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									 Okefenokee Area Council Camporee – 2010 “100 Years”
When:        November 12 – 14, 2010          Check - in Friday 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Where:       Property is located off Hwy #84 approximately 3 miles East outside of
             Jesup in Long County. The property is privately owned, bordered by small
             scrub oaks and pine trees with a 200 acre pond

Directions: See map attached. There will also be Scout signs coming into the area
            and at major intersections to help direct traffic.

Who:         All Registered Scouts, Webelos, Venturers and Adult Leaders

Cost:        $20.00 per youth and adult leaders. Early Bird Fee is $12.00 if paid on or
             before October 22, 2010. Registration will be closed after Thursday,
             November 4th. Your pre-registration ensures a smooth check-in.
             Camporee fees include program, patches, ribbons, liability and accident
             insurance and awards.

Program:     This “100 years” Camporee will involve participation by patrols for both
             Boy Scouts and Webelos. There will be timed events that will require the
             100 years instincts and working together to complete a task or event. We
             will have field sports of archery, Shotgun, and Rifle. There will be a
             “challenge wall” for both the Webelos and Scouts. Unit Volunteers are
             requested to assist the staff with the activities. See Questionnaire form.

             The”Scoutmaster Dutch Oven Cook Off” will award the overall winner a
             14” dutch oven for their troop. See attached sheet for details.

Leadership: Two registered adult leaders, with Youth Protection, must accompany the
            troop, den, or crew at check-in and must be in attendance for the duration
            of the weekend.

Security:    The Camporee Staff will provide Security throughout the weekend and
             other Law Enforcement agencies will provide support.

Vehicles:    All vehicles are to be parked in the designated parking area.        One
             designated vehicle will be allowed in the camping area for unloading only.
             Camporee Staff will accompany this one designated vehicle, which should
             be loaded and first in line upon arrival. Parking will be to the immediate
             right upon entrance and the camping will be on the left. Tags will be
             issued at arrival and turned in at check in.

             Unit trailers are allowed in the campsites, but the towing vehicle must be
             in the parking area. This is an inconvenience, but must be adhered to.

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 Okefenokee Area Council Camporee – 2010 “100 Years”
Arrival:     Units will be allowed to arrive on Thursday 2:00 – 7:00 PM and after 10:00
             AM on Friday. There will be security for the area on Thursday night so
             you may just drop off the gear and /or setup, if you wish. Adults only may
             Stay overnight on Thursday. You must be registered with the scout office
             before arriving at the camping area.
Departure: Vehicles will not be allowed back in the camping area until after final
           ceremonies and services on Sunday morning. If you must depart early,
           plan ahead and pack it to the vehicles. This includes trailer removal; leave
           them in the parking area if you plan to leave early.

First Aid:   All units must have their own first aid equipment in plain view. First Aid
             kits must be easily accessible. Emergencies and serious first aid incidents
             must be reported to the Camporee Safety Officer

             All units need to have a copy of each person medical records while
             traveling to and from the Camporee.

Safety:      Taped areas are not to be crossed, as they are private property.

Fires:       Fires will be allowed only in Troop area. Fires must be in built in a fire pit
             and monitored at all times. Bring your own wood and remember to LEAVE
             NO TRACE!

Water:       Although a limited supply of water will be available at the Camporee site, it
             is recommended that each unit bring personal and backup water supplies.

Garbage:     Each unit and patrol is expected to provide plastic bags and pack out all
             garbage following the Camporee. Everyone must leave his area in better
             shape than he found it.

Flags:       American Flag, Unit Flag, and Patrol Flag are required where applicable
             and should be displayed in the campsite and during the events for
Policies:    All BSA National Safety and Youth Protection policies will be enforced and
             must be followed by all participating units. These include, but are not
             limited to the Policy on Liquid Fuels and the policy regarding individuals
             riding in the open beds of pickup trucks. For more information on BSA
             Policies, please refer to the Guide to Safe Scouting Go
             to the Volunteer section and look for Guide to Safe Scouting on the page.

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 Okefenokee Area Council Camporee – 2010 “100 Years”
Webelos:     Webelos Scouts are encouraged to attend the Camporee and to take part
             in the program of events. Webelos patrols will be partnered with a scout
             troop (if they are not already teamed with a unit). Scout Troops should
             invite Webelos patrols to camp with them and to join them later.

             Webelos patrols will be able to participate in most all events. For safety
             and timing, Webelos will have activities directed to their program areas
             and not necessary be competing along side the Boy Scouts.

Awards:      Camporee ribbons will be awarded (blue, red or yellow) to all patrols
             based on participation, use of patrol method, and campsite inspection.
             See enclosed Patrol Score Sheet and Patrol Campsite Inspection Score

             Ribbons will be given before departure to the Senior Patrol Leader or
             Venture Crew President only when the unit campsite area passes 100%
             on checkout inspection. Areas should be left better than you found them.
             Patrol and Troop award winners will be announced at the closing
             ceremony; however, all ribbons will be presented at checkout.

          Camporee Commissioners will be making rounds during the entire

Food:        Patrol cooking is required for this event.

Tents:       All units must provide their own tentage.

Sanitation: Port-a-johns will be provided in the main camping area and program
            areas. Please use the facilities provided and DO NOT construct troop
            latrines. It is recommended that each participant bring a roll of toilet paper
            for backup or personal use. BE PREPARED!

Campsites: Patrol sites will be approximately 30’ X 30’. Patrol sites are designed to
           accommodate 8 to 10 scouts. Each unit will be allowed at least 2 sites to
           provide scout leaders and scouts plenty of space. Please minimize where
           possible when registering.

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 Okefenokee Area Council Camporee – 2010 “100 Years”
        Patrol Activities during Camporee
Rifle Competition for Boy Scouts

BB Competition for Webelos

Shotgun Competition

Compass Competition – Orienteering

First Aid Competition – Bandaging and Basic First Aid

Semaphore Signaling Competition – Signaling letters and words
across a distance. Patrols will need to learn and practice this before

Flag Pole Raising Competition – Lashing

Canoeing Competition – Obstacle Course

Stretcher Relay Competition

Special Team Building Activity Competition

Free Time Events

Fishing – each person is responsible for providing their own
equipment. It is a catch and release, unless you are planning on
cleaning and eating your catch.

Tomahawk Throwing – Try your hand at tomahawk throwing.

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 Okefenokee Area Council Camporee – 2010 “100 Years”
Unit Questionnaire
                    Please return this form with your registration form.

Type of Unit (circle one):                Webelos                  Patrol                       Troop

                         Team             Post             Crew

Unit # ____________ Scouting District (or Council if not OAC) ___________________

Leader’s Name_________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

City _____________________________State _______________ZIP________________________

Daytime Phone ________________________ Evening Phone _____________________________

FAX # __________________________________ EMAIL _________________________________

Please check the boxes that apply to your unit:

_____. We have a Unit Trailer that will be unloaded and parked in a campsite.

_____. We have at least one handicapped Scout or adult attending the Camporee.

_____. We have at least one Scout with medical concerns attending the Camporee.

_____. We have at least one Adult with medical concerns attending the Camporee.

_____. There is something the camporee staff should know about our troop and it is:

_____. We have at least one Adult Leader attending the Camporee who has some medical training.

        Names:     ______________________________                  ________________________________

_____. We have an adult scouter that will assist staff with the activities (Patrol Bonus Pts)

        Names: _______________________________                     ________________________________


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 Okefenokee Area Council Camporee – 2010 “100 Years”
                           Unit Registration Form
Type of Unit (circle one)
              Webelos Patrol    Troop       Team         Post        Crew

Unit # ____. Scouting District (or Council if not OAC) _________________________

Leader’s name: _______________________________________________________

Address. _____________________________________________________________

City _________________________ State _____________ ZIP__________________

Daytime Phone _____________________ Evening Phone _____________________

FAX ________________________________Email ____________________________

Names of other Leaders Attending:
__________________________________         ________________________________

Patrol Name: ______________________         Patrol Name: ___________________
__________________________________          _______________________________
__________________________________          _______________________________
__________________________________          _______________________________
__________________________________          _______________________________
__________________________________          _______________________________
__________________________________          _______________________________
__________________________________          _______________________________
__________________________________          _______________________________

Patrol Name: ______________________         Patrol Name: ___________________
__________________________________          _______________________________
__________________________________          _______________________________
__________________________________          _______________________________
__________________________________          _______________________________
__________________________________          _______________________________
__________________________________          _______________________________
__________________________________          _______________________________

Number of Campers registered prior to Oct 22, 2010 ________. X $12.00 = _______

Number of Campers registered after Oct 22, 2010    ________. X $20.00 = ________

Total No of Patches: __________________.    Total Fees $ ____________________

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 Okefenokee Area Council Camporee – 2010 “100 Years”
Thursday, November 11th    Early Arrival 2:00 – 7:00 PM see Troop Question Sheet

Friday, November 12th

             4 till 9 PM   Arrival, Check-in at Registration
                           Please try not to arrive later than 9:00 PM
              9:30 PM      Senior Patrol Leaders Adult Scout Leaders Cracker-Barrel at HQ
             10:30 PM      Taps. All fires out, Scouts bedding down.
             11:00 PM      Quiet in all campsites. Commissioners will be making their rounds.

Saturday, November 13th

            7:00 AM        Reveille.
         7:00 – 8:30       Breakfast and Clean Up
            8:45 AM        Opening Ceremonies and Flag Presentation
    9:15 AM till 5 PM      100 YEARS CHALLENGES - Schedules will be available at
         Noon till 1 PM    Lunch Break
                5 PM       Return to Campsite and prepare for evening meal.
      4:30 – 6:30 PM       Scoutmaster Dutch oven Cook Off - see attached sheet
      5:30 – 7:30 PM       Evening meal and clean up.
      8:00 – 9:00 PM       Campfire (All Scouts and Leaders in Uniform)
             9:30 PM       Leader Meeting and Cracker-Barrel at Headquarters
            10:30 PM       Taps. All fires out. Scouts bedding down.
            11:00 PM       Quiet in all campsites. Commissioners will be making rounds.

Sunday, November 14th

               7:00 AM     Reveille
        7 till 8:30 AM     Breakfast and clean up.
               8:45 AM     Assembly (All scouts in uniform). Awards Announcement.
          9:15 – 9:45      Chapel Services - A Scout is Reverent
              10:00 AM     Campsite breakdown, campsite inspections, and checkout

    Remember – No vehicles in camping area until after Chapel Services!!

    Unit leaders please feel free to copy any or this entire brochure for your members!

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Okefenokee Area Council Camporee – 2010 “100 Years”
                  Patrol Campsite Inspection Score Sheet

  Patrol Name: ______________________________ Troop #: _______

  Patrol Leader: _____________________________

   1.   Campsite
        A. Patrols Maintain their own areas
        B. Tents at least three feet apart
        C. All tents correctly pitched
        D. One gallon fire bucket by the corner of each tent (water or sand)
        E. No trash on grounds
        F. No safety hazards
        G. Patrol flag by first tent
                              Up to 10 Points          Total Points: _________

   2.   Commissary (one for each patrol).
        A. Scout planned menu visible, completely filled out
        B. Duty Roster posted, completely filled out
        C. Clean cooking and preparation area
        D. All food safely stored
        E. No dirty pots, pans or utensils
        F. Proper methods of waste disposal
                             Up to 10 Points           Total Points: _________

   3.   Overall Troop Campsite
        A. Wood yard area (if any) marked off and tools are safe
        B. Wood yard a safe distance from fire area
        C. Wood tools safely stored
        D. Adequate first aid kit available and visible
        E. Safe cooking area
                            Up to 10 Points             Total Points: _________

        Saturday Inspection        –         Grand Total Points _________

   3.   Final Campsite Inspection
        A.   Fires dead out
        B.   Holes Filled
        C.   Cleanliness of Site
        D.   Leave No Trace

        NOTE: Camporee Ribbons will be issued when a final 100%
        checkout inspection is satisfactorily completed.

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 Okefenokee Area Council Camporee – 2010 “100 Years”
                                      Troop Score Sheet

Troop # ___________ Scout Leader: __________________________

Bonus Points
Item                            Bonus                 Possible Score    Actual Score

Gateway with Troop Flag         Bonus                 Up to 20 Points   ___________

Unique Mounting & Quality       Bonus                 Up to 20 Points   ___________
Of Patrol Flags

At Least (3) Camp Gadgets Bonus                       5 Points each     ___________
Per Patrol                                            (Max of 15 Pts)

American Flag                   Bonus                 10 Points         ___________

Copy of Health Forms            Bonus                 10 Points         ___________
      (Youth and Adults)

Troop or Pack
Adult Volunteer                 Bonus                 20 Points         ___________

Scout – like conduct for the
Entire camporee will be
Scored by Commissioners         Bonus                 5 Points          ___________

                Total Adjustments Due to Bonuses                        ___________

Patrol Campsite Inspection              Up to 30 Points                 ___________

Participation in Field Sports           Up to 30 Points                 ___________

Participation in 100 YEARS              Up to 40 Points                 ___________

                                                      Total Score       ___________

__________      Blue Ribbon Awarded for 151 to 200 Points

__________      Red Ribbon Awarded for 100 to 150 Points

__________      Yellow Ribbon Awarded for less than 100 Points

                   REMEMBER: Plan to pack everything out – LEAVE NO TRACE!!!

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 Okefenokee Area Council Camporee – 2010 “100 Years”
                Scoutmaster Dutch Oven Cook Off
            We would like to welcome you to the Okefenokee Area Council
      Scoutmaster Dutch Oven Cook Off. The Winner of this event will receive a 14”
      dutch oven for their unit.

            Upon arrival and check in, participants will be given instructions as to
      when and where this event will be held. There will be an area prepared
      especially for this type cooking.


            1. You need to register before the camporee.
            2. It is limited to two registered individuals from the same Troop. One
               Scoutmaster and one assistant (Boy Scout or Adult Scouter).
            3. It is to be a “ONE POT MEAL”
            4. Bring your own Dutch oven.
            5. Bring your own food to cook and all ingredients and utensils.
            6. If you want or need a table – please bring with you.
            7. You need to prepare and cook at the designated place.
            8. We will furnish the hungry judges.
            9. Judging will be on preparation, knowledge, looks, aroma and TASTE.
            10. Your meal should be ready for judging at 6:30pm.

                                 Registration Form

Troop # _____________ Chefs Name: ______________________________________

Brief Description of “ONE POT MEAL”    _____________________________________



               “Do Your Best”             to        “Be Prepared”

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Okefenokee Area Council Camporee – 2010 “100 Years”

                          Directions to Camporee Site

                                                                      Hwy 84
       Hwy 341



                 To Waycross
                                                             To Brunswick

 X marks the location of the Camporee

 Take Hwy 25/84/301 north out of town, Jesup, towards Ludowici.

 From Rayonier entrance is 2.8 mile or After Crossing Forrest Pond Bridge and
 entering Long County entrance is 1.9 mile on left.

 Entrance is on left (Dirt Road with wooden fence)

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