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					        A Proposal to <Client Name>

           Wi-Fi Hotspot Services
        (A Managed Service Offering)

Presented To: <Client Name>

Presented By: Pronto Networks, Inc.

Executive Summary
Pronto Networks is pleased to offer its UniFi OSS MSP services as a response to meet
the requirements as stated in the RFP from <Client Name>, for providing city wide
municipal wireless system to service the needs of general public, business users, city
workers or government employees and visitors. Pronto Networks offers it’s unique
capabilities of designing, building and management of a secure and user-friendly Wi-
Fi network resulting in staggeringly reducing the operational cost of <Client Name>
and hence meeting the requirements of the city. As the leading provider of “mixed-
use” service control platforms and Wi-Fi service delivery platforms in the Muni
wireless space, we have proven ourselves in similar Wi-Fi deployments throughout
the world.

Pronto Networks provides an end to end, integrated solutions platform that enable
service providers to deploy and manage large wireless networks, including 802.11b/g
Wi-Fi, 802.16 WiMax, Mesh Networks, Hot Zones, and next generation wireless

The Pronto UniFi OSS is the back-office server software that handles all aspects of
the WLAN service provisioning, authentication, and authorization & accounting
(AAA), billing, credit card processing and customer registration functions for a public
access Wi-Fi network. The UniFi OSS remotely manages all controllers in the network
from the Network Operations Center (NOC).

Pronto offer its unique capability in meeting the requirements of the <Client Name>,
which will help stimulating the economic development and promote business within
the community. The mesh Wi-Fi network system will provide comprehensive, street
level Internet access and serve as a community wide platform to increase the level of
Public Works, Public Safety and Public Access services. Pronto’s UniFi OSS solution
also supports a “drinking fountain” model to serve underprivileged communities,
providing them with a thin Internet pipe for basic access, whether they are free or
supported using context sensitive advertisements.         These features are tightly
integrated with other Ruthless Pre-emption traffic management features required to
support Public Safety and Public Works requirements.

Pronto UniFi OSS is a modular, multi-tier platform that includes feature-rich
components for:
    Service creation, activation and maintenance of hotspot and Hotzone
    Implementation of network policies (QoS) and session monitoring capabilities
    Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA), multiple authentication
      realms and roaming options
    Customer care, billing, and payment processing capabilities

In this solution, Cisco offers WLAN indoor and outdoor mesh equipment. It offers
intelligent wireless mesh solution for mixed-use network deployments where both
public safety agencies and residents utilize services on a common wireless
infrastructure. The solution is engineered for ease of deployment & management
using identical indoor/outdoor management based on LWAPP.
The Cisco mesh solution is self-configuring and self-healing. The solution uses zero-
touch configuration and uses Cisco’s new adaptive wireless path (AWP) protocol. The
solution provides robust embedded security and seamless L3 mobility.

The Pronto Cisco joint solution provides the following capabilities:

                 Location based services
                 Enhanced customer service options
                 “Mixed – Use” Networks
                 Different SLAs for different services
                 Support for varied business models - wholesale access, drinking fountain
                  model, free/fee based business model
                 Varied go to market choices – Build for municipality, ISPs and Build own
                  operate model.

The solution enables different class of users to have access to ubiquitous, reliable
wireless broadband Internet service. The UniFi OSS will help in easy implementation,
operation and maintenance of a Wi-Fi hotzone network system to provide wide-range
Internet access at all the identified areas.

UniFi OSS solution is ideally suited for deployment of Wi-Fi services for a mixed-use
network that combines Public Safety requirements with Public Access requirements.
Pronto can provide secured access with multiple authentications to varied class
users, QoS to every user on the network, a redundant and a scalable network etc.
The desire of providing different levels of service to different class of users will also
be fulfilled.

The Pronto UniFi OSS is an open architecture, standards-based, turnkey Wi-Fi service
delivery solution that enables rapid, cost-effective wireless broadband deployment
while reducing ongoing operational costs. Our advertisement-supported business
models provide municipalities with the options to tap into a revenue stream by
offering context-sensitive advertisements on the pages visited by the user. The UniFi
OSS has order fulfillment, service assurance and billing capabilities that an Internet
service provider requires to operate a network efficiently and allows them to provide
differentiated service management through customized location branding and unique
realm based service authentication mechanisms.

Pronto Hotzones Managed Services Offering:

Pronto Networks hosts the OSS software for its MSP customers under its Hotzone
Managed Services offering. Under the Managed Services option, Pronto provides all
the back-office operations for customers, including 24x7 network management and
24x7 call center support, leveraging its leading OSS software platform. Network
infrastructure, installation and commissioning of the network at the locations, etc.
are outside the purview of Pronto Networks in this scenario. The highlights of the
offering includes shared hosting of the OSS software on the server at our NOC, login
page customization, provisioning and activation of service, round the clock remote
network management, guaranteed uptime for services, upgrades of the software and

Below is a description of the services provided as part of Pronto’s Hotzone Managed
Services. This offering is covered as part of Pronto Managed Services Agreement.

   1. OSS Software: Pronto hosts its OSS software for its customers at its
      Network Operations Center (NOC) in California, USA. The OSS software is
      included as part of the service. The software provides all the back-office
      functionality required to run a public Wi-Fi service, including provisioning,
      configuration, authentication, access control, security, pre-paid and post-paid
      billing, remote network monitoring and management, and roaming partners
      and clearing house services.

   2. Server for OSS Software: Pronto owns the high-end servers on which the
      OSS software is hosted. The client is not charged for the NOC hardware.

   3. Gateway/Access Points: Pronto Networks will help procuring the wireless
      access controllers/gateways.    The customer is also responsible for any
      additional hubs, routers, third party access points, cabling, and other
      hardware required for each deployment.

   4. Backhaul Connectivity: Pronto does not provide backhaul connectivity
      (such as T1, DSL or cable) to the venue. The venue or the customer typically
      absorbs this expense.

   5. Installation: Pronto does not provide wireless network design, site survey
      or installation services as part of its Managed Services. The customer is
      responsible for these activities.

   6. Service Provisioning: Pronto assists the customer in provisioning the
      service by performing the following activities for each deployment:
       a. Setting up the franchise and location information (i.e., network,
          payment, and contact info.)
       b. Pre-configuring the Pronto Hotzone Service Gateway and/or Pronto
          Service Controller
       c. Setting up authentication realms and associated Quality of Service
          (QoS) service plans
       d. Customizing the splash page & walled garden sites
       e. Setting up guest accounts and passwords

   These services are included as part of the Managed Services. If the customer
   chooses the OSS software option, these services are quoted separately as
   part of Pronto’s Professional Services.

7. Ad-revenue based Business Models: On the MSP platform, we also offer
   our customers the option to include some level of advertisements that are
   offered on the login page, as well as all other Internet pages that are
   downloaded by the user. These advertisements are context-sensitive; the
   type of advertisement depends on the type of site visited by the user; and
   can be configured to be offered to all users, or a smaller set of users, e.g.
   free users.

8. Network Management: Pronto operates a NOC 24x7 for the purpose of
   monitoring and managing the Wi-Fi network.           Pronto guarantees 98%
   availability, except for network availability issues outside the control of
   Pronto, such as problems caused by the customer, users, Internet backbone
   providers, or electrical blackouts or brownouts. Pronto uses its best efforts to
   correct any errors within its control.

9. Firmware/Software Upgrades:          Pronto provides, at no extra charge,
   periodic firmware/patch upgrades to all Pronto equipment managed under the
   Managed Services. Upgrades typically occur once or twice every year.

10. Field Maintenance: In the case where a technical problem cannot be
    resolved via telephone trouble shooting, the venue may require an on-site
    trouble call. Pronto does not provide on-site maintenance services in either
    its Managed Services or OSS software offering. These services are typically
    provided by a national field services organization, or by the WISP.

11. Call Center Support: Pronto provides multiple options for end-user support
    under its Managed Services offering. These include a best-effort toll free
    customer support line, or a planned and defined customer support center,
    customized based on the requirements. These offerings include consideration
    for hold times, dedicated customer support telephone lines (toll-free or
    charged), etc.

12. Training: Pronto provides one three-hour training session on the OSS and
   the Customer Portal to the customer. The Customer Portal is a web-based
   interface that allows the customer to monitor the usage and revenue
   generated at each location.
The main features of the Pronto Networks solution include:

      Support for logical segmentation of the network using VLAN’s and different
       QoS for different class of service, which can be created using the same
       network infrastructure.
      Co existence of free as well as fee based access
      Options for an ad-revenue supported network to include context-sensitive ads
       for some users and advertisement-free access for other premium users
      Seamless experience for in motion users with accurate accounting and billing
      Support for a advertisement-supported model
      Support for various value added services including voice over IP, city safety
       using video surveillance, and field staff access etc.
      Traffic prioritization and QoS capabilities to meet requirements across varied
       class of users
      Support for mixed-use applications, ranging from Public Safety to Residential,
       Visitors to Employees
      Customizable classes of services and traffic QoS based SLA guarantees
      Turnkey subscriber and customer management platform, a customer self-
       registration portal, with integrated credit card payment gateways and
       integrated billing

Basic Outdoors Wireless Service

The mesh network has to be engineered accordingly to ensure the bandwidth
throughput requirements.

Government and public safety wireless service

The mesh network provides police vehicles an unprecedented access to headquarters
critical law enforcement applications. Using laptops in their own vehicles, an
immediate enquiry can be made to their own traffic department database, using
intranet. This will help in law enforcement e.g. amber alert systems etc. From
anywhere in the hot zone, officers can now download the details of any specific
vehicle, including high-resolution photos.

Every officer will be given a login credential. It facilitates to connect through the
database while on the move with any 802.11b/g access device (Laptops/Wi-Fi
phones). The access to the real-time data in the field allows traffic police to respond
more quickly during emergency situations. Officers will have access to security
cameras and hence will be able to monitor city’s strategic points. The network
operates entirely on unlicensed spectrum, provides a significant return on
investment. In video surveillance application, police will be able to view live video
footage on laptops, divert traffic and organize evacuations. Emergency medical
workers can send medical data to hospitals while en route and know ahead of time
which hospitals can accommodate more patients. These devices will be bought by
the police department and will be treated as an access device.
The solution supports logical segmentation of the network using VLANs, and using
Service Realms within the VLAN, and different QoS for different class of service. This
enables the network to be separated for both public safety and public access use.

General System Characteristics

      Support multiple usage classes

Pronto’s UniFi OSS solution supports different class of users in the same VLAN. In the
same VLAN the wireless Internet service provider can setup various service plans for
various user segments. For e.g. residents with plans that include access to limited
applications on flat monthly subscription basis whereas businesses may be offered
with a plethora of applications like VOIP, video on demand etc. Solution can offer
quality of service (QoS) controls for prioritizing various classes of users

Pronto’s broadband wireless platform supports VLANs, which enable the network to
be separated for both public and private use. Partitioning of the wireless network
enables service providers to further classify the offering by segregating certain class
of customers to have their own separate partition. Thus there can be a separate
network, service plans, and quality of service for citizens, business, education,
travelers and government users, while sharing the common infrastructure. Every
VLAN will be associated with an SSID. Multiple SSIDs and thus multiple VLANs can
be assigned to the same gateway in various situations. Some of these SSIDs could
be hidden, e.g. for auto authentication for the Public Safety users etc.

The UniFi OSS facilitates WISP to design multiple service plans/offerings on the same
VLAN. This is known as captive portal page. Multiple VLANs can be supported with a
customized Login Page per VLAN. Even within a single login page, i.e. the same
VLAN, the system can simultaneously support different types of users.


Users can connect to Wireless LAN system via the access points deployed in various
locations. Service provider will create multiple VLANs to bring the user’s Internet
traffic to a central location. The WLANC will be deployed at the central location to
handle authentication requests from all the locations and provide common gateway
to the Internet.

The WLANC will display a welcome page where the user can enter the prepaid card
details. It will also authenticate the guest and allow full access to the Internet for
various Internet services like email, chat, VPN, Internet games etc.

Multiple authentication methods can co-exist in a service provider environment, thus
provide simple “get on to the network” options to users. For example, postpaid
corporate users with security requirements would prefer 802.1x client based
authentication whereas pre auto MAC auth would be the best allow access without
having to enter the Username and Password even for the first time access. A list of
MAC IDs is previously entered into the database in this above case.
Service Levels

Basic Outdoor wireless service: There are numerous service offerings that can be
defined.     These include a free – but registered (policy acceptance and initial
customer ID) – service access, or paid access. The "drinking fountain" model, offers
each user, regardless of their ability to pay, at least a minimum amount of
bandwidth. This will fulfill the City’s desire of providing free access to citizens and
visitors for casual usage.

Here, with the help of Pronto’s platform initial splash page can be branded across all
franchise locations and by each individual location. The images on the splash page
can be updated easily and frequently, allowing venues to modify the user interface to
reflect new specials or promotions. The advertising revenue that can be generated
from here will help in subsidizing the cost of access in guaranteed indoor wireless
service or will help defer on-going cost to the town and will subsidize free access to

Government and public safety enhanced service: As mentioned, with the help of
VLAN feature network can be logically segmented to support different domains of
users (secure access by govt. employees, secure/open access for public users,
students, business users etc. Public safety users will have prescribed level of
bandwidth guarantee (QoS) and an unbounded partition for their VLAN. The VLAN
will be associated with an SSID. To auto authenticate the government and public
safety users, this SSID could be hidden.

Guaranteed indoor wireless service:

   A) High level of network and throughput within buildings

   Pronto N/A

   B) Subscription / Fee

Pronto Networks Response:

Pronto complies with the requirement

As per the desire, <Client Name> can offer other wide range of options to the
customers in terms of speeds and rates, which can be accommodated in multiple
ways with Pronto’s UniFi OSS Platform. For example, the city may choose to offer
the Wi-Fi service on a flat fee basis to few specific customers, but charge other
customers on the basis of their usage. Pronto’s solution also has the capability to
support pre-paid cards in addition to subscription plans. With this option, Pronto can
provide passes of various combinations in the form of printed vouchers, and offering
users the option of purchasing access cards online for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours,
or any other predetermined period using their credit cards, and the MSP’s online
credit card payment processing gateway.

Advertising allowed
Pronto solution has the capability to customize the login page and web portal seen by
users on a specific location basis (i.e. in citywide deployments, hotels, resorts, other
eating/drinking establishments, etc.). The users at a particular location will be
presented custom branded welcome pages when they login. This option is present in
our UniFi OSS software. Customer can advertise (walled garden links etc), display
news or can make announcements, also the wireless Internet service provider can
provide a list of price plans offered at that particular location. Hence a WISP can
provide location specific service plans and other customized offerings.

Pronto, as part of its MSP service, provides an option to insert context-sensitive
advertisements that run on top of the page visited by the user. A sample is shown
here. The advertisements are usually relevant to the user, and the ads can be
configured to offer users the option to “opt out” of viewing such ads by subscribing
to a different service plan that may have been defined to be “ad-free”.

   C) Based on the number of pages visited, and based on the number of “click-
      thru” by the users, a certain amount of revenue is accrued by the municipality
      that can help in subsidizing the investment in the Wi-Fi service and other
      portions of the infrastructure.

Quality of service

Pronto Networks Response:
The solution offers different bandwidth guarantees to different type of user. QoS
management allows bandwidth partitioning and corresponding SLA mapping. The
SLA will include what services a subscriber can access. For example - visitors,
employees, public safety employees, free users, virus-infected users etc. can be
provisioned for different bandwidths and sets of SLAs.

Traffic management is implemented at the PSG and it includes:
       Bandwidth partition
       SLA mapping to the defined partition

Enhanced Security

Our solution will be responsible for the protection of the network resources, the
integrity and privacy of the information being interchanged, which expressly includes
the means for authentication, access control, integrity, confidentiality, and the
administration of the accounts. The UniFi OSS provides security at the IP layers, and
the security mechanisms in place are related to the OSS’s handling of user
credentials (done thru secure ipsec links), and the options available for the user to
setup and use VPN tunnels.

We support MAC address filtering also 802.1x and EAP protocols are supported as
part of our integrated NAVIS RADIUS server in the Pronto OSS.

Solution Supports security features such as Radius AAA and 802.1x support as well
as multiple authentication options through external sources, including Radius, MAC
based authentication, LDAP, SMS, USB key based authentication, etc. EAP protocols
are supported as part of our integrated NAVIS RADIUS server in the Pronto OSS. We
support VPN tunneling also.

The portal uses secure SSL connection and transfers data using SOAP/XML format.

Network Uptime

Pronto guarantees 98% availability (NOC), except only availability problems outside
the control Pronto, such as problems cause by the customer, users, Internet
backbone providers, or electrical blackouts. Pronto uses its best effort to correct any
errors within its control.
System standards support

Wi-Fi Zone Roaming

Our solution supports Wi-Fi roaming across multiple networks. The solution facilitates
inbound as well as outbound Wi-Fi roaming. The solution provides roaming usage
collection data, simplifies setup for multiple Wi-Fi roaming partners, bandwidth
limitations for each partner. As per the city’s requirements, inter hot zone roaming
will be a default service. Pronto solution also has an option of making inter hot zone
roaming service optional.

System management, operations, maintenance and support

Financial and billing system: This module of OSS enables rating and billing
mediation into existing postpaid billing systems, including XML, AAA, and IPDR
formats and supports pre-paid billing. It also allows the user to include the Tax
components while defining the price plans. Built-in Credit card fraud prevention
functionality ensures authenticity and security inherent in the transactions. The wide
payment options are enabled as well by integration with various payment gateways

Training: Pronto provides three hours training classes to MSP that cover the entire
range of topics related to the installation, operation and maintenance of the Pronto
OSS and related products. These training classes are available at Pronto’s offices,
and can be packaged for delivery at the client site as well.

Customer service system: Pronto will provide best-effort toll free customer
support line, or a planned and defined customer support center.

Radius based support: Pronto complies

Centralized management and monitoring

Pronto OSS provides GUI based view of the network, which will help ease the
monitoring of network and more controlled administration on the network. The GUI
based view of the application is fully customizable. It allows the various windows in
the application view to be movable according to user’s choice. The technology also
provides the ability to view customer details e.g. customer contact details, Gateway
details, details with the ability to drill-down based on WISP, location,
controller/gateway status, etc.

Network management layer of the OSS does mapping and monitoring of network
assets. It manages the connectivity between wireless user sessions and the Internet.
The OSS communicates with the Access Controller at the Public Wireless Local Area
Network (P-WLAN) via SOAP/XML over a secure SSL connection. Users connect
through the 802.11x interface to the Access Controllers. Users connecting via a
third-party access points embedded with a Pronto agent can also interface with the
Network Management Layer over secure (SSL) XML connections.

Pronto OSS supports both GUI and CLI for mapping and monitoring

SNMP Management

The UniFi OSS provides the WISP administrator the ability to create templates for the
management of third party AP's using the SNMP protocol. This template is used to
remotely configure third party Access Points (AP) connected to the PSC that are not
accessible from the Internet.

These APs are managed from this module using SNMP protocol, wherein the OSS
itself acts as an NMS server.

The process of managing the access point from the OSS using the SNMP AP
Management tool involves three steps:

      Upload any of the available standard MIBs.
      Identify objects from the MIB and create a template to manipulate these
      Configure AP with appropriate SNMP Admin Template and SNMP parameters.
      View/Modify the access point from the OSS using the template created.

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