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					College Success Tips From
    More Experienced
     in Intro to Psych
Be open to meeting others.
Don’t just sit back and not
say a word. Get to know
Be in class every time it
meets. Keep up with class
notes and assignments.
Ask questions whenever
you need to. It’s the best
way to learn sometimes.
Do things right away,
whenever possible.
Procrastinating is not a good
habit to start or continue in
Don't ever try to do your
homework or study for an
exam in the dorms. It is
impossible to concentrate,
and there are too many
distractions that can keep
you from getting your work
done. Go to the library, or
some other semi-quiet place.
Procrastination can become a
very big problem if it's not
corrected immediately! Mom
is not at college constantly
asking you if you have your
homework done!!!
Take advantage of professors'
open door policies when you
have questions. Actually
understanding what you should
do, instead of guessing will
avoid a lot of stress and time
re-doing what you might do
wrong the first time.
Form a group to study or at
least review class material.
It is easier to ask your
friends, or classmates with
whom you are comfortable
with, "dumb" questions.
Meet one on one with your
Take a time management
class to set a time schedule.
Avoid going home every
weekend the first semester;
it really is hard to adjust to
college life and make friends
when you go home.
Avoid studying in the
student union; it’s too loud
and students end up talking.
Study instead in your room,
with the door closed, or in
the library.
Take the Effective Study
Strategies and Speed
Reading classes offered in
the Student Services
Organize study groups, but
take it seriously and don't
goof off.
It's ok to go out and have
fun, but make it a rule to
have all your reading done
before you go out on week
Do not cram. It is much
better to keep up with
reading then try to
cram the night before.
Avoid flipping through notes
(cramming) immediately
before a test. Instead, while
you are in class right before
the test, do some breathing
exercises and think about
something other than the
Introduce yourself to all
your professors in the first
week, and go up to them and
talk to them about class and
any questions you have.
Take advantage of the Math
and Writing labs in the
Student Services Center,
great resources!!
Get involved in at least one
organization and pick up a part
time job on campus. You will meet
people, earn extra cash, build
your resume. Studies show
people who are involved have
better time management skills
and get better
Use your planner. You can
not afford to miss an
important assignment, test
or paper in college because
so often classes are graded
on only a few of these.
Relax, have fun, and be
confident. Many students
have been in your shoes and
did just fine. If you take
college seriously, you will
GO TO CLASS !! I learned
this the hard way my first
semester. Even if you hardly
pay attention in class, you'll
be surprised what you pick
up just by being there.
Read and reread your
If you review your notes
each day while they are still
fresh in your mind, then it is
easier to retain the
information needed when the
time comes for a test.
Make use of study guides, if
provided, but don’t study
only that.
It is VERY important to
attend class.
Stay caught up. The work
will need to be done
eventually and it's harder if
you wait until the last minute
to cram.
Pay attention to due dates.
In college, you don't have
teachers reminding you that
something is due. You have
your syllabus and that tells
your due dates.
Don't stress your self out
about tests. That only makes
test taking harder.
Relax. The thing that is most
important is to find what
works for you. Some people
just don't need to study as
much as others.
Balancing your time is key.
If all you do is study, you're
not getting the whole college
experience. Make time for
yourself as well as your
Don’t feel like you need to
know what you want to major
in right away. Use your first
2 years to explore all of the
different classes available.
You may find a hidden
interest in something that
you never would have
Go to class.
Talk to your professors,
they are usually very helpful
with questions or worries
you may have.
Be prepared for class.
Write notes to yourself
while reading your
assignments. This helps you
understand what you are
reading and helps you make
"connections" to additional
discussions or readings.
The best piece of advice
would be to not skip classes.
Getting enough sleep is
This isn't high school; you
actually need to study.
Talk to your professors. My
first semester I didn't talk
to any of them, and but
second semester they all
knew me by name. Not only
did I do better in class, I
enjoyed it more.
Focus on school, but also
make sure to have fun.
Talk to class mates, because
they are great study
Get your work done and then
plan things for enjoyment.
Don’t let yourself go nuts
before asking for help.
Try not to get into the habit
of drinking every Thursday
night. There are so many
more positive activities on
campus that won't drain
your wallet or GPA, but you
have to read the newspaper
and ask around to find out
about them.
Spell checkers aren't always
reliable, so ask someone to
read your papers or read
them outloud to yourself.
The Writing Center also
does a wonderful job at this!
Say hi to those people you
see consistently or, if
they're alone, ask them to
sit at lunch. You'll meet
someone new, make their
day, AND conserve that all
important table space.
Stay the first month. The
weekends of the first month
are when I really connected
with the people I'd met,
learned to love the campus,
and got involved the most.
Besides, you'll figure out
how to beat homesickness
(it's all about staying busy).
Sometimes it helps to not
only read notes, but repeat
them to yourself as well.
This stores the information
in both the hearing and sight
areas in your brain.
The key to successful
college life is to be social; if
you socialize with other
people on your dorm floor
you have more fun. This
makes studying and learning
seem not quite so difficult.
For Freshman I would highly
recommend not even stating
a Major - you just end up
switching it anyway. Taking
mostly General ed is the way
to go until your positive on
something you want to do.
Separate your fun time and
study time. All week study
and go to class. Have fun
Friday and Saturday, then on
Sunday review for all of your
Don’t cram!
Use your day to get most of
your schoolwork done and
finish up in the evening.
Just because you have time
between classes doesn’t
mean that it’s break time.
Learn to think for yourself.
Don’t be afraid to ask
Don’t go crazy just because
of your new freedom. Do
what needs to get done, then
Don’t panic if you do poorly
on the first test of the
semester. You have to get
used to the professor’s
testing style. You can fail
one test and then ace the
Read and do the required
work. Do not slack off.
Don’t let stress get the best
of you.
Don’t let yourself get off to
a bad start. It is hard to
raise a low GPA.
Don’t blow off your reading
Don’t be scared about
starting out, but do be
Don’t drop classes right
Use your free time wisely.
You can study in spare
moments throughout the
Read assigned readings
before class.
It is very helpful to study
with other students.
Study during the day as
much as possible.
Don’t wait until the last
minute to study for tests.
Get involved in activities
right away to meet new
Study more than you think
you need to.
Don’t assume college is
similar to high school.
Don’t get caught up in the
party scene.
Take or make the time to
study – it’s worth it!
There are 3 major aspects
of college: sleep, study and
social life. Choose 2 of these
and stay under control.
Don’t take on too much at
once. Don’t hold a job first
semester if you can help it.
Learn time management
No matter what, keep up
with your reading. Once you
get behind it is very
difficult to get caught up.
Don’t think you know
everything, because you
don’t. Listen to the advice of
Party only on weekends.
It’s not as bad as
everyone says it is.
Study hard but have fun and
meet as many new people as
you can.
Take it easy on credit hours
for now.
Take classes that you will
Have a positive attitude
towards classes; it will make
the classes more enjoyable.
Keep an assignment book or
Make a study schedule with
study times that you keep.
Don’t freak out after seeing
the syllabi. Things will get
better and you will be fine.
Not everybody is as nice as
they should be. Don’t give up
or get down on yourself –
just keep trying.
College courses cover a lot
more information. You have
to put time and effort into
your classes even if you
never did before.
Learn good study habits.
Try to stay away from bad
It may seem like you don’t
have anything to do, but you
really have a lot to do
Be yourself.
Classes first, social life
Reach out to others.
Try to find the right
Read before class. You’ll
understand so much more of
the lecture.
Really understand the
material that you are
covering. Don’t just
memorize definitions.
Don’t be afraid to talk to
the professor if you are
having difficulties in a class.
Don’t put assignments off
until the last minute.
Study on a regular basis, not
just before a test.
Keep focused!
Read everything.
Study, study, study.
Treat the class that seems
easier the same as your
other classes.
Don’t take free time for
granted. Use every minute.
Your first day of high school
you find out that grade
school was a joke. Your first
day of college, you find out
that high school was a joke.
Don’t be complacent. Apply
yourself in all facets of life
to the fullest. Look down the
road, not just to tomorrow.
Go to every class and pay
Know why you are going to
Try your best all the time.
Don’t slack off because it
comes back to hurt you.
Get used to “bubble sheet”
Sleep on a regular schedule,
get a good alarm and don’t
Get scheduling tips (what
classes to take and when).
Get rid of your television.
Keep in contact with your
Be brave.
Don’t take the little things
too seriously.
Study hard but leave time
for a social life.
Start off right – it is hard
to recover if you start off
Don’t become overwhelmed
by your new-found freedom.
Make out a study schedule
and keep to it – all semester.
Get the most out of each
and every class.
Be careful when partying.
Do homework right away
while information is fresh in
your mind.
Have fun, make friends and
study hard.
Read ALL the reading
assignments even if they
seem unnecessary.
Just because your friends
are partying doesn’t mean
that you have to.
Take good notes.
Take your classes seriously.
Use time management. You
can accommodate a lot of
things in a week. It’s all
about the time you allot to
various activities from
studying to partying, and
then respecting that
Study your butt off. Get
your GPA up while you can.
Party on weekends only!
Be prepared to do a lot of
reading and eating.
Try hard from the get-go.
Find something to like about
each course you take.
College is fun, but there are
also lots of responsibilities.
Don’t skip class.
Take advantage of tutors
when available.
Make new friends and
experience new things.
You are stupid and naïve –
the sooner you realize this ,
the sooner you can change
Put school first.
Don’t procrastinate.
Make the most of your time
Contrary to popular belief, it
is not “cool” to miss class.
Class is where you get
essential information about
what is going on. It is where
you can get your questions
answered and where the
professor can give answers
to test questions.
Get enough sleep!
Take the time to work hard
in your classes, even if you
think they are easy and don’t
require much work.
Stick with a class, even if
you hate it. You are bound to
learn something.
Don’t give in to peer
Have fun but remember you
are here to get an education.
Make an effort to meet
people in your classes; they
are terrific resources.
Laugh a lot, make good,
smart decisions and try to
be outgoing, friendly and
Sometimes you have to say
no to your friends.
Email your professors with
questions. They are there to
help and to assist you with
your learning.
Don’t waste your time.
Be open-minded and willing
to check out anything and
Don’t be shy – everyone is in
the same boat that you are.
Don’t listen to the boys in
the bars.
There is more to college
that bookwork.
Don’t cling to your old
friends and old habits too
Take charge of your
education. You will never
have this opportunity again.
Review a little each night for
each class.
Do everything that your
professors tell you that you
should do.
Make sure you really learn.
Buy a planner and use it
Read ahead. It’s so much
easier when you know what
the professor is going to
talk about.
You need moderation – some
time to study and some time
for fun. Too much of one or
the other doesn’t work.
Don’t get addicted to a
television show.
Getting A’s in high school
does not guarantee good
grades in college.
Never give up!
Learn to teach yourself.
Professors will tell you what
to learn, and it is your
responsibility to learn it.
You only get one shot, do not
miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once
in a lifetime yo

You can do anything you set
your mind to, man
ot miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo
You can do anything you set your mind to, man