IF YOUR CHILD HAS AUTISM, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS! Tresco Inc. Recreational Respite Program by arslanoguz


									                               IF YOUR CHILD HAS AUTISM,
                                  TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!
                                            Tresco Inc.
                                    Recreational Respite Program

                                  What types of activities will be offered?
Recreational Respite offers individuals opportunities to take part in various meaningful leisure activities that are
community based such as arts, crafts, games, hiking, music, dance, swimming, gymnastics, spectator sports,
learning activities, and community exploration. Our program is a great place to make new friends, increase self
esteem and enhance social skills.

                                    Who is eligible to attend this program?
     This program is for children who live with Autism Spectrum Disorders and do not receive services from the
     Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waiver. There are three different age groups: 5-10, 11-13 and 14-22.

                        Who are the staff of Tresco’s Recreational Respite Program?
     Recreational Respite staff are motivated, enthusiastic and well trained employees of Tresco Inc. Staff
     members have specialized training in autism spectrum disorders. All staff are fingerprinted and required to
     pass a criminal background check. The ratio of supervision will not be more that 2 participants per staff

                      When and where is Tresco’s Recreational Respite program held?
     Recreational Respite is held at a variety of community locations. Events will be held monthly throughout
     the school year, on evenings and weekends. There will also be activities scheduled throughout the summer.
     Interested participants will be grouped according to age.

                                                 Interested in joining our program?

                            Contact the Family Support Program Office at (575) 528-5212

Funding for the Tresco Inc. Recreational Respite Program is provided by the NM Department of Health/DDSD.

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