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					   Humanitarian Update Southern Sudan
   Issue 3, May and June 2010

       The number of people reported to have been uprooted from their homes due to insecurity reached over 152,000 at the
        end of June.
       Rapid assessments and surveys confirmed that several areas in the south have malnutrition levels well above the
        WHO emergency thresholds.

Food shortages and insecurity in Southern Sudan continue
to have serious humanitarian consequences. The World
Food Programme (WFP) estimates the number of severely
food insecure people at 1.5 million and the number of mod-
erately food insecure at 1.8 million with the most food inse-
cure populations located in Jonglei, Warrap, Northern Bahr
el Ghazal and Eastern Equatoria states. The lean season is
reaching its peak, but July/August and September harvests
are expected to mitigate food insecurity. However, high lev-
els of violence threaten to further exacerbate the existing
food gap. Incidents of tribal fighting or other forms of insecu-
rity with a humanitarian impact have been reported across
the south, with clashes concentrated in Jonglei and along
the borders between Warrap, Unity and Lakes states. So far
this year, local authorities and assessment teams have re-
ported that approximately 700 people have been killed in
the violence and more than 152,000 people have reportedly
been uprooted from their homes because of insecurity.                 Southern Sudan consists of ten states. The map above does not claim to
                                                                      show official borders.
    Humanitarian access in Khorfulus County, northern Jon-
glei, remains severely restricted as a result of a military           sions between two tribes in the area for a long time over ad-
stand-off that has continued without resolution since 30              ministrative and traditional boundaries, but it was unclear if a
April. The situation is believed to threaten the well-being of        specific incident triggered the latest events. Shelter, food,
more than 18,000 civilian residents in the county. Humani-            and health supplies were identified as immediate needs.
tarian situation in towns or small villages within the cor-               Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels were reported to
doned area has not yet been verified, due to lack of humani-          have continued attacks in Western Equatoria during May and
tarian access. A humanitarian mission took place on 7 June            June. Mid-May, local authorities reported that rebel attacks
in Khorfulus town and Canal town and an assessment was                displaced several thousand people in Tambura County. Ac-
carried out concurrently with distribution of food, fishing           cording to reports from the ground, LRA attacks have caused
equipment and public health care unit kits. An humanitarian           displacement of more than 24,000 people in Western Equa-
assessment has not been conducted for the remainder of                toria over the last six months. Allegedly, over 20 abductions
the population in the county in the last two months. Protec-          were carried out over the last two months and about 40 in all
tion and food insecurity concerns have been raised.                   this year. These latest events have hampered economic activ-
    At the end of June, reports indicated that a number of            ity and food production in Western Equatoria.
people had moved from Wanding, Upper Nile, to Dengjok                     In most parts of the south, the rainy season is well under-
payams of Akobo County in Jonglei. A rapid assessment on              way. Following heavy rains on 29 June, 1,864 people were
26 June confirmed arrival of 4,660 individuals settling in            affected by floods in Kormalang in Jur River County, Western
Denjok, Gakdong and Kier in Akobo County. The people re-              Bahr el Ghazal. An assessment by UN and the Southern Su-
portedly moved due to fear of attacks. There have been ten-           dan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) confirmed
                                                                      localized flooding resulted from damming of a stream by a
                                                                      newly constructed railway. The railway embankment blocked
                                                                      the stream, flooding nearby homes. Food rations for two
                                                                      months and emergency shelter materials for 60 households
                                                                      whose houses (tukuls) were washed away would be distrib-
                                                                      uted. A construction company was contracted soon after the
                                                                      incident to install drainage tunnels under the railway.
                                                                          In May, the Sudan Meteorological Authority (SMA) pro-
                                                                      jected near-normal to below-normal rainfall for the southern
                                                                      parts of the south and near-normal to above-normal rainfall in
                                                                      the northern part during the period June to September 2010.
                                                                      The timely onset of rains combined with a favourable forecast
                                                                      increases optimism of a favourable cropping year. In mid-
                                                                      May, the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) issued a
                                                                      flood risk alert for June indicating possible heavy rains and
                                                                      specified Western, Central, and Eastern Equatoria, and Jon-
Property destroyed in Tambura, Western Equatoria in May 2010.   IOM   glei as areas at risk.                  [Source: UN, GoSS-SSRRC, SMA]

         An update on humanitarian action in Southern Sudan produced by OCHA in collaboration with partner UN agencies & NGOs
Humanitarian Update Southern Sudan                                                                                                            PAGE 2

II. HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE                                                      dren annually, a situation compounded by recent shortages
Food security and livelihoods                                                  in nutrition supplies. Rapid assessments and surveys have
This year, WFP has scaled up emergency assistance signifi-                     confirmed that a number of areas in Jonglei, Upper Nile,
cantly. In January, WFP reached 230,000 beneficiaries. By                      Unity, Eastern Equatoria, Warrap and Northern Bahr el Ghazal
February, the agency was providing assistance to 1.3 million                   have malnutrition levels well above the WHO emergency
people and to almost 2 million people in March and April. In                   thresholds. During the first quarter of 2010, admissions into
May, some 2.1 million people across Southern Sudan were                        nutrition programmes run by NGOs and the Ministry of Health
assisted and in June approximately 2.4 million. Emergency                      more than doubled compared to the same period last year.
assistance is ongoing to cover the hunger gap/lean-season                      Although there was a slight drop in admissions during the
period that normally lasts between May-July.                                   elections period, nutrition levels worsened (in keeping with
   This year, in an effort to speed up response times and                      annual trends) in the months leading up to the hunger gap in
make operations as cost efficient as possible, almost                          June and July and the overall number of beneficiaries in nutri-
60,000 metric tons (MT) of food has been pre-positioned to                     tion programs remains high.
more than 60 final prepositioning locations across Southern                        In the most vulnerable areas of Eastern Equatoria, Unity,
Sudan, especially in places such Jonglei, Warrap, and Upper                    Lakes and Jonglei, nutrition sector leads are implementing
Nile states as these areas become inaccessible for transport-                  programmes to build the nutrition capacity of existing health
ers during the rainy season and also are states reporting the                  partners on the ground. However, shortages in emergency
highest levels of food insecurity.                                             nutrition supplies have imposed additional strains. Nutrition
    Prices of food commodities continued to increase, par-                     sector leads reported they had nearly depleted their stocks in
ticularly in June. This had a negative effect on food availabil-               late June and efforts to secure alternative nutrition commodi-
ity and accessibility. Most food commodities are imported                      ties to mend shortages were underway including bringing in
largely from neighbouring Uganda and Kenya. According to                       supplies by air at increased transportation costs. Difficulties
the GoSS Food Security Technical Secretariat (FSTS), the                       come at a time when new nutrition demands are arising in
Council of Ministers removed taxes on essential food com-                      Pibor in Jonglei, Gogrial East in Warrap and different parts of
modities mid-May to help meet emergency food needs and                         Unity state.                                 [Source: Nutrition sector]
address food insecurity. Typically, grain prices increase dur-
ing May and August.              [Source: WFP, GoSS-FSTS, FAO, FEWSNET]        Health
                                                                               With the exception of kalazar (see below), no major out-
Seeds and tools                                                                breaks were declared over the past two months. From the
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and 52 partner                     routine surveillance statistics, the crude and under five mor-
organizations have distributed 91 percent of 2,095 MT of                       tality rates are estimated to be below the emergency thresh-
seeds and 63 percent of 400,000 tools targeted to benefit                      old. However, due to conflict-induced population displace-
150,000 beneficiary households in 2010. The support is                         ments in some states like Jonglei, Unity and Western Equato-
directed towards crop production during the cropping sea-                      ria, the number of internally displaced people in need of
son that runs from late March to November. The seed pack-                      medical services has continued to rise. WHO with health part-
age provided to farmers includes cereals, pulses and oil                       ners are working to ensure availability of health services in
seeds depending on the suitability of crops for local condi-                   the affected areas. The capacity of the state ministries of
tions. Seed distributions have also been completed in four                     health and county health departments remain weak. Thus,
states: Warrap, Upper Nile, Central Equatoria and Western                      over 80 percent of all health services delivery is being under-
Equatoria. However, difficulties in accessing required quanti-                 taken by humanitarian actors (NGOs and UN). A contingency
ties of seeds and increased seed prices on the local market                    plan has been developed in the health sector for responding
have delayed the seed distribution programme in some ar-                       to any crisis that may require additional capacities to respond
eas. Some of the suppliers have also been unable to deliver                    and curb unnecessary morbidity and mortalities. WHO has
good quality seeds on time.                          [Source: FAO]             prepositioned emergency health kits in four high risk state
                                                                               capitals to respond to any crisis during the coming period.
Nutrition                                                                      The states include Jonglei, Upper Nile, Unity and Western
Malnutrition is a major concern in Southern Sudan with both                    Bahr El Ghazal. In addition to these, all states have drugs and
chronic and acute malnutrition affecting over 50,000 chil-                     equipment to investigate outbreaks at any given time. Some
                                                                               of the disease conditions the sector is assisting to control
                                                                               and respond to include kalazar, acute watery diarrhea, men-
                                                                               ingitis, measles and cutaneous anthrax.
                                                                                   In May and June, WHO increased efforts to address the
                                                                               Kalazar outbreak that has persisted in Upper Nile and Jonglei
                                                                               since September 2009. Technical and financial support was
                                                                               provided to 10 treatment centres (Malakal, Old Fangak, Ayod,
                                                                               Melut, Nasir, Pibor, Akoka, Lankien, Narus and Kapoeta) in
                                                                               order to build the capacity of health care workers in case
                                                                               management and laboratory diagnosis. WHO and Ministry of
                                                                               Health distributed drugs and diagnostic kits to all the treat-
                                                                               ment centres and prepositioned some supplies in Malakal.
                                                                               Medair, Malaria Consortium and other partners are support-
                                                                               ing health education campaigns on kalazar in parts of Jonglei
                                                                               and Upper Nile. A total of 379 new kalazar cases including six
                                                                               deaths were reported for May and June from all centres ex-
Breastfeeding mothers get help through the lean season in Wau, Western         cept Narus. Up to 80 percent of the new cases were in Old
Bahr el Ghazal.                                     Issac Billy Gideon/UNMIS   Fangak treatment centre in Jonglei while the rest were from
                                         United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
Humanitarian Update Southern Sudan                                                                                                            PAGE 3

 The Emergency Relief Coordinator visits Sudan

 The United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Emergency Relief Coordinator John
 Holmes conducted his fifth official visit to Sudan from 26 to 30 May 2010. In South-
 ern Sudan, which he visited on 27 and 28 May, John Holmes travelled to Warrap and
 Western Bahr el Ghazal, where he reviewed programmes providing food, nutrition,
 health care and education. He also met local authorities, tribal leaders and elders to
 discuss urgent humanitarian needs and the security of the civilian population and
 humanitarian actors. In Juba, Mr. Holmes met Government of Southern Sudan Vice-
 President Riek Machar and UN agencies and NGOs working in the south.
     Mr. Holmes noted a number of factors that have led to the humanitarian chal-

                                                                                                                                                 Sam Hendricks/OCHA
 lenges facing Southern Sudan, in particular food insecurity and rising malnutrition
 brought on by poor rains and crop failure last year, as well as higher food prices. He
 called upon the international community to step up to humanitarian needs including
 through funding to core areas in close collaboration with the Government of Southern

Malakal Teaching Hospital in Upper Nile. Most of the cases                          persons and returnee households in Central Equatoria, East-
were among children under 17 years.             [Source: WHO]                       ern Equatoria, Jonglei, Lakes, Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Unity,
                                                                                    and Western Equatoria. Conflict related IDPs were the larg-
Education                                                                           est beneficiary group (71 percent), followed by returnees (29
In June, the State Ministry of Education conducted an as-                           percent).                                         [Source: UNJLC]
sessment in Akobo, Twic East, Nyirol and Bor counties in Jon-
glei where displaced children have been learning in groups                          III. COORDINATION AND COMMON SERVICES
outdoors. The assessment revealed that 13,924 children of                           Humanitarian coordination and funding
school going age were among the 27,014 people displaced                             During the first half of 2010, partners in Southern Sudan
in Jonglei between January and June 2010. In Akobo, reports                         have revamped both the humanitarian coordination structure
indicated that five schools were burnt in June together with                        and operational modalities. The Humanitarian Country Team
teaching and learning materials.                                                    –Juba Satellite has prioritized the delivery of essential life-
    In Khorfulus, Pibor and most of Ayod, populations have                          saving inputs managed through six core pipelines (food, nutri-
mostly fled to either Bor or to Malakal in Upper Nile, and all                      tion, non-food items and emergency shelter, emergency
schools have been closed since tension erupted in the area                          medical kits, seeds and tools, and water supplies), and
at the end of April. According to UNICEF, the State Ministry of                     through programmes aimed at maintaining the basic safety-
Education has requested for tented classrooms and school                            net. The cluster system has been introduced and is being
materials to cater for the displaced children. UNICEF and                           rolled out in all ten states in the south to increase emergency
partners in the education sector will implement response                            preparedness and response. Focus has now shifted towards
activities once general security in the area improves.                              preparing for the referendum in January 2011. Clusters will
    Towards the end of June, schools west of the Nile River in                      compile cluster-specific contingency and response plans and
Upper Nile were reported to be closed due to an ongoing                             enhance preparedness and response capacity at state level.
compulsory disarmament operation that has resulted in a                                 Humanitarian actors have increased efforts to mobilize
tense security situation. Reportedly, 837 pupils have been                          resources. GoSS has committed US$35 million to address
displaced to Malakal town and a few of them found places in                         food insecurity. Agencies have submitted a request to the
schools there. As a result, most schools in Malakal have be-                        UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund for $14.3 million
come overcrowded.                                  [Source: UNICEF]                 and approximately $40 million has been allocated to the
                                                                                    south through Sudan’s Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF). A
Mine action                                                                         second CHF allocation started in June. The CHF Advisory
Clearance of the minefield along Gudele River in the out-                           Team in Southern Sudan recommended allocations of around
skirts of Juba town was completed in June. The area has                             US$8 million out of the CHF.
been designated to resettle 5,000 internally displaced peo-                             After the mid-year-review of the Humanitarian Work Plan
ple. Demining operations were suspended in June and will                            in May, the overall revised requirements for Southern Sudan
resume after the rainy season ends, most likely in October.                         are $600 million. This figure includes WFP food aid and
                                                                  [Source: UNMAO]
                                                                                    Southern Sudan components of all of Sudan projects. The
                                                                                    appeal is 48 percent funded.
Non-food items and emergency shelter (NFI&ES)
NFI and ES sector partners participated in various inter-                           Logistic coordination
agency assessments and assisted 7,300 households with                               In March, UNJLC announced the start of a Common Transport
non-food items and emergency shelter to internally displaced                        Service (CTS) in cooperation with IOM. The service was de-
                                                                                    signed to support the humanitarian community in pre-
 If you have inputs for the next edition, or questions/comments on the current      positioning essential supplies in preparation for the upcom-
 issue, please contact: Clever Maputseni,                         ing rainy season. Thus far, twenty UN agencies/INGOs have
 For other media and public enquiries, you may also contact:                        benefited from the service with 388.66 MT of assorted cargo
 Cecilia Attefors,
                                                                                    (excluding food) dispatched to 24 counties/10 states in
 Disclaimer: This report is subject to availability of data by the time of circu-   Southern Sudan. The CTS which was piloted for four months
 lation and does not claim to be exhaustive or fully verified.
                                                                                    has been extended up to mid October 2010. [Source: OCHA, UNJLC]

                                          United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
                                                                                                                      SECTOR MEMBERSHIP LIST PER STATE – SOUTHERN SUDAN
                                                                            COORDINATION AND COMMON SERVICES (Sector Lead: UNOCHA, Thomas Nyambane, / Co-Lead: NGO Secretariat, Kelsey Hoppe,
                                                                NOTE: This matrix is work-in-progress based on information supplied to OCHA by NGOs and UN agencies. Inputs and comments to improve it should be sent to
                   EDUCATION                                          PROTECTION                                           FOOD SECURITY &                         HEALTH                                      NUTRITION                                  WATER AND SANITATION                        NON-FOOD ITEMS &                                      MINE ACTION
                                                                                                                           LIVELIHOODS                                                                                                                                                                EMERGENCY SHELTER
 SECTOR            Lead: UNICEF  Simon Mphisa                         Lead:  UNHCR  Mireille Girard                        Lead: FAO Michael Oyat                  Lead: WHO Julius Wekesa                     Lead: UNICEF Bertha Jackson                Lead: UNICEF Ken Maskall                    Lead: UNJLC Miki Takahashi                            Lead: UNMAO Sarah Holland
 LEADS/COLEADS                                                                         ,                                                  
 AND CONTACT       Co­Lead:  Save the Children  Emily                 Co­Lead: NRC Louisa Medhurst                         Co-Lead: VSF-B Nyabenyi Tipo’           Co-Lead: NGO Sarah Goldsmith                Co-Lead: ACF Onno van Manen                Co-Lead: Medair Caroline Boyd               Co­Lead: World Vision   Morris  Kenyi        
 DETAILS           Lugano                                             ida‐                                              , , 

 CENTRAL           ADRA, ASTAD, ACROSS, CHF, ELPWCE,                  ARC, CHF, CRS, DRC, EMDH, ERADA,                     ACCOMPLISH, ACF, ADRA, AIC-CORED,       ADRA, AAH, AIC-CORED, AFENET,               AMA, ACROSS, CCC, MSF-SPAIN, UNICEF,       ADRA, ARC, ASTAD, CRS, ERADA, HASS,         MEDAIR                                                DDG, FSD, MAG, NAD, NPA, OSIL, OVCI,
 EQUATORIA         ERADA, HASS, IAS, ICRC, JRS, Labena                HAI, IDLO, RI, SW, UNHCR, UNMIS, CI,                 AMREF, ARC, CLPP, ERADA, FAO, IAS,      AMREF , ARC, ASTAD, BARAKAT,                WHO, SMoH CE                               IAS, KDI, MEDAIR, OXFAM, RDA, SCC,                                                                RFDCC,SIMAS, UNDP, UNICEF, UNMAS
                   Organization, Mubadiroon, OXFAM, SCC,              IRC, War Child Holland,                              Land 'O' Lakes, KDI, NICODO, OXFAM,     Initiative, BSF, BRAC, CARTER CENTER,                                                  SUHA, UNICEF, UNHCR, JEN, AAA, AMREF,
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 WARRAP            CDAS, CHF, CESVI, GRDF, KODRA,                     CHF, RPDP, Save the Children, WVI                    ACF, AMA, CESVI, FAO, GOAL, GRDF,       AAA, ACF, ADRA, AFENET,AMA, ACROSS,         MSF-CH, World Vison, ACF, MSF-B            ACF, CARTER CENTRE, CESVI, GOAL, GRDF,      AMA, CESVI, NCA                                       UNICEF, UNMAS
                   MERCY CORPS, NCA, Save the Children,                                                                    KODRA, IRD, MERCY CORPS, RPDP, VSF      CDAS, CARTER CENTER, CCM,                                                              IRD, NCA, PACT, Sign of Hope, UNICEF, WVI
                   SORD, UNICEF, Winrock, WVI                                                                              CH, WVI                                 CESVI,GOAL, GRDF, KODRA, MSF-Ch,
                                                                                                                                                                   NCA, PACT, PSF, PSI, RPDP, SORD,
                                                                                                                                                                   UNICEF, MEDAIR, MSF-CH, WVI, WFP
 WESTERN BAHR      HARD, IAS, NCA, Save the Children,                 EMDH, Save the Children, UNMIS                       FAO, GRC, HARD, IAS, NCA, Save the      CARTER CENTER, DRC, EHG, GRC, HARD,         SMoH WBEG,  UNICEF                         CARTER CENTRE, DRC, HARD, IAS, MEDIC,                                                             CBM , CWEP, SEM, UNDP, UNICEF,
 EL GHAZAL         UNICEF, WAARD, WORD, Windle Trust,                                                                      Children, WAARD, WORD, CARE             INTRAHEALTH,MC, MDM Canada,                                                            OXFAM, SRCS, WORD                                                                                 UNMAS,
                   Winrock                                                                                                                                         MEDAIR, MSF-B, MSF-ES, PACT, PSF, PSI,
                                                                                                                                                                   SRCS, UNICEF, WAARD, WORD, WFP,
 WESTERN           ADRA, CHF, IAS, MCRDA, MRDA, SSCA,                 CRS, ERADA, INTERSOS, OCKENDEN                       FAO, IAS, INTERSOS, MCRDA,              AAH, APOC, BRAC, Comboni Sisters, DOTY,     ACROSS, MSF-Spain, SMoH WE, SIDF/Save      IAS, INTERSOS, OCKENDEN                     CRS, INTERSOS,                                        DDG,MAG, NPA, UNICEF, UNMAS
 EQUATORIA         SARDO, SSI, UNICEF, UNHCR,                         INTERNATIONAL, RI, SSCA, UNICEF,                     OCKENDEN INTERNATIONAL, SARDO,          ECS, EHG, FHI, IMC, HAI, HEALTHNET          the Children, UNICEF, WHO                  INTERNATIONAL, PACT, OXFAM, SRRC,
                   WECRADA, CARE, NSSA, Winrock, WVI                  UNHCR, UNMIS, WVI                                    UNHCR, WVI, CRS                         TPO, HIV/AIDS Alliance, INTRAHEALTH,                                                   UNICEF, UNHCR, WVI
                                                                                                                                                                   MALTESER, MCRDA, MSF- ES, MRDA,
                                                                                                                                                                   NCA, OXFAM, PACT, PSF, PSI, SARDO,
                                                                                                                                                                   SEM, SIDF, SRRC, Save the Children,
                                                                                                                                                                   UNICEF, UNHCR, WECRADA, WFP, WVI,
                                                                                                                                                                   MSH, AFENET

UNOCHA Juba, South Sudan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Last updated on 19 July 2010

Ph: +47 24 137828 ‐35 EXT 1054, 1056, 1057 , W:
The OCHA 3W database was developed with assistance from the Humanitarian Aid Department of the European Commission

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