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					Social Plugins Company:
Social Plugins provided by Cubix Labs are a great tool in the world of social media
development, as they provide integration towards social media environment to
connect more effectively. Facebook provided API’s gives a dynamic rich
appearance to the websites giving the user to interact in a seamless way. There
are several possibilities for socializing with Plugins such as:

Like Button and Like Box:

This plugin is the most revolutionary social tool which gives the user a facility to show
his/her appreciation of an item on the website. It gives every user an indication of
likeness and expression. It becomes more attractive when it shows the indication of
other user that they liked the same recommended item you have shown interest in.

Make Comments Using Facebook ID:

This plugin empowers 500 million web users to make comments on your site without
logging in, but logged into Facebook. You will get real authenticated pictures into
your site which makes them look more attractive. Not only this, but you can also
choose to get the comments on Facebook and your website at the same time

Information integration into your website:

What could be better if you can get all the information of your Facebook fan page
into your website, that will gives the user an easy way to connect and comment, like,
even message posts to the members in real time. Now they can get a sneak peak of
your fan page into your website and can easily communicate well without leaving the

                                       Cubix Labs – | Confidential
Post things directly from your website:

This plugin post anything from your website without any hassle of opening Facebook
page. That’s gives you and the user an ease of updating your Facebook page
information right from your site.

Syed Aamir Ali, A business graduate, IT professional, Accounts professional, Web
techie, Social media participant, Aviation professional, Marketing dude. Working
as a client coordinator with | Social Cubix, a subsidiary of Cubix Labs, is a
Facebook application development company.

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