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									                                    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!    News from the Prince William County Bar Association

                                               Volume XV Issue V                                    June 2010
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Annual Legislative Luncheon,
pg. 2

Guardian Ad Litem Reminder,         President’s Message
                                    By Amy M. Ashworth
pg. 3

Attention All JDR Court-            As you all probably know by now, last month, one of our members, Jenn Zary, was
Appointed Attorneys, pg. 3          involved in a serious car accident. She suffered numerous injuries, underwent several
                                    surgeries and is now going through the slow process of recovery and rehabilitation. After
Goodbye Tension! Hello              I posted the information on the listserv, the response from you was overwhelming. So
Pension!! pg. 3                     many of you have volunteered your time to help Jenn with meals, errands, court cases, it
                                    was really heartwarming. Some of the responses noted that they didn’t even know Jenn
Supreme Court of Virginia, pg. 4    but were willing to help out with whatever was needed. It’s wonderful to see how
                                    supportive and helpful we are to one another when needed.
Report from Bar Counsel, pg. 4
                                    I was unable to attend the May luncheon because it conflicted with my duty as a parent to
Happy Birthday to the PWC Bar       drag my children around Disney World, but I hear the luncheon was a smashing success. I
Foundation, pg. 4                   want to thank Elite Document Solutions for their generous sponsorship which allowed us
                                    to offer May’s monthly luncheon for free to our members. And I want to thank President-
Highlights of the April PWC Bar     Elect Megan Kelly who I am sure did a fantastic job welcoming the members of our
BOD Meeting, pg. 5                  legislative delegation and hosting the event. Thank you also to the Manassas-Woodbridge
                                    Chapter of Jack and Jill of America for their generous donation to the Books for Troubled
Senior Citizen’s Project, Another   Teens program, which was also presented at the May luncheon.
Great Success, pg. 5
                                    For June’s luncheon, we have another great and informative program scheduled. Many of
Going Green! pg. 6                  us remember practicing law during the real estate boom and how easy it was to refinance
                                    property, buy property and sell property. Unfortunately, those days are over. If you have
PWC Bar Welcomes Newest             been asking yourself when the real estate market and real estate financing are going to
Members, pg. 6                      improve, please RSVP now for the June luncheon where we have invited several local
                                    experts to address those questions. Rob Heltzel, Vice-President of the Virginia Mortgage
Classified Ad, pg. 6                Lenders Association, and Kathleen Kennedy, Director of the Prince William Association
                                    of Realtors are going to share their insight into this changed market and offer advice on
“So You’re 18”, That’s a wrap…      how the market is doing, and when we can expect some relief. This is important
pg. 7                               information for you and your clients. And, it’s a free lunch, thanks to Tim Kotlowski and
                                    Forrest Odend’hal of Long and Foster Realtors.
Middle School Court Tours
Program Recap, pg. 8                Other updates: The Board has appointed Amy McCullough, Robert Zelnick, Brad
                                    Marshall, and Casey Stevens to the Judicial Evaluation Committee headed by Paul Walla.
Jack and Jill of America            I want to thank everyone who volunteered for this committee that we were unable to
Donation, pg. 9                     select, but don’t worry, I’ll be contacting you soon to join another committee.  The
                                    Entertainment committee headed by Bob Cooper is hard at work on a family picnic
Library Computer Terminals,         scheduled for Sunday, August 22nd at Sudley Swim Club. And the CLE committee
pg. 10                              headed by Kevin Leahy is setting up a CLE on Virginia Sentencing Guidelines this
                                    summer. Thank you everyone for your continued commitment to our Association.
Reminders to the PWCBA from
the Law Librarian, pg. 10
June 2010, page 2

                                         Annual Legislative Luncheon
                                         The PWC Bar welcomed several members of the local legislative delegation to their
                                         Annual Legislative Luncheon, held on May 7th at Mackey’s American Pub. Senator’s
                                         Colgan, Puller and Barker and Delegates Marshall, Miller and Anderson attended and
                                         provided highlights from the 2010 Session of the Virginia General Assembly.

                                         The legislators spoke about their efforts to defeat the creation of a local public defenders
                                         office. Delegate Miller noted that the anticipated cost savings, associated with the
Prince William County
Bar Association, Inc.                    creation of the PD office, were based on outdated financial models and likely not to
P.O. Box 31                              occur. Miller also referenced the good working relationship enjoyed in PWC between
Manassas, Virginia 20108                 the police officers, defense bar and prosecutors and said, “…that doesn’t exit in
                                         jurisdictions where there are public defenders offices.” Senator Colgan commented that
Offices 3rd Floor, PWC Judicial Center   input from the Bar on the creation of a local PD office was needed and appreciated.
9311 Lee Avenue
Manassas, Virginia 20110                 Information concerning the state budget and related financial highlights was also
                                         presented. Senator Barker commented that passing a “balanced budget without tax
TEL (703) 393-8865
                                         increases and while maintaining critical services”, was accomplished largely to Senator
LRS (703) 393-2306
FAX (703) 331-5683                       Colgan’s leadership. Senator Puller spoke about bi-partisan support for increases in
Email: pwcba1@verizon.net                educational funding for Northern Virginia, and shared her concerns about the potential
Web site: www.pwcba.org                  loss of funds for health related items if all the proceeds generated by the privatization of
                                         liquor stores are designated for transportation. Senator Barker referenced increasing the
2010                                     percentage of the state’s road maintenance money designated for projects in Northern
Officers and Directors                   Virginia.
Amy M. Ashworth
President                                Delegate Marshall spoke of his efforts to pass a bill making it illegal in Virginia to
(703) 792-6050                           require the purchase of health insurance. He also spoke of initiatives aimed at insurance
                                         companies to ensure that only medical doctors have the ability to deny treatment, and
Megan. E. Kelly                          provisions for an individual to “bank” their own stem cells for future treatment.
(703) 792-6620
                                         The wide variety of issues presented during the luncheon shows the broad range of
Barry A. Zweig                           interests and aptitudes possessed by the members of our local legislative delegation.
Immediate Past President                 They are adept at harnessing those skills for the benefit of all who reside in the Thirty-
(703) 257-3500                           First Judicial Circuit.

Laurie J. Sholtis
(703) 330-0000

Joseph W. Thelin
(703) 385-2880

Mark T. Crossland
Director 2007-2011
(703) 491-7797

Petula C. Metzler
Director 2008-2012
(703) 365-9945

Arthur von Keller, IV
Director 2009-2013
(703) 361-2299

Angela L. Horan
Director 2010-2014
(703) 792-6620
                                           Pictured above: Senators Barker, Puller and
John D. Whittington                        Colgan. Pictured Right: Delegate Miller and
Bar Council Rep. 2007-10                   Delegate Marshall
(703) 257-5668
                                                                                                               June 2010, page 3

Guardian Ad Litem Reminder                                                               Prince William County Bar
By Michele Rydell                                                                        Association, Inc.
A meeting took place at the Prince William Juvenile Court on April 20, 2010, which       Office Hours
was attended by representatives from CASA, GALs, the County Attorney’s Office            9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Mon.—Fri.
and the Court. GALs – Please be aware that you have the continuing authority to act      The PWCBA Office is located on
in abuse and neglect cases with protective orders, even where the case is removed        third floor of the Prince William
from the docket without a review date but the protective order continues in full force   County Judicial Center, next to the
and effect. Motions can be made at any time by GALs to amend or review the               elevators.
protective orders. Your duty to the child as a GAL continues until such time as the
protective order is dismissed by the Court. CASA is award of this, and looks forward     Guidelines for Submissions to
to providing GALs with updated information and bringing to your attention any            Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
concerns. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.      Submissions should be directed to the
Michele Rydell (703) 850-6674                                                            attention of Alissa N. Hudson,
                                                                                         Executive Director, PWCBA
Attention All JDR Court-Appointed Attorneys                                              preferably via email to
From Bob Coleman                                                                         pwcba1@verizon.net , or fax to
                                                                                          (703) 331-5683, or mail to
All attorneys wishing to accept court-appointments in the Juvenile and Domestic          Prince William County Bar
Relations Court for calendar year 2011 are requested to contact Robert P. Coleman,       Association, Inc.,
Esquire at coleman@manassaslaw.com to confirm participation in the 2011 JDR              P.O. Box 31,
Rotation Calendar. Please provide current address, telephone number, email address,      Manassas, VA 20108.
and taxpayer ID and/or SSN for billing purposes. The 2011 JDR Rotation Calendar          All submissions must be paid in
will be prepared and forwarded to the Juvenile Court Judges/Clerks on August             advance, and are due by 5:00 PM on
15, 2010! Please confirm your participation by July 1, 2010. Any questions,              the 10th of the month preceding
comments or concerns can be directed to me at (703) 361-8246. Any new attorneys          publication and must include a contact
wishing to join the 2011 rotation calendar, here is your chance!!! The following         name and phone number.
attorneys currently serve:
                                                                                         For inquiries regarding classified or
Alexander, Marjorie         James F. Anderson           Ashton, Charlie                  display advertising, contact the
Banks, Chester              Brown, Sadie Banks          Coleman, Robert                  PWCBA office at (703) 393-8865, to
Crossland, Mark T.          Aimee Jessica Davis         Daugherty, David                 request a copy of the most recent rate
Fahy, Ronald                Faust, Robert               Feldman, Chris                   card, or visit the bar on line at
Ford, Erin                  Gregory, Robert R.          James P. Griffin                 www.pwcba.org under "About the
Jessica M. Harbeson         Henshaw, Mark D.            Irving, John J.                  Bar", "Advertising and Sponsorships".
James, Christopher          Johnson, James              Matulka, Meghan A.
McLaughlin, Anthony         Miller, Abby                Morley, Raymond                  PWC Bar Listserv Guidelines
Norloff, Anne               Notarianni, John            Olesker, Neal David              You are encouraged to sign up for the
Olmstead, Sevda             Petrocelli, Mandy           Elizabeth Reiter                 PWC Bar Listserv, which is available
David M. Saiki              Scott, Johnda               Showells, Adrian                 to ALL members in good standing of
Stone, Nancy S.             Swajger, Scott              Tabot, William                   the Bar.
Taylor, J. Andrew           Teluk, Myron                Amy N. Tobias
Walla, Paul                 Ward, Timothy               Wooditch, George                 To subscribe, send an email to
Zary, Jennifer B.                                                                        pwcba1@verizon.net and you will be
                                                                                         added to the list.

                                                                                         To post a message, send an e-mail to
                    Goodbye Tension! Hello Pension!!                                     list@pwcba.org Your message will
                                                                                         be sent to everyone on the list.
  That will be the motto for Tammy Cameron after she retires from the Juvenile &
   Domestic Relations District Court after thirty-one years of service. Please join      To reply to a message, simply hit
      co-workers, friends and family for a Retirement Dinner in her honor on:            <reply> and type your response. It
                                                                                         will go to the person who posted the
   Friday, June 25, 2010 @ 6:00 p.m., Regency at Dominion Valley Country Club            original message. This is the
                     5505 Players Circle, Haymarket, VA 20169                            preferred method of replying unless
                                                                                         the entire membership will benefit
     RSVP by June 15th to Frances Hedrick, Prince William J&DR District Court            from your response.
      9311 Lee Avenue, Manassas, VA 20110. The cost is $25.00 per person
                                                                                         To unsubscribe, simply send a
                    If you wish to contribute to a joint gift for Tammy                  message to pwcba1@verizon.net with
                      you may include that amount with your check.                       the word “unsubscribe” typed in the
                                                                                         subject line.
June 2010, page 4

 Supreme Court of Virginia                                            Happy Birthday to the PWC Bar
 By Patricia Harrington, Clerk
                                                                      By Donna McIntosh
 On April 30, 2010 this Court entered a rule amending Part
 Five, The Supreme Court, and Part Five A, The Court of               In the fall of 2000 the Prince William Bar Foundation was
 Appeals, of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, to be        born, and now we’re turning 10! To celebrate, and to
 effective July 1, 2010. These amendments make significant            recognize the efforts of the volunteers and supporters who got
 changes to appellate procedures in both the Supreme Court            us started and kept us going, we are hosting our Tenth
 and Court of Appeals of Virginia. The amendments can be              Anniversary Gala Celebration on October 14, 2010. The event
 found on the Supreme Court website, www.courts.state.va.us           will take place at the brand new Hylton Performing Arts
 under Supreme Court of Virginia, Rules of the Supreme Court          Center on the Prince William Campus of George Mason
 of Virginia.                                                         University.

 Report from Bar Counsel                                               The Foundation is a fund raising organization that provides
 Fifth District Disciplinary Committee,                               the funding and administration for several of the Bar’s
                                                                      programs, including our flagship program, Beat the Odds ®.
 Section III                                                          Beat the Odds® provides scholarships and awards each year to
 By John D. Whittington                                               local youths who have overcome adversity in their lives. The
                                                                      other Bar projects sponsored or funded by the Foundation
 Please be advised that the task recently fell to me to nominate      include the annual CHARACTER COUNTS! middle school
 three individuals for recent vacancies on the Fifth District         essay contest, So You’re 18, National Young Reader’s Day,
 Disciplinary Committee, Section III of the Virginia State Bar.       Adoption Day – PWC, the Court Tours program, the “MAC”
                                                                      – Make a Change Gang Tattoo Removal Program, as well as
 First let me thank, Kris Spitler, Dennis Carluzzo and Angela         several Court informational brochures.
 Horan whose terms will expire in June. I sent out a call for
 interested parties to contact me and I was pleasantly surprised      The Foundation was established in 2000 and was organized
 by the number of you who expressed an interest as well as the        and operated by local attorneys, members of the bench and
 nature of each of your qualifications. After a great deal of         community leaders for the purposes of funding law related
 thought I have nominated the following three individuals to          education and service projects in the 31st Judicial Circuit of
 fill the vacancies:                                                  Virginia. We began as a group of several attorneys and judges
                                                                      who wanted to help our Bar Association make a difference in
 H. Jan Roltsch-Anoll, Esq.                                           our community. We are still a relatively small organization,
 Szabo, Zelnick & Erickson                                            although in our ten years we have created and sponsored a
                                                                      number of projects, most of which benefit the youth of our
 William E. Jarvis, Esq.                                              community.
 Assistant Commonwealth Attorney
                                                                      The Foundation’s Gala Event promises to be an exciting
 Garth M. Wainman, Esq.                                               evening, with music provided by the GMU Jazz Ensemble,
 Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley, Emrich & Terpak,PC                          guest speakers and more! Mark you calendars now so you
                                                                      don’t miss it. More details about the Gala Celebration will be
 These individuals will be formally nominated and voted upon          coming in future issues of Hear Ye! Hear Ye! and sponsorship
 at the upcoming Bar Council meeting at Virginia Beach in             opportunities will be available.
 June. I am confident they will all be elected without difficulty
 and will do an excellent job in their capacity as lawyer
 members of the Fifth District Disciplinary Committee, Section
 III. Again, I thank all of you for your interest and felt that you
 would want to know about my nominees at this time.
                                                                                      June 2010, page 5

Highlights of the April PWC Bar BOD Meeting
Summary taken from minutes provided by Laurie Sholtis, Secretary

 Bar needs to purchase payroll subscription to Quickbooks for electronic filing
 BOD to enforce payment of late fees provision in bylaws
 BOD appointed four new members to reconstitute the Judicial Evaluation
Committee: Amy McCullough and Casey Stevens for three year terms and
Robert Zelnick and Brad Marshall for two year terms. The committee will meet
and report on steps to reinstitute the local Judicial Evaluation Program. Bill
Duvall will provide Tabulation services.
 Library Committee asked about availability of pro se forms on Bar website.
Website carries links to all three clerk’s offices with a notation that among other
things, forms are available there.
 Senior Citizen’s Project status report
 LRS yellow pages advertising billing issues discussed
 www.pwcba.org updates are continuing
 National Young Readers Day program will focus on the U.S. Constitution
 Community Outreach Committee to explore partnerships with other civic
 Going Green, the Newsletter will be distributed electronically beginning in
September of 2010. Members may still receive a hard copy upon request.
 Bar Summer Picnic planned for August 22, 2010 at the Sudley Swim and
Tennis Club.
 The Pro bono Committee will change their name to the Pro bono Community
Service Committee to reflect a broader range of projects and interests for its
 July 2 membership luncheon cancelled due to holiday weekend.

Senior Citizen’s Project, Another Great Success
By Alissa Hudson

(INSERT PHOTO)Thank you to Jonathan Francis, Amy McCullough, Todd
Bunn and Beth von Keller for giving presentations on Wills, Guardianship and
Powers of Attorney, to patrons of the area senior centers in celebration of Law
Day and Older American’s Month. Approximately 40 total patrons of the centers
attended the seminars and listened attentively to educational discussions of the
importance of having a Will and the consequences of dying without one. Patrons
also learned about the different types of Powers of Attorney versus Guardianship
and Conservatorship. Each presenter prepared handouts to support their
presentations, and answered questions from patrons following their presentations.
Everyone expressed their sincere appreciation to the Bar for this type of
programming. Pictured below, patrons of the Woodbridge Senior Center.
April 2010, page 6

                                                                            Prince William County Bar
                       Going Green!                                         Welcomes Newest Members
                       Don’t forget to notify the PWC Bar Office if you     Whitney M. Bolton, Esq.
                       want to continue receiving a hard copy of the        The Law Office of Whitney M. Bolton
                       monthly newsletter, Hear Ye! Year Ye! We have        3629 Eagle Rock Court
                       been providing the newsletter in hard copy and       Woodbridge, VA 22192(703) 897-1853
                       electronic format for all members for several
                                                                            Craig Andrew Max, IV, Esq.
                       years now, and are making the switch to full
                                                                            Vanderpool, Frostick & Nishanian, P.C.
                       electronic format this fall.                         9200 Church Street
                                                                            Suite 400
 We will continue to print and mail hard copy newsletters to those who      Manassas, VA 20110
 request them, but you have to let us know by August 20th, 2010, prior to   (703) 369-4738
 printing and mailing the September newsletter. Call Alissa Hudson at
 (703) 393-8865 or email her at pwcba1@verizon.net if you want to be        Jeremiah Matthew Adair, Esq.
 placed on the hard copy mailing list. FYI: All back issues of Hear Ye!     Johnson & Flores, P.C.
 Hear Ye! can be found on the PWC Bar Association’s website at              4339 Ridgewood Center Drive
                                                                            Woodbridge, VA 22192
 www.pwcba.org, in the members section.                                     (703) 986-0560

                                                                            Jessica M. Golden, Esq.
                                                                            Livesay & Myers, P.C.
                                                                            9843 Business Way
                                                                            Manassas, VA 20110
                                                                            (703) 361-7735

                                                                            Kathryn F. Fenske, Esq.
                                                                            Office of The Attorney General
                                                                            Division of Child Support Enforcement
                                                                            8551 Rixlew Lane
                                                                            4th Floor
                                                                            Manassas, VA 20109
                                                                            (703) 330-3767

                                                                            Benjamin N. Griffitts, Esq.
                                                                            Livesay & Myers, P.C.
                                                                            9843 Business Way
                                                                            Manassas, VA 20110
                                                                            (703) 361-7735

                                                                            Classified Ad
                                                                            NEED A PARALEGAL? LOOK NO
                                                                            FURTHER. Dixon Unlimited Business
                                                                            Services, LLC is a full service legal
                                                                            secretarial and paralegal service firm. By
                                                                            using our services law offices gain the
                                                                            flexibility to accommodate more work
                                                                            during busy times, while avoiding layoffs
                                                                            during slow periods; receive the same
                                                                            professional, efficient work you've come to
                                                                            expect from your full-time paralegals; save
                                                                            money by reducing the need for supplies,
                                                                            equipment, and employee health care
                                                                            benefits; and augment your existing staff
                                                                            with someone familiar with what it takes to
                                                                            be a part of a co-operative effort. Visit
                                                                            www.dixonunlimited.com or send an email
                                                                            to contact@dixonunlimited.com for more
                                                                                                                     June2010, page 7

“So You’re 18”, That’s a wrap…                                                Here are our wonderful volunteers from March 1
By Alissa Hudson                                                              Osbourn Park High School
                                                                              Bob Cooper, Jane Smith, Rusty von Keller, Brad
This year’s “So You’re 18” program has been nearly flawless. We have          Marshall, Don Coulter, Elizabeth Reiter, Janelle Holt
visited 12 area high schools, given 82 presentations and trained 54           and Ron Settle
volunteers. It has been a tremendous undertaking and one that would
not be possible without the wonderful volunteers from the PWC Bar             Stonewall Jackson High School
Association, or the financial support of the PWC Bar Foundation. All          Jackie Lucas, Kimberly Irving, John Primeau,
but 15 volunteers gave presentations this year, with many giving              Jennifer Zary and Alan Shachter
multiple presentations. I believe John Primeau and Tracey Lenox were
competing with each other to see who could cover the most                     Potomac Senior High School
presentations….by my count, John covered 12 presentations this year           John Primeau, Amy McCullough, David Daugherty,
and Tracey covered 7 and not far behind was Kim Irving with 5. Thank          Turkessa Rollins and Denise Tassi
you to everyone who volunteered, many of you presenting multiple
times, to make sure all the classes were covered. We ultimately used the      Woodbridge Senior High School
DVD presentation six times this year, something we hope to avoid next         Heather Steele, John Gullette, Kristy Caturano, Phil
year.                                                                         Gross, Tracey Lenox and Bernadette Peele
Teacher feed back concerning the program was positive, as always, and         Osbourn High School
working in tandem with Voter Registration for the PWC Schools was             Gill Sanchez, John Primeau, Jane Smith, Bob
great. We will encourage the city schools to follow suit next year.           Cooper, Phil Gross, Alan Shachter and Don Coulter
We will offer the “So You’re 18 training again in the fall, for the benefit   Manassas Park High School
of those who would like to support the program. The goal is to have           John Primeau, Amy Mirabile, Tracey Lenox and
enough trained volunteers so no one has to give multiple presentations.       Rusty von Keller

                                                                                                      Pictured at left:
                                                                                                      Bernadette Peele,
                                                                                                      John Primeau and
                                                                                                      Gill Sanchez, Alan

                                                                                                      Pictured below:
                                                                                                      Tracey Lenox and
                                                                                                      Rusty von Keller.
June 2010, page 8

  Middle School
  Court Tours Program Recap
  By Turkessa Rollins

  Fellow Bar Members: The 2009-2010 school year marked the
  3rd Annual Middle School Court Tours Program to the Judicial
  Center. It’s hard to believe it has been this long. As many of
  you may remember, this program began with just three (3)
  schools during its Pilot year and increased to five (5) schools
  last year. This year we accommodated seven (7) schools,
  conducting a total of nine (9) tours.

  We encountered one major change to the program in that the
  students were not able to visit the Adult Detention Center. I
  am hoping that we will be able to re-introduce this portion of
  the tour next year as this was extremely disappointing to the
  schools. This year’s tours took place on December 2, March 9
  & 10, and April 7, 12, 14, 21, 26 and 28. The participating
  Prince William County Middle Schools were: Rippon MS,
  Lake Ridge MS, Bull Run MS, Godwin MS, Stonewall MS,
  Graham Park MS and Mary G. Porter Traditional School. We
  extended invitations this year to both Manassas Park and
  Manassas City schools but they were unable to attend.

  As always, we have received extremely positive feedback on
  the program. If anyone is interested in assisting with the
  program next year, please feel free to contact me. I maintain
  hope that we will be able to continue expanding this program
  to other schools in the near future.

  I would like to extend a special thanks to the Prince William
  Bar Foundation for their continued support of the program
  each year since its inception. Without our wonderful Bar
  Foundation, this program would not be possible. I would also
  like to thank all the wonderful volunteers who assisted me
  with court tours this year: John Purdy, Tracey Lennox, Bobbi
  Jo Alexis, Justin Hargrove and Kirk Wilder. I certainly would
  be remiss if I did not thank the Prince William County Sheriffs
  Dept. for their diligence and hard work assisting in getting the
  kids in, out and throughout the courthouse during the tours.
  Thank you to the following persons for making the
  tours possible and assisting in the planning, preparation and
  execution of the tours: Michelle Jones, Frances Hedrick, Sgt.
  Werner Brewer, Alissa Hudson, Elizabeth Millette, Ronald
  Reel Will Jarvis, James Willett, Joy Dawson and Amy
  Ashworth. And last, but certainly not least, thank you to the
  judges of our court who took time out of their busy schedules
  to speak with the students and endure our presence in their
  courtrooms:      Judge D. Scott Bailey, Judge William Alan
  Becker, Judge Paul F. Gluchowski, Judge Janice J.
  Wellington, Judge Charles F. Sievers, Judge Steven S. Smith,
  Judge Peter W. Steketee, Judge Wenda K. Travers, Judge Lon
  E. Farris, Judge William D. Hamblen, Judge Mary Grace
  O’Brien, and Judge Richard B. Potter.                              Students from Mary G. Porter Traditional School and Lake
                                                                     Ridge Middle School participate in a Mock Trial following
                                                                     the tours of the various courts. The Mock Trial depicts a
                                                                     scenario where a youth is charged with underage possession
                                                                     of alcohol.
                                                                                                                  June 2010, page 9

Jack and Jill of America Donation                                The guests enjoyed a sumptuous lunch before moving on to
By Johnda Scott                                                  the most anticipated activity of the day – DESIGNER BAG
                                                                 BINGO. The eager guests settled down to play several rounds
So it is with children who learn to read fluently and well:      of bingo with our special guest caller, WKYS 93.9 radio
They begin to take flight into whole new worlds                  personality, Jeannie Jones, for the beautiful items on display.
 as effortlessly as young birds take to the sky.                 Handbags were from Christian Louboutin, Tori Burch, Judith
     - William James                                             Lieber, Marc Jacobs and other high-end designers. There was
                                                                 also a lovely classic bracelet to be had from Tiffany & Co. that
On April 17, 2010, the members of Jack and Jill of America,      went home with one lucky lady. There were a variety of gift
Inc.’s Manassas-Woodbridge Virginia Chapter held its             baskets, signed books, and artwork to be won as door prizes as
premier annual fundraising event, The 6th Annual Designer        well.
Bag Bingo Luncheon. This year the theme was Ladies
Lunching for Literacy in support of the Prince William County    At the end of the event, in addition to all of the books donated
Bar Pro Bono Committee’s Books for Troubled Teens                by guests and chapter members, Fundraising Committee Co-
Program.                                                         Chairpersons Johnda Scott-Adams and Sheila Arrington, along
                                                                 with the rest of the chapter presented a charity check to Kelly
This year’s luncheon was held at The Waterford at Springfield    Sprissler of the Prince William County Bar Association. On
and was attended by over 275 people. The hostesses were          May 7, 2010, fundraising committee members Johnda Scott-
honored and delighted that almost all of the guests brought      Adams, Sheila Arrington, and Francine Nelson attended the
books to donate to the cause in addition to having purchased a   Prince William Bar Association’s monthly luncheon featuring
$45 ticket to attend the event and play the games. There were    area legislators, and formally presented the total donation of
also vendors on hand for shopping and a book signing by          $2,388 to the Books for Troubled Teens Program. An
guest author, Nicole Bailey Williams.                            additional $1,200 raised through this event was donated to the
                                                                 Jack and Jill of America Foundation to support its many the
At the top of the short program, Arthur von Keller, Esq.         Jack and Jill of America Foundation to support its many
shared the genesis, essence and mission of The Books for         philanthropic endeavors as well. What a great partnership for
Troubled Teen Program. The guests listened with rapt             such a purposeful program!
attention as Mr. von Keller painted a picture of the juveniles
that have so few books available to them while in detention.     Pictured below: Sheila Arrington and Francine Nelson, with
He spoke of the connection between self-imposed limitations      the Manassas-Woodbridge Chapter of Jack and Jill of
and the lack of exposure to great authors or inspirational       America, Inc., along with Johnda Scott, (on the far right),
stories. His remarks were well received by guests, many of       member of the local Jack and Jill Chapter and the PWC Bar,
whom brought books to donate to the program. Several guests      present a check for over $2300.00 to the PWC Bar for the
were moved to commit to ongoing book donations to the            Books for Troubled Teens program. The donation was
program as it was explained that children would be allowed to    accepted by President-Elect, Megan Kelly, (second from right,
keep the books they enjoy.                                       holding the check!)
                                                                                                              June 2010, page 10

Library Computer Terminals                                                 Reminders to PWCBA Members
                                                                           from the Law Librarian
In February 2008, the Bar announced the completion of the Library          By Robert Davis
Computer Project. Through this project, equipment was donated by Bar
members sufficient to equip four computer bays in the PWC Public Law       Lexis.com and Word Perfect Software programs are
Library for the exclusive use of attorneys. The equipment was cleaned      provided on three computers terminals in the law
and networked as appropriate and the following software programs and       library.
instructions were made available: MICROSOFT OFFICE® and WORD
PERFECT® word processing software, Geromino’s CASEFINDER®,                 Lexis.com is a subscription offered for bar use and
legal research software, and Pangean Systems’ VADER®, Virginia             paid for by the law library. As such it can only be
Attorney’s Divorce Electronic Reference, a domestic relations file         used in the law library. Robert can log on with the
containing support or support related worksheets and equitable             password to gain access for you.
distribution worksheets. VADER also includes many contributed text
files, such as model orders, model discovery, model proffers.              Besides Shepard’s Citations, the Lexis.com
                                                                           subscription provides the VA Practice series
Since that time, we have switched from OnSite Technology to Virginia       consisting of Cases, Administrative materials &
Systems, Inc., for maintenance of the computers. We have also just         Court Rules, Jury Instructions and Forms. Criminal
renewed our licenses with Geronimo and VADER, which is now owned           & Civil Benchbooks for Judges and Lawyers as well
and distributed by Sensei Enterprises. The Prince William Bar              as treatises by Friend, Bryson and Costello are also
Association extends its sincere appreciation, for the generous donation    part of the subscription.
of software products, to Geronimo (www.casefinder.com), and Sensei
Enterprises. (www.senseient.com ).                                         Maryland Practice Administrative materials and
                                                                           Court Rules are likewise included.
In addition, special thanks to Sherri Arnez with Virginia Systems, Inc.,
(www.vasi.com) for the donation of a used monitor when one of ours         So make that trek to the law library and make use of
stopped working                                                            the materials the Law Library Committee believes
                                                                           you deserve.
June 2010, page 11
Upcoming Dates:

June 3, 5:30 pm, Heritage Hunt
Country Club, Beat the Odds®

June 4, 12:30 pm, Mackey’s
American Pub, monthly luncheon
meeting. Program: Real Estate
Trends, and FREE LUNCH
sponsored by Tim Kotlowski and
Forrest Odend’hal with Long and                           Assistance for lawyers with substance abuse
Foster Realtors
                                                               problems. Confidentiality assured.
June 4, 4:00 pm, Mackey’s
American Pub, PWC Bar BOD
meeting, (May meeting
                                                    June 4, 2010—Monthly Membership Luncheon Meeting
June 9, PWC Bar Pro bono                                       Mackey’s American Pub 12:30 pm
Committee Meeting, J&DR
Courtroom #5, 12:30 pm                                       Program: Real Estate Trends featuring
                                                     Rob Heltzel with the Virginia Mortgage Lenders Assn. &
                                                      Kathleen Kennedy with the PW Association of Realtors
                                                FREE LUNCH, sponsored by Tim Kotlowski and Forrest Odend’hal of
                                                                    Long and Foster Realtors

                                                   Please RSVP to the Bar Office via email at pwcba1@verizon.net
                                                           or call (703) 393-8865, by noon, June 3, 2010..
                                                  The lunch may be FREE but we still need an accurate head count.

                         Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
                         P.O. Box 31
                         Manassas, VA 20108

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