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					                                                ORSP Intake Form
Please comp lete this form and bring to your init ial meeting with ORSP (at least three weeks before the agency’s submission
deadline). Also provide ORSP with the agency’s RFP (Request for Proposals) and the corresponding packet of forms prior to
your first meeting.

     Principal Investigator Konrad A. Aniol(PI), Martin B. Epstein (co -PI)
     Sponsor                       NSF – nuclear physics, contact Brad Keister, bkeister@nsf.gov,        (703) 292-7377
     Project Title                 Precision Electromagnetic Studies of Nuclei and Nucleons at Jefferson Lab
     Proposed Funding
                                   $495, 065
     Proposed Project
                                   07/01/06-06/30/ 09

B.   PERS ONNEL - List every person who will be paid by the grant or otherwise participating in the proposed
     activities. Individuals “to be named” should also be shown.
                                            (CSULA,                                         Units/Percent of Time
                      Name                                   Position Title on Grant
                                              UAS,                                                Proposed
     1   Konrad A. Aniol                    csula           PI                                      25% academic year
     2   Martin B. Epstein                  csula           Co-P I                                  25% academic year
     3   2 Graduate students                csula           Graduate student
     4   4 undergraduat e students          csula           Student assistant

                                                           Proposed Funding           Cont act Person, Email Address or
          Subgrant/subcontract Institution, Address
                                                               Amount                           Phone Number


                                                                    Projected              Will on-campus space or off-
                      Site Name & Address                        Percent of Time         campus rental agreement need to
                                                                     at Site                   be arranged? (Y or N)

     1   Physics and Astronomy, CS ULA                        75%                        N
     2   Jefferson Lab                                        25%                        N

E.   ADDITIONAL PARTI ES INVOLV ED (e.g. Prime Sponsor, Third Party, etc.)
                                                                 Explanation of Involvement
                  Party Name                   Supervisor
                                                                                   (Extent/Use, By Whom, etc.)

F.   BUDGE T (If possible, bring a draft budget and budget justification to the first meeting with ORSP)
                                                                     If anything less than 41.2%, contact the
     Agency’s F&A (Indirect) Cost Rate                           %   Associate Dean of Graduate Studies &
                                                                     Research - Research Administration (x3799)
                                                                  If yes to either, inform Department Chair,
        Is costsharing required by the agency? N           N
                                                                  College Dean/Associate Dean, and Associate
        Is costsharing requested by the P I? N            N       Dean of GS&R - Research Administration
        Computer(s) to be requested Y                   How many? 2
                                                        Name(s) and approximate cost(s)
                                                        1          3 Dell PC
        Equipment to be requested?
                                                        2          2 Dell laptops

G.      SPACE (Indicate if any space will be required as part of the for the proposed work/activity)
                                                       New space, change of
        Item (personnel, equipment, storage, etc.)     use, or renovation?          Source of funds
        1                                              No new spac e

H.      HA ZARDOUS SUBS TANCES (Consult with EHS to obtain proper clearanc e or confirmation of
        approval to work with hazardous agents)
        Name of agent                           Type (biohaz ard, radiation, recombinant DNA)
        1 none

                                                                    If yes, consult with IRB Compliance
        Human Subjects? N                                   N       Specialist (Ellen Stein, x 3798)
                                                                    If yes, consult with IACUC Compliance
        Vertebrate Animals? N                               N       Specialist (Dolly Rodrigues, x6049)

J.      OTHE R SERVICES (indicate which of the following services you will need for this proposal)
                                                                    If yes, contact ORSP and/or the Associate
        Assistance with proposal development (e. g.,                Dean of GS&R - Res. Adm. at least one
        conceptualization, writing, editing)                N       month in advance
        Technical assistance (e. g., formatting
        documents; creating charts, tables, graphs;
        scanning of documents)                              N
        Letter(s) of support
            President                                       N
            Provost                                         N
            Dean of Graduate Studies & Research             N
        Duplication of final document package               Y       # of copies needed for your files? 2

                                           We propose a study of nuclear correlations and nucleon
     Please provide a brief project description.
     structure using the electromagnetic probe. Our principle focus in the past has been on few
     nucleon systems and we still intend to study these systems. Short-range nucleon- nucleon
     correlations attributable to the nucleon-nucleon interaction predominate in the light mass
     system. However, in heavier nuclei for shells near the Fermi energy the presence of long-
     range correlations is also indicated. The effect of long-range correlations for these shells is
     best seen in the high momentum components of nucleons in these shells. As will be discussed
latter, short-range correlations have little impact on the high momentum components for shells
near the Fermi energy in large A nuclei. It is also clear that the program to understand nuclear
structure can not be completed without knowledge of nucleon structure and dynamica l
relativistic effects in nuclear structure as well.
         This proposal is a continuation of our ongoing research program in electromagnetic
physics for which we have had NSF support for several years. All of the proposed
experiments will be carried out at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator facility
(TJNAF). CSLA is an urban university situated in the middle of the predominantly Hispanic
and Asian East Los Angeles community. Our large Hispanic population qualifies CSLA as a
Hispanic Serving Institution. CSLA has strong programs in the sciences with particular
emphasis on providing undergraduate research opportunities. The highest degree offered is the
MS/MA. The proposed program will continue the efforts of our group to provide a high
quality research environment for a student population that traditionally does not have access to
such opportunities. This will be done with extensive outreach programs to neighboring high
schools and high school teachers.