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                                                                                                                                                                  Spring 2010

                                                       An Enviable Life
     ADULTS and CHILDREN with LEARNING and DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES, INC. • 807 South Oyster Bay Road • Bethpage, NY 11714

      ACLD Families, Staff and Residents
      Have a Strong Voice in Albany
      Onattended the public hearing atthe eliminationHawthornethanon$65 many ACLD families and homes and
            October 27, 2009, the residents from the

      cuts. The Governor had proposed
                                                               IRA and                            staff
                                        the Brookhaven Town Hall Governor Paterson's proposed budget
                                                      of more           million dollars for group
      education programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. Andrew Cohen, Jason Greenberg,
      Jeffrey Shaw and Gina Smestad all carried signs that read, “Save Our OMRDD Services”.                                  Residents from ACLD’s Healy group home met Senator
      The group was accompanied by a Hawthorne staff member, Alysia Labrador.                                                Brian Foley during their advocacy in Albany. (From Left
      This was an amazing opportunity for the group to protest the cuts that would directly impact the                       to Right) Christopher Amendola, Senator Foley, Michael
      services they receive. All the residents stated that they felt truly empowered and that this was an                    Nolan and Anthony Liotta.

      opportunity for their voices to be heard. In total, there were more than 350 adults with developmental disabilities, families and direct care staff in
      attendance at the hearing. Maxine Mandell, parent, had the opportunity to testify at this important hearing. Aaron Liebowitz, ACLD’s Executive Director
      testified on behalf of the Alliance of Long Island Agencies.
                                                                      On November 30, 2009, residents and staff traveled to Albany
                                                                      to urge legislators to reject proposed cuts to OMRDD services.
                                                                      This advocacy was a part of the coordinated efforts of the entire
                                                                      OMRDD provider community across the state and was ACLD’s
                                                                      second visit to the Capitol during this important time. The
                                                                      residents had the opportunity to meet with many Senators
                                                                      and Assembly members to tell them how these cuts would
                                                                      affect them personally. Their statements were compelling
                                                                      and they did a fantastic job.
                                                                      Michael Nolan, a resident at ACLD’s Healy house, had the
      Staff advocated for the preservation of ACLD services.
                                                                      opportunity to speak to several Senators and shared how much
      (From Left to Right) Donna Celardo, Kathleen Costello,          his home meant to him. He said “The people in my house are
      Joe Bianco, Anastasia Brillis, and Kerry Harrison.              my friends and the staff helps me to be independent. I need                Jason Greenberg poses with his sign.
                                                                      this house to have a good life.” His testimony was well
                                                           received and he was invited to take a quick tour of the Senate Chamber.
                                                           In addition to our visits to Albany, ACLD families and staff wrote letters and made many phone calls to
                                                           advocate for the preservation of our services. On two separate occasions, ACLD staff tied up the lines at
                                                           several offices on behalf of the individuals who rely on our services.
                                                           Despite our advocacy efforts, the New York State Legislature did vote to approve significant cuts to OMRDD’s
                                                           budget for 2009-2010, but we remain undeterred. ACLD again participated in Family Advocacy Day in
                                                           January. Coordinated by the Alliance of Long Island Agencies, 10 ACLD families alongside more than 100
                                                           family members from other agencies, visited their State Senators and Assembly Members in their Long Island
                                                           offices to ask for their support in maintaining funding for OMRDD services on the 2010-2011 state budget. We
                                                           will continue to monitor the status of the state budget and organize additional advocacy efforts as needed.
      Andrew Cohen holds up an important sign.
                                                           Thank you everyone who has participated in this very important process.
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     ADULTS and CHILDREN with                                                             Important Message from
     DISABILITIES, INC.                                                                   Aaron Liebowitz, Executive Director
     The Lindner Campus
     807 South Oyster Bay Rd.
     Bethpage, NY 11714
                                                                                          A    fter a tumultuous fall in Albany we have finalized ACLD’s Budget for
                                                                                               2010 and await the passage of the State’s Budget which was proposed
                                                                                           by the Governor. The Budget has good news offset by not so good news.
     (516) 822-0028 * Fax (516) 822-0470                                                                          There are cuts of significant proportion that will affect large service sectors
                                                                  of our organization. Fortunately, we will be benefitting from some funding increases. The bottom
     BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                            line is that we look to be sound financially in the current year. The state, however, is not finished
     Gregory LiCalzi      Richard Breuninger                      putting together the 2010-2011 budget. I anticipate that we will have to absorb more cuts than
     President            Second Vice President                   have been announced. I remain optimistic that the budget we have in place will allow us to do
     Joseph Ortego        Nancy Kopans                            our business without reductions in service nor reductions in workforce.
     First Vice President Secretary
                                                                  This relatively positive outcome did not happen by luck. There were several factors at play.
     Ellen Alexander              Meryl Jackelow                  NYS OMRDD, our major funding agency, did excellent work in providing significant protection
     Megan Concannon              Scott Kabak                     to us. Commissioner Diana Jones Ritter should be commended for her excellent leadership during
     Richard Dibble               Donald Mitzner                  these troubled times. Further commendation needs to go to our families, staff and the people
     Anne Emmerson                Doris Shaw
     John Genova                  Ellen Spiegel
                                                                  we support for their vigorous advocacy with the NYS legislature and executive branches of
     Ernest Gonzalez                                              government. Many of our members visited with local legislative offices, attended hearings
     _________________________                                    and sat in at a vigil held in Albany. ACLD individuals who attended these meetings have
     Aaron Liebowitz                                              been singled out for having been exceptional spokespeople protecting our services.
     Executive Director                                           We can savor our success…but not for too long. In the coming weeks, we will need to be
     Dr. Richard Kessler          Ira Zimmerman                   back speaking with our representatives to ensure that our hard won gains are not lost in the
     Medical Director             Assistant Executive Director
                                  of Adult Services
                                                                  closing moments of the state deliberations on the budget. I have learned that I can count on
     Susan Sha                                                    each of you to stand up for our people. I will be counting on you again!
     Chief Financial &            Colleen Crispino
     Administrative Officer       Director of Development &
     Richard Wirth                Community Relations
     Assistant Executive Director
     of Children’s and Health Services
                                                                                          Message from
     The ACLD Family Complex
                                                                                          Gregory LiCalzi, President
     807 South Oyster Bay Rd., Bethpage, NY
     (516) 822-0028                                                                       C    learly this is a Long Island winter that has brought us more than our share
                                                                                                of inclement weather, an abundance of snow, and an ominous economic
                                                                                            environment. Indeed, our business leaders on Wall Street and our elected
     Health Services Center
     (516) 622-8880                                                                         representatives in Albany and Washington DC have served us inadequately with
                                                                  their indecision, delays, patterns of unethical behavior and practices. Nevertheless, even with all the
     Helen and Arthur Pashcow
     Adult Day Services Center
                                                                  difficulties confronting us, ACLD continues to be a sunny oasis of prudence, competence and compassion!
     837 South Oyster Bay Rd., Bethpage, NY                       I wish that the Board of Trustees could take credit for our strong position and exceptionally high
     (516) 681-4500                                               quality programs and services. But we just play a very small part. The lion's share of credit resides
     Hauppauge Day Services Center                                with our workforce.
     305 Oser Avenue, Hauppauge, NY                               I want to take this moment to commend Aaron Liebowitz, his management team, and all of ACLD’s
     (631) 434-1715
                                                                  employees for their stalwart commitment to the children and adults (as well as their families) that
     Kramer Learning Center                                       we serve each and every day. It is evident to all who know ACLD that Aaron is a superlative
     Early Childhood Program                                      role model for his managers and all ACLD staff.
     1428 Fifth Avenue, Bay Shore, NY
     (631) 665-1900                                               At the risk of sounding preachy, all of the stakeholders in our agency should recognize our
                                                                  achievements and be grateful for the care, support and solace afforded every day. One good
     Career and Community Services Center
     40 Marcus Drive, Melville, NY                                way of tangibly expressing thanks for having ACLD (and we should all be thankful) is to help
     (631) 940-2720                                               us with your financial support.
     - Vocational Career Center – ext. 227                        Write a check, attend the Dinner Dance or other special events (my wife and I like the Sunset Sail
     - Service Coordination – ext. 253
     _________________________                                    event on the Great South Bay), participate in the Circle of Commitment, and make a pledge to our
     EDITORS                                                      soon to be rolled out Capital Campaign, include ACLD in your will, or donate appreciated stock.
     Natasha Barham-Edwards Karen Russo
     Joanne Cappelluti             Shauna Schreiber
                                                                  It’s not that we don't appreciate the contribution of your time and talents. We certainly do—
     Colleen Crispino              Melanie Tehan                  but we need your dollars more than ever!

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     ACLD Supports                                                            The Great Neck Spirits
     Staff Affected by                                                            Hit the Court
     the Crisis in Haiti
                                                          T  he Great Neck Spirits have resumed their practices and quest to be the top basketball
                                                             team in the Great Neck Special Olympics league. The team is comprised of a number of
    A   fter the devastating earthquake in Haiti,
        ACLD has been reaching out to the
    many staff that have been directly affected.
                                                          ACLD individuals who practice every Friday night in preparation for the big tournament.
                                                          The individuals enjoy their practices each Friday and can often be heard discussing how much
    We have provided support, important resource          fun they had. Many of our individuals bring special skills to the team and contribute to
    information and an opportunity for them to            their overall success. The team consists of a variety of talented players: Stuart with his
    share information with each other. On our                                                                   sharp shooting 15-footer, Jeffrey with
    employee intranet, “ACLD Today!”, employees                                                                 his aggressive rebounding, Ronnie with
    can continue to find updated information and                                                                her quick defensive skills and Colette
    participate in a discussion board to support one                                                            with her free throw line jump shots.
    another. For more information, please contact                                                               Go Great Neck Spirits!
    Colleen Crispino at 516-822-0028, ext. 138.

      Website Corner

                                                          Jeff Corwin and Colette Gray.

      Online Event Registration                                                                             The Great Neck Spirits play their hearts out.

      Don’t forget, you can register to attend any
      of ACLD’s upcoming events online. After
      logging in on our ACLD website, you will
      see a box located to the left of your screen
      that indicates all upcoming events that
      ACLD is holding. Underneath each event
      description there is a link to register for
      that event. Click on the link and follow the
      steps to finish the registration process.
      Currently you can register for our
      “Annual Dinner Dance” happening
      Thursday, June 3, 2010.
      If you need more information about online
      registration or any other question about
                                                                 (From Left to Right) Stuart Engel, Colette Gray and Gary Kopans.
      our ACLD website, please Contact Natasha
      Barham-Edwards in the Development
      Department at (516) 822-0028 ext. 137.
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                                      Thursday, June 3, 2010

               WILLIAM J. GOLDEN                                  SHEILA PENN
                 Heath Plan CEO, New York                      2010 Lifetime Achievement
                      Unitedhealthcare                             Award Recipient
                 2010 Corporate Leadership
                      Award Recipient


             Become a 2010 Dinner Dance Solicitor On-line
                   Log onto and click on the support us link
                  to become an online solicitor for our 2010 Dinner Dance.
                       As an on-line solicitor, you will have your own web page on our site
                               and can have your family and friends donate to the
                                        Dinner Dance via your web page.
                          Having friends and family donate on-line allows you to view
                     who has donated on your behalf and how much money you have raised.
        For more information about becoming a 2010 Dinner Dance Solicitor via the ACLD website,
      please contact Natasha Barham-Edwards at (516) 822-0028, ext. 137 or email

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                              Scroll of Honor
             We invite you to place a listing on ACLD’s 2010 Scroll of Honor
        to be distributed at and in conjunction with ACLD’s 2010 Dinner Dance.                                                         Deadline is May 7, 2010
                           All proceeds for the benefit of ACLD.                                                                     If you place a listing on the Scroll
         •     Premiere Donor                   $10,000             •    Donor                         $750                          of Honor, your family or corporate
         •     Prominent Donor                   $7,500             •    Friend                        $500                          name will be listed on one-line
         •     Benefactor                        $5,000             •    Patron                        $250                          in one of the selected sections
         •     Distinguished Donor               $2,500             •    Supporter                     $100                          as described. Your donation also
         •     Advocate                          $1,500                                                                              entitles you to include a line of
                                                                                                                                     text or message of no more than
        Please provide your name or company name exactly as you wish it to appear                                                    20 words in the coordinating

        on the Scroll of Honor.                                                                                                      “Tribute” section of the Dinner
                                                                                                                                     Dance Program.
        Line of Text/Tribute (20 words or less)
         ❏ I will email my corporate logo in hi-res jpeg, pdf or eps file.
                                                                 Please RSVP by May 7, 2010
                                                                     Payment Information
        Name ________________________________________________ My check payable to ACLD is enclosed for $ _________________
        Address _______________________________________________ For Credit Card Payment, please check one:
        Phone:_______________ E-mail: _________________________ ❏ VISA ❏ MasterCard ❏ American Express
        Solicitor: ______________________________________________ Account #_____________________________________________
             ACLD can only guarantee publication if received with payment on or before May 7, 2010.          Expiration Date: ________________________________________
                                 Please mail payment with completed form to:
                                                    ACLD                                                     Name on Card: _________________________________________
                 Attn: Development Dept., 807 South Oyster Bay Road, Bethpage, NY 11714
                           OR Visit our website at to register on-line.                         Signature: _____________________________________________

                     Donations:                                                         ACLD’s
                   $100 per Ticket                                                 2010 Dinner Dance
             Crest Hollow Country Club • Woodbury, NY                               “300” Raffle
                              For the Benefit of

                 ADULTS and CHILDREN with
               LEARNING and DEVELOPMENTAL                                Name _____________________________________________________________________________________________
                    DISABILITIES, INC.
                                                                         Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________
                       We will only sell 300 Tickets!
          So hurry and purchase your chance at Winning $10,000.          __________________________________________________________________________________________________
                     10 Cash Prizes will be given out!                                                              Please return completed ticket with payment,
                                                                         Phone: _______________________________     check made payable to:
                 You can split the cost with friends or family
                          and share the winnings!                                                                              ACLD
                                                                         Email:________________________________                807 South Oyster Bay Road
                Grand Prize • $10,000                                                                                          Bethpage, NY 11714
                                                                         Solicitor: _____________________________              Attn: Development Department

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                                                        ACLD’s 24th Annual
                                                        Employment Recognition Breakfast
                                                        The 24th Annual Employment Recognition Breakfast, hosted by ACLD’s Vocational Services was held on
                                                                              October 21, 2009 at the Hilton Long Island in Melville. Helaine Berkowitz and
                                                                              John Darcy were honored with the “Thomas Choma Longevity Award” for their
                                                                              long term careers with Whitman Packaging.
                                                                               Three individuals were honored with Vocational Achievement Awards. April Clark
                                                                               was recognized for her service to Enterprise Process Service. April’s success story
                                                                               was featured in the ACLD Newsletter last spring. The second award was given to
                                                                               Craig Ludin who works for Capital One. Craig was honored for his positive
                                                                               attitude and strong commitment to his long term employer and team. The third
                                                                               Vocational Achievement winner was William Margiotta, who works for Drew

            (From Left to Right)                                                                    Patrick Spa in Bay Shore. William is well liked by his entire
      Award Recipients – Craig
      Ludin, April Clark, John
                                                                                                    team. The spa was awarded the 2009 Small Business Award
      Darcy,                                                                                        for their dedication to Supported Employment and for their
      Helaine Berkowitz and                                                                         fundraising efforts for ACLD’s Children’s Services based in
      William Margiotta proudly                                                                     Bay Shore. TJX Corporation was also honored with the
      pose for their picture.
                                   ➧                                                                2009 Business Leadership Award.
                (From Left to Right)                                                                This year a new award was presented to
    Participants of the SEES Project                                                                Lisa Wilson, Office Manager for McCabe,
    – Eric Weiner, Glenn Hollowell,                                                                 Collins, McGeough and Fowler. Lisa was honored
       and Michael Tobin pose with
          Scott Wysocki, ACLD SEES                                                                                       with the 2009 Advocate
                Project Coordinator.                                                                                     of the Year Award for her
                                                                                                                         ongoing dedication to the
                                                                                                                         individuals who are
                                                                                                                         employed by the firm.
                  ACLD’s Supported
                 Employment Staff.
                                   ➧                                      (From Left to Right) Lisa Wilson, 2010 Advocate of the Year,
                                                                          Aaron Liebowitz, ACLD’s Executive Director and Susan Reed,
                                                                          ACLD’s Assistant Director of Community Based Services.

    SEES Project Great Accomplishment
     T he Supported Enhanced Employment Services (SEES) project continues to be a great accomplishment for many of the individuals enrolled. There are
       currently four people with successful part time jobs, while one other is still in development.
    One of the great things about this project is watching the growth of an individual once they have been placed in employment. It is one thing to obtain
    a job, however, it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to maintaining that job. For the first time in many of their lives, being on time is a must!
    The addition of many new faces, names, and titles also could present a challenge. There is also the heightened responsibility that arises when employed.
    These are all taxing challenges, not to mention the pressure that is applied from within when attempting to succeed. Eric Weiner, Glenn Hollowell, and
    Michael Tobin have all accomplished these great tasks of obtaining, and maintaining a job!
    On December 24, 2009 Joseph Lueken also got the chance to achieve his dream of becoming employed. Joe has always yearned to gain employment
    within a gym. Big Al’s Family Fitness in Amityville was eager to assist in fulfilling Joe’s dream. Today, Joe excels as part of the maintenance crew
    at Big Al’s
    If you would like to partner with the SEES Project by hiring one of the individuals please do not hesitate to contact Scott Wysocki at (631)940-2720,
    extension 245.
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    Masquerade Ball Prompts Magical Time
    O     n November 21st, ACLD held its annual Semi-Formal for the
          participants of the Day and Residential Programs. This year’s
     theme was a Masquerade Ball and the ballroom at the Hilton Long Island
     was decorated with masquerade masks and beads. The evening was
     filled with smiles and laughter as all the individuals enjoyed each other’s
     company and the fun music. The tables were mostly empty for
     the evening as everyone, staff and participants alike, danced for hours.
     Everyone was dressed to the nines and there was even a dance off.
     A great time was had by all and there is already talk of what the
     theme will be at next year’s event.
                                                                                                               Tables were adorned with top hats
                          Thank you to all committee members                                                   and Masquerade masks for the guests
                           for making this a successful event.                                                 to wear during the event.

       Over 300 guests enjoyed the exciting Masquerade Ball.           Jani Olewitz (Left) and Jill Gonzalez
                                                                       (Right) enjoy the Masquerade Ball.

      Hold the Date!                                Monday, September 13, 2010
                                                    ACLD’s ANNUAL GOLF OUTING
                                                    Honoring Gail Mitzner
                                                    Glen Head Country Club • Glen Head, New York
                                                    For more information, please visit our website at
                                                    or call (516) 822-0028, ext. 249.

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    Exciting News!
    ACLD Introduces a Pilot Health and Wellness Project
                                                                                      A   n essential hallmark of ACLD’s service delivery systems is the
                                                                                          ongoing efforts to improve the quality of life for all people.
                                                                                      These improvements need to be grounded in sound scientific based
                                                                                      methodology and guided by accurate data collection. One such effort
                                                                                      currently underway is a pilot project in ACLD’s Plainview and Great Neck
                                                                                      homes. As we all age, the incidence of increased weight gain, rising
                                                                                      blood pressure and cholesterol levels impact our stamina and our
                                                                                      behavior and often trigger serious secondary health issues. People
                                                                                      living in ACLD homes are as susceptible to these conditions as is the
                                                                                      rest of the population. The number of individuals being treated for
                                                                                      high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and conditions like diabetes has
                                                                                      increased over the past decade. Although these conditions can be
    (LEFT) Nicole Marra and (Right) Jody Flom enjoy a game of Wii bowling.
                                                                                     treated with medication, efforts to positively impact the lifestyle issues
     which created the conditions in the first place need to be addressed.
     ACLD’s Health Services Center has been providing support services via “Healthy Living”
     counseling groups for the past five years. Several participants have been successful in changing
     lifestyle patterns as a result of the counseling sessions. With ongoing support of their families,
     house mates, and staff it is postulated that improvements can be even more widespread and
     effective. To that end, a quality improvement work group has been formed to find ways to
     coordinate efforts on “Health and Wellness” all throughout ACLD. Representatives from
     Residential, Day Programs, Health Services, Recreation, Center for Learning, and Human
     Resources have been working for the past five months to create an atmosphere of healthy
     living for the people living and working in the two pilot homes.
     A guiding precept for the work group has focused on facilitating change via enjoyable activities
                                                                                                          Michael Schneider has fun playing the Wii game system.
     promoting healthy lifestyles. In order to achieve full participation from both staff and residents,
     care is taken to assure there is no sense of loss or being deprived as a result of the changes. Making healthy cooking and shopping fun and exciting is
     one way to accomplish this. Kathryn Petritis, The Health Conscious Chef, has been recruited to teach healthy cooking, portion control, food storage and
     shopping activities with our residents, staff, and families. Kathryn’s knowledge and teaching style have lead to some welcome changes in only a few
     short weeks in Plainview and we look forward to similar achievements in Great Neck in the upcoming weeks.
     Initial data on weight control is very positive with both staff and residents demonstrating success. Later in the spring of 2010, data on cholesterol, blood
     sugar and blood pressure levels will be reviewed. With the anticipated continued success of the Plainview and Great Neck homes and building on all we
     learn from the pilot project, this health and wellness initiative will gradually expand to other homes and programs. We look forward to healthier work
     and living environments throughout ACLD.

           Special Thanks to ACLD’s Health and Wellness Work Group Members
              Rick Wirth               Marjorie Bach       Stacy Columbo   Kerry Harrison                               Mark Crean
              Laura Conrad             Sandy Nayberg       Joe Bianco      Lupe Lightell                                Ron Schenendorf

   Thank you…                                                        The Circle cutbacks havearelimited Preservation Funds,residential usedapartmentthroughout
                                                                                  of Commitment Program is an essential part of ACLD’s fundraising
                                                                        the year. These funds necessary to support the
                                                                     Since State                                            which are
                                                                                                                                       and             programs.
                                                                                                                                            for residential
                                                                     renovations and improvements, your support was crucial this year. Your generosity has
                       to all who supported                          made the pursuit of an enviable life possible for the individuals supported by ACLD.
             Circle of Commitment in 2009                            We wish you health and happiness in 2010 and hope that you continue to support the
                                                                     Circle of Commitment, now, more than ever.
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    ACLD Celebrates the
    Opening of Two New Residences
                                                                                                               Poetry Corner
    A   CLD recently opened two new residences. One of the
        homes, located on Autumn Drive in East Northport,
    opened its doors on June 15, 2009 to eight individuals.
                                                                                                               Highlighting Harvey Karon, whose poem was published
                                                                                                               in the NATIONAL LIBRARY OF POETRY. He has worked
    The house has been                                                                                         at Pathmark for the last 20 years. He loves to write
    adapted to accommodate                                                                                     during his leisure time and he just recently moved
                                                                 ACLD’s East Hills residence.                  into a new apartment on his own. He is part of our
    five of the residents whom
                                                                                                               At Home Residential Habilitation program.
    utilize wheelchairs and
    two whom are hearing
    impaired. The ranch-style
                                                                                                               The Angel,
    house has two ramps,                                                                                       The Prophet and Me
    one is located in the                                                                                      I was walking along one stormy night
    front, and the other one is
                                                                                                               I was feeling sad and not all right
    in the back. Two of the
    bedrooms are equipped                                                                                      The skies opened the sun’s rays
    with special doorbells and                                                                                     shined down and I
    a video phone in order to Some of the residents from the East Hills House take a break from                Looked up and before my eyes
    alert the two residents with cooking dinner. (From Left to Right) Stephen Tocci, Douglas Kornblatt,            there were
    hearing impairments when ACLD Staff Member, Sharon Leornard, Erica Mueller, Lindsay Eder.                  Angels dancing, it was like a ballet
    someone is at the door. All of the resident are very happy in their new home and look forward to           There was a figure out in the distance
    making memories with their new friends. ACLD’s East Hills residence opened on Monday, April13,
                                                                                                                   that spoke in
    2009. Most of the residents have known each other since their adolescence and have remained
    close friends throughout the years. When the weather is warm enough, the six residents enjoy               A kind voice and said “let the bad
    their surroundings with long leisurely walks throughout the neighborhood. They also enjoyed their              things pass and
    first BBQ on August 16, 2009 as well as their first house vacation aboard a Carnival cruise ship           Think of the wonderful things you
                                                                                  to the Bahamas in                have done”.
                                                                                  October 2009. All of                        ~ HARVEY KARON
                                                                                  the residents have
                                                                                  grown very close
                                                                                  and have made
                                                                                  East Hills their home.
                                                                                                           ACLD Blood Drive
                                                                                                           T   hank you to all who came out to ACLD’s
                                                                                                               Blood Drive in October 2009 and February
                                                                                                           2010. Thanks to people like you the Long
                                                                                                           Island Blood Center is able to meet their vital,
                                                                                                           life-saving community mission. With your help,
    Residents and staff from the Autumn Drive house                                                        this organization can save the lives of potentially
    enjoy some down time. (From Left to Right)                                                             20 million people by providing high-quality
    Anne Marie Crozier, Susan Cohen-Rohl, Debi                                                             transfusion services in the
    Galatioto, David McKee, Shaqwena Voner-Dean,                                                           tri-state area.
                                                         ACLD’s Autumn Drive residence.
    Sharon Oumano, Thomas Herpich, Nicholas
    Novotny, Sarina Derry.                                                                                 Your generosity
                                                                                                           is truly appreciated!

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    Commemorative Gifts
                 Commemorative gifts assist ACLD in its provision of services to people in need and are a very special way
                      to acknowledge someone significant to you. There are two types of ACLD commemorative gifts.
                             An IN MEMORY OF GIFT is a lasting tribute to a loved one who has passed away.
                An IN HONOR OF GIFT commemorates a birthday, holiday, anniversary, graduation or other special occasion.
                                          To make a commemorative gift go to or
                                                                                                                                        In Memory Of:
                                     contact ACLD’s Development Office at (516) 822-0028, Ext. 139.
                                                                                                                                        Marilyn Breitkopf
                                                 Commemorative gifts are tax deductible.                                                Sheila Hochberg
                                     A beautiful acknowledgement is sent from ACLD on your behalf.                                      Arthur & Rita Engel
                                                                                                                                        Mitchell & Lauren Katz
    In Memory Of:                                In Memory Of:                                In Memory Of:                             Alvin & Arlene Katz
    Gerald Goodman                               Marvin Robert Krassner                       Mary Gai
    Doris Shaw                                                                                                                          Vicki & Jamie Engel
                                                 Mark E. Arroll                               Anne Emmerson and                         David Katz
    In Memory Of:                                In Memory Of:                                The Office of Academic Affairs
    Mathilda Teppel                                                                                                                     In Memory Of:
                                                 Marsha Levy                                  In Memory Of:                             George Busk
    Art & Rita Engel                             Laurette Uziel                               Simona B. Bravo                           Anne Emmerson and
    In Memory Of:                                In Memory Of:                                Anne Emmerson and                         The Office of Academic Affairs
    Andrea Grippi                                Eileen Panos                                 The Office of Academic Affairs
    William J. Turley                                                                                                                   In Memory Of:
                                                 Peter Panos                                  In Memory Of:                             Frederick Sabia
    In Memory Of:                                In Memory Of:                                Frank Pallas                              Anne Emmerson and
    Ramon Paulino                                Robert J. Pronk                              Anne Emmerson and                         The Office of Academic Affairs
    Doris Shaw                                   Patricia Pronk                               The Office of Academic Affairs
                                                                                                                                        In Memory Of:
    In Memory Of:                                In Memory Of:                                In Memory Of:                             Henry Eisen
    Milton Greenberg                             Claire B. Weinstein                          Frank Simko                               Harvey & Jean Silverman
    Susan Shanzer                                Irving Weinstein                             Anne Emmerson and
                                                                                                                                        In Honor Of:
    In Memory Of:                                                                             The Office of Academic Affairs
                                                 In Memory Of:                                                                          Birth of Blake Maya
    Teddy Barish                                 Marjorie A. Marquardt                        In Memory Of:                             Marlene Engel & Bernie Perry
    Al & Arlene Katz                             Hugh & Ann Show                              David Schlesinger
    Sheila & Irving Hochberg                                                                                                            In Honor Of:
                                                 Jean & John Agni                             Debbie & Cliff Schoen
    Art & Rita Engel                                                                                                                    Dorothy Eisenberg’s Birthday
                                                 Gregory Chofey                               In Memory Of:                             Doris Shaw
    In Memory Of:                                In Memory Of:                                Ellen Schlesinger
    Anthony Zucco                                                                                                                       In Honor Of:
                                                 Michael J. Saltser                           Debbie & Cliff Schoen
    Angela Critchley                                                                                                                    Marissa Sunshine’s Bat Mitzvah
                                                 Anita & Richard Adelman                      In Memory Of:                             Joel & Hazel Karp
    In Memory Of:                                In Memory Of:                                Joseph Tartikoff                          Beth & Howard Kaplan
    Joan Epstein                                 Mario Tucci                                  Barbara & Mike Schneider
    Sheila & Irving Hochberg                                                                                                            In Honor Of:
                                                 Pat & Ernie Gonzalez                         The Plainview House Parents Association
    Art & Rita Engel                                                                                                                    Irving Wolbrom’s 75th Birthday
                                                                                              Martin & Sharon Kozak
                                                 In Memory Of:                                                                          Liza Schepanski
    In Memory Of:                                Jane Plowman Levy                            In Memory Of:                             Sonia Weinstein
    Phillip Allan Siegel                         Gerald & Shirley Levy                        Bernard Belkin                            Gil Schwartzberg
    Jay & Luetta Gould                                                                        Doris Shaw
                                                 In Memory Of:                                                                          In Honor Of:
    In Memory Of:                                Frederick Harris                             In Memory Of:                             Joseph & Josephine Montana
    Louis Salvo                                  John & Hella Reilly                          Phillip Starr                             for a Merry Christmas
    Turley, Redmond, Rosasco & Rosasco, LLP                                                   Adrienne & Mort Green
                                                 In Memory Of:                                                                          Charles & Joanne Kerr
    In Memory Of:                                                                             Patricia & George Hamlin
                                                 Murray Poster                                                                          In Honor Of:
    Dorothy Vichot                                                                            Sandra, Richard & Keith Breuninger
                                                 Gail & Don Mitzner                                                                     Philip Young celebrating his success
    James Vichot                                                                              The Chichester Residents
                                                 In Memory Of:                                                                          Eugenia AuKim
    In Memory Of:                                                                             In Memory Of:
                                                 Vicki Werner Homkow                                                                    In Honor Of:
    Theodore Ain                                                                              J. Stanley Shaw
                                                 Anne Emmerson and                                                                      Beth Halpern
    Doris Shaw                                                                                Richard & Nathlie Paladino
                                                 The Office of Academic Affairs                                                         Mr.and Mrs. Halpern

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    In Honor Of:                             The Resnick Family                In Honor Of:
    Emma Rose Borzekowski’s                  The Rubin Family                  Rita & Arthur Engel
    Bat Mitzvah                              Mrs. Barbara Ryan                 Carol Hoexter
    Marlene Engel & Bernie Perry             The O’Sullivan Family             In Honor Of:
    In Honor Of:                             Mr. & Mrs. Sean O’Sullivan        Mr. & Mrs. Alan Spiegel’s
    Francine Vichot                          Mr. & Mrs. Laurie Keller          Granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah
    James Vichot                             Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rubin            Wendy & Phil Forgash
                                             Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Pudell
    In Honor Of:                                                               In Honor Of:
                                             Mr. & Mrs. James Martin
    A Happy and a Healthy New Year to:                                         My son Wally Coleman and all the
                                             Mr. & Mrs. Scott Kabak
    The Trastelis Family
    The Ramos Family
                                             Mr. & Mrs. Gregory LiCalzi        wonderful children! ACLD has and
                                                                               still continues to play a tremendous
                                             Mr. & Mrs. Tom Linder
    The Breuninger Family
                                             Alan & Ellen Spiegel              role in Wally’s everyday life. Thank         of a
    Dr. & Mrs. R. Dibble
    The Sherman Family                       In Honor Of:
                                                                               you all and Happy New Year.              Commemorative
                                                                               Stephanie Coleman
    Mr. & Mrs. J. Wolff                      Rose Levy Marano
                                                                               In Honor Of:
    Mr. & Mrs. J. Rosen                      Gerald & Shirley Levy
                                                                               Rose Rosenbluth’s 100th Birthday
    The Liss Family                          In Honor Of:
                                                                               Bernie Perry & Marlene Engel
    The Ortego Family                        Steven Topper
                                                                                                                                Ann McQuade
    Mrs. Patricia Hamlin                     Ina Koplan                                                                     a Leaf in memory of
    The Musorofiti Family                    In Honor Of:                                                                      Kate McQuade
    The Winkler Family                       Keith Siegel
    The Millon Family                        Mark Siegel

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
    • Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to ACLD’s Year End Appeal. This appeal has raised more than $60,000! During tough economic
      times, it’s nice to know that we can count on the ACLD family to ban together, so generously giving at a time when everyone is struggling.
    • Thank you to Pat Pispisa and Eastern Long Island Hospital Nursing Administration Staff for “adopting a family” and donating numerous toys and
       gifts for the Kramer Learning Center’s Holiday Assistance Project. Special Thanks to Barbara Fracapane for making all of the purchases.
    • Special Thanks to Shannon McLaughlin, Pat Petrovaec, Elisa Vallone, Diane Cummings, Barbara Gorleski, Dr. Meredith Long, Sue Padavano and
      Service Coordination in Melville for their kind doantions to Kramer Learning Center’s Holiday Assistance Project
    • Thank you to the Italian Welfare League for generously donating $8,000 to ACLD’s Children’s Services Program.
    • Special thanks to the Charles Evans Foundation for donating $15,000 and the Arthur Pashcow Memorial Foundation for donating $7,500
      to benefit ACLD’s Plainview residence. Special thanks to Joel Pashcow for securing the generous gifts.
    • Thank you to Macy’s Foundation for donating $5,000 for ACLD’s Women’s Health Initiative.
      Special thanks to Mrs. Shirley Maas for soliciting this grant.
    • Thank you to the Achelis/Bodman Foundation for generously donating $1,000 to
      benefit ACLD’s Chichester residence. Special thanks to Ellen & Paul Alexander and
      Walter J. Curley for soliciting the generous donation.
    • Thank you to the Langeloth Foundation for generously donating $5,000 and
      the Cedar Fund for donating $10,000 to benefit ACLD’s Chichester residence.
      Special thanks to Alan Spiegel for soliciting the generous donations.
    • Thanks to the Woman’s Group of the Greens for their generous gift of $1,000
      for ACLD’s After School Therapeutic Program. Thanks to Ellen Alexander for
      securing this donation.
    • Special thanks to Ellen and Paul Alexander for their generous donation of $5,000 to
      support ACLD’s Chichester residence, Heath Services Center and Recreation Program.
    • Thank you to an anonymous donor for donating $10,000 to benefit ACLD’s Chichester
      residence. Special thanks to Alan Spiegel for soliciting this generous gift.
    • A very special thank you to the North Shore–Long Island Jewish Health System
      (NS-LIJ) for including ACLD’s Furnari family (pictured here) in their annual
      Adopt-A-Family Holiday Program. A tremendous outpouring of presents and
      gift certificates were collected by NS-LIJ’s employees and delivered to the
      family just before the holidays.
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                                                                                                                     US Postage

                                                                                                                    Permit No.32
                                                                                                                   Schenectady, NY
    The Lindner Campus
    807 South Oyster Bay Road
    Bethpage, New York 11714

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                                       Contract Agency of Nassau County — Department of Mental Health,
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