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  A G u i d e t o C u r r i c u l u m P r o g r a m s & J o b s Tr a i n i n g a t F o r s y t h Te c h
                                             Find Your Future Here

                               A Message from the President

           No one knows what your future holds, but it’s
                                                                     > A Message From The President Inside Front
           a fact that getting an education is a great start
                                                                     > Admissions Procedures & Tuition Costs    1
           toward a better, more prosperous future.
           According to the latest statistics*, the average          > Credit Programs Of Study (By Division)   2
           income in North Carolina for those 25 and older
           without a high school diploma is less than $19,000        > Credit Programs Of Study (A – Z)         3
           per year, with a high school diploma it’s just
           under $26,000, with an associate degree it’s over         > GED/Adult High School                    12
           $31,000, and for those with a bachelor’s degree
           it’s almost $44,000. Those differences add up to
                                                                     > Career Readiness Certificate             12
           hundreds of thousands of extra dollars you’ll
                                                                     > Employment Skills Labs                   12
           earn over the course of a lifetime.
                                                                     > JobsNOW: Skills Training                 13
           Forsyth Tech is an excellent place to get the
           education you need. In this publication, you’ll           > Where Are The New Jobs Coming From? 13
           find a wide variety of educational options,
           including information on more than 190 credit-
           based degree, diploma and certificate programs,
           our JobsNOW vocational training programs, and
           programs like Adult High School and GED that
           can allow you to complete your high school
           education. Wherever you are now, we can help
           you reach the next level. I urge you to look
           through these pages, see what we have to offer,
           and find your future at Forsyth Tech.

                                                 Dr. Gary M. Green

*Source: U.S. Census 2006-2008 American Community Survey
                                         Find Your Future Here

          Admissions Procedures & Tuition Costs
      A Quick Guide To Applying To Forsyth Tech
     Applying to Forsyth Tech is simple. Just fill out some forms, do a little paperwork and
     you can be on your way to a great future!

       Step 1           Apply online at or

       Step 2           Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at Forsyth Tech’s
                        school code is 005317 and is required on the application.

       Step 3           Have your Official Transcripts sent to Forsyth Tech directly from your high school and/or any previous college
                        you attended. If you have a GED or are home-schooled, see for more information.

       Step 4           Take A Placement Test - SAT, ACT, ASSET, Compass or Forsyth Tech’s Computerized Placement Test (CPT).
                        For information on taking Forsyth Tech’s Computerized Placement Test (CPT), visit

                        And that’s all you have to do to get started on a great education and a great career!

                               2009-2010 Tuition Costs for Credit Programs
                                                      Credit                      In-State Tuition             Out-of-State Tuition for Non-
                                                      Hours                 for North Carolina Residents   North Carolina Residents/International
> Tuition                                              1                            $50.00                              $241.30
  Tuition at Forsyth Tech is charged
                                                       2                           $100.00                              $482.60
  per credit hour and is based on
                                                       3                           $150.00                              $723.90
  your North Carolina resident or                      4                           $200.00                              $965.20
  nonresident status. If you take                      5                           $250.00                            $1,206.50
  more than 16 hours in a semester,                    6                           $300.00                            $1,447.80
  you will not be charged beyond the                   7                           $350.00                            $1,689.10
  cost of those 16 hours.                              8                           $400.00                            $1,930.40
                                                       9                           $450.00                            $2,171.70
  Information about determining                       10                           $500.00                            $2,413.00
  resident or nonresident status is                   11                           $550.00                            $2,654.30
  available at                   12                           $600.00                            $2,895.60
                                                      13                           $650.00                            $3,136.90
> Fees                                                14                           $700.00                            $3,378.20
  For a complete list of student fees,                15                           $750.00                            $3,619.50
  visit                      16 or more                       $800.00                            $3,860.80

                                         Programs By Division

                                       Credit Programs of Study
    Arts and Sciences                        Business and                            Engineering                             Health Technologies
    Associate in Arts                        Information Technologies                Technologies                             Associate Degree Nursing
    Associate in Arts/Pre-Major               Accounting                              Air Conditioning, Heating,              Cardiovascular Sonography
       - Business Administration              Business Administration                    and Refrigeration Technology            - Adult Echocardiography
       - Criminal Justice                        - Customer Service                      - Comfort Systems                       - Vascular Sonography
       - Elementary Education                    - Global Entrepreneurship                                                    Computed Tomography & Magnetic
       - English                                                                      Architectural Technology                   Resonance Imaging Technology
                                              Business Administration/                   - Sustainable Design
       - History                                 Import Export Compliance                                                        - Distance Learning Non-Clinical
       - Middle Grades Education                                                      Autobody Repair                            - Traditional Clinical
                                              Business Administration/
       - Nursing                                 International Business                  - Non-Structural Damage                 - Traditional Non-Clinical
       - Physical Education                   Business Administration/                   - Painting and Finishing             Dental Assisting
       - Psychology                              Logistics Management                    - Structural Damage                  Dental Hygiene
       - Social Work                          Computer Information Technology         Automotive Systems Technology           Interventional Cardiac
       - Sociology                               - Helpdesk Operations                Biomedical Equipment Technology            and Vascular Technology
       - Special Education                    Computer Programming                    Broadcasting & Production Technology       - Cardiac
    Associate in General Education               - JAVA Programming                      - Radio Production                      - Vascular
    Associate in Science                         - Visual Basic Programming           Carpentry                               Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Associate in Science/Pre-Major               - Visual C# Programming                                                         - Advanced Placement
       - Biology and Biology Education                                                   - Framing                            Medical Sonography
                                              Database Management                     Computer Engineering Technology
       - Chemistry and Chemistry Education       - MCITP-DBA                                                                  Nuclear Medicine Technology
       - Engineering                                                                  Digital Effects and                     Pharmacy Technology
                                              Financial Services
       - Mathematics                          Global Logistics Technology                Animation Technology                 Practical Nursing
       - Mathematics Education                   - Geographic Information Systems        - Gaming and Design                  Radiation Therapy Technology
    Basic Law Enforcement Training            Healthcare Management Technology        Electrical/Electronics Technology          - Advanced Placement
    Biotechnology                             Information Systems Security            Electronics Engineering Technology      Radiography
    Criminal Justice Technology                  - Cyber Crime                        Graphic Arts & Imaging Technology       Respiratory Therapy
    Criminal Justice Technology/              Medical Assisting                       Heavy Equipment                         Therapeutic Massage
       Latent Evidence                        Medical Office Administration              and Transport Technology                - Massage Practitioner I
    Early Childhood Education                    - Advanced Medical Office Coding     Horticulture Technology                    - Massage Practitioner II
       - Administration                          - Medical Receptionist
       - Early Childhood                                                                 - Greenhouse & Nursery Operations
                                                 - Outpatient Billing                                                         Forsyth Tech offers more than
       - Early Intervention                                                              - Landscape Maintenance
                                              Medical Transcription                                                           190 programs of study that
       - Infant and Toddler                                                           Industrial Systems Technology
                                              Networking Technology                                                           include degree, diploma and
    Emergency Medical Science                    - Cisco Networking Associate            - Machine Operator                   certificate pathways to success.
       - Bridging Program                        - Linux RHCE                         Interior Design                         To learn more about a program
       - EMS Fast Track                          - Linux RHCT                         Landscape Gardening                     and see a detailed course listing
    Emergency Preparedness Technology            - MCSA                               Machining Technology                    for the next semester, visit www.
    Environmental Science Technology             - MCSE                                  - CNC                       and click the
    Fire Protection Technology                   - Networking Security                Mechanical Engineering Technology       Credit Courses & Programs link.
    General Occupational Technology           Office Administration                      - CAD
    Human Services Technology                    - Application Specialist             Plumbing
       - Domestic Violence Intervention          - Front Office
       - Social Services                                                              Race Car Technology
                                              Paralegal Technology                    Recreational Vehicle
       - Substance Abuse                         - Business Practice
    Human Services Technology/                                                           Maintenance and
                                                 - Family Law
       Gerontology                               - Litigation                            Repair Technology
       - Social Gerontology                      - Personal Injury                    Sustainability
    Lateral Entry                                - Real Property                         Technologies
    Nanotechnology                               - Wills and Estate Administration       - Alternative Energy
       - Clinical Trials Research             Project Management Technology           Viticulture & Enology
    School Age Education                         - Information Systems                   Technology
       - Before and After School Age Care     Real Estate                             Welding Technology
       -Special Education                     Real Estate Appraisal
                                              Web Technologies

Forsyth Tech Credit Programs:

                                                                                                                                        To help you find your pathway to success, here
                                                                                                                                        is a listing of Forsyth Tech’s degree, diploma
                                                                                                                                        and certificate programs. You can learn a little
                                                                                                                                        about what each career involves, the kind of
                                                                                                                                        job you can qualify for and what to expect as
                                                                                                                                        a starting salary.
                                                                                                                                           To see the detailed course listing for
                                                                                                                                        next semester, visit
                                                                                                                                       and click the Credit Courses & Programs link.

Credentials Key: AA: Associate in Arts, AS: Associate in Science, AAS: Associate in Applied Science,                              D: Diploma, C: Certificate

  Area of Study                 Credential(s) Description                                     Careers                                                        Entry-Level Salary
  Accounting                        AAS, D    Using the “language of business,”               Graduates will qualify for entry-level accounting              Degree $25,000 - $30,000/yr.
                                              accountants assemble and analyze, process       positions in many types of organizations, including            Diploma $18,000 - $25,000/yr.
  Alice Sineath, 336.734.7330                 and communicate essential information           accounting firms, small businesses, manufacturing firms,                    about financial operations.                     banks, hospitals, school systems and government agencies.

  Air Conditioning, Heating          D, C     Repair or replace defective equipment,          Technicians often specialize in either installation or         $27,000 - $29,000/yr.
  and Refrigeration                           components or wiring in residences or           maintenance and repair, although they are trained to do
  Technology                                  commercial establishments. Skilled              both. They also may specialize in doing heating, air con-
                                              mechanics are also needed to repair ice-        ditioning or refrigeration work. Some specialize in one
                                              makers or walk-in coolers in the food           type of equipment – for example, hydronics (water-based
                                              service or supermarket industries.              heating systems), solar panels or commercial refrigera-
  Dwight Cornelison, 336.734.7285                                                             tion. Advancement may take the form of higher wages or                                                                 into positions such as supervisor or service manager.

  Architectural Technology AAS, C             The architectural technology program            Careers include architectural or engineering technician,       $18,000 - $30,000/yr.
                                              trains individuals for employment in            construction supervision and management, building
                                              architecture, construction and CAD-related      materials sales, residential designer, building inspector,
  William M. Marion, 336.734.7278             industries. Graduates may choose to pursue      zoning officer and real estate development.                     an advanced degree.

  Associate Degree Nursing           AAS      Nurses provide essential care to individuals,   Opportunities for employment include hospitals,                $43,000 - $52,000/yr.
                                              groups of individuals and families in a         long-term care facilities, physicians’ offices, clinics, oc-
                                              variety of settings. Upon completion of the     cupational health and community agencies.
                                              program, graduates are eligible to apply
                                              for the State National Council Licensure
  Linda Latham, 336.734.7582                  Examination (NCLEX) to become a                     registered nurse.

  Associate in Arts                  AA       This program is designed to offer students      Designed for transfer, not immediate employment.               Not applicable
                                              an opportunity to take the first two years of   Two-year preparation for the following four-year degrees:
                                              a four-year college or university program in    Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Education
                                              the humanities, fine arts or social sciences.   (Elementary, Middle, Special), English, History, Nursing,
  Student Success Center
                                                                                              Physical Education, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology.

  Associate in Science               AS       This program is designed to offer students      Designed for transfer, not immediate employment.               Not applicable
                                              an opportunity to take the first two years of   Two-year preparation for the following four-year degrees:
                                              a four-year college or university program in    Biology and Biology Education, Chemistry and
  Student Success Center                      mathematics or the physical or life sciences.   Chemistry Education, Engineering, Mathematics,
  336.734.7156                                                                                Mathematics Education.

    Area of Study                 Credential(s) Description                                           Careers                                                        Entry-Level Salary
    Autobody Repair                    D, C        Graduates will be involved with construction Students will be prepared for an entry-level position in             $28,000 - $40,000/yr.
                                                   of the automobile body, and techniques of au- the autobody repair and refinishing industry at dealer-
    Mark D. Walker, 336.734.7610                   tobody repairing, rebuilding and refinishing. ships, parts counters, auto paint shops, and custom                                                                      and refurbishing shops.

    Automotive Systems                AAS, D       Master-level technicians will be responsible       Careers include service director/manager, garage owner,        $25,000 - $35,000/yr.
    Technology                                     for repairing brakes, electrical and electronic,   service writer, parts sales, field/fleet service technician,
                                                   major and minor engine repairs, automatic          teacher, dealership owner/technician, military, high-tech
                                                   and manual transmissions, engine perfor-           motor sports, service advisor, manufacture trainer, shop
    David Allgood, 336.734.7279                    mance, including drivability and tune-ups          foreman, dealership team leader, manufacturer                       and heating and air conditioning systems.          representative, automotive engineer, technical writer.

    Basic Law Enforcement               C          Law enforcement officers require a high            After successful completion of all units of study within this $28,000 - $32,000/yr.
    Training                                       degree of cognitive and physical skills. The       course, a student is able to be certified as a law enforcement
                                                   BLET course is filled with practical exercises,    officer in the state of North Carolina.
                                                   intense physical training and an extensive
    W. Lorin Dingler, 336.734.7463                 ethics section that is woven throughout the                       training experience.

    Biomedical Equipment               AAS         Involves installing, operating, troubleshoot-      Graduates will qualify for employment opportunities          $25,000 - $35,000/yr.
    Technology                                     ing, and repairing sophisticated devices and       in hospitals, clinics, clinical laboratories, shared service
    NOTE: This program is offered through          instrumentation used in the healthcare             organizations and manufacturers’ field service. With an
    an agreement with Caldwell Community           delivery system.                                   AAS degree and two years experience, an individual should
    College and Technical Institute.
                                                                                                      be able to become a certified Biomedical Equipment
    Tom Roth, 336.734.7333
    Biotechnology                      AAS         The biotechnology program is designed              Graduates will find employment in areas of industry            $25,000 - $31,000/yr.
                                                   to meet the increasing demands of skilled          and government, including research and development,
    Alan Beard, 336.734.7494                       laboratory technicians in various fields of        manufacturing, sales and customer service.                         biological and chemical technology.

    Broadcasting &                   AAS, D        Students develop professional skills in radio,     Upon successful completion, students are prepared to enter $35,000 - $45,000/yr.
    Production Technology                          television, audio, video, and related applica-     broadcasting, production, and related industries in a variety
                                                   tions. Training will emphasize speech, script      of occupations.
    Herb Burns, 336.734.7342                       writing, production planning, editing, and                         post-production.

    Business Administration           AAS, C       Graduates will be provided with a funda-           Graduates are prepared for employment opportunities in         $22,000 - $30,000/yr.
                                                   mental knowledge of business functions and         government agencies, financial institutions and large to
    Deana Ray, 336.734.7167                        processes, and an understanding of business        small businesses or industries.                           organizations in today’s global economy.

    Business Administration / AAS                  Provides the training and education needed         Virtually any company involved with the import or export $35,000/yr.
    Import Export Compliance                       to move into an entry-level position dealing       of goods would have a need for personnel with this degree.
                                                   with the management of foreign goods               This could include manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers
                                                   being shipped to or from the United States.        and logistics companies, among others.
                                                   Topics covered include logistics, legalities,
    Bernie Yevin, 336.734.7224                     documentation, tracking, financing, and                         banking relations.

    Business Administration/          AAS, C       Those involved with international business         Graduates will qualify for a variety of positions in import/ Degree
    International Business                         will acquire a fundamental knowledge of            export departments, freight forwarder companies, custom        $25,000 - $30,000/yr.
                                                   international economics, law and business          house brokerage firms, international banking, state and      Certificate
    Alice Sineath, 336.734.7330                    practices.                                         federal government organizations, global organizations or      $15,000 - $25,000/yr.                                                                          other internationally active businesses.

                             To see the detailed course listing for the upcoming semester, visit and click the “Credit Courses & Programs” link.

Area of Study                Credential(s) Description                                              Careers                                                          Entry-Level Salary
Business Administration/           AAS          This field concerns the international and          Graduates will qualify for employment in logistics-related        $25,000 - $30,000/yr.
Logistics Management                            domestic movement of goods from the raw            jobs such as material handling foreman, transportation
                                                materials through production and ultimately        supervisor, traffic manager, warehouse manager and
                                                to the consumer. Expertise in transportation,      inventory control manager.
                                                warehousing, inventory control, material
Rick Yokeley, 336.734.7915                      handling, computerization, and federal trans-                        portation and OSHA regulations is required.

Cardiovascular                  AAS, D, C       Use high-frequency sound waves to image the Graduates will find employment in hospitals, physicians’                 $44,000 - $58,000/yr.
Sonography                                      heart and vascular system in the human body. offices, mobile services and educational institutions.
                                                Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to
                                                acquire, process, and evaluate the human heart
                                                and vascular structures. Requires effective
                                                communication and patient care skills com-
Wendy Barnhardt, 336.734.7157                   bined with a knowledge of physics,                      human anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Carpentry                          D, C         Carpenters work with wood, building structures,    Carpenters are employed by home construction, roofing       $25,000 - $33,000/yr.
                                                installing fixtures, making repairs and doing      and home renovation and maintenance companies, and
                                                tasks that are often detailed and complex. They    by lumber companies and home-supply stores. Many are self-
                                                use a wide variety of hand and power tools,        employed, though it is a profession that normally requires
                                                requiring a great deal of focus and a commit-      a long period of on-the-job training to be considered fully
Justin Draughn, 336.734.7281                    ment to safety. There is a shortage of qualified   qualified.                        carpenters at both state and national levels.

Computed Tomography                D, C         Individuals entering this curriculum must          Primary employers will be hospitals, medical centers,             $45,000 - $50,000/yr.
& Magnetic Resonance                            be registered or registry-eligible radiologic      cancer centers, physicians’ offices and freestanding image
Imaging Technology                              technologists by the ARRT. These individuals       centers. Advancement opportunities include administration,
                                                use specialized equipment to visualize cross-      research, equipment application specialists, equipment
                                                sectional anatomical structures and aid physi-     sales and education.
                                                cians in the demonstration of pathologies and
                                                disease processes. Must provide patient care and
                                                perform studies utilizing imaging equipment,
                                                professional communication, and quality assur-
Cindy Smith, 336.734.7560                       ance in scheduled and emergency procedures                         through academic and clinical studies.

Computer Engineering               AAS          Install, service and maintain computers,           Graduates will qualify for employment opportunities in       $22,000 - $35,000/yr.
Technology                                      peripherals, networks, and microprocessor          electronics technology, computer service, computer networks,
                                                and computer-controlled equipment. Requires        server maintenance, programming, and other areas
                                                knowledge of both hardware, software and           requiring a knowledge of electronic and computer systems.
Dale Bujan, 336.757.3262                        operating systems.                                 Graduates may also qualify for certification in electronics,                                                                             computers or networks.

Computer Information            AAS, D, C       Computer information technology specialists      Careers include computer operator, systems analyst, helpdesk $25,000 - $33,000/yr.
Technology                                      provide technical advice, assistance and support technician, helpdesk analyst, computer support specialist,
Gerry Kearns, 336.734.7547                      to computer users.                               technical support specialist, systems administrator.

Computer Programming AAS, D, C                  Computer programming involves the planning, Careers include computer programmer, computer developer,                 $35,000 - $55,000/yr.
Linda Cohen, 336.734.7501                       writing, testing and maintenance of instructions programmer/analyst, programmer/engineer, systems analyst.                          that cause a computer to perform tasks.

Criminal Justice                 AAS, C         Careers for graduates include local, state and     After successful completion of this course, a student can apply $28,000 - $32,000/yr.
Technology                                      federal law enforcement, the judicial system       with local, state and some federal agencies.
Theresa Hicks, 336.757.3059                     and the corrections system.
Criminal Justice           AAS                  Crime scene investigation involves responding      Careers include evidence technicians, crime scene                 $27,000 - $30,000/yr.
Technology/Latent Evidence                      to crime scenes and searching, documenting,        investigators at the local level, and at the state and federal
                                                collecting and packaging any and all evidence      levels with further education.
Stormy Shumate, 336.757.3065                    found there, report writing and testifying in                        court.
                           To see the detailed course listing for the upcoming semester, visit and click the “Credit Courses & Programs” link.

    Area of Study                 Credential(s) Description                                               Careers                                                         Entry-Level Salary
    Database Management              AAS, C         Today’s technology-driven society produces       Careers include database administrator and database                  $37,000 - $45,000/yr.
                                                    large amounts of data through commercial,        technician.
                                                    educational and social interactions. Database
                                                    administrators work with database management
    Jim Pierson, 336.734.7170                       systems software to organize, manipulate, define                        and store data.

    Dental Assisting                    D           Assist the dentist in the delivery of dental          Careers include dental office administration, dental assistant $26,000 - $28,000/yr.
                                                    treatment and function as an integral member          in one of several dental specialties, dental laboratory techni-
    Jerry Arehart, 336.734.7447                     of the dental team while performing chairside         cian. Careers in public health and professional education are                        and related office and laboratory procedures.         also a possibility.

    Dental Hygiene                    AAS           This program provides individuals with                Graduates will find employment in dental offices, clinics,      $47,000 - $49,000/yr.
                                                    the knowledge and skills to access, plan,             schools, public health agencies, industry and professional
    Dr. Jannette Whisenhunt, 336.734.7414           implement and evaluate dental hygiene care            education.                     for the individual and the community.

    Digital Effects                  AAS, C         Animators draw by hand, develop storyboards,          Graduates will be employed by motion picture and television $30,000 - $50,000/yr.
    and Animation                                   build 3-D computer-generated models, and create       studios, film makers, video makers, advertising firms pro-
                                                    digital content for moving images and special ef-     ducing commercials, printing and publishing companies,
                                                    fects. Animators are proficient at using hardware/    art design studios, manufacturers of electronic games, web
                                                    software to generate and manipulate images for        design firms, design firms, commercial art and reproduction
    Herb Burns, 336.734.7342                        feature films, television commercials, cartoons,      firms, and multimedia employers.                          short features, computer games and videos.

    Early Childhood                 AAS, D, C       Prepares individuals to work with children            Students entering this program will have the opportunity to $17,000 - $22,000/yr.
    Education                                       from infancy through middle childhood in              specialize in areas unique to their particular interests through
    Gwen Walter, 336.734.7967                       diverse learning environments.                        the certificate programs available in Literacy, Early Childhood,                                                                               Infant and Toddlers, and Child Care Administration.

    Electrical/Electronics            D, C          Install and maintain electrical/electronic            Graduates will qualify for a variety of jobs in the electrical/  $22,000 - $35,000/yr.
    Technology                                      systems found in residential, commercial              electronics field as an on-the-job trainee or apprentice assist-
    Dave Ray, 336.734.7312                          and industrial facilities.                            ing in the layout, installation and maintenance of electrical/                                                                                 electronic systems.

    Electronics Engineering          AAS, C         Design, build, install, test, troubleshoot, repair,   Graduates will qualify for employment as engineering            $26,000 - $39,000/yr.
    Technology                                      and modify developmental and production               assistants or electronic technicians with job titles such
                                                    electronic components, equipment and systems          as electronics engineering technician, field service
                                                    such as industrial/computer controls,                 technician, maintenance technician, electronic tester,
    Tom Roth, 336.734.7333                          manufacturing systems, communication                  electronic systems integrator, bench technician and                           systems and power electronic systems.                 production control technician.

    Emergency Medical                AAS, D         Graduates enter the workforce as paramedics.          Emergency medical opportunities are available in                $29,000 - $45,000/yr.
    Science                                         The job requires basic and advanced life support      ambulance services, fire and rescue agencies, air medical
                                                    knowledge and skills. Students progressing            services, specialty areas of hospitals, industry, educational
    Page Chandler, 336.757.3064                     through the program may be eligible to apply          institutions and government agencies.                       for both state and national certification exams.

    Emergency Preparedness            AAS           Various emergency service careers are available       Employment opportunities include fire/rescue departments,       $28,000 - $32,000/yr.
    Technology                                      in the public, private and voluntary sectors.         law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services, fire
                                                    These professionals must understand and               marshal offices, industrial firms, educational institutions,
                                                    implement the emergency management                    emergency management offices and other government
    Chris Langham, 336.757.3266                     principles of mitigation, preparedness, response      agencies. Employed persons should have opportunities for                        and recovery during times of crisis.                  skilled and managerial/supervisory-level positions.

    Environmental Science               AAS         Focuses on a biological and chemical                  Prepares individuals for employment in environmental            $28,000 - $45,000/yr.
    Technology                                      evaluation of man’s impact on his environment.        testing/consulting and related industries. Job opportunities
                                                    Course work includes biology, chemistry,              include: Chemical Analysis, Biological Analysis, Water/
    Frank Carver, 336.757.3340                      industrial safety, and an array of detailed           Wastewater Treatment, EPA Compliance Inspection,                         environmentally specific classes.                     Hazardous Material Handling.

                             To see the detailed course listing for the upcoming semester, visit and click the “Credit Courses & Programs” link.

Area of Study                Credential(s) Description                                              Careers                                                         Entry-Level Salary
Financial Services                  AAS        Careers in the financial services sector require     Graduates will find employment with banks, savings              $25,000 - $40,000/yr.
                                               some knowledge of accounting, business ethics,       and loans, credit unions, insurance companies,
                                               business law, computer applications, customer        brokerage firms, pension benefit companies, realty
                                               service, financial planning, insurance,              firms and mortgage companies.
Doug Martin, 336.734.7358                      marketing, personal finance, real estate,                       selling and personal tax.

Fire Protection Technology AAS                 Graduates are provided with the technical            Graduates will qualify for employment or advancement            $24,500 - $28,000/yr.
                                               and professional knowledge to make decisions         in government agencies, industrial firms, insurance rating
                                               regarding fire protection for both public and        organizations, educational organizations and municipal
                                               private sectors. Knowledge of hydraulics,            fire departments. Employed persons should have
                                               hazardous materials, arson investigation, fire       opportunities for skilled and supervisory-level positions
Chris Langham, 336.737.3266                    protection safety, fire suppression management,      within their current organizations.                       law and codes will be required.

General Occupational               AAS, D      The General Occupational Technology curricu-         Graduates will become more effective workers, be                Not applicable
Technology                                     lum provides individuals with an opportunity to      better qualified for advancements within their fields
                                               upgrade their skills and to earn an associate        of employment, and become qualified for a wide range of
                                               degree. The curriculum content will be individu-     entry-level employment opportunities.
                                               alized for students according to their occupa-
                                               tional interests and needs. A program of study
Student Success Center                         for each student will be selected from associate
336.734.7156                                   degree-level courses offered by the college.

Global Logistics                  AAS, D, C    Global logistics professionals deal                  Graduates will qualify for positions in a wide range            $25,000 - $30,000/yr.
Technology                                     with distribution, transportation and                of government agencies, manufacturing and service
                                               manufacturing organizations to solve                 organizations. Employment opportunities include
                                               different levels of logistics-related problems.      entry-level purchasing, material management, warehous-
                                                                                                    ing, inventory, transportation coordinators and logistics
Rick Yokeley, 336.734.7915                                                                          analysts. Upon completion, graduates may be eligible                                                                            for certification credentials through APICS and AST&L.

Graphic Arts & Imaging             AAS, D      The graphic arts field includes printing,            Graduates will find positions as electronic prepress special-   $25,000 - $30,000/yr.
Technology                                     publishing, packaging and related industries.        ists, computer graphic artists, plate makers, pressman,
                                               Professionals will be involved with computer         assistant pressman, packaging specialists, bindery operators
                                               publishing, imaging technology, offset lithog-       and screen printers. These positions may be in flexography,
Garry Day, 336.734.7283                        raphy, screen printing and emerging printing         offset printing, screen printing and digital printing.                           technologies.

Healthcare Management               AAS        Professionals must understand management             Graduates will find employment in healthcare settings           $25,000 - $30,000/yr.
Technology                                     principles of the healthcare environment, includ-    including hospitals, medical offices, clinics, long-term care
                                               ing planning, organizing, directing and control-     facilities and insurance companies. Graduates are eligible
                                               ling tasks related to healthcare organizational      to sit for various certification exams upon completion of the
Jennifer Eldridge, 336.757.3267                objectives. Effective communication, managerial      degree and with a combination of a minimum of two years                      and supervisory skills will be required.             administrative experience.

Heavy Equipment and               AAS, D, C    These individuals service, troubleshoot, and         Upon successful completion of this program, students            $28,000 - $40,000/yr.
Transport Technology                           repair medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.              will be prepared for an entry-level position servicing and
                                                                                                    repairing heavy equipment, including, but not limited to,
Joe Sechrest, 336.734.7286                                                                          road tractors and trailers, earth-moving equipment, farm                                                                           equipment and other diesel-powered equipment.

Horticulture Technology            AAS, C      Horticulture involves the use of plants in resi-     Careers include sales associate in garden centers and           $21,000 - $30,000/yr.
                                               dential and commercial situations. Horticulture      nurseries, worker/supervisor in landscape installation and
                                               professionals deal with all aspects of the growth,   management companies, worker/supervisor in greenhouses
Lisa Swartout, 336.757.3265                    distribution, sale, installation and maintenance     and nurseries, landscape designer, worker/supervisor in                      of ornamental plants.                                public parks and gardens.

                          To see the detailed course listing for the upcoming semester, visit and click the “Credit Courses & Programs” link.

    Area of Study                 Credential(s) Description                                                 Careers                                                    Entry-Level Salary
    Human Services                 AAS, D, C       Human services workers help social workers, health-      Human services opportunities are available as assistants $18,000 - $25,000/yr.
    Technology                                     care workers, and other professionals to provide         to professional workers, intake interviewers and human
                                                   services to people. Human services is a generic term     service technicians. Graduates often work in a variety
                                                   for workers with a wide array of job titles, including   of organizations, including social service agencies,
                                                   case management aide, social work assistant,             nonprofit organizations, group and day treatment
                                                   community support worker, mental health aide,            programs or any other agency in which there is a need
                                                   community outreach worker, life skills counselor         for individuals to interact with clientele.
                                                   or gerontology aide. They usually work under the
                                                   direction of others from a variety of fields, such as
    Jamie Edwards, 336.734.7959                    nursing, psychiatry, psychology, rehabilitative or                       physical therapy or social work.

    Human Services         AAS, D, C               Graduates work with older adults and their families.     Graduates will qualify for employment in nursing           $26,000 - $32,000/yr.
    Technology/Gerontology                         They must understand issues of aging, including          and rest homes, specialized adult care services, respite
                                                   the physical, psychological and social aspects of the    services, and other programs servicing older adults and
                                                   aging process, as well as health, wellness, nutrition,   their families. Graduates choosing to continue their
    Jamie Edwards, 336.734.7959                    diet, exercise and well-being.                           education may select a variety of programs at senior                                                                                level institutions.

    Industrial Systems             AAS, D, C       These individuals service, maintain, repair              Maintenance technicians are employed by small and    $25,000 - $35,000/yr.
    Technology                                     and install equipment. Required skills include           large manufacturers to maintain manufacturing equip-
                                                   inspecting, testing, troubleshooting and                 ment, conveyors and plant infrastructure.
    Robin Petree, 336.734.7406                     diagnosing industrial systems.
    Information Systems              AAS, C        Information security involves setting up,                Careers include network security technician/               $32,000 - $50,000/yr.
    Security                                       managing and maintaining controls in a business          administrator/analyst/engineer, infosec administrator/
                                                   environment. Security professionals work with            engineer/architect, firewall technician, incident
                                                   various operating systems, access control methods        response technician/analyst, disaster recovery
                                                   and monitoring systems to implement company              technician/analyst, intrusion detection analyst,
                                                   policies, ensure compliance with applicable laws         penetration analyst (vulnerability analyst).
    Shawn Toderick, 336.757.3279                   such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, and reduce the                      likelihood of data theft.

    Interior Design                     AAS        Interior designers must be skilled in residential        Graduates will qualify for a variety of jobs, including    $27,000 - $46,000/yr.
                                                   and nonresidential interior design architectural         residential and commercial interior design, set design,
                                                   drafting, computer-aided design and universal            showroom design, and sales positions for furniture,
                                                   design. They must have a knowledge of basic              textiles and accessories, and all businesses dealing
    Gisele Taylor-Wells, 336.757.3200              design, the history of interiors and furnishings,        with interiors.                        color theory and other aspects of design.

    Interventional Cardiac AAS, D, C               The interventional specialist will provide excellent     Major employers are hospitals with a small percentage $40,000 - $52,000/yr.
    and Vascular Technology                        and efficient patient care throughout diagnostic and     of employment in mobile units and outpatient facilities. with increased pay for
    (ICVT)                                         surgical interventional radiologic imaging proce-        Employers will require staff to take on-call hours on a “on-call” hours
                                                   dures by performing various roles, including, but        rotational basis after an initial orientation to the facility.
    Marti K. Feathers-Magee, 336.734.7189          not limited to, physiologic monitoring, patient care     On-call hours vary from facility to facility.                         advocate, room circulator and/or scrub assistant.

    Landscape Gardening                 AAS        Graduates will be prepared for employment in the         Job opportunities include specialist/supervisor in public $21,000 - $30,000/yr.
                                                   field of applied horticulture. The primary emphasis      parks and gardens, estate gardener, specialist/supervisor
                                                   of the program is on institutional gardening, which      in historic gardens, public or private garden designer,
                                                   includes public parks, public gardens, historic prop-    specialist/supervisor in landscape installation and
                                                   erties and private estates. A secondary emphasis is on   management companies.
    Lisa Swartout, 336.757.3265                    residential and commercial landscape installation                      and maintenance.

    Machining Technology                D, C       Machinists are considered skilled workers who are                                                                   $24,000 - $32,000/yr.
                                                   capable of operating all standard machine tools          Employment opportunities for machining technicians
                                                   found in a machine shop. They must be able to            exist in manufacturing industries, public institutions
                                                   read technical drawings and use the latest precision     and governmental agencies and in a wide range
                                                   measuring instruments. A CNC Machinist would be          of specialty jobs. A person can choose from a wide
                                                   required to see that CNC machine tools are properly      variety of career paths, depending on his or her
    Leonard Kiser, 336.734.7313                    set up and used in order to achieve maximum              interests and abilities.                         quality through mass production of parts produced.
                            To see the detailed course listing for the upcoming semester, visit and click the “Credit Courses & Programs” link.
Area of Study                 Credential(s) Description                                            Careers                                                         Entry-Level Salary
Magnetic Resonance                 AAS, D     Perform quality MRI exams in hospitals, im-          Major employment opportunities include hospitals,               $50,000/yr.
Imaging (MRI)                                 aging centers or other areas upon completion.        imaging centers and mobile MRI companies.
Debbie Taylor, 336.734.7178

Mechanical Engineering             AAS, C     Mechanical engineering technicians assist in         Graduates of the curriculum will find employment                $33,000 - $45,000/yr.
Technology                                    design, development, testing, process design         opportunities in the manufacturing or service sectors of
                                              and improvement, and troubleshooting and             engineering technology. Engineering technicians may
                                              repair of engineered systems. They require           obtain professional certification by application to
                                              knowledge of engineering graphics,                   organizations such as ASQC, SME and NICET.
                                              engineering fundamentals, materials and
                                              manufacturing processes, mathematics
                                              and physics, and should be capable of critical
Todd Bishop, 336.734.7274                     thinking, planning and problem solving, and                       oral and written communications.

Medical Assisting                   AAS       The medical assisting professionals perform          Employment opportunities include physicians’ offices,           $19,000 - $24,000/yr.
                                              administrative, clinical and laboratory              health maintenance organizations, health departments
                                              procedures. Their duties include scheduling          and hospitals. Graduates of CAAHEP-accredited medical
                                              appointments, coding and processing                  assisting programs may be eligible to sit for the American
                                              insurance accounts, billing, collections,            Association of Medical Assistants’ Certification Examination
                                              medical transcription, computer operations,          to become Certified Medical Assistants.
                                              assisting with examinations/treatments,
                                              performing routine laboratory procedures,
                                              electrocardiography, supervised medication
Laura Durham, 336.734.7362                    administration and dealing with ethical/legal                       issues associated with patient care.

Medical Office                  AAS, D, C     These individuals perform administrative             Employment opportunities are available in medical               $18,000 - $21,000/yr.
Administration                                and support functions in medical                     and dental offices, hospitals, insurance companies,
                                              environments. They require knowledge of              laboratories, medical supply companies and other
                                              medical terminology, information systems,            healthcare-related organizations.
                                              office management, legal and ethical issues,
Cindy Nivens, 336.757.3258                    formatting and word processing, and medical                       coding, billing and insurance.

Medical Sonography                  AAS       These professionals use high-frequency sound         Graduates will find employment in hospitals, physicians’        $44,000 - $58,000/yr.
                                              waves to image internal structures in the            offices, mobile services and educational institutions.
Wendy Barnhardt, 336.734.7157                 human body, including abdominal organs,                    pelvic organs and the vascular system.

Medical Transcription                D        Medical language specialists interpret and           Graduates will qualify for employment in hospitals, medical $25,000 - $31,200/yr.
                                              transcribe dictation by physicians and other         clinics, doctors’ offices, private transcription businesses,
                                              healthcare professionals in order to document        research facilities, insurance companies and publishing
                                              patient care and facilitate delivery of healthcare   companies. Recent graduates of a medical transcription
                                              services. They require extensive knowledge of        program are eligible to take the Registered Medical
                                              medical terminology, pharmacology, human             Transcriptionist (RMT) exam through the Association for
Elizabeth Sprinkle, 336.734.7172              diseases, diagnostic studies, surgical procedures    Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), formerly the                     and laboratory procedures.                           American Association of Medical Transcriptionists (AAMT).

Nanotechnology                  AAS, D, C     The nanotechnology program prepares                  Students will be prepared for entry-level positions in          $28,000 - $48,000/yr.
                                              students to characterize and fabricate materials     engineering, manufacturing and/or medical research
Kevin Conley, 336.734.7389                    for biological, textile, chemical and electrical     development.                       applications at the atomic level.

Networking Technology           AAS, D, C     Networking professionals design, install             Careers include network administrators, systems                 $43,000 - $51,000/yr.
                                              and support local and wide area computer             administrators, local area network managers, network
                                              networks. They work in a variety of                  operators, network analysts, network technicians or
                                              environments, including both the public              any other position in which there is a need for individuals
Carol Parker, 336.734.7387                    and private sectors, small businesses,               to interact with clientele.                       large industries and governments.

                         To see the detailed course listing for the upcoming semester, visit and click the “Credit Courses & Programs” link.

 Area of Study                 Credential(s) Description                                               Careers                                                          Entry-Level Salary
 Nuclear Medicine Technology AAS                 Nuclear medicine technologists utilize                Career positions are available for nuclear medicine               $41,500 - $48,500/yr.
                                                 injectable radioactive materials to perform           technologists in most hospitals, outpatient imaging
 Don Harkness, 336.734.7187
                                                 diagnostic imaging procedures.                        centers and cardiology practices.

 Office Administration           AAS, D, C       Graduates provide administrative support              Jobs are available in virtually any industry or business field – $27,000 - $32,000/yr.
                                                 services in a wide variety of fields, often using     from Fortune 500 companies to cruise ships; from
                                                 word processing, spreadsheet, database, Web,          manufacturing facilities to malls; from boutiques to chain
                                                 desktop publishing and presentation software          stores. Some of the titles you may see are Administrative
                                                 to create letters, memos, slide shows, Web pages,     Assistant, Office Assistant, Staff Assistant, Human Resources
                                                 budgets and reports. They may also plan and           Assistant, Accounting Assistant, etc.
 Marcia Polanis, 336.734.7407                    schedule meetings and appointments, make                        travel arrangements and create itineraries.

 Paralegal Technology            AAS, D, C       Paralegals assist attorneys in probate work,          Paralegal opportunities are available in law firms,               $27,000 - $32,000/yr.
                                                 investigations, public records searches, drafting     government agencies, the court systems and private
                                                 and filing legal documents, research and office       businesses.
                                                 management. A paralegal/legal assistant may
 Warren C. Hodges, 336.734.7276                  not practice law, give legal advice or represent                         clients in a court of law.

 Pharmacy Technology              AAS, D         Assist the pharmacist in such duties as: maintain     Graduates will be employed in hospitals, nursing homes,         $26,000/yr.
                                                 patients’ records; fill prescriptions; maintain       private and chain drug stores, research laboratories, wholesale
                                                 inventories; set up, package and label medica-        drug companies and pharmaceutical manufacturing facili-
                                                 tion doses; prepare solutions and intravenous         ties. Graduates will qualify to take the National Certifica-
                                                 additives, and perform clerical duties, including     tion Examination developed by the Pharmacy Technician
 Sarah Clement, 336.757.3319                     insurance forms and forms required by third-          Certification Board.                        party payers.

 Plumbing                           D, C         Plumbers work with cast iron, copper, plastics        Plumbers are employed by plumbing contractors, parts supply $20,000 - $28,000/yr.
                                                 and other materials in the process of installing,     houses, inspection divisions and maintenance companies.
                                                 removing or modifying a plumbing system. A            Many are self-employed, though it is a profession that
                                                 plumber is responsible for sanitation and public      normally requires a long period of on-the-job training to be
 Matthew Beverly, 336.734.7231                   health related to the plumbing systems of a           considered fully qualified.                        building.

 Practical Nursing                   D           Graduates will acquire the knowledge and              Employment opportunities include hospitals, rehabilitation $28,000 - $42,000/yr.
                                                 skills to provide nursing care to children and        centers, long-term care facilities, home health facilities, clinics
                                                 adults. Graduates are eligible to apply to take       and physicians’ offices.
                                                 the National Council Licensure Examination
 Sharon Moore, 336.734.7569                      (NCLEX-PN) required for practice as a Licensed                          Practical Nurse.

 Project Management               AAS , C        The curriculum prepares students in the area of       Graduates will qualify for employment in a multitude of       $40,000/yr.
 Alice Sineath, 336.734.7330                     management and provides valuable skills in all        industries, including business, information technology,                        lines of work.                                        construction, financial services, engineering and healthcare.

 Race Car Technology                AAS          An engine technician performs machining               Employment opportunities include racing teams, fabrication $30,000 - $50,000/yr.
                                                 processes, assembles the engine and tests perfor-     shops, engine shops, sports marketing, major race equipment
                                                 mance. A fabricator constructs a race car chassis     suppliers, manufacturer’s technical specialist. Self-
                                                 and body, and smaller components such as con-         employment and working on a contract basis are options.
                                                 trol arms, oil tanks, crush panels and mounts.
                                                 Could also include transmission and rear gear
 Randy Butner, 336.757.3247                      specialist as well as engine tuner or over-the-wall                         pit crew member.

 Radiation Therapy Technology              AAS   A radiation therapist is responsible for the treat-   Positions are available at hospital cancer centers and            $49,000 - $52,000/yr.
 Chris Gibson, 336.734.7184
                                                 ment of cancer patients through the use               outpatient cancer centers.                         of radiation.

 Radiography                       AAS           Radiographers are skilled healthcare                  Career positions are available for radiographers in all aspects of $45,000/yr.
                                                 professionals who use radiation to produce            today’s healthcare system, including comprehensive care medi-
 Nancy Andrews-Hall, 336.734.7433                diagnostic images of the human body.                  cal centers, hospitals, outpatient clinics, mobile x-ray compa-                                                                                nies, urgent care centers, physicians’ offices and industry.

                          To see the detailed course listing for the upcoming semester, visit and click the “Credit Courses & Programs” link.
Area of Study                 Credential(s) Description                                              Careers                                                           Entry-Level Salary
Real Estate                        D, C         The real estate curriculum provides the              Graduates will qualify for the North Carolina Real Estate    $25,000 - $32,000/yr.
                                                pre-licensing education required by the North        Broker’s license examination. They should be able to provide
Warren C. Hodges, 336.734.7276                  Carolina Real Estate Commission and prepares         real estate services to consumers in a competent manner.                         individuals to enter the real estate profession.

Real Estate Appraisal              AAS          The real estate appraisal curriculum is designed Appraisal graduates will be prepared to complete the North            $25,000 - $32,000/yr.
                                                to prepare individuals to enter the appraisal    Carolina Registered Trainee Examinations and advance to
Warren C. Hodges, 336.734.7276
                                                profession as a registered trainee and advance   licensure or certification levels as requirements are met.                         to the licensed or certified appraiser levels.

Recreation Vehicle         C                    Recreation vehicle maintenance technicians           Upon successful completion of this program, students              $25,000 - $40,000/yr.
Maintenance & Repair Technology                 work on the electrical, air conditioning, water,     will be prepared for an entry-level position servicing and
Joe Sechrest, 336.734.7286                      heating, mechanical, and LP gas systems and          repairing recreational vehicles for recreation vehicle dealers                       appliances on all types of recreational vehicles.    and independent service contractors.

Respiratory Therapy                AAS          These professionals perform diagnostic testing,      Career positions are available for respiratory therapists in      $41,000 - $74,000/yr.
                                                advanced patient assessment and management           all aspects of today’s healthcare system, including hospitals,
                                                of patients across their life span who have heart    outpatient clinics, long-term care facilities, sleep disorder
Perry Sheppard, 336.734.7427                    and lung diseases or disorders.                      centers, critical care transport teams, physicians’ offices and                                                                            industrial/product sales companies.

School Age Education            AAS, D, C       School age education professionals are com-          School age education opportunities are available in a             $16,000 - $27,000/yr.
                                                monly known as instructional assistants or           variety of settings. Career opportunities include public and
                                                paraprofessionals who work with children in          private school programs, Head Start programs, childcare
                                                elementary through middle grades in diverse          programs, resource and referral agencies, religious and
                                                learning environments. Graduates are equipped        community centers, recreation departments, and before-
                                                to foster cognitive/language, physical/motor,        and after-school programs.
                                                social/emotional and creative development.
Phygenia Young, 336.734.7965                    They reinforce and lead student learning while                          under the supervision of a qualified teacher.

Sustainability                   AAS, C         Coursework may include alternative energy,           Graduates should qualify for positions within the                 $38,000 - $48,000/yr.
Technologies                                    environmental engineering technology,                alternative energy, construction, environmental, and/or
                                                sustainable manufacturing, and green building        manufacturing industries where they may function
                                                technology. Additional topics may include            as manufacturing technicians, sustainability consultants,
                                                sustainability, energy management, waste             environmental technicians, or green building supervisors.
Herb Burns, 336.734.7342                        reduction, renewable energy, site assessment,                          and environmental responsibility.

Therapeutic Massage             AAS, D, C       Graduates work in client care settings to provide    Employment opportunities will be found in hospitals,              $15,000 - $33,000/yr.
                                                manipulation, methodical pressure, friction          rehabilitation centers, home health, health and sports
                                                and kneading of the body for maintaining             clubs, and private practice. Graduates may be eligible to
Kim Moore, 336.734.7916                         wellness or treating alterations in wellness.        take the National Certification for Therapeutic Massage                                                                               and Body Work.

Viticulture &                 AAS               This curriculum prepares individuals for             Graduates will qualify for employment opportunities in            $18,000 - $28,000/yr.
Enology Technology                              various careers in the grape-growing and             vineyards, wineries, garden centers, greenhouses, related
NOTE: This program is offered                   winemaking industry. These professionals             sales areas and government agencies. Graduates should
through an agreement with                       must have knowledge of plant science,                also be prepared to take the North Carolina Pesticide
Surry Community College.                        vineyard stock selection and propagation,            Applicators Examination and the North Carolina Certified
                                                soils, vine nutrition and pest management,           Plant Professional Examination.
Leonard Kiser, 336.734.7313                     as well as the planning, layout, economics and                          management of vineyards.

Web Technologies                 AAS, C         Web development involves the design, creation,       Careers include web developer, web designer, web                  $32,000 - $45,000/yr.
Jim Pierson, 336.734.7170                       and maintenance of websites and web services.        administrator.
Welding Technology                 D, C         Must have a sound understanding of science,          Graduates of the welding technology curriculum will               $25,000 - $30,000/yr.
                                                technology and applications essential in the         be employed as entry-level technicians in welding and             ($60,000 - $100,000/yr.
                                                welding and metal industry. Courses in math,         metalworking industries. Career opportunities exist in            in the oil fields)
                                                blueprint reading, metallurgy, welding inspec-       construction, manufacturing, fabrication, sales, quality
Rodney Smith, 336.734.7527                      tion, and destructive and nondestructive testing     control, supervision and welding-related self-employment.                         provide the student with industry-standard skills.
                           To see the detailed course listing for the upcoming semester, visit and click the “Credit Courses & Programs” link.
                                Adult Education & Assessments
 A better education leads to a better job. If you left high school early, a GED or Adult High School diploma can be your first
 step toward success. A Career Readiness Certificate is an assessment tool that allows you to show potential employers you have
 the skills they require. And our Employability Labs can help you develop the job search skills you need to find a better job.

 GED/Adult High School
       The General Educational Development (GED) program allows you to
       earn a high school equivalency diploma from the State Board of the North Carolina
       Community College System by taking five tests – Language Arts Writing, Social
       Studies, Science, Language Arts Reading and Mathematics. The cost to students to
       take the GED is $7.50. For more information, call 336.734.7761 (in Stokes County
       call 336.593.2484) or visit

       Adult High School (AHS) is a program that lets you take courses online,
       allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. If you left school
       early and now want to finish, Adult High School is an excellent way to earn your
       high school diploma and enhance your employment opportunities. There is no cost
       for Adult High School courses. For more information, call 336.734.7756 or visit

 Career Readiness Certificate
        Employers need to know that a prospective employee has the skills and abilities needed to do the job. The best way to do this, beyond
        a high school diploma or GED, is with a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) from Forsyth Tech.

        The Career Readiness Certificate is a test-based credential that tells employers that you have workplace-ready skills in
        three key areas. The CRC is a nationally recognized, EEOC-compliant, industry-driven system of job profiling and assessment based
        on the WorkKeys™ testing program. There are no classes to attend, no books to buy and no homework to do. You simply take three
        tests – Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information and Locating Information. CRC testing is conducted at Forsyth Tech’s West
        Campus at 1300 Bolton Street in Winston-Salem. The cost of the CRC testing is $30. For more information, call 336.734.7772.

 Employment Skills Labs
        An important part of finding a job is knowing how to find a job. Forsyth Tech offers weekly Human Resource Development
        Employment Skills Labs that can help you with:
                > Job Search Methods                   > Resume Writing                      > Interview Skills
                > Basic Computer Skills                > Reading and Math                    > Career Exploration

        There is no charge for these services if you are unemployed or working and earning less than double the current poverty guide-
        lines (e.g., earning less than $20,420 for an individual or $41,300 for a family of four). Labs are held Monday through Thursday
        and offer continuous open entry, meaning you can sign up at any time. For locations, dates, times and registration information, call
        336.761.1002 or visit
                                                              Jobs Training
If you’re not ready to enter a credit program and pursue
a degree, consider one of our many JobsNOW programs.
They can give you the skills and training you need to get              Where Are The New
                                                                       Jobs Coming From?
your foot in the door.

JobsNOW: Skills Training                                                        Check Out Our Lists Of
                                                                        The Fastest-Growing Jobs In This Area!
       If you’re unemployed or underemployed and need training
       to find a job with a future, JobsNOW can help you get the     The Employment Security Commission of North Carolina projects the
                                                                     following occupations to be among the fastest growing in the Northwest
       skills you need. JobsNOW courses provide entry-level train-   Piedmont region of our state (Forsyth, Rockingham, Stokes, Surry, Da-
       ing in just six months and are available in these areas:      vie and Yadkin counties) through 2016. All are supported by associate
                                                                     degree or vocational training programs at Forsyth Tech.
                Administrative Assistant Certification
                Advanced Manufacturing Certification                 Fastest-Growing Occupations
                                                                     Requiring An Associate Degree                                       Median Wage
                Auto Body Repair
                Electrical Lineman                                   Registered Nurses                                                   $54,123/yr.
                Electrician Helper                                   Computer Support Specialists                                        $41,228/yr.
                HVAC Service Technician Level I                      Paralegals & Legal Assistants                                       $35,515/yr.
                Introduction to Carpentry                            Medical Records & Health Information Technicians $26,462/yr.
                Introduction to Culinary Arts
                                                                     Dental Hygienists                                                   $60,625/yr.
                Introduction to Masonry
                Medical Office I: Introduction to                    Medical & Clinical Laboratory Technicians                           $34,591/yr.
                          Terminology and Coding                     Respiratory Therapists                                              $47,437/yr.
                Medical Office II: Billing                           Physical Therapist Assistants                                       $45,406/yr.
                Medical Unit Secretary                               Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technicians                     $50,246/yr.
                Nursing Assistant I                                  Interior Designers                                                  $39,575/yr.
                Pharmacy Assistant                                   Fastest-Growing Occupations
                Plumbing Helper                                      Requiring Vocational Training                                       Median Wage
                Welding: ARC Basic                                   Nursing Aides (CNA), Orderlies & Attendants                         $22,592/yr.
                Welding: MIG            JobsNow                      Preschool Teachers, except Special Education                        $19,239/yr.
       For information on JobsNOW registration, call                 Automotive Service Technicians & Mechanics                          $33,758/yr.
       336.761.1002 or visit            Licensed Practical & Vocational Nurses                              $37,781/yr.
                                                                     Real Estate Sales Agents                                            $47,754/yr.
                                                                     Emergency Medical Technicians & Paramedics                          $28,434/yr.
                                                                     Welders, Cutters, Solderers & Brazers                               $32,401/yr.
                                                                     Bus & Truck Mechanics & Diesel Engine Specialists $36,913/yr.
                                                                     Security & Fire Alarm Systems Installers                            $34,907/yr.
                                                                     Computer, Automated Teller &
                                                                        Office Machine Repairers                                         $36,335/yr.
                                                                     NOTE: Wages provided represent the median annual wage, which is the midpoint between
                                                                     the highest paid 50 percent and the lowest paid 50 percent of workers in that occupation.
                                                                     Source: Employment Security Commission of North Carolina, Labor Market Information Divi-
                                                                     sion. Used with permission.

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