöarna lakes, cabins, STF
                                                               hostel and Hotell Köjagården. Fishing: The fishery conservation areas
                                                               of Gräpplingen and Hensjön with brown trout, and Arctic char; also
                                                               ice-jigging. Open Nov- Aug. Activities: Here you can combine fishing
                                                               with rambles in the mountains, bicycling, paddling and skiing. Fishing
                                                               also in many other nearby waters. misc: Boat rental. Exclusive fells
                                                               fishing packages incl. accommodation in hostel and fishing camp
                                                               together with fishing permit and boat.

                                           FånGåmon FiSkecamp
                                           Fångåmon 511, 83010 Undersåker Tel: 0647-35130, 070-5479747
                                           Email: web site:
                                           location: 17 km S of Undersåker. accommodation: 6 cabins, each with 2-6 beds, sites
                                           for caravans and campers, camping and service building including shower, WC, kitchen
                                           and laundry room. misc: Kiosk selling fishing permits, equipment and snacks.
                                           Boat rental, Icelandic horses and hiking trails.

Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted                                 Södra ÅrefjäLLen •     www.Sodra-arefjaLLen.Se         43
                                                                                                  K                          Kall
                             Sandvika                                                                  lsj
                                                            Sandvika                                                                lsj
                                                       Duved                Åre
                                                              lven Åresjön Duved
                                    ön                Duvedsä                                                Åre
                                                                                             lven Åresjön
                             E14               Greninge
                                                                      ön             Duvedsä
                                                                E14      HensjönGren                      Krokom
                                                                                      inge Undersåker E14 Liten
                                                     Storlien                      Henån n Hensjön                                             E14
                                                                         Edsåsdalen                              Undersåker                            Liten

                                                                                        en                   H
                                                                           Ottsjö                  Hustjäe
                                                                                                           rn      n   en                 Hå
                                                                             Ottsjön                   Ottsjö                               ckr
                                                                                    For more information about the
                                                                                          Fångåmon                                             en
                                                                                         Storån         Ottsjön
                                                                                    fishery conservation areas detailed
FVO is Swedish for Fishery

                                                            Vålådalen                                           Storån
                                                                                    maps and fishing permits, visit
Conservation Area

                                                                                                                       photo: Ingrid hedlund

                                                                                    For more tips about accommodation,
                                                                                    activities and attractions, visit

                                 duveds FvO, Åre FisKesamFF

                                 The fact that Åre and Duved have so much more to offer besides
                                 skiing is well-known among the more experienced sports-fishermen.
                                Visitors seeking variation during their winter
                                holiday are recommended to try ice-jigging in
                                                                                                                            Downstream is also
                                lake Åresjön or lake Greningen. On the other                                                a fishing path with
                                hand, if you visit Åre and duved during the
                                summer, you should bring your fly-fishing rod to                                            picnic areas which is
                                the river duvedsälven. here are plenty of easily
                                accessed points, such as the northern riverbank                                             a good alternative for
                                near the karoliner monument and the staabron
                                bridge, near the e14 with large parking facilities.
                                                                                                                            families with small
                                downstream is also a fishing path with picnic
                                areas which is a good alternative for families
                                                                                                                            children as well as
                                with small children as well as senior citizens.                                             senior citizens.
                                  brown trout and char are found in most waters
                                in the area.

                                       åre Fiskecenter
                                       Easy access by car, train and air. Varied fishing, ranging from catches of brown trout in streams to fishing
                                       for pike and perch in quiet lakes. Trolling for Lake trout and ice-fishing for large whitefish, grayling and char.
                                       contact: christer and ingegärd Hägglund ristagården 322 830 10 undersåker, tel: 0647-31382
                                       mob. 0702-704118/073-0458774

       44                              Åre •                                                                                                Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted
News 2010

NYHETER 2010          PENN ATLANTIS                 ABU GARCIA
                                                    SORÖN SX



                                                            TOBY NYA FÄRGER
                                                                 New colours
             NYA FÄRGER
             New colours

                                                            FIRELINE TRACER BRAID

                                                       JERKBAIT EXCELLENT COMBO

                                             photo: uno Tharaldsson
                                                                                                      Krokom                  Lit

                                                                               Storsjön                                                                      Hammarstrand
                                                                                                  Frösön                                  Ösjön

                                                                                 Norderön                                                           Singsjön


                                                                                                                                    E14 Sundsvall

                                                                For more information about the


                                                                fishery conservation areas detailed
FVO is Swedish for Fishery

                                                                maps and fishing permits, visit
Conservation Area

                                                                For more tips about accommodation,
                                                                activities and attractions, visit

                             -laKe stOrsJön
                             lillsJöhögens FvO, nedre hÅrKans FvO, singsJövattnens FvO,
                             stOrsJön Centrala rÅd
                             Lake Storsjön is the core of Jämtland. Here the brown trout
                             mingle with pike and the mythical Great Lake Monster - Storsjöo-
                             djuret. Fishing in and around Lake Storsjön is easy and accessible
                             with many fine fishing grounds within walking distance of central
                             Östersund and Frösön. A little bit further away are the streams of
                             the River Hårkan and Lake Ösjön’s swim-friendly jetties.

                                lake storsjön is the fifth largest lake in                      and burbot. lake trout has been transplanted
                             sweden with an area of 45 600 ha. The water                        here and because of its size, this is an interesting
                             is clear and fresh with a maximum depth of 74                      fish for trolling. lake storsjön is included in
                             metres. lake storsjön is divided into four fishery                 the free hand-tool fishing area meaning that
                             conservation areas together with ’storsjöflaket’.                  you can fish for free with a rod from land and
                             The population of fish in the lake consists of                     jetties. be prepared for abrupt changes in the
                             around 20 species. besides salmon fish such as                     weather here in the proximity of the highlands.
                             brown trout, whitefish and grayling here thrive                    If you are going out on the lake, a larger boat is
                             also the freshwater species pike, perch, roach,                    recommended.

                                Always ready for takeoff
                                ALLTID STARTKLARA
                                With more than 55 years’ experience, Jämtlands Flyg stands med
                                Med över femtiofem års erfarenhet är Jämtlands Flyg
                                 säkerhet och effektivitet redo att ta safely ditt fiskevatten.
                                ready to take you to your fishing waters,dig tilland efficiently.
                                Besök us on +46 (0)63-18 36 70
                                Visit www.jamtlandsflyg or calleller ring 063- 18 36 70

       46                      öSterSund •   www.turiSt.oSterSund.Se                                                        Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted
                                                               area consists of lake singsjön and a number of
   Originating in the norwegian and Jämtland                   small tarns. here you can fish perch, whitefish,
highlands, the twin rivers hårkan and långan                   pike, brown trout, arctic char, roach and burbot.
merge with the river Indalsälven near lit, north               lake singsjön is irregular in shape with many
of östersund. The rivers run through scenic                    promontories and coves and you can just as
forest landscape featuring shielings and historic              easily fish from land as from a boat.
landmarks such as stone age settlements and                      families with small children can visit lake
elk trapping pits. The lower section of the river              ösjön, often described as a fishing paradise. The
hårkan with gentle and easily waded streams                    lake offers easily accessed family fishing for the
makes it very suitable for fly-fishing. here you               transplanted population of brown trout and
will be fishing for the muscular and colourful                 char. It is easy to fish from the beach or to go
hårk grayling which is the dominant species but                out on one of the six jetties to reach further out
there are also quite a few brown trout hovering                without having to use a boat. There are boats for
in the river’s interesting smooth sections and                 hire; and plenty of parking space.
   a mere 30 km from östersund is singsjön’s
fishery conservation area where you find
relaxing fishing. The landscape has wilderness
character with mountains, bogs and rocks. The

  Helicopter flights for your hunting, fishing and hiking tours in the mountain areas of Jämtland, Härjedalen
  and Dalarna. During the summer we are some of the weekdays based in Grövelsjön, Funäsdalen and Åre.
                                Für Buchung und Info: 063-556530,

      The ultimate experience

      Ogge’s guided fishing tours
      and nature explorations
      The guide Ogge Oginder helps you find the large
      catches. Trolling for Brown trout, Lake trout,
      Char and Pike. We fish in the lakes Storsjön, Kallsjön
      and Näckten in fabulous surroundings. Fully equipped
      boat included with all the gear. Accommodation can be
      Tel. 070 556 71 64 E-mail:
      For photos and more info, visit:

Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted                          öSterSund •   www.turiSt.oSterSund.Se    47
          of t
        y ha
     pa it t
  ill is
 w v

                                 Sport & Fiske

                                                                                                 photo: ragundadalen Turism
     photo: Göran strand

        Open Mon-Fri 09.00-18.00, Sat 09.00-14.00 • Tel: 063-229 55
                Free parking •

                                                                                   Prästgatan 31a
                Fjällräven Tjäktja                   Fjällräven Kalfjäll          tel: 063-10 25 15
                2 300:–                              1 700:–          

                                                              We offer angling for native populations of
       Cabins and                                             brown trout and char in famous jämtland

       fishing waters                                         waters near the fells. cabin with own angling
                                                              water ’around the corner’.

48    öSterSund •          www.turiSt.oSterSund.Se                                 Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted
                               Sandvika                                                              lsj

                                                         Duved          Åre
                                                                 lven Åresjön
                                         ön         Duvedsä
                                   E14           Greninge
                                                                  Hensjön                                              Krokom
                                                                                           Undersåker E14              Liten


                                                                                 en                        Hå
                                                                    Ottsjö                                   ckr
                                                            Vålådalen           Anariset

photo: anariset ab

                                                                                                                                        Conservation Area
                                                                                                                                        FVO is Swedish for Fishery
                                                       For more information vist
                                                       For more tips about accommodation,
                                                       activities and attractions, visit

the best Fishing in the Fells

The waters on offer for fishing here are traditional Sami waters
for household provisions. We test fish our waters, we limit and
adapt the catches – everything in order to offer you a natural
stocks of fish of very high quality.

Our work is truly rewarding and ensures sustai-                  you can opt for day trips to some of the richest
nable fishing for generations to come.                           fishing waters in Jämtland, try trolling in lake
Whether you visit us as an individual, are part of               storsjön or fly-fishing in the rivers hällån, rullån
a large group or a corporate guest we will tailor                or lillån.
your stay based on your wishes and needs.                        We can also offer various accommodations
                                                                 options in ajvin-sijte Vattensjöarna, anasjölägret
                                                                 or Grönvallen.
                                                                 When you are in need of transfer from the

Day trips to some of                                             airport or train station we will also organise this,
                                                                 by snowmobile or other suitable means.
the richest fishing                                              We wish you a great welcome; together we will
                                                                 stage something very special!
waters in Jämtland.
                                                                 To find out more, please visit

                                                                                              anariSet •             www.anariSet.Se   49
                                 almDalenS FjällGårD
                                 Tel. 0645-22028 or 070-3437146
                                 Web site: Email:
                                 location: In Hotagen nature reserve, 10 km from the nearest road.
                                 accommodation: 38 beds in cabins and upstairs in the main building.
                                 Fishing: Fabulous fishing waters offering thrilling fishing, primarily for
                                 brown trout and char. Some of the waters are very close to our mountain farm.

            The complete visitors’ guide
     place your order at                                                        Jämtland

                        photo: Tomas meijer

50   anariSet •   www.anariSet.Se                                                      Country prefix +46, - the initial 0 to be deleted
Project Fishing Tourism North
We work on the development of small-scale fishing
tourism. Try your fishing luck at our project members.
Hallgården                                          Flottargården Sportfiske                                                      0645-32082, 070-2965987
063-40014, 070-5463580
                                                    Rossöns fiskevårdsområde
Skönviks Gård                                                                          070-6526350
0695-10006, 070-3239106
Åre Fiskecenter                                                                              0696-20050, 070-5895507
0647-31382, 070-2704118

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pursuit of perfection.

 loop fly tackle & adventures |
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