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					                                LESSON PLAN

                            EOY.TV CASE STUDY



This case study draws on material from the following section of Leaving Cert
Business syllabus.
           Enterprise (Unit 2)
           Marketing Mix & Niche Marketing (Unit 5 )

            There are also links to peripheral issues which support the syllabus
            material in Unit 4 (Managing Change) and Unit 5 (Identifying
            Opportunities / Getting Started)
             Research & Development.
             World Class Manufacturing / Benchmarking.
             Intellectual property rights.
There has been much talk recently of the need to encourage indigenous firms to
seek competitive advantage through research and innovation. We are frequently
told that Ireland‟s success in international markets needs to be founded on “the
knowledge economy”. Above all else, the Aerogen case provides students with
an opportunity to see how this might be achieved.

Company History:
Aerogen is a specialty medical device and drug delivery company, located in
Galway. Aerogen designs, manufactures, markets and sells a range of drug
delivery systems incorporating the patented OnQ™ micropump aerosol
generator, aimed at the critical care respiratory market.

Managing Director of Aerogen, John Power set up his first medical device
company Cerus Medical in 1997 which developed innovative drug delivery
technology. In 1999 Cerus licensed a unique aerosol generation technology from
Silicon Valley based bio-pharmaceutics company Aerogen Inc. The two
companies merged in 2000 bringing the company public on NASDAQ in
November of that year. Aerogen was subsequently acquired by US firm Nektar
Therapeutics in 2005. Aerogen completed a management buyout (MBO) from
Nektar Therapeutics in November 2007.

Aerogen‟s company strategy is based on “Creating Value though Innovation”, this
is reflected in Aerogen registering over 30 international product patents.
(Source: Aerogen website
Choose some or all of the following activities, which may be completed
individually or in groups.

Activity 1: Explain each of the underlined words / terms in the „Company History‟
section above.

Activity 2: “John Power is both innovative and ambitious”.
What evidence is available in the video case study to support this statement?
Use the video to find evidence of at least 2 other enterprising characteristics or

Activity 3: Marketing Mix

Outline briefly each element of the Marketing Mix for a patented high-tech
product (such as Aerogen‟s nebuliser). Make relevant assumptions where
Students may find it useful to seek additional information on Aerogen website.

Activity 4:
Explain the following terms and illustrate with examples where possible:
World Class Manufacturing.
Intellectual property rights.
Niche marketing.

Additional resource: see Irish Times Business 2000 Case Study (6th Edition)
Guinness UDV: Quality in Production

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