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The Simple Way To Get Accepted Into
           CPA Networks


              Mike Roosa
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The techniques I describe in this report contain strategies, methods, and advice
that may or may not produce results for you, regardless of the success I’ve had.
These are techniques that I use and that work for me, but I cannot make any
guarantees as to your success if you try these methods. There are several factors
and variables that can affect your income for which I have no control over. Results
will depend on the model you follow and the conditions of the current marketplace
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In this report, I’m going to show you how to get accepted into
CPA Networks. This report is going to show you exactly how I am
able to apply for an account at a CPA Network, and if you apply
these techniques, you should increase your success rate getting
accepted as well and start to make some money with CPA offers.

Not only will you get accepted into CPA networks, but think of the
doors it will open for you. It will give you a skill that you can
teach others and it will make people start to notice you. My
technique will help you to get your foot in the door and teach you
a thing or two about CPA Networks. You can keep doing what
you’re doing today, but is that what you really want?

Finally, when you put this report to use and take action on the
steps I’m about to layout, you’ll feel empowered and when you
look in the mirror, you’ll say “That was easy!” and not “I never
get accepted into anything!”

Now, let’s see how this works.

Overview of My Technique
CPA Networks provide offers so that you can make money by
promoting them. These offers range from applications for student
loans, credit scores, car insurance, mortgages, and much more.

CPA offers are great to promote, because they don’t usually
require the visitor to buy anything. Most of the time, the
company that has the offer is just collecting leads and will try

selling to you on the back end after they have all your
information. It’s much easier to get someone to sign up for free
trial offers than to break out the credit card.

My technique is very simple and straightforward, but it works.
I’ve been very successful at getting into networks and rarely get

I learned this information on my own through trial and error and
talking to employees at the CPA Networks. What I’m about to
share is not some huge secret or anything like that, but it is what

Getting Down To Business
If you are looking for CPA Networks to apply to, then I
recommend you go to and take a look at the
offers presented there. Once you find an offer that you’d like to
promote, then apply to the network listed next to the offer.

Once you find a network that you’d like to join, you need to go to
their website and fill out an application.

You need to be completely honest with all the questions on the
application. One sure way to get declined is if they find you being
dishonest in any way.

TIP: If you know someone that belongs to that network, then put
that in the application in the notes or comments field. This always

One of the stumbling blocks on the application that many people
run into is the website field. Many networks will tell you a website
is required when applying, but it really isn’t always the case. If

you don’t have a website, just put anything is this field like or something. It doesn’t have to be a real

Once the form has been submitted I wait about an hour and then
call the company. I tell them that I’ve just submitted an
application online and that I’m very excited to start sending them
some traffic as soon as I’m approved.

Make sure to mention the offer you found and are so excited to

If you are a member of some other networks, then tell them, but
do not LIE! Many of the managers know each other at the
different networks and will sometimes call and verify. Also, they
may ask for a screen print of your account at another network so
it’s very important to be honest.

It’s completely okay to say you are just starting out, but you
need to know what you are talking about when it comes to traffic.
You could mention how you’ve been promoting ClickBank
products and driving traffic to let them know you have a clue
what you are doing.

The best kind of traffic for CPA in the eyes of the CPA Network is
PPC or PPV. If you tell them you are going to promote their offer
with PPC or PPV, you will almost always get accepted as long as
you sound like you know what you are talking about.

The call with the network is all about selling yourself. When you
speak to them, speak with confidence and with conviction.

Oh yeah, about the website. Chances are if you’ve explained your
traffic source and how you’ve sold yourself well enough, they’ll

never ask about the website. If they do, just tell them that you’ll
work on it once you’re approved and set up the campaign.

That’s really all there is to it.

Putting It All Together
I hope you’ve been able to see how easy it is to get approved into
a CPA Network.

Once you are approved into a network then the real work begins.

Find offers you want to promote and drive traffic. The offers will
convert if the right type of traffic is sent to them. I really like
sending article traffic, PPC, and PPV.

Use your affiliate manager often. Add them to your instant
messenger and talk to them about what offers are converting
best and which traffic sources are working. You should be talking
to your affiliate manager on a weekly basis if you are serious
about making money online.

If you put all this together you can be making money with CPA
offers in a very short period of time.


My favorite CPA network is MaxBounty. Click here to sign up with

If you’d like to contact me, Mike Roosa, with any questions or
would like to let me know what you thought about this report,
you can contact me at


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