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					                                   AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY
                                        Department of Illinois

NATIONAL SECURITY                                                               DECEMBER, 2010


The National theme for the year is “The Power of One”, so we will surf the Channels and see what “One”
individual can do for National Security, by “Channeling the Power of One for National Security.

National’s focus this year is serving our military, veterans, their children and promoting community events
that assist our military and veterans. Our dedication to the military, veterans and their children will be
accomplished by individual members working together. The Power of One is felt when we all contribute our
part to the big picture, working side by side on our objective.

       A. We are being asked to participate with the Department of Defense and other outside programs
          that support our military and their families throughout the entire deployment cycle.

           1. Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program.
              Demonstrate patriotic and morale support at Welcome Home events; offering hospitality,
              Refreshments, or child and youth activities at the events. click on
              “for providers”
           2. Operation Home Front – this is a nonprofit organization which provides emergency and
              morale assistance for our troops and the families they leave behind, and for wounded warriors
              when they return home. It also provides aid to struggling families. Things we could do are
              assemble military care packages, and also family care packages.
           3. Family Readiness Groups – their mission is to help military families manage the challenges
              that are often faced following a deployment.
           4. Family to Family Support – Units may offer practical and morale support to military families
              on a group level, such as matching an ALA Unit to a Family Readiness Group, or on an
              individual family-to-family basis. Units can contact nearby military installations or Reserve
              or National Guard facilities to offer assistance.
           5. USO – this agency provides morale, welfare and recreation-type services to military members
              and their families. Units can contact local USO centers to learn how to get involved.

       B. The next segment is to participate in the Military and Family Support programs of The American
             1. Family Support Network – provides a broad range of services to help families cope with
                 the unique challenges of deployment.
            Since 9-11, the nation’s active-duty military has been on high alert and National Guard
            and Reserve Units are being mobilized in record numbers. As a result, the families of
            these men and women often find themselves unable to meet normal monthly expenses and
            assistance is needed for a variety of everyday chores. These tasks include grocery shop-
            Ping, child care, mowing the grass, fixing the family car and other routine household jobs.
            To address these issues, The American Legion has a nationwide toll-free telephone
            number, 800/504-4098 for service members and their family members to call for
            assistance. They also can email requests to Units can work
            with their Legion Posts to provide volunteers and other Auxiliary resources as part of the
            Legion Family response to requests that come through.
       2.   Operation Comfort Warriors – a program dedicated to meeting the needs of wounded and
            ill warriors, either hospitalized or in warrior transition Units, with comfort items not
            usually supplied by the government. Units can support their Legion Posts in raising funds
            for Operation Comfort Warriors.
       3.   Heroes to Hometown – The American Legion is further assisting returning heroes through
            its Heroes to Hometown program, which focuses on addressing issues for newly returning
            heroes, ranging from employment to emergency monetary assistance to renovating homes
            for handicap access, to family counseling. Service members and their families seeking
            assistance can call 202/621-9924 or e-mail This
            program provides numerous opportunities for Auxiliary Units and Legion Posts to work
       4.   Gold Star/Blue Star Banner Program – Banners may be ordered or can be hand made.
            In March of 2010, the Legion announced a new Blue Star Coin to honor spouses and
            family members of service members who currently or formally served this country. The
            American Legion also has a Blue Star Banner corporate flag for government and corporate
            America to show their support for employees called to active duty. Auxiliary Units can
            work with The American Legion to present Gold Star/Blue Star Banners to individuals
            and the corporate flag to businesses. Units also can hold receptions or events for the
            family members.
       5.   POW/MIA Initiatives – The American Legion and Auxiliary are commited to achieving a
            full accounting of all POW/MIAs from the Gulf War, VietNam War, Cold War, Korean
            War and World War II. This means returning living POW’s, the repatriation of their
            remains, or finding convincing evidence why neither of these is possible. Units can join
            with the Legion to host a ceremony on National use the POW/MIA Empty Chair
            Resolution 288, adopted at the 67th American Legion National Convention, which calls for
            designating a POW/MIA Empty Chair at all official meetings of The American Legion as
            a physical symbol of the thousands American POW/MIAs still unaccounted for from all
            wars and conflicts involving the United States.

C. Support Implementation of Homeland Security Programs of The American Legion and the
   American Legion Auxiliary.
      1. Citizen Corps – This is the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) grass-
         Roots strategy to bring together government and community leaders to involve citizens in
         all-hazards emergency preparedness and resilience. Citizen Corps asks every citizen to
         embrace the personal responsibility to be prepared, to get training in first aid and
         emergency skills, and to volunteer to support local emergency responders, disaster relief
         and community safety. Units should reach out particularly to military families
         transferring into their communities and include them in the Citizen Corps initiatives.

D. Provide recognition and support for ROTC and JROTC groups.
   Additional Activities are American Legion Auxiliary Gateway to Services.
           National Military Appreciation Month (May)

This year the National Security committee has been asked to participate with the Children and Youth
committee with the Pillowcase Project for deploying service personnel. We will also be making a special
plea for volunteers for Homecoming affairs. Each Division and neighboring Districts will be asked to
participate when notified.

                                        NATIONAL AWARDS
Military Support Unit Award – a citation presented to a Unit in each National Division that reports the Most
Outstanding Overall Program serving and supporting military families with special emphasis on helping
them through times of family member deployment and/or injury (severely wounded),. Entry must be type-
Written in narrative form, not to exceed 1,000 words. Please include pictures and news articles. All entries
must be postmarked by June 1, 2011 and sent by the Unit Chairman to the Central Division Chairman
– Donna R. Ray, 5724 Willnean Drive, Milford, OH 45150-2032.

ALA ROTC/JROTC Unit Program Certificate – A certificate will be presented to the Unit Chairman
reporting the Most Outstanding Promotion of the ROTC/JROTC Program in her Department. A narrative,
not to exceed 1000 words, explaining the program, including presentation of medals, awards, and
participation in and around the community. (Pictures, newspaper articles, etc. may be included.) All
entries are to be forwarded to the Department Chairman by May 15, 2011. Department Chairman
will forward the winning entry by June 1, 2011 to the Central Division Chairman.

                                     DEPARTMENT AWARDS
               (Department awards will be judged from the Reports, no narrative is required.)

The Firehouse Crew National Security Plaque – to the Unit for the best overall participation in National
Security (judged from Annual Unit Report Form)


   1. To the runner-up of The Firehouse Crew National Security Plaque.
   2. To the Unit reporting the best “Welcome Home Troops” Program
   3. To the Unit reporting the most outstanding program “Serving Military Children” – especially during
      April-Month of the Military Child.
   4. To the Unit sending the most “USO Care Packages”.

                                                                  Pat Sienkiewicz
                                                                  Department National Security Chairman

                               NATIONAL SECURITY RESOURCES

American Legion Auxiliary Gateway to Services
Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program
Operation Homefront
Family Readiness Groups (FRGs)
                 • United States
                  Army FRG homepage
                  includes FRG Handbook
                 • - Navy Family Readiness Groups
                 • Many States have National Guard Family Readiness Groups which
                  Can be found by doing an Internet search using “National Guard Family
                   Readiness Groups.


  American Legion programs -
               Family Support Network -
               Operation Comfort Warriors -
               Gold Star and Blue Star Banner Program -
                POW?MIA Initiatives -
                The American Legion Publications for National Security -


National Military Appreciation Month

Citizen Corps/CERT Training