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									Create Facebook Application:
The universality of Facebook cannot be defined in words. It started as a local
service that helped college students connect and now has expanded into a
worldwide prodigy with millions of users using Facebook and applications every
day. The size of the Facebook audience which makes around 500+ millions makes
it a captivating platform for developers as does the mobility of the site. There are
a wide range of applications already being used on Facebook and the possibilities
for new applications are limited only to the developer's imagination. Below stated
are some of the basics how to build a Facebook application:


Any developer who is planning to write or install Facebook applications must first
have his or her Facebook account and then install the developer application.
Facebook developer application allows creating, monitoring, and configuring
applications. In addition, you'll need to secure yourself a server as Facebook
applications run form the developer's server. The benefit of this is that you can
write the application in whichever language you know best.

Essentially, the platform is made up of three parts: API, FBML, and FQL.

    APIs determine the ways in which you can connect and interact with
    FBML is the custom Facebook markup language which has basically
     modeled around HTML.
    FQL is the Facebook Query Language which is also a customized developer
     language for Facebook that is based on SQL.

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Facebook Development Tools and Resources:

Like every development applications, Facebook features a range of tools and
resources that can help developers in a various ways. In addition, Facebook has
an ever-expanding community wiki that can help answer any questions you may
have about the details of developing Facebook applications. Because Facebook is
a fairly complicated social media network, pages often feature layers upon layers
of detailed information and it is certainly in the best interests of the developer to
become familiar with FBML and API. Indeed, FBML and API allow you to
manipulate a lot of this information so a more in-depth understanding of these
tools and the terminology used on the site. While these are the most basic steps
for creating a simple application, configuring your application to your host still
needs to be completed. Nevertheless, experienced developers will find it an
extremely straight forward exercise to develop Facebook applications. The
process is streamlined and simple so as to encourage the addition of new,
interesting, and interactive applications from a broad developer community.
Regardless of culture, language, or location applications can be easily uploaded
for the enjoyment of the massive Facebook audience.

Syed Aamir Ali, A business graduate, IT professional, Accounts professional, Web
techie, Social media participant, Aviation professional, Marketing dude. Working
as a client coordinator with |Social Cubix, a subsidiary of Cubix Labs, is a Facebook
application development company.

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