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March 2010

The President’s Message:

I know everyone is ready for spring. The trails are calling so get up, dust off your gear, condition your horses, and get
ready to ride! As the days lengthen animals and humans alike are anxious to retreat from their winter hibernation and
venture out in the sunshine. Keep in mind along with the general population of sun-worshippers are snakes, the general
insect population and that ever present company to sunshine, sunburn. If you ride, stay alert, drag out the sunscreen and
locate that bug spray too. Bet you missed all that didn’t you?

Since our last newsletter ten members had the opportunity to attend an excellent first aid class. The class, presented by
Chuck Banks, provided an opportunity for members to renew their semi-annual first aid/CPR certification. For those of
you who haven’t been certified or haven’t taken a CPR class for a while be sure to look into this class. There have been
many changes to CPR techniques in recent years. We are hoping Mr. Banks will present the class again to another group
very soon so look for future notifications.

This is also a good time to take a look through your trail and barn first aid kits. Dispose of outdated materials, replenish
used items, and if your kit is non-existent or just under-stocked look for some information from 3RBCH in the near future.
We may be able to help you out with suggestions or supplies for your kit.

One of the events planned for this month is a very important BLM meeting at 6-8pm on March 16 at the Henderson Fine
Arts Center Room 9008 at the San Juan College. I encourage all our members to attend this meeting to share your
opinions with the BLM as they present the results of their research on Glade Run trails. Please be sure to put this meeting
on your calendar. This is your chance to get involved and make a difference!

Our speaker has changed for this month’s general membership meeting on March 25. The meeting will feature Dr. Jodie
Peterson who will be speaking about conditioning your horses. Since there will not be a group ride in March take
advantage of this time to begin conditioning your horse. 3RBCH has many rides, projects and learning opportunities
planned for the balance of the year. Check out the event calendar so you can plan to make these fun events.

On March 27, Patricia Irick will be doing an Animal Behavior Clinic at “Quien Sabe?” on Hwy 550 between Bloomfield and
Aztec. Patricia, who trains mustangs, loves to study animal behavior and wants to share much of what she has learned.
You are invited to bring a horse for the demonstration or simply come as a spectator. Bring treats and a small container
to the presentation for feeding your horse. We do want to let you know there will be no available bathroom facilities
on- site.

We will have a booth promoting 3RBCH at the Four Corners Tack Sale in Durango on April 10. We are seeking
volunteers to man the booth. We would like to have enough volunteers so a rotation is possible allowing time for all to
browse this wonderful tack sale. Please contact your board members as soon as possible if you will help out. See the
event calendar for time and place specifics on all the events listed above.

As you can see this will be a busy month. It is so good to see our membership growing. It seems as our membership
grows, we can all sense the group’s enthusiasm increase. I am really looking forward to an exciting year.

Till we meet on the trail!

3RBCH President, Barbara Kipper

                        3RBCH MEETING CALENDAR
 Date      Event                            Time             Location
 Mar       General Membership Meeting       6:30-8:00pm      Fraternity of Police Building
 25        Speaker – Dr. Peterson,                           6750 Pecos Drive, Farmington
           Equine Conditioning
 Apr 6     BCH Board Meeting                6:00-7:00pm      Fraternity of Police Building
           BCH Fund Raising Committee       7:00-8:00pm      6750 Pecos Drive, Farmington
 Apr       General Membership Meeting       6:30-8:00pm      Fraternity of Police Building
 22        Speaker- Ginger Moore, Horse                      6750 Pecos Drive, Farmington
 May 4     BCH Board Meeting                6:00-7:00pm      Fraternity of Police Building
           BCH Fund Raising Committee       7:00-8:00pm      6750 Pecos Drive, Farmington
 May       General Membership Meeting       6:30-8:00pm      Fraternity of Police Building
 27        Speaker- Kenny Welch, Natural                     6750 Pecos Drive, Farmington
           Balance Ferrier
 Jun       BCH Board Meeting                6:00-7:00pm      Fraternity of Police Building
 1         BCH Fund Raising Committee       7:00-8:00pm      6750 Pecos Drive, Farmington
 Jun       General Membership Meeting       6:30-8:00pm      Fraternity of Police Building
 24        Speaker- Not assigned                             6750 Pecos Drive, Farmington
 July      BCH Board Meeting                6:00-7:00pm      Fraternity of Police Building
 6         BCH Fund Raising Committee       7:00-8:00pm      6750 Pecos Drive, Farmington
 July      General Membership Meeting       6:30-8:00pm      Fraternity of Police Building
 22        Speaker- Not assigned                             6750 Pecos Drive, Farmington

      General Membership Meetings are preceded at 6pm by a social “half-hour” for those who want to attend.
                           LOCAL EVENTS & CLINICS
                                          Meeting follows at 6:30pm

March 13 – ACTHA Ride
Cumberworth’s Arena, 1875 Coyote Dr., Farmington. Sponsored by the San Juan Valley Trail Riders.

March 16, BLM Trails Meeting – Henderson Fine Arts Center at the San Juan College Farmington, 6PM, Room 9008

March 18-21 – Four States Ag Expo
Montezuma Fairgrounds, Cortez CO. There will be horse and livestock programs, food, and lots of shopping.
Fairgrounds located five miles east of Cortez on Highway 160. Parking is $5:00 and admission is free.

March 20 – NATRC Convention
Taos, NM. Barbara Kiipper will be a guest speaker along with Nick Martinez.

March 21 – Regional BCH “Fest”
Sunday Meeting at the Four States Ag Expo. (See above for directions.) Meeting at 10am to 12 noon at Classroom "A"
located in Main Exhibit Hall.

March 27 – Back Country Horsemen New Mexico State Meeting – Barbara Kiipper and Sam Prda attending.

March 27 – Animal Behavior Presentation - 1-3:30 pm. Presented by Patricia Irick at “Quien Sabe?” Western Store,
Hwy 550 between Aztec and Bloomfield. Be aware - no restrooms available.

April 10 - Four Corners Back County Horseman Tack Sale
La Plata County Fairgrounds, Durango CO. This is a must attend event. So much to see and a chance to meet our
4CBCH neighbors to the north! 3RBCH will have a membership drive booth.

April 17 – Obstacles Training at Browning Ranch. Times to be determined.

April 24 – Aztec to Bloomfield Trail Ride – Trail Boss Bill Lowman. Directions to trailhead will be provided to members
before ride.
                         LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS

Raffle Prizes: Seeking members to donate door prizes for general membership door prize.
Meeting Snacks: Seeking members to provide snacks for the March and future meetings. Call or email Linda Trcka to
get on the Calendar.
4CBCH Tack Sale – Seeking volunteers to work 3RBCH Membership Drive booth. Call Barbara Kiipper


July 2, 3, 4 – Work Weekend /Trail Ride
 Sargent’s Wildlife Area - Sargent’s now requires that visitors acquire a “special use” stamp when riding or hunting. The
stamp can be purchased at various locations locally. It was confirmed that the stamps are sold at Wal-Mart in the sporting
goods section.



Tack Sale. Seeking members interested in consigning their extra tack in a 3RBCH Tack Sale. The goal is to feature
Western or English Tack, horse related items or western related items. The Fund Raising Committee asks that members
interested in contributing to the sale put together a list of items they are interested in selling so the committee can get an
idea of how much space we will need for our sale. Consignment rates will be similar to those of the 4CBCH Tack Sale.
Please contact Pam Bent, Angie Krause, or Lisa Ray with your list by March 15 .

                                              OTHER NEWS
A hearty thanks goes out to Debbie and Terry Coburn of Four Corners Equine Rescue. Debbie provided an informative
presentation about the rescue. This organization is non-profit and licensed by the New Mexico livestock board. FCER has
a lot of great horses looking for adoption at their facility so please check them out. They will be having monthly “Meet and
Greet” sessions for interested parties. These events are scheduled for Saturdays from 1-4, April 17, May 1, June 5, July
10, August 21 and September 18. FCER accepts donations, volunteers and has numerous fund raising events throughout
the year. Phone number: 505-334-7220.

3RBCH is seeking speakers for future meetings. If you know a group or person that you think might provide a valuable
presentation or clinic please contact the 3RBCH board or president.

Check out the New Mexico Nicker. The web site is another resource for information about shows, clinics, fun rides,
services, facilities, clubs and horses/tack/etc. for sale. Check out the site at

                                     3RBCH CONTACTS

                                                        The Board
Barbara Kiipper           President                                 505-360-5996
Judy Richards             Vice-President                            505-334-1367   riocash1@hotmailcom
Linda Trcka               Secretary                                 505-324-9017
                          Also updates Yahoo Groups Site
Beth Lowman               Treasurer                                 505-402-6356
Lisa Ray                  Newsletter                                505-326-2835
                          Yahoo. Groups Site

                                             Websites of Interest
3RBCH Yahoo Group (Up-to-date news and group       
3RBCH Blog                                         
Back Country Horsemen of New Mexico                
Back Country Horsemen of America                   
Four Corners Equine Rescue                         
ACTHA Yahoo Chat Group                             
New Mexico Nicker                                  

                Extended Calendar
 May 1:         Packing Clinic at Browning Ranch
 May 15:        Tack Sale at Browning Ranch                  RATTLESNAKE DEN SOMEWHERE SOUTH
                entrance                                     OF FARMINGTON. PICTURE CIRCULATED
 May 22:        Canyon of the Ancients Trail Ride
                (Trail Boss: Linda Trcka)                         BY EMAIL IN LATE FEBRUARY.
 June 4, 5, 6:  Leave No Trace Training Weekend,
                Largo Canyon
 June 12:       Saul’s Creek Trail Ride (Trail Boss:                           STAY ALERT!
                Jack/Judy Richards)
 June 26:       Training Day Ride near Hammond
 July 2, 3, 4:  Sargent’s Game Preserve Trail
                Ride/Work Party (Trail Boss:
                Jack/Judy Richards)
 July 24:       Carson Forest Work Party, Buzzard
                Park Campground
 August 14:     Carson Forest Work Party, Buzzard
                Park Campground
 August 27, 28: BCH State “Rendezvous”, Fort
                Stanton, NM
 September 18: Cottonwood Trail Ride (Trail Boss:
                Linda Trcka)
 October 2:     Transfer Park Trail Ride (Trail Boss:
                Dr. Emond)
 October 23:    Navajo Dam Trail Ride (Trail Boss:
                Sonny Mills)
 December 4: Christmas Party


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