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					1994 Turbo Toyota Supra

 Owned by Craig Lieberman
 Director of N.I.R.A. Import Drag Racing Series,
 Technical Advisor to “The Fast and The Furious”

 For more information about the C AR ONLY and SERIOUS BUYERS, contact C raig via email:
 "Yes, this the original car from the, it was NOT jumped, thrashed or raced...stunt
 replicas were used and I have proof. Please do NOT email me with questions about the car,
 the movie, or where to buy XXXX...I am looking for a serious buyer with money their hands


 $7200 Turbonetics T-66 ball bearing turbo, Q-trim compressor, built by Performance Factory
 $550 Turbonetics Delta II Wastegate
 $1800 RPS Stainless steel/HTC coated custom header
 $1275 100 HP Nitrous Oxide System, by NOS
 $350 AEBS Turbo Downpipe
 $1590 Greddy front mount intercooler
 $795 Greddy Power Extreme exhaust system
 $450 Greddy Pro-Fec B Boost C ontroller
 $320 Greddy Power Pulleys
 $795 Greddy Oil C ooler Kit
 $350 Greddy Turbo Timer
 $520 Greddy Boost, EGT, Oil Pressure and Water Temp gauges
 $300 Greddy Airinx Intake
 $400 Greddy steering wheel-mounted boost remote control device
 $390 Greddy C am Gears
 $425 APEXi Blowoff valve
 $1100 HKS Vein Pressure C onverter
 $550 HKS Graphic C ontrol C omputer
 $440 HKS Injector Pulse Monitor
 $1110 G-Force Engineering Racing ROM
 $150 Hose Techniques Silicone hose kit
 $650 C lutchmasters Stage III Racing C lutch
 $500 C lutchmasters 11 lb. Billet Flywheel
 $350 Powerhouse Racing ported/polished throttle body (traction control delete)
 $2100 Powerhouse Racing cylinder head work (port/polish)
 $750 Fluidyne aluminum radiator
 $350 Flex-a-Lite dual electric fan kit
 $3500 C hrome-plated valve cover, intake manifold, throttle body, turbocharger, turbo heat
shield, auxiliary heat shield, fuse cover, relay cover, cruise control cover, ignition module
cover and all brackets

$6200 Lamborghini Diablo C andy Pearl Orange Paint, by Quigley’s in Lake Forest, C a.
$1100 Bomex Front spoiler
$950 Bomex side/rear skirts
$1900 TRD C omposite Hood
$250 1997 front turn signal updates
$1100 1997 headlight updates
$250 Underhood neon lighting system
$1100 HID Xenon gas headlight conversion
$550 APR Aluminum bi-plane rear wing
$1200 C ustom Troy Lee Graphics by Modern Image 714 375 0591
$2200 Yokohama AVS S1 285/30 and 255/35/19 (nineteen’s!!)
$4100 Dazz/Racing Hart M5 Tuners, 19 incher’s
$3900 Stillen/AP Racing 14” front racing brakes, 6 piston caliper, w/slo tted/drilled rotors
$6200 Gertrag Six-Speed gearbox with Stillway sequential adapter
$1400 Bilstein/Eibach coil-over suspension
$1100 Stillen sway bars
$450 C usco Front strut tower bar
$500 Energy Suspension urethane bushings all around
$850 Stitchcraft Viper blue suede upholstery
$1000 Brand NEW!! Sparco “Pista” Racing seats (15lbs.), custom ma tching fabric w/harness
$300 C arbon-fiber dashtrim by Trimmasters
$250 Auto Meter 5” Mons ter Tach
$150    Auto Meter “NOS ON” and “LOW OIL” warning lights
$150 G-Tech Pro Accelerometer
$1500 MFS C ustom built roll cage, chromed
$350 Sparco Steering Wheel
$400 Sparco Harnesses

$1900 C larion VRX8271 in dash TV/C D C hanger controller, remote controlled
$650 C larion VMA6481 6” wide screen 2nd TV monitor in passenger airbag
$650 C larion VMA9181 5.5” 3rd TV monitor in trunk area
$550 C larion DSP9300 Digital Sound Processor, parametric EQ/Surround sound
$450 C larion CDC 635 CD C hanger
$400 C larion SRS 1691 6 ½” separates
$450 Image Dynamics 6” separates
$500 2 Image Dynamics 12” woofers
$1500 2 Phaze Audio TD1500 Tube Driver amplifiers
$1500 1 Phaze Audio TD475 Tube Driver amplifier
$150 Sony Playstation 1
$500 Sony Playstation 2/DVD
$700 C ustom built electric-blue neon tubes for sound system back -lighting
$1100 Minolta 6450 VHS-C C amcorder
$8000 System design and fabrication by: Audio Options, Torrance, C a 310-763-6008
544 Horsepower @ 6,800 rpms
Maximum engine speed = 7,770 rpms
0-60 in 4.3 seconds
0-100 in 9.2 seconds
¼ mile in 12.2 seconds at 115 mph
Top speed = 185 mph
Skidpad =.98 g’s
Slalom time = 65 mph
C urb weight = 3,601 lbs.
Greddy Special Recognition Award, April 2000
1st Place, Best of Show Grand Prize Winner, Meguiar’s Hottest C ar in C alifornia, Feb 1999
1st Place, Best of Show Overall, Import Showoff, April 1999
1st Place, Japanese Exotic, NOPI Nationals, Sept 1999
1st Place, Ultimate Street C ar C ompetition (C ar Show, Auto X and Drag Race), April 2000
1st Place, Best Toyota, Import O Rama, August 1999
1st Place, Best Toyota, BF Goodrich Import Nationals, April 2000
2nd Place, 2 Door Wild, Hot Import Nights, June 1999
2nd Place, Japanese Exotic, Import Showoff, May 1999
2nd Place Overall, EXC C lass, Import Showoff EXC , April 2000
2nd Place Overall. EXC C lass, Import Showoff EXC , Dec 2000
3rd Place Overall, EXC C lass, Import Showoff EXC , May 1999
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 Ø Fast & Furious movie posters
 Ø Fast & Furious lapel buttons
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 Ø Attended the Hollywood Movie Premier of “The Fast and The Furious”, June 18, 2001 Ø
 Featured on more than 100 local and national news broadcasts between June 22 and
 Ø Dateline NBC July 8, 2001


 The current owner (C raig Lieberman) purchased this 1994 Toyota Supra with 54,000 miles on
 the clock in June of 1998. Previously owned by a business -man, the car was totally
 unmodified when sold to the current owner. However, that was soon to change.
 Immediately upon acquisition, the car underwent a hos t of modifications in the interest of
 using the car for advertising and promotion. C ompanies such as GReddy, Eibach, Stillen,
 C larion and NOS were all participants in this project. The first round of modifications included
 new candy yellow paint, 18” wheels/tires, a mild sound system upgrade and some body kit
 components, plus engine detailing. T he car then toured the show circuit, doing quite well. At
 least 6 major magazine features were done on the car. Over that winter, the car underwent
 its’ next round of modifications. The Supra was treated to a custom spec T -66 turbo done by
 Vinny Ten, owner of the world’s fastest Supra. Nitrous Oxide Systems installed a custom NOS
 system, GReddy installed some of their trick components and Stillen instal led their Formula 1
 AP Racing brakes. C ustom interior touches were added as well as a new audio/video system
 comprised of three TV monitors, a VC R, a DVD, Playstation and custom neon glasswork,
 courtesy of Audio Options. The engine was completely detailed, chromed and polished. All of
 the performance modifications received inspection and final tuning by a Toyota -engineer
 specializing in Supra Turbo engines and performance applications. The car then competed in
 the First Annual “Ultimate Street C ar C hallenge,” a grueling drag race, auto cross and car
 show, all in one weekend. The car took 1st Place Overall. The car also began to tour the show
 circuit for the balance of 1999. Its’ crowning achievement was the receipt of the prestigious
 “Meguiar’s Hottest C ar of the Year” award in 1999. The car also won Best of Show in
 numerous events around the country, scored several first place finishes and has even
 received features on KABC and KTLA local news broadcasts. But the best was yet to come.
 In the Spring of 2000, the car was spotted by recruiters for Universal Pictures and was
 selected to be the primary car for the upcoming blockbuster, “The Fast and The Furious.”
 Universal rented the car and began to alter its’ appearance to for an even more aggressive
 look. Lamborghini orange paint was applied (the only car in the movie to receive an actual
 high-quality paint job), as was a new Bomex body kit (the first of its’ kind, imported from
 Japan). New 19” wheels were added, as well as a new rear wing, a new TRD hood and some
 one-off Troy Lee graphics. The studio then set out to build 5 cosmetic replicas, shown in
 various stages of completion, all designed to replicate this original. All replicas were
 destroyed during the filming of the movie. This Supra is the primary car in the movie….the
 movie features the car extensively. This particular car was driven by one of the stars, Paul
 Walker and was used for all the glamour and close -up shots. Stunt replicas were used for all
 the abusive driving. Upon completion of the mot ion picture, the car was returned to the
 owner with no damage, having been carefully protected by the film’s Transportation
 Managers. Numerous 8” x 10” pho tos were provided to the owner showing the car in action
 during the movie, as was a host of other souvenirs. The owner also served as Technical
 Advisor on the picture and provided dialog assistance for the script.
 The car then appeared at the Hollywood Premier in June of 2001 where a stage was built for
 the car at the Press Junkets which ran about the same time. The car has appeared in over
 200 US newspapers and more than 500 foreign newspapers and dozens of domestic and
 international publica tions. International release was scheduled for September of 2001. In the
 interim, the car is touring the show circuit on behalf of Universal Pictures to promote the
 movie. As of this writing, more than 20 magazines on three continents have shot the car with
 6 covers to its’ credit. The car has been carefully prepared, serviced and maintained
 throughout the last two years and while making its’ show appearances. It is sure to be a
collector’s item, with its’ value placed at over $150,000. The car currently is actually driven
and it has almost 60,000 miles on it and s till retains the A/C , tilt, cruise and full amenitie s. It
has always been garaged, is hand polished weekly and is totally reliable. It is never raced or
abused. C areful attention was paid to every detail so as to ensure the utmost reliability.

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