Pet cats against AIDS and others by ipras2


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									                         Pet cats against AIDS and others
With no specific cure for your ailment, no idea if when is the end, not many people who
are willing to get close to you, no more time to be guilty then and now…

These are just some of the many uncertainties and pain a person with AIDS, HIV or any
other STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease). As a kind of sickness which the society feels
less acceptable, any person who has it, no matter how callous he or she may be will really
feel lonesome. According to a study published in the April 1999 journal AIDS Care,
those who own pets such as cats are also less likely to suffer from depression, even as
symptoms from this frightening disease become more severe

This feeling of solitude and helplessness will just worsen things. At this point of their
lives, they need to be stress-free, guilt-free and so forth. Moreover, they must feel happy,
accepted and loved. Being in their situation is difficult. If they do not find means of
recreation, they would feel so much depression and anxiety. Thus, health hazards would
be so strong to overcome.

Companionship and consistency are among the wonderful things pets could give AIDS or
HIV patients and victims. These animals provide them pleasure, love, attention emotions
which they cannot freely have from others due to the negative social stigma we have
around. "The benefits of pet ownership especially these affectionate cats, are real --
physically, mentally and psychosocially," confirms Dr. Daniel Joffe, a Calgary
veterinarian who specializes in companion animals. People need companion. If in the
absence of a good friend or a loved-one, pets are the purest source of joy.

We do not have to insert coins just to be entertained. For animal-assisted therapy patients,
they do not have to stay in bed, shedding all those tears at all times. As a medium of
social interaction, pets help one patient feel better by easily linking him with other
patients. Interacting with one another is not merely a way of meeting somebody who has
the same situations like yours. Indeed, it helps you feel that you are not alone and that
someone else could understand where you are coming from. A friendship may bloom and
few know that friendships provide a lot of remedies to even deep pains beyond the
treatment of chemicals.

Long time ago, pets such as cats graced our homes and we felt happy. Today, they grace
hospitals and asylums: we feel safe and sane. We must consider them as blessings. Thus,
encourage the rest of the world to take care of animals. The world needs them. We need

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