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									by the Land Title authorities. These are
some of the issues that need to be resolved
prior to implementation.
     Second, there is a need by all levels of
                                                  Techno Tips
government, as well as the public, for a                           Michael Angelo Rubino
smart digital file for the ongoing
                                                  What are Internet cookies?
development and maintenance of the
                                                  Basically, cookies represent pieces of
cadastral fabric. Currently there are many
                                                  information about who you are, where
variations of composite maps or reference         you’ve been, and what you may have
mapping of the provincial cadastre. Some          clicked on while you were visiting a

                                                                                                     Photo: Anna-Maria Salvatore
are paper-based (hardcopy); some are in           Website.
digital format, using geographic                        Every time you access the Internet to
information systems (GIS).                        view your favourite sites to catch up on
     Some local governments have developed        world events or shop online, Web servers
their own base map for their use; many,           generate Cookies based on information
however, have relied upon outside agencies        gathered from you while you’re surfing
                                                  the Web; they store them on your
to provide a hard-copy map product. As the
                                                  computer for later use. Windows stores
need grows for a more accurate and up-to-
                                                  all this information in your Cache or         2.                                 Then Click on View Files. Here
date base cadastral map, the only possible        Temporary Internet Files. Cookies can be                                         you’ll see all your Cookie files. You
way to develop and maintain this product is       accessed by the same Web Servers at a                                            can select them all here and watch
through having all plans filed in a digital       later time or by different Web Servers on                                        the files being deleted.
format that can be used to provide real-time      a new site you visit.
maintenance of the cadastre.                                                                    How to delete the list of Websites
                                                        That all goes on behind the scenes      you’ve visited
      I am sure most of you are aware of the      without your consent or your even being       1.                                 Open your Internet browser to any
government announcements regarding the            aware it exists. It gives you a sense of                                         Web page.
proposed establishment of an independent          awareness about how not so private you
                                                                                                2.                                 Click on Tools (same as before).
                                                  really are while surfing the World Wide
not-for-profit Land Title and Survey                                                            3.                                 Select Internet Options.
Authority to manage the land title and survey
                                                        These cookies and temporary             4.                                 Under the General tab, click on
systems of this province. At the present time,                                                                                     Clear History. The list of Websites
                                                  Internet files may be taking up needed
there is no structural information regarding                                                                                       you’ve visited will be deleted.
                                                  space on your hard drive; it’s comforting
this authority because the entire process is in
                                                  to know you can delete them.                  How to keep your computer safe
its infancy. It does, however, provide the                                                      from potential attackers
opportunity for speculation about positive
                                                  How to delete them (For Internet
                                                  Explorer 6.0)                                 With today’s high-speed Internet
gains that could benefit the users of the                                                       connections (DSL, Cable), it’s necessary
                                                  The most common way is as follows.
system and the people of BC.                                                                    that you equip your computer with
                                                  1. Open your Internet browser to any
     I personally believe this is a very                                                        antivirus software and at least, a software
                                                      Web page.
                                                                                                firewall. The Antivirus software will help
positive step that will lead to that often-       2. Click on Tools.                            you detect, quarantine, and remove any
talked-about single agency for all survey
                                                  3. Select Internet Options.                   viruses that may be hidden on your hard
and title information. It is apparent that all                                                  drive, eating away at your files or
                                                  4. Under the General tab, click on
providers of the information and the users                                                      crippling user-functionality. The software
                                                      Delete Cookies; click OK. To the
of that information will see some                                                               firewall provides protection between your
                                                      right of that button, you’ll find the
significant change in the next short while,           Delete Files button. Click on that,       computer and the World Wide Web.
but the overarching benefits will well                then click OK to remove the               This software will give you more control
outweigh the inconvenience that may be                Temporary Internet Files from your        over what comes in and what goes out.
caused by the changes contemplated.                   Computer. You’re done!                    You can decide everything. Best of all,
                                                                                                you can find free versions of the firewall
    I look forward to the outcome of this         How to make sure they are gone!
                                                                                                software on the Internet, such as Zone
new proposal and being part of that               I like to make sure the files are gone. If
                                                                                                Alarm at
change. ▲                                         you’re like me, you might want to take a
                                                  look. Use the same steps as above, only       These tips will go a long way to help
Chuck Salmon, BCLS, is the Secretary,             this time, do the following.                  keep your computer safe. ▲
Treasurer, and Registrar of the                   1. Under the General Tab, Click on            Michael Angelo Rubino is a support
Corporation of Land Surveyors of the                    Settings.                               specialist in the e-Commerce industry.
Province of British Columbia.

Volume 13 Number 2 June 2004                                    The Scrivener                                                                                              25

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