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									   Do you know who you are talking to?

   Jackson County Sheriff’s Department
     Jackson Area Cyber Crime Team

Preferential Offender
• A person who prefers
    to have a relationship
    of a sexual nature
    with children.
•   Only a doctor can
    diagnose someone as
    a pedophile.
•   Police are not
Charles Ludwig Dodgson

Do you know what he was best known for?
         Charles Ludwig Dodgson
• Born In 1832.
• Photographer - took pictures of children, most of them nude.
• Parents disagreed with manner in which children were treated.
• Church Deacon - in charge of youth.
• Wrote Children's Books.
• Was shy and only comfortable around children especially girls
   Charles Ludwig Dodgson

Dodgson had hundreds of files with pictures of children at
the time of his death.
The photos were destroyed by a relative after he died. The
contents is unknown.
He wrote Alice’s adventures in

His pen name was Lewis Carroll Author Of Alice’s
Adventures in Wonderland
Advances in electronics have been applied to the creation of
pornography and child exploitation.
•8mm Films
•Palm Computers
•Cell Phones
The Internet provides a new level of access to children
which is much less obvious to parents and Law
The Preferential Offenders
       Best Friend
   The Preferential Offenders Best
•For some Preferential Offenders this is their
•They can be very good at using computers.
They buy manuals or search the internet to
learn the different aspects of computers.
•Preferential Offenders want to find information
about you.

Any Person Can Be An Offender

• Men who look for boys

• Men who look for girls

• Woman who look for boys

• Woman who look for girls
     The Internet provides instant world wide
     communication with very little accountability.

The Internet is accessed by large numbers of children
who are largely unsupervised.
 Statistics For Children On-Line
Its estimated that 23,810,000 children between 10 - 17 years
old are using the Internet.
28% live in small towns
21% live in suburbs of a large city
20% live in rural areas

74% Use the Internet at home
73% Use the Internet at school
68% Use the Internet at another household
  Sex offenders use a variety of internet services to meet and
  interact with children and other offenders

IRC         (Yahoo, AIM) Real time chat, Thousands of sites.
Usenet      News Group
WWW         World Wide Web
E-Mail      Sending messages
Usenet (UDP)
World Wide Web (http)
•The most common use of the Internet is still E-Mail.
•It is the first service most people learn to use.
•Provides reliable delivery 24/7 even if unattended.
•Contains valuable investigative evidence in any
crime committed by using E-Mail.
               Child exploitation
               Threats
               Stalking
E-Mail Header

                   Web Cameras

• Can be turned on without your knowledge.
• Cover or turn your camera towards the wall.
• Can be done by using a virus
• Make sure your computer has a firewall program.
Computer Virus

• Have a anti virus program on your
• Update the virus software often.
• Many new viruses are created each day
• Put a firewall on your computer.
• This will help unauthorized access to your
Why do sex offenders use the Internet?

•Instant Gratification
•Target Rich
                                Facts About NAMBLA

NAMBLA members think that it is their right to have sex with boys

NAMBLA members think that they are loving the boys and not hurting them

NAMBLA instructs their members on how to sexually abuse boys and get away with it

NAMBLA members try and pass themselves off as gay, they are not, they are pedophiles

NAMBLA members will sexually abuse boys if given the chance

NAMBLA members are located in the United States and other parts of the world

NAMBLA members work very hard at hiding who they really are

NAMBLA thinks that they are protected by the Constitution, their talk is, their actions are not

NAMBLA members find boys to sexually abuse at the park, on the computer, the library, game
rooms and anywhere boys will be

These facts were supplied from:

                     Chat Conversation
                        Use a gender non–specific nick
KoolGuy23: Hello        name
QTyGirl: Hi                                 In Room

KoolGuy23: A S L                  Qtygirl

QTyGirl: 15, F, Mi                KoolGuy23
KoolGuy23: Where at?
QTyGirl: Jackson, U
KoolGuy23: 23, M, Lansing
QTyGirl: Kool
KoolGuy23: U student
                Chat Conversation

Qtygirl: Y                               In Room

KoolGuy23: Where               Qtygirl
Qtygirl: Jackson High          KoolGuy23

KoolGuy23: Have a boyfriend    Dreamweaver
Qtygirl: Ya 2
Koolguy23: Play sports
Qtygirl: Ya softball
Koolguy23: Kool whats your #
Qytgirl: Lucky #16
            Chat Conversation
Koolguy23 is Thinking

 I know what Town she lives in.
 I know what school she attends.
 I know she plays softball and her number is 16.

 I think I’ll go to her next game.

Luring starts with target identification and
I am intrigued by Amanda...
Most online or Internet service providers provide user
directories to assist their members identify others with
similar interests. In our nefarious but capable hands...
and learn more.
Don’t Have Information In Your
• 22 year old MSU student
    came to Jackson County to
    meet two 13 year old girls
•   They were leading him on
•   Gave him false information
After two minutes we have determined that
Amanda is:

   is most likely a female child
   likes seashells, rollerblading and English class
   has a little brother that most likely answers to Billy, Junior or
   J.R. and
   her valid email address
Using Deja News or
AltaVista we can check
for more information
by searching
newsgroup postings
Using the Power
Search option we
continue the inquiry
   If you are willing to sell any of these for $20 or less
 please call 1-410-745-8454 after 5:30pm EST you can
talk to Amanda or Sue. If you have other retired beanies
    you can email me at Amanda01@Aol.com or just
                 respond to this message.
 There are many online services that
What can I find out about her from
 allow for searches using as little as one
the telephone number?
I found her.
I wonder where she goes to
              She Contacted Me
Sexyctchick     Lets see what she
                      will say
    What we know after a few
        minutes of chat.
Name: Danielle
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Description: W/F Brown hair, brown eyes, 38D
bra, large butt.
Address: UNKN
City: Hartford
State: Connecticut
What we know after a few minutes of
  School: Bulkeley High School
  Grade: 9
  Sports: Girls Basketball
  School Mascot: Bulldogs
  School Colors: Red/White
  E-Mail: Sexychick@AOL.Com
  Mom works until midnight at a hospice
  Father and Mother divorced
  Has a boyfriend
School Address
How I Get There
Next B-Ball
What time the bus
leaves the school
 If I knew her
address I could
 find out what
 bus she rides.
Traveler - A Preferential offender that will travel to different
locations, even out of there home state to meet and have sex with

• Travelers can be dangerous and unpredictable individuals.
•They may make movies or take provocative or nude photos
of children.
• They could harm, kidnap or murder a child they meet.

 35 year old Detroit man came to Jackson

• Meet and have sex with a 15 year old girl
• Takes his own life after being arrested.
           Don’t Talk To Strangers

•You don’t Talk to strangers on the street. Don’t Talk to them
on the computer.
•How would your parents feel if you let a stranger into the
•Why would you let them in on the computer?
Be Careful It Can Happen

                     Citizen Patriot December 10, 2002
       Who Is This?

This is a Preferential Offender
2 – 10 years in prison
Don’t send Photos to Strangers
   My Space.com
A Predators Catalog
                 My Space.Com
                                       • This person used their full name
                                         and date of birth

                                            • She listed the school she
                                              attends and the sports she

Jennifer Smith

                                                 Names have been changed
                                                   to protect the identity of
                 Jennifer Lynn Smith               this person
The School
A Map To The School
Her Address
My Space.Com
Private Myspace Accounts Are Not
Many Web Sites Have Ways To
   Hack Myspace Accounts

                  This has a video
                     With step by
                   instructions on
                     how to view

              Computer Location

•Keep your computer in a public area of the home.
•Don’t allow your children to have it in there room.
•Don’t allow children to use the computer when your not home.
•You don’t let your kids talk to strangers on the streets,
Don’t let them on the internet.
          Parental Control Software
                 Web Sites
•Cyber Sitter - (Cybersitter.com), Internet filtering $39.95.
•Spector Pro - (Spectorsoft.com), records extensive computer
activity $100.
•Gurl Watcher - (Quicomm.com), records web sites visited $20.
•Freedom Parental controls - (Freedom.net), Internet Filtering $30.
•Childsafe 3.0 - (webroot.com), monitors activity, filters internet
       Parental Control Software
                Web Sites

•Net Nanny 4 - Filters Internet, monitors activity $39
•Cyber Patrol 5.0 - Prevents child from giving out personal
information. Highest rated program. Controlled through
internet $49
•Cyber sentinel - Chat monitoring, stealth operation, notified
through e- mail for violations $35.
           Parental Control Software
                  Web Sites

•Tucows.com - Software site
•Dogpile.com - Search engine. Type “Parental Control Software“in
search box.
•Google.com - Search engine. Type “Parental Control Software” in
search box.
               We are here to help
             Jackson area Cyber Crime Team
Unit Supervisor:   Sgt. Wayne Bisard
                   V-Mail (517) 768-7931
                   E-Mail Wbisard@co.jackson.mi.us

Dep. Investigator: Duaine Pittman
                   V-Mail (517) 768-7934
                   E-Mail Dpittman@co.jackson.mi.us

Dep. Investigator: David Ritz
                   V-Mail (517) 768-7984
                   E-Mail Dritz@co.jackson.mi.us

  Call 911 or Tip Line (517)787 - 0212

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