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					Facebook fan page application:
Facebook fan page application serves as an anchor for your campaigns, company
or brand. It works as a mirror by displaying profile of that particular brand,
providing a broader platform of monetization and marketing. These pages
contains relevant information such as a brief description, contacts, contests, polls,
quizzes, rss feeds, events happening, discussion boards, and links to promotion.
Building a brand page is a great step towards viral growth and promotion of the

Quizzes and Surveys

Customized quizzes surveys for users to collect important data. Invite your fans to participate
and gives that particular brand in form of opinions and ideas.


Rss feeds updates automatically and lets your readers subscribe to the feeds if they wish. It
provides integration of your blogs and favorite feeds into your brand page or a tab in your


Without leaving you can easily add syndicated content and information on twitter
which you publish into your Facebook. Make your Facebook Page, your primary source for
updates in twitter too.


Offer intriguing coupons to give your audience a bonus to become a Fan, or visit your Branded
Fan Page again and again.


Fun and interactive polls can help your audience engage more, by conducting high-impact
customer and market research on Facebook.

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YouTube Channel

Add and Share unlimited YouTube videos content on your branded fan page. No more worrying
about re-uploading tons of videos!

Photo Gallery

Display relevant photos that engage your users and enable them to share it with their friends
easily as well as post it on their profiles.

Customized Gifts

Allow your users to send branded gifts to each other, increasing brand favorability.

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