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                                     --- .                  .:                "                                                 a=,,e,                                                                                    Brother Pastor-St art Moving!
               VOLUME              24    _                    SEPTEMBER.OCTOBER_                                1949                                  " NUMBLY" S                                                              " -    _                              '                                            "
                                        •                                                                   '        "                                                                                             ]I_IOV:rY-nINE'VZaI_S  has passed since'Court-        We find that evangelists       recognize   this
                             ' •   •   •                                                                         ' '                            " "                                                        -       JL_-land Mayors _vrotb 8. book entitled The           change and arc preaching mainly to Chris-."
                                     " ' "                                                                         '        "         '"          " ' '"                                                           New Evangelisms. In Wading portions of it,            tians, especially during the midweek ser*
                         •          .'        .           .                 CONTi';NT,,_. .                                                                  .                                                     I am amazed to find how opropos it is today           vices, and many have changed" their tech_
                              .....                                   "    "             "                                              _-                                                                         id our" present situation. 'If time revolves          nique; they emphasize, the Sunda3f school
              Qu_te, J.WiH._to_ Jones 'Cow.r_                                                                                                                                                                      in half-century   cycles, then it is tiine'every      or departmental work and have• other types
               Editorial          Brother Pastor--Start                Movinw. :            • ..... ".... ' .......................                        'l                                                      pad! the Church of the Nazarene rends" of service, mak'ng less of an reach'
               Counsel_)r'_-Corncr.          I_. A. Reed .............                                                   ....                   •         .b .                                                     either this book" or.this     editorlal,   which      the unsaved.      _-/as heroism_ disappeared?
                                                  =                                           .................................                             _'                                                     will he a resnme of the high lights of Court-         Sensing a fear of failure, do we hesitate to
                      .                 Use of:Enfflish:"Ifeildi_llJ.          Berthll     _I_t_lro       ,,.:,,     . ...............               ;.    7                            ""   "                     land:  Meyers' thought.       ,      '"             - make an altar           B           a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          eall'_ut,there'isn answer
               Mr.-Pastor. Think'on Thi_. D. L. Nisma.dcr                              ...                                             " "............. .10                                                        . .Itts true thai'ourchurch is enterlhg
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ; '       ,             "           . -: an     to ths ack of attendance and .seeming m=
                                        _-. .                                            " •
             ' Musit_gs of _ Mtmster s Wife. ]firs W. M. Rr_.ldiJt                    .: .: . .                         . .........                12 .                                                      unprecedented      p'eriod'0f ministerinl.•prep-     difference• IF THEY WII_, NOT COME TO
               Be.Still. Major Clmrh,s Writ Cr!l . ................                      :. "....                 . ......               12                                                        aratmn.. Our edlleges_nre, all doing c_ fne"         US, THEH WE MHST GO TO THEM. The
_.             Jame._ Armini0s. Cohlendet_ for Truth. Car/ Hm.w (Arliele 2) .....                            _.. :_ ..            " .... .. :]:3                                                             plbce of world, fo_; the limited amount of' mid-century battle, it hasnow .a CRUSADE. not
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  a defensive   "cycle is     arrived. It is Ih                    .       .,°
               Wh.ere D_ Se'_ o _ Grow?" Ward H. Cho_ldh, r                             . ....                  " .............                    t5                                                 . " . time they are able to give in a religions             ffict this is the divirie test of.a minister's
               Micah, Rh[ph Ear|        .....                                 _                  "                         .,..:.,...        AlL" .                                                   "/naj_)r. Our Scmihary has already gradu-              ordin_tioh:   We quote, "He ,dnl_ has.holy
                                                                                                    .         ,                                                                                            " ated thr_e classes          granting  elghty_or_ ". •hands laid upon him. who lays holy hands
_              Sermon), "Cislerns or Living Fountait_s." DreH Alldn                                                             ........        :.19                                                         Bachelor of Divinity degrees. Our churches         -
               Ambition'--Friend       or Foe? llard!! C." Powers. GetwrM "SHpl                  ...... -..,.......         :.: :...,,...'.25                                                         "".    will continue. _o ha equipped with a mag-                         men, The clothes of the minister
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  upon other to bethe      mark he wears, but
                                                                                                                                         -                                                                                                                        ought:not
               The Witness of the Spii_it. Paler Wisema_ ..............................                                      .....: .......       2{;                                                        nificeiatly" educhted mthistry,        -             rather his attitude toward his fellow-men."
               Sermon. "Was the Week End Lost:f" G, IV l{O]la                    ..................................                               2_ I                                                         "But times hdve changed. We are no longer
               "l'h_,ology. Philosophy. and Sdience      Do_mhl S, Metz : ......................                       _ .......          1.,, .:g2                                                          living in Puritan days. The li_tor does not             Courtla_d   .Meyera tells _f. laying hls"
         "     "_'[ie"Respohsibili[y iK the, Preachel: in {he P_.servaiirm . arttl
                                                                         .                                           .        •            .   . .                                                           maintain the dame relatim_ship to society as         hand upon" the shoulder of a noble specimen                   -"
                       Promotmrt of Second Blessicm lloliness. V. H: l,e.,is               .               .       '     " .: .._ .....           34.                                                        he did then, At that time he was '!the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        "                                         of yofing', manh0od,Heand asl_lng him if he'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  were a Christian.        said. "I had not:seen               " .
                                                                           "                                                                                                                                 parson",or "the person" of the community.
               lli_,}_ Lights of..Iluliness. 7i/bcrt L, C,,Jdsm'i!h" ..       ..             .'.                        : .............           3_                                                         He even carril_d somewhat of a temporal              him-to know him or'te separate him fro_:
              H_linex_ in. the I%vival..1: E. Willh._ -                                     "i "' ..... : .               .:.. .......         ....             ._....        :3!1                              pov;'er and wah lookecl Upon as..a sort. of a            the,crowdl, before that momenL" -The young
                          -.      .            ..          .         : "'"                "" ' "i             •                                                 •                '                     :        judge, to dispense.Justice      and cx;asts social       man fep.md_ *'No. :sir. I have heard, you
                                                       rEIE PASTORAL MINIS'rRv                                                                    '                                                             amity. In this dayhe. "guides and comforts,,           .preach, every Sunday for seven yeara.with-
                                                         •-                                                                                                                                                 • _ but he no longer commands.           In. fact. th_       out one exception,' but I am not a Christian
              Htm_ilctical . ". b   .... :,. ............                     : .........      ::', ._.. ,.,.                ."....                         _ .......    43                                     entersalso     into'_he highel" brackets of lead-        yet." The testimony of this great pastor was
              The Preacher's Se.rai_b_mk., .".... "          ................                                                       _..i._'"            "       :" ...46                              -         ership. This wo'rid is-vastly      different/iota        that this ,young man was convertgd and
              The Paste!: arid His-Manual. ll_rbht W, Reed ...- .................                                                                                      '.50                                                               The pastor       admired
                                                                                                                                                                                                           " "_at 'of our fathers. ,k,_ W,_I_! n¢is|ar_,e _t 11 " bccame_ one of' is an most faithful of churcha
                                                                                       •                                                                                                                                                                                 members     Here his       illt_tration,     us!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                and respected, an"d ...........                      -......                  .               "   ' i  tr
              Preaching Wilbout Notes--You Crux Do It! P_t! St_,le :,..... " • ..-                                                                         • .., ...'. ,52                                      feels that it c_innot get along without him;             minor nttent on g yen. to a soul w th            e-
              Tht; Nature-and   Necessity of line!ion, R.N. Gun.vtreal,     ..... ".'.'...'.."                                                 ". "_........            . .54                                   but there has been a changing emphasis in                mendons     results.   _'hat _ seven years       of
              A Qt_¢_lc Worthy of Notice ftloi sto_ Nazare;w_     "...... .      "............                                                  : ............             55                                   the sp_/eres of his duty and usefulness.          He     pi'eaching had failed to do. five minutes of
                              •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         heart-contact and personal relation_s accom-           '       "
              Pointed Paragraphs   for Preacbers.  .                                                                                               .'.(.'..51;                             -"      is still.a.preachcr.    ,He always will be. and

              Building D.ctrina[ a Sermons
              A St!ggesti_m for        Local Treasarbr_s l)_ckelt
                                                   C. T.    Menffdy .....l{bport,  ............. .........
                                                                                   "                                                      - _ ........       • ...., ...57
                                                                                                                                                                        fil                      .           lions.from !ha pulpit; huthemust     add _ new      po_sihtlity for every preacher to be eloquent,
                                                               .       '                                                                 ................                                                    powe_" to his pulpit 9mphas.m..: "'.     .'. '.      but the place of-power for every _
              llh_ ,h'ati.ns: s*_ppfi,,d h!t 1_, _or L'Ba f ...............................                                                                                  -.62                      ; '- ,' _We might as Well admit it, fob it is a fact       pastor and,preacher.   "He can be kind and.
                                                                                 .................                                              " ......                                         ]
                                                                                                                                                                                                 I" i "      thepco.plv will. alwa_ys, expecf his minis!ca-      plished.    It is not within the bounds of-
     •          "       ":    "                                               "             '                                             "                              "      "                        " regardless, that"the     .pulpit cl0es dot and         loving .and sympathetic     and earnest 'and
                    •         . , ,•                                                                                                            .       -                                                    cannot i'eachthe majority of the people courageous                and self-sacrificing watching
                                                                  --          - "                     "                                                                                                     •today. The demands of h'modern'civilization          for the right moment to speak the righLword
                                                             •            -                                                     "                                "                                           make it impossible for thousands 0fpeopie          ._'the    name of Christ..Th_     can be true'of
                                                      L A. REED D D., Editor                                                                                                                                 even to attend'church,     besides the" millions.,   him:    He saves others.hmtsctt      he cannot
                   Ihlh]i_lmd him_ tl _,, _y t e N; zare _, Pt I _        ,,, H _sc. 2q2'_,,,                                                 ueB,_x               5_7                                   who, through one cause or another, seem to'         save.' I,believo in the'deeps of my soul that
                •     " .         -    '.                    '        "   .................                                                                                                      |                 have no. desire to be listed among the              if every minister of Christ ,would.rib    this
              ._ibscrJpti_n Mxssourl. maultained En et'_ 's st'('.n(l-cla._ Ch/lrchtim
              Hal_sas-Clty 10.      Sl,O0a year. i)y and in. the interest bf matter at of
                              :priu_,;                         d                            the                                                        the Nazarene.;it
                                                                                                                                                      post office                                _     -           eormtltuantS of any religions organisation,         personal service and drive as much blood
              K . s _s C .',, Me Acce.     _¢'c, or m . _        .sl _c .   ,,1( _[ _s. go I ov dad                                                   fo_r in Scetion                                              Peop|e will not even attan_l the rues!widely       .into it as ha'does into his _ermons, the gates
              ll0J. Act of at!oriel    A. 1`¢)1,.-,lutimrlzcd December 30. 1,¢}25. Addressnil                                                           contribOtiofi_                                             advertised  evangelistic meetings.  Careless-      "into the kingdom w0uld be throngecl with
              to The Pr(,acher's .Macazine. 2923 'rl._t          Av,.ntio. ]3u× 527 Kansa_ City                                                         ]0. Mi_ouri.                             .-                ness and disregard have displaced interest,         those coming to Christ." These significant
                                                                                                                      •                    •      _ -       "                "       ": -                          Sspiember-Octobor   1949   .      :     .-                                                        (275}

                                                                                      .                 .                                                                                                      . . .
r                                                                          .      .

             words were written fogy-nine     y'ears ago,          was in their room, s_ceple_ an_ [fi,an ago _                             Start preaching'a couple of sermons on our , crowds w]li begin to -incceas_; souls will
             and they still contain a challenge for this           for the light.• That Vei_, tilght the light                              individual responsibility to reach ,our owns. begin to either pray ri@ougb at your altar                  "       "
           . present quadrennium.        -                         da_ed    _l_od Eis soitl. Under the personal                             community.    Organize your callers. Teach    or come to your 'stucCo [or oonsultatlor_ be-
           .    Christ and His disciples e/nphasized the           touch" of tlt_ mhn of God he was v_onder-                                 them from the" books provided.        Go with  cause.of a soul urge. Things will begin to
             personal  elemeOt.Itwas alsoexemplifiedn    [         full_,        but
                                                                          _a_/_d; the minister'was    saved also                             them .end show them how to do the job. move when you_ Mr. P_tor_ START MOV-
             all of their" ministiT. More minister§ in our         to a different,life and a divine service.                                 Your church will thrill at the prospects; your RIG.                     -"
             denomination     are weak at this point than           ' Thej_ Church. of the' Nazarene is at the                                                                         ".                               "      - ""
             in any other feature of their work: It is             crossroads    of the ,century.   Every 'local             .                                     .    . -          t    "               •           .   .      . ..
             much easier to speak boldly from the pulpit                              "
                                                                   church is at the erosscbads of its existence.                            THE COUNSELOR S•CORNER -
                                                                                                                                            "                                                               . = _.                                       .. .
             than to speak dil:ectly across the sind_ desk         and hundreds 'of pastors' are at the cross-                                                                                                "              "
           •-to a needy man .or "beard the lion" in.his I
            Office den. 'Some of the ablest men in the
                                                                   roads of their ministry, Thotisands ofisy_
                                                                   men hre at the crossroads where .a new
                                                                                                                                        '   Editor                                   .-                   "..
             .pulpit become quite helpless when facing,               eml_hasis- ,should.' be demanded         of them.                    THAWbl_WAYSCOh--r_srathatifthisvLorld                    saul change himself, then the counselor
               the individual. We can speak to tan thous-             They suffer for. leadership.        Mr. paster--                    JL ever had peace it would come by Way                    pastor is in a _very bad way. Should he
               and but cann'ot_telk to one, It is a questiou          START MOVING. Stactthemhchinery                 go-                  of the s0ul rather 'than the Council table.             .endeavor to lead one into such a change.At
               whether a preacher is really Competent for             ing in' your" commimity for the housa-to-
               his'sacred profession when he possesses this- "house visilatlon campaign.                 Learn how 'to                     Every.conflict of any propcrtlon whatsoever
                                                                                                                                         :has l_ad its counterpart          originally., in ,the                            of a blind leading :the
                                                                                                                                                                                                    would _be a casewhy the professianal pastor
                                                                                                                                                                                                    blind. That Is
               weakness. "This is really the.hour for love            instruct your laymen }n cailling. Teach them                         b<_om of. one, or more personalities.           _ki_d, " might be a good counselor in the realm of
               instead of logic, life ,instead of literature,         from the literature which, is available for                          after all as Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen says              the: mol:al, social, and economic, and yet
               rescue instead _f rhetoric, salvation instead          ever_ far,seeing pastor. The last" General                       " ' _ his noSYbook.Peace o'1Soul,' Unless souls              might be a total failure _in the eaphere of
             _of syllogism personality instaad.of           perora- . Assembly gave the'mandate.         Are you going
                 ....                         '" •  "     "           to see in it that it is carried:out?        .In the '                are .saved, nothing       ls saved; there can. be        spiritual conversion.       If perchance he doe_
               t on, power instead of per_od and induced-                          .                                                       no world peace unless'there'         is soul peace."     not believe in such a spiritual change, then
              'uality bf introduction      It is the hour • future, your success and the sucoes.s of the
               for heart as well as head."                       " " Kingdom •will be tabulated on, the basis of                              "Of:course we do not know exactly what                 it would be folly for him .to deal with a
                                                                      your co-0peration in the-Mid-Centuty_Cra-                            the .good Mouslgnor           might' moan "by- a          cotmselee on the basis'of spirittla]_ change
                    In the: struggle with consciehce one mem-         sede for Souls.             "                                        "saved soul," for we have serious .suspicions             at all.                          "         '
               orabl_ Saturday. night, one of the-kings of               But this •urge• really, chould come from,                         that he his hierarchy more than                  But there-is a "psychology to conversion.
               the pulpit learned the greatest lesson ever            Within:. Whenever we observe that a man.                             is intimated. However. in the language of                 Every conversion begins in the -individual
               taught him. Something told him he should               is not reaching his eommunity_ we v/ooder.                         . the Wesleyan persuasion, such'a statement                 with a growing sense of guilt; It'i.q s sense
               go•and see a certain man. What was'that                why.. Should his soul not ye_irn for'the                              ls exactiy parallel in our position andthlnk-            of oughiness.       It i_. a conviction that-he
               something?, Whence-. came •those whisper-              salvation of men? Is the pulpit, as fro-                              ing. We know that there is a therapy in                  should'become       what he is not, accompanied
               ings? Where did that.voice originate? But " portent as we know it to be, the Sun_ total "                                    salvatian. We" have obsarved men changed                 by the "f_er         conviction tl_at God is the
               another voice was ais0hdard declaring'that             of'our efforts to reach men?' I know" that                            in "the twinkling             of an eye." 'If a          orily one who can produce, a change and
               there -were .so mahy things ,against              his  every Nazarene pastor's heart cries out for                    -., saved. ' saul means, f_.he turning                 of a     remove guilt and bring acon_equnnt happl-
               obedience. Hecouldn't give'any good reason             the •salvation of men. I. know that many                        , !Sersonaltty              from a •life of' Sin to. a . neas and peace. But let itbe                  understood
               for'his going if he did go; They weald think           hou_:s of prayer go up to God, from the " "                •          well-balanced life of righteonsnes_, then we             thn{.:God     must enter the picture befdra
               him come at that hour of the                pa_tor's study.      But let every pastor put                     ,, are _ perfect accord with the premis_ that                -there is any real "peace of mind."- As long
               n!ght, and through that storm; besides this(           wings m his prayers. Men will not come'tO                             the world,wilt be changed only thraugh the               'as the psychological        forces are at- work
               the. Sunday Was at hand, and the _crmon                us. so we must go to them. Th_ pulpit has                             means of a clianged personality.         This' means     _under the cantrol of the mind; _s long as the
            • was not ready, and at all hazards that most             not lost its power; but civilization             has                  that we turn. frain the realm of polities                 phenantenen      ispurely     psychological, with
               important thing in his life must not be                brought'about      change_ which compel us to                         social science, flnancial'values,cr        _ny Other      possibly a resultant integration or .subll-
               neglectad. The battle raged between desire             give _ new emphasis to reaching the incH-"                            materialistic philosophy, in our sccrch, for              marion, then- the soul is not affected, and
               arid convlctian        hut the sermon was not          vidual. Let us not supplant rite pulpit .or                           actual security. Security [s on innei" quality,           a superficial peace may be accepted :which
               progressing under these opposing cirqum-               the altar with personal          evangelism     ahd                    It does not have to" do with things. Such a              will rep_'esent only a temporary settlement
               stances.      It came to be the hour of. ton           hot_se_-to-house.salvetion,    hut let us supple-       ._             belief that we must possess this or that in              of the total personallty_prablem.        Eat when
               o'clock.- and it was not' too" late; but that          ment "the one with" the other.- Here is a                              order to be satLsfled and' h_ppy has been                this grawfng sense 'of guilt becomes curnu-
               mystcrtens voice rose anew above a whis- : great field for the co-operation..o,f                       _wo"                   proved untrue' thonsands, ,y. a, millions of             intive.. _ind the individual realizes that he
               per. It sounded into his soul now almost" methods.                    When you• cannot catch, a _flst_                     - times. Th_ only true feeling of ram security,             alone can do nothing which will have per-
               lil_c tones of thunder; .it would not be               with, certain bait. you change the bait.                            . being a ma.tter of the soul,'_ould mean on e               manensy associated, with it, then he seeks
               sllen'asd. The family would be asleep, he              Here. is a "practical exainple of fitting our                          thing only, and that is the conversion of the , ways and means of-eliminating                     guilt and
               reasoned. More than-that, his 0bin wife was            acti;,,ity to the times .and "going out into                           saul.    .'"_.             ,         " •                                 p
               very ill and shouldbe          cared for first. At     all the c_/mmunity and giving the gaspel to                               This.being    the. case, we. point you to the
           • last came the critical moment--_the bowed                every citizen.",                 "   "             -  "                /'act that we are nowdealing          w_th person-           But the individual        must recognize, as
               head, the. holy prayer, the decision,            Out      Brother.Pastor--Start'Movingl       Don't walt                       ality in a realm which is. thoroughly appre-             experience    will' no doubt• teach him. _that
               into the.night       and the.storm    nnd into the "until district:assembly         comes and have the                         etafed hy the paster.'He        is a specialist _t       fliero is a struggle involved in the battle
               distance went. There was e light the general,  In                 superintendentask thb.question,                              this point.aving experienced
                                                                                                                                                          H                                                     the
                                                                                                                                                                                   such a trans.- to'.rule citadel             ofthe soul.It.involves .  :
               home as he npprooched.The bellwas an- "Have you co,Operated the Mid-Century          in                                       .formation    hlmseif; and having,gro_an m                Satan,the enemy of.the soul,on the one
    i.;.       _wered by the man's wife, and her inca Crusade for Souls?"'andthen with bowed                                                  grace and in the-knowledge of hisLord                    hand, and Christ,the Enmncipator Of the"
               beamed with J_. at the minister's pres_ce,             head have to coni_eas'that, es _,et, you had                            and Saviour, Jesus Christ, he becomes adept              soul, •on the'other hand, The latter is well
               Her husband had been under donvlctlon and              not done so. Start moving right now." This                   .       " in leading others into a religions experience,            able to handle His' end of the conflict, but
               t_.t evening had talked'wlth         her and now        fall lathe ideal season for such an acri_/ity.                         If perchance h_ has not ex_rtencod           such a':. the counselor must give all the power of
           • 4 (_TG)                                                           " ' -      ,. Th? Preacher's Magcndoo         • -.             S_ptem_r.October.   1949                                                "                        (277) 5

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          •   .     ..                    .   -

         cop.uis.'o, theotide in favor be I_eart. When " isoo cio-of cmpathis
         his effort toto*ewill fGod.'It of
                        swing       must the           he has established the
                                              "eouaselee                   rapport and                                                              The Preac he r's Use: of Engli sh: READING
         remembered    that. iustructien given at'the         attitude of the pastor, then the latter can                                    "            .                                                                                 .                                 .
         psychological moment Will bear dust enough           lead the individual, through prayer, cut of                                                                                      Bertha MUnro
         Weight to convince _the soul' that he must         . an attitude of rebellion to God, by surrender                                 • •                                                                                                                     -     -
         yield to God if ha is to ilv_ve peace on earth       to God and sensing forgiychebs from the                                             , •                                                                      .                 .
       and salvation in eternity.: The soul Wants      Lord. to a consciousness that he has a new                                             l_ZaH^rs     you have heard how Dr. W.L.                          reality of the spiritual life_' (great literature
       God. These fifiite things of earth are odly.    relationship  with Divinity; and because of-                                           J_ Stidger once told of preheh-                         "can make the voice of the sky .'audible").
      •transitory   in their ratification. _ The s0ul  the release of these guilt tefisious, the                                              ere (hot'he'read   a book a day. One of his                          The righ_ hooks rea d in the right.way do
       longs for an expanded sphere which can          co_inselee finds peace.of mind and soul, and                                           hearers popped up: "Th.e agerage preacher                         for us some(h/rig essentially right, for they
       be found only in allying itself with GOd. The " a consciousness of a oneness with the tuff-                                            doesn't read a book a monthl"       And Dr.                       make us sharers of the best th6ught of all
       infin ta is bmindloss. When the finite U_ites   nile.                                                                                . Stidger retorted: "That's exactly, why'he   is                    time. _'ha Bible stands at the head of the
    . with. the infthite, growth becomes unlimited        The attitude which the counselor must                                               (ha average l_r_achhr.""                  . .-                   .list but highei'..As.literature,   it is not uniy

               If be is to be_eliminated, then.surrender
        - must'guilt absolute.                                                 men. that he Saviour.. Sometimes
                                     The sins ifivalved have - .assisting Lake isto find" a is the helper• He is .
                                                                  always                                                                       you read books _on theol/_gy and Bible s_dy.
                                                                                                                                                   You are .morh-Ahan. average preacham;                               tative
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      supreme,forbut unique. We .life; it us autheri-"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        its view. ef read But. reading
            been co/nmitted "because era rebellion in             the new-found       happiness and-contentment                         •      _,,-       uhlishin          house see           to that,--our          secular .iitereture        dxtends our application
                                                                        •                                            .                         v_      p         .      g.,     ." ..      s .+ ",                • " of Blhleprinelples           and deepens bur apprh-          " "
           the soul against the program'6f God. When-             of the cauuselee so absoi;b his "ceusciansness                               puiousning nonse ann _ne geoa reviews m..                                 . ..       , ,              .                           •
           ever the will yields, and surrenders             its    that even the counselor is forgotten. But de                      ....   -_:,' -               Ee 'S ;" C^Zlh_-" You_ read these                                            as
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       era(ion or them, " wider acquaintance with
                                                                                                                                             me _"S_CH                    tVL_        S.                                                                         " "Onl       in
       . claim to any independence              of God, then " not feet. grieved over ttlis seemi/_g ingrati-                                  or stagnate mentally.                              "
                                                                                                                                                                                    But writing" on."yeur " people and:_ them problems, does.                            .Y .
           With the aequ eseence -of thespirit        comes a      tude. We are just likeships      passing lathe                                "
                                                                                                                                               use. or" goou " ' "' _ _ -
                                                                                                                                                               " _ngttsn,. z am put ,sg, in a -lea • worth-whue ••-
                                                                                                                                                                                           -"t|--               v        . -..,'.         bopks'the problems are defined •
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -                            -
           relaxation     anticipating   peace.    Of course,     night• Our.bgt_t flashes beer the dark Waters                                .... .some
                                                                                                                                               [or            oi   _ 1.- ... _=_.=t.. k.. i_
                                                                                                                                                                            Doo=%_i   w(_   t2.1_1_.11_,  i.J_f _11_   ann me spotugnt is turnen on them. We are
           let it he remembered that prayer 'is the               Of the world's dilemmas, and percl(ance we                                   lofty ilame.of lilerature, those books which = made to li_e through human experiences
           means of communication          in any progress :of. • will guide someone to ahaven..          Someday                              somehow _have managed                      to survlve year ; other than cur own', to know persons differ-
           the soul toward -rest and" quiet. One has               l_ere will be mob who will rise up and call                                 alter -year, century after century, some of                             ent from ourselves to make ddcisions with
           said," "Prayer is the soul's sincere desire,           us blessed, and hless the day that we ever                                   them, because of a certain dynamic quality.                             _hern, to suffer'wlth           them, and "to- under-
           unuttered or e×p.ressod !'. However, in con-            lived. We are servants. We serve a neurotice                              "They make' you think about life because                                  stand. _         "
           sidering the therapy of the religious expert-           age. We serve a needier age than any of its                                 they make you realize life freshly and "                                    HoW for u sampling-_and            we It_ive room
           once, the utteredprayer       isof far'i_iore value,    predecessors. We h;we the tools at hand•                                    keenly.. Further,.thereis               something satisfy-              for. only the most meager.
      " to the ipdlvidual thari any. introvbrti¢ atti-             Let us recognize that the most .workable                    "               ing in the very. way thi_y ai'e Written they'-                            ' 1. Sermon Illustrations.         Iunumerahle     be-
   • rude which might ca0se {he i_dividual to be_ ageriey at our deposal is the the£'apy of the                                                 are Truth plus Beauty• Their primary _alue " cause they are life, these cenerete filumi-
           passive. Prayer is' the heart of roll,ion;
           •                                                       Christian experience, by which We can bring • "                              is not information; rather, they. f0dus at(on-                         natleus of t_e truth you preac]/. I think of
     ...'Many .mental and emotional disturbances,               . Peace of mind arid heart ta _distilusloned                                   tion an some particular aspect of life they                             some'Ihave            heard .used effectively n (and        "
"         "tin,sifted as such are in re'aiity spmtual             humanity.      Working for humanity       and its                             illumine some groblem of a moment • or                                 there are more :where these, came from).* .
  . 'difficulties,         which are gan6rally solvable            salvation is .the pfistor's task. He works                                   some phase of "tt/e riddle'0f existence.                           _       Rev. Klmber Mauiton's.use              of Francts
           through prayer         Prayer breaks down re-           with no idea in mind of beihg a celebrity,                                   real book is full not its surface ripples                      Thon_pson's poem "The' Hound of Hea_/en "
           balllen, produses a sense of calmness and              for the shatus of 'suel_ Is somewhat aques-                                   but it_ complexities, 'its. imponderables, its                         to m;,ke: real the insistent love -of Christ,
          release    from guilt, and brings one to..the            lion. I think it was"Mundo Argentina who ..                                  spiritual and 'efliieal forces;                        :               or what you .theologians' call "preveuient
           place where he can exercise his faith in God            defined .a celebrity rd "one Who works all                                  "                 •                                                      grace." :The .very shock of the title chal-
           which in- turn : brings peace : to the •soul.           l_is life in order'to be well known and thor/ "         "                       Dr. Halford Luccock, of Yale, in a stimu-                            lenges thought, and the account ofthe chase
       ", Tennyson said. "More things are wrought                  goes through back streets wearing dark                                       luting, brief article, "What Literature" Can                           and the final meeting between the bankrupt
           by prayer than this world dreams of." We                glasses in order _o avoid being recognized."                                 Do for a "Preachei" (see Revtetu and E:v:                               fleeing sinner and the pursuing savioui-, a
           all believe this not practice it or              The pastoi" .works with no idea in mind                                      pb_ttor of July,. 1945), points out that the                            true ¢xperiance of the converted drunkard
         _se•it     c6nsistentiy. But with the counselor           other than .that he loves'God,- and hence                                    main valua _of literatuce to the l_reacher is                           autho/-,:wlll       quicken, your own gratitude
           this is" 'a. distinctive, indispensable     ass e t.    loves men. His pay. comes in observing ..                                    not what it may do for hL_ sermun but                                   and help .you reach the wayward evader og
           Practically "all that the pastor has to offer           happiness take the place_ of despair, and           -                        what it. does fhr.him. "Literature can keep                             _acc.                                                  ".
           is of distinctive Value in.its spiritual aspects.,      peace, repine ng fear• "God "wdrks in rays-,                                 alive the sense of. wonderl, of amazement, of -                            Dr: ' Samuel_ Young'_ illustratien           of. the
           If,'he" goes into 'secular matters, then .he            terleus ways, His Wan_der_ to perform." But                                  sympathy,          of fear, and deep disturbance,                       worlclng of _onsdiande, from George Elint's.
    . " meets the skilled worker and lie cannot                   He must have a medium through'which             to                         ":It is net stuff to put in sermons, bu_ to help                           AdamBede:          the'vain_ shallow, good-hearted.
           compete. If .he fails in the .realm of the              wbrk. The pastoral eounseleFh/this      medium                               Create the'mind und tha spirit, ar/d the heart                          HetW; d_celved, bn8 newa child-_murdecer,
      .. spl.ritua], hls. fal ure is Complete. Hence the           and a channel through which mdn will find                                    out of which sermons wig. naturally flow,"                              trying to run away, but always hearing in
           pastor must develop a keenneSs of discern- "the rele_e which they seek• " . "                                                           He:goes on to mention some of these things                           imagination the r '_r_jtng efiihel buS1/." Con-
           meat and. aft awareness of the needs pf the - Don't despair, brethren. The greatest thrill -                                         it can give: '!the enlargement                      and multi-        .leasing in pFtsun to the Methodist woman
           couuselee,    especially, being aware'of        the     in the. world is. to win a person to our                                     pilau(ion of experience"                 (he quotes David:              preacher _un ex.callent, picture,here           6[. the
                                                                                                     "                                          r.i in_      n_ art 'the _nverei_n                       duty of" early Memedtsts_                  .sne says     un .uman
             . Guilt of mani                                      Christ, to guide tohisbring taps in in l_]ace of
           presence will guilt. est itself in an attitude, of : righteousness,           foot, peace the paths el'                              crawling .raider the .other . man's ak_) ; . "shall I always hear that ceylng? ,,
                                                                                                                                                _v .__._o.......                      __         ___.         _                       .
           Uneasiness, anxiety, worry, .fear, and mani-           chaos, to bring contentment         ii_ place of                            . truth ceming alive because made concrete                                   Former Presldant Floyd Nease's illustra-
          festa(inns of a like nature• These. being easily        terror. This is the pastoral ministry and Is                     "_            (J6sus did this by His parables) ; the under- " (tan of carnality, from Victor Hugo's Taffeta
           discerned, then -the plastar must begin to             the :pastor's greatest sphere of usefulness,                                  standing of one's own time .(beth the Bad- • °;= the Sea (Book 2):. the octdpus With. its
           learn the'exact      nature ef the,dit_iculty    by "end _ fitting accompaniment          to his pui_lt                              hess and the petenttal geedusss ef its pea-                             will suggest_ish to r_beatth_= Identical
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -v0u will not the'truth               may dn_ but they
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     how            yaupreieh bebuttressed    _md
           listening to the unburdening of.the troubled           ministry:     ". . • •         "     _                                        pie); nnd "a quickened conviction of.the                                          _a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        dar=_ed lans=,_d ,a yo_"0*a sglr_t.               . .        .

         •6 (278)            "_'"                           .    .                     'i;heP_eacher'al_zqusln_                                                  1949
                                                                                                                                               rteptembe/'-October.               -.                                                                                    .(2_) 7
                                                                                                ".   .

          .             _                        -       . .                                             "            .                 -   •   "
                                                                                                                                                ....                  .                                      .         .         .                     .           .

          strangling tentacle_ and .its four hundred                  There are _ome,must    books to     read end                    archbishop, expecRng to use him v._a tool               the true religion--which is genuine?" Prex.e
    "     cuplike suckers wrapping itself al_out its               reread• They are a bettomlass         source of                    The barons sense the danger an d urge the               your claim by your love,
          victim, Tile leoihery antennae cannot he                 illustrations, and they. are good      for. your                 " flew-made   churchman to resist the king.                  Love is a melting, regenerating   power.
          cut; but once plunge, the sword in the head_            •spirit. For e clear vision of sin     and what                     Wefoilow   Becket's spiritual etruggle; Shall           Read again, George Eilot's Sties ' Morner.

           the man is free,            .       .-             Puroatorte, For insight into the temptations                                                            to
                                                                                                                                         ways? Shall he give _Ln" the king to win.            friend, _ Marncr becomes a .m iser -
              Dr. H. C. Morrlson's illnstration of ration-    and victhrieS of the Cl_ristian life, read                              . his "fagoi'? Shall he _Jisplease the king and         the coins he loves, made harder _till       hymn y "
           alizing, that is_ employing alibis rather than     Btinyan's Pilgrim's Progress. For anunder-                              . cater to the barons? Shall:he,rcsist       both to    the.suspicions     of the village. -But his whole
t          meeting relax,
           the folds an tsanethe suckers The good mayor'
                               squarely.   drop away, and                   cauls, 'struggles      Inferno.and
                                                              it does to of soul read Dante's read Shakes- "
                                                              standing                                                                   he forego thehonor glory?
                                                                                                                                         gain the.martyr's                  .   in his old
                                                                                                                                                                                         "    nature is froeen by'the
                                                                                                                                                                                              His heart melted by the friendly advances
           in Victer Hugos Lea Miserables          _h regen-  pcare's tragedies, Goethe's Faustand Job as "                              The last'temptation    Is.the graates_ treason:      of the -rieighbors and the inve .of a child.
          el'ated   convict _vj_o has eluded the police k literature. For refining your emotions, read                                  _To do the _'lflltt deed for the wroTt9 _ceson..         For the lifting power, of consideration        far
           built up a business employing thoOsand_,           greet     poetry:   Milton,    George     Herbert,"                                                                            see
                                                                                                                                                    'prehch airaight" m. order to have, 'personality.. ..... Lea Mtserahlas. again,,Dehe_      t
          and become'adviser      and hclp'er of the poor)    Browning•       For improving      your English                     .... y_ur eerman admired by the "redlcals ?                  story of the bishop and the convict            gre
           -_shall he "give.hirhseif up to the police to      style, .for sharpening your sensitivcmess .to                              Motives can bear scrutiny,                            dation is thirsty, for considerationS" .For the
           Save the good-for-nothing        vagabond who      fine shades of -thought and wording, read                               .. There is. a fine line between" righteous " coristraining               power of love, reed George
           has been arrested mistakenly in his place?         essays. For the experiences end conflicts of                               ambition (desli'!ng. h place of influance for         Herbert's' la#ely poem "The (_ollar." And
           "He is _;orth. far more to society--.'the great- " our" varied,, yet strangely identi_l        human                          God) and sinful self-seeking--when         is tl_e- so on,              "                      *          _ .
           es_.good 'of the greatest number!" But in.his      _ersona)ity,    read biographies ._autoblogra-                             line crossed? By what steps does a sancti_                                     .
                                                                                                                                                                                                  4. Practical CommOn, Sense.'. We need it_ •
           soul he hears the mocking laughter of the          phies, letters,                               ".                           ilealman backslide? Read Macbeth'to trace 'William Lyon P_elps says that the a_erage
           fiend. After h night of struggle he gives             3. :Ethical Stimulation.   For truing up and                            the hero's degeneration. Read Farad/so Lost " human being needs literature in order .to
                                                                                                                                             trace Satan's..      '     " _....                learn_'h°w to llve his daily life: _..'.. how to
            himself "up to the authorities--an .. honest
            man.                                              keeping alive'your own ethical sense, read.
                                                              some great fiction that studies moral choices.                  .      . tOThen, "the luxury .of integr)ty'--_ar          _e     clear his mind for a decision, ....         how to
            - ReV. E. S, Ph)ll)i_s' illustration of restitu-  A Christian philosopher" said that many                                     difficulty of being:honest,     It is wrong to          dra_V:the line between sweet:sharity           and
            tion, the "p_'ayer" .of King Clat/dins         in orthodox Christlarm tendt0        make i'eliglon                            He; but from how many. angles comes the                 b_i_g every man's dupe." He needs "in-
            Shakespeare's .Hamlet.      Claudius h_ killed,   a system of Indulgences "to substitute for                                  temptation      to. shade the truth.. Canyou           _struction. halfway, between religions n."instrue-
            his brother to get _his brother's wife • and      sound ethics• They "think a religions expetl-_., "."                        afford' to be completely imnest? You will               t,on and practiced _lksa_t      _e_tmester v hv
           .crown; now his conscience is troubling him,       ence exempts -them from the rigorous de-                                    lose _your |obl Your. -femdy            _
                                                                                                                                                                              .wdl.. _.euff, • , _v_ _ Wehs' o_"the" man wno" uecreaseu_a .,:- L

            and he appeals to God for mercy. Surely -"mends of the moral 'law.. But .every lapse                                     -* Read Ibsen s drama ._n _nem9 el _te teepee.               ......                                       -
            there is pardon in heaven for these who           Weakensmoi-al fiber; not one cab"be afford-        • ..                   A doctor discbvers that the mineral bathe                  weight but kept his originalsize--so      floated
                                                               ed. Get this 'truth into your eystem; then                              from        wbish "the "whole town      profits, are , up l)ke a'ballo0n and.stayed at,the calling!
            repent. In a tremendous       passage he strug-    teach it in your own way,                     "                            poisaned.      He reveals the. facts "and thus         "Some        people grav_ under • raspons)bility;'
            glee to pray.                                         There are two all-inclual','e ethichl prin-                          . beceme_ "_an enemy of" the people.'! He is                others merely swell up'with ill' ....
               ....         "      "     Then l'll "look. up; eiples, both mado*cencrete in literature: the                            . crushed by inob -psych01ogy, but emerges                      Frankness, oi-. tact? Read Malierc's The
          'Myfaaftisp_t.     Butoh,_hat_ormo_prayer"           law ofinher.integrttf/_and      the law. of re- -                       " true to his conscience.                         ..        Misanthrope, which shows incidentally the
                                                                                                                                             Our biggest _job is a holy character; and             incen_istcncy at the sariotL_ man who falls"
                           os.ssodoemt or'
              cans o, neo,om     d Iooo.
            Of those e_eets'for tvhtch.I did the mu//der--
            My crown..mine         _wn ambition,     and'my
                                                                                                     *' ere
                                                                    o_e rule of conduct for a' man: to do the
                                                                    right thing."                           .....             "
                                                                                                                                           isto developed
                                                                                                                                       character, OnlY by
                                                                                                                                                      There is no. cheaper way. One
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  e h      a             erature is
                      queen.                •              -           Read Shakespeare's      JnfiusCoesar"      with                  .cannot alv0ays go with the crowd, indi-._                     Guilthi]lty? Reed Malicre'sTortu_e.'The
        :_. Whereon.repentance       do? .What can it not?          your eye on Brutus. He tr)ed to do" the                               vidually     irraspeusihle,  and become one's! religious impostor •still has an easy time.
            Yet what cer_ it wheal' One c&n not _epent?             right thing in the wrc)ng way. Hitler said "                  ' " Sel_ (as God intended).           Read Ibsen'_ Pc'or We are eager to be .fooled;we                  give otlr
                After this, there is only Panic. And he             once: "The methods by ?.vhich a people                                GFnt, in particular the symbol oi the galen,             money to the best talker.
            rises from his knees unforgiven:          ....          forces its way upwar d are of no moment,                             .Peel" off .layer 'after layer, and .At the end            . Blind trust in professed friends?         Read
          • MY toords fl_'_p;.my t_ought s _remai _ below;          but the 9oaf whine. _ reached 'L_imP0rtant.' _                     you find no core: picture of rite "least- •Sbokespeare'e .Othello. He knows his' wife
            Words _vithout "fiou-_"           •. '-.                ._ven anuran maners nave ,sam             _ne enu  -               resisinnce" life,       -                      is true, yet he .trus_* his frlcnd's interpre- .
                •      .    -    .    ... _                   •     Justifies the means..'     Let us do evil. that                      For the"danger.of moral lapses, read again   tatinn, .It seems.impossible.   Rut anch,0f,us
               _nere ]s no anu to me fllnstrattons.          Rut .-"good may come:' J_ius Caesaris           a tyranti                 Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll had Mr. Hgde..Fbr      "is prone to lookrthrough others' eyes and to
         ". literature .has s'omething deeper for you.               Marcus a good man, but _ike many                        the ugilne_     aln writes on.th_ 'eoul, read  hear through others' ears. We lot others do
                21 SouiCulture..         -                           good men     is- _.mcensclonsly,   subtly vain;               " " Oscar Wilde's Picture el D_rtan,. Gra_. (a_ our thinking,       Hence the power of propa-
                   Thou must _e trf_e tel/sell.                     Ambltious echomers flatter himint0,think      -_ •                   dangerous book unlass reed for a purpose). ' gando_                                    "
                      l[theu   the tr_th wouldst teach,             ing ha is the only one" who can f_e the .                             We canfiot fool. with our souls and=come, off                    Readt°flattery?King
                                                                                                                                                                                           ofSU_cel)tjbiiltyparents?     Lear.AndWe thetendvanityto
                   It.needs the over]la_J _ life         "         'country; and withotit realizing it he becomes
                                                                    their tool--undorbondod,    n t          tour-                       scot-free• - other fundamental,ethical -
                                                                                                                                             As for'the                            prin- ,10re best the one who _rais_ most, or says.
                      To 9ire the lips _ull speech....     "        darer. No good goal is so urgent'as to have                         " aipin--love   is the only' genuine spiritual     mast,
              You must have lived the )llustraflan ypur-            to be '_chieved by'the   wrong means. And                          • energy available to us.' When we think of.           Inability. to.let go _when the time comes?
              self to _glva it power. • _'Negro spirituals must     if our:doing even a necessary deed involves,                    .. , power we usually think of the spectacular;        Read Horace Walpo!e'a The Cathedral.
            , be sung with tears or/the cheeks, then.they           sin, we are not the only one who can do it."                          God bas shown )t to be the quiet, persistent        8anhbishness?      Read .Thackeray.        -   -
              become real tonsil." Read to rsake your oWn              Then, the right action with the wrong                              force of _      Spirlt_ "                           5. _antable "_uotas, You can find also in'
          " . perceptions of life truer, your. own love of          motive• Read T. S. Eliot'e M,Jrdor in the                                Love is the earmark ,of true religion,        literature valuable nuggets for "The.Quot-
              good and hatred" of evil keener, .your, own           Cathedral.   Thomas a"Becket has been the                             Read Lessing'eparaifie   of the three rings in . able Calandar,_'    quotations £ar use on church '
        .     eympathtes      broader, your own emotions"           _/oung prlnce'a pal. Now as Henry II he               •               Nathan:the     Wise. Mohammedanl Jew, and..bafletirm,          abd 'for your, own hanrt_nlng.
           • finer. -                     ""     "-                 has*given up his gay_life, and'made Bec]_et                           Christian in the Holy Land all claim to have     Read-e_ays--Emersan'e,         Carlyla'e, and the
              8 (280)                                                                                          t
                                                                                          The Praacher's.Magc_r,ae                    * September-October, 19491
                                                                                                                                                       •    %         ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ...           i       .   .           (gO1)9

                                                                                                                                                                             •   ,.                      _       .'"       ,..         ,
                                                     .                         .   •                                                                   •   .                                                           ,                   r                           s
              rest---and find them scattered everywherq            "Who escapes a duty ,ovoids ¢ Oaln."--.                                 of us have, we become ,intelerhbla      with                Perhaps     she didn't consider  all of the
              in other works.                                     THEUSOnEP^aKEn.                                                          worldly minded folk. We can be so afraid                  'splendid     urguman_   that the pastor was
                "Duty ta the .demand el "the hour."--              "No occasions tcaciL new duttes."---I._owzLL,                           of compromise that .we fail to be" sociable,                presenting.    She was analyzing the matter
              GovrHa,                       .                                                                                              We may be so fearful of modernism that we                   from the basis'of her experience. Rasie has
                "Simple duty hath n6 place Jer ]car."---:"          "The reward     el one drily" l_ the.power   to                       fear.the  modernist.                                        -a common fauiL She often -speaks too
              WHn'rz_n,                                           t_lfil anoth_r."---GEo_a     ELinr.                                       I wish that I might; have begun my minis-_                quickly.  Before anyone had a chahce to
                                     " -                                                                                                  try with the knowledge and experience that                  speak. Rasic piped up: "Wouldn't our.large

     ,               •              Mr. Paste r! Think on Th is!                                                          " -            "z now possess. I canmylook back atnightsfailures,
                                                                                                                                          my -heartaches,, my worrying
                                                                                                                                          board meetings,
                                                                                                                                                                                                       communion set do'/"
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Pastor ........               '
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         "expected her: to say some-
                                                                                                                                                                                                       thing, but,didn't expect her to be quite so

                                                             wandei. .'                      i          "                 "               members of my board; but tile past is gone    bold. Now two things hi Rosi£s experience
 1                                             D;L       Nis                                                                              wire its many;biter
                                                                                                                                          I fifid myself becoming experiences, and] yet
                                                                                                                                                                    more patient, more                   week first stristly'against
                                                                                                                                                                                        durin_ the.past In the were place she went
                                                                                                                                                                                        that statement.
 _!           _'_OME ZIME ;',ann preacher friend and I : to•cantradict_ us" Wo'do noi have enough                                         understanding, more at ease Jn the face of. ,borne'right after the sei-viee Sunday morning:
              _    w_rd'chatting tpgother when a'rellgious " opportunities to pe_it people to talk back                                   adverse situations.  Being a pastor myself..  A relative had come to call on her and
              zealot, who had a philosophy all his own,      to us, We are always living in :the realm                                    I am possibly prejudiced to understand    the came to the cht_rch to gqt her. (Rosie has a
'I            stepped into the picture. My preacher friend     pf own point :of "view. It ts a, somewhat ''                               poster's position in a particular problem,                     usual habit, of staying a little longer than
              is" known as a man of conviction; He Is          difficult thing to face these fact_, but we                                Not all pastors are wrang,.butthe               lfiymen    - most meinbers;]            And then, her youngest
  _,          as solid as his doctrlnes. If I dare coi_ a new  need to see that people have reasons for                                   are not always wrong either; .and many                      "child hadn high fever another night so that
 •'           word. I' would say that he is "unbudgable."      believing the way that they do, We must                                    pastors have anathematized             some sincere,       " she was unable to attend the prsyer meeting.
  '_1         I also appreciate men of conviction, and         come to Understahd them.                   :                               faithful board members just 1because they                      Pastor :. ......        assumes, that /_asio has a
   :          congratulate    my brother for taking his " " We can "become preachy " rather than '                        "               did not ag_'ee with them. It Is wise that                      criUcalstreak,       that she is entering,a carn'al
  ,_          _ts_d and knowing hiss,ground, We J3hauld understanding,             It is" often easier- to tear                           we know that everyone                 who" disagrees           stage; and then he thinks about some really
   1          have positive convictions and'especially con-" down than to build up. We criticire Some                                     with us is'not against as. Our.peopie'_have4.                  Important things that:he expects to bring Up
              earning the things of Christ.. The 6cheer-       for what they think, rather than laying a                                  a right in their, opinionfi andshould          be given        in later boa_d meeting;_ an'd h¢ reasons:
:" ]          cation led _frem. erie thing to another and      basis of common understanding so that we                                   an oppo.rtufiity to express themselves, When                ' '!What will Raste do thch?"                  The ,board,
 '            finally religion,   It wasn't long until my      still _tain the friendship'of     these p_ople.                            they are speaking, we should cause them to                    'however, passes the matter of the .com-
              friend, began to brder all the w0_'ds of.his     Therd are many mighty preachers              v_ho                          feel • at ease, for we .appreciata          the same           muninn set and the me0ting is adjourned.
              vocabulary'to his command, end ha.unrnerL        make poor pastors, If I_a_toral ministry is                                privilege.' Let us Consider hi particular the,                     How any p_itor with any experience at
"':           elfully gave this new friend to understand "_our 'lot. we shoed attain a_sinndard of life :                                  hoard meeting, and at this point we'need to                   all' knows that this is a mild case. It dealt
 •            that he was n first-grade.pupil    in the school  that will'anahle_us to adjust ourselves in the                            illustrate.         "    "                                     with a very small issue that' came to only
                                                                                                                                                                "                "'                      $6.00; and yet what happens'/ Pastor ......
         .                                     him "to lay
              of religion and] that 'he wasto going so that
              the fundamental laws down                           most adverse situations: Everyof Pastor should -
                                                                  attend ministertsl, meetings      his." town or                             A pa_tor brings up the matter to his couu-                 breeds over theactions of, Rasis Crown. This
                                                                                                                                          ¢;1 -concern nga         pastoral individual . cam-         " is his . first charge and ha must convince his

 ,•                                  The grace     took mY
              he could not i'orget. good newcomerwhile the   city respect,
                                                             this for the                             can pastors
                                                                                  education that _hamhny g/dn in                          rnunlan set. "The price is $6.00' He- goes to                  - r" "' t " " " an en m n_ "                   "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          "l 'e " exeeunve,    ""e
              punishment    with                                                  Tha re_son that                                               ......                                                   van uma          no. _s                               z,t
                                                                                                                                          the meeting qu •......confident that the board
                                                                                                                                                                te                                       h_|r=o                ._d t,.._,_,,_,,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ,mit_, "_. ............             ff w e
              f_:iend kept on" with his dramatic speech.   , do not attend          such meetings is because they                             .                                                          - ..........      _                           e .....
                                                                                                                                          will pass' the matter, but ha isn t" eo sure.                          t --" -' _ ....                          :     I- -
                 After the ordeal •was over I said not a, do net hav_              sufficient grace to fa_:e situs-                         ¢     "_       "_r         ,,.     ,_"     ,      ,  .       mus - _eaca _tome _rown a¢ any pr.ce, ,,e
                                                                                                                                          scour ._asm _, own, _=_ow v.asm nas vean
                                                                                                                                          •                                                              thinks, because she has no _-igl_t :to t_o so
   .           word. I, too. Was interested in this religi0Os    lions,which   are contradictory to "their doe-                           a widow for a few years and, has tried to                      obstinate. He. has
  '-i          fanatic., I disagreed with his fanatical .views   trin_. They are never at ease ]_ut when with                             bring up the younger children in the strictest                 masasga for Rasle.. Butaspeclalwhen              comes,in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sundayp°int his
               as much as my brother; but for some strange       their own group,        ,Thpy" criticize their                           economy,,R'asia       spends a el time              Rosie forgets, her board experiences, ahd is
    I          reason he did believe, and sincecely be-          opponent severely, but fire never willing to                             thinking about the family budget. She has                      anxious for the inesshge which she feels that
   i           ]teved_ whathe did. My friend noticed that   a debate,                                             an exccilant'reeord_as           a Christian mother,           _he .needs tn "view of the past week of
"" i           I v_as not' as talkative after the affair, and :.. I am not enileavoring to be severe in 4his                              neighbor, church member, and one who is                        experiences in her home. "But Pastor . : ....
_.           . possibly being somewhat      guilty remarked,     treatment; but we need to recognize th;_t,                               known .to enjoy s rich experience of gra_e.                   'gives Raste a glance once in a while that goes
              •"I guess I told himl" "Right, you did," I         with our high standard of Christian experi-                              Rasie is as interested            in _O Lchurch as             as a d=_rtio her heart. She loves her pastor,
               answered "straightly    and firmly. I learned     ence and life .that _ve profess and proclaim,                            Pastoi" ............      She attends every prayer          " but for some reason, she can't un_terstand.
,,_ !             inn__
             , man:,; things     the cin_se o_ that*conversa-     humanWe
                                                                     will alSOrelations.have
                                                                                     tOThismajOrsciencein only°f
                                                                                                theis scienCenot                ,._ "     meeting that she can possibly attend; AI-                   why he.would charge her for carnal actions.
               ti°T-:he _ne thing that I noticed in partii:ular                                                                           though not'In the financial position to do                  She searches: h_r heart. Shethinks   about
  '1,          was the fact that the"religious fanatic had   need to enter books         oftr tib'rery, butwe
                                                             lore=ned by the Into theof expm=iedces and lifo, • " " "                     all the lovely things" for the_ pastor that                 the commtmion set, "Certainly. it couldn't
                                                                                                         •                                Dr. and Mrs. Smith hay ,_ been. able,to do,                  be about a small matter like that?_':che
  • I      more poise" than my brother." He took the         of our .people and. find why they live and                                   yet she carries a heavy 10ad and gives of her                reasons to herself."
•. _ . . punishment like a Christ an. ff I had judged       .think as they do. The :propbet Ezekiel                                       lithe each.Sunday.)       "
_      . by actions, I might' have Chr[sttsmzed        'the  learned n great lesson when he "came to "                                                                                       Days and weeks go lay, _ut Rasie is going.
   • .     tanatic ' and unchristianised   my friend. But    them of the. captivity ; . . .'and .I sat where                                 Pastor.. .........    finally touches on this through ,one qf the gi'eatest tests in her life.
           my friend was not carnal- but preached one        they sat, and remained there ,;stonished                                   " matter of the set. "|tis only $6.00," he con-    Sht_ doesn't know what it is. Pastor is not
         • of his elbquant sermons to one listener,          among them seven days," In our pfisterul                                     tends, "and L feel .that it will.'be a great     quite the same• He has something against
              There are certain facts that We as minis-      calls we shoul_i glve people, an opportunity                                 aldin    the ministry to the sick. I feel that   her. She becomes extremely self-conscious.
           ters need to consider cohccrntag .ou_e]vee.       to express ''is upon thetr hca/'t,_; for                                asa church wa ought to invest in this set_. She has _css liberty in_tostifyIng,
           We make poot_ discussianal       leaders. It is   ff We _do not understand them.';,ve have no       ". _                       It may build t_p the church, etc, eta." Ras[e    qnost_ pr_yer for herself and prays for her
           hard for us to"take       it." We have all.the    busIneas" to preach to thorn. ,DUe to the                                    didn't'know       that "the matter of'the  cam- _paal0r. She tries to be unusually frlcndly
           aus_'ers, we feel, and do not like for'.fqlks . background of spiritual activity thai'many                                     munich eat Was going "to be brought up.          to.him.and   to his wife. but time comes'for
               1O(202)                                                                       The Proa._o_'eM_jastae " _                   8eptemb_ctobero        lg49         '"                                                                         (g83) II
       IJ_          .       • .                                                               .                      =

   the tannusl rn_tihg, and Rosle-Crown loses       about visltingevangelists  and their wives, let.     '                               the pouring out of one's' self in an. effort" to          rustling of the wind in the trees speaks Of
   out on every offme. The gossip about Roam        us see how the.pastor's      wife meets the -                                       'save these lost ones, is. an energy-sapping               God, Whose presence bringeth'_ectirity "and
   Crown started whSn the pastor brought up         situation" She moves the things around in                    •                       work, requiring often a time "apart"• and                 peace.
   the matter.of the communion set,                 the children's x:ovras, crowds an extra one                                          "alone."                                                   . If you have been called away .from the
      It is true that we should cherish the con-    here or there; fur she and her husband will
   fldence of every memberof the board. That        move when tia__e_'angclists come. All their                                        " pi'esant said thatfast tui'ning and into a of this
                                                                                                                                          :-It is day is the speed us drive nation                 milling it!crowd'to rest; develop a conscious-
                                                                                                                                                                                                   about        Be still, o place alone_ don_t fret
   is n happy situation, b_tt it is not always        clothes must be carried to. the other, room,                                       of neurotibs. I don't know how true this i_,              ness of the presence of God, for no one can
   beneficial to have everyone agree with us.         tl3.e one they will 15e using for tWO_'weeks.
   I ha_)e been voted down on some of the             A cleaning job foilov_s and as she.cleans she'.                                  " but I. do know that the hurry and rush of                 be said      to be alor_e when          he walks, with
                                                                         -         .                                                     this day is not conducive to an easy'spirituul            God.
   greatest issues that I have "presented, but        prays, O Lord, bless this evangeFLst and                                           developmenL      More than. ever we seek a                  -
   those    experiences   have 'challenged .and       his "w_fe. Help them to. be a i'eel blessing                                "     season apart and-rest awhite.                                                       BE STILL        : "
   strengthened    me as.nothing  elsecould;          to our church, and make usa blessing to                                                         •                    .
      We must learn to.reckon    with out" board.     them}" etc. " God blesses her saul- as she             •                                 How wcl! the Master knem           ' .'      ."       • .      .   -_ (Psalms 46:10)     .
   and no one has a.rlght to.sit on a board           prepares the ]_omfi to receive the evangelists;                                                      ¢
                                                                                                                                               T/_e rush o) _i[e/the,tv_ys   Of strlIe,   "        ' Be   _ttll-L-and khan) that I dm God,
   who does not'have       the church atheart.     "     Comes the day. Everything         in perfect                                          And all the.umary     daysf    .         -               When billows o'er   thee. roll.                     "        "
   J3ut we need divers types of minds; w_.            order, and I hear the,evangelist'S     w_esay_                                           Andt_ apart Ha calls His child                        I'bought              M_] precious bleed;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  thee. with
   need those who are strict economisers;       we    "Can]d we. _ot bhve a .larger! room? Our ..                                                'Tis not to be alone;                                  I wi i not let thee [ul           :.
   need those who are known for _their abund-         little canary uses three di_erent cages,: so !.t                                       • His biassed presence giv¢th rest,                                                     ..
   ant liberalities,    We need ."school-moms"         takes lots of rodn_ for him."                                                            "The Lord-ts uJtih His own.._                        BestillY-and    know that I am God;
   with their positive predictions;      we need      _ Or perhalds'you had it this way.."Do you.                                           It seems strapge, but there-are peopte in                 ' Forget thy doUbt,and']e_r..
   salesman who will let the decision rest with       care if we keep our dog in theroom?         She                                   this world who do not enjoy quietness and.."                 "rlenlembcr' child, I asfe for:thee;
   the customer.      We need thegn, for they         must not go outside for awhile:",                                                 who are afraidto       be alone." They do'-not                  Thtj Lord'ts etYer near.
   represent the church. And when we. find                Or maybe, it'was this V_ay: "How I go to                           ':         find themselves,     good "company and have
   people who are willing to go through with          the church e'nch afternoon at five for prayer                                     never become•aware of the presenc_ of God.                   Be stiil.-.-and .know that I am Goal
   the Lord,.let us not be too faultfinding in        with ti{e chin:oh Women I do hope you' l be                                                                                                       Entrust to Me. thp care
   the manner in which they state thei_ con-           faithful the_e,'? So 4he_ pastor's" wlfe pro-"                                      To relax in some quiet place and read or                  I understand      thine aching" heart;  "
   vlctions. People like to be appt:eciatod fox: coeds to try to saok for an ailing evangelist"                                         for that matter, just .dream, "is not time                    ,'Th_   bui'dons I will bear.            :'                .
   at least what they think, • Lot us let them       'who must diet, whtlo she alsocares       fqr the                                  wasted; for there is healing in quietness and                             . "           :                               "
   spdM_, find not'ignore their polar'of yiew.,        home and children, and attends meetings,                                         rest.." We, need to turn off. the radio once in              Be still--and    knoto that I am God;        "
                                      -                and prays.                                                                     " awhile     turn away from'the blaring "ju_e-                    With patient |ot_e [ plead:
                                        ""                Oh" well I was just musing al_ut'sorsc                                        box, and seek a quiet place.where      the song              Thllsel], _hy _rust, that's uli/ ask_ '
                                                     th ngs I've _hcard    'So glad i,m.   a pastor's                                  . of the btrds c_    be hsard      wh_re   the vdry                 I'll me_t thine e_erg need.             "       "
 : MUSINGS             " "                           wife,                                                                                       "                  "                         "                 -                    " -
     of a Minister's Wife                                        '                                                                                                                                                                                     -
                 w.                                                                                                                                                    CONTENDER:FOR TRi ITN
                                                                                                                                                             -RMINIUS:__ "---       --..--..---.. ---
                                                                                                                                                                              -- -- :        --
   _mas     I'_ Ore:z: _sma I'll go ahead _d.                        ,Be Still                                                          JAMESA
   k._ vnTite_ but _ hope you'll remember that            By      •
                                                               " "_
                                                               Ma_or      Charles"   MeNaHy                                                                         "              "                 "              " " '        "     "
   I'm glad /'m a pastors wife. Manytimes                                                                                                    .                  :       ..,       By cad Bangs
   thoughts have come'to me about the woman          .       "                                                                                                -' •  •                                                                  "
   whose husband is an evangelist. She has to..             " "
                                                       " Come ye-yourselves    apart into a                                                      Pant. H: APlmoacH TO _trr_                           Arotinlus                  "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  tel|owed sensible "principles of
-_ stay alan_ so much of the time thai it mast     place and rest a whde        (Mark 6:31).. "      .                                     "Armhfids ;,vsa not only h _an of plct_and              intorpr_etati_n. "The ldgitimate and genuine "
   l_ecome a iriul to her, She l_as_to cook, l_e       In a'study     6f 'the Master's .life, one is                                     iniegrity,  but also a keen and careful                   sense of the i_oly Scrip_urcs,".he       sald_ "is
    the housekeeper, the n u r s e and,. bosides_  struck'with the rmmbor of times He turned                                             thinker. Itis    of Interest .to study Ida ap-            that- which the Holy Ghfist,' the author of
 " be the •manager and _sometimes take the_ from the'Tbus3Lstreots,            with thalr hurwing                                                     trl_th. HiS theological position,            them, inte_3ded." Such"seuse         was to he
    pa_ Dad should take _ he were at home.         crowd; to u quiet" spot where He could be                                            .was developed in thd midst of bitter centre-              determined     by translation, and intesprota_
      Then# too; the evangelist's wife who travels alone. After the feeding of the five thousand,                                        vessy. He needed some sure tests, which                   tion. Translation should preserve as much
          him.must have same'trials.    No bed is  it is recorded, "He went'up into "amountain                                           would enable, him to separate truth from                  as possible -hath the exustitudes and am-
                 the one at homo; no home is       apart to pray: and when the evening was                                             .error. His aIert mind chose certain criteria               blguities of the originM.. Interprotatian    is ar_
    managed cinlta as it:should be whan.thero's    come, _m Was ther_ alone,          "            '-                                    and used them well.                                       explanation or paraphrsa_        through, other
    company in the pttrsonage;no food IS ceoked      ..Before the Tcensfl'guretian, "the Scripture
    quite to the taste of the Visitors." She feels rafts us, "Jest_ teketh .Peter, James         _nd                                      Scmtn'uRr.--Arminlus_reg{_rded    theBibin                words, •preferably other scriptural        words,
    that she's, eXpec_d to help.with     the par-  John his brother, find bringeth them up into                                         as the only certain source of truth, Said he                Translation and tfiterpr'etafl, o_ for Arnilnlus,
    sonage Work, especially if tl_ere arc some . an high mountain' apart."                                                              "We .now have the infallible wo_'d of God                   were scientific-" attempts _ "determine. the -
            • "
    small children in that parsonage; yet if she      . The Twelve bad. boe:_ sent out to preach                                        in no other place than in the Scriptures."                  total thought and purpose of'the writer.
    halps some, she may" find _erself helping      the kingd0m Of God andto             heal, -Upon•                                      In keeping with "this, Arminius" became                     In .placing Scriptiir_ aS his primary rule
   'more than is advisable. Therefore I'm glad     th_eIr return, He said,' "•Come ye yourselves                                        a diligent student of the Word, loaf'sing it                of faith, Arminins      was opp0_ed hy two. "
    I'm a pastor's wife,                           apart .....      "and rest a while." Our Lord                                        i_ the original tongues and:using     it freely           ,groups--the   Roman Catholics and certain of
       Of course_ I would not want you to think    recognized their need for i'est and quiet.                            .             in his preacl_ing; Most of his pulpit ministry              the Reformed.       The Catholics maintained
    that the" paster's    wife has the easiest          I'm sure the work of preaching the gospel,     :                               was expository, His theological dEsserintions               that the Scriptures were valid only.through
  • _ob in the world. Since we've'beantalking      the travail of soul for those who .are lnst_ "                                      were replete with scripture as We_I.                        the testimony and tradition of the 'chUrch.

   •)2 (204)                                                                .ThePreacher'sMag(ndne                                                       1
                                                                                                                                        Septomber.Octsber, 949                         -                                                          (;185)_13

            Some of the Reformed divines, on the other               _Romans .seven cites many" of: {l_esv early -                          be earnest Christians hut d_spaired ot their               Arminins wvSs concerned with the practical
           .hand, had so exalted thai/" creeds -'and                  sources, The three volumes o£ his pub|iched "              |          election.. Arminins was able to show them               outcome ors      theologlehl system.    He bad
            catechisms that to all practical purposes the             wbrks cantata    more than two hundred                     |          the milder truth' of srilvatian' to all .Who            little 15atienee with doctrines which left
            Bible assumed a secondary role. It was this               thirty quotations from more then seventy                              believe. He then asked, them "if they did               sincere people in despair and allowed ma-
                                                                                                                                            rgot believe that Jesus of Naza_-eth was the            liclons troublemakers    to be compl_cant. He      "'
            latter group which caused Arminins the most •             writers.                                "                             Chi_ist_ sent into the world by the Father,             wanted a theology _3vhich.met the needs of
          . tranblt_.            '                                       It was not _til Augustine that ihe quas-                           the true and only Saviour of the werld;- if             life.• - .                            .
              .Two particular passages became founda-                 tlon bf freedom and predestination came to                          " they did not know for certain that God the                 Ar.minius had the tremendous-_ask     of re-
            tlonal in the Biblical background' of the'                the fore. Augustine, in his.controversy with                          I'_ather had .b3, him alone reconciled the              sisting the theological atmosphere.of a great
            thought seven. Arminius,
            _omans                   Romans nine and                  Pelagins, set forth the theory of chs6inte                            world unto himself, not imputing to them              . part of. his church. He needed trustworthy
              Romans     nine   focalized        t_e" controversy     predestination.   The earlier theology, espe-                            their trespasses; and that this same Jesus         guides in his search • for.the truth for _which
                                                                      cially in its Grsek form, hadncverserlously                             hzid received power from the Father to              he was to.contend.'     Ir_ _cripture his pri-
            over•freedom and predestination.    Arminins,             questioned the     fact of human      freedom,                          remit sins. and to give the Spirit of adoption      mary rule, nnd in. the early fathers, in " "
            in his Analpsis o] the NinthChapter    o_ the             Arminins felt that the more naive and less                               to.those who believe on him;" To'this they         reason, andin     experience, he found thi.,se
            Epistle to the Romans, attacked this so-                  subtle statements pf the eai-ly fathers were                            "assented and, after further instruction, wore      _tiides.   •
            called stronghold t_f the "Calglnists.    HIS             closer to the New Tcstement' doctrine. HIS                              enabled to meet death with• calm Spirits..              . "CoevataHr," 1949, s_" CAaL BANES
            precise and logical consideration led him to              own views he regarded as merely a restate_                                                                                                     ..
_""         the conclusion    that any, predestination,               meat of the faith of the Early Church.                             .-     .   -
. .         whether it be t6 salvation or to damnation.               •                                      "
       is with rsspect to man's use of could hot be
       The" idea .of ii:resistihle grace his free will.         R_soN---Careless    writers :have accused.
                                                           .Arminins of having rationalistic tendencies.                                                                GROW?
       drawn from.this        chapter, tkrminins main-_ .Such charges are quite unfounded, but it is-                                                         _
       teined.                       . .           .      .                          needre.on
                                                                    " truethatArminins                        thede-                                                               Ward'B.Chandler
          Romans seven raised the question of the           velopment of his views--_;ometimes, indeed,                                                                                                     ".     "   ".    • . .
       nature of regeneration/rod      the Christian life• .in opposition to the Rdgmatic statements of i                                    /"_nz    _oas _o_ aI_ for sermons like mining    things such as" books, study. Walls, and
       The Augustinian-Calvinistic         position was .. some of the. Reformers.                                                     '     _      gold from the monntainsi "neither ddes    Vacated church corridors.. This change of
       that the man described in this chapter was              Arminins•wanted     no system which lacked                                   the preacher build them up -into form .as a        stmosphgre brought him renewed vision of
       a regenerate       individual living a normal        coherence and logical co/mistancy, His treat-                                   skilled workr/ian lays brick• _lut every trne     the needy multitude, and gave.him physical
       Christian life. Such an..interpretstion        was  ment of Romans seven, f6r_ instance, is                                          ministe/" nf the Word kn6ws that Teal, life-      and spiritual vigor sufficient to satisfy his
       necessary to the strict Calvinistic scheme of        lti/'gely a composite of syllogisms. His ane- "                                  giving messages are a _'owth. They come          eager eangregation_,      ' _ ..
       prcdest_natian,     effectual calling, and fnal      lysis was keen, often cast in _xristetelitln • " _i                             forth frem the germ of-truth planted deep'           The asinted Bishop Queyle says            ?But
 "    .perseverance.     It was repugant to Arminius,       forms.. Thus, his e:/pasition .of the :sin of             ":                    in the Preacher' s heart, consciously or un-     _preaching. is far past work. Preaching is
   • however, receded to minimize the grace" Adam gi_'as_the efficient cause, the external,                                        " consciously dropped there during the b.usy ' ]nst/iratianaL It is_0_ wMting of the wind of
    • of regeneration, .making no essential differ-         moving, /md principal .cause, the instru- "                                     intercourse     bf life. ".pcaye/', Bible study,  God, the blowing of, the Heavenly           Winds
       enee between a.sinner and a saint,                   m_utat" cause,, the accidental          cauas, the                              r_oding, research,: toil, and activity a'mon_..across     the far_ and star-strewn spaces, and
          _rminius. taught that Romans seven was            occasion/d cause,.the    antecedent cause, and                           _ - . men m the "busy marts of commerce ann             .blowing strangely      sweet and quickening
       a deserip_tion of an enlightened :but unre-          the immediate cause..His         conclusions were"                              trade put mashie and sinew upon the living.:, along the prairie of. the he ar_., Working at
       generate man. In his Dissertation           on -the  based on a clear and thorough grotmdwork                                        skeleton;               .                         sermons is not alway_ the best way to make
       True and Genuine Sense p_ the Sevenil_               of reasan. _.        "           ' "            '        "                    . Sermons         do not always come at the         sermons.    Leaving sermons alone is fre-
       Chapter o_'the Epistle to the Romans he                 EXPSaIENCE--The early phase of the Ref-                                      preacber's bidding. The old proverb, "Open       quently-the     .best Use of time to produce
       discussed    each verse' at length and. tfien        ormation     bad placed little emphasis            on                           your mouth, and God will fill it," is. a 1Seer sermons of unusual girth and manlinsks and
       showed ti_at no patristic authority before           religioufi experience. No revival of the Was-                                   substitute for tl' message from the Lord at       meaning. Tbo_e who:in.all'their      Intellectual
       Augustine      had applied the chapter to a          leyan type had drawn attention to its ira-"                                     11_00 a.m.. say'Sunday        mOrning; with an. h_tery never forgot that they are preadie_
       regenerate man. Armihins'           interpretation   portance. Noi" did Aimtnius have much to                                        intelligent, famishing , ",yodd-weary audience    are onthe     wrong patli..All    hrger things
       again •brought forth, a proper groundwork            say about experience.       It'is _vidant, howz                                 expecting' the minister to break the Bread        hfive "a sense ef vagaband_ge about them.
       /or a strong doctrine of both regeneration
       and sa/_ctifieatian.      In this view he was        ever, thaVthc facts of.experience          played a                            .of Life.                                          Preaching ts in.regard like the kingdom of
       foll9wed by _esley,.Watson,        Pnpo, Whedan,     Views. For one thing,settlingdogmahis doctrinal
                                                            crucial" part in the              of of irresisti-.                            "spoke brilliant, when his mind Ward as empty
                                                                                                                                               The ef times gifted Henry     was Bsecher           God, which eometh without Whlthers_ totally"
                                                                                     the                                                                                                              "Doing _things and going ob_ervation_
       Miley, and most of the.thee ogians of the            ble grace and uncofidition,_l'electlan:did        not                           as n bayinbw in springtime.      All of God's          disconnected with preaching is doing wisely
     • modern holiness movement.          "        "     "  meet the facts o_ experience and human                                          ambhssadors     have had. this sad, heart-             for a man in the preaching bdsiness. Some- -
          P^rraszzcs---Since    beth Armini_      and his   consciousness.    Thus he •said,                                                sickening one time or another, and          times art idle day, asaunter where 'the roods
       opponen_ claimed to be following the Bible,          trine of predestination      Is contrary to the                                 _eel themselves     kindred spirits . WitCh the"       dim into pathldssriess and lose
       the problem o,_ interpi'etatian         hecame, u    nature of man": "This predestination                is                          great Brecklyn     preacher. In .seasons like-         the chodows by the'winding     of a'stream, or
       great battleground.         On. the doctrines" of    inconsistent With the nature and properties                                     this, he- was: often seen riding the old               sitting 9n a moving train looking at the
       grace,'the    Reformed party looked to Beza,         of sin"; and "This predestination is_in open           "                      : Brooklyn ferry back and forth. All the                 faces of the passengers, or _ft the wild dance
                 and Augustine.                      Gdtt=
       Calvin, and en back to such men kson the . hostility to. the ministry of the Gospel."                                                while, he was searching the faces of the               of the distant woods, er watching the pano-
       schalk                         Arminins,
            contrary, had great respect for the.views of                Varlaus iticidents confirmed in his mind _                       .. f0assengars and watehing.the   great seagoing          rama of the marching landscape as the train
            the ehrlier fathers...At the start of his theo_           the weakness     of the Calvinis_te system,                           vesselsput out to sea, laden with mysterlons           flashes past--an.idle day when you let the
            logical transition he made a most.thorough                Once. 'during the plague of 1602, he found         .                  cargo, bound 'for distant lands. This brush            mind go _syou would _ree a bird from the"

          • .centuries the' thought of the first four or five
             sted_ ef of the Church.. His treat/as on                 two learned people.In fleep spiritual distress,.
                                                                      He dying                                           --                                   in isolation of life's vlcissl-::
                                                                                                                                              With humaniW, his the midst with inaidmato          .cage and let it fly at its own will=such   a day
                                                                                   that they were endeavoring       to                        ruder, broke                                         will-have  redemption.'

      •    ' 14 (2881      "" " - "         .'                                              *TlasPrancbefe ]_gall_           _                _eptoml_ar.Octsbar, 949
                                                                                                                                                                1              .    . .-                                     "            : {287) 15
          -                                                                                                                              •         .                    -   .      _   .   •

    "Thoughis         •come.           dsny'.that.
                                      Some   men       Bible roading wli/ invariably          "provide' a
                                         ....                                                           -                                        Jerusalem, Just north 'of Bethlehem,      the         '
  They, think nothing comes. They think "to backlog of texts that clamor for the preach-                                                         weak and, wicked Jotharn held court. An              la_'e _orth "atr/ppcd, O Fatrtewr_ _ (Saphir)!
  dig thoughts like you dig potatoes. Such is          er's attention each Sabbath" day until it be-                               [..           unworthy succorer  to his father, Uzz.iah,_he.       Stirtowa        (Za'anan) dare not Jttr,
  not the fact, Spring comes, love cbmeb, God          eomes_ n problem to decide between several                                                                                                        - : ...............
  comes, Christ comes..Larger things are suitable subjecisfor.the occasion.Such                                                                  had-led the nation astray into sin and               Harness your steedsand away, 0 llorse-,
  forever advents"      (From Bishop Quayie's          preaching _not only blesses" and feeds the                                                idolatry.- How long would it be untd God's            .           tou, n (Lakhtsh)    .         "
  The Pastor Preacher).                        •       people in the pews, • bx/t .it has a way of                                               wrath Would be poured out on a disobedient           O source el _fon's sin,            ,     _
                                                       bringing                     .
                                                                       a sense of sallsfaetion   to the                                          nation? Sadly the prophet turned his eyes            where the crimes o_.Israel central ,_,
    The preacher's morning prayer period may           preacher's heart that nothing else can give.                                              back toward the setting sun.
  open up th_ theme to be discussed in next
  Sunday's sermon, especially if the rrlinistcr           Finally, the calling, door-knocking     pastor                                           Just' before tl_e ball Of firs'took its. plunge      ._aiden        Gath_Y°u
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Moresheth'O SIOn,o_      must part xoith
  m earnestly •engaged in interceding._or,        his will have many suggested' messages pre-                                                                                         to
                                                                                                                                                 into the watery depths,, therea. darkbecloud,
                                                                                                                                                 tinguished foranother     ziight,             .ex-   and Is-)'acl's ktnffs are ever balked at Balk-.
  congregation    and their individual        needs,   seated, to his alert heart and mind as he
  Such delineation of character will invariabiy        makes his rounds among the people of his                                                  rose out of .the sea and drew a anrtcin                         ton (Achzlb).
  suggest the line of truth.needed    to counter-     d]oek. While he is taking a postgraduate                                                   across its face.'As the cloud mounted higher          ".B_ack ii_ ]_Is home. the prophet's pen was
  act the splrRual weakness of_.the people,            course in' "How to Win Friends and Influ-                                                 and higher_ a _ald _hudder swept over the             dipped in hpt lava. "Woe to .them that
                                                       ence People," the'heartthrohs     of home, child                                          lands#ape,    Darkness came stulk_g      across       devlse iniquity, and work evU'upen          their
  The sincere pastor will ask God and himself.,        t'earing, and domestic failure .will set _his.                                            the hills nnd valleys, with ._night. following        beds[ when the morning is light, they prae-
  concernlng the. urgent need of his coDgre-                i .........                                                                                                                                                               .
                                                       poise of the Marx of aestre into these
  gation, now ha _vili choose his subject and " sea amaze wire me Galilee to-introduce lives,         the                                    -" hard on his ofbeefs. Dayhad
                                                                                                                                                instruments                                     droppedtics it, And they it is in. the powertalcs, them
                                                                                                                                                                                                       hand,' because covet_fields, and
                                                                                                                                                                             noise and slipped away. his                                       of. their
  text   accordingly..These,     messages       come   Such' contacts will present to his ac[ivd'                                                 "                                                    by #telence; and habeas, and-take           them
  thrbugh, prayer, but not through direct                                                                                                        ' Seated there ir_the _gatherlng'gloom,                   the
                                                       mind texts, themes, and lines of thought                                                 prophet shivere¢] _vllh foreboding fear. It" away: so they oppresb a roanand his house,
  prayer for a Sunday sermon; i_ will take             entirely overlooked _y the minister who                                                  seemed that• in the stUlnbss of the night                      even a man-and his heritage" (2:1, 2). -
  form and seeps as he implores God's blessing         nevex: goes "a-calling;"                                                                                                                                   Mtcah's maiii concern was for the plain    ,,
  and mercy upon the people over whom he                                                                                                        he could hcor._'ootsteps epprasching.                 I_budly
                                                          Personal counseling in.the study, cancer ..........                                   m-n_                                          i"                     of
                                                                                                                                                             sour _ncy saunooo wm.propne _ tie .men ... _he _. .__ _who-were country        _.: being op-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                . _     ..
  has been mKde shepherd,'.Perhaps nced the flock • sation 0v_r the" telephone, the sickbed, the                                                -_ ............................. _._k,,]_t the T_,_,I ,,_,met
                                                                                                                                                o1_,|no.,_,_            -_,_,-                               h pressau ey tee...rlcn. _reugm up m ,numme
  needs'courage;    perhaps:thcy          leith, _r                                                                                                                                                                      . .        •    -               .
  maybe _entie correction in some 'phase of.                            funeral procession, .the .falling tears o_ _t                               "
                                                                                                                                                 _arm" ou_" ox_n_s'_
                                                                                                                                                                   place, ..... wll'_,come "_owna
                                                                                                                                                                            anu                 ,                           .
                                                                                                                                                                                                       surroundings .isolated. from the capital, clty
 •daily conduct. Whatever it is, earnest, heart-                        sin-sick, sorrowing multitude will' rice the                             and tread upon the h gh places.of the earth,          by the mountatas between, Micah saw what .
  searching prayer will reveal lt,.and give to                          pastor's, heart _vllh a desire to'help. "As a                            And the mountains shall'be molten under               was happening to the common people. He
  the ]Lord's sar_-_t assurance, that ha has                            result, h/s n0teboo_ will be overflowlng with                        "   him, and'the valleys shall be cleft, as wax           became the prophptof     the poor." When the
  found the mind of God for that immediate                             .great themes crying fol"revaletion     from the                          before the fire, and as the waters that are           wealthy    were assessed high taxes by the
                                                                        tl}rone of the preacher's klngdom-_the pal-                              poured d0wn a steep place (1:3, 4).                   luxury-loving   Jotham at'. Jerusalem,   they
  service,                                                              pit, "Prayer, the Bible, life, death: burden_-
    Devohanal_ reading • of God's                  Word, with-          toll, sultering, fellowship, sin, and righteous-                                                                          ""                    next'Selzingking,theAhaz,land"
                                                                                                                                                      But _'hy such. a vi.sitation irom" ' _oaf._ , paldfarmers,themThe_bY                           pOOrpay
                                                                                                                                                  "For the _rensgressinn of Jacob is all this, . tribute to Assyria, besides carrying on an
   out .looking rlehe_t truths and texts, often
• produces the for sermons and the brightest                                  soil from which sez-
                                                  ness-:-these fertilize the rea_,sermons grow in
                                                  mons grow., H6wever,                                                         ..                 and for the sins of the house of Yarael" (1._5),     eXpensive war with Syria and Ephraim
 • pearls:that polishinto gems of rei'est epurkla the human heart; and each time the minister                                                         Where would God- strike' :first?           The    (734 s.c.). Avaricious landlords .saw to it
   and hue. Wading through the more difficult' . delivers a message full-grown           and de-                                                  prophet, did not ,have to listen long for the.       that the peru: hare the brunt of _ase bur-
   and vague ,portions of God's :Word• @ill       velaped, he giyes to "the people" a part of ,                                                   answer.      "Tl_erefore I 'will make Samaria        dens.
               "                                                                                                                                  ms an hepp of . the .field, and .as plantings 6_ a                _. , _
                                                                                                                                                                                                          q_ pro p.e.s...ea    rt was 't'rred _" wra.._h
   many times pay big.dividends th little' used   hhnself, a thing of life going forth,to bless ,                                                   .      .                               ..             _..e                         s _      ._
                                                                                                                                                             .            _.    ....                 " at all    is. It seemed that the greedy land-       _
: b{xt effective          texts.or     .expositions.     Faithful
                                                          .      _     .and live forever.                       •.         "       :              wneyern: into the'vultey,.,and clown me stones,
                                                                                                                                                  thereof       ana,I wdi pour       I will discover   . . _ topped at nothing
                                                                                                                                                                                                       owns                                 ,      •
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        "The women of
                                                                •                                                                                 the, foundations thereof" (1:6).;                    my people have ye cast out from their

              •   "                            .                                                                     .
                                                                                                                                                            be oogod kingdamhonsesho
                                                                                                                                                                ,o aoutho pteasoot t ohild o hav
                                                                                                                                                 of Judah. It was bad enough t0 know that
                                                                                                                                                 "judgment was soon to strike the capital of
                                                                                                                                                                                                        ye taken away m_' g!ory, for ever" (2:9).
                                                                                                                                                                                                       _ Reports had come from J_ernsaleni that

                                  •                     Ralph        Eai" ie_   Jr.                                                               northern' Israel; but'how hbout The prophet
                                                                                                                                                  The.answer    came: '_Not.yet."  Jerusalem?   fanned the'flame    in Micah's soul.. The
              •       "          .     .            "                                                                                             saw •the flo0d'ofGod's   wrath approack the " soured of much of.the .prevalent. evil -was
                                                                                                                                                                                                to be found in the sacred city Itself. "And
. . r-r_'    mm was sm'rmo .over the Mediter-                          Moresheth-gath:   which gave him his.lden-,                                 walls" of Zion, :"It reacheth unta the gate of.     I sald, Hear, I pr_y'you, O heads 0f Jacob,
• J. ranean. From his vantnge poin_ on a"                              tifleallon as Micah. "the Moreshllte." Back                               . my people, even to Jerusalem" (1:9, A.S_r;).        an¢l ye princes o_ the house Of Israel, is it
    hillside some thousand feet nbew "the sea                                                the had hidden from
                                                                       of hfm, higher up inDavidhills was the Cave                               .forthethex:e it .being. - Judgment was stayed
                                                                                                                                                   But      time stopped.                              not fox;you to kho_vjudgment?  Who'bate the
    ansitwenty.relies distanl: Mfcal_ watched its                      of Adulla_:n, where
  sliver _heen turn .to mellow gold and then         .Saul. It ,sdern_cl tonight that the hillsides                                      •            And then, as Micah thought df the-cittes_                                                 of[ from
                                                                                                                                                                                                         good and love.tl_e' evil; Who,pluckflesh .their
                                                                                                                                                                                                         skin from off them, mid their
  to fiery red, :,_n the hush of the evening" a" echoed with the cries Of yesterycars,                                                             and,':.lllages around him, his inspired mlnd          of[ their bones; who "ulsa eat the flesh of
  fe_v birds twittered and chirped. It was             ' Still farther up the slopes his mind carried                                              found expression in a series of puns, Moffatt         my people, and flay their skin from bf[ them;
  the prophet's hour of meditation, his sunset        him, to the village' of Bethlehem, perched                                                   has attempted to reproduce in English the             and they break their bones, and chop them
  tryst with God.'                      .             high on the Judsan' plateau _three thousand                                                  play on words connected with the names of            ,i_1pieces, as for" the pot_ and as flesh within
                     _y a bread plain .between the ' feet abeye the sea. The cit_ of Davldi"Would ' "                          "                   these towns (1:10-14).         . .                    the cauldron"    (3:1-3).    -
  Shepbelah      and the sea, dotted wJth_ the        that C_0d would, send another deliverer to                                                 :.Weep _e_rs: at Teartowu' (Becalm),     "           .     Strdng. language, thatl Micah saw the
  cities of. Israel's ancient enemy, "the Phlils-"    His people, another king to rule over them,                                                   grovel t_. the dust at Dnstewn.       (Beth.       _ greedy, selfish; crUel- rulers as cannthuls; -
  tines.   Near by was his home village of            in' rightaoimness.    In the king's palace nt                                                           oph_h)                                     They. were plucking off-the skin of the poor
  16(288) -                                                                                 .   Tho Pmachsr'_ Mog_tsie                            September-October, 1949                              ,    ,             -              "          (269) 1'7
    people_ tearing _aeir flesh from their bones,           Samaria's. "Therefore shell Zion for your.                                   " . The Talmud says that David reduced the           (7:4). No one;.not even,o closest friend or
    and breaking up their bones to put them in             sake be plo_wed as a" field, and Jerusalem                                       613 requirements of the Mosaic law to eleven,    loved one, can be trusted C7:5). It is a
     the kettle. It _vas a scorching accusation ..          shall become heaps, find the mountain of                                        in the fifteenth psalm, Micah reduces them       gloomy picture indeed, and one that fits
• - delivcred   in the words that burned with              the house as the high places of the forest"                                      to three, Jesus st!mined up the law in two       well with the blackness of the night. All
     fire. In the prophet's soul there was an               (3_12). Micah made this prediction over                                         commandments.     There is a unity of empha-     around is dark. Which way shall the prophet
    echo of God's holy justice.,                           one hundred years beinre its fulfillment in                                     sis in all of these. Religion means a _right look?
        What was to berne consequence?     "Then           58g_s.c,                                                                         relationship to God and a rightrelationship         Then comegthe assertion of faith. "There-
    shall they cry unto the Lord, but he will                -This pronouncement      of ddom is followed •                                 to one's fellow men. Justice is the basis of     foreI will look unto the Lord ._...       wheti
    not hear them: he'will even hide'hls face              immediz/tely by a promise of restoration_ In                                     all moral living, But one must love kindness    J sit in darknessj the I_ord shall be a light
                                                                                                              -                             to be Christian.     And _here is no titus       unto me" (7:7, 8),                             - .
        from them at that-, time. as they. (3:4).
        behaved themselves ill in their dblngs" have     -the first N'_'e versesof of the.foui-th.chnpter,.
                                                           Micah paints one         the brightest    pictures .                           'raligion-npai't. from fellowship with GOd.   .  - God's presence b_ings eonffort and assur-
        They-hod turned a.deaf ear.tothe     plaintive     of Israei_.q 'future glory to be fmind in .the                                      As we come to the last eilapter we can        ante. Because Micah looked UP until he
        pleas of the l_OO/"  "Now God would reftisc        Old Tastamdht" Hdra' it is that we find the                                      imog!ne Micah back oft the hillside near         saw a light, his book closes with a: new
, "     to listen" to their cries,                         o(t-quoted passage: "They shall .beet their                                      MoresEieih-gath,   watcJdng another _[pngct.     vision of God's faithfulness       and mercy.
           Prom the princes, God's messenger turned        swords into plowshares, and"thei r spears into                                   He:has. been .faithful in delivering God's       Out of the' blackness of surrounding     sin he
        his attention to_ the prophets.   "Thus saith      prur/inghooks_ nation" shall not lift. up a -          "                      " massage to tim l)eople,.What is the _esult?       saw a Saviour,      ".Who is a God like ijnto
                                                                                                                                                                                             thee, that pardon_th iniquity? ."....      thou
       the Lord cohcerning the prophets.that teeth,
       my people err, that bite with their make           sword _areny
                                                          [corn against more" (4:3). •
                                                                           nation, neither shall they                                      man is!_' he criss (7:1).
                                                                                                                                               "Woe perished out "of the-earth"       good
                                                                                                                                                                               "The(7:2).   .wilt cast all their sins into the _epths of the
       and cr_ Peace; andhe that putteth not 1fie         " .Not only does Micah foretell the dastruc-'
       their mouths, they even prepare war against        tion of Jernselem,    _Ut he also designates                                    Instead of seeking to.-do right, the people      sea" (7:18, 1Q).
                                         ....                                                                                               do evil with both hands.earnestly"      (7:3).    It is on this evangelical note that Mical_
       l_im". (3:5).                                      the 'place of captivity:   To Babylon: will                                     The prophet     feels, decidedly    pessimistic: closes' bis_ prophecy     It remained for" th_
          Even the prophets had beduins greedy and        Judah go, and from .Babylon she will be                                         "The best of them is as a brier:, and the - Babe of Betblahem            to ,fulfill. this picturn
       grasping.     Preaching only. for_ hire, they'     redeemed (4:!0).    .    _            :     "                                   fimst upright is sharper'than   a thorn hedge"   of salvation•
       tnrned savagely ot_ those who fat ed to put          Then comes one o_ the great Massisn o                                                                                                                           . "       ..
       food into theirmoutt_s   The flatten was in a      prophecies .of the Old Tastamant_ one that "                              "                            "                                     - .
       bad way when those who were supposed to._         _was quoted by the scrzbRD to Herod when                      .....

           was verdict? vision. phrsteh, thou elit eomens
         What God's                   though b         the
      .speak for God were:_oncernod on,, for'self.: _"'Jesus was hem.     "But thou. Bethlehem                    ".                                 CISTERNS oR LIVING                                   FOUNTAINS
       light, no answer from Gdd (3:6, '7). The        thousands of Judah; yet out of thee shall                                                                         ". '           .                                  ..

       false prophets'would
       and confusion. "
                              b0 covered With shame
                               _ "                  "..
                                                         he  come
                                                                forthuntomethatis to be ler
                                                         1_" Israe],_. whose goings foi_     have been •                            '"
                                                                                                                                                                    "                  Droll Slier/                                                   ..
                                Micah 'But truly_I free1 of old, from everlt_tlng'           (5:2). The '                                                                              "   "
           Not so .was it vcith                                                                                            -                                                          -            :             '         "      -
       am full  of,power by the'spirit   ofthe Lord, :Messiah was to come from the family and             -                                                     SEco_v PLACE IN.   THE MABES SENIOR SERMON AWARD              .
       and bf.'iudgrnent_ and Of m ght,' to declare      village of David,                                                                   "         • " .             NAZARENETHEOLOGICAb EMINARY_                       "
       unto Jacob his transgression,,and       to Israel    The sixth el_apter 'is: labeled "the Lord's                                                    "                  IGtNs._s Ci_rv M_ssounz      .     "                     " "
       his sin" (3:fi). This was the source of his       eontroversyY (6:2)." Psthetlcahy     God asks:                                          "                                • : .
                                        " ......
       prophetic rain stry: "power zrom" me _ptr_        "O_my.people, what have I done unto thee7                                        JRDEMIM_2:11-1fi      " .    .                     by a child..Water,,     he thought, edequately
       of. God_             .         . •    .       .   end wner_e,i,n have I wearied !hee? tastily                                        Hath w nation clia_ued .their gods, which . describes the message that God has for this
          ,,,(   ,        .     .    ." ". •    . ", ,"  agalnst me (g;3). He reminds them of ._"[is                                      are list no gods? b_t my p.eop[_hath.changd_       age,. For man's:history    is a history centered

                                     oWfe_l]rnO:ne,aT_y loCi'can "_
       the'pr,Pr_snC_s t_nUcPavroa_h_d_e" ii .        '-       nd        Jonn_h_vP_SL           ".
                                                                                     mos and Hoses inheads                                  their g[ory _or that Wbibh doth not .profit.
                                                                                                                                              .Be astonished; Olle heavens,'et   this. and      cradle the great waterways Garden earth•Eden,
                                                                                                                                                                                                about of civilization, the of the     of   The
              thereof judge fox;.reward, and .the         hisatti_fide toward ritual. "Wherewith shall"                         "         .So horribly, al'raid, be. 1/e ecru desolate,         lay nestled, in the valle_,s between        the
                thereof te[ich for hire, an_. the         I come before the Lord, and I_ow myself be-        ....
                                                                                                         a "-"                              saitk the Lord..•                  .                Tigris find the Euphrates. iTivers. 'Later the
      prophets thei-eof di_,lne for money: yet will       fol_ the high God? shall .I come before            ,                                For nz_l people have comtaitt'ed two evils;       Assyrian and Bahylor[im/ empires reached
    " they lean uponthe.Lord,     had sfiy, Is not'the   .him with burnt offering, with.e.alvas    of a      "                  "           thell have _'orsehen me the fountain          o_    their pifinaeles of power, in this region.-
      Lord (3:11). "us? none evil dan' come upon          yasr old? W.ill 'the Lord be pleased with
      us"                                                                                                                                .livlny worsts, and:hewed     them out'cisterns,       Swinging around the fertile crescent _he
                                     • " "               thousands of rams, or with ten thousands of                                        broken ctstsrn_, that ca*t hold no _ater.           parade of civilization made its way: Syria_
        Tlms _as ti_eir WorSt c_'ime" the sin of         rivers, of oil? shall I give my firstborn for                                                  "        •                              1_albstine_ and on down to the _t'iCh Nile
      presumption.    They committed the common        mY trarL_gfassions, the fruit of my body for.                                       INTRoaucTION--                                      "River of Egypt.                               ,
      error of supposing that'becauRD they.were        the sin 0f my soul?" (6:6, 7). '       "      :"                [. "'i             : :Jewish ,society    was >f_t disintegriRmg.           On and on and on manwent,              fighting,
      God's chosen people.alining.   ill could hap-       The answer.'comes in the'words of one oL                .                      . Her' God was being "suliplanted by a
      pen to. them. It ls the same kind of attitude    the greatest passeges in the enth'e .Old                                          • faith in political expediency until the very         settling, multiplying, dying_ "but ever he
      that many chuz_ch members have today.         _TastamentJ     It summarizes    God's ddmnnds "                                       foundations of the'nation' were shaking and          sought water•. Whether on the mountains,
       • But.they  were muddy, in.their .th|nking_    " "He hath Shewed thee, O man, what       .
      Micahr saw. clearlY, that a |ust God must       is good; and whatdoth     the Lord requl_-e of                   [                  rUin appeared inevitehle radar, searched the
                                                                                                                                                                      One 1one figu_d,                          .or too     valleys, he
                                                                                                                                                                                                on the plainsi Deer in the Mediterranean, sought
                                                                                                                                , an aneient                                out water."                                  thd
      inevitably  punish sin. Jerusalem was not     thee, but to do jnstiy, and to Im/b mercy, :                       |                 "heavens for the message that he knew must             Grecian and Roman empires were built on
      inviolate, any mor_/ than Samarla. Because , and to walk humbly with toy God?" (6:8)'. '
      Judah had gone:on •    stubbornly in her' de- No one can fulfill thasd requliements   and .                      _                 .come'to the gamut of.human it; fad, quickly
                                                                                                                                          runnirig Israel. •He caught  .voeshulary, he          southern Europe's penit_ulas. Great centers
                                                                                                                                                                                                Of population  came into existence  in the
      fiance and disobedience_ the samefate would   fail to. pldase God, 'For cn_ must make 'his                                                                 "                                "

•     overtake her as her northern sister. Jernsa-to
      fern's sentence was strildngly 'similar-           with Him. God before hc can walk humbly
                                                         peace "with "                                            :i "          .         seized a symbol meaning as to he it.g use and
                                                                                                                                          so simple in its so uniX,ersalin understood          ' northRho.._,.the west, on the Tiber, the P,hlne,
                                                                                                                                                                                                        and the Danube, and the Thames.

      Ig f290)                         " "       "                            ' 'the Preacher's Muqa_/ae          . '                     geptombdr-October, 1949                                                                         (291) 19.
                                                                                 _                      ,   .                                                                                    . -.

                   The trackless expanse of ocean ,challenged     waters, andhewed     them out cisterns,broken                                                                                            : .                                ."
                Columbus and others, and Soon the Americas.       cisterns, that can hold no water."                                                                  ownership of the cistern and the water was.              practleas. 'Yet, as the contemporary of Jere-
                were discovered and history.hegan     to repeat "    Therefore, as we consider this text, we                                                          only a relative thing. If the cis_rn-broko               miah felt *self-sufficient,- having' o supply of
                itself. Men were building again, hut where?       shall discgvei' lJmt it is descriptive el con-                                                      and crumbled and the water leaked away,                  water in his cistei% he did not forese0 the
                On rivers, on coasts, yes, wherever water         trary y/ays of life. We note, first, that                                                           as often Was the case, the owner had nothing             possibility:of his loss o[ water from evapoi'-
                was available    in qus_ntities sufficient   for                                                                                                      to compensate    him for his loss. Tc place              orion, cracks, and droughL In Palestine, it
                their needs. New York, ]Philadelphia, Chi-                          IS
                                                                  L T_xt:CXSTImN DEscaIgrXvEor IMAnINAaY                                                              one's faith and trust in. "things"            :was not unusual for a torrid sun to heat the

                into New. Orleans, and many others water,
                cago_ existence--bet    always on the    came                It /s the ghiring failure of modern man.
                                                                                       SpIntTuah Rasounc_s                                           •       .         the
                                                                                                                                                                       emptcurse of manki_tld. The quest.for ga n,are
                                                                                                                                                                              nasa of soul. Possessions_-thcse     has         cistern walls to _.a_h gh degree_ then would
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               followed by.. a sudden chill which      to be
               "Water, whter, water"; this w_s, the common                "as well as the anOient, tim( in'his thinking                                          :     dri(,en men to the far corners of'the earth             rend the wall and the water would dis.
ti              denominator    of all man's _:onquest. Whether           . he never gets beyond the temporal and that                                                  and plunged    them into degradation       and          appear.  It,is the unforeseen   !hat we mus_

li!. -           hd still new lands for Gbd his'decislons,
               ' was sought water that influenced or for gold, it          which is seen.'He.builds TO" the Israelite, and
                                                                           coy.cop(ton "0].reality.                                                                                                           sell
                                                                                                                                                                       wealth has made m_n literally honor, their               beware of.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                imaginary                                 fatAL We
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             too.often built, upon "
                                                                                                          his-life on a (prong                                         despair. The desire for power,                 and                      A self-sufficiency
                 Without     water life. was threatened; a/_d              descriptive of the mcidorn, the cistern repre-                                .             souis for fi "mess of pottage," When will                do net know where danger may be hidden.. "
                 thirst, dried-up vcgctMion , and.desert p aces            sents all that Is real. If Is fl_e seen; therefore,                                         we iearn that a man_s ' life.does hot consist            Never a thought had crossed the mind'of
                 held no nitroorion for man.                      the real. Reality in this arch consists of                                            in tile things he possesses? The acquisition             Kathy giseus' father, of the well he had             " "
                    It is not surprising that Jeremiah reached             appearances.    The seer wrote, "There 'is a                                                of the: material .' drives' men on, Salary:              dug twenty years before, that it would be
                 for.a metap_tor.w t t which to "attire God's              way that seemelb rig/it unto a man. but the "                                               houses, autpmobile/;, investmepts, anti inx-             the tomb of his little daughter.         A security
                 me_sage and found this figure--water.        As           end thereof are the:ways of death," Whdn "                                                  uries 6i:cupy the major .interests          of the       based on inadequate        resources     may result
              " water is indicative of man's most common                   man, whose spirit, is immortal, seeks to sat-                                               present "day. "These are the reap values,"               in ear'elessn_ss and finally disaster_.
                 physical need, so it represents     mail's most           isfy it :on.material     delusion, he "doth err                                       .     man a_ert_.     But is [t not rathei" 9 gift of'_          - An6ther danger'related      to'a false security
                 lmpet:tent    sp ' tual need--God.    God was             exceedingly.'!    Tee recent" war developed                                                .wisdom to undei'stafid       the words of the            arises out of trust in the strength           of our
              . charging      Israel with having     chosen _.he           what came to be known offersatz materials,                                                  poet?        ,     ._              . . . . .             surroundings..Regardless            of ,qmw    well-
                 no-gods, the temporary and the unreal, in-                They Were simply substitutes           for the real                                              Poor I was "h_id" songht _or l:tchcs, _             c0dstrueted    (be Israelite's his{ern appeared,
                 stead of God, the Permanent and the Real.                 tiling. They had. the samegeneral.appear-                                                           Something.tha_   would satisfy,                  it was not master o_er the elements: Often
                 God is.described as the Fountatn of.Living                artce and taste, but at"best they were ofiiy                                                      Btit the dust-I Odthered 'rmmd me ' "               despair filled his'heart      fis he beheld the
                 Waters, while the false, the _nreal, and the              cheap imitetioris of the i=eal, Japan, before                                               "       Only .mocked.m//    solil_s _ad cry.           .empty. receptacle outof         wbich its precious
                 imtginary are designated by the figure of a               the war, built an.economic           empire on her                                                                                                   treasure had escaped. How much more the              '"

                 :cisterh. The cistern was of bum,an con-
                 strnetion, limitedin-its           capacity, and. fur-         abil.ity to reproduce in facsimile the exports-
                                                                                of other countries,
              ' (her, subjcot to the whims-and caprices of " cheap labor gain a .buge market fo r het_ .
                                                                                                          and with            aid of                                 o       ea                         i
                                                                                                                                                                    the present. Man is lulled into a stupor by
                                                                                                                                                                                       c aftor_:#_y gcS:d_steslOPnSltn         despair individual
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ofhor whip
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    t          confidence
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                has been placed In financial seci_rity,- only to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                discover that his investments    are not worth'       "
                 Nature, which often allowed the water to products.                          Still. 0sly• the appearhnce_ were                                       the doclrihe that-the present is all we.have               the paper thc_ have been printed upon!
                 escape without warning,              F6r its supply, it        present, T m f'cal was not there. For those,                                         of life, We live but for t_day_ So why not                 Or tile man, so strong in charaeter_ yet in
                  must d_pend on the rainfa i in a land Which • who Wanted _quallty,.these facsimiles would                                                          cat, drink, find be merry7 For tomorrow we                 the flash of a moment's temptation- realizes.
                .wa._ noted for- droughts.            The uncerthinties         not sfitisfy, Yet much of man's spiritual                                            die. A. few years ago a roving newspaper                   that that mad '.mbment        of pleasure    has
                 connected with such a water supply often ." yearning is of t _is type : If the real may be                                                      " . reporter of a large' city paper interviewed                thrown bim, torn' and bleeding, upon the
                 beean_e perplexing and discouraging,                           imitated, then what'differonce        does It make                                   ten young persons, between the ages. of                  'rocks of i'aorai abandonI Trust in our'own.
                     On tm other h-nd _ th,_ .i,'u
                                                .-_ ..e..s,
                                                                 _¢      , t
                                                              o_ .puniness
                                                                                as, long-as• it appears "to satisfy?.
                                                                                                                         "     . . "-    .
                                                                                                                                             .                       6igbteen and thirt_,,'.The       question tlsked           strength and surrourfdings?     No,,we. are'not
                 of livingwaters      .were dba rable sources of                  .A s long as the water In the c_stern was                                          eacl_ "_vasthis, '(If you had only twenty-four             sufficiently  strong in ourselves.      We are
                 water becau._e o[ their 10crmahenee and. rd: " 'there, there was no need. to. be concerned--                                                        hours to live .and you knew it, what would                 destined to failure."    7             ".
                 freshing qualities..       Regardless' of external             water is water--but      there was no consider-                                      you do?'.' The shockir/g result was "that                 _ Wi'ong conceptions of, reality and sechrity
                                                                                orlon given to the fact that it might be'tepid                                       nearly     all agreed, that they would spend               depicted by the cistern lead to wrong con-
                                    wells, abundance upbn . and in d_mgcr of stagnation.
                 conditions, the never-fainng               counted                                                    In the New                                    their last hours i0 drinking, carousing, and
                  to supply-a                                                of
                 w.qter because they found their source deep                    Testament,     Paul describes the empty re- •                    ,                     having w mt t my called, a "good time."             ceptions of God:" For it is to God that men
                 in the subterranean caverns of.the earth,                      iigi0us exercises of shallow religionists' as                                          Not one pe_rson gaqe.a thought' to the staid        must look for their help. It is a truism that
            •       . " .             .       .                .                "having a form Of godlihess, but denying tile.                                         of his soul in the next World..Such        a per- " a mar_'s religion may stand or fall on his
                   ./_.s men.would       obviously "choose. the we!i            power thel:eof." At the cost of tt;emendous                                            verted sense o[ value and reality ta explained      conception of God. Israel b6ga/t to sec God
                 in-preference     to the cistern so would they • .'effort, elaborate codstruct on, and incstima-"                                                     only in tile terms which God •described it, 'in the light of a sent mental godfatllt_r .Many
                 be expected to seek the true God rather than                   hie expense, modem man seeks to erect a      •                                        ."They have rejected .me. the fountain of
                                                                                                                                                                                           .                               Wereconnection
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           no     the mercies was •made at between
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                received       His ba_di thi_ir
               ' the fatse._ 7_6t this was not true. 'Israel' {vas              religions _xpericnce      out of social service,"                                      living wa'_ers, and hewed them out cisterns,        faithfulness and these mercies. Thins Israel
                 rejecting true spirituality witli its certainty                philanthropy,      "and universal     brotherhood                                      broken cisterns, that.can hold rio water."
                 and vigor, for.the superfielai and Palliating 'Yet be falls to see that,his, outward vest-                                          _                                               .                    'felt that. since God had.hlessed       jn t]ae past,
                  drugs .of a false seuse 6f .satisfacfion.                     inents, so ecclesiastically    correet,.only      hide                                     r/he .imaginary    spiritual resources    de-   _I-Ie would continue th do so without any
                 Heaven rebelled against this utter' conh=a-                    the emptiness and.futility, of the'Inward re-:'                                        scribed- bY.the.ei-_terh     are also based on a    respensihllitY   on" their'part.  ' This attil_udel
                 diction in man, th0t lie should be interested                  figious motive and power.. The :imaginary                                              wrong conceptidn of ,_c-curity. The fear of : iacking" in a personal moral responsibility,
                 in bis physical welfare more thati in the - conception that reality consists in appear-                                                                insecurity plays on important        role in the   soon degenerated      into a .feeling that Gocl
•"               acquihition era        satisfying element for his 'ances fails to produce in the hour of test.                                                       life of man. Lab0r-inana[_ement          problems,   did not care about them,'that         He was not
i              His solemnneeds, For this His people, sayibg,
                spiritual   charge before reason God lays                      its being owned. It the e/stern is "found
                                                                           in Another feature of was the" possession of                                                 ere based unrest, and internatiohal
                                                                                                                                                                      . economic upon man's effort _ attain sequrity
                                                                                                                                                                                                                strife         • interested In t_hem. The consequent view that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 men( was: a departure, from 'the de_elop-
                    y people have, committed two ewis; they                someone, and that person' felt. the comfort                                                  end dispel    fears of Insecurity.. No.tru_             God was concerned with sin. Sin became
                have "forsaken me fl_e founL_in bf living                  which co_nes from ownership.        Yet the                                                  security is obtainable unless it_ hull( upon             common, An easy conscience ",_as developed
    .. :.        'M
              " 20 12921             ""        '"   "
                                                    "                                                The Preacher's Maqatiao                                         "" solid foundations   of sound        principles "and        ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 on it, Men beasme moral anarchists---every

/ "                                                                                                                                                                    _optomber_Octobor, 1949                                                                                21...

i                                                                                                                                                                                                              .   .
      man.a law unto himself.Unbridledllcease                                         G
                                                             As our text'mdlcates od xsnotdLsturbed                                                 of
                                                                                                                                     the inhfibita_xts Jerusalem,for sln and              caP,           need for forgiveness.
                                                                                                                                                                                              escape--:the                   Until
      followed.                       ....                over.                 I
                                                                 the fact}.hutsrael     thirsts; ratheritis                          for uncleanness."                                    men drink of this.Water they must thirst,
         Today's easy consatence on sin-has become        that she tries to slake her thirst on imagl-
      the green light for loose and irreverent            nary resources.      It is natural       that ni_[h                          Isaiah, the prophet,.spake    as the Holy                 that.continu_liy,.man
                                                                                                                                                                                          betweenand                            Jesusihe
                                                                                                                                                                                                              mad God,SinhuterectSin barrierchrist
      living, ThE bulwarks of a moral society a_-o should thirst for God. St. Augustine, in his                                                     him, inviting stn-wasry
                                                                                                                                     Spirit moved said:
                                                                                                                                     to God. He                             men           it "is broken and remo,r_.        A thirsting ]?r
      being -battered to splinters .by this false         Con]essions, said, "Thou hast made us aftei"                                                                                    Go.d, couple0 with a humble and contrite
 1    doctrine. • Men" behave     the]psel_/es worse      Thyself,.O God, and my soul is restless till.                                  Ho, everli one that thirsteth; come l/e to_the   heart, will bi'ing soul-healing        Water, from
      than animals. Drunkenness,      divorce, pleas:     it repose in Thee." Therefore, until n_an                                  waters, aml he -that. hath no moneff; .come          the.Fountain       of Living Waters.-
•_    ure-seeking, vice_ and lust are being prac-         finds t!_e Spring of Life, his thirst remains . "                        " fie, buff, and eat; flea, come, •buy wine and           If the v_ater fi'om flits Fountain meets the
      riced without any fear of "apprel_ension or _unquencbed. 'God identlfies himselfas                that -                       milk u!ithouf monell andt _vithaut price,            fii_st need of man it is none the less'efficient
      consequences.     Society, operating      without   Spring of Life--the        Fountain     of Living                              Seek fie the'Lord tvhiie he maff be found,       in meeting man's deepest need--heart holt-
      adequate spiritual resources, supposes that         Waters. In His appeal to men ,He offers a                               . call lie upo_t him'while       ke is near: _          ness. The burden of the Old Testament was
      God is not concerned       with sin.. Nothing " satisfaction that will whony and completely                                      -                  -            .        . .
      is farther fro/n the truth! God has never          meet the need of'every man. Because of_the                                      Let the.wicked     ]orsake hts.way/and     the    that man might walk unerringly in the slat-           .
      lessened the intensity of His hr_tred of.sin,       natural thirst man has'for        spiritual saris-"                        u_irighteons Inns. his thoughts: and let /tim        .utes of the Lord. Yet the presence of inbred
     .His" holy astute'demands"                           faction, God presents himself as the FouA_"                                retur_t tote the Lord, and hawill             have    sin in the heart is  the writer
                                   it. By types and
      preachments, God has sought to express His          taln of clear, cooling,        and invigorating        , .                  _terey upon. him; and to our God, ]or he .of Genesis as !'every, imaginatioh_ .el the
      condemnation of sin and the.fact that "the          Source of Sustaining Grace, ready to satisfy.           .. •               u_tll abuudantly    pardon."    " .•                              mans
                                                                                                                                                                                        thoughts of_leremihhheart was only. evtljs con-
                                                                                                                                                                                        tmually."              said, "The het_rt       de-
      sa[ll that sinneth, it shall die." The Old          end restate. In the path of man's pilgrimage,                                 Beyond doubt the highest and. clearest          eeitful above all things, and desperately           -
      Testament declared it. John the Baptist,            there is a Fountain toaid the weary tray-                                  representation   ,in the New Testament          of wickedt who tan       know it?", These and
                  in the interim period between.the       elar abundahfiy    to meet his rleod.                                       God as a Lifo-gi_,ing Fou_tliin,'sufficient   for many others conc]ude_, only one fact--=the
      canons, warned men to repent and in flee               In th6 wilderness God gave Israel water .                                the forgiveness of man's sin, is found .in        heart of-man is possessed of a traitor and a
      from the wrath to come. Jesus Christ, who           out of the rock, The Apostle. Paul, writing                                 Jesus Christ.    One day while journeying         tyrant;it is infected with'a principle that is
      was 'so. named because He would save His            ifi the New Testament, identifies this rock                                 through Samaria, Jesus stopped at Sychar,         opposed in the will and desires.of God. The
      people from.their sins, came to seek and to         with Jesus Christ,saying_ "Ore: fathers . .'..                              near to Jacob's Well. Tired and. thirsty, He      New -Testament       corroborates    .this. to a
      save the lost and to give His lifea       ransom    did. all _t_ink the same• spiritual drink[ for                              paused at the well to drink and rest. A           greater degree bY its references to the "old
      for.many•                "         .                they drank of that spiritual            Rock that                            woman, approached,     I_resumahly-to      draw  man,? the.. "carnal nainre,_"and.the      '_root of
                                          •'            • followed them; and that Rock was Christ"             .                      water for the stank, and Jesus spoke ta her,      bitterness," as well as others...
         Alife seeking ta draw _ts sustenance from        (I Car. 10:4)_. The Psalmist recognized God                                 saying, "Give h_e to drink." Ir/lmediately the
      an imaginary spiritual'resq,urce      is. doomed    iA the •figure ofthe      fountain as he said,                              w_man expressed surprise that He a.Jew,             This condition becomes the ground _or
      to failure, it cansat stand. The unreal must        "Thou.shalt make them drink o[ the river                                    _ould ask such a question of her, a Samar- - defeat," unproductlvaness,          bai-renoess, and
      be thrown away• Man must turu from the              of thy pleasures        For with.. thee is the                              |h_n, with Whom _the Jews had no deali_igs.:      despair,    It lurks In 'the shadows of the '
      cistern as the source of his supply to a more          fountain of life,"' Times too numerous to "                            Jestas further, puzzled the woman by saying, _. . human.he[irt to rob it.0f all the grace re:-
      permanent - and      inexhaustible  " l:esource.      mention the Scriptures describe God. as ll_e                             _If thou knnwest'the      gift of God, and who " veined in. regene_:ation, It is enmityagainst
      Hence we turn to our second point, namely,             So qrce and Givfr of Life in terms of.water                             it is that saith to thee,. Give me to drink;:       God. "It is nqt subject law of God,
      H. TJ_z FOUNTAINO_ IAWNO Warsss Is DE-                 and fountains;      _ut in'each     _nstaneei:it   £s            .      thou wou]de_t have a_sked of him, and' he           neither it_deed can be."                .
                                                             God nieeting the'need of men. He comes t0                               wbuld have.given'thee         living watey'!  By       Whatofthis?..Mustamsnhl_,vaysstl'uggle
           SCnU'TlVZ. IszxHAns'tmLe SPIlUrU^_L               USas does the water from an artesian well                             'this time the worsen was" thoroughly con- . against' this' fear?• Does God give only a
                             RksonncEs                       which, when .th_ vein' is tapped, shoots forth                          fused, not being able to understand how this        taste of cool, _:efreshing water to the parcbed
         If the thirst for spiritual reality is not to be    its mighty, inexhat_tible       flow of precious,                       Stranger could draw water out of thedeep            traveler -enough to wet his.fevered       tongue
      satisfied 'in the imaginary nnd illusive re-           edol, life-giving     streams in quantities not                         Well, without: even a container.         Was He     --and then. let him f_/ce-the torture of a
      sources deseri[_ed by tile cistern figure, then . only adequate, but greater than yournasal                                    greater.than Jacob? The baffled and frus-         • censure ng and revisiting thirst for the-at-
      we must look for a more permanent" and                 and mine, no matter what that _eed may I_                               trated woman, deep 'in sin, .shrank as the          tsi_abte%
      inejhaust hle resource.         This • resourqe is        God, _he Fountain of Living Waters, m_e_                             piercing, eyes of this One saemecl to bore'
      God, the Fountain of Living Wntars. "David            the first need of every man's heart, the                                 through .her. ,It seemed _her life lay.bare               Oh, Thbu, my C_eatar, tarvnsnt _ot
      expressed his deep desire'for           s coal re-.   forgiveness     Qf sins and the hestowment of                            beferd Him,'and       he_ heart beat fast with         thts. erasing soull KnowestThou          not
     "freshing,     thirst-quenching      draught    from   new: life,_Ths      i[act t_at sin is.a universal                        fear-and     emotion._ Qoletiy the voice coD-          that it were better.that    I live-and dte
      eternal sources in these words, "As the               experience      renders each individual, apart                           tinued, speaking words of freedom' and                 _oithout kno_ing,o_     Thee than t_ taste
      hart-.panteth      aftei" the water h_c_oks; so "from grace, vu alien 'and stranger to the                                     release, "Whosoever drlnketh of this water " but a drop.and.perish              v] burntnff theist?  .
                 my soul after thee, O God." The            eommonwealth'of         Israel and from God. The                         shall, thirst again:, hut whosoever drinketh           An, sol .God does not leave HIS children
      weary     deer, fatigued       and thirsty     after  plea of our tbxt was directed against Israel's                           of the water that I shall give him shah             t¢ perish merciless y on the blisterlngdesart
      evading his.pursuers, stands on the edgs of           sins which separated them from the blessings            '                never thirst; but the water that I shall give       of a heart gripped in the power of evil
      the clearing, surveying.the      cooling.water    of, and the mercies of God.             Yet Israel, in                  "                                                            '
                                                                                                                                     him shall be in him a well of water.springing • propens tty. Hoar, [is Isaiah paints in" beau-
      the brook. His breath comes in ga_l_s; his            searching for forgiveness' and new life to                            " up into everlasting life." Is it any woKder,         t[ful _rietapbers, the effect of Livihg Water
      tongue is :thick nnd. dry,. After assuring            Satisf£ the craving heart, found herself going            "              then, that this woman who had spent her             on: man's heart;
 •    htmself of. the. safety df the _surrouodings,         down blind alleys• Israel failed to recognize                            life and virtue on" the offerings of brdken                                          " "      -
      he advances and lowers his head to the God as the"Fountain of Living Waters,                                                    cisterns, should now say,"Sir,      give me.this      • .Inthe _vfiderness    shallwaters b_eak . "
      water's edge, 'and his. tongue" reaches out           Thwarted st .this.'point,       Gad'enlarged      the "                  water, thatJ thirst not"? "She left Hi'-and          " out, and. s_reams in the desert. And the
      greedily for the life-giving        elixir. AS the    possibilitie_ by prophesyfi_g through Zechu- " "              _ _        went back to her former companions-in-sin,            parched ground shall become a pool and
      hart panteth        aietar the water . brook, so      _lah that "h_ that day _aere shall he a fouaL                             not as one of them, bursa amissionary,        to      the ithlr_ty teed _prings el vJater,
      pantath nian's soul after God..                       rain opened to the hou_se 6f David and to -,.                 _           them. Jesus meets the need which no. man           or agaln_
      22 (294)                                                        -"             The Preachor'_ Magdzise.             i        :. S_pismb_t-Octol_or. 1949                                                                        (295) 23
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        j   .
                     1                                                                       -                            i
                              .       .                                                                                                                                                                                                   .     .   .   ,   .

                                                                                                                                                          They shall hunger no more, neither             people alike, offers, only disease, pgllution,
          For.I will pour water i_ponhim that               who knew betterthan He thatIsrael          _v_s                                            thirst  any more; neidLershallthe sun                               d
                                                                                                                                                                                                         evaporatlqn,,isappointment,and finally
        ts t irsty, a ld floods upolL the dry              ,eveh at,this moment rejecting the One who                                                  ligkt on them, nor any heat.- For the             death, while the fountain offers pure water,
        ground: l will pour my spirit upon thy              in truth was the Fountai/_of     Living Waler?                                             Lamb which is in tiLe"midst        o] the         a fountain of life."_         ..
        seed, and my blessing upon thine o17-               Jesus stood and cried, saying,                                                             throne shall feed them, and shall lead              The offerings of the cistern will.not satsf_i.
        spring.               "  '     ."                      lJ. an9 .man .thrist." let him come ttTIto
                                                                     "         _                                                                       them unto living fountains of waters:             Our/testimony       must inevitably be:
      We are reminded     that s0n/e of tl_e most              me and drink. He that believeth on me.       -"                                         and God shall wipe _way all tears Item            I have /vend no satislaction in the fleeting-
      beautiful areas of America are those lands              "as the sciipture    hath said out ol his                                                their eyes..             ". •                             things.el   earth;
    , which _ave.bee_l reclaimed by the program                inward 'part shall .flow rivers of living                                               Yet the crowning event of all comes as            I have hewed me broken cisterns that Itave
      of irrigation. The barrdn lands, worthless               water.                                          " "                                   John,escorts   us into the Presence. and the               .mocked their dearth.
      to man, hax;e become, tdardens of paradise by            Tbis, Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit,' who                                       Source of the l_ountain of Living Waters. Of           But Christ steps.for_#ard  into the realm -
                         forth Tim heart of'man
      llie waters sent dams• from ibe.E_rand Coulee                                                                                                     be
                                                                                                                                                this ..... says     :.                           " of human experience---your     experience-and
      and Boulder                                 is       .was not yet girth, but wbo upon the Day
      similarly made an area b[ productivity     by         of Pentecost fell upon the 120 in the Upper                                                 And ha shewed me a purerivbr          of  . mine: He extends Hie invitation: ."Drink of
                                                            Room and purified their hearts by faith:                                  .-     .     water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding      the Fountain of Living Waters: quench the
      the Avork of the Fountain     of Living Waters..      The believer who finds himself hampered by ..                                          oat el.the    throne ol God and el the"          thirst of tormenting _uilt; Cleanse-away the
         Ezekiel adds momentum      to the promise as       the drag of sinful propensiti_.s, the eister_                                  -. •    Eamb. In the midst el rite street el tt,         stain of sin's dread gripl Drink of Me," He
_     he writes,..                                     .    of fe_ir, jealousy, anger, emulafionsj     and            •                  .         and on either side o_ the ri_er, was there       says, "and you may dwell with'.Me in.the

                           shall 'he clean: Item all
        you,..and willyeI sprinlde eleait water upon                                                that
                                                            i,he Foiantain of Living Waters deeply His                                          " • ' " manner o_el life and yieided.:her. twelve
                                                                                                                                                                      _ruits                   /'ruit
           Then                                             strife--let     him come and drink              of                        I[ -               the tree             which    bare              City Foursquare."
                                your            m koow          oipnrit ,
        yo,, filtl. o..,o,tdto,uoll idol.," hoorl ight tho'hlZ slog
        will: I cleanse you. A new heart also               i_ower, and rddJentJy victorious living,
                                                                                                     "                                                 ev0r' ,dt, 0o e. ttl, tree.
                                                                                                                                                                     e      o e
                                                                                                                                                         were for.the.hesling  el the nations. And
                                                                                                                                                       .thEre shall be *to mo_'c curse: but the          "    '       AMBITION-------•-
        will I give you, gad a.neh_ spirit will I.             Finally,'the    inexhaustible Living Fountain                                                                                                                ....           •
        put .withinyou:    and I will take away                                                                                                      ".ih_one oJ God and o] the Lamb shall lie
        the stoity heart" out oI your Jlesh, and
                                                            of Spit'itua
                                                            long ngneed
                                                                           Resource_ is able to meet the
                                                                            of the human soul, To slake
                                                                                                                                                    . in it; and his servants shall serve ,#m:
                                                                                                                                                    " nnd they shall see his face; and his name
                                                                                                                                                                                                             .    FRIENDOR FOE?"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       . •  . -
        l willput walk yyu my wheart el IlesL And 1 " - plishes thrist.with
        will       *ny spirit   thin you, and cause
        you to give in an statutes,'     shall    one's     completed      redemption and assurance
                                                                                 the Elixir of Life.aecom-                                             shdll b_ no nirlht there: atul A,,d tbe_e
                                                                                                                                                       shall be i, tl,_i_ lo_,h¢ads.  they.need                   "   Hardy C. POwbrs.
         heep nay judgments, and dothe,.,
                         •                                 the universal     The ancient patriarchuttered
                                                           for the future. question of mankind, saying,                                     ."'so e.,,dle.,,_l,herfightel *lies,.,i arid
                                                                                                                                               the"Lord" God givetlr them.light:,       for                       General Superintendent
         Add to this Joel and.Zechariah:-_one    era-      "If a man die,:.shall he live again?". The                                      _.  they:sttall reign lor eber aiLd ever."                                   .
      phasizing the pouring out of the Spiriti'nnd         future o_eupJes the .mind..of       every man.                    .                                  "          -                              '/_._tm'rton    hasbeen    defined as l'a censure-
    " the other, the cleansing aspect--and     we are      After    death--what?     The knowledge      that                    "              Truly the farthest outreach of human de-                    _      ing desire to acifieve." It is the wooing
      able to envis bn the depth of._lte work of           limited time frustl'ates the noblest achieve-_                    1             s res Is here consttm nateJ       Without ltmlta-               influence wbicb leads to endeavol:. It has
    • the Fotmtain of Living Waters."             :,       monte, the fed!rig      of mmortal yearnings                                    lion. ini_xt)ausfible, and eternal, tim Fountain                led the race "fl:ombat:barism        to light. It has
       : The c eai" im     cat on from t tese Scr          within the I_i'east, and the nndequate just ce                  --              el Living Waters meets beery need of tilb                      •exchanged the foe l_ath fo/"the rocket ship.
      tures is that it will be the work'of the Hol_'"          this
                                                           of ". . 1 fe prompt man ".to ook beyond . '                                     homesheart.         Thb brokencisterns     of this              the runner for the. radio, ignorance for ten
      Spirit:  The New Testament       verifies it as         Does ttm.rFountain of Living. Waters.offer     "                             world may give forth superficially saris.tying                  thousand schools, and superstition             for the
                                                                                                                                           seusatious of t:eality,'secdrity_ and.God but                   gospel,    It is ambition      Which paints the
     Jqhn   the Bai_t st.says of Jesus;.                   a solution for this problem? Must man live                                      they will turn to hslms of bitterness, as We                    unrealized•idealand        to translate
          I indeed baptize you with winter unto            for a day, be subject to the ravages of this                                    rdalize that We have been'elinging'to..imagi-,                  the unse_en into" the aetu,'ll.         . • " "
       repentance: but lie that comeih a[ter me            lifO, and then Sink trite "oblivion?. If so,                                   "nary supports.
            tghtier titan 1. whose shoes I ant no_       . then Shakespenre"whs            not amiss when he                                                  "                                               At this point is to be seen thesecret              of
       worgLy .to bear: he _hall baptize you              .made Macbeth to say, "Life is but a walking                              "      : "A missionary        concluding   a sermon on                 much ministerial' failure. The'.lack of am-
       with the Holy Ghost, and with fire.               , shadow, a poor.player          Who struts and frets                       •    •"Christ as the Fo(mtain of Livthg Waters"                       bitten    makes "success,      impossible.         Lazy
                                               - "         his hour- upon the stage and then is heard.                            "        was met by a devout M9slem, and o con-                          preachers 'always fail. •       " ...
i      But     Water must for to confirmation
     the trueagain we of L to, look our Jesus, .who is     no more , a •
                                                                  •         tale told , by am id ot signifying
                                                                                            •            .   .                       " " " versatidn On :religion Was entered into..As                        But ambition has pdwer to curse as '_vell'
                                                           nothing.      ,No, my m nd and your mind re-                                    t[_ey talked, the'ct'owd dlspersed'rfor drink-                  as bless. It drives vain men to live beyond
     Having gone.:up to Jerusalem at the'Feast            "volt agaiitst'that    idea The God who created                                  ing places. Within Sight were two: a foun-                      tlteir means:      It overrides       tim .i'ights    of
     of TaBernacles.      accompanied    by His" dis--     us in His own image fvohld nbt n_oek us:                 -., ".     "           loin., a(td the public _ater plaeei a Iruge                     others, ignores justice and mercy, and seeks
     ciples,..He    mingled with the crowds and-           He will n'ot'let us thrist and.n0t be satisfied,                                ieistern tank wbere peopl6 ahd animals alike                  "promotioh on" the rums of truth and•duty.
                  the Temple. Fo/- seven days; the
     taught int_h_sesof
     y_rlous                 the hod bben in        No, Jesus, who hinlself bade't_s drlnk,•said:                    " "         " drank. -As tim two men discussed                and.             It made.devils out of angels,, and the bistm;y
     progress, with Jesus taking ver_ little part."              "Let not your heart be troubled        ye "be- "             ,       )-             watched with interest the activities about          of the. Church is strewn with the wreckage
     On .the last day,.the •great day of the feast, .          ltave'i'h God,belteve      tdso Ltd.mi_: In my" .      "           "                  them,the    Moslem s/lddefily, spol_e; Said be,     of promising men wbo were damned by
     th/_ ritual called for. the priests to bear              Father's house are _nany mansions: -                                             '_Here'we have a picture of the difference          selfishambitlous   .....             "
     pitchers of Water fro m the Pool of Siloam               were not so, I tsduld have told you. I go                                              between Christiat/ity and Islam; Christianity          Is ambition the preacher's     friend' or Joe?
     and to pour out their eorltents at the base              to prepare       a place for you_ And ff                                               is like yon fountain, so smaU and insignifi,        The answer is determined          by ambition's
    of the Temple altar, This was done to sJ,m:- - I go and prepare a place ]or yon, I *will                                                         cant and appealing to so few, while Islam           object. "Seekesf.thou    great things for thl]-
                                                       "      cdme ooatn, and unto myself;                                               is like that cistern, large'and   ae_:ommodat-      self? Seek-.them not". (der. 45:5), .When
    upon the                     of'the   Holy Spirit
    hoIize Israel• pouring out looklng for a future
                     They'were                                that where I aria, tlere ye_tay . he also.
                                                                                 •              .                                                    trig many-."..The     missionary pon_lered     n the object, sooner or la(er the con-
    day_' Jesus was stirred With desire for His               The belolvyd'.John' inke_ us beyond the'                                               moment and then replied, "Yes, but you will         vjcttor_ seeps into the dodseioflsness        that
    people, and His heartseemed,        to burst with     yell to give us a preview of heaven, show!ng                                               pete,.that  the cistern;'serving   animals :and     Selfish ambitio 9 can_totrbe satisfied and that
    emotion at the.emptiness      of th_s ritual. For     the blood-washed • saifits, .and saying:                                                   Septambor4_ctsbor, 1949' . .                        "        -         . -    -                (297) 25"
                                                                                    .         .   .   .                                                                                   .     .    .

     24 {296)            ,                 "                                       Tha'proacher'n Magazln_                                                                           . .
                                         •                                                                                                                      -                                                             •       . ,    •

           selfis. oo smaila god to'wo_ship.    Forthe                      is
                                                                      llve Christ"is the guidingstarof such                                                             .              .                                .            .      "        .
           setfishly amhltious man the night inevRnh_y               lives.                                                                                            sinner being clearly satisfied that God is . deeper experiehce, the second crisis, with its
           comes when bitter disfilnsionmefit will corn _                                                                                                              reconciled, that "all. his iniquities are for-     wiiness.                 "
                                                                           Ambition--the   preacher's friend or foe_                                                   given, end his sins covered."       Continuing,                 -
             But When Cl_rlst i_ the object and His -will
           pa_ the sold. -                                               object of my within     Christ or Who'is the
                                                                         The answer isambition, my control. seLf?                                  . "i "              Mr, Wesley said, .!'By the.testimony      of the            THZ S_:coue Wrl_asS: A Dtvm_
           and glory is our domittant ambition _nd                         Here I give my all to Thee--         : • .                                                  Spirit, I mean an tnward impression on the                      AssuIIR_cE       .
           every ifitercst and energy of ' the soul is                         Friends, and time, and earthly             store;                                       1oul, :whereby the Spirit of God:immediately                    Paul_ in hi_'letter_,o the" Ephesians,c_ap-
           compressk.d into this single channel,'the life                    Soul andbody   Thine to .be--                         . .                                 and directly witoesseth    to my spirit thatI                 tel- one and verse thii'teen, says, 'In whom
           will he both. useful and joyous. "For me to                         Wholly Thine )¢or evermore.                                                            '_m a child of God; that Jesus Christ hath                   .also _a/ter that ye believed, ye were sealed
                                                                                                                                                                       loved me, and givhn Himself for me; thht all                 with. that holy Spirit of promise, '_ The
                                                                                                                                                                       my sins are blotted out; and I, even.I, am                   deeper experience in tim soul of a believer

                              THE'-WITNESS ' OF ' THE SPIRIT                                                  -      .                       " .. ". • -               reconciled to God.' .... "of the hymn " on the-"
                                                                                                                                                                          Tim sacb_id stanza            .       .      "            naturally carries with'it thea awareness'of.the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    or assurance. There is          deeper evidence
                                         •        _    -   "                                                                                                           tombstone of the Rev.John      Wesley'e mother,              Holy Spirit's work by His incoming, and the
                                                                                                                                                                       Mrs: Susannah Wesley,. who passed to her                     Holy Spirit's assurance       of..HIS, presence.
                                                 By. PeterWiseman                                                          "                                           reward 23, 1742, are these words:
                                                                                                                                                                                 July                                               There is, then the direct witness •which

           Tl_z       Srimr itself boat'eth.witne_     with our..particular•         doctrinal     intel'pretation       or.view_        "                               The _athcr then revealed His Son,
                                                                                                                                                                           Him in the broksn heart made known!                      arL_es out
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ,     the sot_l, end the indifiect and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     of : the Spirit s mcommg, wit-/

         ".IL spirR, that we are'the children of God. .the chief reason'being
          And if children,then      heirs; heirs of God,                                    in preacher
                                                             so"; having cohfidence "the thb pastor said     or                               "" _i                        And found the earnest oJ [6rgiven,
                                                                                                                                                                         She knsw and _elt her sins her heaven,                       hess, which the the result the revealedin in be-.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      fullness-of      is trult of as Spirit       a the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      liever's life: out of the two, the full assur-
       . and jolnt-fieirs with Christ;if go be that we. preacher, the.question          is settled. The enemy                                                          '_e  same assurance is expressed thus:                                •
          suffer with hlm_ that we may'be also glori-        has many. substitutes for the witness of the                                                                                                                             ance of faith:         "
          find _together '' (Romans 8.16 17_ "This is        Spr_of      God. Hsmssor/is        toruin whereas                                                          Thg sins are _orgivenI •accepted thou. art!                                  tel
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         It is of v ,., importance to real ze . that the
       "                               " '    ""           '      . ....                              .                                                                 lltstened, and hcaven'sprang.upin      my heart..'.               ..    .                            •
          the record God s record in. the Scr pinres,        the miss!on of the Spnst of God ts to save.                                                                                       "-                                    .evmenca o_ me Holy Spirit in His.fullness
          that God hath given-to us eternal life, and        Thedevil-pot      only has a great many sub-" ."                                                               There is, second, tbe testhnony      of _the              in a believer iswithin      the consciousness of
      _ this life is inhis Son". (I.John 5:11). "It is       stitutes, but he has v great dislike to this.                                     •                        spirit of man::"with      5ur spirit." The sug-               that believer rather than in any physical
          the Spirit that beak'eth witness, because the      gracious" doctrine because of the comfort .                                                                gestion of a double, witness is clear. While                  manifestation, for rite simple reason that the
          Spirit is truth" (I John' 5:6), qHereby know       and assurance It gives to God's children. It •                                                             it may be arg_ued'that the text is but one                    forracr, is abiding While • the latter varies
          we that we •dwell in hlm, and he in us, be-        is believed b_' many that the early Metho-                                                                 ivJthsas" in the'.impression on,.or" the .asanr-'             and is changeable.
          cwnse he hath given Us of.his Splrit'. (I John     dlsts received more persac-utlon because of                                                               .anee to, the Soul, yet the very expression;                    ."In. oi'der to enlarge more fully on this
          4:13), "In whom ye also trusted, after that        this teaching than they did from any other                                                             ." "with our spirit," suggests at-least the sac-              - subject, namely the,witness of the Spirit to
              heard the word of 'truth, the. gaspel of       doctrinal emphasis,                                                                                        nnd/ The H01y Spii'it speaks to the human                  - the fullness"of the blessing, may we _uggest
                             in •whom also after that yr.          •     " "                    "       "                                                               epirib---th-e spirit bf man; .and the human
          believed    ye were sealed;with"      that holy    FIRST, TH_ Wri_sss     or rHE SpIetT: a Dzvmt:                                                             spirit, being thLts assu_ed, answerg       every                                  W
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    TIIIRDLY.THESUBSTANTIAL ITNXSS."_, DMNZ
          Spirit of .promise" literally, 'zln _,vhond.also .                    AwAntmass                 .                                                             demand of thn wl_ote psychical being as to                               "   "    "ABIDIN0

     • " having believed ye.were sealed". (Eph. 1:13).               •     There,is,.first the testtraonp" of the. Spirit,,                                            his acceptanceby   God. - " "                     '             We'.rise this heading as.a.convenience      in
           We are lifting out of this re_ding the first                  of God; The Spirit himself beareth witness..                                                     Thus rite double witness, the testimony of               order to develop:the suhject in hand
         passage, Romans 8:16, 17, as the text 'and                      To realize at once th6 personality of ,the                           _                 .      God's Spirit'testimony    of our spirit,.               The testimony o_ the. Spirit o.f God"in
         will have special reference     to. the other                   Holy Spirit is to get off on a good start, anXt                                               makes for. what theolog ans call the d rect                  either experience    o_ .grace should not be
         passages of the reading as we move along,                       more, a I_iyine Pers_pality,' The Holy Spirit _.                                             wRness of the Spnst• of God, "which is ira-
                                                                                                                                                                          "               •                                         separated Jrowt the fruit el the Spirit. "Let     ."
             The    importance     of the subject of the : speaks. He" guides. He reveals, He'coin-                                                                   medigtely followed by the indirect witness                    none ever preanme to x:est in:any supposed
                        the Spirit can scarcol_r be over-     forts, and so, on. In I John 5:11, we read,'                                                             In the life: the work done in the soul shows                 testimony of the Spirit," said the Rev. John'
           emphasized;     for it is not nnly one. of the     "This is the record, that God hath given to                                                   "          itself in fruit in the' life• t'Make the_ tree               Wesley, in fits sermon of_ the subject` "which
           great doctrines oE Scripture, but a most cam-      us eteroal life, and this life is in his SOn.'. •                                         .             good," said the'Master,     "and the fruit will              is .'separate from the frt_it of it. ' - This is.
           farting one--_tbe comfort that ariseth out of      "It is:the Spirit that beareth witness, because.                                -                       be good." "Because ye are sons, God hath                     tru'e in both experiences.
           the knowledge        of sonship and of being       the Spirit is. truth."                                                                                  sent forth the 'Spirit of his Son into your                                    "
           cleansed' by the. preclous blood of Christ                 •                     ". • : .      •                                                                                                                            The ardor may be reversed, and we use
           Jesus, Naturally there dangers                The witness, of the Spirit isnat given by                                                              hearts, crying, Abba, Father" (Gal, 4:6).                .the Rev.' John Wesley's words again: "Let
           with regard';to     such alT important subject,    an outward vote_, "nor is It always                                                             ..'"The.fru    t of .the Spirit," asld Paul ir_ the            none restin any supposed/ru|t       o] the ,_plrit
              There is the danger of resting in "a form       inner .voice, although this is sametimesthe                                                               same epistle, 'qs 10re, Joy, peaco_ long-                  without th.e witness,     There may be fore-
           of godliness", as being g sufficient evidence      cose,.as in my personal experience of. sane-,                                                            suffering .gentleness,. goodness fa th_ meek-               tastes of jqy of peace, of love,./md those not
           that we are the children of God..TO "deny          tification," "Neither do I suppose," said the -                                                           hess, temperance."     Speaking of the direct              deluslve, but really from God, long before °
           the power'thereof"      would not be necessary;..  Rev. "John Wesley# in his s.ermon on .this                                                                 and the indirect'witness;     it has 'been sug-           we have the Witness in. ou_selves;-.but       the
           just rest in "the form; Many do..On           the  sub ect, that He always apphes in the hear_                                                               gested that the first saves us from despnn-                Spirit of'God wltnesseth with our spirit that
           other hand,, there is danger, of resting in         (though He often may) one or mo/'e tekt_                                                                 dency, and. th? second from presumption,                   we have 'redemption in- the blood of.Jesus,
I"         extreme outward em0tto_/allsm, as we are           of Scripture. But. He so works upon .the                                                                  "fn the 'mouth of two .or three witnesses,"                even the forgiveness of slns.' :Yes there may.
                 -                                                                                                                                                                               w.ord
                                                                                                                                                                        says Christ, "every assurance shah settled,estab-
                                                                                                                                                                                                           is be                   be a degree' of long_uffering, of gentleness,
•          naturally emotional creatures, There is the        soul by His immediate influencn' and by a                                                                 lished." Thus 9ur                             and                                 -
                       resting in                         an
           danger of of .salvation,mere orthodoxyfactas that strong, though 'inexplicable      operation;that                                      _                  thus the testimony  of Scripture,.    _                     . of fidelity, meekness, a temperance,   (not a
           assurance                   despite the            the stormy wind and troubled waves _ub:                                                                                             -                                 Shadow thereof, but      real 'degree, by the
     .'.   orthodoxy cannot save; only Christ can save.                  side, and.there  is a sWeet calm; the heart                               [:                    We have • been discussing the new birth,                   preventing .grace of God), .before we _ 'are
           There is als0 the danger of restihg in a                      resting as lathe    arms.0f  Jesus, and'the'_                             [                  "r_generotlon, with its ,wline_,   direct.and                 accepted in the Beloved' andconsequently,

           26 (gg_)                              " "             '       "    ,•                 ." ."The Preachers Magaflns                                          _ptembcr,Octolmr, turn .
                                                                                                                                                                      indlroct. We now" 1949" ohr attention        _o the          before -we have. the testimonyof       our accept-
                                                                                        "                                                             . "                                                                          : "        -                                (299) 27
                                                                                                                                                                                II                           I

    7                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I                                                                                                                     "        "
                                                                                                                                        ".r.                                                                                                                                                                                               ."

                             hut . If are wis_,-we shall be ind'ependntlyothersofthh,k
                                                                        of hat
                    "anee:. it. isby.weno.means advisable '!that in simplieity"--:slngleness may :of
                                                         to                                                                                                                                                                                                                            WAS THE'WEEK                                                            END LOST? •
                     test here                              us;                                 soul to                                                                                                                                                                         "              : .

                        cries in'our
                        continually                heart,
                                                   crying       Abba, Father."
                                                                 to God, until            His         Spirit           without
                                                                                                                       the glory wax,
                                                                                                                                   of          without defilement; sincerity"-_
                                                                                                                                               God; "and godly        "not with                                                                                                        " "         "                     By       G,       W,       Re     i    all
                           In llke manner,                       let none _:estin             the sup-                 carnal wisdom,  ' but by                   the' grace of God,
                         posed- witness, el                     tile Holy Spirit              to being                 we 'have our- conversation                    'in the war]d'--:                                                                     SCSU,rOSE--Acts                 16:11-34                                             " upon         her       It was   that   name_esus          Christ.-
                        cleansed    from   all sin ainlfdled     .wifll the                                            before • mankind.              The   word   "simplicity"                                                                            TExT--Verges             30-31:"Sirs,                wind.    relict   .1 ¢lo          that         finally      brought          bffnisbmcnt     to -the
                         Spirit without  the tidinessof,   the [radt o_ th6                                            means     singleness          o¢" mind,   a single eye;
                                                                                                                       "godlysincerity/'           the B..V., ?the sincerity    el                                                                           to be saved?                  And they said• Believeon                                spirits and            peace to the fear-stricken'girL
                        Spirit,  and let                  none rest in dTiysupposed                                                                                                                                                                           thee LdrdJesi_s               CliHst, and theft s a t be.                           "The crowd               milled around    in excitement•
                        ]ullness  o[']ruit                 without  the _witness within                                God."..With         such   intention,             such   purity;                               -                  '-
    •                   to heart purity.                   There is here the danger
                                                                     .                 of                             "those who       live in the fullness            of the blessing                                                   .                   _,aved,      and       thl/     house.                                    "           _3ut   fiie irate
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   money-making        slave-owner, was
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       scheme                                      his
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      realizing end,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      :at an
                                                                                                                       have their cofiversatiou,     their deportment     of                                                                                  It was Saturday        even pg at fle forum         of                             - gathered    his cronies    together                and. dragged
    •                    ness of: in a mere sin; "to feel allthe conscious- no
                         restlng   inv,;ard    release from    'love' and                                              living, in theworld.      In this wonderful    don-                .              -           "                                     Philippi.     Already      the soft ,Mediterranean.                                      the two imposters     to the local                magistrate..
            "            sin Is nqt a sufficient     proof, Many have felt                                             diti6n they live; and in this wonderful        con-                                       -                                       "dusk      had failed like n mhglo mist,.and           the
    I i                  this for a time " said Rev. J. Wesley, "before                                                dition, by the grace of.God,       they shall die,                                                                                  Bay 0f Samothraeia         was now enameled        with                                    Two hours       later, just as the watchman's
                         their souls were. fully renewed;      none, there*                                               Secondly,    an   inward       yieldedncss    and                                                                                sianset.    Lazy cranes      like round-shouldered                                      gong      beat out a raspy       midnight,    the two
                         fore, ought to believe'thb        work is done till                                          .agreement"   with God's ";mill and staYLdard m                                                                                      old moo'stood        waiting     expectantly    around                                  "impostors"        found     themselves      squatting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 . phitffully    in stocks   within    the "inner.sane-
        •              .there is added- the _estim0ny                   of the Spirit     croft/thing     as revealed        in flts Word.          The                                                                                                 the water's        edge for tbe.lncoming               rmhtng.                            turn      'of the city jail•. For several       minutes
                         witnessing       bis.'cntire.sanctification        as cloarly_   Bible is the.rule      and cbnduct;        It is                                                                                             . vemsels, while along-the                 _mbblestone.   streets
        i                as to his justification."             Indwelling     sin may     God's standard       for us_ We submit             40 it in                                                                                                   came camel caravans.laden                   with spices and                               neither      of the'm spbke..            Their    silence     was _"
                         lurk within        and watch the moment              to "take   order to find the grace of God. a_/d we must                                                                                                                   silks from..tim        Far East.         The- quiet bustle                                eloquent.         The tall man groaned            and tried to
                        oceasidn"       to slay one           (Romans      7:11)." 0 9   live by itin oi'der to retain.that              grace•     Thb                                           "- -                                                  of man and beast vied first•for the ear, thqli                                            loosen      his torn.         blood-soaked        garment       by.
                         the'other,hand_         there is the dangerof          restifig heart     sfiys "Yes" to nil Gotli_ will a'nd plan,                                                                                                          " fdr :the      eye,   and     then. for the nose--the"                                     moving        his great, wjnglike           shoulder       blades'
                        in a !'_onstant          activity"      in the good _.vo*_ks despite any .unholy                tendency       to t.he con-                                                                                                     drows_y tinkling        of donkey          bells, the watch                                back-hnd       forth. The short/'ann            tried to wiI_e
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 "                                                 -     ......                                                    the b ood as we 1 as t m sweat from his face
                    ." of trio      church       as an assurance          that all is _trary,God           _dnqtmrs,       then. saves• This          is                                                     -,                                         of swallowsthht          d_ppea tiown _rom wempm                                             .. ..,      . .       ....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          .....                                                   wltu tne sack          or =s nanu          nut t ae outreae
                        well•     Some       people      be_:ome      so busy     doing  the road into'i.he         .¢ullness of God's.gradm                                                                 "                                          alcoves,     the musty smeu.nt_t_urning              incense,                                   •         '    .                   '
                        something        that they have no time                for do:   "As ye ha_d therefore            rece ved Chi;ist Jesus                                                                                                        and      tim 'muffled     heath_g, of gongs,           behind                           _"of 'Iris pin!oried         arms prevented'           bits. And
                      •votion,no         time" to" wait on 'the Lord              They   the Lor_,       so walk       ye in him ' " Ahsoltlte                                                                                                          cloister    walls.                                                                       ._:hile    they sat there In the stocks, moo _ ng,
                                             •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    pazitlng,     wrigglin._,       sighing,   shift[fig first thi_
                        do not know'the               meaning       of the scripture     yieldeHnpss      to allGbd'swill           is the constant                                           -       "'              '                              .       Two         men      picked               theil;     _way   through                  way and"then              that,     each waiting         for the
                        which      says, "Be still, and kndw that I am                   attztude        the believer
                                                                                         the grace of of full salvation•    towardthe God.; of God
                                                                                                                                        will    and in                                                                                                    crowded         streets.      One             wa[      tall had lanky                   other     to'speak,     a greht copper-colored              moon
                        God."                               "                                                                                                                                     "                                                         with thin, olive cheeks       and s hooked      nose.                                 peeped  .in.quisitively    through     the high-up
                                                                                                                     ".becomes     a delight:      Then we."stand        perfect                                                                          - The other was sbort        bearded,    very slightly                                  iron window      bars. The tall man's face broke
                           Among    the many faetors, wbieh may help                                                   and compleie        Jn all. thewil      of God" :(Co                                       "                       -                :stooped,  _wJth.a    determined      jaw-and     byes                                 inta'a forced     and painful    grin,
                        us in the consideration'of     the scriptural  wit_                                            4:12).            ,              "              -                                                                                    tlmt burned     like twin     embers     in a dying
                        hess of our standing       in these pt'eCious ex-                                                 :Su_ect t_ili I el God_: still lol_I md closer           .                                                                     • fro. They     were on their way to a prayer                                             *"Weli, .friend Paul.                 I      guess this is wlmt
                        be mentioned: God. there.are
                        perienees  in                    three that [;hould                                               Till I am'wholly        losLin  TItee( - ,           " '                                                   •                     meeting--a    wmnan:s      prayet_ meeting,     of all                                 you'd call a week.end                      that" is lost.'?
                                                                •      "          " ..    _       •      "                Thirdly,    an experience        oI'approprjatihg                                  "               "                            thingS!          .                                                                        .The•little           man•llfted         hls Im/td and'moist-
                           Fir:h,          an     inner     approbation             o.f conscience,                   leith.      On   the resurrectio/t      side of his ex-                         "                                                      3ust      ahead    of them            a crowd          lind gatheretl                ened his cracked   Hps. They trehthled    slightly
                    .                                                                                                                                 .                                                                                                                                                                                           when he said.-'Lost     week end?      Silas,    my
                        God,            "a" toward       void (Acts offence
                                        and conscience men"     of     24:16), toward
                                                                                  Con-                                perienee    :of
                                                                                                                      cried out,,"I.livecrUcifixion
                                                                                                                                               by'the    faith of the'Son Paul
                                                                                                                                                         with Christ,        of                                                                           around slave sdothsa_,er ventriloquist
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          little    a    girl--a     with itrby                         palms•spirit-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        and        His            friend, let's lmve a prayer  meeting,"
                         science    unenlightened    by                    the /fqly.Spirit      is                    God:" F_dth is "tbe vii:tory that overcomethJ'                                                                                     possessed--was,    telling  fortunes.:.     The    two                                      Silosarched       his eyebrows'as     if to question
                         not asafe     guide; but when                      one can say witb.'                        :We'are   shred by faith. We are sanctified     by                                                                                  men stopped     to listen.  The taller       stood   at                                  the sanity of his companion;          butin    his brlef
                         St. Paul      !'My conscience                      also b'earing     me                       faith.. We live by loith_ We walk by faith,                                                                                        the edge of the crowd--he         could see over                                        assoetation       with. this Bomarl        JeW he had
                         w tness'in      the Holy Ghost                     "• (Romans      9;1),                      We conquer    by faith.   And "without   faith it                                                                                  theix beads..   The shorter    elbowed       l_is way                                   learned      to love and admire       his eotrrflge    and
                        .he is on safe ground.      Such                    a ebnsclence     will                      is impassible  to pleasb   God."  According     to                                                                                 politely• intb the innei' circle.       It was right                                    unpredictable        manner.     And so while limbs
                        always               God and      in
                                         ofbear witness never harmony,
                                                                coiati-ary                     thereto,
                                                                                              with the                St. lohn,on in his- first.epistle, beth _'He that be-
                                                                                                                      lieveth      the Son of.God                tli_'witness                                            .                                in the middle   of _ trhnee that the                             little girl            aehed_         backs     bled    bodies         perspired      "and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          suddenly  spied   the two strangers.                                She let             hearts        .thtimped"     like _'the        distant    beat    of
                        for. the'Spirit        and the' _rord" agree.     "Our                                          in himself'! (5:10).  _t is otft: glorious  privi ......                                                                        out a shrill     wail of feax: and, 'pointing         a                                  . drums,   parched    lips and swollen         tongues
               that flus, the testimoliy
                        science,            .in simplicity   hr_d 'of our con-
                                                                   .godly  sin'-                                     -promise_s bf God hs             are revealed
                                                                                                                     " lege to appr0prlate._y they faith the conditional, us.
                                                                                                                                                                     to                               - ' :                                             trembling,   finger   in their  direction,     cried,                                      dared to pray and sing praises.t0        God. Luke,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • "I know who you-arc:--you're         slaves   of.the                                       writing  about    it later,  said     in what      we
                   cerity  pbt'_.vith  fleshly'wisd0m,      but-by   t.he                                             inHis     Word: p_:omises not "only for pai'don                                                                                   Most High GodW              "
                   greed of. God, we have our cbnversatibn             in                                             and fo_ purity, but tot',healing,  illumidatiqn_-                                                                                  .                                                                                         now call Acts 16r25,.','And     at midair, hi Paul-
•                  the world '_ (H Cor. 1!12)          "The testii_ony                                                guidance,    power,  and victory,   till the" l_ast                                                                                  The short    man lowered     his John Lewis                                             and Silos prayed,     and'a_ses    to God:
                • 'of our 'eonscience"--that       inner voice speaks,                                                battle   is Worr. Amen[                                                                                                       . eyebi'ows      and thundered-=not        to the      girl                                    and the prison_ers heard them•"

                                                                           ....                                                                                                                                                                           butte    the e_'il spirits possq_sing her--"In.                                            Midnightl     What a time!     Samson    asleep
                .                   .      -       .                   "                 - ....              :                "    "   ":          "                      '-                                                                              come name of Jesus Christ I cbmmand
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          the    out of her!"                     you to                                          with his head on 'Delilah's     lap. The Death
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Angel stalking    the streets of ancient   Egypt,
                "-              "                                          the°f ifeLordarewhileSimpletheenough.ability.:
                                                iia theThevineyffrd°b[igati°nSof                               TbeYto
                                                                                                                                   tO.and"WOrkto                                                                                                             The. child fell  writhing to the grottnd   as                                        Jacob wfestlinff   at the Brook, Jabbok.    . Solo:
                                                work up to th6 full.measuri_           of that ability till our honorable        discharge                                                                                                    . .         the evil spirits fought to maintain  their hold                                         men--and     two bob es, one     living  and one

                                                comes.--Selected.                                       " '      "        "                            .      •    .                                                                                      September-October,                194_                                                                                                             (301} 29
                        28 (:300                                                                                                                           ;The Preetehdr_s Maqaztae                                                                      ." " • • "
                                                                                              .      .      .                                                                                           .                    .

  dead, swapped" by a cunning mother.       A      in the above phrase. '"All the doors." Doors                                        form, then cast it from you now and call for                  the' light, the jailer's wife with a' bowl of
  Baby born in Bethlehem. A bridegroom and          of convict on, doors of confe£sion doors of                         _              the Light of the World• He has been waiting                   :tepid water, the jailer with tear-stAined
  ten virgins: A neig]_bor clamoring, for           repentance,    restitution and faith.      Yes,                                    so long to hear you_r desperate cry!       .                  _hecks gcntlM dabblng a hot towel on Paul's
  bread for belated guests. Midnight] Rats,         prayer opens all doors t_h'atlead otzt intu the                         .            "._fter the call for-the light came the call                bloody back; and tall, gaunt Silas standing
  bats, and cats on the prowl. Hospitals full.     avonderful experience of.the new birth,                                             for salvaUon. "Sirs, what. must I do to be .                  with glistening eyes waiting his turn; and
                                                                                           " "                                                                                                       a_lgels looking thrmlgh     the k|tchen tots-
   Men dying.                                          Note also the word "immediately."        The                                    saved?" Light and salvation always arrive                     dew! _ And "who knows' but some faraway
    . What did they pray about? For them-           I_roeess may b,e gradual but the experience                                        together. The jailer izad lpst as many week                                   -
   selves? "Laid, You got its into .this mess;      is immediate• The.embryonic babe may take                                          ends as the prisoners. He Was in equal need                   voice re-echoed• out of.the       distant pa._t
   flow please get us .out[" No, I don't think      months to'farm, but there comes sooner or                                          --the moi'fil and the immoral. THe light the                  words tha_ are. now wel]-known--"hy         his
   so. For the little slave girl, now in-her right  later the crisis of birth Gentle movements,                                        jailer called,for was to see others as well as                stripFs we are bealcd"!      _         -"
    mind htzt cast out by her master, and who ' weeks earlier, indies!rid that life was on its                                         himself..- But his first concern was.for him-                    But narrator    Luke is not through yet,
   had found.Christ     as her neu_ Master. For     way, But there comes a moment tenet! a                                             self--"What must f do?_'                                      "Anr_:v_heh he lind brought them inter.his
  • the angry mob that had dragged tlmm to the      cry is hehrd!                                                                                           .         :                              bousO, he "set m,_at before them, and re-it
                                                                                            -                                             If Paul had be er_ a fawning, fellow; he.                  jo cod, bel ev ng in God w th all his:house..
                                           initsPhilippi,knees ."AndC°htinuingevery'one's.bandsthe loosed,"Luke.
   l_erhapsmagistrate'thlsF°r'thevery..infantmomentChurChon says                 nai-rative, recorderwere                            . migli ! have petted [he keeper, ol_ the Keys                     Here in this thrill-peeked        story!he write!". -_
   praying for them!                                     : I would like to have been there When it                                        and reminded him of.bin virtues. Instead,                 "genfiy'reminds_s          that there is bealing for
      What d"d they s ng about7 "Our' Father                  an_,_ned _lrs_ the .4n,_,._ tl_,_ t',_ hnn_l_                               he says just what you'would expect him to                  the body--"and        washed their stripes_" food
        •                          _ ....              •                    .                  .          . •                            s ay--"Be/ieve    on the Lord Jesus Christ, and           .for' the stamach-X"and             set meat before
   wnicn art in banyan . . . .. . The tar 9 is              Why. not' the bands first loosed add then                                    thou shalt be saved." Not for a minute do                   them," _ind, most iml_ortant of all, salvation
   _y shepherd . ....?'_ Or was it the ninety-              tl;ie doors flutig 6pen? The doors" of salv_-                                 I believe it"was a 1 over. with a mere hand-               for the adUlt"rejoiced,          believing     in God
   first'psalm?             - :                             tion Open "first; then as the bands of sin                                                                    "
                                                                                                                                         shake and a pat. on the back. It took _o_'e          "      wi[h a 1 hi_ muse"                           -       -
     -"And the prisoners were listening!" T hel/         are broken the young convert bursts through                                     than that.      Anditbey     spoke unto htKa the,.           -     "     ......                   .           '.
   bad lost marly a week end. They had grown the open'door into his new-found dxperienas,                                                word of the Lo_d." Wbo kndws btl_that                    • And that Is just How it.will work out in
   accustomed to the disconsolats          beating of    Thank God_ the door is el.ready, open, when                    " :             .the jailer set his iigbt on a wobbly "thOle an d • yotIr home when you are converted.                        Your
   their own hearts, the snoring of their tel-          ".you get to it;            • , - " ....                                         knelt On the mud floor of the Jail witk Paul                whole family Will rejoice with you. And
   lows and those who muttered               in their -     Verses 27 and 28 bristle with equaldrama,                                    and Silos.on cithel; side? And while Silos                  who knows b_t that before, _too,
   dressY. But here was a new sound--a song ."And the keeper of the prLson awakmg'Ou[o[                        .                         quoted from memory adequate pas_oges from                   win have the joy of leacling them to Christ?
   at midnight! When Christians'sing songs ir_ his sleep, and seeing the pi'ison doors open,                                              his Old Testament          pa_'ehment, showing"               A week t;nd lost? Ever_ week end is lost .
   the night, the world siays up _o liste_L. .           ha di:ew Out his sword, an'd would have                                    . Christ       to. be the fulfillment of :tht_ Jewish            to._thousands el American Jamilies. A .week
      What were theirthoughts       as they listened?    killed himseLfi, supposing that theprisonez'a                                   yearning to/" a Saviot_r, Paul'perhaps            sup-_. "end can be test in'many ways, Some lose it
   Why am I here anyh6w? What ismy family,               bad fled.. But Paul.cried with n loudvoice,                                     plemented with simple steps in salvation--"                 in'd llfiffe_'ance; some lose it-in pleasur@             "
   doing tonight? :Wish ray heart xvere a sing-          saying, Do thyself no harm_ for we are all                                      conviction, eontession,       _-epentance, restitu-         seeking, and Sabbath-breaking.            Some good
   itlg heart.-Mixed    smatters, hot tears, pent-       here,"                       '                "                                 'don, faith, Who knows but that the pris-                   folk allow what otherwise would be per- .
   tent hearts--the     world listening While the          .Continuing       to sl_iritualize tile passage--                             duets gathered around ih amazement,, far                   .lastly legitimate things to crowd Christ out
   Church _ing_ songs in the night.                "     "Awaking out of bis sleep.'             It takes, an                   .        too enthrafied by what they iieard and saw                  of theit'.3vcek ends. _ishlng, hunting,.skilng,
      "And' suddenly there was" a great earth:., Wake up some folk. Financial                                      even to think of "escape? PeHlaps the jailei:               visiting neighbors, imttifig ou the storm win-
   p,uake, so tlmt the foundation       of the prison,   xeverses,     sickness, family • misufi, derstand;. ?           _j              was:not the only •one converted that nigbt,'                dow_; fixing the garden are all good m their
   was shaken," God just had todo sometbihg,             tags, and e_,ezi 'death come to some good                                          'I_ere is a three-worded           I_h/'_se: at the      place--_but not on the sabbath.           "The be!tar
   The Heavenly Father just couldn't• stand it .. people to shake them out of their spiritual                                            end Of'the thirty-first verse tht_t sbouid be               the day the better the deed", is.a poor excuse
   any longer. Two of His choicest servants -. lethargy and waken them to their .need of                                               "noted-_.!'and thy home."          Salvation was to           and 'a feeble' pbilasophy behind which, to'
   with audacious faith refused to admit this            salvation. Obedience to the genth_'whisper"                                     be for'the      jMte_'a entire     llonsehold.     The- Jaide. Sunday night aftel; shui'eh I"have
   w_ek end was lost. So while angels Watched            of the Holy Spir|t can pi'oduce just as quick                                   father's actions were to influence the whole             . stood _amnzbd and watched . millions" 6f
• in wonder and seraph choirs busbed their               rasults'in the heart ah'.any spiritual earth-                                   family. It is always that way. Dad, don't                   Americans        coming back from" their lost
   voices, God reached down over the'Hattie-             quake and with, less. grief. 'Sinner friend/                                "'wait for your wife to become a Chrisfian_" week er/ds, To n_any Americans a lost week
   meats of Zion and shook the foundation of             don't wail_ for an..eArthquake to c_h           yom_                            Perh0ps 'she and the children have been                     end becomes         their last week endl " Lost
   the. prison.                    .     :               will and hreal_ your- heart; yield'them, both                               .. waiting and'longing         and sec_'etly praying            week end.y far too ofte n mean.lost soul_.
      C6nvet_sion is just like this: A crisis in the     to Christ today.,                                                               to/" you to take your stand first; then the_"                  As fares Paul and Silos.were concerned,
   heart, life's founds'doff shaken from its _mug           How ilhit_'inating        is the sex( phrase ---_ •                       will take thdirs with conildencd.                          ' what pppeat'ed :at first to be a lost weekend
   eomplacency_ an' uplifted face-penitent         and ""He. called for u light".[ "Thisis          'the con-                             . Apparently the jailor's family were deeply               actually turned out to be one of the most"
   tear-stained,   a prayer of faith, and an an-         damnation, that.light is cpme into the world,                                   toushed, for the account goes oh to say,                    exciting had b[dssed'in their entire ministry.
   swering God. And angels, flying excited y                   oved' darkness rather than light"                                 "And. he !dOle them the same [tour of the                   To. the prisoners it was a week end never
   back and forth, vie with. one another to be.          The jailer called first • for n light because it                               night, and _,ashed their stripes; and•was bop,              to be forgotten.          The jailer? It was his
   the one to inscribe a new name written : wasthe                   _irst. thing he felt tn need of:- Per-                              tized, he had allhis, _tra g! tivoli" Wife, sons,          iou_td week end[ Ha' found Christ[
  .down in gloryl                              "         hops the e*/rthquake bhd.pdt out his flicker-                                   and daughters, to say the. least, all' turned - . But •what aboutyon,                      sinner friend?.' Will
      "And .'immediately     all .the doors were         ".'ng hi,lit-lamp.      HoW utterly inadequate                               "to Christ becarlse Da_i led the' day. NOte,                   this coming week end be another lost week
  opened." This was not the first Lime prayer            has been the feebl_ gleam of our own petty,                        I          also, that tender human phrase, "and washed : end for you? Or will you with the jailer
  had opened doors, Prison doors had been                little moral    lamps with which        we have                    [          their #rlpes."    Whht a picture, for 'some     make it the week end in .which you, too,
  opened for the apostles oxi a previous aces-,          sought to light our stumbling         way down                                artist to paint,. The lailer's sou holding up . find Christ?
  alan. :Ask Peter about his experience when             through the corridors of the yearn[ If you,                        _                             -          .         .: .
  you meet ••him one' of these days. Praxer              :too, are sick of the frightening slaadow of seLf
  still opens "doors today. Note the word "all"          that stalk.4 behind" your own SeLf-righteotm              ..       _                      -      "   . _         _   :    "

  30 (3021                             ". "     " •                             " The Preac.bez'al',[agmdu_                 !                           1949
                                                                                                                                       -qeptambor.October, .                                                                          .          (303131
                                                                                                                                                                      .                    .     .
        .        ,.,       .
                    .                .                                                                                                               +whether "it "" oiswo h" a_id experiences'in thedismissed
                                                                                                                                            candle," wonderts tile best
                                                                                                                                            people whath+r to be good .orodoroollo l,i'ealni of me
                                                                                                                                                                               ••                               ol.h

                                               By Donald           S.       Motz                                                               Theology gives tl_e the field of theology,
                                                                                                                                            and pure, they are inultimate answer to the            theology .we we must know :know.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      In science                  to love.Paul,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  must love to                 In
                                                               "        .    •     •           "      +"               .                    riddle of life.' It explains themeaning   arid         Augnstine_ Paschal, and others all hear,in-
              •                                                                                                                                           +
          TIIEOLOGYANDPItlLOSOPtIY.                               the Jews found God. or were fotin*d by                                     purpose of life. In ,theolOgy we find the             spiring testimony to -the statement,         "The-
                                                                  Him, they worshiped and obeyed Him.:Thns •                                 "final valve of any action and the eternal            heart has, reasons    that the head knows
              Augustine, a gre_it philosopher as well o's      " "there isfi't a- single'Greek       philosopher     whd                     worth of an_/ life." The preacher'dea|s,With          not of." the.universe than thus scientist. to Th'e
                                                                                                                                                                                                   heart of The-Psalmist    is the elb_er         tile
           a great theologian    said that all lie needed         doesn't leave a question mark, and there                                   all the different asl_ec_ and prdblcms       ul
           to know in life _e.laad learned' from the           " "isn't a single prophet .witheut an affirms-                               "life, and in this procedure he needs the-             scientist umverse to is pull shnply a mechanism;
                                                                                                                                                                                                   But the seeks            not apart'the: universe.
           Greeks. They taught him that _bcre proba-              tian.,_                        . '                                        "elegy to .guide him, The pfeache_ can't
           bly was a god. But he said.that       it was in              +              -                                                     always the abstract and theo_etlcal;          it Js an'organism.    If we subtract   all the
           the pages of" the He_v Testanient       that he           Does all this mean that pldlos_phy and.                                 but, as Halfard Luceoi_k hassaid,      "Preach-       values from,life   man is a misfit. Science
          -found, not n god, but the God. in'the flesh,           theology are incompatible           and irreconcila-                       ing, if it is to have adequate breadth and            dismisses God, and thereby turns.the     world
           What reason alone could not do. canvtction             ble? Not at all. They can be complementaK                                  depth, must'be    theological p.reaching." .                                 ,.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   into an orphanage. is simply the result of an
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ia science man
                                                                . AaUuglUr t 'e tvl;e _re_t e stettl:v_geisln,g_eX t t_o '"                    Theology is.harvestlng     the grain, hauling
           of.sin and n revelation    of the mercy of A1-                 "_ilfi                                                                                           -                       eyolutionary .process. But when values are
           mithty C_od could.ariddid
           :      .    .      • .         ,do,                  "•framework " of Pintos,. philosophy.           Philoso- "           '_      it to the tulll, and grinding it up'into flour,       erased from man's expel'lance, lie is n3erely
              Philosophy sa3/s that-thare    ought to be a         phy must ever remain the handmaidol                                       I_ _the sermon the preacher bakesthe       flour
           god. Theology states+ that there m h God.               theology .and play a supporting   role. The- .             .              and'presents     it as nourishing  bread. The          man's."elongati_dmeaningless:aridintestine."
                                                                                                                                                                                                    origlnan                           Seiencehisdestinymakes"
           Philosophy tells of man seeking God. The-               elegy is_ the master:--it gi_,es insight into                           - listeners ofmay not and aware ofbut they do
                                                                                                                                                          harvest be milling,     .the back-                                 -
                                                                                                                                             ground                                                 insignificant.   Theology reveals the sacred: .
           elegy reveals God seeking man. T_ae out-                God v:nd eternity..
           come of man's search $or God is that-Gad Is'                                                                                      know how the loaf tastes, and whether . or          hess grandeur of his of man's In science man
                                                                                                                                                                                                 the    and nobility    destiny. beginning and
 transcendental   Deism or dusty Pan-            THS. ImronY...r_cs o_" Tt[EOLOGY              .                           not it is nourishing.,  .              .         .. is merely "_a sport of natui:e.',   l'n theology.
           theism.    The outcome of God's'search       fo_          .Theology    was, among the.ancients,      the                             The young engineering student may.chafe          man is God's masterpiece of creation.             .
     -     man is the Christ of the Cross and the                  queen o[ the S'ciences: In-modern _times the                              at'learning   the laws of stress and strain, but       Science worships power,      Theolog/y wor-
           redemptive    power of that Christ; In the-             queen has been rudely dethranedmnldst        tim                                       +
                                                                                                                                             @Ires he builds a bridge lie must be able ' shi ps a holy God. Science            is morally
            elegy we do not seek fit_t cau_ses primarily,          _applause of cy deal intellectuals and'short-                             tell the tannage'the span.can carry. Othet_-        heutral.    cs tself w th right-
            but the final results of the world,                     sighted _ churchmen.     It isn't difficult • to                         wise someone would plunge to lds death, and         _ousness. Science is unfeeling and unsympa-
               The task of philosophy: is essentially an              understand wi_y some seisnti_ts and educa-                             the engineer would be toblaine.'   The medi_   thhtic, Theology is. full of compassion and-
            intellect_aal task. "[qm task of tlieology is             tars wish:to crown their, own queen in the "                           cal student naust spend countless hours in ' mercy,
            fundamentally O faith.task. Philosophy seeks              field of learning, hut it'is truly astounding                          the laboratorY. This is dull procedure,   But    Science offers _o redcmptiv0 plan for tlae
            to explainv theology, proclaim. Philosophy                to near: those in the chiirch _oin in the.,                            whenhestands       at the bedside of a fever- :universe   It does not concern itself wRh
            is explanation_ while theology is proclamar               d_clamation of theology,                                               ridden .patient, 'ha must . know what to       spiritual advancement•     As Raymond ]3.
                                                       •           .          .                                                             :prescribe.. In flint mome_t the hours _pent    Fosdick has said in'his book Tl_e Old Savage
                                          to erect an arch from
            tion. Philosophy seeksthe keystone-is"ahvays              the volumes of Blaeksto e .and the studylegal
                                                                         The lawyer doesn't disdain                   of                     in the laboratory bear fruit,                  in the New Civilization:    "Modm_n science
                     to heaven, but                                                                       other
            mmslng--there       is a gap. Tbeology joyously           g1"eats. T m engineer never jttkcs in superior                           If the student of engineering      at- medicine     has rcvqh/tiol_ized, .not man,-but his world.
         _,_reveals a cosmic arch from heaven to earth,               fashion -about the findings of Newton" arid                           must be thoroughly       grounded in" a knowl-         It has made his old ideas infinitely more
            and there is'no yawning gap because Jesus                .Euclid. The medi_:al stodcnt:refuses     to ridi: •                   edge of his work, how much more important              dangerous.        It has taken away his flintlock
            Christ     is the keystone.,       Philosophy   tests., cule the teachings of Hippocrates,. the fathei"                         that a preacher, hand ng the'reyealed         truth "- and firel_rand'and giv+an himinstead          machine-
             various     questions     by_ some standard        of    of medicine. :The philosopher .is p_'oud of                           of.God anddealing       with priceless, immortal       guns arid po_son gas [and atomic bombs].
             truth..Theology      tests al! questians by ChUtist,' . hls knowledge of Plato, Aristotle, and. So-                            souls, be a.rnastar of theolog_jI The preacher         It has brought him into ititimate contact
             the Eternal Truth.                                        crates, The militarist eagerly pores over the '                -     is attempti'ng    to bridge the gap between            with his neighb0rnnd          exposed him to all the
                The Greeks :wOre the masters of ancient • campaigns of, Napoleon, Lee. and ttinden-                                               nnd                    that he erects musta
                                                                                                                                            God strong man. The span The preacher
                                                                                                                                            be             and .s+_tre.                    is      irritations'that has arise fromnoproplnquity..'.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   To man it             brought        change. He re- : •
                            The problem     of the Greeks . berg.                                                                           physician'cff the soul.-The medicine he pre-           mains as he was_-a _reature of passion, with
            was how to digest the              to"      But it isa conimonthing        for a preacher                         scribes must work! Theology is of tremen-              the old'fire ablaze in.hlseyes,         fingering the
            harmonlze    the real or permanent with the "or,religions              teacher to hold up to a puzzled                          dous importance,                                       new implements by which his irritation and -
            everlasting changes. The Jewswere          blessed     audience     a scornful attitude     toward the-                                 -     "
            with a great gift also. They had a genius for          elegy, In do ng .th s a preacher spikes his "                  • " •+       We of the ministry should bi'irig forth the         self_lnterest      can. now reexpressed        in cats-
            religion. The:great problem at the-Jews was            guns. Ite defeats his own ca_tse. If the great                           ancient qnden of our calling and restore her           clysmic slaughter." but to the world v re-
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Theology' holds
            a moral problem, to find meaning in life.            : trufiis of .the Christimi 4aith mean nothing                             to'her, rightful place bf honor and dignity,           derfiptiva piss'that       is the'sole hope of.the
               The Greeks ' were doncerned          with the       to him, they :will mean le_ to the audience,                          + _IEOLOSY      "AND SCIENCE                              human race. 'Hi_tory attests that almost all -
_.        . ontolegieal   problem, the beginning .of life.             Theology is lifel When a. frantic parent                                The universe is a realm of things and n             social advafice has been based on the ae-
            The Jews were concerned         with :the teleor       paces the hospital corridor, wondering about                             realm,of values..Man      seeks to discover both.      ceptance of Christian precepts             (theology).
            logical problem, the end of life.- Thus "the            the suffering of a beloved child, he is in Jchv                       " The apprehension nf things and the aI_pre- . Many large eprporptlons search the country
            Jews had no philosophers        and the Greeks          field of thee ogy Wh0n the buttons begin                                _iation of values are both importar_t, Ho_v-           to find young people skilled .in discovering
            had no p_ophets.".         .          . ""        ..    to pop on the vest of a proud father as h                            . ever, in i-ecent, years the scientists,          who . the facts of science. These young people are
               V_en the" Greeks did discover God, they              marvels at the birth of a son" Or dadghter,..    .            .I.       confine themselves to the area of thilags, or          given schelarshJps to universities, and fr_e
             didn't' know what to do with Him. When                 he is in the field "of theology.     Whenyanng                                                                   master
                                                                                                                                            facts, have declared themselves deliberatelyof         deavors to nation's
                                                                                                                                                                                                   trips to the locate the capital. No one who.        an-
                                                                                                           • "                              all they s_'vey and.have either                                                        young, person
                                                                                             The Preacher's Maqaztao
             32 (304)            .,  "   ,' " . •     .'                   -     '     "        "             "                              8eplembor-OctoboL
                                                                                                                                                          .   1949                                                                ",   .   .   " +   (305) 33

                                                                                                                                      -        .      .       -     _                                       -       .      ,                .      .       •          -.            "                   b

                     may be a leader in the future in the feld     of values. We do not discount the necdssity                                                                                       confronted with such overwhelming         evi-  the haunts of men, called a band of followers,
                     of human advance. No one, that is, except     of apprehending     the facts of life, We do                                                                                      donee, admit our ,responsibility  in thi# our . and instilled into 'their minds the quality of
                     a few fa_ighted      preachers and religions  insist that theology, with its appreciation of                                                                                    hour and accept the fact that we are men        His'matchless    love. He trod the path to
                     leaders who believe that the great truths of  values and_ its insight into God and man                                                                                          of destiny.                                     Calvary and, under the shadow of th6 cross,
                     the Christian faith are real and-worth while, and eternity, is the grehter and more ira-                                                                                         . Thd world of men stand today behind          pointed to His bewildered       followers  the
                        We live in a world of things and a world - portant task.                                                                                                                     crumbling wallswith     trembling hands- try-   entrance of, another Comforter into :their
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ing to.hold the insecure bastions of all they   lives as an indwelling.p0wer.   He died upon
                                                                                                    • "                      '                                                                       think worth while, and lisbon in the gather-    the cross." The sun refused to lo0k on the -
                                                                    "                                             "_     "       "                                                                   lag darkness for a voice of assurance, hope ,: sight. The frame of nature shuddered with

                                  The Resp ns
                                           o ibility _.nfhe P[ _ . er
                                                         t .   ..aCh                                                                                                           I                       leade hip. this ur
                                                                                                                                                                                                     end      ISoat o d0y? thebody thatnfHIS nou ,tl:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The dropping blood the
                                                                                                                                                                                                    .thedarknassof.tedayouropportunfly?    Do was takeh byHim       for'
                                                                                                                                                                               _                                               endurance.and patience drank "up all the
                                                                                                                                                                                                      we not have the answer? .Can we not ad-,

                                 In e Pr e servati on and Promotion of                                                                                                                               world? i-aedieaUon ofthe
                                                                                                                                                                                                     minister By for ofGod : 'ahafts world's beoofdeath
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     oceiils we.tomb.then'hu t and in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      the             of tho malieslay the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .           the
                                    •           •                                                           "                                                                                        canl   Our heritage   as a _:hurch "is great and-          and        became the   first fruits, of them   that"
                                                    Second Blessing Holiness                                                                          "                                        "     pure with sleep in theirWhile,the churches let
                                                                                                                                                                                                     America     orthodoxy. _ impotent stupor, of                                                     instructions
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 slept, "He' ascended, afterto finalthrone of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 to His beloved disciples,     the
     ,                           "-.                ' "                 "                           "   "                                                                          -                 us throw aside the covers and.spring from.                • Father, to send the Comforter bo Per/recast
         "                                                                                                                                                "                                          out'beds of lethargy, and give to our great                 Day, thus fulfilling the task so _tated by
                       ....                                                        By Y.: H. Lewis                                             -              •            '               -         church the preachers "she needs, and with                   John the .Baptist, "He shall baptize you
                                                    •       , ..               .                                                                                                                   t hearts on fire bend ourselves to the gigantic               with tim Holy Ghost, and with fire:" What
                     THE       pRESENCE    OF THE HOLY Sexilrr is'with.:     Is it really- our responsibility? H not ours,                                                                          • task of mccth/g .o_r responsibility:             a priceI That man might be cleensed in
                      J[.. us today as w_ e0nslder this gfeai            .then whose can it be? Can we fred any                                                                                          To get a clear eohception of our_respondi-                   ....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       heart.and, life!      -.        ...       •
                   • theme, Words fail u_, and we find ourselves          intelligently based.hope that in the alcohol .....                                                                          bility_is necessary. Let us for a rdoment at-    " Lotus oul'tstrlving for a clearer
                     with an" insuffic]ent vocabulary as we at- . fogged mind of fumbling,bewildered               politlcs -                                      .                       .         itempt to arrive at a better .computation of      conception of our rasponsibility    turn for a
                     tempt to- state--or rather, restate--the      tre-   there shall ever., be germinated       anything                                                                             the eterua_ value of holiness,. We' find that ' moinent to the working of holiness in t/uinan
                     mendans,       eternal    imporLance of second       other than a repetition of the.past? ,Is there                                                                              holiness stx:etchas away far into the founds-    lives. Ah, there is no story-co beautiful, to
                     blessing holiness in God's great plan of             in the annals of" history any evidence.that,                                                                                *.ions of heaven and Of God's nature.. Its       read or see as the story of redemption in a
                     redemption. It has its origin in:tim funds-          in the past, efforts of man without Christ                                                                                  magulficence staggers our thinking, and. its     human soul, climaxing in the grand thrill of -
                                 of God s own holy nature. It Is the:     have ever made .a bettai- world? Can. we                                                                                   .pure, scoria.sting beauty is beyond descrip-     the in'coming Holy Spirit. Second blessing
                     central theme _of the Book of Books, It              find any grain of e_yidence that from the .                                                                                 lion. It carries with it th e fragrance of an-   holiness has been the-answer, and the.only
                    .stands ou_ zts the o_]y. spiritual,meal _ation       philosophers Of today or_in the: _;oiccs from                                                '                    '         other world. Can we ,appraise its .value?        answer, to the, hunger of man. The.evidenes
                     for the ills of man that will pro_ide" a cdm-        Ch/-istless tamples of stone that there is c0m:                                                      .                      We can arrive at some. cstima.tion of its . of this is not on]y in its scriptural base, hut
                    "pistil:and lasting cure..       " - • ;              ing or will come any sort of a spil'itusl                                                                                   supreme value when we consider the terri-"       in. the incontestab e pioof of. the m/folding
                                                                          renaissanes for man?. AS there'pa_ses before                                              .                                 bie price paid to thake it accessible to man. • ye_rs¢ Time has proved that dgnominafions,
                        Christ- ever       polnted   His, stated    and   our _ thinking the vast panorama of-the past                                                                                That'fo_nses itself into the consideration of    churches, or _dividuals that do not press on"
                     exemplified truths tawa:ed the'realization,      of  and present, as'we search.for the answer, [o,                                                                               the actions, of the most l_rized possession of " into holiness       from healthy, regeneration..
                   • this experience .in the, hearts of men. Just
                     before His departure into that mystic death          we men our minds focusing on a asmall group -
                                                                          of find who bed experienced                                                              ...                                God--His.Son,
                                                                                                                Pentecost,                                                                                                                              of will fade to thein_ The fires
                                                                                                                                                                                                      scribable beauty He came,.leaving be the Jade-- - inis_ God'd_ purpose 'for embers and, finally
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            of heaven, to     made a
                    march to the'cross,   I_e insiructad His dis-. and with burning hearts and Spirit-filled                                                                    "                   - Pi'iestfo_: as, not aftei-.the law of.a'asrnal    go out. They will be lost in the perpetual.
                    eiples to tarry for the co_alng of'the other . lives went therefrom      to live Christ.  We                                              _-                                      eoinmendment,       but altei" the powe_: of a_   dissatisfaction  of a distorted doctrine, r£hey
                    Comforter. Yds, this_is indeed a great creed,  fifid that in- them and through them st_rged                                                                        "             endless     life, the brightness, of the Father's  Will sturable in :the fogs of defeat. They
                    The task Of the Church is then the promotion   a power before.      which heathen.     Rome's                                                                                     glory and- the express image of.His person,       will become "wdnderers in the wilderness,"
                    of this experience un_ler 'the lasdersh p of   might fell, and man saw the shining of the                                                                                         He Was God rqaulfast i_ the ,flesh gad God        to.fall at last in the desert wastelands while
                    the Holy Ghost. The glory of the Church        Great Whita Ligh t end:started on his way                                                                                          in Christ reconciling the world Unto himself,     the sands of the last-end weary yea_: will
                    has never been in her great cathedrals/her                                                                                                                                        It was "indeed fitting that His" coming be cover           their spiritual':graves. -Failure will
                    robedtalented and oratorical"inlh_try:._It or has
                    her     choirs-with ti3eir lovely singing,     in                          our o1 tlfe n3oras_s.. all thiswe read ' in of
                                                                                                                                        "                 .            . $
                                                                                               pages .ofwhen.uponWrit those statament_ the
                                                                                                 Then                                                                                                heralded   by innumerable    angels, bursting             'put death, :But tombstenenhove prer_ on plans
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                of his ghastly                      their
                                                                                                          Holy                                                •                                      into the   sky to congratulate    their fallen"                             those who                into
             ..     bemi rpther in her contact with thd" Holy
                    Spirit. :I_ the dark hauls of world crises it  Ch_-is_ahd'of Paul that show us our.peanliar                                                            _ .                        peers with aand itsof external eofiditiens, H_ : holiness tread,'the
                                                                                                                                                                                                      to the flesh _eng       deliverance.  Humbled                       dawnpath that grows more
                                                                    place of importance, Christ-called and God-
                    hhs been.the Church, "or rather those in the    given, • there' settles still heavier upon us the                                                                                 wa_ "given 'all .pay/or in heaven" amt the        bright, unto the            .  perfect day.
                    Church, who had within, their hearts the        appalling conviction that our responsibiilt_                                                                                     .earth; faultless ao "that no man eonvmceth           We shall gaze for a moment with horror-
                    same pur_ flame enkindled     oh"the D.ay of " is great., Also, when we listen to the leaders                                                                                     Him of sin, He revealed in the humble           . stricken faces into _the black _:egions 'of the
                    Pentecost,  that were able ,to- lead poor,      calling for and stating the need of a great                                                                                       guise of hiimanity    the .absolute  beaqty of    eternally, damned, and remember that those
                    blundering man out of the chaos of his own     spiritual awakening, we fred that their call.                                                                                      God. Miracle of the agasl . Gift of God's         who shall inhabit the foul regions of the
                    making, So toddy, in this, the blackest hour   haunts us in the night. For" deep in our                                                                                           merc_,l Wlmt _a giffi                          . lost are those who have failed to accept
                    of world history: when' so-called    progre_   "hearts. is" the knowledge that only in the                                                                                           He healed the sick and fed the hungrY, and     God's pure atonement in its fullness. Then
                    seems to be a furtherance of chao:/and de-     promotion of second blessing holiness backed                                                                                     .stilled the sea by HIS' word, His doctrine          we turn from" this dismal view and dwell

                     as ministers        of the gospel,                     the destiny   of   born the kind of revival that will meet the                                                           higher mind. It was verified and sealed by                  that the. dean and the pure shall enter
                  .. this world's       tomorrow,                                              sterkandtragieneedo_todayo     Letusthen,                                                           . the perfection.ofHis character. He.walked                   there. Thus, there comes to a6r minds
                    94 (306)              _ .           "   -                                                          'l"ha PreaahoFa Maq_a ,f                                                    .' September-Octol_er, 19_        .                                                                      (307) 35
                                                                                          •               . .                                                                                                                  .                       .

i!                  struetion,   we-find     thrust upon our shoulders,                        With much prayer and:unction          can there .be.                                                  -was- not human;      it bore   the   stamp       of a     upon the eteimal beauty of heaven, and know
                                                      •             .               .        .                                                                         .   .                                                               •

                                                                                                                                                song of the moufitain bird. the.deep canyon    .preacher. The preacher.who meets his God
               • afresh the comprehension        of our responsz-       reldgate it to _ secondary         place in their                       wlth its dizzy depths, the brook down m         in'the solitude of scriptural meditation and
                  bility,                                               thinking and act accordingly.        The preacher                       the deep valley likea blue ribbon entwined      who keeps the great'_hite         vigil of preyer
                     But someone asks, "/s all this upon our" who. is not clearly and deflntiqly sanctified                                     in- the green bosom of the earth. There is      while the world sleeps is tim one who
                  shoulders?    Are we to blame if they are            will, even though he.try          to preach it, be                       that feeling that comes only when you           today sb41l With power press on," w truing..
                  lost? Does the church Kin or fail beeaime            able,on y to presell about it. Holiness as a                            stand in tim midst of tim vastness of yon        souls for the Master, Still once more let us
                  of us?" In _nswer, let Us think together           -theological" _act will be left" hanging in the                            high,.wild    peak and feel the magnificence    today accept the indisputable fact that the
                 upon our place as ministers, so given in the          air as a pbilosopliy to be considered ordy                               of God. All these-are a part of'the moun- • responsibility       of the preacher in the preser-
                 Scriptures-our     peculiar place, our wonder-       m_ntally by the audience who listens to the                         " rains,                                              cation and promotion        bf second blessing
                 fully important•place.     We sland scripturally     preacher      _bou[   holinesS.      .4. successful                          So it is with bolincss, There is much in it  boliness necessi_tes    that lie preach it as an
                 with one phase of. our responsibility         an-    preacher of holiness mnst be a preacher with                              Only _be student of the Word will see it in     experience. Holiness is more than a doctrine.
                 chafed in beacon       what God expects of us-=      holiness.                        '        .                               its beginning in G_d's-created, boly man in     It mustnever become the particular sldbbo-
                 and the" other plmso 'anchored deep _n the               Let us advance into nnother view by say-                           ; .the Garden when the dawn of time was jp_t       lath of a denomination,       but rather always'.
                 _eart of humanity--what         they require 0f      ingAhat     the responsihility..0f    the preacher                   . . breaking across the bills of the centurias_      be the glorious experience' by which men
                 u_ and how dependent         they are upon u_.       in the p_'esel:vation and promotion of se'cond                            To the student it will sbow its gleaming,'      are fitted to live and qualify for.beaven_
          '      God and.humanity!        Gadin     heaven! 17oo_: ' blessing holiness necessitates that he have                             . pure light'dowfi through the pages of Holy          Is it not a sad fact that other churches
                 drifting, stt/mbliug     humanity" in the far,       a clear, sct'iptural comprehension.0f it. The       "              "" .Writ..He._vili      see it inthe lypes and sym-    driftedinto   the deadly fallacy of being con-
                 tragic land of sin! In between--in      the gap=-    fact sometimes escapes our cognizance that                                bpls of the Old Testament.      lie can cateli  tent .to mention holiness only once in a
                the preacher, the message-bearer        from God      the one who speaks continually to a crowd           "                     its gleam in the giving, of'the      taw, and   while, and from /h'_re. content to leave it
                to the people..The       whole effort o£ redemp-.,    of people wields the t[emendons power of                                  locate it in the.Temple.      He can bear it    slumbering     in their manuals and brecla[
                ties now focuses        in the preacher.     "How     being      groove and dmnnel          their                       plaitdy .in the cries of the great prophet       beliefs while, they      drifted, farther    and
                tt_en shall they call on. him in when) they,
                              "                                       thinking    thus shaping the r lives and de-.                             Isaiah. The strident can. see its prophetic     farthcr'.from     God and. into worldliness?
            : " have not believed? aud haw shall they be- • tiding thai* destiny. Look, fcl oW preachersj                                   ,( .shining in t m light of t m iusp red prophets   God forbid that we shall ever see that day
                lieve in hlm of whom'they have inot heard?           at the: grooved alid darkened minds of the
                and haw shall they hear without a preach           • misled mdl_ous of Europe• Notice, when you. ' . .                        • of God wbo tostpod peer pg The dawn throt_qh
                                                                                                                                              .fife years       Pentecost, on    man of .the        and fall isan that terrible We.bare of it .our
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Holiness   into experiencel   cycle'     death,

               or?" to "be.sanctified Hear how to lied in the
               how :Hear . what?       dnd how to be sax'ed,            see. the effect in the set of their children What
                                                                        can, the pichire's, of Europh's               and           t         ante cart matchless" Saviour." He _',tlll' otice.
                                                                                                                                         "" .Book of thetrace t.oll the ",ray to the appear- -pray- :and preach saner' float on unt I more
                                                                                                                                                                                                people must have 'it "We-must   strive and
                                                                                                             faces,'          ":'                                                      n
               power of the Holy Ghost        God calls the             a task fades the world to try to remove the                 .]        tbat all Christ's sayings and .deeds were         and more of our people possess it. Then:

                 Wlmt a privileg¢_I - What a .responsibilityl        ing! _As we teach peol_le, So will they thtnk;         . ..                reader of the Bible. will -be able to prove "it tap challenge of today with the glor ass,
                The preacher is as res'ponsible to the fait_._       as .they think; so. will they live; as a man                               in the writings of the _post]es zind asrry it 'real" answer--:-the s_ncilfylng power of the.
              . ful fulfillment of his calldivine tall'of of his
                 preacher---sacred,   .holy, to the ti/n|t God.      liveth, so .deeply die, Wimt:will.the
                                                                    poison so shall he implanted in their think-Judg-               l           on from to its realizatlon in the
                                                                                                                                                pointed mighty pentecost thr6ugh to          The  Holy gre_/t church will definite on, meeting
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ghost, a Second. march       experience.
                ability as Chris! was to purchase redempt on         meat Day be for the preacher, the molder                                   Only the student will b_. able to vetch it        Then.revival-fires    will burn; the crowds of
                to the limit of His ability.. Christ" tc_ die        of humt/a lives?'We are deciding from Week                                 again in Revelation-and       relate it to the    the.bungr'2     will come; the cause of mis-
                that man might be redeemed; the preacher             to week, "with tremehdous "power- of pro-                                  standards of the Judgment        Only _he _tu-    slons will advance; church problems will be
                be redeemed.
            • to present that redemption that man might " senting thought, the destiny of these who                                             dent able to.preach it until tears of     zettled_ and ih the-realm     of beacon above
                          -                     _'                   are fire.recipients    _f those thoughts.   That                           unutterable   longing flew'from     the eyes of-God     will be pleased.                           _ "
            " ' The responsibility       of the preacher,in.the      is why we must have. a clear/ scrlptu'(al                                  his listeners and cause.them _to pant With
                preservation    and promotion ofsecond      bless-  comprehension       of boflness so that it can he                           a great thirst _¢orti _ Water- that springs          Today is. ou r day, Its tJoration, is br!ef at
          .     ing holiness 'necessitates that h_ possess the      preached s_:ripturally.                                                  .' f_om the fount, of God's lmlinesfi. Only the - the Iohge_t. Tomorrow, fellow m_msters, we .
               experience.      How extremely      i_npJsslble   it    Scripturali.y   presented    im incss is _ane,                           man of much Bible stu¢ly-Will be         "will be marching dewy/ tbe last stretch of
              "is to tell a traveler',how      to go to a given .logical, beautiful, and desirable to the huh-'                                 sound the clear, scriptu               until his  the kvaiL We wifi b_ relinquish'ing         from
               destination unless the one who is impartihg          gry heat:is of men. To harp offself-c0nceived                                voice the echo .of thd. call of the     t red rends the banner, beautiful      banner of
              fromthe                        therethe
                                                             and,tell idiosyncrasies    that "in one's thinking seem                            matchless   Christ, He alone can point -the        ' Holiness unto the Lord/' We will b e giving
                                                                       to b'e important; at_d. to be cr terla of de-:                           way with assurance         and with firm hand     :it to those who come after" us. We can.giVe
            the traveler the way only from theoryi_ to . grees of splrituality,. 'is odious to man :and                                        lead men- into the indescribable        peace 'of them a-chu'rch that is btdll.solidly       upon the
            .leave h[_n confused' ki the /og o_ vague                 obnoxious to God. q'o "releg_te holiness _o                   :_          boliness..              . .      .           .      foundation that shall not fai[, steeped in the"
             ideas ..and      conflicting   statements.       The     n set of partlyinane,    freakish acts' ahd looks                            Further    still_ we pursue this thrilling       faith of our falher_,         -
           • preacher     whose -heart is aflame; and in . is to discredit it. This is about as effective                                       til_me as we mind fimt the resiJon_i- . We shall tben take the last few faltering
             whose mind'the experience with its essen-                as to take a small bit of stone from a peak                               bility of the.p.reacher      in the preservation   steps with no regrets over lost oppo/'tunities.
             tlais stands out clear is the only one. who              of the Rocky Mountains        to the folks back                           and promotion df .second blessing        holiness   With battle-scar_-ed, calloused knees,, heart
             can lead men. into holiness,                             home and, la_ing It before them. tell them                                necessitates that he .present it jn po_er.-       aflame, courage high, k_owing in our beai'_
                The preachers|so        needs the experience          that what the Rocky.Mountains           are                       We know that those who first carried the            that we have not faile_hhur generation, we
            in .his 6_Vn heart for. bim to keep it in. his           like and cause them to believe that they. •                                banner of holiness in the Early Cburch did          shall then with a mighty leap lanfl in the
            preaching,      The    preacher     who' does not        ass talk with aufimrityon         how the moun-                " .. "      so with great power. Tiffs power was with           presence of our King sad'hear         him make
            possess th_ .he ihess of heart will, even                rains'appear.    How foolishl There i_ much                                them, in them, convincing all men. in'their         beacon, heaven forever for us as Ha says,
            th o _ gh      be is , Jh a hollnezs          church     more tO the Rocky Mountains than appears                                  .living and in the!r dying. Th s is the power        '_Well done, thou good and faithful servant
            find fi_entally"befieve.s    in its possibility, al-     in that stone.       There are gigantic" peaks                             of'the. Holy Ghost. This power or uoction           of the great .inessage and: experience •of
     _:     most uncom4cipusly re agate it to a second,              thrust like eternal plfiar_ h gb .in the sky,,                             uphn the preacher that marks him as God's           ho|incss, p That will be .reward sufficient.
            sIT, place in liis preaching,        It must .have " There are clouds, like lacy,..white            .collars                        vegsel of usefulness is the secret of success.      (Delivered    be/ore    tl(e Abilerle      "District
        • • firstplace   and be always the dominant.hate             around the'glistenlng     peaks, There are:the                             Prayer,' much .prayer, is necessary for the "Preoeherg           Conventtau.)   .       .    •       "
         i 6_ his rain stry, oi" else the laity "will also           spng of the wind in the pines, the clear 'wild                                      .  .
            38 (3083                                                                      •                                                     Soptemb_r-Octaboz.    1949                                                                      (309)37
                                                                                              The Preacher's' Magazine

                                                                              •   . ,    .
                       i                                           .   .                  .

•                                  HIGHUGHTS                               OF HOLINESS.                                                                                                 HOLINESSIN THEREvIVAL                                             " '
                                               -Albert L. Goldsmith                                                                                                                                    By J. E.Williams                    ....
                                                               !                                                                                                                                                  .                                             .

                                             " '                                                                                                           _._oLzzc_S      is the culmination of God's el- • (HCh. 12_14). God has commanded it in
                                                           -                                                                    .                          • • vine plan for man across the c6n-              strong and defirfite lang,/age       He demands
            "                                       '    ....                                                     :_, - .                                  tori0s, His approval of Cdlvary, His guarantees     it as a fitness for hcavanl 'Therefore,         it
                  oaz^_r an_s'r stood viewing a beautiful                     Holiness is sbu] healtl_-:-God's intended,                                   of the atonement--the      undying cartifle_te of  becomes a must in Nazarene preab.hing, and
           ,_ ;ffi.seene,.ns the crdwds rushed by. Occa_"                  natural .way.                       . ..                     -                  the reality of the .supernatural.      It is God    should not be relegated to rainy nights and
                                                .                                                                                                        " coming dbwn to tabernacle          In man, thus    -scattered, small services.
          atonally somealso,.catehinga and comment the'.
          they looked        would stop      glimpse of .as                    enabled is that the in which the person
                                                                            is Holiness to live state Christian life without                    j    •     becoming the climax" of immensities," the             Again_ the fadt that it is a_a experience for
          beauty here o'rtl_6re       in tile scans wheh                    pain, .dlscand0i-t,  or other indications      of                  .|          cei_terofinfmitlcs     end the conflux of ele/'nl_ _tldslifesbouldeonstanflyimpelmetopreheh
          the artist.pointed     out to.them_ before they:                 _rictlon.    ' •              ..                                     _      ' tics.         "    ' . i                    :     :   and:urge Chr!sflana       to" seek it. All .truly
          hurried on their way.                                             - Holiness is tlmt state in "which man can                          1   i .     : The very thought of God ifm Creator in,         codvert:ed people, who retain a :luotified..ez:.
             The artist .was a very hnsy_ man, but. he                     soy.....
                                                                           "H . t_ly, "I delight to do thy will,. O God,"                       ?     - dwelling His croatian, and God yearning for " perteaca .hdnger for It. ' Thus, to be t/he •
                                                                                                                                                           man to be' lLke.himself, dwarfs the snow-          "ministers and shepherds, we should definitely
      eoustent returned to this all his It was and
       always                in scene. wor_, his                           "HIS yoke ls easy, His are not grievons." and,
                                                                               m commandments         burden is light,"                                  " capped mountains" arid towers, above the            show them' the way to • the green pastures
                 inspiration                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -
      he made it his task to reveal to others as                  Holiness of heart 1_ meet the re-                                              clouds.             man a"sinnar            under               waters pongh of         victory, and
                                                                                                                                                                      That of death, can rise and'walk 'in. • and stillhave' the of\spirttmil spiritual hunger
      much of its loveliness as possible Whe_ever                  • "
                                                               qmrements of God's standards.                                                            . condemnation                           to            how to
      possible.                .    -_ "                                                                                                                      the .likeness       of. God and withGod is the           satisfied..
                                                                  Holiness is soul fullness or soul:satisfae=                                                                                            "                                  "                       "
           Finally,.                                           ties, set isfrlcti0 n ¢,'lth God_(as a . man satin-
                       though_ he 'set up his easel anc_. ......                                                                                               eternal stars of human longing:
                                                                                                                                                               loftiest hope that lifts his head ribove" the             Holiness           have a place of empheah
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      . because it-_should reledsing'ln theLlife of tl/e "
                         picture. All th_ high lights were fled.w_th        lns family does not phdandec),                                                        Holiness, or God-likeness,   is the hub of-"          church and eommuiatty a force that is us.;
      dearly brought out against a vivid' back-                           Holiness is God's way of keeping.His peo-                                          . everything in the. spiritual rcalm_th6   peak          ' worn and efficacious.      Man's conquest of
      ground, so that anyone who stopped to study                      pie not fromtemptation;,  hut in temptation,                                            of the revealed will of God, and theheart-              nature began the hour he learned to build
    hodthe       revealed'tomight
          picturebeen      :seetheallartistthe
                                                                                    satlsfacfiO'n that satisfies, .a                                          throb of the moral universe,                        a fire( to. wzirm himself_, to melt ore and
                                                                                                           "                                                     Perhaps before going farther, it would           make crude implements of war, and tools
     years.                                                    Itoliness    Is _he 'grace end blessing of a                                                   he well to define the term holiness, It 1_ _ with which" to work, to gencrete steam for
                                                             pure• heart filled with_ the .love of God, a                                                     passible that?I   might think that I was            transporta}.ton and power. The Church's
       Looking at the "I see it             at queer
     people comment picture.then now; the scene,I            Christian.
                                                             divine bestowal within reach of evci'y true                                             '        making holiness • the theme or unbroken           .conquest of the LWOrldWill come Whdh qur.
     one high light after.another,                                                                                                                            thread of the revival, wldlo others might " sermons, plans, preachers,            and people, are          .
     never saw that .before," as they' point out               Holinass means thht We are separated"                                                          not. Men speak of holiness, or eancflflnsflon,     'set on fire with. t_e baptism o_ tl_d Holy
                                                            from sis'and-have          all sin separated from us                                              as th6ugh it Were something so mysthrlous           Ghostl The      Christian .Church,  and the
       Having completed         his   life for'only the
    artist continued his busy m_sterpiece,             a    Inorder. fit lee          of a holy                                             and |ncdmp/'ehenslhle  that few van .know           Nazarene Chui'ch in :partlculai, started in a
                                                            God, (Heav6n is quaranteed against sin.)                                                          its meaning. Although     its reality  can be       ram of fire from heaven. '
    dldrt time"before he .folded his easel, laid               Holinbssls      love enthroned:-,Iove      of God"                   "                         known only by way. of experience,             th_      In the "early days", it was not only our
    down his brush_, put aside his colors, fold-            and man. "Herein Is our love made perfect,                                                        meaning of the word .may. be found by              _cardi_l d_trtne_ but_every pastor and even-
    ed his smock, and went to meet the Creator              that we may have boldness in the day oI                                                           consulting almost any dJettonery..          ,     •gelist felt the necessity of being a fla,f_ing
    the°fhe beautiful                 andt°
                        scenerevelatlanand lmnkthe
                                               oppor-Him world']udgmcnt:(I
                                                                     JohnbeCause4:lT).as so are wein rids
                                                                                 he is,                                                 "" :                 To boil it, all down to its essential mean-  evangel of holy. fire and a holy epistle known
                                                                                                 "   "                                                   :ing, entire sancflfiasflon,   dr holiness, is a and read :of men, It was a necessity, and
      The of    to' others.
    tunity great artist? Dr. James ]8, Chapman.             Holiness
                                                         tlan life.. is impowermant to live the Chris.                                                    definite, religious :.experience With definite  that neeessi'ty reste'd upon a definite mid
                                                                                                                                                         .steps, definite withe/s, ar/d_differant results divine eatl to preach holtnees. When that
      •                    "   .       . - - l_Lmp_lan,.
      The picture? "Holiness Tr'--- -      ,,,            Holiness is balancing of the inner power                                                        from those, of.,finy other experience pro-      pewee began to flow, we dlscavared           the
      And here. briefly are some of the "High          against" the outer demands, and giving th_                                                         vions]y received. It is an e_perienso n'asded   reality of Isaiah's statement, "There shall he
    Lights of Holiness" from the beauty" of hall-      adventsge to thg inner.power.      "Ye are wit-                                                    by and.offered to a soul uli'cady converted,    upon every high mountaini find upon e_very
    nea_ as revealed by Dr. Chapman in his             nesse_, and Go_ also, howd_olily and justly                                                        T_e experience      of holiness is not repre_   high hill, rivers and streams .of woters."
                                                       and" unblamcabiy,     we behaved       ourselves" "                                            " • sented, .taught, or" offered to any but con-    Here is a reversal of the natural orde/'.
            is holiness?"_H°liness
.mastespiecc"What             Triumphant."        .' among you that believe"           (I Thess.. 2:10).                                                  vetted people; and cqnverted people are ..         Again, we. should emphasize      holiness in
     To be holy mearm:                                hro a_ology--simple,   direct statemenl of.fact, ".                                             " - therefore rcqnlred to leave, the' rudiments,    every revival •meeting, for it is God's l_lan
     To be free from 'slrtL--caramitted_nature.          Holiness is deliverance froh_ sny ."reotof                                                       and go on "unto perfection." It isan essen-     of the etei'nitles. After. the finger of divine
    TO be free from guilt a_d.defllement,             bitterness springing up tro_ble you."
       •                                             . _miness is protection      againsi "th_ warl._                                                         ttsl constituent      element of indivldunl.aslva._      ommpotence had _railcd acrnse the expense
    To be free from sin h_.a sinful world,            the lust of•the flesh, .and the" lnsi_ of _e                                                            ifan. It .In not      .an "ext2a" "like a Pullma_        of space the caravans of.suns and _thrs end
  world taken'means of us whileare to. have the
    Hollne_      o/_t that we                        Triad." and the pride of life"--the
                                                      eyes,                                   "Terrible                                                       reservationbutthat      one can take or leave, as he    constellations,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       little orb upon site/" Heman was to dwell,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  had formed   this
                                    we ore in the                                                                                                             chooses,         tt    is the main line.. It .is the                       Which.
                                            .                                                                                                                 grand ohJ_dlve of all religious effort on the           after He had bedecked It In all Its 'vernal
 world.                                                 .These, high lights are thrilling,      hut to                                                        pan of man for Gddiikene_..Salvation        is           robes of splendor and caused it to teem with
    Holines_ is to..thesoul     what health is to" . appreciate thdm fully one must have. the                                                                 incomplete without" it. Hence we are told               its myri/_ds dE animate life, aftdr God had
 the.body, (It is easier to detect the s_'mptoms     background      found in the" l_oak, 'Holiness
 o_ discnso than to find tokens of health.)          Tiiumpliant..                                                                                            to "follow peace with all men, and holiness,            made man from the dust of the earth as
 38 {310)                                                      .        .           -..     '                                                       . -       tvithout which no .ma_ shall see gheLard"               the..ernwnfng    glory of His handiwork   and
                                                                                              Thb Pronchor'e Ma_crzteo                                       Septombsr-Octeber. 1949 . "                  "   .                                               (311) 99
                                                                                                     .                                                         " ,            •     .         •                                        .   .
                                                                                  •       .           .                           _                               • -     .   •     :   "             .

      he became aliving soul, God left th6 record              lieve." The sainted J. A. Wood said: "Noth-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 were         few.' .Men of. original   gifts were   un-
      that he w_s created in His own ,divine like-             lag but the power.and       dam}alan of a pure               " " "" "Indeed,' His work will flourish "in every
      hess. Even then, Gad'wrote        it definitely,         heart filldd with the grace of God can save                         idnes" where sanctification    is Elearly and                 •known• Most of the .eon_certs were of low
      and plainly that man was !'chosen ....                   any man from being affectdd by tile tempt.a-                   -    strongly'preaehdd."    Then later heinset'ibed                         and their
                                                                                                                                                                                                  ratikr obseflrity. numbers were concealed by
      m bim bolero the Inundation of the world,                tions he shall meet. lt'requires a pure hbari                       in his joui'nal these words: "Wliere Christian                           .
      that.we should be holy:" It wasn't an after'-            and perfect love." To bring man into this                                                                                             Our problem is not _o much the problem
      thought, but the plan of an _eiernity past.              state is the grand alto-of th_ gospel in all    .                      explicitly, there is preached, anystrongly and
                                                                                                                                      perfection   is "not geldom          remarkable             of the streamlined      age we are: living in.
         Pertmps it will always remailr a mystery              its proportions,    provisions,   promises, in-                        blessing "from God; md consequently' little                 There is always a -new day,""and        always
    -just when all" things began. "ThEre must.,                struetlon, and"various mhdstr]es. Haw vital,                           addition to the cbtirch and to the life of its              there are ct aug!fig conditions.    But it is
      have arena    t_tarting point when God from              then. that they wh6 assume these _espgnsi-_                             membErS. "ril you press "the believars'ta                  the old gb_pel in its varied .presentations-
   *:the divine finger i[ps of e:,._,inotence flun_I      blfifies,_be "boqy inca" of.. G_dt_                                         expect, full salvation uow, yoU must not look                                  01d,andold
                                                                                                                                                                                                 "TellwhiclitheattractSthe story,"rebuilds  men.mustTheeverCrY,be
     out worl_ls and systemg of wdrlds, when He              To have a Italy heart is the chief essential          "                 -for .any revival."               " '      .
     stretchedout        the Milky Way :across the        for success in the.worl_ of' the ministry: It                                    You will renlemhcr that in His valedictdry            linked with the vital testimony, "1 love to
     sky and regimm_ted, the countless millions           ranks.above     tales{s, learning, favorable c_r-                            prayer,Jcsus'prayed:         _'Sanctify, them. :...        tell the story,"" the Holy..Spirit.
     of worlds i_aHis sky:. Many of them were so          rums antes, skillful mamagement at_d ability                                 that the woad might believe                 An(1 uus       impels me.                              •                      "
     many light years-away       tlmt they may have       in" pulpit i)rep.aration and. delivery of ser-                               prnyer furt'herevidencei_         that 'sanctificatlon        Idd not know iust how to define the op-
     disintegrated     thousands   of years ago, but      roans. Without it the ministc_ _ can neiltmr                                 is essential td that hairy of His.people which             oration of the Holy Spirit m d church or a
     their light still shlhes upon u_i in the.ha-         liveuor     preach as he shoilld.        There is a                       " is imperative if a revival is to carom .                    revival, campaign;-but           I do kn0w that whenof
   : mcnslties of s p_ co, The imagination s_agz. ele-;irness, a strengt[i:             a' fullness,   and an                     •.      .The pieaehing .of holiness should be the               He is honored-and            when He, the Spirit
     gers_ and     rea-on and thou:ght fold their;       -energy neededin       the sacred office in}possible,                         keynote and thEnCe in our revivals bdeause,                Truth, 'qs come, he'_ill             reprove the woi'ld"
     win_s and sit by the wayside, a_.d we .ask           without holiness! ""              :
  • in a_('e. and _;andet;,. When"was        the be:-                                                                                   holiness is the divine standard which God                  because- of its:'sin            and uv.righteousng_.
   glnifing7     I do not know. But I do kn_w that      ... CharlesG. Fimtey said: "A thousand times                                " has established.          Add tlm lines must. be             Arid I do know that t_he evangelstic appeal
     h_ck there somewhere          God,had    a _b|an.. as much stress " ought t6 he laid'upon" this                   .         "" '&early and'sh,_rpIv drawn between sin ahd . is more than atype
                                                                                                                                  .                                                                                             preaching..It         is living,
     For in II Thessalonians       2:1_ He i.ells us:     part .of a thoroflgh         prep.'wation   fol: the         "                i-ighteousness if ,inen are brought under            fireby       the     which is            It is
                                                                                                                                                                                                   flaming truth, Holy Spirit:eumhustible,n0tirrmreon    set
     "We are bound to give thanks alwfly unto             ministry as.has been."              will re-                          conviction for sin. Then, too, the preaching
     God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord,           member that Jesus-farbad$!            His dJsclpIcs'     .                    of .holiness     is always strengthe_',ing          and    _:hetarieal-thinking         or appeal:        It mUSt )_e
     because God hath from the bcginni'n9 clmsen          entering u)on their public ministry              until                        stimttlating   to'those_be        are Christians.     It   more than mere emotionalism,                   l'_must be
     you tc sale:alien through sandiificatlon      of    they bad re,rived         the ba_ptism with the                                edifies .tlmm and brings .thEm to see their                more than moving power .for _. dramat!c
"" the" Spirit."                                          Ho!y. Spirit.     They, lind been three years                         '        needs and privileges, and so stirs them up                 effect.     It mhan,s ,being burn_l                up with•
        Let us look at 'the question briefly from         under Ifis .own personal instructions,            and    :                     to a more. diligent heart-scarghing        nnd seek-     "a great       pdssionl aglow with the fire era
                                                       :had been especially         ihstructed    4dtb refer-                          -ing after.the divine fav6r. Thus the'revlval                burning       bush--a..Spii'it-filled        life fromThea
     the standpoint of holiness as a necessity for                                                                                                                                                                            "       d News" sald:-."The
     our highest, and best in the ministry, .and'.        once their names were written'in
                                                          thai in their work,and'                      assured
                                                                                          they were heaven--,                                               the
                                                                                                                                         I_gms wherechurch. true reviqal always comes
                                                                                                                                                                        revival' always .he-        Spirit-flllcd           Spirit-possessed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and of Gee                      soul.
                                                                                                                                         gtas,in the               A                                great 'Heralder
                  t best  sill,
     ,.olhtess .orhe +hilu.l thereone
     _rowth of the church."
                                          +aliSon- tothe hureh the'o Ofg
                                    ind.pen+e .
                                                       o           o
                                                             through of
                                                               tieslacking.   T.I ey needed to be filled with                            tlit_ churcla--then   we can expecV salvation                 Knbxi'eausing a' Scottish"nStioo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          to tremble;
        It is no secret tlmt the foundation of                 the Holy Ghost, They tarried:.mfd received                                to'the unsaved, "Create•in me a clean heart                  .it is a RobErt •Mccheyne who leaned ,over
     influence and success in the ministerial ser-             Him. 'Thdy were thet_ enahled topi:eaeh the                                        thee "._ill I teach transgressors  thy                         it his e es burn ng into the souls.of
    vine is also tim measure altar              piety and      gospel in deinonstration'     ,ind power, and                             ways, and. stoners slmll be.converted      unto                !u._p_ulpi ,   oi ri_ them sometldng.whlch
    spirituality of the.minister,        whether hebe          thousands were converted ,and'added to the                                thee. u                                                        Warmed and lightened, which melted ,and
    pastor or evangelist,     Next in. a divin6 call           Church in one daY, as a rest_lt. Nothing                                 .. When: the children of God cut the shore
     to-the work, genuine spiritnality is the most             short of tbe sanctifyi_:_g haptism'is adequate                   " "       lines and get out into the fullness of ttle                 "gl0_vcd . This is not theorizing.     It is the
    tmportan{ q0alification for ministerial office,            to produce an'effective    ministrY': today,                              bess ng then invar biy: sinners come un.der                                                               f
                                                                                                                                                                                                       truth which b,urns in letters of. flameaudromfr°m-  "
    We say "genuinb spirltuallty"          for ordillary                                                         .                                                                                                        "
    religiousness will not meet the demand.' S0_                 ."ttow 6ften should I preach on'holiness?"        ,.                    conviction and begin to seek Goi:l through;                   every page of the New Testament,
    0nly superior devotion-and•spirituality             can    is n quest on f'ea.uent y asked.' I "doitht if'.                          the overflow and contagion of 1 yes and                            S the storypagesof after that' the Holy
                                                                                                                                                                                                       theand pirit-litin   ofalltherealOldrevivals,'Iestamdnt'.,ye
    qualify one for suel_:a holy calling,"                     there ts a hard and fast rule tht{t'can        be . ,                     groups who are" saturated with vital faith
       The very nature        ahd demand            of the     laid do',¢n for this. ButI am more and more . :                           in'the'fact   that ChrisL Is a personal Saviour, "shall receive' power,                 . •
                                '.fi that the Christian        coriv[aced that where believers are genuine:                              sufficient   for time" and eierhity,    and who   Ghost tha,t there is you?'
                                                                                                                                                                                           gotteff is come .upon this source of-strength
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Have we for-
    minister is looked.up      lo asan       example .of       ly sanctified, "and begin tolive     a life of                             are fully yielded.u_a to'the directi on•el the   _,_d uower, and become exhausted         ifi tag
:   moral excellencg,     and as pre-eminently             a   victory, sinners will become hungry foF the                                                                                 r"- element _ Has this streamlined
                                                                                                                                          He y Spirit." Following the immediate days and _._t denendenee upon the human efmrt           age
    sacred man in s0eit_ty. The people he'serves               saving _race of. God and be corivertdd..                               : oftl e apostlesl the Church'c°uld.have.     gr°wn   ,ren .......                         •
    have an unquestionable         right to expect in          Usually the measure of _,ictory of the Chris-                              in no'other,way    save'h_ {he complat_ domi-
                                                                                          "                                                                                                 becpme materiallzed.gnd WE have discovered -
                                                                                                                                                                                            own modern, furniture?
    him that "holiness, without which no man
    •                                                          tiaus is.'a reliable indicator of the'interest                             phnce prohil)iied.
                                                                                                                                          were of the Holy Those :year:s and: decades
                                                                                                                                                                Spirit. Public gatherings                                framed us in . its
    shallsee the Lord." And the peculiar duties                of the unsaved.,                                                            thaf followed gave Us the e_tacombs. Every-       a scientific power that can throw long lines
    and responsibilities   of his office are such as           ' John Wesley wrote in I775: "This I ill-                                . thing aplmrently      was against the growth,      across a" Golden Gate or a bay; we have
    no m but a holy marl can adequately               meet     ways obserye--whore      "the work of sanctifi-                            of the Church.       Men were he(reded from        pierced the super'some realm of flight that .
    and fulfill. Every man in this:holy               place    coffer breaks out the whole'work        of GOd                             highway to alley, and from alley to cave_          exceeds sound or at. a tremendous     _geed of-
    should be able to say as St. Paul did to the               prospers. Some are convinced of sin, others                                 molestc'd .everywhere..     But, "The Word of siXteen         miles per minute; but .we. have
    Thessalonian 'Christians. "Yr. are-_iinesses               estness for salvation." "And to g_:caterwriting
                                                               idslified, and all stirred up again-in   earn-              ""             God grdw mightily."                 beeSaidwasCOr-the
                                                                                                                                                                   It could, .ag              '... • our .revival_the
      .. how holily and _justly'and unhlameably                                                                                            ,.,,d_, that the rmst:apasiohc                                                    and Leader, Spirit:h?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Strent_th bethedominatedH°ly" ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                        ,_ :.... powershouldof             F_an-
    we behaved ourselves among _,du that be-                   to John Baxendtile in later yeai's; he.said:        '                      "purest as wen n_ the simplest age ofth              -owerer     and Victory Giver.
    _0 (3i2)                                             -          "   +             'the Preetcher'_ Mac_azino                          Church.      Outstandittg       fqdlwaual         _eaaers       v       " '                   "   "        " (313) 41
                                                                "                             " • .   ...                                 Soptembei'-Octobor, 1949"                                                              .

                                                                                  :                                      H.F. _eyno|ds, J. G. Morrison, R, T. Wil-       Not]_,r st._ength to do Thy serv_e---not fo.r
              To preach    balinese, R must be "very real           I slipped into Cambridge and beard Henry             liams, a' J.. B. Cimpnmn. and an Innumer-         these mY prayer shMl be,
           to you who     declare this sacred word. The           Martyn decline the high office and honors               able host of others, and saw the Church of     Not for any gift or graces, but for Thee,
           blind cannot    lead.the blind. St. Augustine's        that were Offered him, that.he might go to              the Nazarene rise to her plac¢_ in the World,    Lord, just for Thee.
           Confessions    ht_ye stirred the.souls Of thous-     . India.   I followed him as he planted the                                                                            lonely for
                                                                                                                          as fair as the moon and as terrible as an . Make me 'Jriend above;Thy presence, eve:ry.
                                                                                                                                                                            earthly                   .
    •       ands for fifteen centuries because of" the     Crossin India.       I was with ldm _while he               .-army with banners, singing hei" battle sat_g,   Make me _thirst/or Thine indwelling; make
            divine reality in them, and because of the . lay yonder, Stricken with'the          fatal fever,              "Holiness unto the Lord."
            divine llfe which entered his soul in that     alone, no .friendly voice comfort him,                                                                      w.e liu_o'ry _'or Thy love;
            garden   in" Italy so many centuries     ago,_ no kindly hand to minister to. him. I saw,,                    " After fellowchil_ with, my ira-     _Til i_t fu l and .flee surrender I shall Field
            The "Imitation of Christ .was •written by a    him as he-thrust       his fevered brow;.among                 sgination was fired, my soul was thrilled;        me. life to Thee. .. " "              -    "                         "
            Roman Catholic long before the days of         the dam_ boxes • of.his luggage their it might                  my whole     being .was-quickened     into a   Only then in ]all perfection        ean$t Thou
            Luther; eonteins an experience that     becooled    just-before    his great spirit: went              'realization of what God can do.with       men     g vethyse t to me.             "     _ "
            has preached to the world in more editions     back to God. And then I saw India awake                   .     who are. Holy Ghost-filled        and   God-"  Empty me oJ all my glorl}, all my boasting,
         ." than any other-book   except the Bible. Let    to the light of the" gospel which a'holy man _                 "possessed; and.I.found  the song of my heart.     _ll my pride;.       : "          "
          _us pray for Sound theology; but;above      all, lived and preached,                                             in Annie J_,lmsbn Flint's prayer:              IJet my "be cruct]ted.
                                                                                                                                                                             cross righteousness,    my ,vtsdom] on Thy
           let us hav_ the indwelling Spirit., Perhaps•          "I roamed   with   David   Bramcrd   through
           it-would be better to have Wholy heart and                                                                    Not _or peace and not 1o1"power,             not for              Fill _e then with all .Thy _uliness[, all Thy
           a ,_,genuine experience  _f the indwelling           the was el allforest z and saw how .marking
                                                                he American     human fellowship,   destitute              joy d_d .not _ov light,'       "                        .         _uill _vork Thou:for me.
                                                                                                                         Not._or truth and.'i_ot for'knowledge,           nailer           In "thyself is nothing   lacking; make me,
           Christ enjoyed by a Thomas a Kempis with             his t/'ail with blood from.hemb_hage      after          : courage in the fight, "              _              "              Lord_ complete in Thee.             .
           h's "strange ideas about t_'anssubstantiahon,        bemorrhage_ and yet found .that "he never
          or the llfe ehjoyed by John Bunyan even               tllought of hlsown     discomforts,   so intent
           though a Calvinist, then to be '.as clear as         was he on saving the American "Indian.. I
           crystal in the doctt:ine of holiness while as        heard him cry_ "Oh, that I were a flame of.                                                           '                                                      "
           cold as ice. or as grasping as Nabal,-oras           fire-in the hand of my Godi" I went again                                           "                     " "                                            "        : "
           frothy-as     yeast .or as unreliable as quick-      to that little Massachusetts.    cemetery and                                       "          "                              ....               "   "           " "
          .sand'       . " .     ".   .- .
              Only by: the help of.the Holy.Spirit
                                                                stood by his grsye and the grave alongslde
                                                                his own,_the grhve" of fair derucha Edwarcis_
                                                                                                                                                                                              ".- •:- •
                                                                                                                                                                                                                .....                                    .

        : effective preaching be done. Without Him.             whom Br_iinerd loved but .did not li_,e to
           holiness doctrlne and profession are a:s an          wed. ,Then I asked while Mandingthere,                    "      "                                                             2. Indolence and indifference. Too'many               :
           engine "aithout fire or dtsa_, or a body'with-       "What is the VaIue of such devotion.and                   TWO Sermon Outlines by "Dr, if, B,.                               of us want something for nothing.       -
           out a soul:, We dare _npt substitute any-            such self=sacrifice?"   And my answer came                Chapmatt (Deceased)                 .                              . 3. What we want versus What God wants...
           tliingfor.the      presence of the Holy Spirit.       in the knowledge      of the. service which              'I_xT:.lsaiah_6:l-8.                                     IL FE_.I_.                             _       .
          With Him tl_e weakest are strong. Without              Brainerd did for America     and the world.                                                                           1." Afraid t_ venture out on faith.
                                                                     •           "                                          In_oevoviou:       The .C xurch is to filled          2, A_rhid of poverty, sickness_ etc./ff we
          Him the s_rongest are weak,..the migl_est             . "I stood on the dock as the little ship        "             with th_ .presence of. God.          W'e as in ' give to God s cartes. •                                    •
"          are broken reedd, piercing those who "/'dan           pulled put that' was to carry a band of                        diYidUals are the Church           We must be.         3. Fear,'greatest      enemy of man: more in
           upon them.       In every . revival,     holiness     missionaries to the faraway lands.    I heard             ' "f lied. '       - "       . "        • :        •     hell through fdai" than any dther :one reason.
           shoul_l be set.'forth       in all. its relations,    friefids make their final plea to a Moravian             • L,lS^IAttt SaW GOD. "            " :"          :.. :    I Will• do myduty         for God "and the church
           ,abases, and applications.     The preaching of       missionary to remain at; then-.I_heard                   1. We must see_ God.            ' , ..    - • :.    and take the consequences.". Fear' anl_ de-
           holiness should be as broad and as.varied             his*answer   in the fines of. the old hymn •                   2. Our responsibility     is to get others to       feat! All'heaven        is hark'of the Christian. "
          as the Bible, The theme is' boundhss and               _hich he quoted:      _                                    see God. .           "'                     "            Ill. I_eK or Drvru_ paaslo_.
                                          "                                              _               -     -                3. Character contact with Him.                          1. Man is sick,                           . . " " .
                                  • ..                                                                                                                                                  2, Man is lost,
           exhaustless.                                                   voice you.cannot
                                                                       I hear a               hear,                          II_ Isxt_v_ s_,W Pa_st:Lr. -.                         . 3. Christis the Great.Physician_            Saviour,
              Conclusiot_: The kingdom of God inurches                     bids me _tot to stay.
                                                                         Which                                                   1. Unclean..                                        and Deliverer.
           on--but only to the heartthrob of holy men                    hand you cannot see,
                                                                       l._ee a                                                   2..Carnal.
          filled" with God and with a message of                           beckow me aumy.
                                                                          Which                                                  3. When" we see God in His puxRy, we                CO_CLUSmm We Christians a_:e responsible.
                                                                                        •                                    see .ourselves in our unclearmess.'        .                                                Sugf_ested by
        final and' imagination stoodwith Sav- Then I saw a Wesley findthe way of hall-
       •sin. In "mycoml_lete    deliverance from all
                                     I                                                                                       Ill.lasLtn SaW urpon'rvNiV'," szsvxct.roe                     _             S. ELt,swo_rr_     Nurlss'tamt.
      : enarola in -the _ market place' at .Florence    hess; and from there stemmed -_the great" .                              1. To win others to God.            -           "     •                          " - _                  "
        and Saw all Italy 'move Godward: .I visited     awakening and the beginning of 'the Wen-                                 2. To win others ts Truth.
        th_ old Wartbtlrg    Castle' in the fdrest and  leyan revival.'. I stole' lnto'Finney's     room,                         3. To win others to tl-/e church.and a life         Evangelistic Outlines for UseDux'ing
        saw    Germany     through     Luther   become  heard him pray, and saw how. he gained                                of §erviee.                        "
        awakened:    I spent a moment in the back       power:     I walked     with JohA G. 'Painn                      . COSCLUSmN: When this .has been done_ a                     rite FaHEvangclisti c Season-
    " " yard :of the manse in old Edinburgh         and ¢_irough .the islands of the sea and saw the                              great work has been accomplished; -
        listened again tothe thrice-repeated     cry of l_Tew Hebridss transformed.                                                                  --                                    the Bind
                                                                                                                                                                                      T_cr'. _indou_ this line.oy_scarIet . _ !l_read in "
                                                                                                                                                                                                         (Joshua 2:18),             .
        John Knox, "Give me ScotlandOr I clio," I walked-down the streets a thriving       of             •                   TIIEMEIWHY HAVE WE DONE _O'LIT'n_?                      INTRODUC_ON;       When Rahab hid the Im'ael-
        and saw Scotland.turn o God. I stopdbe-. Western cityand heard a new song and                                                    R
                                                                                                                              "rex't:ay. 3:8.                                              irish spiesand let     .them down from her
        neath the window of a prison cell at Bed- '- saw Phineas Bressce          walk out under the                          I_aoeuo_om         I. Brief settlng of "the text.            windo'_/ outside the wall:of Jericho, they
        ford. and beard John        Bunyan. crying, "I  open stars and start a movement to evan-                                   2. Brief exposition of the toxL                       . Went down a scarlet rope which they told
        will stay here 'until .the moss grows over : gelizv the church and girdle the globe with                                                                                           herto use as.a sign b_; tying it in a bow
        my eyebrows sooner, than deny my Lord, ,,-. missionaries, and preachers lifting high the
                                              •           •                                                                         SeL'r._I_zm_s:
                                                                                                                               L 1. Not our poverty, inability, or lack 'of                to the window lattide, "so that when the
        and saw the. Ptb_rlm's Progress read down       holy banners. Of full. salvation.      I listened                      time or intelligence,                                       mty was captured it Would be the. signal
        through the ages,                               to th_ triumphant h'_ad of a Johtt Goodwin, .                          _                                                                               - "                    1315) 43
                                                                                                                               Sopferaber-October, 1949                                                           " . ""       " ' "
           42 .(314)                                                                  Tho'Pmochor'a Magazine                                                                          ."             . :

                             • #                                                              .            ,
                                                                                                                                                                   •                                                                    • .   .            -    •-    -

       that she and her house were to be saved'.
       In using the text'symbolically,
       thread may represent, tile thread ,of re-
      demption which
       means sa ration.
                                           the scarlet

                                        ,it is seen,
                               It weaves i s way
                                                                 4 When we. fail to realize God's plan for
                                                               our lives,
                                                                          '_      "" L "
                                                               TIIEME: TIIE_BEATITUDES r TIIE ArOe^L','vse.
                                                                                                                             I    IL TIlE TalAL

                                                                                                                                 "to'the loss 6f them.
                                                                                                                                  his grasp. Abuse of opportunities will lead

                                                                                                                                                                                                  _:           Amt slte said, The Philistt_e_ b'e up-
                                                                                                                                                                                                    . on thee, Samson.         And he dwoke out of
                                                                                                                                                                                                       I is sleep, and said, I w II go out as at other'
                                                                                                                                                                                                       times not that and Lord.wasmysel_. A_ui]roTs
                                                                                                                                                                                                       wist before the sbahe             departed     he
       through allthe     books of Biblical liters-               1. Roy, l:3--Blessed     are the 'readers;                          ak There'is       a            all.
    .. lure.    It comes right down from.the      first        hearer;    keepers. •                                                  B..Judgment        will be affected by we igbiog                 liim (Judges 16:20). " . ,
       sacrifice to your heart tonight, and it                   2. Rev: 16:15--Blessed   are the watchful.                  . our conduct and testing it by divine stand-                        InTnoDecrlor_: Setting of te_t`
       cries out tile story,that man can be saved                3, Roy, 14:13:-Blessed    are *,be'dead "_h6                  . ards. "                        "                                 I rrHE F^cr
       through the precious.blood of JesUs Christ.             die in the Lord.                   ,                                    Notice the indictment by Daniel..
                                                                                                              •                             Proud, (2) Presumptuous_              (3) Arro-             A. There are men whom God has for-'                 "
      1. SAVED
      2. S^VED    vnO_t 'rm: LOW OF SIN."
                  FI1OMTtlE'Ot!qLTOF SIH.                  ,      4. I{ev, 19:9--Blbssed are those.who go to
                                                               the "Marriage Supper..                       .                               (4) Sacrilegious. (5) Idolatrotls,. (6)                                     "
                                                                                                                                                                                                  sa ke nil s departure is the greatest curse"              " •
                                                                                                                                   Dngra club            "        ,     ..              •,1-- t "which could fall .upon a man:..                ....
        3. S^wo react TR_ eOt_XttOt,_OE SIN'."  OF                  have ReV. in the first resurrection,holy, "who " "
                                                                       5. part 20:6--Blessed        are the                            The ground oi conuemnat on was m . tn_ •                                                "
                                                                                                                                                                                                        C. The cause of His departure is tountt "m            "
        5. SAVES fROMTHE ETERNAL           RESULT     OF"SIN,                                               " "                    he was f_und wanting.,                                           the conduct of nian..not in the will of God.
                                         "" "                  "                               " -                                  Ill TIiE SErvrx_o:                -            _                    D A past enjoyment          c_f God's .presence
                              --                                                                                        "              A After a'verd et df gtiilty, there must                     is no guarantee         against His-future       de_
    TUMMY:AS Ar_^LLmO IH01CVM_NT                  ^NO X JnST        TEXT: Psalm.139:23-24.               _.                         b" sentence 0f punlshment.:'"In                thht nigbt' _ parlure.                _   _' &
        JOVGMEn_,                                                      TopicM hermon on theme, "Ten Carnal :                        _ean Rci_'hazza_ .the king of the, Chaldeans                     IL lcn'on^n'ce or -TeE r^CT          " an inward.
    TEXT: Ezekiel 22:1-16                                           Traits Found in the Unsauetilled"           "                                                                                        A. The presence bf God is"                                       "
                                                                       1. L,'ick of interest in secret prayer and                   slain"         "      .
        I, AN ArP^LLIHO.CATALOGUE TIlE p£O-   OF                    Bible study.                   .    .                             -B. The most. natural punishment                 is the        spir tual silent secret presence• Be careful
                                                                                                                                    ldzs of P owcrs and t onors whc _ have bden                    'lest Itis de:fiarture leave no outward sign.
        rLE'S' Sins.     ,                           "                 2. Stirrings Of_jealousy when certain ones'..                            "Thy kingdom . taken away:
        A.'.The nature        of these sinS,                        receive more attention, or are glvert pref-                     abused                          ts                        .          B.-_Old Christiav, habits may continue 'for '
        1. Forge_uiness        of "God.               •             
                                                                    erence .......                                             ,        C. ,The worst         form of punishment              is              ondafterHiSof worst_'Qffeetsdeparture" "de-
                                                                                                                                                                                                     a, seaSOnC,       the                   of His                        "
        2. Blood guiltiness.        '                                  3, Desire for the recogmtmnof         my talents        , -death                                    "                         parture is-that it leaves one in a spirit of
        3 ldo atry            •        "                           and abilities in preference to others. "                             Applicatio_ _o3" eoticlusion,                           . .indifference.                 - " •                 '
        4. Disregard       of the tenderefft, and rues "•              5. Intense dissatisfaction      widen r'cannot               "                  .       _                                         D. The tests-of God's absence are not al-            .           .
    sacred ohligatiofis toward .their fellow mgn.- bate my own wa_/.                                      "              .                                                                           ways imhaediateiy applied.
        5. Profaiiation      of di_'ine institutions.               " 5. Inclination to be exti'emcly sarcastic.                                                                                                                                          " "
        6. U'nchastity iit i its most revolting forms,                 g. An' unwi|lingness      to be in "sub cotton              ,TEXT..    "Sin' lieth at the door7 (Gcnes!s 4:7).                                        _         .
        7. Covetousness         in its worst mmaifesta-           "and gracefully submit to those in authority                       InTSOVUCTiON:Show that we are not respon-                                                                            " "
    lion,             -                                             over me.                                                            slble for being born in sin.                                  TIIEMEI'AN      ADEQUATE OBJECTIVE. ." .
        B. The Eeene of these sins "                                   7.'.A lack of power to. bridle my-tongue,
        i. Jerusalem.        She had become ripe "for                  8. An earnest effort to.please those whgse                          How      that nonresponsibillty   is.oared for      TI:xT: Thy word have I hldin mine heart,
    the sickle'of       divine judgment:                  " "       opinmn I value, even at" the cost of "dis*                           n'the      ntbnem_nt.                         " "        tliat I.migltt not sir* agatast thee (Psalms
        2. A Jerusalem          may become a Sodom.                 pleasing God       •     -                  -     -                    Ilow     the means'of escape after respon_             n9:ll),..                        . . . ",,,
    God is 'no respecter, of-persons.                                  9 " At_ unw lllt_gness _o allow God to bate                    . sibilIty    "iv, dzsumed is found in' the atone           1 " A'Great    Revelation_'Thy       wor_     . -
        C. The maturity_ of these sins, "                  -      - His :way,          - . •              .           -                  meat.             "               "                      1I. A Great Act_"Have          I hid in mine
        "When lust hath • concelved, it bringeth                     - 10. •Fear of fa'cing" tim judgment.                         '.    1. S n     i_ a blighter of man s ideals...heart..                         .        :'      I
    forth sin: and sin . . ; . death,".                                                                                                 "2,. Sin    contaminates    man's, motive_ and            III A Great Purpose--_ That           might not
                                                                                          --             " •                          intentsSin.                                              sin ' '"
    1[.                                                                                                                                                                                         '
          TIIE  Dtvnq_                   ON'.^coonNT       _O1_
                                                                .                  •                                                     3         destroys     tke .tinct: .el ficM sensi_s          agamst thee. "                          "
       A. The_ became a reproach among' the           TH_ME: TnePuslT_W,n_ss        or S'AN_r_rIC^_ON,                                 Wh]dh form character.              .' "       :        :        " "            ' _           "
    nations.                                          T_:XT: Romans 6:6              "                                             " " 4 Sin eh,'mges and finally detel:mines a                                                    - "
-      ]3, Prophecy of'their dispersa! among the          1.Not-an attitude or belief.but an experf-. -                                mfin'sdestiny,             .         -
    nations,                                           once.                                      "                                                                                               TEXT: SIGNSor _mt revive
                                                                                                                                         5: Sin _will wipe your name .from" *the TIIEM_:Wilt thou THE Nt_E0oFus REVIVAL                ^ again: that
       C. Were to be dishonored, in the sight             2. It is an ekperience which we can know                                     Lamb's book of life..            .            , .'-      "    thy peoldo amy rejoice in 4hoe? (Psalms
    of the nations.      .                            and realize.           " ""'"    ' "'      " .....                                                                                          " 85:6),                      "                     -
       D.' They could not' w_thstand this visits-         3: It is .an experience which embodies- a                                               ".:      "                                         1. A lack of ecstatic joy. "_
    ties of judgment•                   .       -      destroying    agency.                                                                                                            "            2. A conformity to and expectation of the
    CONCLttSION:Three things xleducible         from " 4.. It is an emancipatin_     grace•                                        " . "& Tiiunolt_ oH CoHseeat*TtO_ (Selected)                    usual•                         "         "
       the text.                          "               5. It is an :expei'ience provisional    only.,                                Conseeration ts being..                                      3. A'failure    t9 appreciate really spiritual'
       A. The fehrful growth of sin.        " .        ti_rough the sacrifice on the Cross.                                                                                         "                                                          .
       R. The essential ruinousness          ....
                                       'of sin.              "                        •:. "                                      .        1, Willing to receive what Thou glvest,                     4:, Relegating
                                                                                                                                                                                                   things•             revi'_als to the religious
                                                                                                                                         '2. Willing to lack what Thou withholdest.
      C. Tbe     judgment   God against " sin.
                            " "                                .
                                                               TIIEME: 'Fonua W_.nv_r_a,      - :     .                                   3. _illing ta relinquish wliat T lou takest,             serap Losing the earmarks
                                                                                                                                                                                                      5.   heap.                      of -a primitive
                                          "      •             TEXT: Thou _rt weighed       t_t the bala_ees,.                                                               Tbou:inflictest.
                                                                                                                                          4. Willing to suffer'what Thou i-,_quirest,
                                                                                                                                          5. Willing to be _-hat                                   Christian.
    TI_XT: Lest the cross of Christ should be                     and ar_ fou_td wantfnfl. Daniel 5:27                                    6. Willing to dc what Tllgu eommandest.                     6, The tirJes of refreshing.are:infreq.uent.
      made ,oJ none e]Jeet (I Corlbthiaus   1:i7).             I. TrtE SUMMOr¢S -                   -     "                                             - "         "      • " •
                                                                  A. It came before      he expected it, or.                                           " ......                                                           , • "            ,     •

      • I. When we indifferently, reject the over-                B. It came .in a flash.                                                    -                                              -
            'of    merciful God.
    lures make a the cross of Christ of no e_ect               when It came in a dramatic manner,
                                                                  C. he least expected it..                (As                                          HEr_s'/ WAnt} Bl:Ec!tr-aLwhen askedwhat          he counted the greatest thing
    We                                                                                                                       1
                                                                                                                             ]                                                              "-"                 "            "       "
        2, When we fail to avail ourselves 6f.the              widely as he had'sinned,.so'     widely became                                       a lmman being can do, repfic_d, "The greatest       thing is not that onc; shall be a                      . .
    sanctifying    "benefits 'of the atoning, blood            his judgment known.)'"       '
    of Jesus Christ.                         "                    Ever:_ life has its limits--not" the leisure                                      great.scientist,   important as tha'; nor that one.shall be'a _tatesn_,an vastly
        3, When "de do riot take a po_itiv/_ altitude          _f eternity.before   us, One day Belshazzsr                                          important as that is; nor even that one shall be a :theologian, immeasurably
    toward sin." "                                             had an opportunity that _assed forever from                                          important     as that is;.but the greatest thing of all is for one'human       being               .
                                   "                                                                                                                 to bring another to Christ Jesus the Saviour."                             "                               " "
     44 (316)                                                                             ]he Preacher's Magazine                                                                                                                                  1317) 45
                                                                                                                                       Septeml_er.Octobor, 1949                                                                     -   -         .....
                         THE :._PREACHESSCRApS
                                             ...,                                                                                                                                                 m
                                                                                                                                                                                                " o '
                                                                                                                                                           21, To the philoso.phcr the Ygi'isd
                                                                                                                                                        of God.                                                                            ' "
                                                                                                                                                                                                       . been similarly helped by the gospel of in-
                                                                                                                                                                                                        fidelity, which you preach. "• The .debate
                                                                                                                                                         .22. To the preacher He is the Word of         was abandoned.. The agnostic had no eel-
                                     "                                                                                                                  God: ......                                  . dence.     The Christia_ had ovldcnce.--Un-
                                                                                                                                                           23. To the sculptor-He      is the Living    known.
                                                                                                •                                                       Stone. -          ' :
                                      ReVival      Essentials      " : "            said she was seen teiking to a wooden In.                           " 24. To:the
                                                                                                                                                        _er,       "     servant   'He is the Ooocl Mas-             •   "        -    "    "             "     ."   .
                           1. Hurnl)ling ourselves                                  dian in front of a _digar store    .So hie re
                           2. Intercessory  prayer                                  phed, .,Perhaps I dtd_ My
                                                                                    '' b "       "      - •         ve "_h '
                                                                                                                     '    P       -                                                                                                                       1948, was the •
                                                                                                                                                        of AllTo" the s_atasman
                                                                                                                                                          25. Nations,                  He is the                           During the summer
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Desire - '-Time published' a['tlcle      of whlchtnagazine
                                                                                                               _ ev sl__tts not                                                                                                                an
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  of            o
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         recsult _/serles f surveys-concerninghe         t
                            4.3"                                               ":         d. But.talklngis woodenas
                                 HomeFaithfUlvlsltationPreaching". Christg° not so badt° beinglndlann             a                 wooden.Oh°at .'Truth•26'     To the.studentHe. is the Incarnate habitsdr.theirmale readers.They made
                            5. Good advertising                                                  a
                                                                                      Chrislian nd never talking          toanyone about                 27.To the theologisn              He is the Author               the following   discoveries: "
                                R                       "and sanctified .
                            7.6" cal_soulsaltorreallyServlcC_Ssaved'            " _.the. Lord Jesus."--Hcart           and LiJe.                      and, Finisher of. Ou_ Faith..                                      "A man took:seven and_           half minutes a
                                                                                                                            •    •   .    •              28. To the toiler He. is the Giver of Rest.                     day shaving, .using 78.8 strokes...He     usually,.
                            8. Getting people into the church                .                                                                          .29. To the sinne_ He is the Lamb of ; had $30,50 in" his pocket. " (Don t sigh while
                            9, Great spiritual uplift                    ""                                                                           God;:that taketh aycay the sin of the world."                      hoping.)    He _possessed eleven sidrts, six
                            10. Glm-ifymg our God                                   .        The      All-sulTicien¢         Christ                      30. To the Christian He is the San bf the                       pairs of shoes, three hats tlnrty_onc tics, but
                                          =" '                 " -        "                ""      •                                                "Living God, the Saviour, the Redeemer and " used" only thirteen, of them.. He carried
                                                                                         What .think       you.of     Christ?      Who sa_            Lord                               ,      "-                       six I_eys and onehe seemingly never used.
                                     '                                             you that He is?.             "                      "-   "              ,         ,   ,.          "          " --_elccted         " - That one key intrigued-me--the         sixth key.
                              Invisible     Benefits     o_ a 'Revival                  The Christ-challenges"       the attention of the                               _            -                 -.             . " What did it opeh?        Maybe" it was o_e he
                          "1;. The salnts a_'ebailt up in tl e.Taith                 world by His many-sidedness..                He meets               As God's own chosen                 then                 be     had carried for" five yea_. and opened, the
                           2. Weak Christians are strengthened and                  the need of all classes ,and conditions of                         ,. ....... _yltn compassion . ' ....
                                                                                                                                                                                   •                  : ' " ", •
                                                                                                                                                                                               KlnUllness_      nU-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          cellar dearof
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          the .house from " which he had >
                        encouraged to press on.                                     men. "As deep answers unto deep, so does                          ,nil ty, gentleness," and good tetnper--fore-                      moved.. Maybe ,t:wuus theekeyotamet_elOeng;
                           3,, We-era taught howte be s0ul winners,                He respond to the movings of each soul of                          bear.and forgi_'eeach            other ..;.. a_ Christ              ulsar,oeu =p!ece at _ ggag , ..q           ,-.,_   .
                        - 4. Aspirit      of prayer is Stimulated:            " '_manklnd. ' If ,we were to call the roll .of                 '_      t •       ' ,,     .......        ( ¢,,r,dv,        r_Ioff_tts     might m nK ]t was a Key to some _me-
                           5. Our visionisenlarged,                                the world's     rWOrkersthismornlng and ask                   :!   _:ga_aCiiY°Uof     Co_ossians        3:1_"   ;3"_'" ":"            bea{d'sclosetseverely       locked away from
                           6. The church isadvertised.                     -       them,.".What               yo
                                                                                                      thin,k, of Christ?"their         an-                a s .             "          ,, " ' "              •           intrusion.    But. the questionthe St;_tistlcian
                           7. The people dre kepLt thin_:                 .        swers would be something                like thiSl and ""             ,,_       '        .    .          _...,      _ ::         ;    asked .no doul_t- carries with it the sense
                          8. The people are_ aided in _gettingae.                  theywould         amaze us by their :re"elation                      • _no carpets m, zront at the mirrors at. relative to each of Gee of us: W]io of us at
                       quainted with one "another. YOu can know                    of His many-sidedness:           -          .                      some of you people.are                worn threadbare,             Some tinie or other has not found a'key On
                                                                                                                                                      wh e that at" the s de of the bed where you                        his key rin_ that _uzzled him?              • " "
                                                 spending a
                       people better afterwith them ..... haft                 L To the artist He is _One altdgether .                      - sheaR! pray . as good:as , tile -. day                                            _
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -- But . the oidea involved                           .,
                       the prayer'room                                            lovely.                 .                                                                          m                                                                    is, one that a
       " : "            • 9. Broken fellowah ps are healed..                           2. To the architect He is the Chief Corner-                    you I_ought R.:-BZLLV SUNeAV..                                     preacher would mull around in his mind
                       . 10. Most of us_ .with our fathers,, were                 atone.                                                                                 '               _          '                    and finally, get _ lesson.         _.-            :
                       converted In one of the numerous revival                      .3, To the baker'He is the'_ving      Bread'                          The Mdst Rcvarpnd        Cyril Foster     Garret t,       Are there    unused keys m our           ossession
  -            .       meetings or camp meettag_/ so common-to                        ,t_ To the-banker   He Is
   •                   _past      histo.ry ,of America.       Then if old-,       Treasure..        ,                the Hidden                         despite all his" hatred of war, ."The Christian, . . we rarely use? ' :closed - doors_ _ut which
                                                                                                                                                         archbishop of. Yo_l_.. said:        must recognize   which might unlock             . ,
                                             letcauusbuild-, .and ms d. a"
                       natton,"_"qneulikereWvamours,                                 5. To the biologist He" Is .the L'fe.      -'"                 -_ tha_wax" is not the worst of all evils. Utter " 1. The kby                 to sere_ity 'dad peace el
                       keep forever these fires m_-..t-h/-'s-   generetiofl.      ;. g. To.the builder He is the Sure Founda-                        " degradation     of man,. lass of human .rightS,        mind.- Many never open .this -deal- even
                                                                                                                                                        and the trampling        underfoot of all that is     though .tl_ey possc_        the key,   The key is
                       and help save America            ,_umag.    or_gt_tl_,      u°Tn.'TO the carpenter "He is tl_c "Door,                            righteous and true is an ex,il worse than             faith :in God. We say we believe. •But has
                                                                                   . 8. To the doctor He is. the Great Physl-                       . War,-vQ(mte ......                   .     "        "   belief become reality, so as we can really
                                                                                   clan.           _             •                                                  "                    "                    apprecihte it? It elimlnates:turmoil,            fear
                                                                                     9. To the educator" He is the Great                                 " _hb person who makes the most out 9f - anxiety_ instability                  as we enter the room
                                             Listen     ,                       • Teacher.               .     :                                        seem ng the individual who makes           of peace.     St; _aaill ,.was.not_ afraid of any
                           You're  stror_ and well:' .                 "         - 10, To the engineer Hats          the New and                        lemonadb outof-the          lemon that is handed      amazement, because he was persuaded that               " "
                                    That's ]inel.                                 Living Why.                                                           him.                                                 "neither life nor death, nor principalities nor
                           You hope to remain so:                                    11. To the former'He      is the Sawe_- and                                          _                                   powers, nor things present "ner, things to-
                                    That's _atural!                               the Lord of the' Harvest. .                    _                                                                            come, nor height, nor depth, nor any othd]; .
                           You (nail be disappointed:                                lg. To,the florist He is theResa of Sharon                                    Silencing       the Atheist                creature could separate him fi'om the love
                   "     ""
                          You .ivill, die: possible!
                                    That's             "                          and the Lily'of the Mal.ley.,             • -                                                    "                          of God which was, m Christ Jesus his Lord. "
                                                                                                                                                           A generation ago Charles Bredlaugh, an
                                                                                     13. To the geologist ,He, is the Rock of
                                 . Tht_t's sure,_     ""           •       .    Ages.                                                                   atheist; challenged       Hugh _ Prise' Hughes,' a    Faith in a God .of, love is the groat key
                                                                                                                                                        godly minister,      to dbbate with him the           needed by society to(lay.
                          _pu'd    better start to get ready:_                    .,14., To the, horticulturist, He is the True                        .truth in the Christian faith. The challenge              II. The happiness.         " -           -
                                 " That's wisdom!                _                wne.                 ,                                                wag immediately        accepted in these wordsr          This is one door which yet/cannot            _rash.
                           You .want-to _tart right:                                  15. To the _ddge Hais       the Righteous                    " "The courts, as a rule, in: rendering the r              The more you force it.the more invincible
                                    That's properf                               Judge and the Judge _f all men.. ,                                     verdicts, do not .rely solely upon the .argu-         it becomes.     You cafft blast your way into
                          Ym_ don't know the way;              .   "                 16. To the juror He is the Faithful and                            merits of the lawyers on either side. • .The'y,       happiness;" There is 'a,key to it and _t is
                                   Then attend                                   True Witness.                                                           carefully scrutinize       the' evidence    offered  found iu the words of Jesds.- "He,that loscth "
                          the REVIVAL,       etc.                                    17. To the jeweler      He is the Pearl of "                       by "those who have fii-sthnnd knowledge               his life ....     -shall. find it," This key _io-
                                         --The HonstonNazarene                   Great Price,                                                        " of the facts, lwill         bring'with    me to the    manlis that we forgetself          and its:insistent
                                                                                     18..Tothe     lawyer. He is the Counselor.                     " debate one hundred men and women,who                    demands, and put service .to others flrst_
                                                                                 the Lawgiver the Advocate.       "                                      have been saved from lives of sin by the              and than happiness coines as a by-product.
                   "              "      ' '     " '""                              19.To      the      Heis._he                          Gospel of Chrlst. They will give their eel-           History and life are f_ll of examples of
                  !'Aunt Sophie," a converted scrubwoman                        .Good Tidings of Gi'eat Joy.             -                              deuce, and     you will be allowed to cross-,         people _yho have slipped the. key of love
               who stud •she w/is "called     to scrub and                          20. To the philanthrolbist He is the. Un-                            examian them.       I.wUl ask that _,qu bring         mtothOdoor      to happiness; and it has opened
               46 (319)                                                                                                                                                             _    .                                  .                                        "
. ,            preach," was made fun of by someone who                          speakable   Gift,                                                        out one hundred men and womdn Who'have                to them--Pulpit      Digest, No/,. 1948.....
         • .. : _                                                                                                     MagmdnQ
                                                                                                         Tho Pzeachox'_                               " _ptembor-Octsbex. 1949                                                                              (319) 47
                                                   ""   "    :                                                                        same, man the same, God the same, in all                      ;Fhe_ shall be borne into a vast domain_
                        Two     Men     Meet                             The servant of the Lbrd must be more_                      _ ages.   And the Bible's claim to be God's                   Away beyond the Jires.o] tribulation,
                                                                      than a too bold• cock__ It isboldness is reck-
                                                                      to be fighting Excessive         possible forone                                         by and of the it is
                                                                                                                                      Word is substantiated power, the fact that same               When the_trumpet    sounds, and He cornea,
              TwO men had knelt together m prayer                                                                                     possessed of livifig                                              back again._
           on the flodr of the reefer's stud_, h the                 lessness     and 'recklessness      will-wreck     a             perennial     freshness   as the sun, or the                                --KAY McCncnouc_
            parish house many times.            It would have        church      Evils eannob be battered into the                    spring, or the ocean.- or the faces of the _ - "                 '    " ":
           seemed that they were far apart infaith          and      dust by the ceaseless lashing of a Vocifm'ous ._                 little children.    Wmild" that we might daily
           doctrine, but they'had          studied the Scrip-        tongue.    Some-preachers      are alycays on the                read it as we read the newspaper,          damp
           tures togethdr and had come to realize that               warpath.       Denunciation    is their forte.    A        -     from the press, realizing, that .it m our                      . "1[ God ForgOt ,        •                             .
           the doctrines of the Christian Church.were                minister of the gospel iS not a Sheep driver;                    Father's grqat message for the life of ei,'er'2_•                                           . -
          based on . the foundatiou.of         the New Testa-        he is a sheep feeder _ A little less shearin
                                                                                       " -                                            day.--F, B.'MsvEe,                      o          I] "God ]ergot the'world ]or just one. day,
           meat; and among the.practices'which             the_.            - "               "
                                                                     and beating and more feedmg ' would give ."
                                                                                                       "               g                      . .             .                      "   Then little children Would _mt laugh and
_/         had Christian healing. the anointing man was
                 in common .Was                        with od       You less • troublb.--F. Llr_clcoat_         ...                      All reed tllink all" mortal but the{nselves.   "    playi
           for"              "           The 'older                              .                       "                            --YouNc.                                          -Bikds would notfi_ the"woodlands sing,
           the rector of a sn_all Episcopal church in an                                                   -"          -                                                       -         And roses would not beautify the spring;
           eastern state.      The other was' the pastor of,         We':have      not ahvays       the _tnner   With     "
           the Iocal Church of the Nazdrene.           Both of        Its                                      .                          Watchfulness is needed lest we be robbed               "No     gentle showers throughout       the summer
          their congreghtians'        were overs mdowgd by                  .           " ... • " .      ,                            of our spiritual _trength.                                  No     autu_im _icld_ to cheer the'heart
                                                                                                                                                                                                         long;                                    wtfli •
           a"lai'ge Protestant denominht on ti the cam-                   Wily does God sometimes send an abun-                              •    " .    "                            ._         _"      song;                  .. .     -. , :                   .
          rffimity. " The.very       proximity of t_ese two           da me of r _in upon the unj'ust, wht e the just                    David Livingstone        tells of his being              No     r_sing _n, no revolt, to g_ve Its hght; .
       " men had triodefor their friendship, as the i'               soroetimes must _et along on a mere cloud                        threatened    by savages,.     He goes on, "But             tee    pl.acid]lect   the stars el night
       - hom_s _,ere close together and they Often                   of dew? Because of. His low for all men.                         I road ttmt Jesus came and said 'All /_owe_                 No    ]need to I alp us o _ the toilsome road;
 -        had neighborly        chats over the b_ck fence•           des( as the father who h_ two sons, one                          is g yen .unto me in beaven an'd on _earth:                 No    one to help us be/tr the l_bavy load;
                        '                                           .healthy and one a wasting in_,alid, gives                        Gt_ ye, therefore, and teach all'nations                    No     hght to shine upon }he pilgrim.way;
             After to a larger the Nazarene pastor state,
          called    three years work in another            wan       the sick an abundance         of. care and good .....            and o I am with you alway even unto the                     No    o_e _o cure, or wipe tile tear away;             '            .
        'The BlSiseopal mintstei- reached: the age of                things---even to the nag act at the well one                     end 0f the war d ' It is the word of a C.on.                r_o    astening'ear   to near the' test one c_,;
          retirement,     then became.very       ill. When his       --kimwing     t rotdeath   is uot far away._C,                   t ....   ;'_ the _--t      s-_re a ..a  -tr-'-_             No     eye to see tte righteous battler .]al ;
     •. friend and brother in _2hrist heard that he"                 B: McCAULL                         ._                            honor, and there's an clad on't."--Selected.                No      bam of GI edd. tp dull the throbb ng
                                                                                           "    '                                                 • ....                 "                              -pain;                                  .     .

        he been'stricken his side. lingering Nazarene
        had • hastened  to  with _ "The          illness,            " Pa      tar! 1[ Yoli Want to Be "Loved '   "       " "                  •              •
                                                                                                                                    -" We!'grieve" the Spirit when we say,"Yes" "                 Millions to cam[err and un]dryiven; sustain.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  No one .would die tw the heart        sin,                          .
       kneeling _y the b_l, after,reading     from his                       ,8,                                                      to Satan wharf he hire_ tts.into sin.                We     With _ione to brin9 the lost and strayin9 i_¢.
       Bible -drew from his pocket a bottle"of holy                : "Don t contradict people, evenif          yell-are               "quench" the Spirit when we say. "No" to                    Yes; this great universe would melt away
       _i, praying     and anointing    his .'Christian             sur6 you are right.                                 "             God when         He woos tm into sanctification             If Goalie?got the world lot just one day,
       brother.                .          "                              even be most intimateabout • the affairs "
                                                                     of Don'l your inquisitive        friend.                         and service.       To bring the believer .wholly                          ---From the Free Methodist
       • We leave all who r_ad to draw .their                                                                       "                 into the will of God is perhaps/ the Holy                                                        ""
                                                                        Don't underrate      anything    just beeai:tse
       Own conclusions,    but tim rector, says, ,"It                                                                                 Sl_lrit's "har_est _ task. Self-will ts latent in-
       was _ bit ofheaven."--Contributed.         " "              .you do.not possess it:                  •                         every one of us and is always bursting out                 PsoFrr:
                                                                        Don't bclteve.tbat    everybody else lnthe                    into rebellion.        The-ordy    cure for it is'a           A man called at the. minister's      house
                                                                     world is happier than you.                 .                     deliberate      choice to do God's will in all              Iobking as though he had s_mething on- his
                                                                        Don't eofielude that you ]lave never had                      thingsiat-all.times;       and _t all costs...It is to      mind,   .                     "-             -
                                                                    any Opportunities in life.                      ' "               have One s hea_q: firml2) fixed upon the doing               "I just caine to'ask you," he said "wheth-,
                           Influence!          •                    position. be rude to your inferiors in s0e_al
                                                                        Don't                                                         of God's.will      as the rule. for'daily      life _and   er'lt:is   right for any person to' profit by
                                             ""                          • •               .                                    "    .to permit no exception to the rdle.--Roa_                  the mistakes of other people?'            "
              .                .:                                       Don t repeat gossip, even if it does interest ".              PAXSON.                 " " .      • •                     - "Most certainly, not,!' replied the rain*                  -
          of John Wesley,    is not been that John
      er Had'not Susannah it Wesley likely the mfith-                  Learl}'to hide your aches and pains " "
                                                                    the crowd. smile.                  "      " under                            •     . " ....                     " " "         isteHriscaller .brightened,   and held out his
      Methodlsm. "      .            •                                                                                                       W]lt_      the Trumpet         Soumtsl               right hand.      'Th_n, if 'thata "the case, _ he .
      Wesley would have been .the founder of                       a. Learn   to attend   to yot/r   own business."                                        "       '                              said, "perliaps you'dllke      to return the.ton
         Susannah Wesley was the mother of John                                •                    -- The Friend                     There will be castles shaken _o the gi'onud;,   dollars I. gave you last October for marry-.                                        ]
       and Chai'les and seveiileen other childrerl..                                     "             "                                 A ._hrieking_sound    o] twisting    thnbers,thg meY'--E.:xchange.                .      "               "
       She was beatitlful, energetic; devout.       She        " " .        " Whatsoever      tlifn-s "w        "--                       ' bent    ""               "                                                  •                                                 ]
       knew Gre k                                                  .: •    •                        y    ere wr_gen                    Wh_e era_mbling huildinys loll be]ore the"        A clergyman          was making         a call, that.
          . •          Latin,.French   and theology,
         In roues ¢d , to Jells she said,. "Take this            that we were
                                                                 a]oretame through writte_        ]or" our lcar_ting
                                                                                          pffttence    and   cam]art                          wrath
                                                                                                                                      .. O] quivering tremors, in"a swift desee_t, .
                                                                                                                                                                       '           "  seemed       interminable,      on a tamll:;" in his
       ru!e: Whatever weakens your reason, ifia-..              :o] the seriptures.vdgbt      bare hope" (Romans                      Dread ]ear shalltall    upon. all me, alike     parish. The little daughter got very weary.
      pairs the tenderness        of youi: •conscience,          15:4);                                                                  As they shall ]lee be]ore the licking ]ame   of tllb conversation.         At last abe wldspered
      obscures •your •sense of God or takes off t_e                We should read the Bible witha part eu-                            In wild cat,fusion, erylug in ala_n,            piercingly
                                                                                                                                                                                       .              fla'.her mother's ear:" "Didn't he
      relish of spiritual things_in      sl art, what- .        lar application to the days. in which we live                            And tr_ tn vain to .hide in guilty shamel    bring 'his amen with himT"--The
                                                                                                                                                                                         .                                               BHtish
      eve_ increases the strength and authority'of              It is well enough to accept i(s statemen_as                                                                           Magazine.                                      .
     •your body over yo_r mind, that thi g 'is sin              being generally true: and _redible          but it is                Then He ]or whom the _-ain_ have flanged              "                   - '-
      to you
      se f.! ' Imwever innocent . it ii_ay be in it-
                                                .    :          better' to realize their pert hence to our-                                 and waited-=.-             .                                CHvacrl AT_SNDANC_
                                                                selves and to our circumstances ....                                    The Heavenly Goal, who has tarried long-:.       A four-year-old          attended     prayer meet-
       . This Christianmother's      -counsel to her               The Bible is a h0ok for all tim_. What it                         Shall part the clouds, in bright permutes, at    ing not 10ngago .with his yarners,                 . When
     son Johi/_ needs the of every                said, it says. •What it was, it is, Yoti tell me                             glory,                             . " . he knelt to say his prayers before gotag to
     morner ann rather ann child today. If more                 it was. written so many ceuturiesago;'.hut                              And claim His blood-wash_d,      saints, in   bed, upon his return, 'he prayed:                     Deai"
     parents would be character as               I reply the ink is still: wdt-on its.immortal                           "     triumph song.                             Lord we. had a good time at church to-
     Mrs. Wesley was there' would be ess saho-                 pages. They have.been            read and pondered                    Passi_ig the storm _nd tempest that sur-         night• I wishyou           could have been there."-
     raging of the chtldreh s lives with parefital           : by generatiofis; b'ut the light of its eyeis riot        :                   rounds them,                              --Christian       Advocate;            .
     delinquency.L-Gospel      Banner.        . . •            dim;_or Its natural for_e abated. Sin J_ the                          "_pto/nber-Oelobor. 1_49      "     " -        : " : "                                        .     1321l49
     48 (320) .                                                             "             The Preacher's Magazine                                                                                .                        _            :          . ,
                     .           -                             .           -     •         .

           . '..                  ..
                         .THE PASTOR. AND: HIS MANUAL
                                                                                                                                                                    v.T,,.P.s.oe " • o,",Io= .o"record• respo=lbte - .f,aneisl
                                                                                                                                                                   : Momm, .-
                                                                                                                                                                                 Co, T W 1..e"is        .
                                                                                                                                                                                                               fortho " .    •

                                                               By Harold W.                    Reed     •                                                              This task isclosely
                                                                                                                                                                                            connecledto pastoral
                                                                                                                                                                                  Most of us have had experience .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     2..He is responsible
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  program .o_ the .church,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               for the evangelistic

             r'r_Hs' CHURCH "MANUAL_. , is the nestor's                                                                                                          _ of ministering to a family- in their great        3. He is responsible for numerical gaius
               Jl.- handbeok or guide in carr-'in- - _-:;-                               the Church of the Nazarene. it must be                                   . need, and then being rewarded by "winning     or losses within the church under normal                                 "
                                              y     sue tee                              proclabulng the good news." Brethren, our                                  some members if not the entire family to God -eoftditis_,    ..     '_,_ ,     . " . ..       -
                                   of     local
             plans and program whichthe,indicatesc_urch. It
             is the blueprint                       general                              task is to preach,the Word.-                                               and the church. At such a time the minister      4• He is responsible for 'a publicity pro-
                                                                                                                                                                    has free access to the hqarts of the, loved   gram that "will acquaint' the people of his
             direction as well as giving the detalls and     II, T_lt: Pasroe Is To RzC_:IVEP_SONs II_To                                                            ones. This opportunity _'_hould be utilized   city wlth an evangelistic holiness cl_hi'ch.
                            for building, the local church "
             program•Specificati°ns                             IVIEI_S_eSlm, ti'_:Tits LOCALCI_USC_L                                                               to,_the full in encompassing the salvatisn of    5." He Is resloonsible fore'thal outreach •
                                                                                          -Those persons having declared their ex=                                 the family.             .                      vision, and" progress o[ the church whfch
      "_       The Magus! o[ the Church of the Naza_-ene                                pemence of salvation and their belief-in the                               VI. THISPASXOSIS TO RISPeO_, R_OKIS_ AND he serves.                .                   ..     .

            the growing
            ts atime of the book,    Assembl:,; years at
                            General Every four cs.                                                               Nazarene and
                                                                                        doctrines of the Church of theto its govern-                                  ExHosr,    wrrH An_, Lo_osvF_zan'_0 ANn "IX. THS"P^sxoe Is' To Aesut_¢_" thIS"Tv#tc_.s" '  '                             :
                                                                                        their willingness to .submit                                                  DOCTmNZ,
            regulations,   advice,  interpretnt _us_ and                                nicer (paragraph 43) and "having been fa-                                             -          "                           or "tHIS SUNOA'Z'SclmoL.
            beunda.ry changes find-their      way into its                              vorably   considered, by the pastor, after                                   The insertion of this paragraph eisrHtes
                                                                                                                                                                   to. a .certain _extent the first, duty listed.    The teachers (paragraph-145)      of the Sun-

              • make fill its 334terr parts,our church _n _,,
                 - At present, content_f          ,and _                          committee               with _hinister
                                                                 appendix" : she I call _e the 'c the chtlrch membership
                                                                                   consultation a                              having      charge                  Thep_eecher                                                                          and. the Sun-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          _isy school shall be nominated .by a_pointad
                        up the                                    Manual,                                                                                                         is     preach Paul's instruc-
                                                                                                                                                                   this advice_merely to follows the Weird, m_d           day-school shperintendent
                and                    Pages..Needl_-                             ,- .L       _ ,. pp.h an.ts forward, and ex lain
                factual hook of that s :_- ^'-"-_              ,r ---,, a _ _em. or_cuy tee pmvlleges of mernbe p '                                                lions to Timothy, his son: "I charge thee              by the-pastor, In the ease of schools having
                orized hut, because of _ ca_o_                 _e_ mere- . m me church and especially withrefer_n_ p                                               therefore before'God,     end.the Lord Jesus           deparlments, thenominatiohs   shall be made
                    • •                       .... ,,_,_-,_ce       _o _e        to the Genera                         "             .        . ee               " Christ, who_shall judge the-quick    and the           by the Sunday_school superintendent      a_d
                mtraster, and the congregation p ........                        _^¢....                 _l _u!es, and question them in
               s_fuld be faraihar bog pas_oran_'_e_'_ ._'_nencet_letn_rJa'th experience--sud"
                                          to                                 _                                          nnd                                       preach.theword_ b_ instanl his kingdom;
                                                                                                                                                                  dead at his "apl_earing in season,
                                                                                                                                                                                           and              out           the"departmentthe"        ef
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          me_t in which supervisor" the depart-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            teachersare to serve.
               r•_.                   "                  .                       m___       _*,.         ;   coulee      I_eyD   into    chLU'ch                                                 •       ',                                               -
                    Byits very'nature itis                           •              _-_uersnlp           (paragraph 44). •                                        of senson_ reprove, rebuke, ex_ort with all             X, THe P^sro_ Is re AasIIms_s  _IS SAc-
                                                  a. composite_hook:                                                                                                             and
                                                                                                                                                                  .longsuffering doctrine"    (ItTim. 4 1,2                                             A_ LEAST
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            e^_z_rror rnIS Eoeo's Sv'_Pes
               Ithas been Created thewillof thepeople 111 T_ ' P_aros                                             Is. ro Aa_u_is-me           Tins "
    _,                                   by                                        •"a                                 ....                                        This  _kin_ of prearhing makes for n sound             O_es A QuaRrEa,
    '         assembled }n the variousGeueral ._ssem                                S cR^Ivmn_rs. .                            :                                                           and
                                                                                                                                                                   church doctrinally makes for"an           exem-      .Only (paragraph 36)"unferrnehtedWine."
   •          blissfrom 19{)7         down to ti_e     presenttime. :The Ch                                                                                                                        •
                                                                                                                                                                   pisry church in Christinn living,
              In _.s.ens e _ts standards          are those of th_              t_,,, ._.        urch of the Nazarene reco nizes                                                  "                                    _md unleavened bread should be used in'the
      •      zancunea       cousctenrn of the entire dcuan_-                    :.._ ?,,qraments:,. the sacrament of _agptianl                                     VII. THS P^trton Is "to seis_ s_, AZLMv_I,_s,      sacrament of the Lord's Supper. This ,sac-                      ""
    •      ,'mstion. Itsvolitv_;tho_,._,,_..,._.
                            -      -. _ --_ _-,s-uwt.      o_ me'w_s--
                                                             ,.,       .        mmmc           sacrament . of the • Loi'd'_S upper. .
                                                                                                   ..                                  -                              rIIISCoNvF.RSIOttOF_t_INNEnB,       THESANe-     rament is a source of blessing and strength
          • dora and expemence .of Its leadership from                          Wet_e_linve ,(Paregraph 18.) that Christian                                           _tIF_ca_IONor;r_lis'CoHvEn'n,_o _l_0 _.He Us- . to the people', af_d no congregation shonld
             ,_. estl east, _orth and South. -Its or.,ahiza                    .__- -; _, a _sacrament                    s_gnifying ascent-         •                nolLvn_e ol#Goe's PISOPLZIN THEm Must • "he' deprived of •having. Holy. Communi6n
             uonol genius is that of wee loadess i_ ..... " _cc                          o t tee oenetits             of the' atonement-                             ".HOLYF_H.                '         "       "     at _least four times each year. That is the
   .         ing urgsuizational         machiner-_       ._- ;_,p_.ov:         ,Jesus _urlst, to be administered to h,_lh_ " of
                               •      .            _.,   .m ngu_ ot            as deeisr          ......                          -.....    oars,                     He're we have stated the. task of our high       minimum re/luirement ofthe church Manual.
             new needs.tempered           by cast exr_,;h,,_,          -.....                         e
                                                                                             _a.tiv of their faith inJesus               C [st                     calling: This is the heart of our gospel           XI THePAS'ren Is TO"Rr-AD TO _Z Cot_-
        ". _J!tml Ls s.impie, yet #f_cct_ve, f_a_d_.'_vee_                     easn._mm_r_Saw°ur_            and _:u.llpurpose of-o_edit_! '                       ministry,    All.. that" we do. and all that we        GazaA'tIo_ TIIZ CoI_   _o .....  "_"    '--'
      •                          b
             _o_nr_ae_S, tmY' Fgood. form w|thoUt yielding                     liev_ _pnr°a_m_esshafg_r.l,           gh.te.°usness'" We be-                        are and all:: that we "say' hre.a 'rn_ans                              . _       _ o, me ._nurcn
                              •" m a wore, the church Mn_tual                  r__      , . a._P ' _,_ mat the memorisl_and                                        to thi_' s u p r e me end_-the       encompass,::  .of the Nazarene and the special rules con-"
            guides the local church, thedistrict or- " " _ _orarnunwn yapper insthuted by ou_ Lord _                                                               ing of the s.alvhtisn of the ]0st the sane- " rained m paragi-aph I to 43. lncl.usive, with-

                                                                                                                                                                   of the church.    The-Chu_reh o[ th_ ]Nazarene         the Manual    printed and distributed     annual-
       ,                                                                        _                                                    "                             (paragraph 23) is composed of those-pcrsohs      _Y to thelmembershi p .of -the church.     This                        -
        _v_,t._        t_i;i_                                                         _i_a                                       nOO_                                         voluntarily a_ocistod themselyes
                                                                                                                                                                  tification' believer, theuphull_ting m each church.taken seriously. th,s
                                                                                                                                                                  _vho have of_the            and                    ask shou d b e year,ov have      F_ar:all new
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        sectio_   n,
        •                    ,               • .    aps. one                          p omise of all sp irRusl blessings m Christ
        h- _-_.._ take a ri"g.. examinalwn
        cannot               _d                                                       By . we show forth the r_._,_ _ _ .__ .., .. '. '                        " together    according , to the. doctrines and     ,pebple. com'.mg mrs the Chm_ch o[ the.Naza-
                     _ -                           on _t, but                             _t "
             o._,_u _ zamwur wi                                                                  .     .       _-_     ueau_.uu r_e                               polity of said church : and who seek holy         tone, n LS._mperative that they be mdoc-
        k_ow in detail its r_,-;,-_th_l_,/_- general and                             .c°me ..again. Being the communion feast                                     Christisn fe.linwship, the .conversion of sin-"' trlnated    m our    st,v_dards,, pohty,     and               "        "
       .for.                   _-_..........   _ _or me pas-                          o_!y tease who have faith' in Christ and "                                " nora, the entire .sanctification   of believers_ .doc_me_    Thin may ,be done by, three Sun-                        .
                                                                                      ,_,vcorinnsam_s _nould be called     topart/-                              ,theirpb0llding h01iness_ thesimpli,_ day messages.
                                                                                                                                                                         u           in            and                                   . . ."'            _,•, .
            General knowledge at.'   poiht is not                                     cipato"herein:
                                                                                               t                                                                                         p
                                                                                                                                                                • cityand spirltuaF ower manifestin the               1. The lDoctrine of .the.    Church o[ the
   " stff_cie.qL falx_eas the localchurch
                     In             _                       IV. THE PASI_R,ISTO CA_ FOS Tim PISOPLIS                                                              primitive    New .TestamentChurch,"                  •
                                                                                                                                                                                                            together Nazarene .                 : "                        " .: "   .
• " :the djstrlct, thd denominationat large.                                                                                                                                                               to
                                                                                                                                                                  ,wlththe preaching'ofthe :gaspel every . •2. The poiRy ofAhe Church of the'Naza- • " •
       one should know.the speeHicdemands _d                  aY   PASTORAL       VISPrATION,'"  PAIr_CULARLy                                                     creature..hat program envisions home
                                                                                                                                                                                T                           n            _'one_ "                 '                             '
      fulfill them as far as possible: .             _        _H_: SICK ANn NEEDy.                                                                                /_lstrmt, and. general .program-oE          even- •        3 The standards of the Church Of the
         The.Mannal      does not leave _eP_tor        in "" The "cross                             " "
                                                                            reference here (paragraph "' 92                                                .      gelism.                "          "                    Nazarene.                       .           .
      doubt as to what is eXpected of him.             It  and paragraph .253) is carelessly               given. .                                               VIII. THE.P^s'r0a Is TO HAVe,tHIS CARZ Or" Or it may be done by reading this portion in
      clcarlydefineshisdu_ies.andrnspo_Lsthilifies,        These references.refer          to the work 0[ a.                                                         ALLDEPARrMF_rrsoFLOCALCKnI_cHWoaKy                  pi-ayer meeting.     Another:alternativo         is to
      In the reistionship      of pastor, he has the       deaconess, andnot        the work and raspansi_                                                        Thvwordalliseerisinlyaninclusl_/ewotd.                 have it inco rparated in Some .bullet_'ur
     oversight of the local church in fiflee_              bllity of the pastor         A great, part of his      ,                                 ,             It seems to me thai it includes the Sunday             literature ann then sant,Sut to me maillng
     designated ways• They are as follows:                 task Ees in this fddrth set respansibility,                                                            school the N,Y,P.S. and the W.F.M.S               It   list.                           - - , .              '
     I, THE PAS_oe |s T6 Par.ASH I"I-IE        Woes.      Pastoral visitation, particularly of the sldk'                                                 ". ,     includes, moreover, the entire recard "el the          _r_ _ _ v        ., i:      _ En "'_,_
        He is to preach, and he is to preach the          _od.needy,     is a part of the work assigned                                                           church     If "'e ch _ch succeeds _the          to     _,,    -H _^sro.      s To _vP wsz.,..,         _._-
     Word.of'God.        Preaching ts not enough in        o me ministry by the entire church, and                                                       : ,      getsthe . glory for the success. "If, the c_ureh r .., ._._ol_ OF .ALL STATICAL ][_EPoRrs_rom
                                                                                                                                                                                 m      u                      as      •                                          ..
                  "               .                       cnn_ot be dismLss_i l_ghtly.                   •                                                 ,      fails "the pastor gets the blame for the fail=         all departments, of the local church, and :
                                                                                                                                                          •       ,.Ire.                                    . , :. present promptly all such repots fi_'o_gh.
     ' 50 (322).                                " :        *           -                                    The Pmacher'_ MacJcr_n_                                                                                                                 - • •                         .   .
                                                      '"           "       ' " " "                 -    '           "                                     "       _ptembar_6hen        !94_                            "•         •         .          " "             (323) 51
                                                                                                                         .   .                                                       t                                                        .   .

                                                                                                                                 •   :                            preacher     and listen_er.     Overlapping     of  my source for'the germ Of this outline Which
                   _e      district _ecretary to the district assem-                XV. Tin: P^srea Is _o Sr.k THATALL'G_.                                     - .thoughts is also h stumbling block to preach-      .I submit to illustrate the present paragraph,
                        y: This includes at least four reports:                        z_,A_ Boner FuNes RAZesD Tlr_oonlr._z                                      ing-without:notes.     If thi-ee m_jor divisions    in which I have been Stating that an out-
                            N.Y,P.S.--Fresident                                        LOCALWo_u's      MlesioN^av.Soczrn,    A_z                                 will both support and convey the one Overt          line _    often be rearranged to suit the
                        2. The W.F.M_S.--President      ..                             Rerarrrsa_ PROMPTLy THSOUaH RSCULAS                                        all truth, then why add on two or three             present purpbse better. We'll _etDr.Kelley's
                        3. The Sunday Schoal---Superintandent                                      of
                                                                                    . Cr_.AI_NELS the Woman's Forel,gn. Mis-       ".
                        4. The Church Treasurer.      .                             smnary Society, and that- bll tlie other                                      extras?    Simplify the outline as much as          outline (with'our     ,own _ddillons in part)
                                                                                             .                                                                                       can preach without notes ff      before us in this matter:                   ..
                   XIfL _     P^sres Is _'Q S_Mrr ^ R_emTr                          gener_[ budget funds are remitted promptly                                    your message .is Outlined in advance with             .I. We have cousiderabie lcnowledge, but
                     To _   ANnual, CHUaCll /J-etude.                               lethe general treasurer; and that all district                             . simpllclty as your measuring stick.          After ,very little wisdom.,                '           ".
                   XIV. T_nEP^s'roa Is To Arrorm_ ^N.'INVas'n.                      budget funds are z:emitted - promptly to the
                                                                                    district treasurer.           " "       "                                    'weeding out the aurplu._ put those two or              II. We. have     considerable   nationalS'm,                              - •
                     c_l"ms Coz_tMrr'z-,.zor TJm_. _ Czss' ol,                                                                                                    three major thoughts downon         ciearc paper• but little b_otherhond.          .. " "      : '
                        ACCUSATION.      FILED     ACAINST      A  The_Manual.expects
                                                                     CIIURCII              ....
                                                                                        a greatdeal from the                                                      r_hrow away all scratch notes you've used _' . If[. We. have "corridor^hie house_bulld-
                     MEMSED. • . .        . ,. -      -         Nazarene.. pastor. The church demands his                                                            upte'this  point..aml,set befoi'e you a page  ing.'but little home-building..         .
                                                           n . reasonable best. ,God-'requires'of
                                                 Srteerswe_t_e_ fruitful service, as is outlined in th/s fit-n
                   ofN_rai_oYuraseWu_essmm_Setrerr         n-"                                                                                               .,                                                      IV. We. have
                                                                                                                                                                     with only the" three major point_ written , little Salvation, eonsiderabla religion, but "
                                                                                                                                                                     Out. Space them evenly apart for forth_or                                  '  . " '.
                   charges presented to him.                    teen-point program.                                                                               " work. At'ff_Is point, you should have. be-.      You. can see at once that this sort of an
                                                    -                       "                                                                                      -fore you a _simply arranged, :concise, and _ outline would be very appropriate to. use
                                                                                                                                                                     brief outLtae. •Moreover it is requlrec_ of   in preaching on the needof vital, perEDnal
                                                                                                                                                                     those who preach Wi.thant-notes     that said calvuiion. Step alter Step is taken, leading
                   :-PREACHINGWITHOUT NOT ES- - -.                                                                                .
                                                                                                                                                                 pre,_e,           stn'_e-for s_mpllcity. • .
                                                                                                                                                              . - _ Now fiil't_under
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .. _
                                                                                                                                                                                                   thos_ three malor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   the audience to what the preacher we.his to ..
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   bahia ellma'x--the fact that the_e is plahty
                                                                       • " '        _ "        "                                                              - tho',ughts w'hat natur011y _falis under each.                      Of. re.llgio.n "m.the, warld, but there..isn't
                                                                                             .YOU CAN DO IT! "                                                             a
                                                                                                                                                                    Dentoree                    into oo-ofthe
                                                                                                                                                                 message If it doesn'_t easily an_,_eefuilV
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              =,vanan preener eao
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   right into an. in_,ilafion 'here remindin_ his
                                                                                                                                 " " ".-                                    - '                      -       --        -               "       " n ""    --'"    h ""   ma have'
                           "     '                                  By paul         Steele                                                                       --almost automatlcally--take though_
                                                                                                                                                                 one of these three major                        under,
                                                                                                                                                                                                       its placethen it                               ....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ..mat,. alm0ug they very y xmm- :
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .a redgion_ a,tmoug_ may maybe
                                                                                                                                                                 doesn't h,_lon_ at all          Don't EDcr]fic_.vbur              _u| in melr.reuglon_       ma_ uoesn s assure
         •         Vou       eA_" P_^CH wrrHov_r No'zzS, and".                     •what you think   versonallv    sh'n_/d h_ _,_                    "' {        message for the sake of getting something of_                     personal salvation.
                             ' " "               "                                                " -         ="---_"_     ......                              -Four chest.            Write • down what naturally                    _SUt now let t_'suppose that we are called
                  -JI-youll      hnd .that both you and your.'                     And remember      get those helps alter you
                   listeners w II enjoy "it Preachin'_" w_thant                    have already Jotted dqw _ your own'thoughts..."                               comes under each major point. Thk'matarial                        upon tO speak at _e local P.T._,_ meeting
                   _otcS is. not a diHiculttcsk   at all; on the -                 Commentaries are not to help l/^u, nor to                                     will n_,turolly •come from'the scripturoocon-                    dusmg      Home and Fam fl.y, .We.e,_. • By a
                 . contrary    it becomes "very simple; it also.                   make light work of_ tremendous task; eom-                       • .          "text from the uu_buse in mind" or from the                        simple rearrangement el this ouume, "inter-
     '             makes preaching a greater joy because of                        maul^ties -are to help edit .what thoughts                                    need of the'occasten.           'Put it down ._,vhere            chaz_ging points now. numbered III and I V,
                                                                                                                                                                 it naturally "fits. 'This filling-in- Will.pros- "                we could easily make our climax the point ,_
                   the greater ovens your. mind .and ]_esrt the
                   pulpit_ It freedom you can _iave in to                          the have. already to check for accuracy as
                                                                                   yott commentaries proposed to present. Use " ..                           " ably..take "the- form of subpoints. A end ]3,                       that there are many houses being,built, but
                 • the present [eaclings of the' Spirit; _ it gives                to the_ facto of geogr_phy,:history_, customs,"                               etc..
                                                                                                                                                                    ............. __ • •           .      -                        _ot enough_homes. We might home-building; to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -.             submit our. suggestions for the.n choose
                     you greater aptitude, for sensing what needs                      e_¢. "_t_en stand your. theological pnsitlohs .                      ...         .._.rn .me each.or, these, rnalor, pointe_ now,             we might point out causes for this situa-
     •               mdre emphasL,L.and what necks, less era-'                         up against your denominatlanal                 theology.      "         •. wlm.metr auopom_s one at aume.                        TaKe the    tion" at an,, rata we could c_limax _,vith the
                    phasis _an planned,                 yes, you           H!t fi_-then       .prcacl_. tt; M it'doesn't fit, • :               '       ifirst_ mo_oi-p.oint with Its. subpoints; is " thought which _ pertinent for the present
                  •can. ao it; the ordinary, preacher can do it                       re.race me" needed adjustments,                  But get      _             . reauy one tanugnt_ :and ts zt'naturauy                        . occa_ian              '. •                  " • " . ..
                    just a._ easily as the more experienced man. " meSe. published hel_s before you a_tor you-                                      ."           "-divided?. Or have you divided it Just ao you ' _•                                             .., -               _ ,
                  There are six things.whlchyou                should un.             persona|ly      I_ve done. your. own sermon                                    can ha"               A       d 'a n_ " Be ,,-e each " t,e_ us suppose mat we are cauan upon -
               ".demtand obout- Preaching without note§, hnd                          preparation, and'.after you have done_ your _                                               ;•      ,y., ..•
                                                                                                                                                                     . .- , wlm its sur_pomis .s_._ --•
                                                                                                                                                                     malor- point                                                                          the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     is a unit, . to speak in "" city'park fot_ Memorial _'_-e '
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    _        .                      "        _' "          • Day
                   _vhich will. help you to do It                - : -          .   . own. thinking ou the: tcx_ or top c _ The "                                    EDusistent.and se_-supporting within .
                                                                                                                                                                              •                     • •                  • _ise_.                         we coma.use
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    _erwces. _._,T_t._ ....... tam same ouum
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    _t_= ....                                    f_'_"_"_Oin* _"_ "
           •           '1 Do ,,our o_            thinktn          ._ ....          . content.of your message chould come fz_om                                      'If you had to; you could make point I a                        ,l'"_='_"_'_             "= =_|"_,_'=            "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  r,==_ ,_nm,"t_
           '  • _r_arati_n          .kv'-'_ .(,:_L_.._   g   a_        sel-oto_    . general study and general readin "n0t fr0m"                                            0"                                "    a                .....................                  °- ......
                    ......            ,u ,.a_..uw        exce.en_ a sar ......                     •          . .            _ g,                                   serm n in itself, with very. little djnstment                   _'-eater than nationalism                 ie, hrbtherh_.
               . men may" be which you've just'read,                         for-     s_Wn_ .mI_ute_ o_. :research"                   (actually                      yet, at the zame time, _i{ is naturally .re-                   s,                         . .         --..                     •
         • " _. get it. It wont help you in your nreachln-                            - • _ --         • .sum cuing), from cerumen.                                  la_,._ to      t,._ i.        * • ,_ ¢,.       ;.,o'_r _,_A        This illustration is given here to indicate
          ' :     even if _'Our people do tell _ou l_ow ,,be ,_ mries,. '_TUS L_the..first and basis'require.                                          .           .:_._.:;       w..•.,..: ae. to..:...,        p0---- _ -_--,_ timt un exccllant' outline :might be i'ear-
                   ,_ ......           -      ,;     ..   -                =• "_ ment _or preacomg without notes--do your '                                          _u.._      _/ou mm_ your outune can pass.mis                   ren,,o.r-to m_ke _t fit "this. occasion" even
                   _ey m m_, you are. _ou nave omy repea_ea                           own thiukin_ ahd aermon _-,.,_*_,-                                             test, then go on to the next step.                       _            _ .....
                  ._ scrmo.n, you h_ven t preached at all. God                         .           • _,            .    r.-_- ....... r. " .                    • . 4. Cousld_ring               your three major point_,           decided that sayin_ also that when we have'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    better. I am our outline _s simple yet cam- "
                      as can.ed you'to be a preaeher--not        .        2. Or_antZe _/our. cantcmplatdd              fhougli_       _"              trg to rearmnga.then_ now, as to their order                   pletc, when we feel that the _                 content 'as' set -
                   cltei'.. Almost any tenth grade student                            as _tmply_ as posdbte.          Do not strive for                            _in.tbe outline, ao as to _¢lt'the present ore_                 "forth in-the subpoints is accurate and suifi-                      •
                   could read and report on an ordinary ser-_                         bz:narnentallon nor for alliteretlar_              Allit-
                   men found in books.                                                                                                                               simt best. If they .can be arranged differ-                    ciant, e_'en then we might better that. out-
                                                  .            -                      eration will be-most effectiveand             genuinely .                      ently so as to present the over_all truth                      line b_, rearranging it' t O fit the present oc-
                       Do your own thinkin_ .do yoil_- own pray-                      oro_orjcal on]_. if it stems f_'om, and/s u part -                           "more- clearly, then nmke that rearrangement."                   casinn. • :You can preach without notes ft.
                   ing; then preach what you think should be                         Of rca_. simplicity,        Simplify the arrauge.."                             Maybe point,If             should becom_ point'U_I,            your 0utth_e a_d .your message will' fit the
              ""_earhed from this .text or .topic.. Don't be                         tral truth down possible, Bring your major
                                                                                     mont as much as to two or three                       cent  '' "                Again perhaps point HI really "should he, _ present occnsien.                                       _, '                    ."      • .
                       raid of your own ideas on the matter; take                                                                                                  . come point L Depending upon your present                         5. Now,' having maite'sure that your out- " ' ,'
               •the attitude that they're probably as _1                       as" thoughts which you bcileve Will adequate-                         .               purpuse_...youcan arrange me outline to ault          Ja the beat arrangement, and feeling -
                 'anyone eisc's. They might not be as good                           ly support iL Then Jot:down these two or                     •                  the. _on;            ' An Illustration .can be given           sure that Its content is satisfactory" you                             "
                  us_thbse of someon_ else, but you m'en't that                      three major 'points. If you find yourself                                       here which will clarifylthis thought. Credit.                   should be lure tt is rounded outJ._rop_rl_/                      " .    -
                  someone else. • Only your own                      are the-        putting give them close six .or seven,.majoi-
                                                                                     poinis, down five or .examination, in all                                        is due. to the late Dr,,Selden               Dee Kelley        by h_uing a 'good introductlou'aftda                     good    . "
                .best that you can pz_aeh.                  Preach your              likelihood 'you can jbin. this one and that                                     for the eourca'o_ th_ toplv and portions of the.- eondus_n.                            To_ _any sermons dofCt go just            "
i.               best by.preaching          your ownl "                                                                                                              out]hie,, which .Dr. Ke!ley .caUed 'Tara-                       because they.don't hpve a starter. "20_ many                      .
                      There is room for commentaries and pub-'                       eliminate Overlapping of thoughts,
                                                                                     one,. SUch joining and simplifying which               will                    do^as:'., _   outline has bean chr_ged con-.                   sermons don't e]_d, eventhough,the       bane-
                 llched helps--after you put down on paper                          over!apping        works      a hardship         on .bSth "                     siderobly for our pm'Imse here; yet he is                      diction is pronounced.      How ,often is .that
                 52 (324)            .                                                             ":                   "                   -"                                   "                                                                      ""            "
                                         .                                                       .             ' The Proachet's Magmdne                             Septsmbbr,October0 1949 .                                                                      .    _ (32,5l'53

                                                                                        &.                                                                                                                                                                                  •     "    .     "      ,
                              pronounced simply because
                    bchedlctinn                        the                                                                                                                                             "        _           . -                                      ""        " "              "              ""

                    think that he had his outline sermon!
                    preachers glance atfinished the led him                                   to -- The- Nature and                                                              said to be the nature af unction may
                                                                                                                                                                                ,Therefore- that peculiar uplilt tram Godthatbe
                                                                                                                                                                                 aids .the Chrlsttan minister ia delivery o_ his
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ..Shouts of praise weretherb the spiritual dem-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               tile usual.   Now if   not is "imusuel," b(tt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               onstrMten among us, some. of our fdlks are
                      _There roatly 0nght to be a the
                    sermon,, brethren,   as well as to the out.                                  Necessity Of Unction                                                             _.ssgc for theneeds oj thepeopte•                            nearly frightened,boyand control. One lit-
                    line. And thei'e ought to be an endihg to the                                                                                                                   After   taking " into consideration   thbss                tie girl (preachers daughter) was beard to
                    talk. If ydu well _ if.beginning
                    sermon, as have             a .bessaffon for your _ser-
                                                               of preacher-                                  By R. N.Gunstream                 •                                  things be understood
                                                                                                                                                                                 •easily which already have bean seid_ it may, . ask Jn webping about.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           and heartily believed       were    a ser,_'ice recently _. what the people
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        mute testimony
                    meal then down on the paper as part                                          "                                                                         that the    in need of:this uplift,      to our unusualbehavior           in divine war-
                    of. thd • outline; but •if you don" _ T._.. any                                                                                                               It is a vital necessity to the'man who pro-          ship!                                       •
                                                      _           .ave               A SzaMol_ delivered without unction I. ._
                   beginning, then don t fill in that space on                                                                                                                    claims the gospel, if he does'nothave      it,'he" .' Tllese conventions"of        twenty years ago
                   your outline just-SO .it ]oat_.,_._"_-1_'.._...._e=.,4       • meX'_foada w=thout, taste.                     It/is   a Ill'ass                          that he ls':lacking one of the      wer_Vm'arked by gre_t slnging.           Now 'the
                   The same can be stud about the cone asian                        _r_Sasc_e,,po_essmg               litt_, or no power.         To                              most important csscntis/s /n his preachin_g          singer has tu beg and coax.the people to re-
                   The serr_an needs to be. ",qell rounded out                      _'       , u_e ,gospe_ et Unrist. without                    full                             ministry.     The man who rocks unction is . spend to 'singing. And' I may frankly •re-
                                                   -                       -       the undertakinupon "Menlcind to fail utterly in
                                                                                    uepenuence                    Him "is
                   if ,y_u part going- to prenaration _ _ notes•
                   If this are of your preach without                                                                                                                             also lask]ng      in: omer important     tactars     mark that I somethnes believe this ih partly
                                                                         '_^_              ....             .g.;                 today i_ eve_. in
                   o            - .                    ¢      . "= -. s,,_,-        search mr me mumin                     '                       ,                             .hecessary for his ministry." To obtain one-          so because ear song leaders don't have the
                     rder, ...then you can preach •.wathout notes; ' • i_ '-_:-_,.' LlOll.... m _e|r allen of thenee                     truth and                                tion.nnd help from God is to speno hours • good wisdom to sing old songs.'that every,_
                   yOU    W   | _f_IOW_W     er      N                               _   ._ P_u                              several              To
                        •        ,        . h et_ begm. whattosa                 . f                .....                                  ds
                   winle you re going, and where to sto-                    _Yt fulfi!_ task m. to have Christ posssss                                                              secret chamber .of without argument
                                                                                                                                                                                 in thethe Master, It.goes private fell0wshtp
                                                                                                                                                                                 with                                                                                             convert-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ;"one could sing• wJthout.a book. A sone_ or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               lion is no niece toAeach     new
                                                                     ._....        u, me man ana the man to desire and seek
         .                          PcrY°abut:
               -. pallecetheofWhile'pa . wlllWfl[ e be tied to..anl_
                                        ,              n0tb able to follow,        for. all
                                                                                   minister of Christ • This accomphshcd . , the
                                                                                                          " _       '                   "                                          the.t he be won himself. Therefore, When it"
                                                                                                                                                                               .' ccpt no man Can successfully win _ouls ox-                     choruses "they seemed' for choir practic'e. a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Then;      -SaC'e timt to have time for
                  the course you smcerel._ feel God would                          _,_;,_a ___fl!__newtabl.y                   have a God-inr                                      is obvious that a minister is unctionized and                 few folk to Work in -a special number in
                  nave you ta_;e at any given moment.                              _,.-_.       ,,.,,..,e_     message.                     .                                      anointed     and blessed _ as he -delivers his                song..too. ". Business    was secondary. ,and
                      6. Here's the last: sten. arid if re. _,_.'t ,t,.                To understand            the nature of unction is to '                                                  it is      obvious that he 'has had               getting, blessed _;as pre-eminent.         It has
                  c.v.erything.heretofore          _uggested,.and     if _,ou ,_a!_ze. enema great, need. of it.                          Webster                                                           and contact with God.                been said lately that our asaemblies are just .
                  sun:want adhere to this rule, notes,-then
                  sure to         m preach without by all m_.._._                  lsa_ta_%_,_at
                                                                             be. _._          ........         o s_gmfwance
                                                                                                              _e anoint; affected Unction
                                                                                                                                       of f                                      . ha_dse in hand and are vital and prayer. ,go'
                                                                                                                                                                                            two "factors. unction    necessities for             too
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ha_,elarge and time cut lira,ted;.down. _in'ce still"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         decided to     is them      but we we
                      •                                                  _   .........                       ,.   -         .                 . erver,            •                                             .       .    ,       •

                           a         thcSteted    withD°n'tyou.. .any " .t,-h_:/o--'..
                   ttoutltnelssimplyinto :one:pulpit

                          Just get upthere    and-. preach,
                                                             That'stake            tlmtwRh which the.anoint nolo
                                                                        __ne origma! Greek- effete this definition:

                                                                     of this word--Chrta-_ls      the same as' the
                                                                                                                            e* inn:                          .:
                                                                                                                                                                         , o.Tothatroachin-it .ko have
                                                                                                                                                                                  .... to          hr, Pcrsanelly,
                                                                                                                                                                                        isnoco=, esss sof would* to a
                                                                                                                                                                                  any message..

                                                                                                                                                                                 t, nris F m       me.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            "   _g.. _n p         t_.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 hurry just the same,           "     "

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         . helping of encouragement and inspiratio_Smallin

                                     '               " '
                   I._eavc that outline neatly folded m your         root of the wo_d meaning Christ--C/H_tos.                                                                                        ....
                                                                                                                                                                                 a sermon without t_nr_t e_comes a mere . these meetings too: If we.preachers cannot
                 desk drawer or, at the nearest, m the back         Therefore, unction Is                          ,                                                             speech of words illuminated, only, hY llm                        ....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ,^, _.._ ,.,.,,_ .....     I_ ¢,,d +_,-r,* the _, w_ are i_
                 of your Bible somewhere.'     You might want       factual larva,-, an 0f                                                               holy ser pturcs revolved..When
                                                                                                                                                                                            ....               "         these _eri_-       ._._'t" ................... _hht w,, -eed the -ra_--
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ,                   r,m _._,,
                                                                                                                                                                                 taresand this'messageand theman pro-.                      ?. ,,,_-v  .:"a"%.......        _.--._._-.          ,v.
                                                                    se_t, -. _ `_ '_'_, u_uen_         ointment
                 to use _ as a nOokmark to find "^ur , "---, . • ,- wnlem comes.from Christor the Anoints/ it-
                                                       ;,u     _,,                                                                                           ""                    " ...........                             el _n " _ica_ slue_ ahu we nee_l i[o ULSCUy_                   tecnnlque,
                 _ui_ [.ywhen you.areroady      to preach 'and      the Holy Sfiirlt "                          . ,                                                            • ¢amingmemareanomteunyme_a
                                                                                                                                                                                 _'       -" '          .......                 yw"l e" and method; but these should . not have first.                 .
                 tats llgntssmt yea in more ways'than one.                       "- • .: ."            .      .   _                                                              men mey *' containm_ oz. _ .power posslo
                                                                                                                                                                                 •        ._ : _u _,_...#. ¢ me                               .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       e* place.         .....operatlon
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   IS sos a Success
                 _or astance, you. might want to take ode           BiThere are. numeroml references, in the                                                                     ,o _:o,,v_q_ u,o ,,,_w_ o, ,,,e,,.       .                in my Way of .thinking unless the patient
                       lance while the offering is being re- '" elate unetwn, but the to low ng three will                                                                                       -                            '       .     lived.                  . .:       •       "
                       l_- to. be certain  of _etting      started, st_ffice for our oandideratten here•                                                                                                                                       After eighteen years in the pastorate                     I

                          :fso in thaoutineinyoandhast know rlllhteous_t (Iss doh_ g:20).
                      as a marker:is all. right and useftll.
                However.. once and "have stedd before your
                                you have ann'ounc,,A ........
                                                               One,         kavaall thing._ the
                                                                Thou • . loved
                                                                                an                  Hal,,                                                                  "
                                                                                                                                                                                   " • A QUOTE '
                                                                                                                                                                                  ' "
                                                                                                                                                                                                      0f" my flock rrequire theharay,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  th tthepeop'o
                                                                                                                                                                                                      hvaloarn0d-about nine-tenths af
                congregation                                         .                     e , and hated                                                                                 .            "encouragement preaching" and about one-
               "you dare sneak a look ut th t o,t_',_
                 i     ,
                          s inture_the. -".-=_" thyo_uted thee(Hebrews 1'9ave,,. _ ka'th
                                      .    a. --:*_-v_"
                                                                          t,,o*oo,e o] glad less bore
                                                                              w th God ,k,God,
                                                                                   the od
                                                                                            •          '
                                                                                                                                                                                  WORTHY OF"_NOTICE " ten +oecttenal do"imva
                                                                                                                                                                                           ' .   ',.                       preaching,
                                                                                                                                                                                                      _:overed that my' people Will    an_,thing
                   r ght up there , brother; preach w_thout one                ..       " •"_ .        ' ).            -   '                                                                                                      ,:pesslble if they are inspired, it. but
                 .meg at.that     outline, sink or swim " You                  now he which stablt_heth i_ with       ou tu                                                       FnOM THE.HouSTON           NAZAItZNE               program withdut iaspiraUou id death to New
                   won't sink very often, and everytlme you do              ChHst,.dnd.    hath anointed _us, is GoY_ (II                                                           Under a caption "Private.'Ltf0 of a Par-         Testament Kingdom bulldl'i_g.--(And nit the"
                  go under d bit,' you'll soon wiggle up again.             Corinthiaus 1:21).       .            "      "                                                        son" we quote the        following which   is      ministers s_,|d : "Amen.'--Editor.)
                   • After all, the're you are sthndin=z before"            It is .further 'confirmed through these ' as "                                                        worthy',' of" the'nOtice  of every Nazare!no-..                                        -" "
             "", your congregation;     yod'll.have to s_y'so_e-         "" sages' that this oihtment comes from '_od.                                                            preacher.                 "           :        "       "   "                 "       "   "              M            "

                   thing.   And having given careful -reoera                L'q Old Testament. t_ines anointing was a                                                 " '"
              •::ties     to the matter beforehand'           _ta_di-_,   \phed to kings, to prbphet_, and to priests/at                                                         Are our.m_kderisl     gatherings whet'they     • " "Whe'n we .wqrship God, the near hart-
                  there wi_                   neeessity':laid     _po_" their inauguration.         "The I-mrd's Anointed"                                            -.       were twenty years ago? it Just that          zone "of Our immediate con'corn ore pushed.
                  you of                       .......                     was. a common title to the king        Prophets                                                     I am getting Close to forty7       • "       t "   hack; our minds reach upward• We be.
                                                 ma_ woma selma, are cnlled."Messiahs,"                 er bnointed, ones.                                                 •     The _Irst _ssembltes and.,preachers   mee _- come freshly conscious of our relatiousldp
                  llke                                    you suppose                                                                                                        • ings I Was privileged to attend were.time_ ar      ....        • __._ ___ __ ,1==.:.....   _^;.....
                                                          That's riglit,   Hen_.e the word Chris/, Chrtstos_ Was rep .......                                                                     " '" "    '- " n' -nd bless ' to an e_er.u_ uuu, u._ =,_u,_ _u,_,.u_,,_
                  you'll ha" s                         '.nan prepared      _'asentative of our. Lord,. who united, in                                                                                                        -         . ;. L       .....
                                                                                                                                                                               grea_ splr=tum upux_, zaspwauo _ aof prayer", epr ,u.ves gain Irum_{e_y in..meanmg.      ' .
                                                                                                                                                                           : • ing." There were great Yohuhcs                                                                      -In
              •morete                                       be-    Priest,himself
                                      graCC.pleasuremOrethaneHecfivehess,ever the. offides, of. King, Prophet,. and                                                             . going up at the opetllng find each secreted
                                                                                                                                                                         was not unusual to of folk servive,                             we get a to large.remUonch
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 worsnlpWe "see life a_zeren_ vww. oz o_[aso.wn.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ll_,es_                                    and
  •           .fore;     You can preach without notes" if            .in the field of          "                "
                 ou'                               '        ,   .                      . medicine, ointment Is Used
                  r 11 J_t get, uI_ there bare-handed       and    to. aid the. heahng oL skin diseases. "Thb                                                                     in" priva¢_ meditation Sunday-school
                                                                                                                                                                                  Jn the basement and and prayer, for room_
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         God's                   get life,a true perspective. hdve so feverishly
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 of it in the ambitions 'we' The immedisclas
                u l-hearted.              .                  .       "                   ••                               of .Ged,_is applied
                                                                                               .anolntlnfi, the ointment to aid the Christian
                                                                                                zrom a heavenly source                                   '   . :                  blessing upon'the"    services, "    .                         pursued: the .fears that' have disturbed us.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    .   -
                                                        •                                                                                                                            The emphasis of prayer seemed to make                       the dissppointments      that have embittered
                  "An ounce o_ mother                   L_worth a pound of                         minister and his melaage in order that that                                    for. better fellowship among the preachers,
               clergy.'!-_panlsh,                           "                                      message may be so .applicable'to  the heart                                    and seemed to dp_n the windows of hea'_en                      usi all dwindlein    importance when looked at
                          "    "                        _-                                                 Ofboth i_oaplebc_o_eand,•liftedhim
                                                                                               willan'd'lffebe changedthe                thatbyt/ieYit;                           upon our thirsty, souis._ God would come from th'e height of our relationship to God
                          "                   ""                                                                       -                                                                                                                                      T
                                                                                                                                                                                  upon us. in mighty power and blessing, and to Hls purpese."_Rcilgtaasetesdope.

_ "            54f326) . i           • ..                                                                             .   The Preacher'= Magasta+ ,-".
                                                                                                                                           . • .                                                                                                           .         ...
                                        .          ..                                         :.                                                                                  8eptsnfl_mr-Octobo_,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    1949'                                                                                      {327) 55. •
BI_._:       _ .      :        .    -."                          .                                                                                                                      .     ,    .                                              .
                               -                                                                                                        1

              tdday, and forever--Lie, "Freely ye have re-      dicating, "Tliis is' where we are                                      thd admonition of Paul.whoa  he said, "Take                      I may stretch out a loving hand te wrestlers
              celvod, freely give."                          • next place Will be so and so." The                                      heed" unto thyself, and unto the doctrine;                            :_vith the troublodsaa.       "
                Lf the preacher gets nothing In his study,     of e sermon ,//as in its structure     not in its
           • .the pulpit Will inean'nothing   to.his people,   decoration. ' By their fruits vo _hnll 1.                               continua in them: for in doing this thou                         Oh, teach _le, Lord that I may teach the
             _.t my first ]_reachers' meeting several years,   them." The •true test is not I-Io_'_.:-=nz°. w                          shalt both save thyself, and them that hear                             _Yrecinns things Thou dast impart]
            "ago, a number of ns_asked Dr. Chapman             does it sound on Sunday? _ut_w,,:;_'_'._          ''                    thee.'_                                                          And-wing. my words, that they maY.reach
             about books and preparing sermons. I shall        able will _t be on Manday bow will ,it un-.                                Holiness is the ufiiversal .solvent d[ the                           the hidden depths el manyuhcart.
             herder forget his reply. He said: "Study; . der_ird n person for the strain of Monday's                                   Kingdom--it combines with everything tha_                        (Paper presented       at Tenneuce    District
             stu y commentaries; read •good hooks; read        1usa; how willit rebuke a person'f _'.Mon-                              makes for God and heaven. Wesley hod the                         Preachers'   Meeting)
             current events; read sermons read .books day's            temp_tin_ to pride anal aelf-rlg%temhs_                         pars'pea(ire when he told his preachers that                                 ....
             on pnuosopny, nistory, literature; read many      ness and' self-seeking;   how strongly will it                          thmr mission"#as    spreading doctrinal holtL
                                                                                                                                       ness. Holin_ss.preache/'s,    to remain holiness'                                     .-
            books on secand'blessing   holiness; but most              _carry over•to be a"challenge and a persuasion                  preachers, must spend much "of their time                                      T//e Voyage      of Life     .
            of all of wheat study your" (the 'Keep
           plenty read and in the hopper Bible. people                   to tlte hard struggle, to     with Sands
                                                                       •world moi'e into harmony bripg Monday's'a                      reading books which        are'defnitely    hell-                     Human'.ll_e   is launched    ._   .
           are coming "to church inn spiritual food),                   truth" and with the purpose, of Him-_o                         ness books. It isf not a matter of being nor-                            0_ a_ ocean deep •and wide.
           and thei'e is nothingthat   makesmore     noLso              rose On Sunday morning?          .                             row-:mindod, but it is n matter of being a                           -It has many storms, so_le claim--
           th[/n.a mill with an empty hopl_er." "                                                                                    • holiness preacher.     I[ "we are to remain                              A yeas(ant ]lowand      ebb :o_ tide.                                                           "       ."
              D _"                                                      i' Whatever, s sermon     .may ahn to do, there                holiness preachers, bL_x'mindsland our hearts
               nr' _napman in one of his editorials said..,              s ane'ena, for                    r
                                                                                                  it should 'be p• eparod,                                                                                      "    _ • "                            " "                                                   •            -
             0 e of the. most• pitiable stghts_ one will                that is as a mear_s to    bring lost men to the                must be [ill_d to the saturation point with                           There are shoals, rocks, _nd share lines
           SCea_a     hfe_d _ is that of' a I_roacher ap-               xeet o.[. Jesus Christ.   That end jOstifles" the'             life makes a difference we are in spiritual
                                                                                                                                       belinesa material. What in the influence we                           But our Pilotwaveson _se mountain htgh.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Breakers,    is     board;
           IJ          g m sale Jue," or- pernaps edgln_        use el.every ounce o[ strength we may be.                         - " "have upon other people.. If du_ church ts to                           Ha u;lli bring, the.Kingdqm      utah,
           j,ust a. little upon 'age,' whose hcai-t IS stiff : call forth in preparing that semen;                             fulfill • its mission to this day,' if we. are to                                          -          .
           xm_ ot zeal but who seems to find no field_ m effort, it demands .all there is of our be-                                 fill the our. generation which God                           We are bam_d ]or home and" heaven,
           for his service. He cannot uhderstmid why • lag, moral mental, and physical .The ser:-                                      des(res us to fir we. must go deeper in                                Over It]a'_ eterm_l fide;                                                                             .
'                                  and
           others are pi'eferrodhim tov)hy he i_ set aside • men must accompanied by the Holy
           in whatseems•to               be hiwprime_ In       Ghost•and power that it perauodes men to                                spiritual ithings. We' miist learn again the                         We _lil anchor to'(ks     harbor_                                                                       •
                _ -ha.s!ances ne would :have.'to ,go' followChrist..Preyer s (he'.greatest
         ! _naOc_              o                                                       i               factor                            meaning of-soul burden, of fasting and                               Sa]a ot home then to abide. •
                                                                                                                                         pna!¢er,f sleepless'  nightsspent wrestling                         '.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              _                     " • _
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        --A." _'. DAVIS                                                                 .
              .   mlrw_years     to fred .the. expisnatiml;    m me preparatlon,_of any sermon, no 'mat-                                 with'God in prayer for a spiritual revival.
         .ann wnen that exp]anation is found, it will         ._er what subject We may ha:,,e to be treated                             "We must have a more in(nose desire for                          .-------=
          gather about "a failure to comprehend the.           as the result of much_prayer,.good  guidance                       - . things that are spiritual a greater faithful-
          _eriousr_ess. of the teals, and a consequent . of God, and. the needs• of ou_ people. 'The .                              '    ness in meeting God in the secret place 'of           ....
          skimming in the metier of.preparation.         The  foundation of a skyscraper is hot placed on                             . prayar, in taking a. _ew interest i_ the reod_   Some Gleanings. for Preachers_. taken from
             part ha isot so
          many of'us
          but thatso'
                      n   aremediocrepreachers worse,
                          few of us are us good preacher_
                                                                               the   •                 e
                                                                                               no ,into ared"    upo he
                                                                                                                   t                    -ingand medRatiod upon His Word _
                                                                                                                                       ""havinga greaterconcernforHis work.
                                                                                                                                                                                and of the October,189g,Issue of The Preacher's ..
                                                                                                                                                                                       , Assistant
          as we-are                of being, Some                                                        for                      "        _oo11., _._ _,_A ..¢ -_1 _,_,_' _'*_ hint,,     Make no apologies - If you .have the
                                                                                                                                                                                •         '    II              8
                                                                                                                                                                                                        ./_or¢.l me_ag_._                                 oeelare   ii,   _I nu_,   .              .v
          they   do                                                                Jesus Christ, the Rock of our Sol-                 . of God. To know all things,.and; to love a I                 ....
                                                                                       •    "                                           *_-ffi _. _ _. * -_n'l_ u,_ self _ • P the            peace, Do not spml the appetite for.dinner
                                                                                                                                        .r..._,   _. _o-, _o .-, I ..:e         m.a,    ...   by too muc I thin aohp Leave self out of
                                                                          The skeleton or framework should be w_ll                  ' various .forms o_ creature-mve_ana          o_. se_-    *_ '" _ "+ ,,a +_b_ ._" ,,_ _,_ 1"_.nbt _-_,_
                                                                                              proper proportlons.-The                      ""               .......                •.       . ...o pu.p_..a ........   s .........       _.......
            W,                                     God ever            .three-point sermon, with all its advantages,          -         wu] be ng--thts
                                                                                                                                        our nnd to maneonly is me grea_ comer and • Em_t_ _,es._es r |n,' d,_ _nv_r*tf*_,_x,Ph, an_
                                                                                                                                                                    _an true wisdom      o_   f_n'#-_r         'n_,nd_ |_ t ,a     + "f,t_#n ,-'
          gave to man, .We                       s forChrlst,          is by no mea_s a hol_ trinity. God fulfills           ,      " . everlastil_g :life. He, therefore, by     kills. If you have light_)ing you _can. offor_
                                                                                                                                            "        '       '        '                             '   _     "   r   ....        r  _.................                                 ........

           resentapp°intedits                                             n.,._a_YurW_Yn_' anytheorrns:pulpit
                                               sinful, dyingrep"ah_mSnae_[urle                    f        asground..well
                                                                                                                    •.                 the teachings    of "the Holy Ghost will. be                     to *thunc]er, Do not scold" the' l_edpin. Do
           World. No. higher position can he conceived          shrub and giant •redwood, gn/_t and.. ele- •                           _Lan_,ht•that he must think for God, fee]. for                   not abuse the faithful one_ who come• to
          of for a mortal mnn; and none can demand              phant_ 'l!ummingbird      ' and "eaele--mnnv       •                   God, will.for God, and. net for God. HapDy                       meeting when the weather Is bad, because
          a-more exa!teu character. " .We cannot tltiy " forms,'b.u.t all have definite Strnst'ure orde-r. "                        ' TM  he who is led, not 'by mere sights and                        others do not attend.
          .e.prasen_ _.o.a unless We are morally and            ana_outhna.      SO. there are marly varistte_                         saunds_ not by strange and momentary ira- .                        Do not say, '?As I said BEFORE." Hyou
          spw_tua _y _l._e z-_hn God teaches • us that          ot e_octive 8ermo'ns One _¢ _-- =-" • - • -"                         • pressinns_ which may come from the dis-
                                  "    souls and bodies _
                                                    "           ful of-can be applied• to sweepi/_ mas_ ne_ -
                                                                                              _- -,_                  -                                                                 _sid prayers/' why _._y
                                                                                                                                                                                        lorig if'before, except Init your closet. Stop
         we should present our in.culty,* powei',. _nda         w,h!ch all. the large, serm_as_ as.wel-l-]_
                                                                                                         divlsin_                               senses from the world or
                                                                                                                                       orderedhut by that clear light' whichfrom the
          riving .sacrifice, every                                                                                                     devil;                                 illumi    to hreathe onee.ina            and _ Bc_vare of
                                                                                                                                                                                                               while again? you will not"
       • possass_an uevote_ to Hm service. Let us               otner kinds _of d_scanrse, is the. t_voin]'d                           nares:the intellect, the eonsclanoc, and the     finish off each santence with a gaspAH; as
         never forget that even the sinless Jesus did.         division- of predicament       and cure.      First                     hdart; which is ever em_._istent with .itscl_    if you were dXing for airAH. Do. not'keep
         not attempt to preach until He was baptized           what is the mattei-? Second, what can. b_                               and With God's Word and.providences;       and " on talking .af-t_" ydu. are done:. Aim at a.
         with the Spirit.. Ha began His first recorded " done, about .it? Good, pointed illustrations                                  Which has in reality, for,its Author' the        mark; hit itl •Stop and look where the shot"
        ._x'mon by saying t 'The spirit of the Loi'd           _resn "from l!te, serve as windows to'let            "_ _               Comforter, 'the' Holy Ghost. 'Take heed          struck; then fire:a_lother     broadside.   Pack
                           _or ,no hath anointed me to
    , gospel Jesus '_full the Holy            ugnt Upon..the • truth we• /Ire -..         to
                                                                                                   trying , get                        how you build."       .   : • ....   • . .: .    your sermons.      Make your words like bul-
      ..preacn me                              of              upon hearts         : .
                       sb_' therl(
    _" " powerGh°st"'of"'ledthe" 1 Spirit,".. and. "in the            meThe •preachers that., have mo_,ed I_nd held                    _Lord, speal_ to me •that I.may._ea_             tn ll_tdg              Aof•lead,pound
                                                                                                                                                                                                         poundlets'               will not            manaSsoa
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          but°ffeathersitis. uskillbeavya
    •    ;v_. _.^-_a.,  _- , _ .eft us an example that                -- n have always preached on doctrinal                                 " echoes o_ Thytane;    "'..           •       •            quickly. • Feed 'the sheep '. do not throw
    • . _._?,?_p,_,.wa_       m xxtsstaps. '.                    r    .uaemestl_erenempti_salvation,      falth,]ovv,                    ,As Thou hair( _ouyht,'sa        let_me.seck         Thy       rocks at'the goats. Respect h0nast convic-
    •     _ General .Booth was. asked .the secret 0f                            t_
                                                                     '_mUuqstg_l_ a.estiny_.     " cart •purity, We                   -,.      erring chthire_,lost       and [one.                     tious. Be patieht towardall.' Judge no man
          n_,, great Christian usefuine._-___ H_ .._l_a__,                  _now. runs stalwart wor_ers, must have                                                                                      harshly. Remember each sermon may be
      . God has owr_od every inch of me"                              meat and brea d as wel| as light desserts. We                    Oh, lead _ne, _ Lord, that I may lead the                        the last you shall preach, or someone in
            A sermon _ //ke a bric ".                                 mus_ z_now mat a house has to have afann=                                u_andering and the _vavertng leer;     ,                 your congreghtion may listen to. Keep the
        .      '          ' •             k. it fulfills "its.        dation as well- as decorations on the. walls                    "Oh,. feed" me, Lard," that l r_y feed Thy                        Judgment in view. • Please God and you. will
      • bane(ion only is placed in relationship,                Just so, peol_le must be indoc_' ated and                              hungering    ones _tth manna sweet.                        please  Christians,  Let others praise you.
         in a' structure.     A sermon Is more like a                 made to think, .us _vell as made _0 feel and .                   Qh," strenethan   _ne,'that, while I stand _ni                   "Preach t_e Word. Live fdr Christ,-:-S. 'E.
         Idghway well posted with legible signs, in-                  act. Let us, as preachers of the gaspel_ heed                            an the Rock and strong in Thee,                           NO_HSZ_
         59 (330) .                           "
                                                                 .-       .                 The Preache_'a Magcntlas                    Soptomber-Octchor, 1949                                                                                                                           (331) 59
                                                                                                             •        . .                                                                               •                                                                                               ,       .
                  "Vluscular-Chrlstianlty".                                         tothea.ond,
                                                                grsbhing"Say"' tod°'anO'°utsr'                                                 A Sdggestion for a Local Treasurer's
                          C. O. 'ChHstensen                     pull ]tim towards the misalon. "How. _je.rk] ":                            "    •   . '
                         ..          ..                                 you               came
                                                                .would like.[_erk],to ulcug .-                                                          Monthly Report "
                              (An Experience)                   to the mission?"                                                                           -                 -.
                                                                  "All. right." said .the fellow.'   "I had
                  "1 trained." sold Dr. Harry Rimmcr, in       planned to eomdnlcug     tonight anyway." 'So                            We have        appended .below             a copy of a chart which can be used monthly
               Pasadena. California, "to be a medical doe-     he eame'albng quite l_eacefu.lly, with:friend                    by     the church'        treasurer,     The        numbers  "after the items involvec_ correspond                                                                                          .
               tor but someone said that • it was eas:Ser to • Fred vigilantly Watching him while I con-
               preach _han to pmctlce, so i clianged-my        tinued the sermon I had started on the                             with the' number's  after the same                      items on the district                                          reports.  "]_oth pastor
               dalling an_ .becamea  preacher."                street, I w_ only. two-thirds thro.ugh when                      - and'treasurer   can use this report                       blank, and at the                                          close' of the 'assembly
            • I did not get my training for the ministry         thn" stranger walked dawn the "aisle and                       year canhavea report,for the year tabulated from.these twdlve reports, This
           the orthodox way, by' attcuding a theologisal_        stopped in ffofit nf the pulpit.                                       -    -      "         "
           seminar3,, but I was sent to Me] Trottar's.              "Can Jesus Christ save me? '! he said                       simplifies the matter of the m-mual report and' eliminates the'possibility t_f the
           Rdsd_e Miasion in San Francisco tobecome              looking me squexcly in the eye.            -                   hectic, last-minute   round of tabulations With their accompanying mistakes. "
           their street preacher.. I would go out on the       - " "Yes, sir, He rdally-_ax/," I. replied, el-                               "   "                                                                                   .
           affect and gather a group together_ theh              though I was s0rhewlint nonplused, at the it-                        If the den_and is sufficient,                   the.        Publishing                Ho'use has" agreed ,to                                             publish'
           would lead them to the misdinn where one              regularity of the thing. - (Remember,   I was                   these blanl_s Sor the local pastor                   and         treasurer               s u e for a'cost of twenty                                                 cents
        • of   the regular city pastors   would deliver          just a "rnokte' inthe preaching businas_s.)                    , ($.20)per       dozen:                                  '               " "             ....                     '
           the main- message.                                      '!But ynu don't know me."                 .                                                                                                                                                  :-
             Howevez. the main speaker lie was un-
           call up at the last minute that would otten             "That's right,,.I
                                                                ,--but I know Jesussaid: "I don't kno_; you
                                                                                       Christ." "                 "                              _ "            "-"      '     "                                     ""        .        " "                     _ ,          "
            able to come (it v/as just a rescue mission,           SO I .preached no fimrc that leveuing, hut                                    "          "         "CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE
            after alll), which meant that I would have to       came around and prayed for the fellow un2                                           "     -      "                                           "                                                          "
         _ deliver a second sermon that night. When-            til he got through. The next night he came                      " REPORT OF TIlE CHURCII TREASURER                                FOR TIIEMONTII                               oF               _                                19-
            ever I could..I would'come     prepared with        to thd sireet.me_ilng,    then to the "mission.        -                                                                                                                                                              .         TOTAL              , •..:
            a double-barreled   sermon: But I was Just a        I,ean-.remember:his    testimony.verbatim:            "_"                                                      CHnscH                Cixnscl_
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ScItooI_                  -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       . N.Y,P.S.               f W.F.M.S.
          • beginner ,then;, so I,' would many times           - "Last night I. a sinner lost and. undone,
            give only half of my sermon nn the .sireet,         came to Jesus Christ, and- He saved me.                     "     Balance      .Brought      Forward           .......        :       •                            -
                                                                                       .               .                                                                                                  ,,o.o,-.                                     .                      'o'°"             o.    ,°.°..
            and the other half I in thea Mission. who.:prae-
               In this .missinn    had   frie'nd                He has thank Him."twenty-four
                                                                which I I_ept me                    hours. /or                    Total    Receipts                            ........                                                 ........                -,      ",                  .                  ,
            riced :"muscular" Christianity, for that was       " The next night he came, and the next s and                                                                                           .... -:.. .....                              ".......                       :.........
            all he had anything to do an_,thing for the         his testimony was e,_aelly the .same. except                      Total                                    ... "" : ":'" , .                                                                    "'
          • Lord with. One night.while         preaching on     he changed the hours to forty-eight    ninety-                    Total. Pd," All Purposed              '(27). i... :.. (28) :. : ....                     (29)'._ .....                    ..'(30)          . .-.,... (26] ........
            _e'street   I saw thn'most woe-begdne tace          six'eta.  • .                          "                                          "                         " " : ""                                                                                                    -   - .......
           I had ever seen. • There wasmore hell writ-             W_ learned his story. A medical doctor---          "         . Balance 'on Hand         "                   • .......     • .......                     -            ............                            "......
            ten nn,that,face    than you could Write'in a       _ead 'of the surgical department in Rush ;
            book. Somehow _he 'touched'my heart, and      Memorial Hospital in Chicago. The pressure                                                                     ANALYSIS OF EXPENDITUBF_                           _ _'
           _I hoped that he would come along to. the      of wol:k--fattgue--d   delicate operaUon'ahead                                                                           .   .
            mission.  But we went, and he stayed be- : --cocaine,to      pep him up--mern work--morn                                                  "                            P^m D_S'rslc_ I_R'r,nzs'rs             PAie GI_NER_L  lElq_F-_
            hind. This happened the second night." and    fatigue--more cocaifie, until he was a help-                           . P_m n_ LOCALInTSr_sTS                      :.
            the third, and the fourth_ Then I.had      a  less dope fiend. One evening in the midst                                Buildings_md                            .'District       -                     • General         -
            happy thoughtL-_why    not use my friend     "nf a serious operation the drug "let him                                 Improvements         (1) .........      Budget                (I1] ........      Budget "          (19) ........
            who practiced "muscular Chrisilanity!'l-So    down" his hand slipped, and the patient                               • Church and.Par-                            Schools and                            Naz. Min_tars Be-                  •
           d told himmy    plan, and he fell in wi[h it. :died. The doctor knew he hadkllled          ,him,                        sonage Debt       " (2) .........         Colleges"           (12); ......       nevalent Fund (20).o..._o.
           readily"and wholeheartadly._ "I w_s                                  all,
                                                          gathered'together" the drugs and spare                                    P_ster'a   Salary (3),'..,...'. "       "                                                 .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    specials notin                    " "
          .preaching that evening,I 'kept]o0klng'at .cash .he could find hl the hospital.'              and                       :Est.'Rental    Value                                  H
                                                                                                                                                                              District ome
            theman with the Woo-begone face,    and niy skipped out,coming out here to'         the Coast.                          of Parsonage         (4)o;..'....issions  M                  (13)  ........Gcu. Budget' (21)...             ......
           muscuf-'rh:icud, Fred,edged around through. When we firSt          saw hlm: he was sleeping                              Local Church                              District   Churcl,_,:                 Gcu. W_.M-_.
           the erdwd,until w_s;dfi'ectly    behind the _on burlspsackSunder a,boardwalknear.the'                                   _Expenses                               "                                     :.
                                                                                                                                                         (5)........ sch. Expenses (14) ...:. Expenses " , '(22).......                     .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    W_F.M:S. Relief &
           man. Then I nodded to _,sdre Fred he was            . mission.                      . . .•                               Local,Ch Sch.       i6) " " , District N.Y.P.S,                                 Retire_nent       (23) ........                                                                             '"
           the right •fellow..                           .           After three months nf _vork around the                         Expenses                  .... :-..       Expenses            (15) .........
              I continued preaching a few minutes, then          mission he annduneed his.intanrious     of go-                     LocaI.N.Y.P.S.                                                                  Other General
                                                                                                                                    Expenses             (7),...      ;...   'District .W.F.M.S;.                                                                                                                               " "
. ,,:      just when it was time to quit,'I began'tall-,         ing .back to Chicago.    He took a refresher                       Local W.F.M.S.                            _xpausas            (16) ........     Benevolencas       (24) ........
           In a ,good story (I had been saving it for            course In surgery'there, graduatad'from    the                      Expenses            (8) ........          Other Dls'trlct                      Total Paid
           twd weeks). 'When I was halfway through.              Moody :Bible Institute,. and be_:ame the                            Other Local .                             Benevotences       (17} ........      Gem 'Interests    (25) .........
           I. pulled but my watch, said, "Oh, oh_ it's,         head nf a Presbyterian     hospital in China,                        Benevolenc:es " (9) .........
           time to go to the missl0n=--if you want to            where he.sbzved flftedn years bei_ore he died.                      Total Paid Local                          Total Paid Dis-.          -                          _ -                  •
           hear ,the rest nf the story,, come along to           fiat ouly'.healing mdn's bodies, but leading                        Interests          (1O) .... _...         trlct Interests    (18) : .......
           the mission." and immediately     started f0r       countless scores of Chinese to Christ.                                                                                         Stgned:        _ ..........                 . ; .......                ;. : ..............    "' ......
           th'e-missiona-haif block distant.         -           Fred's. muscular   Christianity.   paid   big                     .....                                                                                                                                        Church'Treasurer
              That was Fred's sigual'_go'to     work., -       dividends.                         •                                                                                                                                                        --

           60 (332)                                                       ,           The Prsacher'a Magazine                                        _1949
                                                                                                                                     September.Octsber,                                                                                                                                                 (333) O1
             ILLUSTRATIO . ....
                        NS                                                                                                                                    ink
                                                                                                                                                              ,viii stepthe "M, andrabbit olittlerch enongh
                                                                                                                                                          ingIor ,aper. deskeod.consideredlone. was
                                                                                                                                                          il,ou         he,aid: i
                                                                                                                                                                       to     now     to the big ,era
                                                                                                                                                                                        "enter He asked
                                     Supplied            b   y Buford Battin                                       .
                                                                                                                                                          write as I direct, took money /s and began'
                                                                                                                                                          ,q,The_h'_ ,_h_ man _f the non_ ......
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  what he wsa dolng, He answered observer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  was" Where
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  said making a israbbit snare?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   the            He
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       that. he
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          snare• The answered
                                                                                                                                                          A"" "'_B L'_'_'_for'_he_sum    o_'_ive_in_lar's                        .that he did not Want to 1but in the snare
                The Man WitlWut a Country                             pie. If people do not waht salvation, they                 .                        received, do now, once tor all ahd f,orever,                            yet.."Then   what is the use of your present
              There is a famous piece of, literature 'on-             dan spend eternity where salvation .is not                                          s gn awav-a I my i_.terest _           ' Then                           arrangements?,   he was askt_d. The Indian
            ._iiled' The Man Without a Count_'N writian _             offered. If people do not want God,. they ".                                        he dronucd the Den and, with a forced             said ,'II first make the rabbits familiar with
              y F,dward Everett Hale. According to th6                can be in a godless ty "                                                     smile "'id "I ta_e it back I was. only            the run.. I!leave      the .lane , open s o they
             story-there  was a mbn named Philip No]ah                   _        ""                             ..                                       fed n_"               •      '-    "_             can"pass through unnarmeo, lacy mlgnt
                                                                                                                                                           _.. °.'.     . ........      , ', ....           come tonight and be very suspicions; but'
                                                                                                                                                            Lt peoplewoma amy lnlnK oi what they            file will soon f n" "there is o d ner
             who wastreason, and Philin witnessing'
             trialof an army offiee_ Nolan being        the      A soldmr returnedin from--
                                                                         Soldier        Trenches                                                          are dolng, sur01y"hey would not selltheir
                                                                                                                                                                            t                               hnYtI_a                            h
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          wil "assqthrou_,hn_co_ a _ut
            tried for Aaron Burr. Burr' was was _                        '                                •
                                                                                            the front said                                                sou s •and reject
                                                                                                                                                                          . Chris(,               "-              gh_          r
                                                                                                                                                                                                            all_"ri . A_ter a wh ile_an y rebbts ill  ie
            close tricndand     sympatheti_  t0ward Burr..'    he lay for !ong hours in zthe trenches   "
            During the.trial      No]an spoke, words of      w_mout water. • I.became thrsty,".he       de-.                                                                                                come by "to :nibble twigs, and then Iput
            blasphemy against the-goverhn_ent       of the" c_a_i_d' "I became so th rsty that I would                                                                   George    Wilson.                  in my snai-e and catch them." ,
            UnitedStates    and'exclaimed;   I wish _mav     g. a !y nave gwe n my right arm for one                                                         In 1830'George    Witson, n Pennsylvania,         That isthe way the enemy of.sou_ lays •             "
            never hear or the.United Stoles, again." For_ C_roun_: •water.. I became so thirsty that I                                                    was sentenced by a United Sates court _.o his 'snares.            Sin is made to' look harmless.
            this outburst of temper Philip Nolan was         We ld have gwen both arms-for one drink                                            _         be hanged for.robbing,      the' _haiis and -for  People are first made        the' ca-
            arrested, tried, and the sentence mn6sed as , or water. I became so thirsty that I would         "                                            murder. Andrew Jack,on,          as president of  yironmefit of sin and may not suffer any             "
                          was            wish neat vessei                                  drink of water."
            punishment placedthat his govern be "fulfilled " nave gt.ven my life'for _)rtabeing flled w th ' "                                                          States, ai_d•insisted that it was
                                                                                                                                                          the United psi'don pardoned him., Wilson          apparent injqry in :the. beginning. is Then the."
            Nomn was              on a                           _nat Is the condition for                                                                r_.fused the                                     "g_'eat snare comes and the soul          caught.         •
                 was requ
            and ....... red to spend_the remalnde__                       t
                                                                     F_gnte°usnessv         Your..'snrome desiremust.                                     .nota pardon unlesshe accepted"t: That i                    "                  .                    . "        -
            of hm. life at .sea. He was _iot allowed to              ,e o hay o God m His _Puliness You must                                              was a poinl_ in law never before raised in                     "            "             "                  .
            have any "contact "with the United States.               _oe_n tl_deplace where nothmg else coneerus                                          the United States of .America.         The At-         ".     • "
          . He became " a man 'without a countrv-_ Ha  -             _. , ' _ .........
                                                                      B_essed                uch as God   Jesus said:-                                    terney General sv_id the law Was silent on                         AI' the Portal
            could not get any news from, America and                 thir ....       are. they whic h do hunger and"                                      the petal    The President was urged to call                   •
                                             sthe°ts_Po _a_:         hllo_¢"'m_r r'gnteousness    for they shall be                                              the St_preme Court to "decide the                               Stendin_ at the portal o[ *he opening Near,.
                                                                                                                                                          point at _o hang ns the sheriff must know
                                                                                                                                                          whether once,                                                          Word_ of Com/o_'t meet _, hushing every
                                 •    " th'S way.       .                         "   r                                                                                     Wilson'or not. ChiefJus-                                     fea_', "    •    .
                In his room he tried,to make'an American                Soiling the Atmosphere                                                        rice John Marshal[ is n 'paper, follo_i_/g de-
                                                                                                                                                      cision: "A pardon gave-the        the value of                                      tt rough the _dlence_by'o_r Fother"_
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Spok0gt voice,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .                   .    :      . . ".
           flag" and hung it on his" wall. He outlined          _'he Pocifie coast octopus or¢invi|flsh    can                                        Which" depends upon its acceptance by the                                Tender,strohg        and .]a|thJul,    reeking ua
           o piCture or         best he   hide itself bx cloudin    the woter                                                     person implicated.   It isherdly    to he sup-                            .      . .rejoice,.
                    draw State_ to gaze'unbn        map o{ ¢ has _
           couldUnited. from memory'He'drew R a On _-i-- It -.- : been ' found thagt an . 0cto pus about _t.
           the                                                                         . .             only a        .                          ..    posed that one-lineal"     sentencb of death                            ': •                          •     . "
.'   "     .......                        ,-    , .      . _ .ew _ong can e_oud fifty Cubic feet                                             ' "would refuse to accept a pardon;but       if it is                     .'For thc llear be/'oCd Usi.oh_ what' rich _ip-
           ueamoecl a _rienu came into his" room and         of water in _ few seconds.      The power of            '                                refused, it -is no pardon.     George' Wilson                                . -- plies!                  "
           he begged him".to relate• the:past          fifty this-ei'eature.ln   surrminding  itself with n       ..                                ' must,hang."     And he Was hanged.                                     -For the poor and.needy        living streams shall
           years "history of the United States. ,Nolan       cloud of inky water is "/_ell known•           . .; _.                                      W.ho was responsible '.for his death? No
           said "in his last days to b friend,       Never" . ' A man of impure conversation is        "                                                                                                                       rise;
           forsake your country, boy. If you are 'of thosecreatures.. can soilthe atmos- '                                                                                            law saidhe
                                                                                                                                                          one.but the mar_ himself..The                                          For' the sad: o_d" dnJul shall His _Irace

           will put a bar between ol_ do family, "your . photoreally the whole scowl .vile, but He may.
           tempted to'say.a.word       your a thing that                 in                    circle_. he can              "'           .i '          must•and the law, and the'man refused the .For the obqnnd; and: ]cable _er/_ct strength
                                                                                                                                                       him die. The President slopped between                       tatht                       •   .
                                                                not           say anything                                                             par.don,                                                    be _ound.            "     "
          home and your cotmtry_ l_ray God in His               suggest by 'a- word what will fl | the 'air                                               Indirectly _ the Supreme      Court of the                •        ,    "                    .
          mercy totake you that instant..As        for yot_r " with evil thoughts.               • .                                                   UnitedStates     dec dee that the truth of thd    He-will neve_ _atl us, He will _tat _orsake;
          flag, boy,    never dream a dream, but .of                            •                 "            _                                       atonement.,ef     Christ 'in. making provision    His eterv_l copeusnt He wi]lneve_" break.
          _erving her as she bids you, thotigh the               ' •         ' -*, -" _             - '       " .                                      for the .salvation     of the whole world "is Rearing on Hs promts_, what hare foe to"                                      "
          service carry you _through a thousand hells                  .. " " floras     oT Folly                   '                    "            "beneficial only to_ those who receive Him         .     " .[_ar?_ "        "         "'       "
          _No matter wha_ happens to you, no metier               A number"of _mev, were sitting together               :            "                as their own"and accept the provisions of 'God ts all-suite|eat            _or the coming Neor,'
          who flatters you or who 'fibuses you, never          in. a country store one afternoon, to ling               .            -                 redemption."                                    "                       .                  .
          look to another flag; never let a'nJght, pass        what they did "_Dt believe., about religion               "                                             "' " " "           ""   "           Onward; thsn, and [ear. not, cltlldren:ot
          but you pray God. td bless that _flag.          .    anad what they were not afraid to do_ Fi-                . -.                                             _he ,..qna_e                             the da'_; •
             This _s _e'erY Of_ man who hod forsaken,            all_" oneo_ the young men In the greur_                                                                                                   For. His Word _hall"never, _ever pass
          his country     and had to live without a           romai'ked.that,     as far as he was concerned,                    -                        An Indian was found one day,in the forest
         c6untry, for. half acehtury,'      I am thinkin¢." ne :Would be willing at 'any time tv siga                                                  kneeling on the snow, arranging a little lane              away'                                                                _ .
         of those who will have to live' in. eternit_         away all his interests in Christ for a f_e-                                              fepccd in with I_ranehcs and "twiF_s, He                  _FnA_c.zs Rm_z_ I-IAv_s^_, 1873
          wlthou_ _ home_ without a country," onct            d °llar bill.       •       ;             .....                                                                                                                                            "
         without God.. There are those who think '' '!What did I understand .You to sayT'                                                "                                            '      .   "    " • " " "       i " " "       "     -
         they do not need the'church, and turn from           asl_ed an old farmer who happened•to                he
         God as .if they do not want God              They    in the store and Overheard the remark,                                                       "        "           "   "         "           "        " "                            " "
         reject the privileges _of:nslvaflon    as if they    awa"I said that for five dollars I wm_ld sign                                                                 "
                                                                                                                                                                            ,       "•   ".       "
                                                                                                                                                                                                  "   '       "
         did not need the protection of the blood or                 '
                                                              Will._ all my interest in Christ an_l so I                                                    .           .                                                "           "    .
          Christ.    Their     punishment .will he th_                The old i_armer who had Ieari_d to know                                                                                                        "                                       ""
         fulfillment    oE their wishes.  If people do             the human ha'art pretty •well drew out his                                                                                                                "
          not want the'church, they can sl_end eternity            leather wallet, took from" it a five,doll_/r                                     " '         "
          away from the church with its.praying pen-               bill and put it on the. counter. Then call-
          S" (_a41                                                                                                                                                   .       .                         " "-                                                               •
                    "' . • .                                   :                          The P_achez's Mognstse.                                         September.October, 1949 -                                                                                     (335l63
                                             ."       •       .                                                                                 .                                                                                                                        "   •        .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This classic book by J. E. CONANT is a
                                                          W/_              TI'IEM                  "                      "                                                                                       discussion   o1 the divine dyncrmics necessary to
                                                  By Jarrette Aycock
                                                              •                                                                        -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      succooslul evcmgelism. Also. it presonfl m_t.h.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ode of carrying on u church-wide campalqn of
                                                 A handbook for soul winneH. This book has been                                                                                                                       ovely.member         evangelhun.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .    •
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 225 pag,s.
                                              ,wr/tten with the needs of soul winners in mind. Not o/11F                                                                                     "                       "   ..   ' . . ,..
                                             'does it give suggestions for personal work ih and outside                                                                                                           , PERSONAL EVANGELISM.IN YOUR                                                                              '
                                               the Church',. ut it includes .a very cozhplete-department of                                                                                                           CHURCH
                                              scripture With which to meet the excuses, argumentS, or
                                     •-inqu,_'ies                      Ot 'those      .whose      sa_a_loR          or Banct,_ication                            Js bG.                                               in 6y A. LELAND FORREST,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          practical methods of disctple-winninq.' ,sindtok

                                     -        m_ sought.          ,      .     ,    '       .     :
                                                vest-l_ocket s/ze, the b/_ding has been Carefully planned
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ._und; funclcanental,-dynaralc,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       way to d po*ittvo,.eon_truc,vo,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      t_r persona/ or group use,         " e_in_ve method
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             it points .the                            j      -
                                              for attractiveness and hard service.                                                                                                                                      For on ne_tthg a soul4tintngme.ago _                                           PERSONAL SOUL-WINN/NG
                                     -                                           "                                    "                                               50C                                        . the, field o/          p,_zrson_       evangelism,            we       zocom.   "     . By WILLIAM EVANS,                   A guide        to the moot
                                                                       _,,     A _j" OUT          FOR          •
                                                                                                             SOULS                     ,"           ....                             .                                mend thiscovers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Paper                                                                50c                   methodJ o! winning
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       effective with the. methods.,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Along                          the men to .Christ.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           scrlpinres that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        --                                                                             _o most eSecUve .in winning         different types
                                                                        .Comptied by RUSsell V. DeLong        .                                                                                                   NEW TESTAMENT EVANGELISM                                                             of sinnersare    discuSSed.   An excellent text for
                                 "                        "                 Addresses
                                                                      'i revivals_--  on various Subjects pertaining                                                      to'                                          By ARTHUR C. ARCHIBALD.                       A consideration                   a course    hi sou] winning.                               .       .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       • sLs0           - '
                                                                           "rh'                        .                      .                                   -       .                                      : el how. evangelism               works       today.       Som_         chap-
                                                                           /, M_e _ace.of        Holiness      Preaching in Revivals"                                                                                                            Evange_m, Con.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      leell_e_ are: Now Test_r_eal
                                                                             run  _-_la-llTno/lev_va/s              Possible                Tne]crc,_"                                                                version _d     Visitation   Evungelbmm. How to                                   MO_      POW]_     IN SOUL      V_G
                                                                           "         " "        •"              -         .......                  z -                                                                Begin, 6ampin     Talks' and' AnsWering .Ob ec.                                   '.-By DAVID M. DAWSON.     Eleven',ch'apters                         on "
                                                                           ,The Evangelistic Challenge of Our. Day"                                                   .                                               tiers. :and Evangelism    of Children _nd Youth.                                 vc_ious phases  of soul winning    th_ bot_                           In.
                                                                           hReacl_ing the Unchurched'" :                                                                                                              Fourteen cbc_inrs.        "                                                      spire und instruct   Desplin his. emp_cmis,                           oo
                                                                            Prayer and Revivals".                                                                                                                                     ,                                                    s_.60 the pmcucal,the author I- bnidlto d_Jaoo.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            •         •                                                that a soul winner          can bo.powerinl  only when                       "
                                                                               " ....                  SL00                                                                                         " -" A WORKABLE PLAN OF             " " he Is depeodent                                                                      upon his enabling-God.   -
                                                                       _J_BIBLEREADINGs ON PERSONAL WOI_K                                                                                                 EVANGELISM                                                                                                                                                       SLS0,
                                                                       By Basil Miller "  .      • - *                                                                                                    _-_AWSO_ C. S_n. ,A .book set_ng _,,,,.,'"                                                                             '      " "           _               '"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  lo:th concrete instructlo_    about how to plmf'a                                     .t_u_._. FO_ SOWF_'._         SE]_
                                                                         One hundred andeL_een.B_le       read/rigs on                                                                                       .     visitation program   oi.pvanqelism,   instruct vie-.                                    By HAROLD F. SAYLES_ A'pbcknt-size                              book

                                                                                 p ._ Fersoncd Workers; (2) The The
                                                                      •G_rfreerent of personal work'(l)                                                                                                     ire,;     to even the    samples
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  'to. use and make qives visitation               ol printed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   effecttve,             tol'm_                       for personal workers. topic, inll page
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       of scriptures to" each soul-winning
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       is devoted                               A and thb
                                                                      •   a_esz oz                                 Per-                                                                  " -.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         .        .                                                                       el.50      topics are arra_zged In a]phobellcal        6rder to
                                                                      sonal Worker I-Bmself;,(3) Qualifications. for                                                                                                                                                                                insure   rap!d"locution   olJust_the
                                                                      Personal EvangeI_m, (4) _Adv_ces andRules for "   ""                                                                                            CONTEMPORARY CONVERSIONS                                                     .need    in .dealing   @ith _ loot soul." The main
                                                                      Dealing with theUn_'aved; (5) Salvation Theines;                                                                                              ]_, .BERNIE SMITH.- The personal co_iversthn,                                      point of •each verse. Is..pdnted   in bold type.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  expeflencos     mzd , religioms    background    of                                  Notes of explanation    and expooitton    axe. in-
                                                                      (6) Difficulties, Doubts, Excuses, and Perplex- .                                                                                           twenty-five   cootemporaxy      ministers, fxbm_ a..                                 sorted wheze .appropztote..         *          -
                                                                      ing Questions Met- by Personal Workers. '94                                                                                                 variety of churchq_oups,      in moot In_tances the.                                    - - "                       -               _5=
                      •   " "                                          pages.         "                                                                                                                           _toriee "are told in the 'v;,orcis of the men In.                                                       ": ,          "
                                                                                                                                                                 "85C "                                           yolved.   Some difference  _ thealOqical be_ef                                       HOW        TO    WORK                _O_    C_L_T                    -
                                                                                                    •                             "         '                                                                     and church pra_lce      @pear_, bat each',one                                                                                                           "
                                                                              HOW         THEY'   WERE       WON                        "                                                                         echoes  the scrlpt_%l c_mmcmd, "Yo must be                                            By    R. A. TOR/_Y,                 :A compe.'dlm_             el eS_-

                                                                       By Basil _ller.                                                                                                   -                     born again."                        ....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                " --                 , .                           later. It JJ fo _. both the inyman and in rain;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          61. S0 " tive methods inteoae]Z pmcdlcal, wfltt_n the clear.:
                                                                                                                                                                                                             •   - .',"                                                                            terse, pointed,   Iorce/ul style. It cove_s both
                                                                         'Brief, .:apicy_ ..rint_resting.             sketches of how                                                                        :, THE PASSION FOR SOULS                                                                  the indiv_ual person_two,k _nd the _oup-
                                                                      thirty._ight • outstanding                    religious -leaders---                                       "                   .-             :By     JOHN HENRY [OWETT. Seven sermons in                                         evanqe ism.. The throe divisions ore Personal
                                                                      .preachers,          nusszonaflus,-/aymen_were                                       won        _o                                          -_,-_     --- -_i-",-sed _e D(o_l_in'n "r_ome Sac                                     Work Methods of Christian Waxk, and Preach.
                                                                      Christ         through "the insh'ument_ity                                    of others..'"_-"_;;_'_"                                                 ,,_'_",,._"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           .._._.Fn.u   "'"'_"_'_"_'*'_"_"_ _---,e_"_a"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      _._.           ",'_.,_'_... "iO__d Teaching
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       GOd..                                     the Word of   . . 518 paqes.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  pint,Ion, Rest, and Vision.       -      -                  •    . .  . .                                                . ." .   ,. - $_.0Q
                                                                      .rain,lste_s,,also_ins'pL_g add challenging read- "
                                                                      Here is a wealth of':tl[ustxative mates'let for _ ""                                                                                                         '    --                                                  s0e THE SOUL WINNER'S SECRET
                                                                      rag mr young and old alike.             '    .    .                                                                                         CYCLOPEDIA OF EVANGELISM                                                                L         A.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ,By COL.:S, BRENG_E. bookonseal win.
.,,_                                                                     Among the conversi0ns" described are those"                                                                                                   B_ CHARLES L. GOODELL.                        Frbme voinmee                     ning   Wfltton   from .the            einndpoint       of h_line_,
                                                                      of Wtlh'ed           Grenfell,    R. A_ Torrey.                       _Nm. Bram_                               _"                           in one) Hez'alds o/a P_inn,    P_tm      and ,Even-                                   While it is nat a ;eceolly  written book, t_ me_
                                                                      we]],      Schmelzonbac]_               George                  Muter,.                _o_                                     ..           gelist, What Aze You and moot zmefal of Dr.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  C, odeS's best •known
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    o                       Worth't--three      books                                  ,iaqe practical. There axe two ohaptem challenging to •
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        and wtU always be pertinent and         devoted
                                                                      wanam.aker, Frances Ridley Havergal, Stanley                                                                                           • .are here<gether.                                                     •        soul .winning    of children.                      "       "
                                                                      jdnes,       Li_ngstono,hlneusB_esee,
                                                                              L_avid           P               and                                                                                                                     .                                                  |1.25                                                                            $1.S0
                                                                      others.    .                                                                                                                                    ""    .     "          ....                                                                        "           ....
                                         .        "               .   .
       -                        '....                                                                          85c                                                                                                              " '            '            •                    :
           64 (336_                                                    -                                                           " "     _                                  "" '           " '!    "                     "                                                                                                                                  "                 "       "
                                         "                                                                          .The Pzeachez'k Magazine                                                        • .'          Sel_tember..October, 19_9                                                                                                                            .{337) 6_
                             .                                                                                                                             .    •                         .                                                      .   '             •       . .   •       .                                                              .

                                                                                                                                                                         .                                                          EVANGELL.qM
•                    - "                                  ")("WINTHEM                                   "                                                                                                                This clasain
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        dis..o. OI book by J.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      divine                                         E. CONA.NT            is    a
                                                          By _arreffe.Aycock                      "         .      . .                             .            .                     .                   " _           successful evangelism,a church-wide
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ads of can'ying on                    campalq_m*th-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Also. it.prasen_        al                                            "
                                                               A handbook for soul winners. " This book has bean                                                                                                        eve,.member evangellm. 225page.. • .                                                                                           "                                               .
                                                           ,written with He needs of soul Winners in mind. Not oulv                                                                                                        "                                     sl,2s
                                                            aces it give s,uggestions tar personal Work/n and-outside                                                                                                   PERSONAL EvANGELISM IN YOUR
                                                          -the church_ But it includes q very complete department of                                                                                                   " CHURCH
                                                           sdripture with which to meet the excuses, arguments, or                                                                                                                      F
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          By-A..LELANDOP.R_T.. Thhteonst_idins
                                                           inquiries ofqhose whose salvat/or, oi sanctification'is be-..                                                                                               "in practicalmethodsor disciple-winning."
                                                           inqsought.            -        "                  .    . .,                                                                                                   :sound.   tundamental,   dFnamto, it poinin_ the
                                                                            •                    •                                                                                                                      way 1o a positive, constructive,   effective method                                                                                                                                " •
                                                             +._Vest-pocke_mze;the-b/nd/nq has been carefully planned                                                                                                   l= personal or qmup tree,                            "
                                                          f0r attractiveness_Land                     hard service..              •                                                                                        For all needing .a soulltlning meslage,        in    PEI_ONAL SOUL-WINNING
                                                                                                                                      "                                      "_0C                                       the field al persona] "evangelism,        we recom-        By WILLIAM EVANS:       A guide to the most
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        mend this book.
        •                                                                #rALLOUT FOR S UI.S                                                                                                                                papo=,e. ....       •        •                     effective                            ,,,h mothod ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            moLhod_ of wlnalng               the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 men to-Christ       that
                         .                                                                                                                                                                -                                                                                     are most otioctlvo _n Wishing dl/in_eni types                                                                  .
                     ,                                                   Compiled by Russell V. DeLong                                                                                                    ,             NEW TESTAMENT EvANGE'LISM                               el 'sinners are discu_ed.   An excellent text for
                                   •-                                       Addresses on
                                                                         revivals--- vuriou_ subjects pertaining to                                                                                       "                 sy ARTHtm ARCHIBALD. can_kteration a coursein ,ouJ wtoning.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    C.        A                                      •                                                                                    • _          $1.50
                                                " "                                                                                                                                                                     o{ how ev,c_, gellsm wo_ka today.  Some                                           chap-
                                    ,   '   :         _                  liThe Place of Holiness Preqching in Revivals"                                                                                                 ter toe are. NeW T6stamentEvangelle4n,                                             Cam                                                                   " "           "
                                                                          Ai'e Old-Time Revivuls Possible Ted ?"                                                                                                        version and VisitallonEvangelism.How to MORE POWER IN SOUL WINNING
                                                                         "The       , . . _ .             .   ay.                                                                                                      Begin, Sample  TalkB and Answeflng    Ob_ec-                                                       By DAVID M. DAWSON,      Eleven chaplets                        on -
                                                                        ,,,,        Evangelistic C_allenge                            of   Our             Day"                                                        tio_. and Evangelism .of Children and Youth.                                                     vcuiotm phuSes of soul winning   thai both                       in. "
                                                                        neacmng                   the Unchtu.ch0d 0°                       •           _ . '.                                                          Fouzinon              chol_tem."                                                             - iplre   and inJIz_eL    Despite his emphasis   ant
                                                                          • rayer           and        _evlv0.._           0           •       .           •                 :                                                                                                                            ,$2.00       the practinal,   the author is bold to declare
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -               -' '         '     "                                                       _hat _oul    winner c_nbe     powedul only when
    •                                                                                                •  SI.00                                                                                                           A WORKABLEPLAN OF                                                                             he is dependent _pon his enabling       God,

                .                                                       ,# BIBLE READINGS ON PERSONAL WORK                                                                                                            "  EVANGELISM   " "                                                                                             .   .       .                                    st._o
                                                                   •    By      Basil       Miller                          "     •            i                                                                        . By DAWSON       C." BRYAN.      A book setting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       forth concrete In_tructions about how to pkm u
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        TRUTH        FOR SOWER AND                        SEEKER
                                                                               One hundred                  and sixteen               Bible readings                             on                                    visitation program   al evangelism.     Instruct vie-                                              By HAROLD F, SAYLI_. Apocket4ise             book
                                                                        different            phases       work.--(1) The
                                                                                                                of personal                                                                                            flora, and even gives samples al prLqtod lonne                                                  o! scriptures tar personal workers.    "A full page
                                                                       Greatest of All Persona| Workers; (2) The Per-                                                                                                  to use to make the visitation     e_ective.,                                                    l_ devoind to each soul-winntog     topic, and the
                                                                       serial Worker. Himself; {3) Qualifications for                                                                                                                            _:                    $l._O                                         - topics are crsranged in alphabetical       order, to
                                                                       Personal Evangel/sm; (4) Ad_ces and Rules for                                                                                                   CONTEMPORARy                                         CONVERSIONS                                                                               you
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       insure ropld location ofa |trot the scripture main
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    . 'need in dealing'with        lost soul    The                            •
                                                                       uealing with the Unscd,ed; (5)Salvation Themes;                                                                                                   .fly _ERNIE SMITtL                                The personal          conversion            point _al each "._brsb in printed in bold type.
                                                                       (6) Difficulties, Doubts_ F,xcuseS, and Perplex-                                                                                                 experiences
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        twenty-five     :a_d                 -bcw.k_otmd
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                rellginu.e ministers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       contempmurr                     from of . Notes-of where
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               a sorted       explanatign'    and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   agpropriate"                                                  exposition
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   "              cue    in-
                                                                       ing, Questions Met by Personal Workem.         94                                                                                              • variety alc_urch     group&     In most instances the                                                                                                           35c
                                            •                          pages.                                   ""       . .                           "                                                                stories cue tg]d in the words'of           the roanin.                      _      "' '                                                   "       ' "
                             " "                                                                                                                                             :_5C             "                        vo]ved.   Some.dllter_nce "of theological, belief                                             "HOW          TO     WORK         FOR        CHRIST.
            .                                                                                                                                                                                                          anti chtuch  practice appears,   bui each one
                                                                       "JrOW THEYWEREwON                                                                                                                                                                    "re
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            me,= p al come,me, m,,t• be                                                         R:A.                   Acope,,m,=atell
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        tire methods far both 'the laymen mid th_ rain-
                                                                                                                                 -                                                                                     born         again."
                                                                       By Ba_l          _               -                                              "            -                                                                                                  "                                  $1.50         infer. It is'intensel_, pracllcaL writtenin'clear.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ter_e, pointed; forceful style.    It cdvers both
            •                                                            Brief. ,spicy, ,_interesting sketchesof'how                                                                                                   THE PASSION FOR SOULS                                                                            the indiv_uul personalwork and the qmup
                                                                       p acn.ers, Outst.anding religious .leaders--
        •                                                              Drt_ac-_igh!mmsionaries, laym_n-:-were" Won"to                                                                                             •      By Io_                   HENRY JOWETT. Seven senuons in                                        evoagelism.     The three dlvistoa  me: Personal
                                                                                                                                                                                                      "                which are                 discussed The Disciple e Theme. Sac.                                   Work.,.'Methods   of Cluintian Wo_k. cmd Preach-
                                                                       Christ          through the instnt_=nentality' of' othbrs.                                                                             •        rllice. TendemeM. Watching                                     for Souls.          Com.          ing an d Teaching the Word of GOd. 518 pages.
        •                                                              Here.      £s     u wealth,of i]lusLratlve    material./or                                                                                      passion.Rest and Vldto_."                                      "                     .               -- - "       " "          - _..     $3.00
                                                                       .minSters, also inspiring and challengtncj read ....                                                                                                     .                                                                           s0c         THE SOUL WINNER's SECRET
                                                                       mg mr young ana old alike,                                                                                                                      CYCLOPEDL% OF EvANGELISM                                                                     .             BRENGLE. ba_k
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         BFcol s.L.      A         win.
                                                                        Among     the conversions  described are those                                                                                                      BY CHARLES                       L'GOODELL_                (Th_ee volumes                   ning    wrllten   from   the   standpoint           of   holinetm.

                                                                       Ow_eWJ1_ed _ Grange11. R.                          A.     Te1_ey_       Wm.                  BrGln-                                             In one) Heralds al (z Pea|on, Psalm und Even:     While it is not a recontiF written book, its m.-
                                                                       •..., ,._nmmzeul_ch,                              George                     [ohn
                                                                                                                                           ]V_ueiler0                                                                                           Worth?--three ci Dr, '" .and practical, Them'cueper_neni.and chal/enging
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       gellst, b_! .Axe You and m_t
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Goodell'_What   known             useful books    sage willalways he        two chcrptem devoted to
                                                                  • wanamaker.. Frances-Ridley _Iavergal, Stanley                                                                                                      cue _ero boundtageth_.r. .                                            '        '                 ,o._ w_J,g of c_ilthen.
                                                                    jones, uavld.L/vingstone,,Phineas Bresee, and                                                                                                                                                                                ._       st.zs          "    _           .                                            Sl._0
                                                                    others.        -        -                 . _                                                                                                           "                                                                             "                                                                      . .           •

                    64 (338J                                                                                             .....                                                                                                          "
                                                                                                                                 Tho Preacher's            Maguxine                                                    Sepien_.ber-Octobor,                    1949                                             -           -                                                    (337) 85          -
                                                                                                                                                                     .                            .                     "       .   .        ,                         .                                                                                     -        •
                                                                                                                                  •       .                                            ..!                                                                                                                       •   •

tl                      1                         ,       ."   ,"    ••        .        *                                                                                              2!                                                                                                                                                              .             ,    ,                                  .                .


                                ". .       •                                                           "k IS THE BIBLEAN INFALLIBLE                                                                                                   For Revivals                                                                                                                                          .............
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            " "_                                                            :
                                                                                                          REVELATION?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - •
                                                                                                       ByH=old Veto.                                                                                                                                                    Special Meetings
                                                                                                         The author answers the question,
                                                                                                       "IsAhe Bible an infallible revelation?"                                                                                                                                                    " -                       "

                                                                                                       tory prophecy and ,its moral • teach- _
                                                                                                       h'omfourpointsofview:science,     h/s-                                                                                                               =e(       er/l_Ol,(/
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               pe ).3osza _*" / A__'/"....                                                                                                                                                                 "
                                                                                              •        ir_g.                             ,lOc
                                                                                                             •          -                                                                                                                                                                                            -          -                                                                  _.        3-._--                   '

                                                 mm   I

                                                                                                        ByOUTrHE SIBLEhAd,o
                                                                                                       ALL TONEYit woula
                                                                                                         S                                                                                                                                 The V is ual Arf SYstem
                                                                                                                                           and argument
                                                                                                       a greater amount ol'iblormatlon than In presenled
                                                                                                       packed _lnlo the safiae compasfl                                               • "            2...                    i             :      . "' i        .                 _'_;                   "                          '.i

                    "A COMPLETE  "            "-
                                           - INDEX                       "
                                                                    TO THE                             up theerie n, ofth_book.Henot ,1Zl:,ke,
                                                                                                       bythe _riis_"                 at on, 6
                                                                                                                     language..tress        canon, olc.                                              * :                                   ' Effeclive-Altractive-Ec0n0micel                                                                                   "                    ........
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    "                        _':_" _'_"_                            ........
                       .THOUGHTS               AND             TEACHINGS                    OF         of the Bible., but many        questions which              have -_        -                                                   .,                                                                                                                                                ?::'::_:-..          :.:*i-,:_                    ::,::::I_,:.SI_"
                       CHRIST                              -                       ..                  boon raised    concerning       I    andelves               v_1.                                                                                         ,        .    .                                                                                                         _.:,::_a_
                       By W. S. HARRIS,               A:cofnplein            bne.volume          In-   digested   answers•                             "         "'_2.00                                     _         It combines                         photography"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     cburch servicesat color. • art, and ordinary printing,Io .give.publicity
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           the coal el                                                                                                                   let       "
                    dox giving  references, by book; .chapter, and                                     THE BIBLE SPEAKS "". - .                                                                                                                                     .                        _           .                                                                     .
                    verse Io evow New -Testament record of the
                    thought and teachings   of Christ. EKory state-                                      By FRANCIS C. STIFLF2q. Tells how the                     Bible                                                                                                             -                                                             •           -                        -                                                              --

                     merit located
                    be       madeby. quickly. on "_xnygiven subject can
                                        Christ .All reJeroncss  are or-                                            Its :important w0rld._The the stow of to-
                                                                                                       is playing war.blasled
                                                                                                       lion ota                     role in        roconshuo                                                         [            -                                                                                             _Irl                                                                                                                    .      -*

                    rm/qod by subjects  with numerous subheadings    the Book" throughout 'the 'World, alTng wJll_tar
                                                                     day's growing and unparallelei:l    demanfl   a                                                                         "   ,                   I                                                                                                          "EV.4NG£II$TIC
                    and brief explanatory phrases,           $1.50   record el .the methods by which the Book Is r."                                                                                     "           J
           -        NOTES     ON" THE PARABLES          OF '    "  .retmns sled produced d stxthd od In every cor-

                     book R. C. TRENCH.._
                        By. on the parables.-
                     scholaml31p and with:definite
                                                   reprint . "                     ',
                                                                 this 'slab;Is " hag nmrallvo.
                                                  It IS el ofUnquestioned
                                                      spiritual emphasis.
                                                                                  VINCENTWORD    '                 oke, . .- and
                                                                                                       . orel. gloW, o-lhr l, -
                                                                                                         STUDIES :. .
                                                                                                                                                                                                  " -
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ..          .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .   t                     .,                                                                                                                                                                                                                           "
                    `A needed, reference ,book In ovary minister's                  By MAnVIN R_ VINCENT,          Presents the sop-                                                              -   .
                     librav/.                                           $2.50    orate words of the Now Testament In their loxi.                                                                 • ..
                                                                                 c&l sense, their etymology, their history, their
                     THE PAR_I,BLES         AND      1V[ETAPHORS                 Intlecllon, and the poculitIrltles of thliir usdgo                                                                  "
                         OF OUR-LORD                           -                 by dillorent e_'cmqolists and apostles. Invain:                                                       -         :               _ '
                                                                                 able to both the Greek.scholar      and" thd person
                        By G. CAMPBELL MORGAN.                Taking each        who has not studied Greek.                " -                                                                       "            "'
                    of the Gospels   in soquence..the        parable s and                                " 4-v01umo _L $20.00                                               "                       "             -                                                                                                                                                                                                  "           "
                    pazabollc Illustrations Lthoroin are expounded.                . .                     -- . .......                                                                                                                                                                                              ....                 _                    _.              .                                          •                                         .
                    omltllnq the ropetltinns.                           $3.00' WORD PICTUI_S IN'THE NEW                                                                                                                  "                            _                                  "               "                                                                                                       "                          '           :
                    A HARMONY                  OF-THE               GOSPELS                 FOR           TESTAMENT              "•   •                                      "                                         Visual                  Art oflom.thoso          Iorms--
                       STUDENTSOF THELIFEOF CHRIST                                                        By A. T. ROBERTSON. _In this work dne Bnds                                                                   Master                   Invitation     and           Mailing         Folder          tshown                         Window   Cards
                       By A. T: ROBERTSON_ This volume is con.                                         the fruits el scholarship   made available    for the                                                                                                                                                                                5!2 x 14 inches, sdme design as above        "
                    sldemd a ._l_ndard ,'work by outstanding   Bible                                   man without.technical     equipment.   In the pages                                                             above)      •                                                  . ".       .,       .                               -      -
                    scholars.      - "'.                       $2.50                                   of those six volumes the author makes the words                                                                 Thi_ attrhcdvo"                       loldor is            printed.        In II_,e" her.                            Large Window•Posters
                                                             •                                         at Ihe New Testament cjl_w with" life.         .                                                                                                                                                                                     Same design:as,    above, enlarged to 11 x 28
                    THE GOSPEL OFJOHN"                                                                   'the six'vdlumes      opprTidm_xin, 400 Rages a                                                              monibus   coic)rs,    "           .
                       By OTTO F. LINN. Speclal.atinntl0n _F given                                     volume.          "              "             $|7.S0                                                          .One ar't_vd pi'cturos may be used. It contains                                                                       mcliOs                                                                ' :              .             .       "
                    to the • social     _nd .historical hadkcJmund     in                              TOPICAL TEXT BOOK
                                                                                                                                              -   .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       dll inlotma                  on'and a biographical
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -                  -]
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           sketch el the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            P   .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Large l_nner  for tnsiae                                       or _ulside'the  church                                         .
                    this dav0ile_al..commenm        W. Nol ct verse-by-                                                                                                                                  .             .worker" or                  workers. 3_= x 5 z _nches when                                                        3 x 9 loci: in attractive                                       _:olars with worker's
                    verso commenlaw,       but a commentary" d,e..slgned                                  One of the most practical and usable        "text
                    to be read rather than studied.              • S1.50                               finders"  published.  Nearly   ever,/: subject    of                      . -                     - .         folded:  5_ x'l_ inches when open.                      picture   .                                                                                         "                                .                        '"                           ".
               ""                                         "" _                                         which the I]ibe treats will be found in this                                                              "        -        '      ": "      "           -                      •                                                                                       '                                                            '                   "
                    AN OUTLINE OFTHE BOOK OF '                                                         book.with  numeroul texts ]Isled.        " $1.50                           "                                   Combinations   of these, forms are offered at extremely attractive                                                                                  pdce_,                  ' "-                                                                      . :
     "                 ROMANS                                                                               " :         "
                       By H. • MILLER. A thorough and complete,-                                       NOTES ON THE PSALMS                           "                                                                 write               lot further       inlormatlod             and         pdcea                                              .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             of the Visual Art System. el advert!sing..
         - -        yet co_/cise,, _'planalow    outline and maalysis                                     By G. CAMPBELL MORGAN,          This outstand-                                                                                                                                                                 ,     .          .    -
                    of. each   chapter    of Romans.    with numerous                                  in_ 'Bible expositor outlibes .and analyzss    the
                                the- Is
                                    b                            at thePs_,_,
                    notes..Obvinusl:/'ook too,malltobe Rvedlvlslons         oc_o,_gfothe,                                                                                                                                                             It's Persondli_ed Advert.ising at no extra cost!
                    a commentary       o_ an exposition,                                     flOe      control theme   of eadh    division,                  .     13.00                                                 :                                                                   "               -              "                     ' /                                        ."          -            •

                      NAZAII_          PUBLISHING                   HOUSE,. 2923             TlOUSl Avenue,       Box $27,   Kansas.City              10, Missouri                                                               NAZARENE                  "PUBLISHING HOUSE,                        2923             Troosl               Avenue.                  Box :527.               Kansas               CRy              10. Missouri

          :         68 (330)           "                             "                                                           .The P_reache_sMagusine                                                                                                                                                                                                   "    ,                  -.

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