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					              Directions for Filling out the Online Forms

   •   To fill out each form simply click on a field and type your information.

   •   To select a number of a box, simply click on the box or number you want.

   •   Then, click email the form to submit it.

                 Tips for Filling out Your Resume Form

Position Wanted
Choose from the following options: Actor, Technician, or Musician. If you are
applying for two positions (i.e. Actor and Technician) – please fill out two
separate resumes

Production Experience
Actors should list productions they have performed in, technicians should list
productions they have been on the crew for and musicians should list shows they
have played in the pit for.

List any classes and/or lessons you have had that are related to the area to
which you are applying. Actors should list any acting / music classes, lessons or
workshops they have taken. Technicians should list any technical theatre
classes or workshops they have taken. Musicians should list any music courses
or private lessons they have taken.

Related Experience / Scene Work
List any additional work you have done that you want to make us aware of before
auditions. Actors should list other performance ensembles they participate in
(speech team, choirs, orchesis, etc.), any technical experience they have or any
scenes they have worked on in class. Technicians should list any performance
experience they have had. Musicians should list vocal ensembles they
participate in or any performance or technical experience they have.

Related Skills
Everyone should list any honor societies of which they are a member or any
awards they have won. Actors should list any special skills they might have
(juggling, gymnastics, stage combat, etc.). Technicians should list specific tools
they are proficient in or techniques they have mastered. Musicians should list
additional music skills or instruments they play.