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15/08/2005                   Informazione RISeT            11 – 16 – 18 - 20
Redazione                    Posta elettronica             Sede
Terenzio Scapolla             IIC San Francisco

Parole chiave: venture capital, imprese start-up

Nel secondo trimestre del 2005 sono stati investiti nella Bay Area 1.86 miliardi
di dollari di venture capital (+6.8% rispetto al precedente trimestre). Si tratta
del livello più alto raggiunto nell’ultimo anno. L’investimento nella Bay Area
rappresenta il 32% del totale nazionale (5.77 miliardi di dollari)
Risulta in crescita la quota investita nei settori biomedicale e
telecomunicazioni, in calo il settore software, stabili semiconduttori e servizi.

  SETTORE                  INVESTIMENTI            %       INVESTIMENTI         %
                            2o TRIM. 2005                  1o TRIM. 2005

  Biomedical/health          464,058,800         25.1       410,064,500       24.5
  Telecommunications         437,335,200         23.6       276,145,800       16.4
  Software                   432,690,700         23.4       507,028,900       30.2
  Semiconductors             224,472,100         12.1       226,472,900       13.5
  Consumer and
                             203,361,900         11.0       192,189,800       11.5
  Business Services
  Electronic hardware         89,259,600           4.8       65,505,200         3.9
  TOTALE                  1,851,178,300           100    1,677,407,100         100

Elaborazione di dati forniti dalla National Venture Capital Association (

In allegato si riporta l’elenco delle imprese finanziate indicando, per ogni
impresa, il finanziamento ricevuto e il tipo di attività svolta.

Companies                City            Amount $      Description
Allux Medical            Menlo Park         5,000,000 Medical technology
Anacor Pharmaceuticals   Palo Alto         25,000,200 Drugs for the treatment of inflammatory and infectious
Aperon Biosystems        Palo Alto          6,500,000 Biosensor systems for diagnosis and therapeutic management
Avidia                   Mountain View     18,570,000 Biotherapeutic protein
Bayhill Therapeutics     Palo Alto         10,400,000 DNA-based pharmaceutical therapeutics
Cardiva Medical          Mountain View      8,300,000 Designs medical devices to provide vascular closure
Cellerant Therapeutics   San Carlos        16,000,000 Hematopoietic stem cell-based therapies for cancer treatment
Cerexa                   Alameda           16,000,000 Hospital-based anti-infective therapies
Cierra                   Redwood City      21,300,000 Interventional cardiology company
Dow Pharmaceutical       Petaluma           8,900,000 Topical product for skin penetration
Fovioptics               Santa Clara       19,700,000 Non-invasive blood diagnostic system
Hansen Medical           Mountain View      3,175,200 Electromechanical robot that guides catheters during surgery
Ilypsa                   Santa Clara       20,000,000 Next-generation non-absorbed polymeric drugs for renal and
                                                      metabolic disorders
Intermolecular           Santa Clara       10,125,000 Commercializes nanotechnology solutions
Jazz Pharmaceuticals     Palo Alto         99,999,900 Pharmaceutical company
Juniper Medical          Palo Alto          3,500,000 Operates as a medical device development company
Medlogics Device         Santa Rosa         6,225,000 Technology that enables drugs to be coated onto the stent
Medluminal Systems       Palo Alto          1,500,000 Catheters that improve the success rate of angioplasty
Miikana Therapeutics     Fremont            1,000,000 Targeted medicines for the treat ment of cancer
Neoguide Systems         Los Gatos         14,000,200 Operates an early stage biomedical technology company
NeuroMolecular           Emeryville         8,685,000 Neuroprotective medicines for central nervous system disorders
NovoStent                Santa Clara        9,650,000 Implantable medical devices such as stents

PneumRx                  Mountain View            2,199,900 Performs R&D in the medical devices industry
PolyRemedy               Sunnyvale                3,000,000 Medical supplies
Predicant Biosciences    South San Francisco     10,000,200 Biotechnology services and products
Raven Biotechnologies    South San Francisco     34,000,000 Monoclonal antibodies to regulate targets on the cell surface
Receptor Biologix        South San Francisco     26,450,200 Class of protein therapeutics to treat cancer and other diseases
Saegis Pharmaceuticals   Half Moon Bay            6,000,000 Memory enhancement drugs
Sanarus Medical          Pleasanton                 896,000 Surgical devices and technologies for the treatment of tumors
Satiety                  Palo Alto                8,600,000 Minimally evasive treat ments for moderate and morbid obesity
Solstice Neurosciences   South San Francisco      6,000,000 Biopharmaceutical products in the areas of neurology and pain
SurgRx                   Palo Alto               21,000,000 Laparoscopic vessel fusion tools used for surgical hemostasis
Talima Therapeutics*     Palo Alto                2,000,000 Localized drug delivery implant systems
Vapore                   Richmond                   187,000 Capillary pump technology
Xoft                     Fremont                 10,195,000 X-ray catheter for the prevention and treat ment of restenosis
                                               464,058, 800

Adchemy                  Palo Alto                  750,000 Internet marketing services
Ardica Technologies*     San Francisco              300,000 Fuel cell application
Bellamax                 San Francisco            2,749,000 Digital photo enhancement services
BlueArc                  San Jose                15,000,000 Network storage systems
Blurb                    San Rafael               2,050,000 Self publishing software and services
Enerage                  Fremont                  6,447,000 Micro fuel cells for notebooks and cellular phones
EVault                   Emeryville                 311,000 Online backup and recovery technologies
Expresso Fitness         Sunnyvale                3,000,000 Indoor exercise cycle
Five9                    Pleasanton              12,000,000 Hosted contact center applications
Global English           South San Francisco      6,067,000 Internet-based learning of the English language
Glu Mobile               San Mateo               20,000,000 Convergent interactive entertainment content and technology
Nanosolar                Palo Alto               20,000,000 Solar electricity through solar-cell technology

Nanostellar                Menlo Park          4,425,000 Platinum nano-composite catalyst technology for auto
                                                         emissions control
Nimblefish Technologies    San Franc isco     12,000,000 Technology for direct marketing services
Novazone                   Livermore           4,500,000 Ozone based purification technologies
Opinity                    San Jose            2,700,000 Online personal reputation services
P2P Credit                 San Francisco       7,545,000 E-commerce technology
PayCycle                   Palo Alto           8,499,900 Self-service payroll and tax management services
Picaboo                    Palo Alto           1,550,000 Client-and-server system for sharing photographs
RelayHealth                Emeryville          7,000,000 Secure online healthcare communication services
ServiceSource Internatl.   San Francisco      10,000,000 Services to help companies tap additional revenue            Palo Alto          13,000,000 Online social networking directory
Thrive Way                 Menlo Park            900,000 Transaction tools for users of consumer-driven healthcare
Topio                      Santa Clara         8,000,100 Data replication and disaster recovery technology
Tribe Networks             San Francisco       1,500,000 Online social networking service
TV Head                    Los Gatos           2,000,000 Operates as an interactive television games channel
WageWorks                  San Mateo          24,999,900 Internet-based B2B pre-tax commuter benefits plan
World of Good              Berkeley            1,393,000 Handcrafted products from artisans around the world
Yodel                      San Francisco         800,000 Products and services
Zinio Systems              San Francisco       3,875,000 Digital magazine
                                            203,361, 900

Electronic hardware
Anchor Bay Technologies    Campbell            2,600,000 Digital video and audio components and systems
Ario Data Network          San Jose            5,055,200 OEMs essential building blocks for storage subsist. technology
EoPlex Technologies        Redwood City          309,000 Miniature electronic components and subassemblies
Funambol                   Redwood City        5,220,000 Open source mobile application servers based on SyncML
Good Technology            Santa Clara        15,000,000 Wireless handheld computing software and service
Neoconix                   Sunnyvale          16,000,000 Electrical interconnect technology
Nuelight                   Santa Clara         1,000,000 Fully integrated high performance OLED display modules

Panta Systems            Cupertino      15,075,000 Designs computing and visualization solutions for scientific
Right Hemisphere         Fremont        12,000,000 Enterprise graphics management system
SafeView                 Santa Clara     6,000,200 Holographic imaging products designed for security purposes
StorCard                 San Jose        1,000,000 Information storage solutions
TAK Imaging              San Mateo      10,000,200 Imaging processors and solutions for digital office equipment

Analogix Semiconductor   Santa Clara     2,799,900 Produces high-performance mixed-signal semiconductors
Crossbow Technology      San Jose       12,000,000 Inertial sensor systems and wireless sensor networks
DRC Computer             Santa Clara       325,000 Reconfigurable processors for high performance computing
Enigma Semiconductor     Santa Clara     4,500,000 Networking semiconductors
IPextreme                Campbell        6,000,000 On-chip subsystems for semiconductor design and manufacture
LucidPort Technology     San Jose        2,100,000 Chip designs for the semiconductor industry
Miasole                  San Jose       16,000,000 Thin-film copper indium gallium diselenide solar cells
Mobilygen                Santa Clara    20,000,000 Low power, multiple standard, video compression integrated
Montalvo Systems         Santa Clara     4,550,000 Fabless semiconductor development
NeoPhotonics             San Jose       20,000,000 Optical components using laser-reactive deposition
Oraxion Diagnostics      Fremont         4,300,000   Builds metrology systems
Rapport                  Redwood City    5,825,000 Silicon technology based on Kilocore, a parallel comp. on a chip
Raza Microelectronics    Cupertino       3,000,000 Microelectronics products
Santur                   Fremont         6,675,000 Manufactures integrated optical components
Sensys Networks          Berkeley        1,353,000 Ultra-low power wireless sensor networking
SiBEAM                   Fremont        15,000,000 Radio frequency CMOS semiconductors
T RAM                    San Jose       40,000,000 Memory components and Internet protocol
Teknovus                 Petaluma        1,900,000 Communication chipset Technology
Tharas Systems           Santa Clara     5,500,000 Design verif ication appliances

Tilera                     Menlo Park         7,444,000 ASIC fabless semiconductor
Universal Network          Santa Clara       14,600,100 Fabless semiconductor
Xceive                     Santa Clara       13,600,100 Radio Frequency-to-baseband transceiver integrated circuits
Xelerated Holdings         Santa Clara       17,000,000 Network processors and associated software
                                           224,472, 100

Above All Software         San Mateo          2,098,200 Software that enables companies to build software applications
AIR Media                  San Francisco      3,320,000 Entertainment software for mobile phones
Altierre                   San Jose          10,000,000 Wireless business technology for consumer retail chains
Altura International       Monterey          20,000,000 Hosts custom private label e-commerce shopping solutions
Arcot Systems              Sunnyvale         11,011,000 User authentication and digital signing technology
Arena Solutions            Menlo Park        15,000,000 Online product lifecycle management software
Arxan Technologies         San Francisco      1,830,000 Anti-tamper software protection mechanisms
BDNA                       Mountain View     12,500,100 Information technology management software                 Mountain View      7,200,000 Search engine for shopping
BeVocal                    Mountain View     10,000,000 Managed call automation solutions
BlackArrow                 San Mateo          1,678,000 Technologyfor the management of enhanced television ads
Blue Security              Menlo Park         3,000,000 Anti-spam and anti-spyware solutions
BlueLane Technologies      Cupertino         13,324,000 Network security services
BlueRoads                  San Mateo          9,120,000 Channel management software
BridgeStream               San Francisco      1,000,000 Sells human resouce management software
Broadlane                  San Francisco      1,500,000 Integrated expense management sols. to healthcare industry
Centric Software           San Jose           9,999,900 Web-centric collaborative commerce B2B software technology
Cenzic                     Santa Clara       15,000,000 Enterprise software to analyze information technology errors
Clear Shape Technologies   Sunnyvale          5,284,000 Technology for the design and manufacturing group
Ecrio                      Cupertino          2,705,000 Wireless messaging applications and infrastructure
Elemental Security         San Mateo         11,000,000 Enterprise security software solution

Epiance                    Milpitas           236,000 Business process improvement software techonology
Evil Twin Studios          San Francisco    2,700,000 Video games distributor
Fortinet                   Sunnyvale       10,650,000 Network protection systems
Hedge Street               San Mateo        9,550,000 Software for financial transactions
HelloSoft                  San Jose        16,000,000 Communication technology for converged networks
Imeem                      Palo Alto        3,013,000 Software that provides social networking capabilities
Ingrian Networks           Redwood City    15,400,000 Secure content networking platforms
Integratd Media            Menlo Park       1,000,000 Mobile phone software
JasperSoft                 San Francisco    8,000,000 Embedded operational reporting technology
JobFlash                   San Mateo          114,000 Phone-based automated recruiting software and services
Know Now                   Sunnyvale        2,040,000 Applicat. internetworking software for real-time info exchange
KonaWare                   Menlo Park       3,000,000 Mobile communications software
Laszlo Systems             San Francisco    9,247,000 Software platform to enable next generation Web applications
Levanta                    San Francisco    3,015,200 Linux configuration management and systems provisioning
MarketLive                 Petaluma        10,000,000 E-commerce technology and website development
MarkMonitor                San Francisco    2,000,000 Trademark and patent protection software on the Internet
mFoundry                   Sausalito          500,000 Mobile applications
Mindjet                    Larkspur        15,000,000 Software that supports the visual mapping of information
Network Chemistry          Redwood City     5,904,000 Wireless network intrusion protection and analysis systems
Nomis Solutions            San Bruno        8,000,000 Price optimization software for the financial services industry
Ooma                       San Francisco    6,525,000 Software for the consumer voice applications market
Palo Alto Networks*        Palo Alto          250,000 Network Technology
PicksPal                   Mountain View    2,000,000 Products in the computer technology industry
PortAuthority Technologies Palo Alto       13,400,100 Software that protects confidential data
Posit Science              San Francisco   14,520,000 Software-based technology for age-related cognitive decline
Proofpoint                 Cupertino        2,000,000 Messaging security solutions for enterprises
Rearden Commerce           San Mateo       19,000,000 Enables to automate management of business services
ReconNex                   Mountain View    3,500,000 Network appliance for real-time and intelligent monitoring

Round Two                 Palo Alto             563,000 Products to complement the Firefox web browser
Sana Security             San Mateo           3,515,100 Software and applications for the network security market
Simple Star               San Francisco       7,383,000 Software for consumers to transfer photos to PCs and TVs
Socialtext                Palo Alto           3,100,000 Enterprise social software
SpikeSource               Redwood City        3,800,000 Open-source software services
TelloCorp                 San Mateo           5,000,100 Next-generation VoIP call routing services
3Leaf Networks            Santa Clara        12,050,000 Systems software, integrated circuits for enterprise severs
VaST Systems Technology   Sunnyvale          12,000,000 Computer aided design services
Voltage Security          Palo Alto          15,000,100 Security solutions for business communications system
Wily Technology           Brisbane            5,574,900 Performance management software for Java Web applications
WYBS                      Redwood City        4,050,000 Products that help small enterprises build customer
XenSource                 Palo Alto           6,300,000 Developers of Xen-open source virtualization technology
Zaplink                   Menlo Park          1,220,000 Software developer
                                          432, 690,700
Te lecommunications
Airgo Networks            Palo Alto          35,000,000 Wireless local area networking technology
AirPlay Network           Carmel              4,020,000 Cell phone-based interactive games
AOptix Technologies       Campbell            6,030,000 Optical networking equipment
Aruba Wireless Networks   Sunnyva le          2,730,000 Enterprise-class Wi-Fi switching system
Ascendent Telecommun.s    San Jose            5,000,000 Advanced voice and messaging technology
BayPackets                Fremont            13,999,800 Enhanced applications for the next generation public network
BigBear Networks          Sunnyvale           4,000,000 Subsystems for fiber optic networking applications
Bivio Networks            Pleasanton         11,614,100 Developing a platform for next generation Internet services
BroadWare Technologies    Cupertino           7,150,000 Network-based audio-video broadcast and viewing solutions
Capella Photonics         San Jose            5,000,000 Subsystems and components for optical networks
Caspian Networks          San Jose           55,000,000 Communications switches using both ATM and IP technology
Entrisphere               Santa Clara        50,000,400 Products to streamline data and voice networking systems

Envivio                  South San Francisco        500,000 Mpeg-4 interactive streaming technology for broadcasters
Fiberxon                 Santa Clara             20,000,000 Optical access modules for fiber optical communic. networks
G2 Microsystems          Oakland                  9,200,000 Wireless chip designer
Glimmerglass Networks    Hayward                  5,904,100 Fiber connection management solutions
Grandis                  Milpitas                10,020,000 Manufactures electronic devices for use in communications
Hammerhead Systems       Mountain View           10,000,000 Operates as a data communications equipment vendor
Iolon                    San Jose                   123,000 Optical components for single mode fiber optic networks
LGC Wireless             San Jose                11,599,700 Broadband w ireless networking technology
Luminous Networks        Cupertino               11,386,000 Optical access switches to carriers and service providers
Meru Networks            Sunnyvale               12,000,200 Converged wireless local area network technologies
MessageCast              Redwood City                50,000 Broadcast engine for automated messaging environment
NextHop Technologies     Mountain View           10,500,000 Routing protocols and related technologies
OnStor                   Los Gatos               24,000,000 Network file systems
Packet Design            Palo Alto               10,500,000 Network appliances for Internet protocol networks
PlayPhone*               Campbell                   250,000 Publishes wireless entertainment products
Q Media Partners         San Francisco              100,000 Programming for natl. distribution on broadcast, cable networks
Quova                    Mountain View            4,598,000 Internet inf rastructure intelligence to e-commerce sites
Rosum                    Mountain View            3,625,000 Mobile positioning technology using broadcast television signals
Silver Spring Networks   San Mateo                6,500,000 Automated revenue technologyto utilities firms
SkyPilot Network         Santa Clara             15,000,000 Carrier-class wireless broadband systems
Soma Networks            San Francisco           35,000,000 Telecommunications service provider
SyntheSys Research       Menlo Park               1,135,000 Testing, measurement equipment for the communic. industry
Trapeze Networks         Pleasanton              10,500,000 Wireless LAN systems to the mobile enterprise workforce
Traverse Networks        Fremont                    300,000 Communication software and services
Tropos Networks          Sunnyvale               14,999,900 Wireless networking
WideRay                  San Francisco           10,000,000 Platform for proximity wireless data services
                                               437, 335,200