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									      ~ ~ Hostess Incentives, Rewards and Tips ~ ~

As a Pure Romance by Kathy Hostess, you will receive ~
♥ 10% of your party sales in credit towards your purchase.

♥ Receive any one item at 50% off with a $300 party; Receive any two items at 50% off, and any
‘lotion’ up to $15 for FREE with a $500 party; or Receive any two items at 50% off, any ‘lotion’ up
to $15 for FREE and a FREE Mini Nights of Passion, and an entry into the Hostess Contest for an
American Express $500 Gift Card with a $750 party!

♥ You will receive a $15 credit for each party that is booked before or at your party.

♥ Receive $1 in credit for each paying guest over 14 ~ example 15 paying guests = $15 towards your

♥ Host a $1,000 party and you will receive any one item in the catalog for


                        How to Host A $1,000 Party
                            Why would you want to have a $1,000 party?

Free products, of course! In addition to the $100 credit as your hostess gift, you’ll get any
                               item out of the catalog free!

     Hosting a $1,000 Pure Romance Party is not any harder than hosting a $400 party.

                                      Follow these simple steps:

♥ Invite, Invite, Invite!

       The more guests you invite to your show, the more hostess credits you will earn. Use the attached
       Guest Planner. Don’t be afraid to invite ‘too many’. I recommend you personally invite 40 people.
       Often, only 1/2 of those invited are able to attend. Remember, Pure Romance parties are for
      women over 18 only – If men or children, including infants, are present, I will be unable to
      conduct your show.
    Our Goal: To have as many of your friends and family at your show! Encourage them to bring a guest!

                                            Pure Romance by Kathy
♥ Contacting Your Party Guests!

        Call, Email, Text and IM each guest starting when you and I have settled on a date to let everyone
        know about your Pure Romance Party. Don’t overlook anyone, you will be surprised at how many people
        have still not heard about us, and would be disappointed that they were not invited to the party the
        town will be talking about. Encourage them to bring friends too!

♥ Share the Catalog and the Website!

        Collecting advanced orders from those who are unable to attend will increase your overall party total.
        Pass along the catalog and gather the completed order forms and payments prior to your party (be
        sure to add shipping & handling and 6% sales tax to each outside order). Invite your out of state
        friends and relatives to call or email me for the best deals and to ensure you receive their sales.
        They can visit my website to get all my info. All orders will be shipped directly to
        them and you still earn credit, just have them tell me your name. Everyone will be anticipating the
        arrival of their great products. These outside orders can make a huge increase to your party totals.

♥ Share the Excitement ~ It’s Contagious!!

        I will introduce our incredible line of products, and share with you all the latest tips and trends. You
        will earn FREE and discounted items based on the total retail sales at your show!

♥ Cash and Carry!

        Let everyone know that they can expect to receive their products the night of the show! All
        ordering is done confidentially (I will need a private area for this).

♥ Re- Contacting Your Party Guests!!

        2 - 3 days before your party, call, email, text and IM each guest. Many people will simply forget or
        the emails will get buried. Blame it on me – say ‘The Pure Romance lady needs an exact head count so
        she can be sure she brings enough prizes and products to deliver the night of the party!’ Everyone
        has been in a position of trying to plan; they will understand and appreciate the call or email. This
        would also be a good time to remind your guests that I deliver the night of the party and to bring
        their checkbooks, cash, or credit cards!

Additional tips…

♥ Encourage your family and friends to schedule a show of their own! You will earn additional rewards when
your guests schedule and hold their own show, so encourage them to book!

♥ Play the enclosed game Pure Romance Squares or we can play the ‘Bust or Booty’ game once I arrive!

♥ Check out the enclosed Dic Tac Toe game for you to win more FREE product!

♥ I will arrive approx. 10 min. prior to your party, please have a small table for me to set my display on.

♥ If possible, could there be a parking spot in the driveway for me to unload my goodies.

♥ I find that light refreshments are fine after the demo – we will be very ‘hands on’ during this time!!

♥ Ask your guests to be on time, the time we agreed upon is the starting time of my demo.

♥ Please call me if you have any questions! I want your experience to be enjoyable!

                                              Pure Romance by Kathy

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