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The Open Graph Protocol provides a way for developers to integrate content with
Facebook's social graph. The Graph API is the next generation of the Facebook
API, and it is aimed at providing access to various parts of Facebook's social graph

Facebook is using the platform to show that Facebook is not the only item that
identifies you as a person, now you can use the entire Internet to identify yourself
as different from anyone else. A lot more information is going to become
accessible to the public with Open Graph. This new social tool will require more
user responsibility.

Facebook when held their annual F8 conference announced what could be this
year's biggest change on the web. CEO Mark Zuckerberg described a new concept
as 'open graph' designed to integrate Facebook with the rest of the internet. The
concept will fundamentally share the information about an individual's interests,
friends and tastes. This open graph facility introduces many social plug-ins, which
will give them access to any information you have made public and in turn will
give you tailored information about restaurants or music venues you might like.

New plug-ins have also introduced such apps that allow you to interact with
Facebook whilst still on a different website, a good example is the new "like"
button available on everything from YouTube videos to clothes in online shops.
This is not only useful for the owners of those websites to tell what content or
products are successful and popular and provides free advertising to that users

Facebook, being founded by developers, has also considered the developers.
Instead of a complex process of coding and integration to use the open graph or
plug-ins, you only need to drop one line of HTML into your website. It is so simple
that even a non-developer can do it.

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techie, Social media participant, Aviation professional, Marketing dude. Working
as a client coordinator with | Social Cubix, a subsidiary of Cubix Labs, is a
Facebook application development company.
                                   Cubix Labs – | Confidential

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