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									                                      Recommended Nutrition Education Materials for Adults (18+)
      Source             Source                  Title                                          Description                                    Language      Audience
                          Type                                                                                                                               Specific
USDA and HHS            Book          A Healthier You                Brings together nutrition science and expertise to help individuals      English       Adults
                                                                     make s mart choices fro m every food group and find balance between
                                                                     food and physical activity,
Network fo r Healthy    Booklet       Shape of Yoga                  Offers simple ideas to teach others how to perform basic yoga and        English       Families
California                                                           learn about healthy food choices.
NIDDK, Weight-          Booklet       Energ ize Yourself and Your    This booklet gives tips on how to get moving and eat well even           English       African
Control Information                   Family                         when life is busy. Supplemental resource that may provide ideas for                    American
Network*                                                             a series of classes.                                                                   Families
NIDDK, Weight-          Booklet       Young at Heart, Tips for       Contains information on healthy eating and physical activity across      English and   Older Adults
Control Information                   Older Adults                   the lifespan. Find tips for planning meals, getting active and read      Spanish       (60+)
Network*                                                             about healthy weight. Supplemental resource that may provide ideas
                                                                     for a series of classes.
NIDDK, Weight-          Booklet       Tips to Help You Get           Offers ideas to beat the roadblocks to getting active. Supplemental      English       Adults
Control Information                   Active                         resource that may provide ideas for a series of classes.
USDA, Food and          Booklet       A River of Recipes             Collection of Native A merican Recipes fro m tribes across North         English       Native
Nutrit ion Service                                                   America.                                                                               American
Centers for Disease     Brochure      Rethink your Drink             Offers practical advice to cutting calories by making healthier drink    English       Adults
Control and                                                          choices.
Prevention (CDC)
United States           Brochure      Your Personal Path to          Takes individual through the “path” of good health and gives tips        English       Adults
Depart ment of                        Health: Steps to a Healthier   and steps to achieving it.
Agriculture                           You
Cooperative Extension   Curriculu m   Eating Well, Living Well:      Provides model lessons that enable educators to integrate nutrition      English and   Adults
(EFNEP, FSNEP): San                   Nutrit ion Education for ESL   education that focuses on the message of maintain ing healthy eating     Spanish
Diego Co mmunity                      Programs                       behaviors or changing less healthy ones and encouraging physical
College District                                                     activity.
University of           Curriculu m   Eating Smart, Being Active     Provides eight lessons (60-90 minutes each) of nutrition education       English       Adults
California and                                                       using multip le adult learning theories. Designed for paraprofessional
Colorado State                                                       nutrition educators to use when teaching limited resource adults.

       *Not on USDA approved list                                                                                                  Updated: March 2, 2010        1
Cooperative Extension
University of            Curriculu m   Simp ly Good Eating fo r      The book and handouts help participants learn how to eat more              English and   Adults, ages
Minnesota Extension*                   Seniors                       calciu m-containing foods, reduce their intake of fat and salt to          Spanish       65 and older
                                                                     reduce heart disease risk, and plan meals that are tasty, attractive,
                                                                     and economical when cooking fo r one or two.
University of            Curriculu m   Simp ly Good Eating fo r      The book addresses basic nutrition principles and physical activ ity as    English and   Adults
Minnesota Extension*                   Health                        part of a healthy lifestyle, how to get key nutrients in one's diet, the   Spanish
                                                                     importance of eating breakfast, and how to choose healthier, lo wer-
                                                                     fat and lower-cost breakfast foods, snacks and fast foods.
University of            Curriculu m   Simp ly Good Eating Now       The 97-page printed uses interactive activities to help participants       English and   Adults
Minnesota Extension*                   You’re Cooking                learn how to plan healthy meals on a limited budget, stretch their         Spanish
                                                                     food dollar, store foods appropriately, make meals fro m ingredients
                                                                     commonly found in the kitchen, and cook with an emphasis on safe
                                                                     food practices.
United States            Curriculu m   Loving your Family            Provides educational and promotional materials and techniques to           English and   Families
Depart ment of                         Feeding their Future          help nutrition educators in their work with SNAP (Supplemental             Spanish
Agriculture (USDA)                                                   Nutrit ion Assistance Program) part icipants and eligib les.
USDA, Food and           Gu idebook    Maximizing the Message:       Provided are 16 nutrition message with supporting content that             English       Parents
Nutrit ion Service                     Help ing Moms and Kids        addresses important diet-related behaviors influencing the health of                     (primarily
                                       Make Healthier Food           low-inco me mothers and children                                                         mothers)
American Dietetic        Handout       Healthy Eating on the Run:    30 tips for making healthy choices when eating out.                        English       Adults
Association                            A Month of Tips
Centers for Disease      Handout       Three Simple Steps to         Steps to increase the amount of fru its and vegetables in the diet as      English and   Adults
Control and                            Eating More Fru its and       well as picture examples of what a cup and ½ cup serving looks like.       Spanish
Prevention-Fruits and                  Vegetables
Veggies More Matters
Food and Drug            Handout       Eating Well as We Age         Addresses financial barriers to eating well, chewing issues, cooking       English       Older Adults
Admin istration                                                      issues, shopping, loss of appetite, upset stomach, and the Nutrition                     (60+)
                                                                     Facts label.
National Dairy           Handout       Using MyPramid to Make        Breaks down the MyPyramid groups and gives examp les of each               English and   Adults
Council of California                  Healthier Food Choices        food group.                                                                Spanish
USDA, Food Safety        Handout       Basics for Handling Food      Safe steps in food handling, cooking, and storage in order to prevent      English and   Adults
and Inspection Service                 Safely                        food borne illness.                                                        Spanish
United States            Handout       MyPyramid Ten Tips            Provides consumers and professionals with high quality, easy-to-           English       Adults
Depart ment of                         Nutrit ion Education Series   follow t ips in a convenient, printable format.

       *Not on USDA approved list                                                                                                    Updated: March 2, 2010         2
Network fo r a Healthy   Newsletter   Harvest of the Month            Family, Co mmun ity, and Educator Newsletters                           English         Families
USDA and HHS             Toolkit      Dietary Guidelines for          Assists health education experts in offering the latest science-based   English         Adults
                                      Americans (2005)                nutrition and physical activity reco mmendations to the public.
National Dairy           Toolkit-     DASH Health Education           Contains important informat ion on the role of dairy and dairy          English         Adults
Council*                 primarily    Kit                             nutrients in promoting the benefits of the Dietary Approaches to
                         handouts                                     Stop Hypertension (DASH) eating plan, which may reduce high
                                                                      blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors.
National Dairy           Toolkit-     Live Well!                      A comprehensive educational resource guide designed to help teach       English         Adults
Council*                 primarily                                    clients to select and enjoy nutrient-rich foods first.
National Dairy           Toolkit-     WIC Health Education Kit        This kit o ffers resources for health professionals on educating        English and     Pregnant
Council*                 primarily                                    pregnant women on the health benefits of dairy.                         Spanish         Women
Network fo r a Healthy   Toolkit      Fruit, Vegetable, and                             English and     Latino and
California                            Physical Activity Toolbo x                                                                              Spanish         African
                                      for Co mmunity Educators!                                                                                               American
Network fo r a Healthy   Toolkit      California Fit Business Kit     Tools and resources to help emp loyers develop and imp lement a         English         Adults
California - Worksite                                                 culture and environment at their workplaces that support healthy
Program                                                               eating and physical activity among workers.
Network fo r a Healthy   Toolkit      Food Stamp Office               Focuses on educating food stamp recip ients and applicants about the    English         Adults
California                            Resource Kit                    choices that lead to good nutrition and healthy behavior.
USDA, SNAP-Ed            Toolkit      Eat Smart, Live Strong:         Pro motes two key behaviors: increase fru it and vegetable              English only    Older Adults
Connection                            Nutrit ion Education for        consumption and participate in physical activ ity. Included are a                       (60+)
                                      Older Adults                    leader's guide and four sessions designed to reinforce these
American Society on      Website,     Food for Health: Nutrit ional   Provides tools to support healthy eating in older adults so that food   English         Older Adults
Aging Live Well, Live    online       Well-being for Older Adults     can become “food for health” and elders can reap the benefits of                        (60+)
Long: Steps to Better    module                                       better nutritional status.
Health Series, 2006*     (book)
                                                             module8/ho me.cfm
American Society on      Website,     Physical Activity for Older     Provides informat ion and tools to meet the challenge of pro moting     English         Older Adults
Aging Live Well, Live    online       Adults: Exercise for Life!      physical activity for older adults.                                                     (60+)
Long: Steps to Better    module
Health Series, 2006*     (book)                              module6/ho me.cfm
National Gardening       Website      Food Gardening Guide                                    English         Adults

       *Not on USDA approved list                                                                                                    Updated: March 2, 2010        3
Network fo r a Healthy   Website    Champions for Change                            English and   Families
California                          Materials                                                                                                 Spanish
Network fo r a Healthy   Website    Latino Campaign               Additional materials:                                                       English and   Families
California                                                            Spanish
Network fo r a Healthy   Website    African A merican             Additional materials:                                                       English       Families
California                          Campaign             Cam
Network fo r a Healthy   Website    Retail Program                Information available at:                                                   English       Adults
California                                               x
Network fo r a Healthy   Website    Take Action!                  10-week, Web-based program that empowers emp loyees to improve              English       Adults
California - Worksite                                             their health by increasing fru it and vegetable consumption and
Program                                                           physical activity in the worksite.

Oregon State             Website,   Eat Well for Less             3 online modules: Pyramid Power, We Wish You Well, and Stretching           English       Adults
University               Online                                   Your Food Dollars. The program’s goal is to share useful information
                         module                                   about how to plan healthful meals, prepare tasty, low-cost foods that are
                                                                  quick and easy, and make food dollars last through the month.

USDA, Food and           Website,   Building Blocks for Fun and   Contains information on the CA CFP meal requirements, advice on             English and   Adults
Nutrit ion Service       online     Healthy Meals                 how to serve high quality meals and snacks, menu planning,                  Spanish
                         module                                   nutrition education ideas and tips, the Dietary Gu idelines for
                                                                  Americans, the USDA Food Gu ide Pyramid, food safety facts,
                                                                  sample menus, and much more.

United States            Website    MyPyramid Menu Planner                     English       Adults
Depart ment of
United States            Website    MyPyramid Tracker                                               English       Adults
Depart ment of
United States            Website    MyPyramid Plan       index.aspx                              English       Adults
Depart ment of

       *Not on USDA approved list                                                                                                  Updated: March 2, 2010        4
*Not on USDA approved list   Updated: March 2, 2010   5

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