Rockin' the Relay

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					Rockin’ the Relay
The Lights Out, a Boston band with Salt City connections,
performs at this weekend’s Relay for Life fundraiser
By Tamm
Description: "We have a pretty diverse pool of influences but the main common ground between us is our love for a melodic hook," says [Jesse James]. "Whether it's a vocal part, or a guitar lead, it has to be able to pass the 'piano test,' which is to say that it can be played one note at a time on a piano and it is instantly recognizable as that song alone."Primetime, released on New Year's Day, offers some lyrical clues about what life in a modern rock band is like, but Green says the emotions are universal. "Well, I've heard it said that the only reason anyone ever creates is to literally get out of hell. That's certainly true in my case, and so a lot of our lyrical content deals with loss and dissatisfaction and emotional pain in general, then I just sprinkle details over that to paint a more specific picture. But the emotional resonance underneath the details of a song is what's going to touch any given listener."Social media is decidedly not among the band's main aspirations, but they, like a growing number of their peers, have embraced it as a way of maintaining casual contact with fans. "A lot of bands complain about social media being one more non-musical responsibility," [Adam Ritchie] notes. "Other bands spend more time producing social media content than music. It's not a necessary evil and it shouldn't be the focus. You have to look at it like an extension of your performance. You may be riding in the band van in the middle of nowhere, and it gives you an endless opportunity to entertain people."
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