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									                                   City of Gold Beach Class Specification
                                   Chief of Police
                                   Effective Date: February 2011

                                                SALARY RANGE
                                           $4,152 – 5,055: Monthly
                                          $49,821 – 60,660: Annually

Administer, plan and direct the operations of the Gold Beach Police Department (GBPD) to see
that order is maintained and laws and ordinances are enforced to protect lives and property in the
Gold Beach community. Is responsible for the actions and conduct of department personnel in
order to provide the safest environment possible for the community. Maintains excellent public
relations in order to advance community policing practices.

This class is distinguished as being at the department head level having responsibility for
oversight of all activities and operations of the City of Gold Beach Police Department. Serves as
a member of the City Administrator’s executive management team. Provides highly responsible
and professional staff assistance to the City Administrator and City Council. Work is performed
based on program changes assigned by the City Administrator consistent with the principles of
modern law enforcement, community policing and emergency response procedures. The nature
of the work performed requires that an employee in this class establish and maintain effective
working relationships with elected officials, city staff, other law local and regional law
enforcement agencies, other government agencies and the general public.

Receives general administrative direction from the City Administrator or his/her designee.

Supervises an Operations Division comprising one Sergeant, four patrol officers and reserve
officers; a Community Services Section of volunteers providing traffic safety, community
services and evidence/property support services; and an Administrative Division of staff and
volunteers providing logistics support for GBPD operations.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:
       Directs department operations to achieve goals within budgeted funds and available
        personnel; plans and organizes workloads and staff assignments, reviews progress, directs
        changes in priorities and schedules as needed to assure services are provided in an
        efficient and timely manner;

       Directs the preparation and administration of the department budget based on staffing and
        resource requirements, cost estimates, and objectives and goals; monitors the budget to
        assure compliance with approved budget levels and standards; reviews and approves

Gold Beach Class Specification -
Chief of Police                                                                     Page 1
Revised: 4/18/2011
        departmental expenditures before submission to the city administrator for authorization
        and payment; participate in the forecast of revenue, expenses and additional funds needed
        for staffing, equipment, materials, supplies, and short and long term capital maintenance
        and capital improvement plans; administer the approved departmental budget; and control
        the expenditure of departmental appropriations

       Directs and develops short and long range plans, goals and objectives for law
        enforcement and community policing operations; establishes department operational
        policies, procedures, work rules, and performance standards to assure the efficient and
        effective operation of the GBPD in compliance with City policies and standards, labor
        agreements, and state and federal laws; maintains Lexipol policies and procedures for
        GBPD; develops and maintains systems and records that provide for proper evaluation,
        control and documentation of assigned operations;

       Provides technical support and recommendations to the City Administrator, Mayor and
        City Council including the interpretation and application of policy and procedure; may
        assist with contract negotiations; prepares reports and recommendations on law
        enforcement and community policing issues to the City Administrator, City Council and
        the public; works closely with the City Administrator and City’s elected officials in
        setting and carrying out the City’s vision, mission and objectives for the Police
        Department; analyzes trends and operations to assure adequacy of service; monitors
        police calls and crime trends, City growth and related economic, legislative and judicial
        influences; reviews local, state and federal legislation to determine impact on
        departmental plans, policies and strategies;

       Participates in routine patrol and investigative operations and handle routine and
        emergency calls for service; perform CPR and first aid as needed;

       Coordinates working relationships with other public safety agencies, City departments,
        special interest groups, and the general public; makes public presentations to interested
        groups, schools, and others; maintains communication with media representatives to
        ensure accurate reporting of activities;

       Provides managerial leadership and directs the selection, supervision and evaluation of
        department staff and volunteers; conducts or oversees performance evaluations; with
        assistance of the City Administrator, resolves grievances and other sensitive personnel
        matters; assures all personnel are adequately trained to perform duties; plan, organize,
        select and supervise the work of departmental staff and volunteers; coach, motivate,
        monitor, correct and evaluate staff performance; develop and implement staff and
        volunteer training programs and plans; recommend employee and volunteer recognition,
        discipline and termination; ensure that city policies and employee agreements are
        implemented and applied consistently within the department;

       Oversees with assistance from the City Administrator, internal affairs investigations;
        recommends and carries out corrective or disciplinary action as necessary;

Gold Beach Class Specification -
Chief of Police                                                                     Page 2
Revised: 4/18/2011
       Oversees the maintenance and operation of police equipment, communication systems,
        and property;

       Coordinates department activities with local, state, and federal agencies in law
        enforcement, crime prevention, and emergency response matters; manages and assists in
        event of major crisis; coordinates communication to ensure City officials are properly
        informed of activities;

       Establish, within City policy, appropriate service and staffing levels; monitor and
        evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery methods and procedures;
        allocate resources as necessary;

       Assist in development of mutual aid agreements with emergency response agencies in
        neighboring jurisdictions; direct mutual assistance response when appropriate;

       Research new sources of department funding; prepare and/or assist others in the
        preparation of grant requests; coordinate the application process and oversees activities
        related to administration of program grants;

       Evaluate police department operations and activities for cost effectiveness to ensure
        optimum use of resources; make recommendations for changes to strengthen and improve
        activities and operations; directs the resolution of inquires, complaints, problems, or
        emergencies affecting the availability or quality o services.

       Represent the City and participate in professional and public meetings and organizations,
        as appropriate; attend staff meetings; participate in mandated training and staff
        development; respond to and meet with property owners, homeowner groups, businesses,
        and the public as appropriate; meet with, provide information and negotiate with various
        regulatory agencies to satisfy their requirements; represent the City as a witness in legal
        actions, as requested;

       Maintain the ability and qualifications to function and perform all of the duties of a
        uniform police officer; maintain proficiency by attending conferences and meetings,
        reviewing reports, reading professional journals, and meeting with others in areas of

       Performs other duties as needed and/or assigned.

Knowledge of: law enforcement activities, police practices and procedures, investigative
methods and techniques; principles and practices of organization, personnel and finance
administration related to police department operations; modern police administration techniques
and practices; community policing principles and practices; applicable federal, state, and local
laws, codes and ordinances; firearm use and safety; principles of supervision and personnel

Gold Beach Class Specification -
Chief of Police                                                                      Page 3
Revised: 4/18/2011
Skills in: safe firearm and Taser use; use of traffic radar equipment; first aid; use of radio
equipment, pager, personal computer, phone.

Ability to: plan, initiate and carry-out long-term programs in police administration, training,
crime prevention, and public safety; plan, assign, supervise, and evaluate the work of an active
police department; establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, the
public, city officials, other city departments, and other governmental and private agencies; plan,
organize, coordinate, supervise and evaluate the work of police personnel and volunteers; select,
supervise, train and evaluate police personnel; communicate clearly and concisely, both orally
and in writing; perform duties effectively during emergencies for prolonged periods of time
under extreme conditions; develop and administer departmental goals, objectives, and
procedures; analyze and assess programs, policies, and operational needs and make appropriate
adjustments; identify and respond to community and organizational issues, concerns, and needs;
analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, and
implement recommendations in support of goals; provide administrative and professional
leadership and direction; identify and respond to community and City Council issues, concerns
and needs; prepare clear and concise departmental reports; analyze, prepare, and manage
departmental budget; allocate limited resources on a cost effective and cost beneficial basis;
interpret and apply applicable federal, state, and local policies, laws, and regulations; interpret
and apply city policies, procedures, rules and regulations; exercise sound judgment in evaluating
situations and in making decisions; and exercise initiative and act with considerable independent

Education: Any combination of education and/or training that would provide an opportunity to
acquire the knowledge and abilities previously identified. Normally, completion of 500 hours
certified training and possess of a two-year degree law enforcement, criminal justice or related
field from an accredited college or university.

Experience: Any combination of training and experience that would provide an opportunity to
acquire the knowledge and abilities listed. Normally, five years progressively responsible
administrative experience in law enforcement, including supervisory duties.

Possession of DPSST (Department of Public Safety & Standards Training) Management
Certificate. Obtain and maintain current CPR and first aid certification. Possession of a valid
state of Oregon driver’s license. Residency within a 15-minute drive time of Gold Beach City
Hall within a reasonable time after hire.

Environmental Conditions: Many duties are performed in an office environment, but
fieldwork is required. The employee is exposed to various hazardous situations, in normal police
line of duty, and extreme weather conditions. When responding to emergencies, employee risk
physical hazard from violent, aggressive, and hostile people, a variety of weapons, noise,
chemicals, bodily secretions, sharp objects, traffic, drugs and drug paraphernalia.
Gold Beach Class Specification -
Chief of Police                                                                      Page 4
Revised: 4/18/2011
Physical Conditions: Physical exertion may be required to climb stairs and over walls, run,
move heavy objects, crawl through tight spaces, kneel in confined areas. Physical effort may be
required to lift materials, equipment and persons exceeding 50 lbs.

Gold Beach Class Specification -
Chief of Police                                                                   Page 5
Revised: 4/18/2011

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