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									                                                                                                   AloE vErA
                                                                                                    oF AMEricA, inc
                                                                 dAllAs MAnuFActuring PlAnt

Our state-of-the-art facility in Dallas is the finest of its kind,
complete with a research lab comparable to the very best food
and cosmetics laboratories in the world. Production in this plant is
supervised by a staff of experienced professionals. All products are
quality-tested by a professional staff of scientists and lab technicians.
This ensures that you and your customers consistently receive all
the powerful benefits of the finest aloe vera and herbal products
anywhere. Our superior facilities and personnel work hard to
perform and deliver an uncompromising standard of excellence
for you.

                                                                                              FOREVERLIVING.COM   65
  AloE vErA
  oF AMEricA, inc
                                        Mission stAbilizAtion PlAnt

The operation at Mission, Texas produces stabilized aloe vera
gel from sources including aloe leaves harvested from our fields     xAviER REsEndEz
in south Texas. Rigid quality standards assure that the stabilized   PLant manager
aloe vera gel is the “closest thing to the plant itself.”            5401 N. Inspiration Road
                                                                     Mission, Texas 78572
                                                                     T 956-585-9704
                                                                     F 956-585-6732

                                                                                                            AloE, inc.
                                                                  doMinicAn rEPublic

Our plantation in the Dominican Republic is the largest aloe
                                                                  jULiO & AngELiTA dAjER
plantation in the world. We have over 5,000 acres of aloe
and can produce more than 10 million gallons annually. Strict
                                                                  director oF oPerations
procedures for growing and harvesting are followed and only       P.O. Box 749
aloe vera of the highest quality is selected for production and   Santiago, Dominican Republic
stabilization. Having our own growing operation means we can      T 809-971-0033
control quality during every step of the process, from plant to   F 809-581-6870
product to you!

                                                                                                 FOREVERLIVING.COM   67
  robson bEE

FLP operates one of the world’s largest bee facilities, Robson
                                                                   cHRis HARdY
Honey, which collects pollen in the high Sonoran desert
of Arizona. This area’s exceptionally clean, pesticide-free
                                                                   executive vice President
environment and its abundant variety of flowering plants make it   6241 South 30th Street
an ideal source for natural bee products. The continued efforts    Phoenix, Arizona 85042
of our research and development team have resulted in specially    T 602-268-2249
designed pollen and propolis collectors, allowing us to produce    F 602-243-9762
the purest bee products you’ll find anywhere!

                                                                            our Mission

                                    our Mission
  To be the foremost grower, processor, manufacturer and distributor of remarkable
 Aloe Vera health and beauty products in the world by creating an environment where
 honesty and respect will encourage us to strive for perfection and achieve excellence.

  We will deliver the freshest products and exceptional service, at all levels at all times.
We will provide the distributors of Forever Living Products with the logistic and product
support they deserve to help them take our products to the world, one person at a time.

                                                                        FOREVERLIVING.COM      69
                                                                                                                    oFFicErs &

                                                                     jOHn scHOppMAnn, cMM
                                                                     Executive Vice President

                        dOn WALLAcE                                  BiLL BUTTs, cHA                               dARLA cOOk
                        Senior Vice President Retail                 Senior Vice President Resorts                 Vice President Public Relations &
                                                                     Operations                                    Special Events

TiM cOLvin                                 jOHn king                                  ROd TAYLOR                                 jiM gOMEs
Regional Vice President                    Regional Vice President                    Regional Vice President                    Regional Vice President

AMY gLOYd                                   kATHY kRATzER                             TERRY sidEs                                BRUcE ROWE
Director of Marketing                       Director of Sales                         Director of Administration                 Director of Marine Services
ForEvEr rEsorts
The Forever Resorts family of companies has been based in Arizona since its inception in 1981
and owns and operates properties in national parks, recreation areas, national forests, and
choice destinations of North America, Europe and South Africa. The firm is a leading hospitality
provider with significant experience in lodging, marinas and related services, food service,
retail operations and is a respected industry leader in houseboat manufacturing and luxury
houseboat vacation rentals. Each domestic Forever Resorts’ location is certified to ISO 14001.
The Forever Resorts standard for environmental management systems, Forever Earth, is a formal
set of policies and procedures defining the management of potential impacts of its products or
services on the environment and the health and welfare of the people who use them.

 ARIZONA                                             NORTH CAROLINA

 Antelope Point Marina                          72   Crabtree Meadows Restaurant & Store                84
 Black Canyon/Willow Beach River Adventures     72   Doughton Park Bluffs Lodge & Restaurant            84
 Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim                   73
 Mormon Lake Lodge                              73   SOUTH DAKOTA
 Sun Country Marine West                        74
                                                     Cedar Pass Lodge / Badlands Inn/Circle 10          85
 Temple Bar Marina                              74

                                                     Big Bend Resort & Adventures                       85
 Columbia City Hotels                           75
                                                     Chisos Mountains Lodge                             86
 Lake Don Pedro Marina                          75
                                                     Lake Amistad Resort & Marina/Box Canyon Marina     86
 Lake Oroville Marina                           76
                                                     Lantana Resort and Marina                          87
 Moccasin Point Marina                          76
                                                     Marina at Lake Meredith                            87
 Monterey Lakes Resorts & Marinas               77
                                                     Padre Island Park Company                          88
 Oak Bottom Marina                              77
                                                     Rough Canyon Marina                                88
 Pinewood Cove RV Park & Campground             78
                                                     Southfork Hotel                                    89
 Pleasure Cove Marina                           78
                                                     Southfork Ranch                                    89
 Trinity Lake Resorts & Marinas                 79

                                                     Mabry Mill Restaurant & Store                      90
 Rocky Mountain Park Holiday Inn                79
 Trendz at the Park                             80

 INDIANA                                             Hurricane Ridge                                    90
                                                     Lake Crescent Lodge / Fairholme Store              91
 Fun Country Marine Industries Inc.             80

                                                     Mad River Boat Trips                               91
 Mammoth Cave Hotel                             81
                                                     Signal Mountain Lodge / Leeks Marina               92

 Isle Royale Resorts                            81
                                                     Glacier Park                                       93
 MISSOURI                                            Prince of Wales                                    93

 Lake of the Ozarks Marina/Lake of the Ozarks   82
 State Park Marina


 Callville Bay Marina                           82
 Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina                83
 Lake Mead RV Village                           83
                                                                                                             blAcK cAnyon /
  ArizonA                             AntEloPE Point                    ArizonA                              willow bEAch rivEr
                                      MArinA                                                                 AdvEnturEs

 gLEn cAnYOn nATiOnAL REcREATiOn AREA /                                LAkE MEAd nATiOnAL REcREATiOn AREA

                                                                      Explore hidden coves, view Hoover Dam and find natural hot
                                                                      springs on a guided, scenic float trip down the Colorado River, with
                                                                      Black Canyon/Willow Beach River Adventures. Or explore on
                                                                      your own, aboard a powerboat, fishing skiff, or deck cruiser rental
                                                                      from Willow Beach Harbor, the gateway to the Black Canyon of the
                                                                      Colorado River, and Lake Mohave.

Make your vacation spectacular with a houseboat on Lake Powell.
Travel through miles of high canyon walls and pass spectacular red
rock formations on the second largest lake in the United States.
Antelope Point Marina is a cooperative effort of the Navajo Nation,
Antelope Point Holdings, LLC and the Glen Canyon National              kiM ROUndTREE
Recreation Area. Forever Resorts is proud to be helping with           generaL manager
management of your ultimate luxury experience aboard a Forever
                                                                       WiLLOW BEAcH HARBOR
Resorts manufactured houseboat.
                                                                       Add 1:   P.O. Box 60130, Boulder City, Nevada 89006
                                                                       Add 2:    25804 N. Willow Beach Rd, Willow Beach, AZ 86445
                                                                       T 928-767-4747 F 928-767-3736
  jOHn sTEnsETH
  generaL manager
  P.O. Box 4180,
                                                                       BLAck cAnYOn RivER AdvEnTUREs
  Page, Arizona 86040
                                                                       Add 1:   P.O. Box 60130, Boulder City, Nevada 89006
  T 800-255-5561                                                       Add 2:    Highway 93, Boulder City, Nevada 89005
  F 928-645-5900 x5055
                                                                       T 702-294-1414 F 702-294-4464

       grAnd cAnyon                            ArizonA                                                                  ArizonA
    lodgE - north riM                                                     MorMon lAKE lodgE

 gRAnd cAnYOn nATiOnAL pARk                                              cOcOninO nATiOnAL FOREsT

This historic property, constructed mainly in the 1930s, is the         Built amongst one of the largest stands of Ponderosa Pine in
premier lodging facility at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The      the world, Mormon Lake Lodge is home to one of Arizona’s
historic lodge and dining room have huge windows for spectacular        oldest open-pit steakhouses still in operation. The branded
views overlooking the Canyon. Cabins and traditional motel rooms        walls throughout the steakhouse & saloon combine elements of
scattered throughout the trees near the rim provide quiet solitude      the Old West with comfortable accommodations to create an
for overnight guests to this magnificent destination. Visitors can      unforgettable experience. Make time to visit the buffalo exhibit,
take the antique train tram a short distance to the Grand Canyon        petting zoo and the Zane Grey Museum. Guests can camp in the
Cookout Experience for a fun filled evening of dining, entertainment,   RV Park and campgrounds, and enjoy rodeo events, horseback
and music in a large canopied tent under the stars.                     riding, hiking and fishing. Winter activities include snowmobiling and
                                                                        cross country skiing.

  dAisY HOBBs                                                             scOTT gOLd
  generaL manager                                                         generaL manager
  P.O. Box 4107                                                           P.O. Box 38012, Main Street,
  Page, AZ 86040                                                          Mormon Lake, Arizona 86038
  T Summer (928) 638-2611 Winter (928)645-6865 x13                        T 928-354-2227
  F Summer (928) 638-2554 Winter (928)645-0376                            F 928-354-2356
  E                                                       E
  W                                            W

                                                                                                       FOREVERRESORTS.COM                73
  ArizonA                            sun country                     ArizonA
                                     MArinE wEst                                                         tEMPlE bAr MArinA

pAgE                                                               LAkE MEAd nATiOnAL REcREATiOn AREA

Every guest who enjoys time on one of our lakes with a Forever     Temple Bar Marina, named after the massive rock formation
Resorts deck cruiser rental is doing so through the hard work of   across the bay from the marina, offers a memorable and rewarding
Sun Country Marine West. Located just a short distance from Lake   vacation for all. Temple Bar Marina is on the Arizona shores of Lake
Powell, in Page, Arizona, Sun Country’s boats set new safety and   Mead, and features a full service marina with houseboat and small
environmental standards year after year.                           boat rentals, lodging, dining, and RV park and campground.

  TOM dUBOis                                                         MARk scHOFFsTALL
  generaL manager                                                    oPerations manager
  P.O. Box 4870, 2010 Industrial Drive                               #1 Main Street
  Industrial Park, Page, Arizona 86040                               Temple Bar, Arizona 86443
  T 928-645-2954                                                     T 928-767-3211
  F 928-645-2681                                                     F 928-767-4514
  E                                              E

                                          cAliForniA                            lAKE don PEdro                    cAliForniA
coluMbiA city hotEls                                                                    MArinA

 cOLUMBiA sTATE HisTORic pARk                                            dOn pEdRO LAkE

Step back in time to the age of the California Gold Rush, when          A houseboat rental from Lake Don Pedro Marina provides the
everyone headed west with the dream of striking it rich. The            perfect way to enjoy all of the adventures waiting for you on Don
Columbia City Hotel and Fallon Hotel are located within Columbia        Pedro Lake. Explore the rolling hills of the Sierra Nevada, traverse
State Historic Park, California’s best preserved Gold Rush town.        trails through lush green pine trees, or dive into cool mountain
The State Park introduces guests to life during the Gold Rush, each     waters beneath a waterfall. Located two hours east of Sacramento,
element enforced through the authentic decoration of the Hotels.        Lake Don Pedro Marina provides houseboat, ski boat, deck cruiser
Enjoy a meal in the Restaurant, lounge in the sitting area, or join a   and personal watercraft rentals, gift and general stores, snack bars,
docent on an interpretive tour of the town.                             a swim lagoon, and slip rentals.

  TERi WOOd                                                               dAvE WOOd
  oPerations manager                                                      generaL manager
  22768 Main Street                                                       81 Bonds Flat Road
  Columbia, California 95310                                              La Grange, California 95329
  T 209-532-1479                                                          T 209-852-2369
  F 209-532-3105                                                          F 209-852-9324
  E                                      E

                                                                                                        FOREVERRESORTS.COM              75
  cAliForniA                                                          cAliForniA                          MoccAsin Point
                                      lAKE orovillE MArinA                                                MArinA

 LiME sAddLE REcREATiOn AREA/LAkE OROviLLE                           dOn pEdRO LAkE

A short drive north of Sacramento, Lake Oroville, the second        Retreat to the gorgeous landscape of Don Pedro Lake in the
largest man-made reservoir in California, allows residents of       foothills of the Sierra Nevada, neighboring Yosemite National Park.
Sacramento and San Francisco a great quick getaway from the         Moccasin Point Marina provides a variety of options to help you
hustle and bustle. Enjoy this uncrowded jewel, and spend quality    spend your days enjoying the 160 miles of shoreline that surround
time relaxing on a luxury houseboat, hiking through the trails on   Don Pedro Lake. Rent a houseboat, small boat, or personal
the forested shoreline, or catching bass in one of the best bass    watercraft, grab a snack at our snack bar, and practice your
fisheries in the western United States.                             waterskiing skills in one of our many coves.

  BiLL HARpER, cMM                                                    jiM sMiTH, cMM
  generaL manager                                                     generaL manager
  3428 Pentz Road                                                     11405 Jacksonville Road
  Paradise, California 95969                                          Jamestown, California 95327
  T 530-877-2414                                                      T 209-989-2206
  F 530-877-6552                                                      F 209-989-0112
  E                                  E
  W                                        W

    MontErEy lAKEs                      cAliForniA                                                            cAliForniA
rEsorts And MArinAs                                                    oAK bottoM MArinA

 sAn LUis OBispO & MOnTEREY cOUnTiEs                                  WHiskEYTOWn LAkE nATiOnAL REcREATiOn AREA

Located a short drive from San Luis Obispo, Lake Nacimiento is
surrounded by 165 miles (265.5km) of scenic shoreline, mountains,
river canyons, and oak and pine forests. Just 30 minutes from Lake
Nacimiento, Lake San Antonio is set in the hilly and dry woodlands
and grasslands. Water-skiers love the lakes for clean, warm water,
and Lake San Antonio is known for the largest concentration of
bald eagles in central California. Lake Nacimiento features rental
slips, and houseboat, cabin and ski boat and deck cruiser rentals.   Just west of Redding, CA, is a boater’s paradise. Oak Bottom
Lake San Antonio features launch ramps, swimming beaches, ski        Marina is located lakeside within the Recreation Area, and offers
boat and deck cruiser rentals, hiking, and mountain biking.          small boat rentals, launch ramp, campground, and general store.

  generaL manager
  Lake San Antonio
  74255 San Antonio Road
  Bradley, California 93426
  T 805-472-2313 F 805-472-9532
  E                                        MARgO jOHnsOn
  W                                       generaL manager
  Lake Nacimiento                                                      P.O. Box 40
  10625 Nacimiento Lake Drive                                          Whiskeytown, California 96095
  Paso Robles, California 93446                                        T (530) 359-2269
  T 805-238-3256 F 805-238-6222                                        F (530) 359-2378
  F 209-989-0112                                                       E
  E                                        W

                                                                                                   FOREVERRESORTS.COM               77
  cAliForniA                           PinEwood covE rv                   cAliForniA                          PlEAsurE covE
                                       PArK & cAMPground                                                      MArinA

TRiniTY LAkE                                                             LAkE BERRYEssA

Grab the kids and head out to the pine forests that sit at the base     Close to California’s Napa Valley wine region lies Lake Berryessa,
of the Trinity Alps. Whether you prefer roughing it, or need a solid    a lake that provides a large variety of watersports to guests and
roof over your head, Pinewood Cove RV Park & Campground can             residents of northern California. From waterskiing to tubing to
provide the perfect getaway for escaping the everyday. Pinewood         zipping around the lake on a personal watercraft, the possibilities
Cove sits on the shoreline of Trinity Lake, and provides 22 acres of    are endless. If you need something at a little slower pace, drop a
quality camping, RV facilities, and cabin rentals. Each of our cabins   line into the abundant population of trout, bass, catfish, and pan
features central heating and air conditioning, TV/VCR/Satellite, and    fish. Pleasure Cove Marina offers houseboat and small boat rentals,
a telephone.                                                            153 RV and camping sites, trailer rentals, and a launch ramp.

  AndY WATkins                                                            TERRY spARkMAn, cMM
  oPerations manager                                                      generaL manager
  45110 State Highway 3                                                   6100 Highway 128,
  Trinity Center, California 96091                                        Napa, California 94558
  T 530-286-2201                                                          T 707-966-9600
  F 530-286-2202                                                          F 707-966-9938
  E                                                          E

         trinity lAKE                    cAliForniA                          rocKy MountAin                     colorAdo
    rEsorts & MArinAs                                                        PArK holidAy inn

 sHAsTA-TRiniTY nATiOnAL FOREsT                                         EsTEs pARk

145 miles of forested shoreline, with the Trinity Alps Mountains as    Rocky Mountain Park Holiday Inn provides a great base camp to all
a backdrop, is as close to a paradise as you can get. Experience the   of your outdoor Rocky Mountain National Park Activities. After
serenity of watching for bald eagles in the shadow of Mt. Shasta.      a day exploring, untie your muscles with a soak in the hot tub or
Magnificent views abound whether from the deck of one of our           heated indoor pool. Then refuel and prepare for your next day of
houseboats or small boat rentals, a rustic cabin overlooking the       adventure with a delicious meal at LongZ A Mountain Grill & Bar.
lake, or the deck of our restaurant where our weekly summer            With over 150 rooms, and adjacent to the Estes Park Conference
barbeque is held.                                                      Center, the Rocky Mountain Park Holiday Inn provides a great
                                                                       location for any conference or special event.

  dEAnA cHRisTnER, cMM                                                   cHRis cOOk
  generaL manager                                                        generaL manager
  45810 State Highway 3                                                  P.O. Box 1468, 101 South St. Vrain,
  Trinity Center, California 96091                                       Estes Park, Colorado 80517
  T 530-286-2225                                                         T 970-586-2332
  F 530-286-2665                                                         F 970-586-2038
  E                                                E
  W                                            W

                                                                                                      FOREVERRESORTS.COM            79
  colorAdo                              trEndz At                         indiAnA                             Fun country MArinE
                                        thE PArK                                                              industriEs, inc.

 EsTEs pARk                                                              MUnciE

While in Estes Park, stop by Trendz at the Park, located in the heart   One of the best houseboat manufacturing facilities in the United
of this friendly mountain town. Browse our collection of new,           States, Fun Country produces the entire fleet of luxury houseboat
unique and unexpected, as well as handcrafted gifts, and bring home     rentals at Forever Resorts Marinas. Year after year, Fun Country
something that can’t be found elsewhere in today’s world of the         Marine Industries, Inc, sets standards in hand craftsmanship and
ordinary.                                                               environmentally sound production.

  jULiE cUkLAnz                                                           MATT HARvEY
  store manager                                                           generaL manager
  P.O. Box 2680, 861 Dunraven                                             9801 South Grant, Rural Route 4
  Estes Park, Colorado 80517                                              Muncie, Indiana 47302
  T 970-577-0831                                                          T 765-288-8246
  F 970-577-0883                                                          F 765-282-0539
  E                                          E

                                             KEntucKy                                                                    MichigAn
 MAMMoth cAvE hotEl                                                       islE royAlE rEsorts

 MAMMOTH cAvE nATiOnAL pARk                                              isLE ROYALE nATiOnAL pARk

Mammoth Cave National Park, the world’s longest network of              Accessible only by boat or seaplane, in Northwestern Lake Superior,
underground corridors, features 350 miles of deep pits, enormous        Isle Royale National Park is one of the last wilderness areas in the
domes, broad avenues, and unique formations just begging to be          United States. Unspoiled by roads or vehicles, guests can explore
explored. Located above ground just outside the cave entrance,          the many hiking trails and lighthouses that make this island truly
Mammoth Cave Hotel provides the perfect rest stop for your              spectacular. Rock Harbor Lodge provides the only lodging on the
family to recharge after a day of exploring below and above             island with 60 lodge rooms and cottages, dining, gift and general
ground. Activities include wildlife watching and photography, hiking,   stores, and a full-service marina with small boat rentals for exploring
mountain biking, horseback riding, and river excursions. Mammoth        the island by boat.
Cave Hotel facilities include lodge rooms and cottages, dining, gift
and craft stores, and group meeting facilities.

  gREg dAvis                                                              kiM ALExAndER, cHA
  generaL manager                                                         generaL manager
  P.O. Box 27, Mammoth Cave National Park                                 P.O. Box 605, 800 East Lakeshore Drive
  Mammoth Cave, Kentucky 42259                                            Houghton, Michigan 49931
  T 270-758-2225                                                          T 906-337-4993          F 906-337-4993
  F 270-758-2301                                                          E
  E                                                   W1
  W                                              W2

                                                                                                         FOREVERRESORTS.COM                 81
                                       lAKE oF thE ozArKs
                                       MArinA / lAKE oF thE
  Missouri                             ozArKs stAtE PArK                  nEvAdA                               cAllvillE bAy rEsort
                                       MArinA                                                                  & MArinA

                                                                         LAkE MEAd nATiOnAL REcREATiOn AREA/
 LAkE OF THE OzARks                                                      LAkE MEAd

With 1,100 miles of shoreline in the beautiful Ozark Mountains,         A quick 45-minute trip east of Las Vegas, on the shores of Lake
Lake of the Ozarks provides a unique destination for all of your        Mead, is one of the country’s largest inland marinas – Callville
houseboat adventures. Whether you prefer a more sedate                  Bay Marina. Callville Bay has everything for year-round water
getaway or more activity, it all can be yours with a houseboat rental   recreation and fun and relaxation. Rent one of our luxury
from Lake of the Ozarks Marina. Or, grab a small boat rental from       houseboats for a long weekend, or full week getaway. If you only
one of our three marinas in the State Park and visit one of the         have one day, grab one of our small boat or personal watercraft
many inlets, or make a stop for a visit at Bridal Cave.                 rentals and take a spin out on the lake. Callville Bay Marina also
                                                                        includes a fuel dock, launch ramp, slip rentals, gift and convenience
                                                                        store, snack bar, and lounge.

  cORY ginskY                                                             RAndY ROUndTREE, cMM
  generaL manager                                                         generaL manager
  P.O. Box 3229, 220 Forever Drive                                        HCR-30, Box 100
  Camdenton, Missouri 65020                                               Las Vegas, Nevada 89124
  T 573-873-3705                                                          T 702-565-8958
  F 573-873-6216                                                          F 702-565-8498
  E                                                E
  W                                         W

    cottonwood covE                                 nEvAdA                                 lAKE MEAd                        nEvAdA
      rEsort & MArinA                                                                      rv villAgE

  LAkE MEAd nATiOnAL REcREATiOn AREA/                                        LAkE MEAd nATiOnAL REcREATiOn AREA/
  LAkE MOHAvE                                                                LAkE MEAd

Approximately an hour north of Laughlin, on the Nevada shores               Located on the shores of Lake Mead, this picturesque location
of Lake Mohave, lies a desert oasis just waiting to be discovered.          provides the perfect backdrop for your getaway. Serenity is yours
Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina provides a unique location for              amongst the desert landscape of beautiful Boulder Beach. Enjoy
a quiet weekend retreat at our beachfront motel, or a weeklong              fishing, swimming, or just lazing around taking life a little more
getaway on a luxury houseboat. To enhance your lake retreat,                slowly. Lake Mead RV Village is proud to boast 35 new lakeview
Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina also offers small boat rentals, a           spaces, bringing their total RV spaces to 115. They also provide a
café, a gift and convenience store, slip rentals, fuel dock, and RV Park.   gift and convenience store, and easy access to boat rentals from
                                                                            Callville or Cottonwood or a scenic float trip from Black Canyon/
                                                                            Willow Beach River Adventures.

  TOM BURnsidE, cMM                                                           gARY WiRTH, cMM
  generaL manager                                                             generaL manager
  10000 Cottonwood Cove Road                                                  268 Lakeshore Road
  Searchlight, Nevada 89046                                                   Boulder City, Nevada 89005
  T 702-297-1464                                                              T 702-293-2540
  F 702-297-2036                                                              F 702-293-7550
  E                                                        E
  W                                              W

                                                                                                           FOREVERRESORTS.COM              83
  north                                                                north                                doughton PArK
  cArolinA                            crAbtrEE MEAdows                 cArolinA                             bluFFs lodgE
                                      giFt shoP & snAcK bAr                                                 & rEstAurAnt

 BLUE RidgE pARkWAY                                                   BLUE RidgE pARkWAY

On your journey along the Blue Ridge Parkway, take a step back       If you have a few extra days to spend on the Blue Ridge Parkway,
into a more relaxed time with a stop at Crabtree Meadows Gift        a stay at Bluffs Lodge is definitely in order. The Blue Ridge Parkway
Shop & Snack Bar. Full of authentic Appalachian Mountain charm,      in North Carolina has some of the most dramatic scenic vistas in
Crabtree Meadows provides authentic foods that will make your        eastern America, and Bluffs Lodge provides the perfect vantage
mouth water. Stop by for a bite after a hike up to Crabtree Falls,   point for viewing at its finest. Located at Milepost 241, Bluffs
and then pick up a souvenir in the gift shop. Crabtree Meadows is    Lodge includes a 24-room lodge, dining, gas station, and a gift
located at Milepost 339.                                             and craft store.

  cindY HEndERsOn                                                      BiLL HARRisOn
  store manager                                                        generaL manager
  P.O. Box 175, Milepost 339                                           45356 Blue Ridge Parkway, Milepost 241
  Little Switzerland, North Carolina, 28749                            Laurel Springs, North Carolina 28644
  T 828-675-4236                                                       T 336-372-4499
  F 828-675-5362                                                       F 336-372-5794
  E                                               E
  W                                            W

   cEdAr PAss lodgE /
        bAdlAnds inn /                             south                              big bEnd
circlE 10 cAMPground                              dAKotA                              rEsort &                            tExAs
              & MotEl                                                              AdvEnturEs

 BAdLAnds nATiOnAL pARk                                                 TERLingUA

Once a wooded forest where dinosaurs roamed, prairie winds and         Your gateway to Big Bend National Park. Located just a few miles
centuries of rain have since created deep gorges marked by sharp       away from the entrance to Big Bend, this comfortable resort offers
chiseled spires, ragged ridges, and desert canyons to form what is     rooms, an RV park, and a 9-Hole Desert Golf Course. Bring
now Badlands National Park. Located inside the 160-square mile         the family for a great getaway to this beautiful national park in
park, Cedar Pass Lodge provides a comfortable pit-stop for your        southwest Texas.
Badlands adventures. Cedar Pass Lodge includes cabins with the
best views in the Badlands area, a large gift store specializing in
Oglala Sioux hand-crafts, and dining in the restaurant that is known
throughout the region for its unique Indian Tacos.

  dOUg pOURiER                                                          jERRY sHAFER
  generaL manager                                                       generaL manager
  20681 SD Highway 240,                                                 P.O. Box 227
  Interior, South Dakota 57750                                          1 Main St., Terlingua, TX, 79852
  T 605-433-5460                                                        T 432-371-2218
  F 605-433-5560                                                        F 432-371-2555
  E                                                      W

                                                                                                     FOREVERRESORTS.COM              85
                                                                                                        lAKE AMistAd rEsort
  tExAs                                 MountAins lodgE
                                                                   tExAs                                & MArinA / box
                                                                                                        cAnyon MArinA

 Big BEnd nATiOnAL pARk                                           LAkE AMisTAd nATiOnAL REcREATiOn AREA

Named for the bend that the Rio Grande makes in southwest        Lake Amistad, located on the border of Texas and Mexico, is a
Texas, Big Bend National Park is known as the Last Frontier of   crystal-clear freshwater haven surrounded by sandy beaches and
Texas and as the home of Chisos Mountains Lodge. With over       850 miles of breathtaking limestone cliffs. Rent a houseboat or
800,000 acres as your playground, enjoy a plethora of outdoor    small boat, and explore the many centuries-old archeological sites,
adventures from hiking the Chisos Mountains to rafting the Rio   water ski, or just sit and watch the sun paint the cliffs at sunset.
Grande. Chisos Mountains Lodge features 72-rooms and cabins,
dining, gift and general stores, and a service station.

  jERRY sHAFER                                                     LARRY LivELY, cMM
  generaL manager                                                  generaL manager
  Basin Rural Station, P.O. Box 178                                Addr 1      Hwy. 90 West, HCR-3, Del Rio, Texas 78840
  Big Bend National Park, Texas 79834                              Addr 2      P.O. Box 420635, Del Rio, Texas 78842
  T 432-477-2292                                                   T 830-774-4157
  F 432-477-2492                                                   F 830-775-3370
  E                                          E
  W                                         W

             lAntAnA                               tExAs                           MArinA At                              tExAs
      rEsort & MArinA                                                          lAKE MErEdith

 RAY ROBERTs LAkE                                                     LAkE MEREdiTH nATiOnAL REcREATiOn AREA

Just two miles (3.2km) west of Pilot Point, and an hour and a half   Lake Meredith, a shimmering blue oasis tucked into the plains of
south of Dallas, Lantana Resort & Marina is located within 500       northern Texas, is known as the Jewel of the Panhandle and is easily
breathtaking acres of lakes and pristine forest. Unmatched natural   accessible just outside Amarillo. Explore this sprawling lake, fish
scenery and activities in every season abound in this truly unique   under the bright sun, or just sit back and relax your cares away in
atmosphere. Lantana Resort & Marina features lodge rooms,            the breeze. Marina at Lake Meredith offers luxury houseboat and
dining, group catering and conference rooms, outdoor catering and    small boat rentals, climate controlled fish houses during all seasons,
wedding facilities, horse stall rentals, and 27 miles of trails.     and a gift and convenience store for all of your last minute
                                                                     vacation needs.

  2200 FM 1192                                                         gEORgE sURLEs, cMM
  Pilot Point, Texas 76258                                             generaL manager
  T   (940) 686-0261                                                   P.O. Box 1280, 8300 Sanford Yake Road
  F (940) 686-5659                                                     Fritch, Texas 79036
  W                                     T 806-865-3391
                                                                       F 806-865-3392

                                                                                                    FOREVERRESORTS.COM                87
  tExAs                                  PAdrE islAnd                        tExAs                                 rough cAnyon
                                         PArK coMPAny                                                              MArinA

 pAdRE isLAnd nATiOnAL sEAsHORE                                             LAkE AMisTAd nATiOnAL REcREATiOn AREA

Home to the endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtle’s migratory                This is big-sky wilderness, among Texas’s most pristine areas, where
corridor, Padre Island National Seashore is also their feeding             the limestone at the bottom of the lake reflects sunlight like crystal
area and breeding ground, and its waters are an integral factor in         and where limestone cliffs are painted with a patina from centuries
preserving the species. Take a stroll on the beach and look for            in the sun. Rough Canyon Marina provides access to the many
turtle nests, play in the sun, or relax while enjoying Texas hospitality   outdoor activities out on the lake from fishing to scuba diving. Take
at its finest from Padre Island Park Company. At its beachfront            advantage of the marina’s RV sites and campgrounds, boat storage,
store, Padre Island Park Company offers gifts, sportswear, and             slip rentals, fuel dock, launch ramp, and marina store to help out
essentials for enjoying a day at Malaquite Beach.                          your lake adventures.

  MELindA nEWcOMER                                                           LARRY LivELY, cMM
  store manager                                                              generaL manager
  P.O. Box 18909                                                             P.O. Box 420218, 103 Park Service Road
  Corpus Christi, Texas 78480                                                Del Rio, Texas 78840
  T 361-949-9368                                                             T 830-775-8779
  F 361-949-9368                                                             F 830-774-3334
  E                                                  E
  W                                           W

                                                   tExAs                                                                    tExAs
     southForK hotEl                                                       southForK rAnch

 pLAnO                                                                 pARkER

Located just north of Dallas in Plano, TX, Southfork Hotel offers     Become a part of television history, and enjoy Texas hospitality
oversized guest rooms, each furnished with the needs of today’s       at its finest at Southfork Ranch. Internationally recognized as the
traveler, including 12 impressively appointed suites and the “Plano   filming location for the long-running television series “Dallas”,
Suite,” offering guests an experience in Texas elegance. Southfork    Southfork is open daily, year ‘round for guided tours of the
Hotel also features dining, meeting rooms, and a perfect place        homestead and ranch. What isn’t as known is that Southfork
to relax at the end of a day spent exploring the Dallas area or       Ranch, with over 63,000 square feet of indoor event and meeting
Southfork Hotel’s sister property Southfork Ranch, home of the TV     space, and acres of sprawling ranchland, is also an ideal location for
series “Dallas.”                                                      private parties and special events for groups from 10 to 10,000.

  dAvid gREEn                                                           jiM gOMEs
  generaL manager                                                       regionaL vice President oF resorts
  1600 North Central Expressway                                         generaL manager
  Plano, Texas 75074                                                    3700 Hogge Road,
  T 972-578-8555                                                        Parker, Texas 75002
  F 972-578-9720                                                        T 972-442-7800
  E                                             F 972-442-5259
  W                                              E

                                                                                                      FOREVERRESORTS.COM                89
  virginiA                               MAbry Mill                          wAshington
                                         rEstAurAnt & storE                                                      hurricAnE ridgE

  BLUE RidgE pARkWAY                                                        OLYMpic nATiOnAL pARk

Located at the southern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway, in the              Experience the Northwest’s most dramatic winter wonderland –
highlands of Virginia, Mabry Mill is a historic site worth seeing.         any time of year. Enjoy downhill and cross-country skiing, or carve
Originally built as a grist-mill, Mabry Mill is now available for guests   your own path on snow shoes during the winter. Enjoy dramatic
to stop by to view a snippet of life at the start of the Appalachian       vistas of Olympic National Park, and the only temperate rain forest
lifestyle. Stop for some yummy fried chicken in the restaurant,            in North America during the summer. Make a stop at our Visitor
bring home locally produced buckwheat flour, and stay the night in         Center snack bar for a hot chocolate or quick sandwich.
the rustic Rocky Knob Cabins.

  gARY WOOd                                                                  MATT MUngER
  generaL manager                                                            store manager
  266 Mabry Mill Road SE, Milepost 176                                       416 Lake Crescent Road
  Meadows of Dan, Virginia 24120                                             Port Angeles, Washington 98363
  T 276-952-2947                                                             T 360-452-6329
  F 276-952-3417                                                             F 360-452-6329
  E                                                       E
  W                                                  W

lAKE crEscEnt lodgE &
      FAirholME storE
                                        wAshington                                       MAd rivEr                      wyoMing
                                                                                         boAt triPs

  OLYMpic nATiOnAL pARk                                                    jAcksOn HOLE

 In what other location can you view the rugged Pacific Coast,            Discover Wyoming at its best with daily whitewater raft and
 breathtaking mountain vistas, and a temperate rain forest all in one     scenic float trips on the waters of the state’s most famous river
 day? Only in Olympic National Park, and Lake Crescent Lodge is           – the Snake River. Whether you prefer something fast-paced, or
 right in the middle of it all. From the mile-high Hurricane Ridge to     something a little slower; whether you want to be out just a few
 Ruby Beach, the possibilities are endless. Just 92 miles from Seattle,   hours or all day; Mad River Boat Trips has a variety of trips to meet
 Washington, Lake Crescent Lodge offers guests lodge rooms,               the needs of any individual or group. Our experienced guide staff
 cottages, a fine dining restaurant featuring the Northwest’s best        will take care of you in every way.
 sustainable seafood, row-boat rentals, and a gift and general store.

   BRiAn kREiTzER                                                           MARY BEss
   generaL manager                                                          generaL manager
   416 Lake Crescent Road                                                   Addr 1      P.O. Box 10940, Jackson, Wyoming 83002
   Port Angeles, Washington 98363                                           Addr 2      1255 South Highway 89, Jackson, Wyoming 83001
   T 360-928-3041                                                           T 307-733-6203
   F 360-928-3253                                                           F 307-733-7626
   E                                                     E
   W                                              W

                                                                                                         FOREVERRESORTS.COM                91
   wyoMing                                signAl MountAin
                                          lodgE / lEEKs MArinA

 gRAnd TETOn nATiOnAL pARk

Grand Teton National Park has long been heralded as one of the
more magnificent National Parks in America. Signal Mountain
Lodge places you right in the middle of it all and, as the only resort
on the shores of Jackson Lake, provides recreational opportunities
that are as unlimited as your imagination. Enjoy a relaxing float
trip, take a guided fishing trip, or just sit and gaze at the Grand
Teton Mountains from the porch of a lakeside suite. At the end of
the day, let your worries slip away while dining at our restaurant
overlooking Jackson Lake. Signal Mountain Lodge provides cabin
rentals, several dining options, guided fishing trips, scenic float trips,
small boat rentals, and a gift and general store.

  jAsOn RYAn
  generaL manager
  P.O. Box 50, Inner Park Road
  Moran, Wyoming 83013
  T 307-543-2831
  F 307-543-2569

                                            MontAnA                               PrincE oF                          cAnAdA
   glAciEr PArK lodgE                                                           wAlEs hotEl

  gLAciER nATiOnAL pARk                                               WATERTOn LAkEs nATiOnAL pARk

Located on the eastern gateway of Glacier National Park in East     Built between 1926-1927, Prince of Wales Hotel is located in
Glacier Park, MT, Glacier Park Lodge and Resort is a western        Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada. It overlooks
theme lodge along the main line of the Burlington Northern          picturesque Upper Waterton Lake and the township of Waterton.
Railroad. Huge Douglas fir pillars that are over 40 feet high and   This stately hotel, named after Prince Edward, offers 86 guest rooms
40 inches in diameter form the supports in the impressive lobby     and a traditional British atmosphere complete with afternoon tea, fine
that welcomes you to the Lodge. The Blackfeet Indians, awed by      dining, lounge and distinctive gift shop. The hotel was designated a
the size of the timbers called it “Omahkoyis”, or Big Tree Lodge.   National Historic Site of Canada in 1992 with Plaque status granted in
With a heated outdoor swimming pool, nine-hole golf course and      1995. Highlighted in the 2008 National Geographic™ Crown of the
close proximity to Glacier National Park, Glacier Park Lodge is a   Continent Geotourism Map Guide.
wonderful Montana destination resort.

   cindY OgnjAnOv                                                      dOn BUdgEn
   generaL manager                                                     generaL manager
   1 Midvale Lane                                                      P. O. Box 33
   East Glacier Park, Montana 59434                                    Waterton Park,
                                                                       Alberta, Canada T0K2M0
   T 406-226-5632
   F 406-226-5630                                                      T 403-859-2231
   E                                         F 403-859-2630
   W                                            W

                                                                                                   GLACIERPARKINC.COM                93
ForEvEr rEsorts

Forever Resorts – It’s all about the experiences you’ll take home after visiting a Forever Resorts destina-
tion. Soak up the fun in natural places throughout America where the pace of life can slow down and inspire
relaxation from within or evoke excitement for the thrill of the moment. The awe-inspiring
destinations in nationally preserved parks and spectacular outdoor experiences allow you to capture extraor-
dinary vacation memories courtesy of Forever Resorts.
Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway where you can “disconnect” from the world, or an action-
packed vacation filled with whitewater rafting, hiking, or mountain biking, Forever Resorts offers the best that
our National Parks, forests, and other public lands have to offer.
                                   south AFricAn


ForEvEr rEsorts south AFricA
867 Schoeman Street
                                               Postal Address
Arcadia, 0083
                                               Private Bag x16
                                               Hatfield, 0028
T: 011-27-12-423-5660
                                               SOUTH AFRICA
F: 011-27-12-423-5610
Reservations: 011-27-12-423-5600
                                       kOBUs TAiT
                                    MAnAging diREcTOR

                 cHARL j. kOTzE                            sTEpHEn dE BEER
      gROUp FinAnciAL & OpERATiOns MAnAgER         gROUp HUMAn REsOURcEs MAnAgER

       MARiUs snYgAns               cHRisTO WAgEnAAR               AndREW MATHEBULA
 gROUp FinAnciAL cOnTROLLER      gROUp MARkETing MAnAgER            gROUp TRAining &
                                                                  dEvELOpMEnT MAnAgER

ForEvEr rEsorts south AFricA
Forever Resorts in South Africa offers a variety of phenomenal destinations in some
of the most scenic areas of South Africa. A distinctive collection of facilities such
as hydro spas and treatment centers, water activities, fine restaurants, conference
facilities, eco experiences and many more await our guests. We provide fun-filled
destinations for our guests, while helping to create an awareness of the area’s
history, culture and preserving the environment. Tranquility, breathtaking scenery and
excellent service from our friendly and well-trained staff are just a few of the reasons
why Forever Resorts South Africa is one of the most sought after resort groups in
South Africa.

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