Important changes to Russia Certification Systems

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					Important changes to Russia Certification Systems

Over the past two years there have been a number of changes in the Russia
Certification Systems. The purpose of this communication is to keep you informed of
planned changes in the Russia Technical Regulations (TR) system for electrical
products which will take effect from 30 December 2010.

We would like to remind you that, according to this new TR, applicants can choose
between the following options:

1.   Apply for a Russia Conformity Assessment (CoC) in the form of a certificate
     (similar to the current system): note that the new GOST Certificate is valid for 5
     years (currently 3 years).
2.   Arrange for a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) basing on the risk group in which
     your product belongs.

To register for a DoC, you need to submit your own test report and/or Russia Test
Reports issued by an accredited test lab and/or a Russia ISO 9001 certificate. The
validity of a DoC varies from 6 months to 1 year (max.).

Please note that a DoC can only be issued to your Russia representative.

Use the table below to identify which risk group your product belongs to and the
impact this has on the validity of the DoC.

                                                                     Max.        Max.
 Product type                                                        DoC         CoC
                                                                     validity    validity
 AC Adaptor                                             2            9 months    5 Years
 Audio/Video Receiver                                   2            9 months
 Battery Charger                                        3            6 months
 Batteries                                              1            1 year
 Clock Radio                                            2            9 months
 Computer                                               2            9 months
 Digital Cameras (with AC Adaptor, Charger)             2            9 months
 Digital Set-Top Box                                    2            9 months
 DVD Home Theatre                                       2            9 months
 DVD Recorder                                           2            9 months
 Home Appliance (Kettle, Microwave, Fridge, etc)        2&3          6 months
 Home Theatre System (Audio, Video)                     2            9 months
 ITE Device (Switch, Router, etc)                       2            9 months
 LCD Monitor                                            2            9 months
LCD Television                                       2            9 months
Notebook Computer                                    2            9 months
Office Equipment (Copier, Fax, Scanner)              2            9 months
Personal Groomer (Shaver, Straightener, Hair
Dryer, etc)                                          2            9 months
Portable DVD Player (AC Adaptor included)            2            9 months
Projector                                            2            9 months
Security Device (CCTV Camera, Recorder, etc)         0            1 year
Sewing Machines                                      Machinery CoC
Speakers (Active with AC Adaptor)                    2         9 months
Subwoofer (Active AC Powered)                        2            9 months
USB Device (with AC Adaptor)                         0            1 year
USB Device (without AC Adaptor HDD, Mouse,
Keyboard)                                            0            1 year

Tips for complying with the New Certification System in Russia:
- CoCs that are issued before 30 December 2010 will remain valid until they expire
- DoCs issued before 30 December 2010 will be invalid after 30 December 2010
- Clients can choose to apply for a CoC or a DoC under the new LVTR after 30
December 2010
- There will be changes to the requirements for information on product labels, in
operating manuals and on packaging.

New Conformity Mark