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					                     Central Nine Career Center
                                    Adult & Continuing Education
                                       SPRING 2010 CATALOG
Stephen Hagen,
Executive Director,
Central Nine Career Center
Suzy Pritchard,
Adult Education Coordinator
Nancy Stoddard, ABE/GED
Intake/ESL Literacy Coordinator
Catherine Schlicher
Adult Education Secretary
                                            Set Sail
                                             Into Your Future
Jan McDonald
Adult Education Records Clerk
Debbie Pogue, ABE/GED
Offsite Intake Coordinator

    CENTRAL NINE CAREER CENTER                             Offsite Adult Education Office
        Adult and Continuing Education                        Edinburgh High School
          1999 US Highway 31 South                    Serving WorkOne-Franklin, Johnson County Jail,
              Greenwood, IN 46143                                Franklin, and Edinburgh
             Phone: (317) 882-2088                              300 South Keeley Street
              Fax: (317) 887-6706                                Edinburgh, IN 46124
                               (812) 526-5501 ext. 2238

         Adult Education Office Hours                          Offsite Office Hours
      Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 10:00pm                    Tuesday 10:30am – 12:00pm
           Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm                           Wednesday 10:30am-12:00pm
   2                                                               ADULT & CONTINUING EDUCATION CATALOG, Summer 2010

                    GED® Testing and Pre-Testing Information
               Summer 2010 Testing Dates                                                      Official GED® Practice Testing
            Seating is limited so register early!                            The official GED practice tests can be taken at Central Nine
                                                                             Career Center Adult Education Office or the Edinburgh Adult
  June 7 & 9                             M&W          4:45 – 9:30 PM         Education Office for a $20.00 fee. All pre-tests are done by ap-
  June 21 & 23                           M&W          4:45 – 9:30 PM         pointment only. You may schedule an appointment by calling
  Jun 30 RE-TESTERS ONLY                 WED          4:45 – 9:30 PM         317-882-2088, extension 222 (Central Nine) or 812-526-5501
  July 12 & 14                           M&W          4:45 – 9:30 PM         ext. 2238 (Edinburgh). Tests are scheduled Monday - Thursday
  July 21 RE-TESTERS ONLY                WED          4:45 – 9:30 PM         only and usually take 2-3 hours.
  July 26&28                             M&W          4:45 – 9:30 PM
  August 9&11                            M&W          4:45 – 9:30 PM                              Home Schooled Student
  August 18 – RE-TESTERS ONLY            WED          4:45 – 9:30 PM         If you are 17 years of age and have been home schooled, you
  August 23&25                           M&W          4:45 – 9:30 PM         must: Meet the requirements already outlined for 17 year olds.
      General Educational Development (GED®) Testing                         However, in completing the exit interview process, the parent
Central Nine Career Center is an official General Educational De-            or guardian of a home-schooled individual may sign the exit
velopment (GED) Testing Center authorized by the Indiana De-                 interview form as both parent and principal.
partment of Education and the American Council on Education.
All GED examinees must pre-register in person a minimum of                                          Out of State Student
two – three weeks prior to the GED test date.                                If you are 17 years old and attended high school out of state,
Pre-registration requirements for all examinees are:                         you must have the exit interview form completed by the school
1) Seventeen years of age or older*                                          corporation in which you currently reside. You will, however
2) Indiana residency of 30 days                                              still need to obtain documents from your out of state high
3) Three forms of identification including one picture ID (state ID          school to present to school officials in your school corporation
or Indiana driver’s license). Other preferred pieces of identifica-          of residence.
tion are:
Indiana car registration, birth certificate, Social Security card,                                         Vouchers
credit card, current pay stub, marriage license, current utility bill        Central Nine will accept vouchers from Indiana Department of
or passport                                                                  Workforce Development (employment & training offices) or
4) $60 fee (retakes - $15 each test) paid in advance, in person, in          IMPACT programs as payment for the GED® tests.
cash and with correct change.
(Fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable)                                               Transcripts and Duplicate Certificates
*Additional requirements for 17 year olds:                                   Central Nine can provide a transcript of test scores for anyone
If you are 17 years of age, you must present a completed exit                who has taken the GED® tests at Central Nine Career Center.
interview form from the high school you withdrew from and                    There is a $10.00 fee (cash only) and you will receive two official
passing practice test scores. Exit interview forms are available in          copies of your GED transcript. Duplicate GED Certificates may be
the adult education office.                                                  obtained from the Indiana Department of Education. Call us at
                                                                             317-882-2088, extension 222 for more information.
         Special Accommodations GED® Testing
GED testing candidates with documented emotional, mental,
physical and/or learning disabilities can pick up an application
for special accommodations testing in the Adult Education Of-
fice. Please allow at least 30 days for approval for special accom-
modations testing. GED tests in Spanish or French are available
and must be requested at least 30 days prior to test date.

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                                                                                                              that you can put to immediate use.

                                                            Visit our site to learn more:
ADULT & CONTINUING EDUCATION CATALOG, Summer 2010                                                                                   3
 Adult Basic Education, ESL, and GED Preparation Classes
The Central Nine Adult Basic Education (ABE) department                         How to enroll in ABE/GED/ESL classes:
offers adults an opportunity to review, relearn, or improve             1.	 Call 317-882-2088 (for Central Nine) or 812-526-5501
basic academic skills such as reading, writing, and arith-                  ext. 2238 (Edinburgh) for an orientation appointment.
metic through life skills application and competency-based                  Placement testing will be done during the orientation
instruction from grade levels one through high school.                      and will last approximately 3 hours.
Students who are 16 years or older and not currently                    2.	 Attend your scheduled orientation appointment (on-
enrolled in high school are eligible to attend ABE/GED                      time arrival is mandatory) and complete all registra-
classes.                                                                    tion/placement testing procedures. A fee of $20 will
                                                                            be requested to assist with materials and copying.
Classes are offered during the day and in the evening.                  3.	 Once you have completed the orientation process,
Instruction is tailored to meet the needs of students on                    you will be assigned to an ABE/GED/ESL class that has
an individual basis. New students are accepted into the                     opening. Please note, you may be required to wait
classes on a regular basis. All ABE/GED/ESL students are                    until an opening is available if all classes are full.
required to attend an orientation prior to enrolling in
class. The classes are ongoing, allowing students with                               VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES
good attendance to remain in class as long as necessary.                     Volunteer tutors are needed in our Adult Basic Edu-
Instruction is provided for individuals who are preparing                    cation, GED Preparation and English as a Second
to take the GED test in the five testing areas: writing skills,              Language classes. Volunteer tutors work under the
social studies, science, reading and mathematics.                            direction of a GED/ESL teacher and will be provided
                                                                             with any needed training. Tutoring opportunities are
       ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL)                                    available Monday through Thursday during the morn-
Participants whose native language is not English can at-                    ings and evenings. Scheduling is flexible and tailored
tend classes to acquire knowledge of the American culture                    to your availability. Please share your knowledge and
and to improve their English speaking, listening, writing,                   experience with our students. Call 317-882-2088 for
and reading skills. Instructional staff will work with stu-                  more information or visit our website for a volunteer
dents who are just beginning to learn English, as well as                    application form.
students who have more advanced English skills.

                                          ABE/GED Class Schedule-Greenwood
        CLASS                       LOCATION                       DAYS                        TIMES                         FEE*
     ABE/GED           Central Nine Career Center                  M&W                 Call for more information            $20.00
     ABE/GED           Central Nine Career Center                  T & Th              Call for more information            $20.00
     ABE/GED           Greenwood Public Library                    M&W                 Call for more information            $20.00
                                               GED Class Schedule – Franklin
     ABE/GED           Franklin College                            T & Th              Call for more information            $20.00
     ABE/GED           WorkOne Express – Franklin                  T & Th              Call for more information            $20.00
     ABE/GED           Johnson County Public Library Srv. Ctr.     M&W                 Call for more information            $20.00
     ABE/GED           Johnson County Jail                         M&W                      Residents Only                   N/A
                                     ABE/GED/ESL Class Schedule – Edinburgh
     ABE/GED/ESL    Edinburgh High School                         M&W                  Call for more information             $20.00
         *ABE/GED/ESL classes are free for adult learners. A fee of $20.00 will be requested to assist with materials and copying.
                                                  Fee assistance is available if needed.
   4                                                              ADULT & CONTINUING EDUCATION CATALOG, Summer 2010

                                                Course Descriptions
                       COMPUTER COURSES                                                      HEALTH OCCUPATIONS
                                                                            *Course is a required course for NCCT approved program
BDP101 Beginning Computer Skills
Are you looking for an easy introduction to computers? This class        MOC102 Medical Terminology/Anatomy & Physiology*
is designed to fit all skill levels. This seven-week course is divided   This class is designed for persons seeking employment in one of
into five main areas: basic terminology – hardware/software,             the health professions, or for people already employed in the
word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, and Internet/         field who need to upgrade their job skills - especially medical
email. Hand on experience will be stressed. This class will also         secretaries, transcribers, account or billing clerks, insurance and
enable you to use a comptuer at home efficiently and easily. It is       hospital employees - or anyone interested in increasing his/her
recommended that participants have some typing skills.                   medical vocabulary. Key concepts are: Word elements (prefixes,
Class Dates: Jun 8 – Jul 29          Times: 6-9pm (T&Th) Fee: $275       roots & suffixes) taught by word and picture association. This
Instructor: Kathryn Brandau                                              course also provides an introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
                                                                         terms and concepts.
BDP202 MS-Word 2007, Basic                                               Class Dates: Jun 8 – Jul 22 Times: 6:00–9:00pm (T)
This course will teach you the basic functions of Microsoft              Fee: $240          Instructor: Tina Bessenbach, RN
Word 2007. Topics covered include: creating and editing a Word
document, changing margins, adjusting line spacing, inserting            MOC301 ICD-10-CM Medical Coding
clip art, using headers and footers, finding and replacing text,         This course will offer an overview of the new diagnosis coding
using wizards, and among other computer related topics. The              system (ICD-10-CM) and the new inpatient procedure coding
courseware used to teach this class is Microsoft Office Special-         system (ICD-10-PCS) scheduled for implementation on October
ist (MOS) approved. No formal prerequisite is required but it is         1, 2013. This course will prepare medical office staff, medical
recommended that you have basic typing skills and previous               coders and former students to transition from the old system to
computer experience.                                                     the new with focus on implementation strategies, coding guide-
Class Dates: Jun 8 – Jul 1    Times: 6-9pm (T&Th) Fee: $195              lines and available resources. This is a two day course which will
Instructor: Deb Kerr                                                     be offered three times over the summer.
                                                                         Class Dates: June 7 and 14, June 21 and 28, August 2 and 9
BDP204 MS-Word 2007, Intermediate                                        Times: 6-8:30pm (M)        Fee: $150      Instructor: Dee Burbrink
This course will teach you the many functions of Microsoft
Word 2007. Instruction and exercises are organized from simple           MOC100 Health Care Provider CPR Training
to complex. Topics covered include: creating a document with             CPR training courses are certification courses through the Amer-
tables, charts, and watermarks, generating form letters, mailing         ican Heart Association. This course will provide CPR and AED
labels and envelopes, and desktop publishing. The courseware             training. The class is hands on with a written test done on the
used to teach this class is Microsoft Office Specialist approved         day of the course. Students have the potential to be certified in
(MOS). Prerequisite: Microsoft Word 2007 Basic course or                 one day. There are no pre-requisites for this course.
equivalent experience.                                                   Class Dates: July 20        Times: 6-9pm (T)           Fee: $45
Class Dates: Jul 13 – Aug 5      Times: 6-9pm (T&Th)                     Instructor: Jeffrey Quinn
Fee: $195          Instructor: Deb Kerr
                                                                         MOC101 Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)
BDP209 MS-Excel 2007, Basic                                              This is an introductory course to provide the training and clinical
Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel 2007 to build, revise, and en-       experience necessary for persons seeking entry-level jobs as
hance a worksheet. Topics covered will be creating a worksheet,          nurse assistants. Introduction includes 36 hours of classroom
understanding Excel features, creating a workbook, editing a             instruction and 75 hours of clinical experience, part of which
worksheet, developing formulas, changing the worksheet ap-               will be on weekends. Schedules for clinicals are developed after
pearance, spell check and print preview. This course, along with         class begins. The student will be required to provide his/her
the Intermediate class, can be used to prepare for the Microsoft         own uniform for the clinicals and submit a health statement and
Office Specialist certification test. No formal prerequisite is          two step PPD test completed by a physician. Health statements
required but it is recommended that you have previous com-               will be distributed during registration. A minimum of a 75%
puter experience.                                                        average on all examinations and classroom assignments and
Class Dates: Jun 7 – Jun 30 Times: 6-9pm (M&W)                           a criminal history check is required prior to clinicals. Perfect
Fee: $235          Instructor: Amy Frey                                  attendance is expected. This course meets state requirements
                                                                         for registry with the Indiana State Department of Heath. High
BDP210 MS-Excel 2007, Intermediate                                       school diploma or GED is encouraged but not required.
Learn to use Microsoft Excel 2007 to create charts and graphs,           *Additional fees may be required for testing.
use advanced formulas and formats, work with multiple work-              Class Dates: June 2 – Jun 22          Times: 9a-12pm (M-Th)
sheets, publish your work in Web format, use advanced print              Fee: $545          Instructor: Debbie Dimino, RN
and send as e-mail, change the worksheet view, use advanced              Class Dates: May 10 – Jun 21          Times: 4-7 pm (M&W)
functions, and work with styles and templates. This course may           Fee: $545          Instructor: Tina Bessenbach, RN
be used to prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist certifi-
cation test core level. Prerequisite: MS-Excel 2007 Basic or
equivalent Excel experience.
Class Dates: Jul 12 – Aug 4 Times: 6-9pm (M&W) Fee: $155
Instructor: Amy Frey
ADULT & CONTINUING EDUCATION CATALOG, Summer 2010                                                                                    5
         Course Descriptions                                                               Check out our Online Classes
                                                                         Each course runs six weeks and is in an independent learning format.
                      TRADE & INDUSTRIAL                                 Students work at their own pace. The classroom is open 24 hours
                                                                         per day. We accept late enrollments, as much as two weeks into the
TAV106 Welding - All Skill Levels I        TAV107 Welding - All          semester. See Class Start Dates Below:
Skill Levels II                                                            CRSNUM                   COURSE TITLE                     FEE
These courses are designed for all skill levels, from the begin-           ONL100-21 How	to	Start	An	Internet	Business              $99.00
ners to those who have some training and wish to achieve high              ONL101-21 How	to	Earn	a	Living	Freelancing               $99.00
skill levels for sheet metal, pipe welding, and structural plate
                                                                           ONL102-21 Buy	a	Business	–	Nothing	Down                  $90.00
certifications. All three major types of welding will be learned –
MIG, TIG, and Stick Rod. Each student will be allowed to choose            ONL103-21 Teach	Adults	for	Fun	and	$$$$$$                $89.00
a preferred type of welding to major in. NOTE: Students must               ONL104-21 Letting	Go	of	Detrimental	Thinking             $90.00
supply their own helmet, gloves, and MIG pliers or side cuts.              ONL105-21 Confronting	Financial	Fear	and	Worry           $89.00
Welding tool kits and welding hoods will be available for pur-             ONL106-21 How	to	Start	a	Home-based	Business             $99.00
chase upon request.                                                        ONL107-21 Organize	Or	Agonize                            $89.00
Class Dates: Jun 7 – Aug 9           Times: 5:30-8:30pm (M&W)              ONL108-21 Teaching	on	The	Internet                       $89.00
Class Dates: Jun 8 – Aug 10          Times: 5:30-9:30pm (T&Th)             ONL109-21 Telecommuting	–	Working	From	Home!             $99.00
Fee: $360            Instructor: Jim Carie                                 ONL110-21 The	Secret	to	Dealing	With	Overload            $89.00
                                                                           ONL111-21 Women	&	Money:	Taking	Charge                   $89.00
                                                                           ONL112-21 Law	of	Attraction	–	What	Everyone	Should	      $89.00
                                                                           ONL113-21 Parenting	Your	Parents                         $99.00
                                                                          *Upcoming Class Start Dates:
                                                                          Tuesday, June 15, 2010 to July 29, 2010
                                                                          Tuesday, August 3, 2010 to September 16, 2010
                                                                          Tuesday, September 21, 2010 to November 4, 2010
                                                                          Tuesday, November 23, 2010 to January 6, 2011

                                                                          Course Benefits:
                                                                          Designed so that you can learn at your own pace
                                                                          Recommended resources that enhance your learning

             Enroll today -
                                                                          Expert-led interactive lessons and engaging content
                                                                          Assessment tools to help track your progress

      call 882-2088 extension 222
                                                                          Member forums to share experiences and connect with other like-
                                                                          minded members

      Complete and return form with
       Complete and return form with
              payment to:
                payment to:
         C9CC Adult Education
           C9CC Adult Education         EDUCATION
        1999 US Highway 31 South
       1999 US Highway 31 South
     Greenwood, IN 46143 oror fax to
       Greenwood, IN 46143 fax to
              (317) 887-6706
            (317) 887-6706            Registration Form
                                     Registration Form
       First Name
     First Name                                    Last Name
                                                  Last Name                                                Middle Initial
                                                                                                          Middle Initial
       Street Address
     Street Address                                                                        Apt.
                                                                                          Apt. # #
     City/Town                                                  State
                                                              State             Zip Code
                                                                              Zip Code
     ()                                        () 
                                                       ()                                   ((      ))
      Daytime Phone
     Daytime Phone                                      Evening Phone
                                                       Evening Phone                                   Fax
       - -
      - -
                                                         E-mail Address
                                                       E-mail Address
       Social Security Number
     Social Security Number                               (required online courses)
                                                       (required forfor online courses)
       Military Veteran Widow/Dependant of
     Military Veteran or or Widow/Dependant of
     a Veteran? ____Yes ____No
       a Veteran? ____Yes ____No
   6                                                                  ADULT & CONTINUING EDUCATION CATALOG, Summer 2010

   Course Registration Procedures, Policies and Information
Course Registration Procedures                      perfect gift! Central Nine Career Center offers       Cancellation Policy
                                                    gift certificates for any of the courses listed in    If the Central Nine Adult Education office deter-
We offer many ways to register for our continu-     our catalog. GED gift certificates are also avail-    mines that a class must be cancelled, all reg-
ing education courses:                              able. Gift certificates are available for purchase    istered participants will be notified at least 24
                                                    in the Adult Education Office at Central Nine         hours prior to the start of class. Students will
Online:                                             Career Center.                                        receive a full refund or credit towards another
Please visit our website at www.central9.k12.                                                             course (credit must be used within one year to complete and email your registration       Teaching Opportunities                                of issue). Please note: The Adult Education
form to us. Please note that we only accept         Central Nine Career Center Adult Continuing           Office of Central Nine Career Center reserves
Visa and MasterCard.                                Education is happy to present this catalog            the right to make changes as necessary and
For Ed2Go Online Courses, go to http://             which has a variety of career and vocational          makes no guarantee that courses, sections, to register.                 classes. An ongoing goal of the program is to         instructors, times or locations will be offered
                                                    provide new classes, so if you have an interest,      as listed, although every effort will be made to
By Phone:                                           hobby, or topic which you would like to share         ensure that the schedule will be conducted as
Call Central Nine at (317) 882-2088, extension      with adults, please send a course proposal            shown.
222 during regular office hours to register by      letter and resume to: Suzy Pritchard, Adult
phone. Have your Visa or MasterCard informa-        Education Coordinator, 1999 US Hwy 31 S.,             Refund Policy
tion ready.                                         Greenwood, IN 46143.                                  If you must withdraw from a registered class
                                                                                                          (including online classes), you must contact
By Fax: Complete the course registration form,      Course Registration Policies and General              the Adult Education Office at 317-882-2088 at
including your Visa/MasterCard information,         Information                                           least 24 hours prior to the start of the first class
sign and fax it to Central Nine at (317) 887-                                                             session. Please note that a $10.00 cancella-
6706.                                               Participant Eligibility                               tion fee will be assessed and you may either
                                                    All adult education students must be at least         receive a refund of the remaining amount or
By Mail:                                            16 years or older in order to attend adult or         a credit of the remaining amount that can be
Fill out the course registration form and mail it   continuing education courses offered by Cen-          used towards another class.
along with a check, money order, or completed       tral Nine Career Center. Registration is open to
Visa/MasterCard information with a signature        any adult or student over the age of 16 years         Withdrawals made after the first class meeting
to:                                                 who is not currently enrolled in a regular high       but at least 24 hours prior to the second class
ATTN: Registrar                                     school program. All high school applicants are        meeting will be assessed a $25.00 cancella-
Central Nine Career Center-Adult Education          required to have written permission from their        tion fee. You may either receive a refund of the
Program                                             parents and their school principal or counselor       remaining balance or be issued a credit of the
1999 U.S. Highway 31 South                          prior to registering for Adult Education classes      remaining amount that can be used for another
Greenwood, IN 46143                                 at Central Nine Career Center.                        class. Please note, all textbooks and/or ma-
                                                                                                          terials must be returned in a new/like new
If you register by phone, fax, or mail, an en-      Registration Fees                                     condition or you may be assessed the cost
rollment confirmation and payment receipt           Registration fees reserve a place in the class.       of the textbook and/or materials.
will be mailed to you.                              Therefore, the registration fee must be paid at
                                                    the time of registration in order for a participant   No refunds will be issued after the second
In Person:                                          to be enrolled in a class. Most fees include the      class meeting and/or session. PLEASE
If you prefer to register in person, our office     cost of the books however; please see Course          NOTE: Refund checks are issued after ap-
hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00am           Snapshot for more details. Please note that           proval by the Central Nine Career Center
to 6:00pm, and Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm.            personal projects are the student’s expense           Governing Board Meeting. Please allow four to
                                                    and must be approved by the instructor.               six weeks for processing.
*Business Owners and Managers*                      Registration Deadline - Please register at
We accept company purchase orders. Mail             least 5 days prior to the start of class.
or fax your employee registrations along with
Purchase Order. We will mail a confirmation to      Registration Confirmation
you and your employee and bill your company.        An enrollment confirmation and payment
Gift Certificates                                   receipt will be provided to you either in person
Adult Education gift certificates make the          or by mail.
ADULT & CONTINUING EDUCATION CATALOG, Summer 2010                                                                                                 7
One or Two-Day Workshop Refund Policy                their prior consent. Students who wish to do         Employee Course Enrollment
Registrants of One or Two-Day Workshops/             this are to report to the Adult Education Office     Any employee of Central Nine Career Center
Classes must notify the Adult Education Office       to fill out the necessary form revoking any or       or the eight school corporations in the Central
at least 24 hours prior to the start of the class    all of the public information listed. Revocation     Nine cooperative may fill any unsold seat in
in order to receive a full credit towards another    will remain in effect until the student modifies     an adult education class at 50% discount on
course or a refund less the $10.00 cancella-         it. Students under 18 must have their parents        tuition. This courtesy includes Governing Board
tion fee. Refunds will not be issued once the        complete the form revoking public information.       members of Central Nine and of the eight
workshop/class has started.                                                                               corporations in the cooperative.
                                                     Smoking Policy                                       The following conditions must be met:
Certificate of Completion                            All Central Nine Career Center property is           a.         The class has enough enrollments
A certificate of completion from Central Nine        designated as non-smoking. No tobacco                to carry the class without the professional
Career Center is awarded to each student who         products of any kind can be used on school           courtesy seats.
satisfactorily completes required course work,       property at any time.                                b.         If a late full price registrant wishes to
attends 80% of scheduled course sessions,                                                                 enter the class but the class is at its physical
and has met the standards as established by          Inclement Weather                                    capacity, the last in faculty/staff member would
the instructor of the course.                        Adult and Continuing Education classes offered       be bumped unless he/she is willing to pay full
                                                     at Central Nine Career Center will be cancelled      price.
Notice to Students                                   if Central Nine Career Center has been closed        c.         Books and supplies needed for the
The Adult Education Office of Central Nine           due to inclement weather. If weather conditions      class must be paid at full price.
Career Center reserves the right to cancel           deteriorate throughout the day, please tune
or combine classes with insufficient enroll-         in to local television stations or listen to local   Proctor Services
ment. Central Nine reserves the right to make        radio stations for information regarding adult       Central Nine Career Center offers proctoring
changes as necessary and makes no guaran-            and continuing education classes. Please note        services for distance education courses from
tee that courses, sections, instructors, times or    that one or two-hour school delays do not            several universities and colleges around the
location will be offered as listed, although every   affect the evening Adult Education classes.          country. We are available to proctor paper/pen-
effort is made to ensure that the schedule will                                                           cil exams as well as on-line exams. Exams are
be conducted as shown. Please note that due          Non-Discrimination Policy                            administered by appointment only.
to delivery of textbooks that may be beyond          Central Nine Career Center does not dis-
our control books may not be available until         criminate on the basis of race, color, religion,     If you would like to use this service, please
after your class has become                          gender, national origin, age or individuals with     contact our office at 317-882-2088 ext. 222.
                                                     disabilities, including limited English proficien-   The fee for proctoring distance exams is
Directory Information                                cy, in its programs or employment policies as        $10.00 per exam. This fee is subject to
In accordance with the Family Rights and             required by the Indiana Civil Rights Act (I.C.22-    change if special handling of the exam is
Privacy Act of 1974, the following information       9.1), Title VI and VII (Civil Rights Act of 1964),   required.
collected by Central Nine is public and avail-       the Equal Pay act of 1973, Title IX (Educational
able to anyone who requests it:                      Amendments), and Section 504 (Rehabilitation         Veterans Benefits
1. Name                                              Act of 1973). Inquiries regarding compliance         Central Nine is an approved location for the
2. Address                                           with title IX and Section 504 may be directed to     use of G.I. Bill Benefits. Call 317-882-2088 for
3. Course(s) taken                                   the Director, Central Nine Career Center, 1999       more information.
4. Period of attendance                              US 31 South, Greenwood, IN 46143, 317-882-
Students have the right to inform Central Nine       2088.
Career Center that any or all of the above
information should not be released without

                                                          Central Nine Career Center
                                               1999 US Highway 31 South Greenwood, IN 46143
                                                   Ph: (317) 882-2088 Fax: (317) 887-6706
     Central Nine Career Center                                                                                Non-profit Organization
     1999 U.S. 31 South                                                                                          U.S. Postage PAID
     Greenwood, IN 46143                                                                                          Greenwood, IN                                                                                         Permit No. 9

                                                       Schedule Snapshot
                  Summer 2010 Courseprior to the start of the class.
                       Please register at least 5 days
CRSNUM         COURSE TITLE                                    DAY        TIME                 DATES               SESSIONS        FEE
BDP 101-11     BEGINNING COMPUTER SKILLS                      T&Th     6:00-9:00pm         June 8 – July 29            14         $275
BDP 202-11     MS-WORD 2007, Basic                            T&Th     6:00-9:00pm          June 8 – July 1             8         $195
BDP 204-11     MS-WORD 2007, Intermediate                     T&Tg     6:00-9:00pm        July 13 – August 5            8         $195
BDP 209-11     MS-EXCEL 2007, Basic                           M&W      6:00-9:00pm         June 7 – June 30             8         $235
BDP 210-11     MS-EXCEL 2007, Intermediate                    M&W      6:00-9:00pm        July 12 – August 4            8         $155
MOC 102-31     MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY/ANATOMY                     T       6:00-9:00pm        June 8 – July 22             12         $240
MOC 300-31     ICD-10-CM MEDICAL CODING, Basic                 M       6:00-8:30pm       June 7 & June 14               2         $150
MOC 300-31     ICD-10-CM MEDICAL CODING, Basic                 M       6:00-8:30pm      June 21 & June 28               2         $150
MOC 300-31     ICD-10-CM MEDICAL CODING, Basic                 M       6:00-8:30pm     August 2 & August 8             2          $150
MOC 100-35     CPR TRAINING                                    T       6:00-9:00pm            July 20                  1           $45
MOC 101-31     CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT (CNA)              M&W      4:00-7:00pm         June class full             12         $545
MOC 101-33     CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT (CNA)              M&W      4:00-7:00pm    August 23 – October 4            12         $575
TAV 106-21     WELDING-All Skill Levels I                     M&W      5:30-8:30pm        June 7 – August 9            17         $360
TAV-107-21     WELDING-All Skill Levels II                    T&Th     5:30-8:30pm        June 8 –August 10            17         $360
                                              **Classes will not be held on: July 5-9**
                                                   ABE/GED/ESL Class Schedule
                       CLASS                                  DAYS         TIME              DATES                 SESSIONS        FEE
     Adult Basic Education/GED Preparation - PM               M&W      5:30-8:00pm        June 1 – Aug 5             TBD           $20
     Adult Basic EducationGED Preparation - AM                T&Th     8:30-11:00am       June 2 – Aug 6             TBD           $20
         English as a Second Language - PM                    T&Th     6:00-9:30pm        May 28 – June 9            TBD           $20
                                                      GED Testing Schedule
                  June GED Testing                            M&W      4:00-9:30pm      June 7, 9, 21 & 23             4           LGI
                  July GED Testing                            M&W      4:00-9:30pm     July 12, 14, 26 & 28            4           LGI
                 August GED Testing                           M&W      4:00-9:30pm    August 9, 11, 23 & 25            6           LGI
                                              Ivy Tech Summer 2010 Class Schedule
COURSE         TITLE                                        DAYS       TIME      ROOM            DATES             SESSIONS      HOURS
PSYC101        Introduction to Psychology                   M&W 6:00-8:50pm       F609        6/7 – 8/3/2010          16           48
MATH111        Intermediate Algebra                         M&W 6:00-8:50pm       F608        6/7 – 8/3/2010          16           48
MATH023        Essentials of Algebra 1                      M&W 6:00-8:50pm       F605        6/7 – 8/3/2010          16           48
ENGL111        English Composition                          M&W 6:00-8:50pm       F606        6/7 – 8/3/2010          16           48
COMM101        Fundamentals Public Speaking                 T&Th 6:00-8:50pm      F606        6/7 – 8/3/2010          16           48
MATH118        Concepts in Mathematics                      T&Th 6:00-8:50pm      F609        6/7 – 8/3/2010          16           48
ENGL025        Introduction to College Writing II           T&Th 6:00-8:50pm      F609        6/7 – 8/3/2010          16           48
IVYT101        First Year Seminar                            Th    6:00-7:50pm    F607        6/7 – 8/3/2010           8           24
          Ivy Tech Site Coordinators                        Monday - Thursday     F602        6/7 – 8/3/2010          36           96
                                                Ivy Tech classes will meet July 6, 7, 8

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