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Social Cubix


									Social Cubix / Mobile Cubix:

Facebook Application Development:

A social media application developer which develops different application and games for Facebook,
IPhone, IPod, I Pad, and other mobile devices platform using the best cutting edge technologies, the
work goes through different phases by listening and understanding the needs of the client and providing
them the best solutions by phone & mail exchange. We discuss with them there requirements and
finalize the project to start. This phase is the most important part as what we get is what we deliver.
Once clarified, after that the design team plays the vital role by designing exactly a proto type of the
application by using different programming resources. That shows the client all the complete aspects of
the application and defines his overview. The designers present the proto type with perfect picture and
quality while the programmers program the functional phase of the application. Now a team of designer
/ programmer / project manager manages the whole development with target and goal in their minds.
Updates are being provided starting through first stage and whenever the client needs to be informed as
to remove or stop any undesired actions towards development. Programming is done on local server
until integrated with Facebook platform and tested by using Facebook URL:
name, revisions are made during development until developed and ready for testing. Then we proceed
with testing process which is done by certified quality assurance experts, Social Cubix will assign QA who

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will check for bugs, errors, discrepancies, or broken links. Application will then released when checked
and finalized by QA. Client will be updated again as to enable a perfect deployment. Then came the final
process of the application to make it live on Facebook server. This is a very important process during the
development as the client would provide us with the suggested name of the application. Sometimes,
desired application names are not available so, other names were being suggested to the client instead.
After a name has been agreed upon, we initiate the submission process. It is important to note that
Facebook approves applications after evaluating its policies and the approval process can take less than
24hrs to 10 days.
Facebook applications are hosted on external servers as Facebook does not allow hosting on its server,
but it provides a platform and interface for the application to be usable by millions of its users

Social Plugins:

Social Plugins provides different tools for users to keep connected with outside world. Its give the users
to interact more seamlessly with his social connections into one platform, allowing him to communicate
more. There are several possibilities for using social Plugins such as: Like an element which provide
appreciation or expression of any site or page for the user. It becomes more attractive when it indicates
that the friends are into same expression that you recommend. Other tool of socializing is comments
using the Facebook ID, now you can comment on any website using this tool with logging into that site
but logged into Facebook. This seems to be more effective as the user can comment at your site and
Facebook simultaneously. Even your site will look more attractive as giving real pictures with the same
authenticated comment. One tool is getting information of your page on Facebook that displays whole
view with richer appearance. Live stream and real time updates of that info on your site while users will
be commenting and using your info without leaving your site. Other tool is posting things directly on
your website giving the fans an easier way to communicate with you without opts out to Facebook. It
just gives a reflection of your page in real time to update at your own ease. One more tool is to post
your blog entries automatically into your fan page as well as website at the same time, while providing
users to comment and like your posts without logging into blog sites.                                        2

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Fan Page Development:

A complete page branding & marketing development for Facebook, that provides the users to build and
present their campaigns or product with rich appearance. Not only they are interactive but also
potentially triggered for the users to attract and be the part of what they like or follow. It provides the
users to become a member or partner of that particular organization or brand. These pages contains a
wholesome info of the brand, its promotions, with quizzes, polls, discussion board, rss feeds, events,
videos, photos, and even customized developed application to communicate better with its members.

Facebook Connect Integration:

Facebook connect itself defines that it connects you with every website by just one click as integrating
all your Facebook information into the websites. The quickest and the easiest way to logged into any site
without hassle of entering the information every time. This makes you plugged into any website in a
trusted environment.

                                                                          Cubix Labs |
Facebook Viral Consultancy:

Facebook viral consultancy provides after service of the application development. It believes that not
only the development of the functional application attract or maintain the fans base but an application
needs to be fueled frequently with viral consultancy in order to maintain the database of its fans and
their interactions. With deep understanding Facebook viral services constantly releases with new API’s.
Which will not only gives a boost up to the application but also provides newly desired interaction for its
user count.

Flash Game Development:

Giving a rich and emerging appearance, flash games are increasingly popular in the gaming industry. For
the same reason Facebook and other devices recommends flash developed games. It became an
essential part of many websites. Adobe and flash are working together on this platform and developing
various great games. We also integrate flash games into Facebook apps in order to provide the client
with rich animated interface.


                                                                         Cubix Labs |
Facebook Game Development:

Facebook plays a vital role towards developing great addictive games for its users, giving them an
engaging experience into Facebook. Not only the gamers hooked themselves on Facebook but they also
try to get hooked again while finding new levels of addiction and discoveries. We at social Cubix
develops these games with longer run and viral consultancy that will updates the clients what is in at
that particular time period.

Social Analytical Tool:

A tool that provides Facebook applications and games an analysis after its deployment, that not only
gives the client a real time monitoring service but also he will be able to evaluate his application for
future aspects. The client will be able to update his application by this tool as he needs according to the
user desired.


                                                                          Cubix Labs |
Facebook Stream Integration:

Facebook stream integration allows third parties to stream the information and other utilities on
websites or web applications. That will give an advantage to the website to increase their traffic and
user activity.

Syed Aamir Ali, A business graduate, IT professional, Accounts professional, Web
techie, Social media participant, Aviation professional, Marketing dude. Working
as a Project Manager with | Social Cubix, a subsidiary of Cubix Labs, is a Facebook
application development company.

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