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									    Menasha Corporation Employees Credit                                                                December 31, 2005
                                                                                                        Volume 1, Issue 1
 219 W Cecil St , Neenah, WI 54956 (920) 751-1357

          Directors                  Happy Holidays from Your Credit Union!
      Chuck Gleasner
        Board Chair
        Truck Driver
      Menasha Corp                        From the Board, You Might Have
         Les Simon
         Vice Chair
                                             Noticed Some Changes…
      Die Board Build er     Well, it goes without saying that The Center. US Paper Mills Credit     Another change is that MCECU
       Menasha Corp          there have been a few changes Union and TriCity Transportation          has a new Presid ent/CEO: Scott
                             recently at your Credit Union.      Credit Union recently decid ed to   Chicoine. Scott is Presid ent/CEO
         Kathi Gleasner                                          leave The Center and to merge       of the UW Oshkosh Credit Union
            Secretary        As you may already know, The with another area credit union.            (UWOCU) in Oshkosh, as well.
Syst ems Analyst/Team Leader Neenah-Menasha Credit Union
Banta Literature Management Center (The Center) is being         This means that MCECU, Your         How is that possib le? Well, much
                             split up. The Center had been Credit Union, is now the sole             like in the past under The Center,
        Joanne Siracusa      set up as a credit union service owner and operator of The              one manager serv ed all three
             Treasurer       organization (CUSO) owned by Center and the only credit union           credit unions, MCECU and
    Accounting Associate     MCECU, US Paper Mills Credit        operating there. We‟re going        UWOCU entered into a similar
         Menasha Corp        Union and TriCity Transportation back to future by operating            partnership agreement and thus
                             Credit Union.                       independently just like we did      Scott serv es as the head of both
          Diane Sawyer                                           back in the „old days‟ on Nicolet   credit unions. Personnel from
       Assistant Treasurer   The Center‟s purpose was to         Blv d in Menasha.                   UWOCU will work with MCECU
      Printing Dept Help er  own and operate the building                                            staff as we move into the 21st
         Menasha Corp        at 219 W Cecil St and to share      Menasha Corporation                 Century.
                             business related expenses           Employees Credit Union will
          Missi Knutson      amongst the three credit unions continue to operate out of the          This new partnership is an
              Director       for the benefit of all three credit build ing at 219 W Cecil St,        exciting time for your Credit
      Die Cutter Operat or   unions.                             Neenah and members can              Union and we look forward to
         Menasha Corp                                            expect more of the same great       continuing to meet and to
                             Menasha Corporation                 serv ice and pride of ownership     exceed your financial services
           Andy Miller       Employees Credit Union (MCECU) as they experienced before.              needs in 2006 and beyond.
              Director       lost its two partners in
         Bobst Operat or
         Menasha Corp

                                          Credit Reports and Credit Scores
       Scott Chicoine
       President/CEO           Up until very recently, members   This means that as of now,          A low, or poor, credit score is
                               who borrowed money at             members who pay their loans         more than just a reflection that
       Rhonda Hansen           Menasha Corporation               back on a timely basis will see     many financial institutions may
       Office Manager          Employees Credit Union did not    that reflect positiv ely on their   view you as a poor credit risk. A
                               see their loan data reported to   credit scores.                      low score may subject you to
         Carla Sims            credit bureaus.                                                       higher interest rates, higher
        Loan Officer                                               A high, or good, credit score is  insurance costs or severely limit
                               What that meant was that for        more than just a reflection of    your ability to even get credit in
       Leah Anthony            some members, their many years being a good credit risk. Many         the future.
      Member Serv ice          of timely loan payments to your landlords look at credit scores in
                               Credit Union didn‟t improv e their renting apartments and many       If you have any questions on
       Emily Hansen            credit scores as neither their loan insurance companies look at      credit reports or credit scores,
      Member Serv ice          nor their payments were reportedcredit scores in underwriting and stop in or call us, today.
                               to a credit reporting agency.       pricing.
                                                                                                    The more you know about credit
           Hours               This has changed.                   Of course, this also means that  reports and credit scores, the
       Monday-Friday                                               members who don‟t pay their      better you‟ll be!
         9am-5pm               Your Credit Union now reports all loans back on a timely basis will
                               loans to TransUnion, a leading      see that reflect negativ ely on
                               national credit reporting agency. their credit scores.

                                                                Staff Changes
                              As mentioned earlier, you might Scott is also a long time member. married and has one four-legged
                              have noticed some changes to “I got my first real sav ings          child who digs holes in her
                              Your Credit Union.                 account with Menasha             backyard.
                                                                 Corporation Employees Credit
                              Your Credit Union has some new Union when I had my first            Prior to Menasha Corporation
                              staff on board:                    communion” Scott related. “I     Employees Credit Union she was
                                                                 had receiv ed a number of        with UW Oshkosh Credit Union
                              Scott Chicoine, your Credit        checks and my father said it was and with several Fox Valley area
                              Union‟s President/CEO is a         time to open up a                auto dealership s working as a
                              Neenah nativ e and current         Credit Union account, and yes I finance and insurance manager.
    “An idealist is someone
                              Darboy resident. Scott is married still have the account so you can
                              and has two school aged            say I still have my              Carla is very experienced in all
who helps other people t o    children                           first communion money!”          types of lending whether it is a
                                                                                                  consumer loan for a car or other
       be prosperous.”        He may sound familiar because When Scott was asked how long major purchase or a real estate
                              his late father, Ken Chicoine, was ago his first communion was, he loan if you are buying or
                              with Menasha Corporation in the declined to comment!                refinancing a home.
          Henry Ford          Corporate Office for many years.
                              In fact, both of Scott‟s parents   Carla Sims, your new Loan        Stop in or call her today for your
                              were long time credit union        Officer is a Wausau nativ e,     next loan!
                              members.                           military veteran and current
                                                                 Oshkosh resident. Carla is

                                                   Annual Meeting Update
    4th Quarter Kid s Club    Fun! Prizes! Music! & Business, Too! Saturday February 26, 2006 election for members of the
           Winner                                                         Germania Hall        Board of Directors.
             Is:              Our Annual Meeting is part of               Menasha., WI
                              being a member/owner of                                          And speaking of the Board, after
                              MCECU. Being a                                                   many years of faithful service,
        Matt Lemeke           member/owner, you get to                  5:30pm Cocktails       Joanne Siracusa is leaving to
                              participate in our Annual                   6:30pm Dinner        spend more time with her
                              Meeting.                                                         husband and daughters. We are
                                                                   Annual Meeting after dinner going to miss her wonderful smile
                              You‟ll hear about our financia l                                 and her level-headed advice.
                              performance, hear updates on           Music at 8pm from Steve Thank You Joann!
                              our future and you‟ll meet our        Preston’s “Sound Advice” .
                              new Presid ent/CEO, Scott                                        If you are interested in serv ing on
                                                                   Tickets are $8.00 and may
                              Chicoine.                                                        the volunteer Board, please
                                                                    be purchase at MCECU or contact either:
                              More important, though, is your        from any Board Member
                              ability to vote on any initia tiv es                             Rhonda Hansen 751-1357
                              which may come up at the                                         Scott Chicoine 424-1060 or,
                              meeting plus vote in the                                         Diane Sawyer 751-1005.

                                                         Products & Services
                              Have you taken a look at your     starting at 6-months at           of loans.
                              Credit Union‟s products and        3.375% APY going all
                              serv ices lately?                 the way up to 30-months           From buying property, new home
                                                                at 4.50% APY.                     construction loans to financing
                              If you are thinking about saving                                    the purchase of a new home or
                              up for next Christmas…check out If you are looking at loans….       refinancing your existing home,
                              our Christmas Club account       be sure to check out our           we think you‟ll be pleasantly
                              with an APY of 2.00%!            expanded real estate loan          surprised at what your Credit
                              yield.                           offerings.                         Union can do for you.

                              Have you seen our Share           We no longer have a real estate Call or stop into day!
                              Certificates (CD‟s)?              loan application fee and we‟ve
                                                                added many different types
                              Your Credit Union has terms

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