Tips to Enhance Your Booth Traffic and Maximize Leads by MarvinGolden


									            Tips to Enhance Your Booth Traffic and Maximize Leads
CME LLC is dedicated to ensuring that exhibitors receive high-quality exposure at the 2009 Treating the Whole
Patient conference. To help draw more attention to your company, increase your booth traffic, reach your target
audience, and ultimately, maximize your return on investment, be sure to take advantage of one or more
marketing opportunities which will help you get full value from your space and time:

       All-Inclusive Packages:
       Be sure to make a bigger impact on your target audience by taking advantage of one of our special booth
       packages, which include:

       1.   Booth space
       2.   An identification sign with your company name and booth number
       3.   An advertisement in the Program Directory
       4.   Highlighted listing in the Program Directory
       5.   Company listing on the Treating the Whole Patient Web Site

       For more information, please see the Booth Selection and Pricing options on page 7 of the Exhibitor Prospectus.

       Directory and Web Advertising:
       Place your advertisement in the Treating the Whole Patient Directory, which is given out on-site to every
       attendee, who uses the Directory to find valuable information about Treating the Whole Patient, such as program
       schedules, faculty, maps, etc. By taking advantage of advertising opportunities, you’ll reach the largest number of

       For ad specifications and submission information, please see the Directory Advertising rate card on page 13 of the
       Exhibitor Prospectus.

       Literature Distribution:
       Put your informational fliers and brochures front and center when you place them on the Take One! Literature
       Displays, strategically located in high-traffic areas for easy access by attendees. Items for distribution will be
       made available at two or more locations throughout the convention center, and will be allocated and stocked by
       CME LLC personnel throughout the event until the supply is exhausted.

       For more details and pricing, please see the Take One! Literature Distribution Application and Contract on page
       14 of the Exhibitor Prospectus.

       Promotional Sponsorships:
       To enhance your company image with your target audience, be sure to take advantage of the promotional
       sponsorship opportunities offered at 2009 Treating the Whole Patient conference. Simply review the list of
       promotional opportunities located on pages 9-10 of the Exhibitor Prospectus for the best strategy to increase your

       Deadline to sponsor a promotional opportunity is August 3, 2009.
       Raffles and Promotional Giveaways:
       Raffles and promotional giveaways are a great way to enhance booth traffic and compensate attendees for their
       attention to your products or services. Raffles and announcements, giveaways, and food or beverages are
       permitted within your booth only with the consent of CME LLC Show Management.

       For more information, please reference General Information page 6 of the Exhibitor Prospectus.

       Registrant Mailings:
       Exhibitors have the opportunity to gain further exposure to registered attendees and to the universe of CME LLC
       customers (up to 150,000 names) by sending mailers through Walter Karl, Inc. Lists include physicians under the
       following categories:

       • Multimedia Buyers
       • Mental Health Professionals
       • Primary Health Care Professionals

       Pre- and post-event mailers can also be sent to:

       • Psychiatric Congress Conference Attendees
       • Treating the Whole Patient Conference Attendees

       For additional mailing instructions and costs, please reference General Information page 6 of the Exhibitor

For more information on these marketing opportunities, please reference the 2009 Exhibitor Prospectus
available on-line at or contact:

                                                    Jennifer Griffith
                                   Account Executive, Exhibit and Promotional Sales

                                                      CME LLC
                                     One Park Plaza, Suite 700 ▪ Irvine, CA 92614

                                            714.625.8561 ▪ 949.302.0734

                                                     Thank You!

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