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February 11, 2009                                   

                 UTILITY LIGHTS
             Marine LED Leader’s F16 & F17 Offer Unmatched Versatility and Brightness

New Bedford, Mass. – Imtra, a leading importer and manufacturer of quality marine
products and advanced LED solutions, announced today its revolutionary ultra-slim
LED-powered utility lights, the F16 and F17. The brightest utility lights on the market,
the new F16 and F17 feature a rugged, shock and vibration-proof solid-state
construction, and an ultra-thin (10mm and 14mm, respectively) profile that can be easily
installed – even in the tightest quarters. Providing 110-degree illumination equivalent to
20W and 35W lights, without the radiated heat and safety issues associated with
halogen lighting, the F16 and F17 are the ideal LED solutions for illuminating any work
area safely, conveniently and efficiently.

Imtra has partnered with German lighting manufacturer, Frensch GmbH, to bring the
F16 and F17 utility lights to the North American market. The F16 and F17 achieves its
incredibly thin profile by integrating the thermal heat sink plate into the aesthetic design,
resulting in a fixture that can be used in environments where other fixtures cannot fit.
Providing bright illumination and no perceptible heat, the F16 and F17 are always cool
to the touch and eliminate fire safety-related concerns from contact with fabrics and
other materials. Ideally suited for marine, RV and automotive applications such as
engine rooms with low ceilings, utility closets, bilges and holds, the Imtra LEDs can also
be installed under cabinets or on boat hardtops to provide high-quality, bright white
illumination without disrupting aesthetic design lines.


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“The F16 and F17 LED utility light fixtures are a perfect example of the different design
possibilities that can be achieved using LED technology,” said Kinder Woodcock,
lighting product manager, Imtra. “Designed with an unobtrusive, compact form factor,
the F16 and F17 provide high-quality, consistent illumination and a thin profile that
cannot be achieved with other lighting technologies.”

The F16 and F17 LED utility lights are housed in an impact-resistant aluminum case
with ABS plastic end-caps. The four watt F16 model provides a cool color light output
that is equivalent to 20W halogen bulbs, and ten watt F17 is equivalent to 35W halogen
illumination. The F16 measures 4.33-inches wide x 3.15-inches deep x 0.39-inches tall;
the F17 measures 7.87-inches x 4.72-inches x 0.55-inches. Imtra LED utility lights are
designed to operate in both 12V and 24V electrical systems, are vibration and shock
resistant and completely waterproof to the IP67 standard (submersible for 30 minutes at
1 meter). The Imtra F16 and F17 utility lights are protected by a 2-year warranty.

Pricing and Availability:
The Imtra F16 and F17 ultra-slim LED-powered utility lights have suggested retail prices
of $139.00 and $209.00, respectively, and are currently available at marine retailers,
boat yards and marine retrofitters throughout the United States and Canada, as well as
from the company’s website. For more information on the F16 and F17, Imtra’s
complete line of LED lights, Imtra or its entire marine product line, please call 508-995-
7000 or visit

About Imtra:
Imtra, based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, is an importer and manufacturer of high quality consumer marine products, advanced
LED solutions and integrated marine systems, as well as a key supplier to the OEM and aftermarket. With over 50 years in the
marine business, Imtra has sales and support teams in 11 regions throughout North America. The company’s extensive product
knowledge is available to its customers through a renowned full-service department and professional customer service group.
Product categories include Lighting, Thrusters, Anchoring Systems, Wipers, Antennas, Gangways and other specialty products.
                Imtra F17 LED-powered Utility Light (in White)

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