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					A new adventure of Steven and Sally

   By Coco, Edward & Jenny

          Library Club
        Kowloon Junior School
              Hong Kong
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                     On the playground
Steven and Sally were bored at home so they decided to go to the
   playground. They took a taxi to go there. When they finally
   reached the playground, they found their friends sitting in the
   grass and talking. Steven and Sally sat down and looked around.
   Steven found in the grass a small branch with a few green leaves.
   Suddenly he spotted a tiny yellow round object on a leaf. What is
   this? An egg? Is it a butterfly egg? They were so excited that they
   found a butterfly egg! They put the egg in a tissue paper and
   went back home. Where should they put the egg?

      On a nice green leaf
                                               On the chair
                         On the chair
It seems that it is not very well. It rocks. Something is wrong here.
    We have to call our parents to fix the egg to the chair surface.
    Phew! Now everything seems fine. Here we have a nice small
    egg. Oh no! It’s breaking. Will it hatch? Man! A nice small
    caterpillar is coming out! Oh, we forgot. It needs food! But there
    is no food on the chair. Steven and Sally ask you: will this
    caterpillar live without any food?
No, certainly not! So go back because you selected the wrong option.
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                          On the leaf
It lies very comfortable on the leaf. CRUNCH, CRUNCH! It seems that
    it is coming out. Thank you for helping us to make a good choice
    where to put it! Steven and Sally say thanks to you. Now it’s
    hatching…. Look! A nice little caterpillar is coming out! It is all
    yellow and black and it looks like a squiggly stick! We should give
    it some food. What kind of food should we feed our caterpillar?

      More green leaves                      Seeds
CRUNCH! CRUNCH! No, it’s too hard…our caterpillar is hungry
    but there is no suitable food to eat.
It is restless in the chair. Now it rocks fiercely. BUUUUUU!
    Then it calms down and doesn’t move anymore. Don’t
    panic, we can get another egg. Don’t think that it’s your
    fault . We’ll invite you next time when we have another egg!
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                     More Green Leaves
Yum! Yum! It grows and grows. We have to give it more food. RUNCH!
  CRUNCH! Look! It is eating the food. It is much bigger now but still
  so hungry. We have to give it even more food. MMMMMMMMM….Day
  by day it is eating and growing. It is getting bigger and bigger.
  What an amazing creature. After having pounds of green leaves in
  two weeks, it is a huge caterpillar! It is looking for a safe place to
  turn into a Pupa! Choose the one of two options. Thank you for
  helping Steven and Sally!

       A plant with branches                  A nice soft cushion
                   A nice soft cushion
Oops, we made a mistake. The caterpillar can’t turn into a pupa in a
  soft place, neither can it hang on a cushion! How could it live? Ask
  yourself: can a pupa live in a soft place? No! Click here to go back
  because you selected the wrong option.
                A plant with branches
Yeah! It is a pupa now! Try to think what the pupa might want to
happen now. Maybe it wants to turn into a butterfly faster? Or to
get married? What do you think? Have a deep think ………… Well,
we don’t know. Anyway, don’t give food to the pupa. A pupa
doesn't eat food. Talking about food, let’s eat some sandwiches
and watch…………. One whole week passed! Look! It starts to turn
into a butterfly or a moth! Watch………. POP! It is a butterfly! Isn’t
it surprising! Well………. It’s time to let him go, because he belongs
to the nature! Thank you for helping Steven and Sally! Bye!
                   Lifecycle of a butterfly
                              Information page 1

Butterfly eggs - Female butterfly lays a
great number of eggs. She puts the eggs on
a leaf and tries to hide them. When the
caterpillar is hatched, it can eat the leaves.
Butterfly eggs are round or oval. Their color
could be white, green, or yellow . Click here
to go back to the story.

                                   Caterpillar - The caterpillar is the 2nd
                                   stage in the butterfly life cycle. In this
                                   stage the caterpillar eats a lot of food. It
                                   will not eat food when it is in a Pupa
                                   stage, so it eats a lot now. This stage
                                   lasts from two to four weeks. It also
                                   grows very fast. Click here to go back to
                                   the story
                        Lifecycle of a butterfly
                                    Information page 2
Pupa - In the pupa stage a caterpillar is inside
  a chrysalis. It does not eat anymore. The
  pupa stage can take a few days or even
  several months. Some butterflies spend the
  whole winter in pupa and come out in
  spring. Some caterpillars like silkworm spin
  a silk cocoon to protect the pupa. Click
  here to go back to the story

                                           Butterfly - When the adult comes
                                           out from the chrysalis, its wings are
                                           wrinkled and wet. The butterfly
                                           pumps the fluid from his abdomen
                                           into his wings to inflate them. When
                                           his wings dry up he is ready to fly.
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       Col, Jeananda. Enchanted Learning. 1996. 18 April 2006.
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