Claretta The Woman Who Died for Mussolini (Paperback)

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					                               Notes from the Meeting of
                Women’s Connection Book Club of Wednesday, May 21, 2008
                                 at Evelyn McNee’s home

Thanks to Jennifer for leading the discussion, and to Evelyn for her outstanding hospitality.
Evelyn and Barbara gave Karen money for Lori, for the Reading Center contribution.

Next meeting is Wednesday June 18. It will be at Jennifer Park’s Garden Bay area home.
At that time we will choose books for early in the fall and complete the configuration of the list
at the September and October meetings. We agreed to read The Memory Keeper’s Daughter
for September. This book will not be obtained through the reading center except on an
individual basis.
The September meeting will be at Barbara Kappeli’s and the October at Dorothy Faulkner’s

We also raised the issue of having a winter season movie afternoon, somewhere with a big
screen TV to watch a movie (Stone Angel, Sicko, Kite Runner …)

The Reading Centre has ordered The Other Side of the Bridge by Mary Lawson for 8 people who
requested it.

What we are reading:
The Colour Bar: The Triumph of Seretse Kama and His Nation by Susan Williams
P.D. James
The Strangers Next Door by Edith Iglauer
The Hummingbird's Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea
The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary by Simon Winchester
Clara Callan: A Novel by Richard B. Wright
I Married the Klondike by Laura Beatrice Berton
The Copper Beech by Maeve Binchy
The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards


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