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                                                                                                          SWEDISH MASSAGE

  Course Title:                                       Course Number:                  Effective Date: 01/21/08
                                                                                      Revision Date: 10/22/07
  Swedish Massage                                     MT105                           Applies to:     All Campuses

                                                                                      Lecture Hours:                     0
  Quarter Credit Hours:       4                       Course Length: 7 weeks          Laboratory Hours:                 80
                                                                                      Externship/Clinic Hours:           0
                                                                                      On-Line Hours:                     0

  Instructor’s Name: Jennifer True Crow, B.S.,        Instructor’s Office Hours:      Meeting Days/Times: Monday/Wednesday
  LMBT # 2922                                         Monday – In Learning Lab        1:00-4:50 pm     NB 126                      10:00 am – 12:00 pm             Term Dates/Year: Winter 2011
                                                      By Appt. Tuesday-Friday

  Course Catalog Description:
  The major techniques of massage therapy are put together in the massage laboratory into hour massage routines. Proper draping
  techniques, range of motion and proper body mechanics are stressed and put together into routines. Concepts of intentional touch
  and grounding will be put into practice. The importance of rhythm and correct pressure will be developed.

  Course Prerequisite(s): MA111, MT100                Challenge Examination           Research Component          Portfolio Piece(s)
                                                      available?                      included?                   included?
  Course Corequisite(s): None                               Yes ■ No                     Yes   ■ No                Yes ■ No

  Required Media/Equipment/Software:
  Massage Therapy Principles and Practice, 3 Edition, Susan G. Salvo, Elsevier, 2007, ISBN 9781416036524
  Hands Heal Essentials, 1st Edition, Diana Thompson, LWW, 2005, ISBN 9780781757584
  Note book, pen, pencil, highlighter, and computer disk.

  Library materials, periodicals, newspapers, and Internet resources may be used for research and other purposes.

  Teaching Strategies:
  Instructors utilize a variety of teaching strategies and methods in the instruction process. These may include, but are not limited to,
  lecture, demonstration, group projects, guest speakers, audio-visual presentations, on-line activities, and simulated work

  Course Objectives:
  Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  1. Plan the steps in preparing a client for a massage therapy session
  2. Arrange proper techniques of effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction, stretching and joint movement
  3. Demonstrate correct procedures for draping the client
  4. Demonstrate basic Swedish massage routine
  5. Demonstrate proper body mechanics through instructor observed practical exams
  6. Explain and demonstrate rhythm and pressure as applied to the body
  7. Develop massage sequence and flow
  8. Demonstrate deep tissue and Lymphatic drainage techniques
  9. Use correct anatomical terms when describing the part of the body being massaged
  10. Apply massage strokes correctly
  11. Demonstrate competency in client intake/interview
  12. Generate SOAP notes for Swedish massage therapy sessions

MT105 Swedish Massage                                                                                                                       1
  Topical Outline:
  Key topics/concepts of this course include:
  1. Concepts learned in Introduction to Massage will be put into practice with massage routines.
  2. Students will begin performing massage routines

  Course Completion Requirements:
  Complete all required homework/assignments, quizzes, examinations, and projects with a passing grade.

  Because this course is a prerequisite to other courses, a grade of “C” or better is required.

  Grading and Evaluation:
  Course requirements include evaluation in the areas of class participation (including attendance), homework, quizzes,
  examinations, and projects as follows:

             Final Grades will be determined by:                   Grading Scale:
                      Class Participation        10%                       90-100%                A
                      Homework/Assignments 15%                             80-89%                 B
                      Quizzes                    10%                       70-79%                 C
                      Examinations               40%                       00-69%                 F
                      Projects                   25%
                      Total                     100%

  Class Participation: This portion of the grade includes evaluation of self-directed work habits such as attendance, class
  preparedness, communication, and (where appropriate) professional vocabulary, dress, or grooming.

  Homework/Assignments: Homework will be assigned in this course. Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the assigned
  due date. Assignments turned in after the scheduled due date and time for any reason may be assessed as late credit by the

  Quizzes: There will be both announced and unannounced quizzes. Quizzes missed for any reason will receive grades of zero (0)
  and cannot be made up. The lowest recorded quiz will not be counted in the final grade.

  Examinations: The number of examinations will be equivalent to the credit hours earned in this course and may include a
  comprehensive final examination. There is no makeup of examinations missed. Extreme cases of absence due to documented
  mitigating circumstances will be handled at the discretion of the instructor.

  Projects: Project requirements will be outlined in detailed separate instructions and will reflect the practical application of
  fundamentals and principles discussed in this course. Projects include classroom/laboratory, clinic/externship, and/or research and
  other activities.

  Attendance Policy:
  Because of the intensive nature of this course, attendance is mandatory. Students are expected to comply with the school’s
  attendance policy as published in the school’s catalog. All absences, late arrivals, and early departures are recorded and become a
  part of the student’s permanent record. Accumulation of four late arrivals or early departures counts as one absence. Absence
  from a class that meets for a double session counts as two absences. No distinction will be made between excused and
  unexcused absences. Extreme cases of absence due to documented mitigating circumstances will be handled at the discretion of
  the instructor. Failure to comply with the attendance policy can result in reduction of the final grade, course failure, suspension, or
  dismissal. Externship and clinic courses have their own specific attendance criteria and may require make-up of all hours missed.

  Make-up Policy:
  Students are accountable for all work missed during periods of absence. Students are responsible for contacting their instructors
  about any make-up of class work. All make-up is at the sole discretion of the instructor. Make-up of missed classes does not erase
  an absence from a student’s record. See Grading above for additional information.

  Special Needs:
  Students in need of special accommodation should notify the instructor in writing by the second class session.

  Course Outline:
  See attached.

MT105 Swedish Massage                                                                                                                       2
                                                                                              SWEDISH MASSAGE
                                                                                               COURSE OUTLINE

                                   DISCUSSION TOPICS                                                       NOTES
  SESSION               Chapters Covered, Guest Speakers, Field Trips,          ASSIGNMENTS               DUE DATES
                                     Exams, Quizzes

  1/19/11           Welcome & Introductions – Icebreaker                 Read Salvo Chapter 7: Swedish   **Instructor will
                                                                         Gymnastics                      announce ALL
                    Student Contract for Success & Questionnaire                                            quizzes**
                    Course Overview (Syllabus, Course Outline,

                    Discuss & Assign SOAP Project/Homework

                    Assisting Client on/off the table

                    Trip to Dental Lab for presentation on importance
                    of Oral Hygiene by Dr. Hakim

  1/24/11           Demo: Swedish Gymnastics/Breathing Techniques        HMWK: To Stretch or NOT to
                                                                         Stretch? See handouts.
                    Lab: Swedish Gymnastics- Trade #1
                    Lab: Swedish Gymnastics- Trade #2

  1/26/11           Review Swedish Abbreviations & SOAP Charting         Read Salvo Chapter 8
                                                                         Assessment & SOAP Charting
                    Demo: Neck & Shoulder sequence

                    Lab: Neck & Shoulder sequence- Trade #1
                    Lab: Neck & Shoulder Sequence-Trade #2

  1/31/11           Quiz #1- Swedish Abbreviations                                                       QUIZ #1

                    Review Neck & Shoulder- Questions/Lab Practice
                    Critique 1 SOAP notes in class to grade

  2/2/11            Demo: Upper Extremity & Chest Sequence

                    Lab: Upper Extremity & Chest sequence- Trade #1
                    Lab: Upper Extremity & Chest Sequence-Trade #2

  2/7/11            Quiz #2- SOAP Charting                                                               QUIZ #2

                    Review: Upper Extremity- neck, shoulder, and
                    chest sequence.

                    Lab: Upper Extremity-Trade #1
                    Lab: Upper Extremity-Trade #2

  2/14/11           Review: Upper Extremity- Neck, shoulder, chest &
                    BACK Sequence

                    Lab: Upper Extremity-Trade # 1
                    Lab: Upper Extremity-Trade #2
MT105 Swedish Massage                                                                                                        3
  2/16/11           Quiz # 3- Massage Strokes                         Review for Practical Exam #1     QUIZ #3

                    Demo/Review: 30 minute Upper Body Massage

                    Lab: Assessment & 30 minute Upper Body
                    Massage- Trade #1

                    Lab: Assessment & 30 minute Upper Body
                    Massage-Trade #2

  2/21/11           Practical Exam #1: Upper Extremity- Neck,                                          PRACTICAL
                    shoulder, chest & back Sequence                                                    EXAM #1

  2/23/11           Demo: Anterior Lower Extremity Sequence

                    Lab: Anterior Lower Extremity Sequence-Trade #1
                    Lab: Anterior Lower Extremity Sequence-Trade #2

  2/28/11           Review: Anterior Lower Extremity Sequence         HMWK: Toning shoes/Shape
                                                                      Ups - Advantages or
                    Lab: Anterior Lower Extremity Sequence-Trade #1   Disadvantages?
                    Lab: Anterior Lower Extremity Sequence-Trade #2

  3/2/11            Quiz #4                                                                            QUIZ #4

                    Demo: Posterior Lower Extremity Sequence

                    Lab:Posterior Lower Extremity Sequence-Trade #1
                    Lab:Posterior Lower Extremity Sequence-Trade #2

  3/7/11            Review: Anterior & Posterior Lower Extremity

                    Lab: Anterior & Posterior Lower Extremity
                    Sequence-Trade #1
                    Lab: Anterior & Posterior Lower Extremity
                    Sequence-Trade #2

  3/9/11            Demo: Gluteal Sequence                            Prep for Exam #2

                    Lab: Gluteal Sequence- Trade #1
                    Lab: Gluteal Sequence-Trade #2

  3/14/11           Practical Exam #2 Lower Extremity- anterior,                                       PRACTICAL
                    posterior, glutes.                                                                 EXAM #2

  3/16/11           Demo: Abdominal Sequence                          HMWK: What are the benefits of
                                                                      Abdominal Massage?
                    Lab: Abdominal Sequence-Trade #1
                    Lab: Abdominal Sequence-Trade #2

  3/21/11           Quiz #5                                                                            QUIZ #5

                    Demo: Face & Scalp Sequence

                    Lab: Face & Scalp Sequence-Trade #1
                    Lab: Face& Scalp Sequence-Trade #2

MT105 Swedish Massage                                                                                              4
  3/23/11           Review: Face, Scalp, Chest, & Abdominal

                    Lab: Face, Scalp, Chest & Abdominal Sequence-
                    Trade #1
                    Lab: Face, Scalp, Chest & Abdominal Sequence-
                    Trade #2

  3/28/11           Practical Exam #3 -30 Minute Swedish Massage        Practical Exam
                    Face, Scalp, & Abdominal                            #3

  3/30/11           Review: Massage Techniques & Variations

                    Review: 60 Minute Full Body Swedish Massage

  4/4/11            Final Practical Exam #4 – Complete 60 Minute        FIANAL
                    Swedish Massage & Swedish Gymnastics                PRACTICAL
                    including client assessment & SOAP note.            Exam

  4/6/11            SOAP Note Projects Due!                             SOAP
                    Homework Sequences Due!                             PROJECTS
                    Individual Instructor Feedback of Final Practical
                    Food!                                               SEQUENCES

MT105 Swedish Massage                                                                    5