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2. What are the 4 major classes of macromolecules?

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4. Lipids are organic molecules with what specific characteristic? (HINT think

5. What atoms are found in lipids?

6. What are three examples of lipids?

7. Neutral fats are also called what because they lack a charge?

8. What are the 4 components of a typical triglyceride?

9. Diagram a typical triglyceride in the space below and label the major parts of the
   molecule. (HINT see diagram on page).

10. What are three jobs that fats perform for the body?

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12. What are the building blocks of a triglyceride again (neutral fat)? (YES…I know
    this is a repeat; what do you THINK that means?                               )
13. What makes a saturated fatty acid saturated?
14. Where do saturated fats come from?

15. What is one characteristic of a saturated fat at room temperature?

16. In the space below, diagram a saturated fatty acid chain.

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18. Other fatty acids which do NOT have the maximum number of Hydrogen atoms
    bonded to them are called what?

19. What type of bonding is present between Carbon atoms on these types of fats?

20. Diagram one of these in the space below.

21. What are two differences between the fat diagramed in #15 and #19?

22. What do we call fatty acids with one double bond?

23. What do we call fatty acids with multiple double bonds?

24. Where do these types of fats come from?

25. What characteristic do they have at room temperature?

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27. What types of lipids are made from modified triglycerides and have a phosphate
    polar head group?

28. Two layers of these molecules form what in a cell?

29. How do these molecules orient in the cell membrane? Diagram a typical
    phospholipid bilayer cell membrane in the space below and label the polar head
    groups and the nonpolar tails.
30. What does “hydrophilic” mean?

31. What does “Hydrophobic” mean?

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33. What is the job of cholesterol in the membrane of animal cells?

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35. Answer the questions in the space below.
36. What are the 4 classes of major macromolecules?

37. What are three main jobs of lipids in the body?

38. What are three differences between saturated fats and unsaturated fats?

39. Where do saturated fats come from?

40. Where do unsaturated fats come from?

41. Where does cholesterol come from?

42. Would you expect a diet high in animal products to be high in cholesterol? Why
    or why not?

43. Would you expect a diet high in plant products to be high in cholesterol? Why or
    why not?

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