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					           Refresher Course 2010

                      QIADAT TEHRIKE JADID
                     MAJLIS ANSARULLAH UK

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                      Majlis Ansarullah UK
     2-Spending in the way of Allah

    ‫ّل ِ َ ُ ف ُ ن َ ى َ ُ ْ َ و َ ِ ز وعل ِ ً فَه‬
  ْ‫اَذيْن ينْ ِقىْ َ امْ َاّلهم بِاّليْلِ َاّلنهَار سِ ًا َ ََانيَة َل ُم‬
  ‫ٌ عَ ِ و ُ ْ ي َن ْن‬                     ‫ا ز ُ ِ د َِ ِ و‬
  َ ‫َجْ ُهمْ عنْ َ ربهمْۚ َّلَا خَىْف َليْهمْ َّلَا هم َحْز ُى‬

  Those who spend their wealth by night and day, secretly and openly, have
their reward with their Lord; on them shall come no fear nor shall they grieve.

                          Majlis Ansarullah UK
     3.Tehrike Jadid – A divine Scheme

         In 1934, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II
initiated this divine scheme to facilitate
propagation of the message of Ahmadiyyat in
response to a horrendous wave of opposition
that had taken off. In the first year of the appeal,
the scheme collected 14 to 15 times more than
the set target. This total was reached through
the sacrifices of those who could only afford to
give very little and did so by cutting down on
their living expenses. It is through the
remarkable sacrifices of these individuals - who
had little -that the message of Ahmadiyyat was
taken outside of the Indian sub-continent.

                         Majlis Ansarullah UK
       4-Tehrike Jadid – Background

In 1934 , Majlis-e-Ahrar, a Muslim sectarian movement sent some of
its volunteers to create mischief by organizing conferences in Qadian
and with great fervour and confidence announced that they would
destroy Qadian. The atmosphere in the rest of the country was also
vitiated against the Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya. The Government was also
backing these elements. It seemed that all the forces had combined
against Ahmadiyyat. As the evil intentions of the Majlis-e-Ahrar
unfolded, Allah through his chosen servant , Khalifatul Masih II,
initiated the great scheme of Tehrik-e-Jadid which brought to
naught the plans of the opponents and within a short period of time
Ahrar’s influence started to decline and they lost the confidence of
the mainstream Muslims.

                      Majlis Ansarullah UK
        5-Tehrike Jadid – Importance
Hadhrat Musleh e Maud (ra) said:
  “ This is not my scheme, rather it is a scheme revealed by God.”
  He further said:
  “The purpose of initiating Tahrike Jadid is to generate necessary
   funds for the propagation of the name of God to the corners of the
   world. It is initiated so that individuals could devote their entire
   lives for the propagation of Islam. Tahrik e Jadid is initiated so that
   the members of our Jam’at would gain that courage and
   perseverance that should be a characteristic of active and efficient
                      (Friday Sermon 27th November, 1942)

                        Majlis Ansarullah UK
       6-Tehrike Jadid – Participation
Hadhrat Khalifaul Masih II (ra) said:

“ Remember, Tehrike Jadid is from Allah Ta’ala and that is why it will
   prosper and all the obstacles in its way will be removed. And if
   provision for it is not found on earth, then the heavens will bless
   this scheme. Therefore blessed are they who unreservedly
   participate in this scheme, because their names will live on the
   history of Islam with respect and honour. These people will have
   great honour in the court of Almighty Allah because they went
   through great trials in order to fortify the faith and Allah Himself will
   safeguard their descendants. And divine light will issue from their
   hearts and will illuminate the world.”

                         Majlis Ansarullah UK
      7-Message of our beloved Imam
Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) said:

“ It has also come to my notice that there is still
     considerable room for improvement in Tehrike
     Jadid. There is a need to pay serious attention to
     it. In some Jama’ats , more than a half of the
     members are not participating in Tehrike Jadid.
Ansar should now take up this responsibility that
     they have a major role to play in increasing the
     number of participants. Firstly, each Nasir should
     review his own situation that he is participating
     one hundred percent in these blessed schemes.
     Then each one should try to include his wife and
     children in it as well.”
             (Ijtema Majlis Ansarullah 5th Nov. 2006)

                              Majlis Ansarullah UK
             8-Aims of Tehrike Jadid

The main aims of Tehrike Jadid are as follows:

   To facilitate the spread of Islam.
   To establish and maintain Jama’at
    throughout the world.
   To build new mosques and centres.
   To print and distribute new literature.
   For the payment of salaries to missionaries.
   To promote goodwill among members.

                       Majlis Ansarullah UK
    9-Demands of Tehrike Jadid-(cont.)
In sermons on 16th November, 23rd November and 30th November,
    1934 delivered by Hadhrat Musleh Mauood (ra) outlined the
    framework of Tehrike Jadid and made some demands on all
    Jama’at members. The following is the list of initial nineteen
 Lead a simple life
 Participate in spreading the message of Islam worldwide.
 Dedicate leave period for the service of Jama’at.(Waqfe Ardi)
 Offer your children for life-time Waqf. (Waqfe zindgi)
 Retired people to offer themselves for services of Jama,at.
 Dedicate part of your income and property.
 Influential and learned Ahmadis should give lectures.
 Prepare rebuttal of adverse propaganda.
                      Majlis Ansarullah UK
        10-Demands of Tehrike Jadid
   Seek advice from Jama’at when deciding about higher education
    and future of children.
   Develop the habit of working with your own hands(instead of
    depending upon others).
   Jobless person should not hesitate to take up even petty jobs.
   Promote Islamic culture.
   Promote honesty in society.
   Keep the paths clean.
   Protect the rights of women.
   If possible members may build houses in Qadian.
   Offer special prayers in order to succeed in these undertakings.

                        Majlis Ansarullah UK
        11-Tehrike Jadid & Wasiyyat

Hadhrat Musleh Maud (ra) called Tehrike Jadid the
   foundation of Wasiyyat. He said
“ Every person, who participates in the Tehrike Jadid, helps
   to foster the system of Al-Wasiyyat.
Today our children are being prepared for financial sacrifice
   and for the scheme of Wasiyyat by contributing to
   Tehrike Jadid.”

                     Majlis Ansarullah UK
    12-A Glimpse of blessing of Tehrike Jadid
               as of August 2008

   Jama’at has established 15,055 mosques as of
    May 26, 2008
   Jama’at has translated the Holy Qur’an into 65 languages
   1,300 missionaries are propagating Islam
   8 Jamia Ahmadiyya schools are in operation worldwide
   Jama’at has established 564 schools in Africa
   Jama’at has established 36 hospitals in 8 countries
   625 homeopathic clinics are in operation worldwide
   There were 112 newspapers and magazines being published in
    various languages around the globe.
   Jama’at is operating 8 printing presses in Africa
   Jama’at has installed 100 solar energy stations in Africa
   5 computer training centres are in operation in Africa
                      Majlis Ansarullah UK
      13-Instructions to Muntazmeen

   The Tehrike Jadid year begins on 1st November and ends on the
    following 31st October.
   A suggested contribution of Mujahid Safe Awwal in this blessed scheme
    is one fifth of one’s monthly income paid over a year.
   Contact your local president and offer your help in collection of promises.
   Every effort should be made not to leave a single member of Ansarullah
    in your Majlis out of this scheme.
   All Ansars should try to include all members of their family including
    newborn babies.
   Every new Ahmadi Nasir shoud also be brought into this blessed scheme.
   Try to continue the sacrifice of deceased relatives who used to participate
    in Tehrike Jadid. You can see a complete list of all 5000 Mujahiddin of
    Daftar Awwal on 
                          Majlis Ansarullah UK
          14-Annual Programme-(cont.)
   Write a letter to Huzur (aba) and seek prayers for the accomplishment
    of this programme.
   Every Muntazim should contact local president/secretary Tehrike Jadid
    and offer their services to collect the promises of Tehrike Jadid of all
    Ansars and their dependents in the Majlis.
   A completed list of promises on the prescribed form should reach the
    centre by 28th February 2010. Basically we need
    1.Promises of Ansars 2. No of dependants 3. No of Participants
   All Zoama/Muntazmeen are requested to read the demands of Tehrike
    Jadid in their local meetings at least once in three months.
   Kindly request your local missionary sahib that if they could deliver a
    Friday sermon on demands of Tehrike Jadid during the special weeks.
   All Zoama/Muntazmeen are requested to make an extra effort to revive
    at least one account of Daftar Awwal 1934-1943 (any deceased
    relative or Jama’at elder) In their Majlis.
                        Majlis Ansarullah UK
            15-Annual Programme
   First week of Tehrike Jadid is from 23rd April to 29th April
    2010. A separate programme will be sent to Majalis

    All Zoama/Muntazmeen are requested that kindly encourage
    Ansars in their Majalis to write at least one essay on any topic
    related to demands and blessings of Tehrike Jadid.
   Second week of Tehrike Jadid will be from 4th October to 10th
    October 2010. All Mutazmeen are requested to help their
    Majalis in 100% collection of promises.
   Finally I would like to thank all of you for being here in this
    refresher course and I will conclude my requests in Huzur’s

                      Majlis Ansarullah UK
               16- Khaira Ummah

In the Friday sermon on 6th November
2009 Huzur (aba) said:
 As long as we continue to aspire to develop
in piety we will be ‘Khaira Ummah’. (best
A person or a child who makes even a
small contribution will be included in
blessings of this scheme.
May Allah keep this spirit of sacrifice
alive in us and our next generation and
may we continue to be the recipients of
His blessings.

                      Majlis Ansarullah UK