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Communique de presse


									Press Release :
                                         Stephane Barras Electro Chock
                                         Li Chao Victory!
                                                                           Chine Zhuhai, May 2010

                                         After April victory of IMG Client Golf Star Zhang Lian Wei
                                         on the China PGA Tour his coach Stephane Barras comes
                                  to rescue other IMG client Li Chao whom since march 2008 is
                                  victory less.

                                  After 2 weeks of intense observation, UAE and Swiss PGA
                                  member Stephane Barras makes a deepin analyses of LI Chao
                                  Technical/Psychological/Strategical game and set up intense and
                                  very emotional sessions where he challenge Li CHAO to a
                                  profound reflexion.

                                  Like magicness, the following week Li CHAO find the way to win
                                  again !

China Professional TOUR > Since golf has been accepted as Olympic games China golf has
restructures his golf tournaments scene and offer today a all new standard of              professionnal
tournaments with about 15 venues for a overall purses of 2'000'000 USD. Also fields is open to 10
international golf professionnals.

Li Chao > Born in 1980 start his professionnal golf career in 2003 with several outstanding
achievemetens. He is quickly picked by IMG and in 2005 win the Chinese Order of Merit.

IMG > A pionneer in sports and athletes management, IMG is today one of the leaders in the World of

Stéphane Barras > Professionnal since 1983, after a short career as a player, Stéphane devote his life
to teaching/coaching. In 1995 Stephane publish « the difference » who put him in the front scene of golf.
In september 2009 he is hire by Chinese golf Star Zhang Lian Wei first to put him back in golf shape for
the HCBC World Championship and then at the World Cup of Golf at Mission Hills and then to open a golf
training base inside the Chinese National Sports center in Haigeng Kunming.

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