ALTERNATIVE by wuyunyi

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									 ALTERNATIVE                                                Better Than Ezra                 Good
                                                            Better Than Ezra                 Rosealia
                                                            Better Than Ezra                 This Time of Year
 311                           All Mixed Up
                                                            Billie Meyers                    Kiss the Rain
 311                           Dow n
                                                            Blessed Union of Souls           Let Me Be The One
 10000 Maniacs                 More than This
                                                            Blind Melon                      Change
 10000 Maniacs                 These Are the Days(Live)
                                                            Blind Melon                      No Rain
 Adam Duritz                   Sailor Song
                                                            Blink 182                        Adam's song
 AFI                           A single second
                                                            Blink 182                        All The Small Things
 AFI                           Reivers Music
                                                            Blink 182                        The Girl Next Door
 Agent Orange                  Fire in the Rain
                                                            Blink 182                        The Rock Show
 Agent Orange                  I Kill Spies
                                                            Blues Traveler                   100 Years
 Agent Orange                  Mr. Moto
                                                            Blues Traveler                   Believe Me
 Agent Orange                  Out of Limits
                                                            Blues Traveler                   But Anyway
 Alien Ant Farm                Movies
                                                            Blues Traveler                   Hook
 American Hi-Fi                Teenage Alien Nation
                                                            Blues Traveler                   Run Around
 American Hi-Fi                The Art Of Losing
                                                            Blues Traveler                   Sw eet Talkin Hippie
 American Hi-Fi                The Breakup Song
                                                            Bow ling For Soup                Girl All The Bad Guys Want
 American Hi-Fi                The Gold Rush
                                                            Burlap To Cashmere               Treasures In Heaven
 Ani Defranco                  32 Flavors
                                                            Bush                             Everything Zen
 Ani Defranco                  Anyway
                                                            Bush                             Glycerin
 Ani Defranco                  Beautiful Night
                                                            Butthole Surfers                 Pepper
 Ani Defranco                  Both Hands
                                                            Cake                             Shift Sticks and Seat Belts
 Ani Defranco                  Building Bridges
                                                            Cake                             The Distance
 Ani Defranco                  Cradle and All
                                                            Chantel Kreviazuk                Surrounded
 Ani Defranco                  Gravel (Acoustic )
                                                            Chevelle                         The Red
 Ani Defranco                  Hell Yeah
                                                            Cold Play                        Clocks
 Ani Defranco                  Little Plastic Castle
                                                            Cold Play                        Yellow
 Ani Defranco                  Untouchable Face
                                                            Coldplay                         Clocks
 Ani Defranco                  What If No One's Watching
                                                            Cranberries                      Dreams
 Ani Defranco & Indigo Girls   Tangled Up in Blue (Live)
                                                            Creed                            Higher
 Anniversary                   The Siren Sings
                                                            Creed                            One Last Breath
 Ash                           Burn Baby Burn
                                                            Creed                            Torn
 Ash                           Girl From Mars
                                                            Creed                            With Arms Wide Open
 Audioslave                    Like a Stone
                                                            Dave Mathew s Band               After Her
 Avril Lavigne                 Complicated
                                                            David Grey                       Babylon
 Avril Lavigne                 I'm With You
                                                            Dead Eye Dick                    New Age Girl (Mary Moon)
 Avril Lavigne                 Skater Boy
                                                            Deep Blue Something              Breakfast at Tiffanies
 Aztec Camera                  Jump
                                                            Dishw alla                       Counting Blue Cars
 Barenaked Ladies              Falling for the First Time
                                                            Dishw alla                       Find Your Way Back Home
 Barenaked Ladies              If I Had Million Dollars
                                                            Dishw alla                       Somew here In The Middle
 Barenaked Ladies              Old Apartment
                                                            Dramarama                        Anything, Anything
 Barenaked Ladies              One Week
                                                            Dream Theater                    Pull Me Under
 Ben Folds Five                Brick
                                                            Duncan Sheik                     Barely Breathing
 Ben Harper                    Gold To Me
                                                            Eddie Brickell & New Bohemians   Love Like We Do
 Ben Harper                    In the Lord's Arms
                                                            Eddie Brickell & New Bohemians   What I Am
 Ben Harper                    Please Bleed
                                                            Evanescence                      Bring Me To Life
 Ben Harper                    Pleasure and Pain
                                                            Everclear                        Santa Monica
 Ben Harper                    Pow er of the Gospel
                                                            Everclear                        Wonderful
 Ben Harper                    Sexual Healing
                                                            Everything                       Who Got The Hooch
 Ben Harper                    Steel My Kisses
                                                            Filter                           Hey Man Nice Shot
 Ben Harper                    Waiting on an Angel
                                                            Fine Young Cannibals             She Drives Me Crazy
 Ben Harper                    Walk Away
                                                            Foo Fighters                     Times Like These
 Beth Hart                     Leaving L.A.
                                                            Frankie Avalon                   Venus
 Better Than Ezra              Desperately Wanting

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 Fuel                            Shimmer                              Lincoln Park               Break
 Garbage                         Special                              Lincoln Park               Doesn’t Even Matter
 General Public                  Tenderness                           Lincoln Park               One Step Closer
 Gin Blossoms                    Follow You Down                      Lit                        My Ow n Worst Enemy (Dirty)
 Gin Blossoms                    Hey Jealousy                         Live                       I Alone
 God Street Wine                 Ballroom                             Live                       Lightning Crashes
 God Street Wine                 Nightingale                          Maroon                     Harder To Breathe
 God Street Wine                 Princess Henrietta                   Matchbox 20 / Santana      Smooth (ft. Santana)
 God Street Wine                 Stone House                          Meredith Brooks            I'm a bitch
 God Street Wine                 Wendy                                Moby                       Porcelain
 Goo Goo Dolls                   Long Way Down                        Neds Atomic Dustbin        Grey Cell Green
 Good Charlotte                  Little Things                        Nil Lara                   Fighting for my Love
 Good Charlotte                  My Old Man                           Nil Lara                   First Child
 Good Charlotte                  The Anthem                           Nil Lara                   How Was I Supposed To Know
 Green Day                       Basket Case                          Nil Lara                   I Will Be Free
 Green Day                       Longview                             Nino Rota                  Love Theme From R & J
 Green Day                       Time of Your Lif e                   No Doubt                   Bathw ater
 Green Day                       Time of Your Lif e (Slow Acoustic)   No Doubt                   Ex-Girlfriend
 Harvey Danger                   Flagpole Sitta                       No Doubt                   Just A Girl
 Heather Nova (Dawson’s Creek)   Nothing heals me like you do         No Doubt                   Spiderwebs
 Hoodoo Gurus                    Come Anytime                         No Doubt                   Underneath It All
 How ie Day                      Ghost                                OAR                        That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
 Incubus                         I Miss You Were Here (acoustic       Oasis                      Don't Look Back In Anger
 Incubus                         I Wish You Were Here                 Oasis                      Wonderwall
 Incubus                         Pardon Me                            Offspring                  Self Esteem
 Incubus                         Warning                              Orion's Room               Climb Inside
 Jack Johnson                    Acoustic Lullabye                    Orion's Room               Counting Possibilities (Live)
 Jack Johnson                    Bad New s                            Orion's Room               Late Night Telephone's
 Jack Johnson                    Bubble Toes                          Pearl Jam                  Better Man
 Jack Johnson                    Flake                                Pearl Jam                  Even Flow
 Jack Johnson                    Flake w / Ben Harper                 Pennyw ise                 Perfect People
 Jack Johnson                    Fortunate Fool                       Phish                      Dog Faced Boy
 Jack Johnson                    F-stop Blues                         Phish                      If I Could
 Jack Johnson                    Inaudible Melodies                   Phish                      Sample In A Jar
 Jack Johnson                    Loose Change                         Pivit                      On My Ow n
 Jack Johnson                    Losing Hope                          Pivit                      One Minute More
 Jack Johnson                    Mud Football                         Primus                     Tommy The Cat
 Jack Johnson                    Posters                              Proclaimers                I Would Walk 500 Miles
 Jack Johnson                    Rodeo Clow ns                        Psychedelic Furs           Pretty In Pink
 Jack Johnson                    Sexy Plexi                           Puddle of Mudd             Abrasive
 Jack Johnson                    Taylor                               Puddle of Mudd             Blurry
 Jack Johnson                    Think Clearly                        Puddle of Mudd             Bring Me Dow n
 Jack Johnson                    What's Man Without His Wealth        Puddle of Mudd             Control
 Jackopierce                     May The Road Rise To Meet You        Puddle of Mudd             Never Change
 Jagged Edge                     #1 Crush                             Puddle of Mudd             She Hates Me (Dirty)
 Jars of Clay                    Flood                                Puddle of Mudd             Take it all Away
 Jeffery Gains                   In Your Eyes (live)                  Queens Of The Stone Age    No One Know s
 Jimmy Eat World                 Believe In What You Want             Rage Against The Machine   Bombtrack
 Jimmy Eat World                 Middle                               Rage Against The Machine   Bullet in the Head
 Jimmy Eat World                 Praise Chorus                        Rage Against The Machine   Fistful Of Steel
 Jump Little Children            Dancing Virginia                     Rage Against The Machine   Killing in the Name
 Lenny Kravitz                   All of My Lif e                      Rage Against The Machine   No Shelter
 Lenny Kravitz                   I Belong To You                      Rage Against The Machine   Pocket Full of Shells
 Less than Jake                  Dope man                             Rage Against The Machine   Take The Pow er Back

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 Red Hot Chili Peppers             Can’t Stop                  Three Doors Dow n                 Kryptonite
 Red Hot Chili Peppers             Give It Aw ay               Three Doors Dow n                 When I'm Gone
 Red Hot Chili Peppers             Under the Bridge            Toad the Wet Sprocket             Good Intentions
 Red Hot Chili Peppers             Universally Speaking        Toad the Wet Sprocket             Nightingale Song
 REM                               Shiny Happy People          Toad the Wet Sprocket             Walk on the Ocean
 REM                               To The One I Love           Too Much Joy                      Song For A Girl
 Replacements                      Waitress In The Sky         Tool                              Sober
 Rockw ell Church                  Dream                       Tsunami Bomb                      Invasion From Within
 Rusted Root                       Blue Diamonds               Uncle Kracker                     Follow Me
 Rusted Root                       Dangle                      Unw ritten Law                    Rest of my Lif e
 Rusted Root                       Free My Soul                Verve Pipe                        Photograph
 Rusted Root                       Send Me On My Way           Verve Pipe                        The Freshman
 Saliva                            Alw ays                     Violent Femmes                    Add It Up
 Savage Garden                     I Want You                  Violent Femmes                    Blister In The Sun
 Screaming Trees                   Nearly lost you             Violent Femmes                    Kiss Off
 Seal                              Crazy                       Weezer                            Buddy Holly
 Semisonic                         Closing Time                Weezer                            Island In The Sun
 Sister Hazel                      All For You                 Wheatus                           Tennage Dirtbag
 Sister Hazel                      Champagne High              Zwan                              Come w ith Me
 Sister Hazel                      Happy                       Zwan                              Honestly
 Smashing Pumpkins                 1979
 Smashing Pumpkins                 Disarm
 Smashing Pumpkins                 Today
 Smashmouth                        All Star                    BIG BAND
 Smashmouth                        Then the Morning Comes
 Smashmouth                        Walking On The Sun
                                                               Charleston, South Carolina        The Charleston
 Soul Asylum                       Runaw ay Train
                                                               Dean Martin                       Ain't That A Kick In The Head
 Soul Asylum                       Without A Trace
                                                               Ella Fitzgerald                   Makin' Whoopie
 Sound Garden                      Black Hole Sun
                                                               Glenn Miller                      Little Brow n Jug
 Sound Garden                      Spoon Man
                                                               Glenn Miller Orchestra            American Patrol
 Spacehog                          In the Meantime
                                                               Green Hill Instrumental           Charleston
 Stone Temple Pilots               Interstate Love Song
                                                               Royal Crow n Revue                Datin' With No Dought
 Stone Temple Pilots               Plush
                                                               Spike Jones & His City Slicker    Big Band Medley
 Stone Temple Pilots               Vasoline
 Sublime                           40oz. to freedom
 Sublime                           Ball and Chain
 Sublime                           What I Got
 Sum 41                            Still Waiting               CHRISTMAS
 System Of A Down                  Aerials
 Tenacious D                       Gently (dirty)              Adam Sandler                      Chanucha Song - Part #3
 The Anniversary                   17                          Adam Sandler                      Hanakah Song
 The Anniversary                   100 Ships                   B.J. Thomas & London Philhar mo   We Wish You A Merry Christmas
 The Clarks                        Better Off Without You      Bing Crosby                       Frosty The Snow man
 The Donnas                        Take It Off                 Bing Crosby                       Mele Kalikimaka
 The Samples                       Ever Look So Nice           Bing Crosby                       White Christmas
 The Samples                       Feel Us Shaking             Bing Crosby Frank Sinatra Nat     I'll Be Home For Christmas
 The Samples                       Little Silver Ring          Bob Rivers                        Leroy The Redneck Reindeer
 The Samples                       Seany Boy (drop out)        Bob Rivers                        Walking Around in Woman’s
 The Samples                       The Streets in the Rain     Bob Seger                         Little Drummer Boy
 The Samples                       Weight of the World         Christmas                         Grandma Got Ran Over
 The Samples                       When It's Raining           Christmas Comedy                  12 Pains Of Christmas
 The Samples w ith Dave Matthews   Did You Ever Look So Nice   Chubby Checker & Bobby Rydell     Jingle Bell Rock
 Third Eye Blind                   Graduate                    Eurythmics                        Winter Wonderland
 Third Eye Blind                   Jumper                      Frank Sinatra                     Silent Night

Party Music Productions                                                                                                          Page - 3 -
 John Lennon                 So This is Christmas              Doobie Brothers                 China Grove
 Kenny G                     White Christmas                   Doug Moreland                   South Of The Border
 Run DMC                     Christmas In Hollis               Eagles                          Lying Eyes
 Temptation Christmas        Silent Night                      Faith Hill                      This Kiss
 Temptations                 Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer     Garth Brooks                    Boot Scoot 'n Boogie
                                                               Garth Brooks                    I've Got Friends in Low Places
                                                               Garth Brooks                    Shameless
                                                               Garth Brooks                    Tw o Of A Kind, Workin' ….
 COUNTRY                                                       George Strait                   Ace in the Hole
                                                               George Strait                   Baby Blue
                                                               George Strait                   Check Yes Or No
 Aaron Tippin                You'v e Got To Stand
                                                               George Thorogood                Move It On Over
 Alabama                     Angels Among Us
                                                               Hank Williams Jr                Family Tradition
 Alabama                     Born Country
                                                               James Taylor                    Country Road
 Alabama                     DixieLand Delight
                                                               Jo Dee Messina                  Heads Carolina, Tails California
 Alabama                     Mountain Music
                                                               Joe Diffy                       John Deer Green
 Alabama                     Song Of The South
                                                               John Anderson                   Money In The Bank
 Alabama                     The Maker Said Take Her
                                                               John Denver                     Rocky mountain high
 Alan Jackson                Gone Country
                                                               John Denver                     Sunshine On My Shoulder
 Alan Jackson                I'll Try
                                                               John Denver                     Take Me Home Country Roads
 Alan Jackson                Summertime Blues
                                                               John Denver                     Thank God I'm A Country Boy
 Allman Brothers             Rambling Man
                                                               John Michael Montgomery         Sold (The Grundy County Auction)
 Alright Guy                 Man To Man
                                                               John Micheal Montgomery         Be My Baby Tonight
 Amanda Stott                Black Is Black
                                                               John Micheal Montgomery         I Love The Way You Love Me
 Ann Murry                   Can I Have This Dance
                                                               Johnny Cash                     Boy Named Sue
 Ann Murry                   Danny's Song
                                                               Johnny Cash                     Boy Named Sue (uncensored)
 Bandy Moe & Stampley Joe    Drinkin My Baby Goodbye
                                                               Johnny Cash                     Ring Of Fire
 BB King & Bonnie Raitt      Right Place Wrong Time
                                                               Johnny Cash & Charlie Daniels   Devil Came Back to Georgia
 Belamy Brothers             If I Said You Had A Beautiful
                                                               Judds                           Girls Night Out
 Bellamy Brothers            Redneck Girl
                                                               Judds                           Girls With Guitars
 Bellamy Brothers            Reggae Cow boy
                                                               Judds                           Mama He's Crazy
 Bette Midler                Wind Beneath My Wings
                                                               Juice New ton                   Queen of Hearts
 Bobby Rydell                Wild one
                                                               Kathy Matea                     Eighteen Wheels & Dozen Roses
 Bonnie Raitt                Something To Talk About
                                                               Kenny Rogers                    Cow ard Of The County
 Bonny Raait & Bryan Adams   Rock Steady
                                                               Kenny Rogers                    Love Will Turn You Around
 Boys Don't Cry              I Wanna Be A Cow boy
                                                               Kenny Rogers                    Lucille
 Brooks and Dunn             Boot Scoot Boogie
                                                               Kenny Rogers                    The Gambler
 Brooks and Dunn             Lost And Found
                                                               Kenny Rogers                    Through the Years
 Brooks and Dunn             Neon Moon
                                                               Kenny Wayne Sheppard            Born With a Broken Heart
 Charlie Daniels Band        Stroker Ace
                                                               Kentucky Headhunters            It's Chitlin' Time
 Charlie Daniels Band        The Devil Went Dow n to Georgia
                                                               Leann Rimes                     One Way Ticket
 Charlie Daniels Band        Uneasy Rider
                                                               Lee Greenwood                   God Bless The USA (911 Mix)
 Chris Ledoux                Look At You Girl
                                                               Linda Ronstadt                  When Will I Be Loved
 Clint Black                 Like The Rain
                                                               Little Texas                    Bubba Shot The Jukebox
 Clint Black                 Something That We Do
                                                               Little Texas                    Daddy's Money
 Clint Black                 When My Ship Comes In
                                                               Little Texas                    God Bless Texas
 Collin Raye                 In This Life
                                                               Little Texas                    Kick A Little
 Collin Raye                 Love Me
                                                               Lorrie Morgan                   Something In Red
 Collin Raye                 One boy one girl
                                                               Mark Chesnutt                   Old Flames Have New Names
 Confederate Railroad        Queen Of Memphis
                                                               Mark Chestnut                   Blame it on Texas
 Confederate Railroad        Trashy Women (Club Mix)
                                                               Mark Chestnut                   Sensuous Woman
 Deanna Carter               We Danced Anyway
                                                               Mark Chestnut                   Your Love Is A Miracle
 Dixie Chicks                Cow boy Take Me Away
                                                               Marshall Tucker Band            Can't You See
 Dixie Chicks                Sin Wagon
                                                               Martina McBride                 My Baby Loves Me Just the Way
 Dixie Chicks                Wide Open Spaces

Party Music Productions                                                                                                           Page - 4 -
 Mary Chapin Carpenter    Dow n At The Tw ist And Shout      Travis Tritt                Trouble
 Mary Chapin Carpenter    I Feel Lucky                       Trisha Yearwood             She's In Love With The Boy
 Mary Chapin Carpenter    Shut Up And Kiss Me                Tw ister Alley              Dance (Club Mix)
 Neal McCoy               Wink                               Vince Gill                  Look At Us
 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band   Louisiana Saturday Night           Vince Gill & Karla Bonoff   When Will I Be Loved
 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band   Rocky Top                          Willie Nelson               City Of New Orleans
 Pam Tillis               Shake the Sugar Tree               Willie Nelson               On The Road Again
 Pat McGee Band           Haven't Seen for a While
 Patty Loveless           I Try To Think About Elvis
 Patty Loveless           Jealous Bone
 Paul Overstreet          Daddy's Come Around                DISCO/FUNK
 Paul Overstreet          If I Could Bottle This Up
 Paula Cole               Where Have All The Cow boys
                                                             ABBA                        Dancing Queen
 Randy Travis             Forever And Ever, Amen
                                                             Alicia Bridges              I Love The Nightlife
 Randy Travis             If I Didn't Have You
                                                             Andrea True Connection      More More More
 Ray Kennedy              What A Way To Go
                                                             Anita Ward                  Ring My Bell
 Reba Mcintire            Fancy
                                                             Barkays                     Freak Show on the Dance Floor
 Reba Mcintire            Little Rock
                                                             Bee Gees                    How Deep Is Your Love
 Reba Mcintire            The Greatest Man I Never Knew
                                                             Bee Gees                    Saturday Night Fever
 Rednex                   Cotton Eye Joe
                                                             Bee Gees                    Stayin Alive
 Restless Heart           You Can Depend On Me
                                                             Bee Gees                    Tragedy
 Richochet                Look Who's Looking at Me
                                                             Bee Gees                    You Should Be Dancing
 Rick Trevino             Honky Tonk Crow d
                                                             Bloodhound Gang             Bad Touch
 Sammy Kershaw            Cadilac Style
                                                             Brick                       Dazz
 Sammy Kershaw            Don't Go Near The Water
                                                             BT Express                  Do It Till Your Satisfied
 Sammy Kershaw            Queen Of My Doublew ide Trailer
                                                             C & C Music Factory         Gonna Make You Sw eat
 Sawyer Brown             Dirt Road
                                                             C & C Music Factory         Things That Make You Hmmmm..
 Sawyer Brown             Step That Step
                                                             Cameo                       Word Up
 Shania Tw ain            Any Man of Mine
                                                             Carl Carlton                She’s a Bad Mama Jama
 Shania Tw ain            Come on Over
                                                             Carl Douglas                Kung Fu Fighting
 Shania Tw ain            Looks Like We Made It
                                                             Cheryl Lynn                 Got To Be Real
 Shania Tw ain            Man! I Feel Like A Woman
                                                             Chic                        Freak Out
 Shania Tw ain            No One Needs to Know
                                                             Commodores                  She's a Brick House
 Shania Tw ain            Not in it for Love
                                                             Con Funk Shun               Fun (12 inch)
 Shelly West              Jose Quervo You Are A Friend
                                                             Cool and the Gang           Cherish the Love
 Shenandoah               If Bubba Can Dance
                                                             Curtis Mayfield             Superfly
 Shenandoah               Next To You, Next To Me
                                                             Dee Lite                    Groove Is In The Heart
 Shenandoah               The Church On Cumberland Road
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   Aint No Mountain High Enough
 Tanya Tucker             If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   Baby I Need Your Loving
 Terri Clark              Poor Pitiful Me
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   Baby Love
 Terri Clark              When Boy Meets Girl
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   Baby Love
 The Highw ay Men         Highw ay man
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   Back In My Arms Again
 The Tractors             Baby Likes to Rock It
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   I Hear A Symphony
 Tim McGraw               Dow n On The Farm
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   I Will Survive
 Tim McGraw               Indian Outlaw
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   Please Mr. Postman
 Tim McGraw               My Best Friend
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   Set Me Free
 Toby Keith               I Wanna Talk About Me
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   Someday We'll Be Together
 Toby Keith               Should've Been a Cow boy
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   Stop! In The Name Of Love
 Toby Kieth               A Little Less Talk
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   Where Did Our Love Go
 Toby Kieth               I'm Just Talkin' Bout Tonight
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   You Can't Hurry Love
 Toby Kieth               Should've Been A Cow boy
                                                             Diana Ross & The Supremes   You Keep Me Hangin' On
 Tracy Byrd               Watermelon Craw l
                                                             Donna Summer                Bad girl
 Tracy Lawrence           If The Good Die Young
                                                             Donna Summer                Don’t Leave Me This Way
 Travis Tritt             Country Club
                                                             Donna Summer                Hot Stuff

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 Donna Summer               Last Dance                     Rose Royce                       Car Wash
 Donna Summer               Last Dance                     Rufus (Featuring Chaka Khan)     Tell Me Something Good
 Donna Summer               Upside Down                    Sister Sledge                    We Are Family
 Earth Wind And Fire        Boogie Wonderland              Sly And The Family Stone         Thank You
 Earth Wind and Fire        Brick House                    Staples Singers                  I'll Take You There
 Earth Wind and Fire        Lets Groove Tonight            Stevie Wonder                    Sir Duke
 Earth Wind and Fire        September                      Sugarhill Gang                   Rappers Delight
 Emotions                   Best Of My Love                Taste Of Honey                   Boogie Oogie
 Evelyn 'Champagne' King    Shame                          Temptations                      Papa Was a Rolling Stone
 Four Seasons               December, 1963                 Tramps                           Disco Inferno (Burn Baby Burn)
 Four Tops                  I Can't Help Myself            Van McCoy                        Hustle, The
 Freak Out                  Sister Sledge                  Vicki Sue Robinson               Turn The Beat Around
 Gap Band                   Burn Rubber On Me              Village People                   Macho Man
 Gap Band                   Early In The Morning           Village People                   YMCA
 Gap Band                   You Dropped a Bomb on Me       Vonda Shepard                    My First My Last My Everything
 George Clinton             Atomic Dog                     Was Not Was                      Everybody Walk the Dinosaur
 Gloria Gaynor              I Will Survive                 Weather Girls                    It Is Raining Men
 Gloria Gaynor              I Will Survive (Disco Remix)   Wild Cherry                      Play That Funky Music
 Grand Funk Railroad        The Locomotion                 Zapp & Roger                     I Can Make You Dance
 Grandmaster Flash          White Lines
 Grease                     Beauty School Drop Out
 Grease                     Better Shape Up
 Grease                     Cool Rider                     EASY LISTENING
 Grease                     Grease
 Grease                     Grease Lighting
                                                           America                          Sister Golden Hair
 Grease                     Grease Megamix
                                                           Billy Joel                       Piano Man
 Grease                     Summer Nights
                                                           Cat Stevens                      Moonshadow
 Grease                     We Go Together
                                                           Cat Stevens                      Oh Very Young
 Grease                     You're the One that I Want
                                                           Cat Stevens                      Peace Train
 Hot Chocolate              You Sexy Thing
                                                           Cat Stevens                      Wild World
 Jackson Five               ABC
                                                           Chaka Khan                       Through The Fire
 James Brow n               I Feel Good
                                                           Chris Isaak                      Graduation Day
 James Brow n               Livin In America
                                                           Chris Isaak                      I Want To Fall In Love
 James Brow n               Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
                                                           Chris Isaak                      Only The Lonely
 James Brow n               Sex Machine
                                                           Chris Isaak                      San Francisco Days
 KC And The Sunshine Band   Boogie Shoes
                                                           Chris Isaak                      Somebody's Cryin
 KC And The Sunshine Band   Please Don't Go
                                                           Chris Isaak                      Wicked Game
 KC and The Sunshine Band   Shake, Shake, Shake
                                                           Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young   Teach Your Children
 KC and The Sunshine Band   That's the Way I Like It
                                                           Dan Fogelberg                    Leader of the Band
 Kool & The Gang            Celebration
                                                           David Wilcox                     Rusty Old American Dream
 Kool & The Gang            Jungle Boogie
                                                           Dionne Warw ick                  Thats What Friends Are For
 Kool & The Gang            Ladies Night
                                                           Dispatch                         Flying Horses
 Lakeside                   Fantastic Voyage
                                                           Dispatch                         Outloud
 Lipps                      Funkytow n
                                                           Don Henley & Bruce Hornsby       End of the Innocence
 Ohio Players               Fire
                                                           Elvis Costello                   She
 Ohio Players               Love Rollercoaster
                                                           Fastball                         Out Of My Head
 Parliament                 Tear the Roof Off the Sucker
                                                           Fleetw ood Mac                   Gypsy
 Parliament                 Up For The Dow n Stroke
                                                           Hall & Oates                     Rich Girl
 Patrice Rushen             Forget Me Not
                                                           Jackopierce                      Vineyard
 Peaches and Cream          Shake Your Groove Thing
                                                           Jackopierce ( Dave Matthews )    Please Come to Boston
 Red Hot Chili Peppers      Love Rollercoaster
                                                           James                            Out to Get You
 Rick James                 Give It To Me Baby
                                                           James Taylor                     Fire And Rain
 Rick James                 Superfreak
                                                           James Taylor                     How sweet it is
 Rick James                 You And I
                                                           James Taylor                     Mexico

Party Music Productions                                                                                                      Page - 6 -
 Jimmy Buffett                    A Pirate Looks At Forty            Simon and Garfunkel     Me and Julio (Live)
 Jimmy Buffett                    Changes in Latitudes, Changes      Simon and Garfunkel     Mrs Robinson
 Jimmy Buffett                    Cheeseburger in Paradise           Simon and Garfunkel     The Boxer
 Jimmy Buffett                    Come Monday                        Stereophonics           Don't Let Me Dow n
 Jimmy Buffett                    Fruitcakes                         Stevie Wonder           Isn't She Lovely
 Jimmy Buffett                    He Went To Paris                   Stevie Wonder           Signed, Sealed, Delivered
 Jimmy Buffett                    Jolly Mon Sing                     Sting                   Fields of Gold
 Jimmy Buffett                    Love in the Library                Temptations             My Girl
 Jimmy Buffett                    Margaritaville                     Van Morrison            Brown Eyed Girl
 Jimmy Buffett                    Mexico                             Van Morrison            Crazy Love
 Jimmy Buffett                    Mother Ocean                       Van Morrison            Days Like This
 Jimmy Buffett                    Six String Music                   Van Morrison            Domino
 Jimmy Buffett                    Son Of A Son Of A Sailor           Van Morrison            Into Mystic
 Jimmy Buffett                    The Weather Is Here, Wish You      Van Morrison            Moondance
 Jimmy Buffett                    Volcano                            Van Morrison            There Will Be Days Like This
 Jimmy Buffett                    Why Don't We Get Drunk
 John Mayer                       3x5
 John Mayer                       Great Indoors                      GROUP
 John Mayer                       Not Myself
 John Mayer                       Your Body Is a Wonderland
                                                                     Buster Poindexter       Hot, Hot, Hot
 John Secada                      Just another day
                                                                     Charlie Daniels Band    Drinking My Baby Goodbye
 Kansas                           Dust in the Wind
                                                                     Chicken Dance           Chicken Time
 Lauren Wood                      Fallen
                                                                     Clarence Carter         Strokin
 Leann Rimes                      Cant fight the Moonlight
                                                                     Dance Party Favorites   Hokey Pokey
 Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie Ni   Magnet and Steel
                                                                     Fast Hokey / Funky      Hokey Pokey - Club Mix
 Lionel Richie                    Do It To Me One More Time
                                                                     Los del Rio             Macarena (Spanish)
 Lionel Richie                    Easy (like Sunday morning)
                                                                     Macarena                Macarena
 Lionel Richie                    Hello
                                                                     Marcia Griffiths        Electric Slide
 Lionel Richie                    Still
                                                                     Sha Na Na               Born To Hand Jive
 Lionel Richie                    Three Times A Lady
 Lionel Richie                    Truly
 Luka Bloom                       This is the Sea
 Marc Cohn                        Saving the Best for Last
 Marc Cohn                        Strangers in a Car                 HAWAIIAN
 Marc Cohn                        Walk on Water
 Marc Cohn                        Walking in Memphis                 Don Ho                  Haw aiian Wedding Song
 Natalie Merchant                 Generous and Kind                  Elvis Presley           Haw aiian Wedding Song
 Neil Diamond                     Hello Again                        John Cruz               Island Style
 Neville, Arron                   Don’t Take Away My Heaven          John Cruz               Shine On
 Norah Jones                      Don't Know Why                     Kaau Crater Boys        All I Have To Offer You is Me
 NTB                              Angel                              Ka'au Crater Boys       Guava Jelly
 NTB                              Short Story                        Ka'au Crater Boys       Hana Calls
 Paul Simon                       Diamonds on the Soles of Her S     Ka'au Crater Boys       I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
 Paul Simon                       Me And Julio Dow n By The School   Ka'au Crater Boys       Kaw ika
 Rockw ell Church                 Intimate War                       Ka'au Crater Boys       Surf
 Rod Stew art                     Dow ntown Train                    Willie K                Ho'o Kipa Surf Song
 Rod Stew art                     Maggie Mae                         Willie K                I Can't Say Goodbye
 Rod Stew ert                     Soul in the City                   Willie K                I Will Dance For You
 Roxy Music                       Avalon
 Shakespeare Sister               Stay (acoustic)
 Simon and Garfunkel              Feelin Groovy
 Simon and Garfunkel              Homew ard bound                    HIP HOP/R&B
 Simon and Garfunkel              I Am A Rock
 Simon and Garfunkel              I Only Have Eyes For You
                                                                     702                     Where My Girls At

Party Music Productions                                                                                                      Page - 7 -
 2 Live Crew                      Me So Horny                     Brandy & MC Lyte                 I Wanna Be Dow n (Remix)
 2 Pac                            California Love                 Bubba Sparxxx                    Ugly
 2 Pac                            Dear Momma                      Busta Rhymes feat Mariah Carey   I Know What You Want
 2 Pac                            How Do Ya Want It               Busta Rhymes Feat Sean Paul      Make it Clap Remix (Lp Version)
 2 pac                            I Get Around                    Cage                             Agent Orange
 2 Pac                            Thugz Mansion                   Camron                           Hey Ma (Clean)
 2 pac                            Thugz Mansion (Acoustic)        Candyman                         Knockin Boots
 2 Pac & Biggie Smalls            Lets Get It On                  Cash Money Millionaires          Project Chick (Clean)
 2 pac Shakur                     California Love                 Chantal Kreviazuk                Leaving on a Jet Plane
 20 Fingers                       Short D... Man (Dirty)          Christina/Mya/Pink/Lil' Kim      Lady Marmalade
 50 Cent                          In Da Club (Clean)              Clipse                           Grinding
 50 Cent                          In Da Club (Dirty)              Color Me Badd                    All 4 Love
 50 Cent                          Wangsta(Slow -Dirty)            Color Me Badd                    I Adore, Mi Amore
 50 Cent                          Wanksta (clean)                 Color Me Badd                    I Wanna Sex You Up
 69 Boys                          Tootsie Roll                    Common                           Come Close To Me
 A Tribe Called Quest             Show Business                   Coolio                           1-2-3-4
 Aaliyah                          Are You That Somebody           Coolio                           Fantastic Voyage
 Aaliyah                          Back and Forth                  Coolio                           Gangsters Paradise
 Aaliyah                          If Your Girl Only Knew          Cypress Hill                     Insane In The Membrane
 Aaliyah                          Try Again                       Da entourage                     Bunny hop
 Adina How ard                    Freak Like Me                   Desree                           You Gotta Be
 Aerosmith and Run DMC            Walk This Way                   Destiny's Child                  Bills, Bills, Bills
 Afroman                          Because I Get High              Destiny's Child                  Bootylicious
 Afroman                          Lets All Get Drunk              Destiny's Child                  Jumpin Jumpin
 Arrested Development             Everyday People                 Dido                             Thank You
 Arrested Development             Mr. Wendel                      Digital Underground              Do w hat cha like
 Arrested Development             Tennessee                       Digital Underground              Freaks Of The Industry(Dirty)
 Ashanti                          Foolish                         Digital Underground              Humpty Dance, The
 Ashanti                          Happy                           Digital Underground              Kiss You Back
 B2K                              Bump Bump Bump (Radio Edit)     DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince     Parents Just Don't Understand
 B2K                              Girlfriend                      DJ Kool                          Let Me Clear My Throat
 Baby                             Clap That Boy FT Clipe          DMX                              DMX - Stop Drop(Dirty)
 Beastie Boys                     Brass Monkey                    DMX                              Gonna Give It Ya (Clean)
 Beastie Boys                     Fight For Your Right To Party   DMX                              Up In Here(Clean)
 Beastie Boys                     Girls                           DMX                              X Gonna Give It To Ya
 Beenie Man feat. Janet Jackson   Feel It Boy                     Dr. Dre                          Aint Nothing But a G Thing(Dirty)
 Bel Biv Devoe                    Do Me                           Dr. Dre                          Boyz N The Hood(Clean)
 Big Pun                          I Don't Wanna Be A Playa        Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg             Gin n Juice(Dirty)
 Big Tymers                       Get Your Roll On                Duce                             Dazzy Dukes
 Big Tymers                       Oh Yeah                         Easy E                           Boyz N tha Hood(Dirty)
 Bird Man                         Do That                         Eminem                           Cleanin Out My Closet
 Biz Markie                       Just a Friend                   Eminem                           Forgot About Dre(Dirty)
 Black Box                        Everybody Everybody             Eminem                           Lose Yourself
 Black Eyed Peas                  Request Line                    Eminem                           Slim Shady(Clean)
 Black Sheep                      Flavor of the Month             Eminem                           Superman (Clean)
 Black Sheep                      The Choice Is Yours             Eminem                           Superman(Dirty)
 Black Sheep                      This Or That                    Eminem                           Without Me (Clean)
 Blackstreet                      Gotta Get You Home Tonight      En Vogue                         Free Your Mind
 Blackstreet                      No Diggity                      EU                               Doin' Da Butt
 Bobby Brown                      My Prerogative                  Eve                              Satisfaction (Clean)
 Bobby Brown                      Rock Wit'cha                    Eve feat Missy Elliot            Aint Got No Dough(Dirty)
 Bones Thugs N Harmony            One Night Stand                 Eve ft Alicia Keys               Gangsta Lovin (Clean)
 Bones Thugs N Harmony            Thuggish Ruggish Bone           Fat Boy Slim                     Rockafella Skank
 Booty Mix                        Hold Up! Wait a Minute          Fat Joe & Ashanti                What’s Luv (Clean)

Party Music Productions                                                                                                                Page - 8 -
 Field Mob                        Sick Of Being Lonely(Clean)    Lil Bow Wow                      Bounce With Me
 Field Mob                        Sick Of Being Lonely(Dirty)    Lil Bow Wow                      Thats My Name
 Freak Nasty                      Da Dip                         Lil Bow Wow feat. Snoop          Where My Dogs At(Clean)
 Gerardo                          Rico Suave(Spanish)            Lil Kim                          No One Else
 Genuine                          So Anxious                     Lil Kim, Da Brat, Missy Elliot   Ladies Night
 Girlfriend remix with Nelly      Girlfriend                     Lionel Richie                    Say You Say Me
 Grandmaster Flash                White Lines                    Live Crew                        Hoochie Momma
 HI C                             I'm Not Your Puppet            LL Cool J                        Doin It
 House of Pain                    Jump Around                    LL Cool J                        Goin Back To Cali
 Ice Cube                         Check Your Self (Clean)        LL Cool J                        I Need Love
 Ice Cube                         It w as a good day             LL Cool J                        I'm That Type of Guy
 Ice Cube                         Put Your Back Into It(Clean)   LL Cool J                        Lougin(who do u love remix)
 Ina Kamoze                       Here comes the Hotstepper      LL Cool J                        Mama Said Knock You Out
 India arie                       Video                          LL Cool J                        Phenomenon
 Ja Rule                          Ain't No Sunshine              LL Cool J                        Round the Way Girl
 Ja Rule                          Dow n 4 U                      LL Cool J & Neptunes             Love You Better
 Ja Rule                          Put It On Me                   Lords of Acid                    P...y Song
 Ja Rule / Ashanti                Mesmerize                      Ludacris                         Move B***h (clean)
 Jagged Edge                      Let's Get Married              Ludacris                         Move B***h (Dirty)
 Jagged Edge                      Lets Just get Married(Slow)    Ludacris                         Roll Out
 Jay-Z                            Big Pimpin (Clean)             Ludacris                         Throw Them Bows
 Jay-Z                            Big Pimpin (Dirty)             Ludacris & Nate Dogg             Area Codes
 Jay-Z                            Can I Get A What What          Luniz                            I got five on it!(Dirty)
 Jay-Z                            Girlz, Girlz, Girlz            Mariah Carey                     If We
 Jay-Z                            H to the Izzo                  Marrs                            Pump up the Volume
 Jay-Z                            Jigga What, Jigga Who(Dirty)   Mary J Blige                     Family Affair
 Jay-Z                            Me and My Girlfriend           Mary J Blige                     Real Love
 Jay-Z ft. Beyonce                Bonnie And Clyde               Mary J Blige ft. Ja Rule         Rainy Days
 Jd feat... P Diddy, Murphy Lee   Welcome To Atlanta (Remix)     Mase and Total                   Tell Me What You Want From Me
 Jennifer Lopez feat.. Ja Rule-   2001 (1)                       Master P                         Ooohhhw ee
 Jermaine Dupri                   Welcome To Altanta(Dirty)      MC Hammer                        Too Legit To Quit
 Jermaine Dupri                   Welcome To Atlanta(Clean)      MC Hammer                        Turn this Mother Out
 J-Lo                             Jenny From The Block           MC Hammer                        U Can't Touch This
 J-Lo feat LL Cool J              All I have                     MC Lyte                          Cha, Cha, Cha
 J-Lo Ja Rule                     Alw ays On Time (Clean)        MC Shy D                         Shake It
 J-Lo Ja Rule                     Alw ays On Time (Dirty)        Miss Jade ft Nelly Furtado Tim   Ching Ching (Dirty)
 Jodeci                           Forever My Lady                Missy Elliott                    Get Your Freak On (Clean)
 J-Shin feat LaTocha Scott        One Night Stand                Missy Elliott                    Work It (Clean)
 Jurassic 5                       Concrete Schooly ard           Missy Elliott                    Work It (Dirty)
 Jurassic 5                       What's Golden                  Missy Elliott and Ludacris       Gossip folks (Clean)
 Jurassic 5, Kool Keith           DDT                            Monica                           Don't Take It Personal
 Justin Timberlake                Like I Love You                Monifah                          Touch it
 Juvenile                         Back That Thang Up (Clean)     Montel Jordan                    This How We Do It
 Juvenile                         Back That Thang Up (Dirty)     Nas                              Made You Look (Clean)
 Juvenile                         She Get It From Her Mama       Nas                              Made You Look (Dirty)
 Juvenile & Hot Boyz              Bling Bling                    Nas                              Ouchie Wallie(Dirty)
 K7                               Come Baby Come                 Naughty By Nature                Hip Hop Hooray
 Keith Murray                     Yeah Yeah You Know It          Naughty By Nature                OPP
 Keith Sw eat                     Tw isted                       Nelly                            #1(Clean)
 Khia                             My Neck(clean)                 Nelly                            Air Force Ones
 Kool Moe Dee                     Wild Wild West                 Nelly                            Country Grammar (Clean)
 Kriss Kross                      Jump                           Nelly                            Dilemma
 Lauryn Hill                      Sw eetest Thing                Nelly                            EI (Clean)
 Lifehouse Family                 Ain't no sunshine              Nelly                            EI (Dirty)

Party Music Productions                                                                                                           Page - 9 -
 Nelly                    Hot in Here                           TLC                              Diggin In My Room
 Nelly                    Must be the Money                     TLC                              Never Gonna Get It
 Nelly                    Ride With Me (Clean)                  TLC                              No Scrub
 Nore                     Nothin                                TLC                              Waterfalls
 Notorious BIG            Big Papa                              Ton Loc                          Funky Cold Madina
 Notorious BIG            Hypnotize (Clean)                     Ton Loc                          Wild Thing
 Notorious BIG And Mase   We Won't Stop                         Toni Braxton w/Loon              Hit The Freew ay
 Office Space             Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster   Tony Toni Tone                   Feels Good
 Old Dirty Bastard        Got Your Money (Dirty)                Tony Toni Tone                   If I Had No Loot
 Old Dirty Bastard        I Got Your Money (Semi-clean)         Tribe Called Quest               Check the Rhyme
 Onyx                     Slam                                  Tribe Called Quest               Everything is Fair
 Oran "Juice" Jones       The Rain                              Tribe Called Quest               Excursions
 Outkast                  Bombs Over Baghdad                    Tribe Called Quest               Jazz (We've Got)
 Outkast                  Rosa Parks                            Tribe Called Quest               Oh My God
 Outkast                  So Fresh and Clean                    Tribe Called Quest               Rap Promoter
 Outkast                  Sorry Miss Jackson                    Tribe Called Quest               Scenario
 Outkast                  The Whole World                       Tribe Called Quest               Skypager
 Paperboy                 Ditty                                 Tribe Called Quest               Verses From the Abstract
 Petey Pablo              Raise Up                              Tw eet ft Fabolous               Oops Oh My!
 Puff Daddy               I Need a Girl                         Usher                            Nice and Slow
 Puff Daddy               I Need A Girl (Part Tw o)             Usher                            U Don't Have To
 Puff Daddy               It's All About the Benjamins          Vanilla Ice                      Ice Ice Baby
 Puff Daddy               Mo Money Mo Problems                  Voices of Theory                 Say It
 Quad City DJs            Ride the Train                        Warren G                         Regulators
 R. Kelly                 A Woman’s Threat                      Warren G                         This DJ
 R. Kelly                 Bump and Grind                        Will Smith                       Gettin Jiggy With It
 R. Kelly                 Dow n Low                             Will Smith                       Men In Black
 R. Kelly                 Gone Til November (Remix)             Will Smith                       Summertime
 R. Kelly                 Heaven, I need A Hug                  Wiseguys                         Put the Body in Motion
 R. Kelly                 I Believe I Can Fly                   Wreckx n Effect                  Rumpshaker
 R. Kelly                 Ignition (Remix)                      Wyclef Jean                      911
 R. Kelly ft. Jay Z       Fiesta (Remix)                        Wyclef Jean                      Gone Till November(Slow)
 Rob Base                 Joy N' Pain                           Wyclef Jean                      Guantanamera(clean)
 Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock    It Takes Tw o                         Wyclef Jean                      Stayin' Alive
 Rob Bass                 It Takes Tw o                         Wyclef Jean                      We Just Tryin' to Stay Alive
 Roots                    The Show                              Young MC                         Bust A Move
 Run DMC                  It's Tricky                           Zhane                            Hey Mr. DJ
 Run DMC                  Peter Piper
 Salt N Pepa              Let's Talk About Sex
 Salt N Pepa              Push It
 Salt N Pepa              Push It                               INTRO
 Salt N Pepa              Whatta Man
 Sean Paul                Give Me the Light
                                                                Blues Brothers                   Peter Gun Theme
 Sir-Mix-a-lot            Baby got back
                                                                Booker T and the MG's            Green Onions
 Sisco                    Thong Song
                                                                Gerardo                          Rico Suave
 Snap                     I've Got the Pow er
                                                                Inner Circle                     Bad Boys (COPS theme song)
 Snoop Dogg               Beautiful
                                                                Intro                            Oh Yeah
 Snoop Dogg               Do You Wanna Roll
                                                                Joe Satriani                     Top Gun Theme
 Snoop Dogg               From tha Church to da Palace
                                                                John Williams - Boston Pops Or   Chariots of Fire (Vangelis)
 Snoop Dogg               Gin and Juice (Clean)
                                                                Rocky Soundtrack                 Getting Stronger Anthem
 Snoop Dogg               It's Like This and That(Dirty)
 Snoop Dogg and Lil Kim   Do you wanna roll
 Tag Team                 Whoop! There It Is !
 TLC                      Creep

Party Music Productions                                                                                                         Page - 10 -
 JAZZ/BLUES                                                            Moneda dura       Lola
                                                                       Ricky Martin      La Bomba
                                                                       Ricky Martin      Livin' La Vida Loca
 Al Jarreau                       Lost And Found
                                                                       Ricky Martin      The Cup Of Life
 Alex Bugnon                      Love Season
                                                                       Santana           Black Magic Woman
 Bob James & David Sanborn        Maputo
                                                                       Santana           Oye Como Va
 Chris Rea                        On The Beach
                                                                       Selena            La Bamba
 Dexter Gordon                    Our Love Is Here To Stay
                                                                       Shakira           Objection (Tango)
 Diana Krall                      And I Love Him
                                                                       Shakira           Wherever Whenever (English )
 Doris Day                        Love and marriage
 Erik Satie                       Gymnopedie #1
 George Benson                    Breezin'
 Harry Connick Jr                 She Belongs To Me
 Harry Connick Jr                 The Way You Look Tonight             OLDIES/MOTOWN
 Harry Connick Jr                 Wink And A Smile
 Jim Brickman                     In A Lover's Eyes                    Abba              Take A Chance On Me
 Jim Brickman                     Relaxing Piano Music                 Ad Libs           The Boy From New York City
 John Coltraine                   After The Rain                       Al Green          Ain't No Sunshine
 John Coltraine and Miles Davis   I could w rite A                     Al Green          Let's Stay Together
 John Coltraine and Miles Davis   Walking                              America           Horse With No Name
 John Tesh                        Sax On The Beach (Instrumental)      Andrew Sisters    Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
 Karrin Allyson                   Aria                                 Andrew Sisters    Rum and Coca Cola
 Kenny G                          Don't Make Me Wait For Love          Angels            My Boyfriend Is Back
 Kenny G                          Forever in Love                      Animal House      Louie Louie
 Kenny G                          Midnight Magic                       Animal House      Shout
 Marc Seales, composer. New Sto   Highw ay Blues                       Aqua              Lolipop Lolipop
 Mel Torme                        Puttin' on The Ritz                  Aretha Franklin   Chain of Fools
 Michael Franks                   The Art O Love                       Aretha Franklin   Mr. Big Stuff
 Michael Franks                   Your Secret's Safe With Me           Aretha Franklin   Respect
 New Broadway Cast                All That Jazz                        Bangles           Eternal Flame
 Norah Jones                      Don't Know Why                       Barret Strong     Money That's What I Want
 Sade                             All About Our Love                   Barry Manilow     Looks Like We Made It
 Sade                             Be By Your Side                      Barry White       Can't Get Enough
 Sade                             Kiss Of Life                         BB King           Let the Good Times Roll
 Sade                             Lovers Rock                          BB King           Lucille
 Sade                             No Ordinary Love                     Beach Boys        409
 Squirrel Nut Zippers             Got My Ow n Thing Now                Beach Boys        California Girls
 The Jazzmasters                  Lost Summer                          Beach Boys        Good Vibrations
 Tori Amos                        Kissing in the Rain (Instrumental)   Beach Boys        Help Me, Rhonda
                                                                       Beach Boys        I Get Around
                                                                       Beach Boys        Kokomo
                                                                       Beach Boys        Little Deuce Coup
 LATIN                                                                 Beach Boys        Surf City
                                                                       Beach Boys        Surfin' Safari
                                                                       Beach Boys        Surfin' USA
 DJ Carrasco                      Merengue Mix 1
                                                                       Beach Boys        The Little Old Lady From Pasadina
 Elvis Crespo                     Suavemente
                                                                       Beach Boys        Wipeout
 Elvis Crespo,Ilegales,Proyecto   Merengue mix
                                                                       Beach Boys        Wouldn't It Be Nice
 Enrique Iglesias                 Bailamos
                                                                       Beatles           All You Need Is Love
 Enrique Iglesias                 Be With You
                                                                       Beatles           Get Back
 Gerardo                          Rico Suave
                                                                       Beatles           Happy Birthday
 Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Bras   South Of The Border
                                                                       Beatles           Imagine
 Jon Secada                       Angel (Spanis h)
                                                                       Beatles           In My Life
 Los Lobos                        La Bamba
                                                                       Beatles           Maxw ell's Silver Hammer
 Los Umbrellos                    No Tengo Dinero(spanish)
                                                                       Beatles           Revolution

Party Music Productions                                                                                                      Page - 11 -
 Beatles                       Ticket to Ride                    Ernie K-Doe                        Mother-In-Law
 Beatles                       We Can Work It Out                Etta James                         At Last
 Beatles                       Yellow Submarine                  Etta James                         Son Of A Preacher Man
 Beatles                       Yesterday                         Everly Brothers                    Bye Bye Love
 Beatles                       You Say its Your Birthday         Everly brothers                    Lions Sleep Tonight
 Ben Folds                     Golden slumbers                   Everly Brothers                    Till I Kissed You
 Bill Withers                  Ain't No Sunshine                 Everly Brothers                    Wake Up Little Suzie
 Billy Holiday & Satchmo       Dream A Little Dream              Fankie Avalon                      Teenager in Love
 Bob Dylan                     Blow ing in the Wind              Fifth Dimension                    Wedding Bell Blues
 Bob Dylan                     Everybody Must Get Stoned         Four Tops                          Duke Of Earl
 Bob Dylan                     Hurricane                         Four Tops                          Reach Out I'll Be There
 Bob Dylan                     Just Like a Woman                 Frank Sinatra                      Beyond the Sea
 Bob Dylan                     Like a Rolling Stone              Frank Sinatra                      Chicago (My kind of town)
 Bob Dylan                     Tangled Up in Blue                Frank Sinatra                      I Get A Kick Out Of You
 Bob Dylan                     The Times They Are A Changin'     Frank Sinatra                      I've Got The World On A String
 Bobby Darin                   If I Were a Carpenter             Frank Sinatra                      Jeepers Creepers
 Bobby Darin                   Mack the Knife                    Frank Sinatra                      New York, New York
 Bobby Darin                   Splish Splash                     Frank Sinatra                      Strangers In The Night
 Chubby Checker                Let's Tw is t Again               Frank Sinatra                      The Way You Look Tonight
 Chubby Checker                Limbo Rock                        Frank Sinatra                      Witchcraft
 Chubby Checker                The Tw is t                       Frankie Avalon                     At The Hop
 Chuck Berry                   Jonny B. Good                     Frankie Ford                       Sea Cruise
 Chuck Berry                   My Ding-A-Ling                    Frankie Lymon and Teenagers        Why Do Fools Fall in Love
 Clarence Frogman Henry        I Don’t Know Why I Love You       Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons   I Cant Take My Eyes
 Cleftones                     Heart And Soul                    Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons   I Keep Working My Way Back To You
 Coasters                      Yakety Yak                        Gary Wright                        Dream Weaver
 Contours                      Do You Love Me                    Gentrys                            Keep On Dancing
 Crests                        16 Candles                        George Thorogood                   Summertime Blues
 Danny & The Juniors           At The Hop                        Georgia Satellites                 Hippy Hippy Shake
 Dave "Baby" Cortez            Happy Organ(Instrumental)         Gerry and the Pacemakers           Ferry Across the Mersey
 Dave Clark Five               Do You Love Me                    Gerry and the Pacemakers           How Do You Do What You Do
 Dean Martin                   Everybody Loves Somebody          Gerry and the Pacemakers           It's Gonna Be Alright
 Dean Martin                   Volare                            Gladiolas                          Little Darlin'
 Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra   That's Amore                      Gladys Knight & The Pips           Midnight Train To Georgia
 DelVikings                    Come Go w ith Me                  Glenn Miller Orchestra             In the Mood
 Diamonds                      The Stroll                        Harry Chapin                       Please Come to Boston
 Dion                          I Wonder Why                      Harry Connick Jr                   Our Love is Here To Stay
 Dion                          Little Darlin'                    Hollies                            Bus Stop
 Dion                          Wanderer                          Hollies                            Long Cool Woman in a Red Dress
 Dixie Cups                    Chapel Of Love                    Hollyw ood Argyles                 Alley Oop
 Doris Day                     Que Sera Sera                     Honeydrippers                      Sea Of Love
 Dr. Hook                      Brandy                            How ie Day                         Help (Cover)
 Elvis Presley                 All Shook Up                      Jackie Wilson                      Higher And Higher
 Elvis Presley                 Are You Lonesome Tonight          Jackson Five                       Rockin' Robin
 Elvis Presley                 Don't Be Cruel                    Janis Joplin                       Me and Bobby McGee
 Elvis Presley                 Good Luck Charm                   Jay And The Americans              Save the Last Dance For Me
 Elvis Presley                 Heartbreak Hotel                  Jean Knight                        Mr. Big Stuff
 Elvis Presley                 Hound Dog                         Jean Knight                        Mr. Big Stuff
 Elvis Presley                 Jailhouse Rock                    Jerry Butler                       Moon River
 Elvis Presley                 Suspicious Minds                  Jerry Lee Lewis                    Great Balls of Fire
 Elvis Presley                 Teddy Bear                        Jerry Lee Lewis                    Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On
 Englebert Humperdink          Quando Quando                     Jethro Tull                        Bungle In The Jungle
 Englebert Humperdink          The Last Waltz                    Jim Croce                          Bad Bad Leroy Brown
 Englebert Humperdink          You're Just Too Good To Be True   Jim Croce                          Operator

Party Music Productions                                                                                                             Page - 12 -
 Jim Croce                        Photographs and Memories           Nat King Cole               L-O-V-E
 Jim Croce                        You Don't Mess Around with Jim     Natalie Cole                L-O-V-E
 Jive Five                        My True Story                      Natalie Cole                Our Love
 John Cafferty And The Beaver     On The Dark Side                   Nick Low e                  I Knew The Bride When She Used
 John Lee Hooker                  Boom Boom Boom Boom                Ocean's Eleven Soundtrack   Papa Loves Mambo
 John Lennon                      Instant Karma                      O'Kaysions                  I’m A Girl Watcher
 John Lennon                      Starting Over                      Otis Redding                Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
 John Lennon                      Woman                              Otis Redding                Shout
 Johnny Maestro                   16 Candles                         Pat Boone                   April Love
 Johnny Rivers                    Secret Agent Man                   Patti Page                  Tennessee Waltz
 Jonny Lang & Edgar Winters       Tobacco Road                       Paul Anka                   All I Have To Do Is Dream
 Jr. Walker and The All-stars     Shotgun                            Paul Anka                   Puppy Love
 Junior Walker And The All-Star   What Does It Take                  Paul Anka                   Put Your Head On My Shoulder
 Kay Star                         Wheel Of Fortune                   Paul Anka                   Times of Your Life
 Kingsmen                         Louie Louie                        Percy Faith                 The Song From Moulin Rouge
 Kylie Minogue                    Locomotion                         Perry Como                  Catch A Falling Star
 Kylie Minogue                    Locomotion (Remix)                 Perry Como                  Some Enchanted Evening
 Kylie Minogue                    Tears On My Pillow                 Peter, Paul & Mary          I Dig Rock And Roll Music
 Led Zepplin                      Stairw ay To Heaven                Peter, Paul & Mary          I'm Leaving On a Jet plane
 Little Anthony and The Imperia   Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop            Peter, Paul & Mary          Kumbaya
 Little Richard                   Lucille                            Peter, Paul & Mary          Puff The Magic Dragon
 Little Richard                   Rip it Up                          Peter, Paul & Mary          This Land Is Your Land
 Little Richard                   Roll Over Beethoven                Pixies                      Our Love
 Little Richard                   Tutti Frutti                       Randy and the Rainbows      Denise
 Louie Armstrong And Oscar Pete   Makin' Whoopie                     Ray Stevens                 Ahab The Arab
 Mamas and the Papas              California Dreamin'                Ray Stevens                 Purple People Eater
 Marcels                          Blue Moon                          Richie Valens               La Bamba
 Married With Children            Love And Marriage                  Ritchie Valens              Come On Lets Go
 Martha and the Vandellas         Dancing In the Streets             Ritchie Valens              Donna
 Martha and the Vandellas         Heat Wave                          Roger Miller                King of the Road
 Martha and the Vandellas         Jimmy Mack                         Ronettes                    Be My Baby
 Marvelows                        I Do (1965)                        Rufus Wainwright            Across the universe
 Marvin Gaye                      I Heard It Through The Grapevine   Sam Cooke                   Another Saturday Night
 Marvin Gaye                      Let's Get It On                    Sam Cooke                   Save The Last Dance For Me
 Marvin Gaye                      Mercy Mercy Me                     Sam Cooke                   Tossin' and Turnin'
 Marvin Gaye                      Sexual Healing                     Sam Cooke                   Tw istin' the Night Away
 Marvin Gaye                      What’s Going On                    Sam The Sham                Wolly Bully
 Mary Wells                       My Guy                             Shangri Las                 Leader 0f The Pack
 Mccoys                           Hang On Sloopy                     Shep and limelights         Daddys Home
 Mel Carter                       Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me        Shondells                   Crystal Blue Persuasion
 Mickey & Sylvia                  Love Is Strange                    Silhouettes                 Get A Job
 Mikki Viereck                    A Song For My Son                  Sister Moon                 Suffering
 Mitch Ryder                      Devil With A Blue Dress            Skyliners                   Since I Don't Have You
 Monkees                          Daydream Believer                  Smokey Robinson             Going To A Go Go
 Monkeys                          Last Train To Clarksville          Smokey Robinson             I Second That Emotion
 Monkeys                          Now I'm Believer                   Smokey Robinson             Tears of a Clow n
 Monotones                        Book of Love                       Smokey Robinson             Tracks Of My Tears
 Muddy Waters                     Got My Mojo Working                Sonny & Cher                I got U Babe
 Muddy Waters                     Hoochie Coochie Man                Sonny Til and The Orioles   Crying In The Chapel
 Muddy Waters                     Mannish Boy                        Spaniels, The               Goodnight Sw eetheart
 Muddy Waters, Bo Didley, Littl   I'm a Man                          Spencer Davis Group         Gimme Some Lovin'
 Mungo Jerry                      In The Summertime                  Spinners                    Its a Shame
 Music Explosion                  Little Bit O' Soul                 Spiral Staircase            More Today Than Yesterday
 Nat King Cole                    Answer Me My Love                  Stevie Wonder               I Was Made To Love Her

Party Music Productions                                                                                                           Page - 13 -
 Stevie Wonder            Uptight
 Stray Cats               Rock This Tow n
 Stray Cats               Stray Cat Strut
 Stray Cats               Summertime Blues                  POLKA
 Temptations              Ain't Too Proud Beg
 Temptations              How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By
                                                            Frankie Yankovic                 Beer Barrel Polka
 Temptations              Just My Imagination
                                                            Frankie Yankovic                 Pennsylvania Polka
 Temptations              Your My Everything
                                                            Lawrence Welk                    Helena Polka
 The Archies              Sugar Sugar
                                                            Walter Ostanek                   Tobacco Farmers Polka
 The Beatles              Something
 The Beegees              Stayin Alive
 The Chifftons            He's So Fine
 The Dominos              Sixty Minute Man
 The Dominos              The Dominoes - Sixty Minute Man   POP
 The Drifters             Save the Last Dance for Me
 The Drifters             Under the Boardwalk               10000 Maniacs                    These Are Days
 The Elegants             Little Star                       Ace a Base                       I Saw the Sign
 The Exciters             Tell Him                          Ace of Base                      All That She Wants
 The Fiestas              So Fine                           Ace of Base                      Its a Beautiful Life
 The Fleetw oods          Come Softly To Me                 Alanis Morisette                 Hand In My Pocket
 The Genies               Who's That Knocking               Alanis Morisette                 Hands Clean(Slow Live)
 The Hollies              Long Cool Woman In A Black Dre    Alanis Morisette                 Jagged Little Pill
 The Impalas              Sorry, I Ran All the Way Home     Alice Deejay                     Better of Alone
 The Mystics              Hushabye                          American Idol Final 5            That's What Friends Are For
 The Nylons               In the Jungle                     Amy Grant                        Baby Baby
 The Passions             Just to be With You               Aqua                             Barbie Girl
 The Platters             The Great Pretender               Backstreet Boys                  As long a you love me
 The Shells               Baby Oh Baby                      Backstreet Boys                  I w ant it that way
 The Shirelles            Leader Of The Pack                Backstreet Boys                  Quit Playing Games With My Head
 The Shirelles            Please Mr Postman                 Backstreet Boys                  The Call
 The Shirelles            Soldier Boy                       Backstreet Boys                  We've Got It Going On
 The Shirelles            Will You Love Me Tomorrow         Baz Luhrmann                     Everybody's Free (sunscreen)
 The Students             Everyday of the Week              Beastie Boys                     Intergalactic
 The Safaris              Wipeout (Instrumental)            Beth Orton                       Stolen Car
 The Turbans              When You Dance                    Big Head Todd and the Monsters   Bittersweet
 The Valentines           Lily Maebelle                     Blessed Union of Souls           Hey Leonardo
 The Velvets              Tonight (Could be the Night)..    Blessed Union of Souls           I Believe
 Three Dog Night          Joy to the World                  Blues Traveler                   Alone
 Three Dog Night          Never Been to Spain               Blues Traveler                   The Heart Brings You Back
 Tokens                   Lion Sleeps Tonight               Bob Segar                        We've Got Tonight
 Tokens                   Tonight I Fell In Love            Bono                             New Day [Pop Radio Edit]
 Tom Jones                She's a Lady                      Britney Spears                   Baby, One More Time
 Tony Bennet              Our Love is Here to Stay          Britney Spears                   I´m A´Slave 4 U
 Tony Bennet              Rags To Riches                    Britney Spears                   Lucky
 TV Theme Songs           American Bandstand                Britney Spears                   Oops I did it again
 Van Morrison             Domino                            Britney Spears                   Overprotected
 Wilbert Harrison         Kansas City                       Brittany Spears                  You Drive Me Crazy (Stop Mix)
 Wilson Pickett           In the Midnight Hour              Burlap To Cashmere               Eileen's Song
 Wilson Pickett           Land of a 1,000 Dances            Candlebox                        Blossom
 Wilson Pickett           Mustang Sally                     Candlebox                        Far Behind
 Yard birds               For Your Love                     Carlos Santana                   Samba Pa Ti
 Young Rascals            Its A Beautiful Morning           Chocolate Genius                 Julia
 Zodiacs                  Stay Just a Little Bit Longer     Chris Issak                      Baby did a bad bad thing
 Zombies                  She's Not There                   Chris Rea                        Beautiful Girl

Party Music Productions                                                                                                        Page - 14 -
 Christina Aguilera             Beautiful                        Five                       When the lights go out
 Christina Aguilera             Dirty                            Fugees                     Killing Me Softly
 Christina Aguilera             Genie In A Bottle                Gin Blossoms               Alison Road
 Christina Aguilera             What A Girl Wants                Gin Blossoms               Allison Road
 Chumbaw amba                   Tubthumping                      Gin Blossoms               Found Out About You
 Cindy Lauper                   I Drove All Night                Gina G                     Just a little bit
 Counting Crows                 40 Years (acoustic )             Gloria Estefan             Conga
 Counting Crows                 A Long December                  Goo Goo Dolls              Slide
 Counting Crows                 American Girls                   Hootie & The Blowfish      Hold My Hand
 Counting Crows                 Anna Begins                      Hootie & The Blowfish      I Go Blind
 Counting Crows                 Big Yellow Taxi (featuring Van   Hootie & The Blowfish      I Only Wanna Be With You
 Counting Crows                 Ghost In You                     Janes Addiction            Been Caught Steeling
 Counting Crows                 Holiday in Spain                 Janet Jackson              All 4 You
 Counting Crows                 If I Could Give All My Love      Janet Jackson              Runaw ay
 Counting Crows                 Mr. Jones                        Jessica Simpson            I Think I'm In Love With You
 Counting Crows                 Ordinary Superman                Jessica Simpson            Irresistible
 Counting Crows                 Up all night                     Jim Brickman               Where Are You Now
 Counting Crows                 Up All Night (Frankie Miller G   Jimmy Buffett              Another Saturday Night
 Crash Test Dummies             Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm                  Jody Watley                Real Love
 Dave Matthew s                 #58 (acoustic )                  Jon Secada                 Just Another Day
 Dave Matthew s                 After Her (live, rare)           Jurassic Five              A Long Long While
 Dave Matthew s                 All Along the Watchtower         Jurassic Five              A Long Long While
 Dave Matthew s                 Angel From Montgomery            Justin Timberlake          Cry Me A River
 Dave Matthew s                 Ants Marching                    Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow   Pictures
 Dave Matthew s                 Bartender                        Kim Carnes                 Betty Davis Eyes
 Dave Matthew s                 Crash Into Me                    Lenny Kravitz              American Woman
 Dave Matthew s                 Did You Ever Look So Nice        LFO                        Life Is Good
 Dave Matthew s                 Diggin A Ditch                   Lou Bega                   Mambo No.5
 Dave Matthew s                 Everyday (Acoustic )             Lovin' Spoonful, The       Do You Believe In Magic
 Dave Matthew s                 Fool to Think                    Luscious Jackson           Naked Eyes
 Dave Matthew s                 Granny(Live)                     Macy Gray                  I Try
 Dave Matthew s                 Grey Street                      Madona                     Like a Virgin
 Dave Matthew s                 I Did It(Live)                   Madonna                    Beautiful Stranger
 Dave Matthew s                 Jimi Thing                       Madonna                    Get Into The Groove
 Dave Matthew s                 Lie In Our Graves                Madonna                    Holiday
 Dave Matthew s                 Minarets                         Madonna                    Into The Groove
 Dave Matthew s                 Say Goodbye                      Madonna                    Justify My Love
 Dave Matthew s                 Space Between                    Madonna                    Lucky Star
 Dave Matthew s                 Stay                             Madonna                    Music, Hey Mr. DJ
 Dave Matthew s                 Warehouse(Live)                  Madonna                    Vogue
 Dave Matthew s                 What Would You Say               Marc Anthony               I Need To Know
 Dave Matthew s                 When the World Ends              Mariah Carey               Boy
 Dave Matthew s and Santana     Love of my life                  Mariah Carey               Dream Lover
 Dave Matthew s Band            After Her                        Mariah Carey               Emotions
 Dave Matthew s w. Ben Harper   Long Black Veil                  Marky Mark                 Good Vibrations
 Deborah Morgan                 Dance With Me My Baby            Mary Beth Maziarz          Hold On
 Del Amitri                     Roll To Me                       Matchbox 20                3am
 Eagles                         Tequila Sunrise                  Matchbox 20                Bed of Lies
 East Compton Clovers           brrr It's Cold in Here           Matchbox 20                Bent
 Elvis Costello                 Veronica                         Matchbox 20                Why Can't We Be Friends
 Enrique Iglesias               Hero (Remix)                     Matchbox Twenty            Disease
 Enrique Iglesias               World Crashes Down               Melissa Etheridge          Come To My Window
 Evan And Jaron                 Crazy For This Girl              Merril Bainbridge          Mouth
 Fine Young Cannibals           Good Thing                       Michael Bolton             Love is a wonderful thing

Party Music Productions                                                                                                    Page - 15 -
 Michael Jackson              Beat It                          Sara McLaughlin            Blackbird
 Michael Jackson              Billie Jean                      Sara McLaughlin            Ice Cream
 Michael Jackson              Don't stop 'til you get enough   Sara McLaughlin            Possesion
 Michael Jackson              Human Nature                     Savage Garden              Truly Madly Deeply
 Michael Jackson              I'm Bad                          Shaw n Mullins             Lullaby
 Michael Jackson              Man in the Mirror                Sheryl Crow                All I Wanna Do
 Michael Jackson              P Y T (Pretty Young Thing)       Sheryl Crow                Are you strong enough to be my
 Michael Jackson              Smooth Criminal                  Sheryl Crow                Steve McQueen
 Michael Jackson              The Way You Make Me Feel         Sixpence None the Richer   Don't Dream It's Over
 Michael Jackson              Thriller                         Sixpence None The Richer   Kiss Me
 MJ & Paul Mc Cartney         The Girl Is Mine                 Spice Girls                Wannabe
 Mighty Mighty Bosstones      Never Had To knock On Wood       Steve Winwood              Higher Love
 Mighty Mighty Bosstones      The Impression That I Get        Sting                      Brand New Day
 N Sync                       I Want You Back                  Sting                      Desert Rose (with Cheb Mami)
 Nelly Furtado                Baby Girl                        Sting & The Police         Don't Stand So Close To Me
 Nelly Furtado                I Will Make U Cry                Sugar Ray                  Fly
 Nelly Furtado                I'm Like a Bird                  Supertramp                 Give a little bit
 Nelly Furtado                My Love Grows Deeper             Tal Bachman                She's So High
 Nelly Furtado                Party's Just Begun               The Cardigans              Lovefool
 Nelly Furtado                Turn off the Light               The Kinks                  Lola
 New Kids On The Block        Hanging Tough                    The Police                 Everything She Does Is Magic
 New Kids On The Block        Right Stuff                      The Vines                  I'm Only Sleeping(cover)
 New Kids On The Block        Step By Step                     The Wallflow ers           I'm looking though you(cover)
 New Kids On The Block        Tonite                           Train                      Blind
 N'Sync                       Bye Bye Bye                      Train                      Days
 N'Sync                       Its Gonna Be Me                  Train                      Drops of Jupiter
 N'Sync                       Tearin' Up My Heart              Train                      Eggplant
 NSync w. Christina Agulara   Come On Over                     Train                      Free
 OMC                          How Bizarre                      Train                      Homesick
 Pet Shop Boys                Domino Dancing                   Train                      I Am
 Pete Droge                   Beautiful Girl                   Train                      Idaho
 Phil Collins                 Another Day in Paradise          Train                      If You Leave
 Pink                         Don’t let me get me              Train                      Meet Virginia
 Pink                         Get This Party Started           Troggs                     Wild Thing
 Pink                         Just like a Pill                 U2                         All I Want Is You
 Police                       Every Breath You Take            U2                         Beautiful Day
 Prince                       Erotic City                      U2                         I Still Haven’t Found
 Prince                       Get Off                          U2                         Sw eetest Thing
 Prince                       Kiss                             U2                         Where The Streets Have No
 Prince                       Let's Go Crazy                   U2                         With Or Without You
 Prince                       Little Red Corvette              Uncle Kracker              In A Little While
 Prince                       P...y Control(Dirty)             Vertic al Horizon          Everything You Want
 Prince                       Purple Rain                      Whitney Houston            I'm Every Woman
 Prince                       Seven                            Whitney Houston            Queen of the Night
 Rayvon                       My Bad                           Your Majesty               Peace, Pain and Regret
 Red Hot Chili Peppers        Californication
 REM                          Its the end of the world as we
 Ricky Martin                 Shake Your Bon-Bon
 Ricky Martin                 She Bangs                        REGGAE
 Ricky Martin                 The Cup Of Life
 Right Said Fred              I'm Too Sexy
                                                               Apache Indian              Boom Shack a Lack
 Romeo Void                   Never Say Never
                                                               Arrow                      Hot Hot Hot
 Ryan Adams                   New York, New York
                                                               Baha Men                   Who Let The Dogs Out
 Santo & Jonny                Sleep Walk (Santo and Johnny)
                                                               Bennie Man                 Girl Dem Sugar

Party Music Productions                                                                                                    Page - 16 -
 Big mountain                Ooh Baby I Love Your Way            RETRO
 Bob Marley                  Buffalo Soldier
 Bob Marley                  Get Up Stand Up
                                                                 ABC                The look of love
 Bob Marley                  I Can See Clearly Now
                                                                 Ah Ha              Take on Me
 Bob Marley                  I Shot the Sheriff
                                                                 Air Supply         All Out of Love
 Bob Marley                  Jammin
                                                                 Air Supply         Even The Nights Are Better
 Bob Marley                  No Woman No Cry
                                                                 Air Supply         Every Woman In The World
 Bob Marley                  One Love
                                                                 Air Supply         Just Died in Your Arms Tonight
 Bob Marley                  Redemption Song
                                                                 Air Supply         Making Love Out Of Nothing At
 Bob Marley                  Smile Jamaica
                                                                 Alphaville         Forever Young
 Bob Marley                  Stir It Up
                                                                 Animation          Obsession
 Buju Banton                 Champion
                                                                 B-52s              Love Shack
 Buju Banton                 Champion (remix)
                                                                 B-52s              Roam
 Buju Banton                 Gimme The Weed
                                                                 B-52s              Rock Lobster
 Buju Banton                 Man Tw ice My Age
                                                                 Bananarama         Venus
 Buju Banton                 Untold Stories
                                                                 Bangles            Eternal Flame
 Dennis Brown                Rasta Children
                                                                 Bangles            Manic Monday
 Eek A Mouse                 Glamity
                                                                 Bangles            Walk Like An Egyptian
 Home Cocoa & Shabba Ranks   Rumors
                                                                 Bay City Rollers   Hooked On a Feeling ooga chaga
 Jimmy Cliff                 Fountain of Life
                                                                 Belinda Carlisle   Heaven Is A Place On Earth
 Jimmy Cliff                 Harder They Come
                                                                 Berlin             No More Words
 Jimmy Cliff                 Samba Reggae
                                                                 Big Country        In A Big Country
 Jimmy Cliff                 Sitting in Limbo
                                                                 Billy Ocean        Caribbean Queen
 Jimmy Cliff                 Struggling Man
                                                                 Billy Ocean        Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into
 Jimmy Cliff                 Wild World
                                                                 Blondie            Heart of Glass
 Jimmy Cliff                 Wonderful World, Beautiful People
                                                                 Blondie            Rapture
 Lauren Hill & Bob Marley    Turn Your Lights Down Low
                                                                 Blondie            Tide is High
 Peter Tosh                  Burial
                                                                 Boomtow n Rats     I Don't Like Mondays
 Peter Tosh                  Legalize It
                                                                 Boston             Its Been Such a Long Time(Long
 Peter Tosh                  Watcha Gonna Do
                                                                 Boston             More Than a Feeling
 Reggae Buju Banton          Walk like a Champion - Jamaica
                                                                 Cars               I Like the Night Life
 Sean Paul                   Get Busy
                                                                 Cars               Just What I Needed
 Sean Paul                   Like glue
                                                                 Cars               Let the Good Times Roll
 Shabba Ranks                Mr. Loverman
                                                                 Cars               Magic
 Shabba Ranks                Mr. Loverman
                                                                 Cars               My Best Friend's Girl
 Shaggy                      Angel
                                                                 Cars               Shake It Up
 Shaggy                      Boombastic
                                                                 Cars               You Might Think
 Shaggy                      In The Summertime
                                                                 Cheap Trick        I Want You to Want Me
 Shaggy                      It Wasn't Me
                                                                 Cheap Trick        The Flame
 Shaggy                      Leave It To Me
                                                                 Chic               Good Times - 1979
 Shaggy                      Strength of a Women
                                                                 Cindy Lauper       Girls Just Want To Have Fun
 Shaggy                      That Girl
                                                                 Cindy Lauper       Hey now, hey now
 Snow                        Informer
                                                                 Cindy Lauper       Iko Iko
 Soca                        Dollar Wine
                                                                 Clash              Rock the Casbah
 Steel Pulse                 Higher Than High
                                                                 Concrete Blonde    Joey
 UB40                        Can't Help Falling In Love
                                                                 Corey Hart         Sunglasses At Night
 UB40                        Falling In Love With You
                                                                 Crow ded House     Something So Strong
 UB40                        Here I Am Baby
                                                                 Culture Club       I'll Tumble For You
 UB40                        Red Red Wine
                                                                 Culture Club       Karma Chameleon
 Ziggy Marley                Everyone Wants To Be
                                                                 David Bow ie       China Girl
 Ziggy Marley                Tomorrow People
                                                                 David Sanborn      Bang Bang
                                                                 Depeche Mode       Personal Jesus
                                                                 Depeche Mode       Policy Of Truth
                                                                 Devo               Mexican Radio

Party Music Productions                                                                                              Page - 17 -
 Devo                         Whip It                           Nena                        99 Luft Balloons(german)
 Dexy's Midnight Runners      Come On Eileen                    Neneh Cherry                Buffalo Stance
 Dire Straits                 So far away from me               New Edition                 Candy Girl
 Dire Straits                 Walk Of Life                      New Edition                 Mr Telephone Man
 Divynals                     I Touch Myself                    New Order                   Bizarre Love Triangle
 Donna Summer                 She Works Hard For The Money      Night Ranger                Sister Christian
 Duran Duran                  Hungry Like A Wolf                Nu Shoes                    I Cant Wait
 Echo and the Bunnymen        Lips Like Sugar                   Oingo Bingo                 Dead Mans Party
 Eddie Money                  If I Could Walk On Water          Oingo Boingo                Turning Japanese
 Erasure                      A Little Respect                  Oingo Boingo                Weird Science
 Erasure                      Chains Of Love                    Olivia New ton John         Let's Get Physical
 Eurythmics                   Sw eet Dreams                     Outfield                    I don't w ant to lose your love
 Firehouse                    Don't Treat Me Bad                Outfield                    Take Me Home
 Firehouse                    I Live My Life For You            Pet Shop Boys               Alw ays On My Mind
 Firehouse                    When I See You Smile              Peter Gabriel               Sledgehammer
 Foreigner                    Feels Like The First Time         Pixies                      Here Comes Your Man
 Foreigner                    Hot Blooded                       Police                      Roxanne
 Frankie Goes To Hollyw ood   Relax                             Pretenders                  Middle Of The Road
 General Public               Tenderness                        Psychedelic Furs            Love My Way
 George Michael               Faith                             Queen                       Radio GaGa
 Gerald Levert                Casanova                          Ramones                     I Wanna Be Sedated
 Glass Tiger                  Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone     REO Speed Wagon             Can't Fight This Feeling
 Glenn Frey                   The Heat Is On                    REO Speed Wagon             Heard It From A Friend
 Gloria Estefan               Live For Loving You               REO Speed Wagon             Keep On Lovin You
 Go Gos                       Our Lips Are Sealed               REO Speed Wagon             Time For Me To Fly
 Go Gos                       We Got The Beat                   Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack   Hooked on a Feeling
 Hooters                      All You Zombies                   Rick Springfield            Jesses Girl
 Huey Lew is and The News     Happy To Be Stuck With You        Robert Palmer               Addicted To Love
 Information Society          What’s On Your Mind               Robert Palmer               Bad Case of Loving You
 INXS                         Suicidal blonde                   Robert Palmer               Simply Irresistible
 Irene Cara                   Fame                              Robert Palmer               Some Like It Hot
 J Geils Band                 Angel Is The Centerfold           Rockell                     When I'm Gone
 J Geils Band                 Freeze Frame                      Romantics                   Talking In Your Sleep
 James                        Laid                              Roxette                     She's Got The Look
 Jefferson Starship           Nothing's Going to Stop Us Now    Sly Fox                     Lets Go All The Way
 John Fogerty                 Centerfield                       Smiths                      How Soon Is Now
 John Parr                    St. Elmo’s Fire                   Soft Cell                   Tainted Love
 Journey                      When The Lights Go Dow n In The   Spandau Ballet              TRUE
 Kansas                       Carry On My Wayward Son           Stray Cats                  Puttin' on the Ritz
 Katrina and the Waves        Walkin On Sunshine                Styx                        Babe
 Kenny Loggins                Footloose                         Styx                        Best of Times
 Khan, Chaka                  I Feel For You                    Styx                        Come Sail Aw ay
 Kim Wilde                    You Keep Me Hangin' On            Styx                        Mr. Roboto
 Laid Back                    White Horse                       Supertramp                  Good-bye Stranger
 Lemonheads                   Video killed the Radio Star       Supertramp                  The Logical Song
 Level 42                     Something About You               Taco                        Puttin' On The Ritz
 Lisa Stansfield              Been Around The World             Talk Talk                   It's My Life
 Martika                      Toy Soldier                       Talking Heads               And She Was
 Men at Work                  Land down under                   Talking Heads               Burning Dow n the House
 Men At Work                  Who Can It Be Now                 Taylor Dayne                Tell It To My Heart
 Men Without Hats             Safety Dance                      Tears For Fears             Everybody Wants To Rule The World
 Miami Sound Machine          Falling In Love (Uh-Oh)           The Fixx                    One Thing Leads To Another
 Modern English               Melt With You                     The Motels                  Suddenly Last Summer
 Murray Head                  One Night In Bangcock             The Reflex                  The Politics of Dancing

Party Music Productions                                                                                                         Page - 18 -
 Thomas Dolby             She Blinded Me With Science      Bob Seger                       Against the Wind
 Tommy Tutone             867-5309 Jenny                   Bob Seger                       Night Moves
 Toni Basil               Hey Mickey                       Bob Seger                       Roll Me Aw ay
 Tubes                    She's A Beauty                   Bon Jovi                        Livin' On A Prayer
 Wang Chung               Everybody Have Fun Tonight       Bon Jovi                        Runaw ay
 War                      Low Rider                        Bon Jovi                        Wanted Dead Or Alive
 Wham!                    Wake Me up Before You Go-Go      Bon Jovi                        You Give Love a Bad Name
 Wham!                    Wake Me up Before You Go-Go      Bruce Springsteen               Born in the USA
 When In Rome             The Promise                      Bruce Springsteen               Born To Run
 Yaz                      Don't Go                         Bruce Springsteen               Dancing In The Dark
                                                           Bruce Springsteen               Glory Days
                                                           Bruce Springsteen               Jersey Girl
                                                           Bruce Springsteen               Pink Cadillac
 ROCK                                                      Bruce Springsteen               Rosalita
                                                           Bruce Springsteen               Thunder Road
                                                           Bruce Springsteen & Tom Waits   Jersey Girl (Live)
 Bad Company              Can't Get Enough
                                                           Bryan Adams                     Summer of 69
 Black Crow es            Hard To Handle
                                                           BTO                             Taking Care Of Business
 Bob Seger                Hollyw ood Nights
                                                           CCR                             Bad Moon Rising
 Bob Seger                Old Time Rock and Roll
                                                           CCR                             Lookin' Out My Back Door
 Bruce Springsteen        Streets of Philadelphia
                                                           CCR                             Rollin' on a River
 Led Zepplin              Ramble On
                                                           CCR                             Suzy Q
 Winger                   Seventeen
                                                           Champs                          Tequila
 AC DC                    Dirty Deeds
                                                           Chicago                         Saturday In The Park
 AC DC                    Hells Bells
                                                           Creedence Clearwater Reviv al   Who'll Stop The Rain
 AC DC                    Shook Me All Night Long
                                                           Crosby, Stills & Nash           Southern Cross
 Adam Ant                 Goody Too Shoes
                                                           Cure                            Friday I'm In Love
 Aerosmith                Crazy
                                                           Cure                            Just Like Heaven
 Aerosmith                Dude Looks Like A Lady
                                                           Damn Yankees                    High Enough
 Aerosmith                Pink
                                                           David Bow ie                    Golden Years
 Aerosmith                Same Old Song And Dance
                                                           David Lee Roth                  California Girls
 Aerosmith                Sw eet Emotion
                                                           David Lee Roth                  Just a Gigolo
 Aerosmith                Walk This Way
                                                           Deadeye Dick                    New Age Girl
 Alice Cooper             No More Mr. Nice Guy
                                                           Deep Purple                     My Woman From Tokyo
 Alice Cooper             Schools Out For Summer
                                                           Deep Purple                     Smoke On The Water
 Alice 'n Chains          Grind
                                                           Def Leopard                     Photograph
 Aerosmith                Love in an Elevator
                                                           Def Leopard                     Pour Some Sugar On Me
 Bad Company              Feel Like Makin' Love
                                                           Def Leopard                     Rock of Ages
 Bad Company              Holy Water
                                                           Dire Straits                    Money for Nothing
 Bad Company              Movin' On
                                                           Dire Straits                    Romeo and Juliet
 Bad Company              Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy
                                                           Dobie Gray                      Lost in your Rock and Roll
 Bad Company              Shooting Star
                                                           Don McLean                      American Pie
 Bad Company              Silver, Blue and Gold
                                                           Doobie Brothers                 Black Water
 Bad Company              The Boys Are Back in Tow n
                                                           Doobie Brothers                 Drift Away
 Beck                     Loser
                                                           Doug Stone                      I Never Knew Love
 Billy Idol               Dancin With Myself
                                                           Drow ning Pool                  Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
 Billy Idol               Mony Mony
                                                           Duran Duran                     The Reflex
 Billy Idol               White Wedding
                                                           Duran Duran                     White Lines
 Billy Joel               Just The Way You Are
                                                           Dusty Springfield               Son of a Preacher Man
 Billy Joel               Only The Good Die Young
                                                           Eagles                          Hotel California
 Billy Joel               Scenes From Italian Restaurant
                                                           Eddie Money                     Baby Hold On
 Billy Joel               Uptow n Girl
                                                           Eddie Rabbit                    I Love A Rainy night
 Black Crow es            She Talks To Angels
                                                           Edw in Starr                    War
 Black Crow es            She Talks To Angels(acoustic)
                                                           Elton John                      Island Girl
 Black Sabbath            Paranoid

Party Music Productions                                                                                                   Page - 19 -
 Elton John                       Tiny Dancer                       Led Zepplin        D'yer Maker
 Elton John and Billy Joel        Don't Let The Sun Go Dow n On M   Led Zepplin        Kashmir
 Eric Clapton                     Cocaine                           Led Zepplin        Misty Mountain Top
 Eric Clapton                     I Shot The Sheriff                Led Zepplin        Thank You
 Eric Clapton                     Layla                             Led Zepplin        Whole Lotta Love
 Fabulous Thunderbirds            Tuff Enough                       Leonard Skynard    All Right Now - Free
 Faith No More                    Epic                              Lenny Kravitz      Again
 Firehouse                        More Than Words                   Limp Bizkit        Intro
 Fleetw ood Mac                   You Make Loving Fun               Limp Bizkit        My Way
 Foreigner                        Jukebox Hero                      Leonard Skynard    Freebird
 Gary Wright                      Dream Weaver                      Leonard Skynard    Sw eet Home Alabama
 Genesis                          I Can't Dance                     Leonard Skynard    Free Bird
 George Thorogood                 Bad To The Bone                   Leonard Skynard    Gimme Three Steps
 Georgia Satellites               Keep Your Hands To Yourself       Marc Cohn          Silver Thunderbird
 Glenn Frey                       Smugglers Blues                   Marilyn Manson     Highw ay To Hell
 God Street Wine                  Stone House                       Massive Attack     Angel
 Golden Earring                   Tw ilight Zone                    Meatloaf           Bat out of Hell
 Grand Funk Railroad              Some kind of Wonderful            Meatloaf           For Crying Out Loud
 Grateful Dead                    Cocaine                           Meatloaf           Hot Summer Nights
 Grateful Dead                    Friend of the Devil               Meatloaf           I Would Do Anything For Love
 Grateful Dead                    Ripple                            Meatloaf           Paradise By The Dashboard Light
 Grateful Dead                    Touch of Grey                     Meatloaf           Tw o out of Three Ain't Bad
 Grateful Dead                    Truckin'                          Meatloaf           You Took The Words Right Out O
 Grateful Dead and Allman Bro's   Sugar Magnolia                    Megadeath          Symphony of Destruction
 Great White                      Once Bitten Tw ice Shy            Metallica          Enter Sandman
 Guns and Roses                   November Rain                     Metallica          For Whom The Bell Tolls
 Guns and Roses                   Paradise City                     Metallica          Nothing Else Matters (orig.)
 Guns and Roses                   Sw eet Child Of Mine              Metallica          One
 Guns and Roses                   Used to love her                  Metallica          The Unforgiven
 Guns and Roses                   Welcome to the Jungle             Motley Crue        Dr. Feelgood
 Head East                        Since You'v e Been Gone           Motley Crue        GirlsGirlsGirls!
 House of Pain                    Boomshalaklakboom                 Motley Crue        Kickstart My Heart
 Huey Lew is and The News         I Want A New Drug                 Neil Diamond       America
 Huey Lew is and The News         The Pow er of Love                Neil Diamond       Coming to America
 Iron Butterfly                   In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida                Neil Diamond       Cracklin Rose
 Jack Johnson                     Losing Hope                       Neil Diamond       Forever in Bluejeans
 Janes Addiction                  Mountain Song                     Neil Diamond       I Am ... I Said(Live)
 Janis Joplin                     Piece Of My Heart                 Neil Diamond       I Am I Said
 Jefferson Starship               We Built This City                Neil Diamond       September Morn
 Jimmy Buffett                    Uncle John's Band                 Neil Diamond       Shilo
 Joe Walsh                        Lifes Been So Good                Neil Diamond       Sw eet Caroline
 John Cougar Mellencamp           Hurts So Good                     Neil Young         Rockin' in the Free World
 John Cougar Mellencamp           Jack and Diane                    Nine Inch Nails    Closer(Dirty)
 John Cougar Mellencamp           Pink Houses                       Nine Inch Nails    Head Like A Hole
 Johnson, Jack                    Smile In A Wave                   Nirvana            You Know Your Right
 Judas Priest                     You Got Another Thing Comin'      Norman Greenbaum   Spirit In The Sky
 Kenny Loggins                    I'm Alright                       Oasis              Wonderwall
 Kid Rock                         American Bad Ass                  Offspring          Bloodstains
 Kid Rock                         Baw itdaba                        Ozzy Osbourne      Iron Man
 Kid Rock                         Cow boy                           Pat Benetar        All Fired Up
 Kiss                             Domino                            Pat Benetar        Hit Me With Your Best Shot
 Korn                             Blind                             Pat Benetar        We Belong
 Korn                             Make Me Bad                       Pearl Jam          Even Flow
 Led Zepplin                      Black Dog                         Pearl Jam          Hide Your Love Away(Tribute)

Party Music Productions                                                                                                  Page - 20 -
 Pearl Jam                        Jeremy                          The Kinks                       You Really Got Me Now
 Peter Frampton                   Show Me The Way                 The Who                         Pinball Wizard
 Peter Gabriel                    In Your Eyes                    Tom Cochrane                    Life Is A Highway
 Phil Collins                     Easy Lover                      Tom Petty                       American Girl
 Pink Floyd                       Another Brick In The Wall       Tom Petty                       Breakdown
 Poison                           Every Rose Has Its Thorn        Tom Petty                       Don't Come Around Here
 Poison                           Unskinny Bop                    Tom Petty                       Don't Do Me Like That
 Pretenders                       Back On The Chain Gang          Tom Petty                       Free Fallin'
 Queen                            Another One Bites The Dust      Tom Petty                       I Won't Back Dow n
 Queen                            Bohemian Rhapsody               Tom Petty                       Into the Great Wide Open
 Queen                            We Are The Champions            Tom Petty                       It's Good To Be King
 Queensryche                      Silent Lucidity                 Tom Petty                       Last Dance with Mary Jane
 Quiet Riot                       Come On Feel The Noise          Tom Petty                       Learning To Fly
 Quiet Riot                       Mama Mama                       Tom Petty                       Refugee
 Ratt                             Round & Round                   Tom Petty                       Roll Another Joint
 Rick Derringer                   Rock n Roll Hoochie Coo         Tom Petty                       Wildflow ers
 Rod Stew art                     Forever Young                   Tom Petty                       You Don't Know How It Feels
 Rolling Stones                   Get off of my Cloud             Tom Petty                       You Wreck Me
 Rolling Stones                   Jumpin Jack Flash               Tom Petty                       Your So Bad
 Rolling Stones                   Ruby Tuesday                    Too Much Joy                    That's A Lie (remix)
 Rolling Stones                   Satisfaction                    Train                           Meet Virginia
 Rolling Stones                   Start Me Up                     Tw isted Sister                 I Want To Rock
 Rolling Stones                   Stuck In The Middle With You    Tw isted Sister                 We're Not Gonna Take It
 Rolling Stones                   You can't alw ays get what...   Ugly Kid Joe                    Hate Everything About You
 Rush                             Limelight                       Ugly Kid Joe                    Neighbor
 Rush                             Tom Sawyer                      Urge Overkill                   Girl, you'll be a w oman soon
 Ryan Adams                       Street Walkin' Blues            Van Halen                       Dance The Night Aw ay
 Sammy Hagar                      I Can't Drive 55                Van Halen                       Hot For Teacher
 Sammy Hagar                      There's Only One Way To Rock    Van Halen                       Jump
 Santana                          Black Magic Woman               Van Halen                       Panama
 Santana featuring Michelle Bra   Game Of Love                    Van Halen                       Pound Cake
 Scorpions                        Rock You Like a Hurricane       Van Halen                       Pretty Woman
 Silverchair                      Very Hard To Drink              Wallflow ers                    6th Avenue Heartache
 Simon and Garfunkel              Cecilia                         Wallflow ers                    One Headlight
 Skid Row                         18 and Life                     Wallflow ers                    We Can Be Hero’s
 Skid Row                         Youth Gone Wild                 Warrant                         Cherry Pie
 Slipknot                         Spit it out                     White Zombie                    I'm Your Boogie Man
 Sonny & Cher                     The Beat Goes On                White Zombie                    More Human Than Human
 Spin Doctors                     Little Miss Can't Be Wrong      Whitesnake                      Here I Go Again On My Ow n
 Spin Doctors                     Tw o Princes                    Whitesnake                      Still Of The Night
 Steve Miller Band                Dance, Dance, Dance             Wilco, Sonvolt, Blue mountain   Midnight Clyde
 Steve Miller Band                Jungle Love                     Winger                          She's Only Seventeen
 Steve Miller Band                Keep On Rocking Me Baby         ZZ Top                          Cheap Sunglasses
 Steve Miller Band                Rock'N Me                       ZZ Top                          Gimme All Your Lovin
 Stevie Ray Vaughn                Tick Tock                       ZZ Top                          Legs
 Styx                             Renegade                        ZZ Top                          Sharp Dressed Man
 Ted Nugent                       Cat Scratch Fever               ZZ Top                          Tube Steak Boogie
 Tesla                            Signs
 The Commitments                  In the Midnight Hour
 The Corrs                        Breathless
 The Doors                        Break Through the Other Side    SALSA
 The Doors                        Riders on the Storm
 The Doors                        Whisky Bar
                                                                  Carlos Santana                  Samba Pa Ti
 The Jesus And Mary Chain         Here Comes Alice
                                                                  Gipsy Kings                     Bamboleo

Party Music Productions                                                                                                           Page - 21 -
 Gipsy   Kings                     Escucha Me                        George Strait                Carried Away
 Gipsy   Kings                     Hitmix '99 (Radio Edit)           George Strait                Carrying Your Love With Me
 Gipsy   Kings                     La Cucaracha                      George Strait                Easy Come, Easy Go
 Gipsy   Kings                     Moorea                            George Strait                I Cross My Heart
 Gipsy   Kings                     Salsa latino                      George Strait                The Chair
 Gipsy   Kings                     Vamos A Bailar                    George Strait                The Cow boy Rides Away
 Gipsy   Kings                     Volare                            George Strait                You Look So Good In Love
                                                                     Gordon Lightfoot             Carefree Highw ay
                                                                     Hank Williams Jr             Ain't Misbehavin
                                                                     Holly Dunn                   Daddy's Hands
 SLOW COUNTRY                                                        James Taylor                 Carolina In My Mind
                                                                     James Taylor                 Gone To Carolina
                                                                     James Taylor                 You'v e Got A Friend
 Alabama                           Forever is As Far As I'll Go
                                                                     Jim Brickman                 You are the Love of my Life
 Alabama                           Why Lady Why
                                                                     Joe Diffy                    So Help Me Girl
 Alan Jackson                      I'd Love You All Over Again
                                                                     John Berry                   Your Love Amazes Me
 Arlo Guthrie                      City of New Orleans
                                                                     John Denver                  Annie’s Song
 Beth Orton                        It's Not the Spotlight
                                                                     John Michael Montgomery      Dream On Texas Ladies
 Billy Dean                        If There Hadn't Been You
                                                                     John Michael Montgomery      Life’s A Dance
 Blackhaw k                        I'm Not Strong Enough To Say
                                                                     John Micheal Montgomery      Can Love You Like That
 Bob Carlisle                      Butterfly Kisses Bob Carlisle
                                                                     John Micheal Montgomery      Rope The Moon
 Bonnie Raitt                      Angel From Montgomery
                                                                     Johnny Cash                  Goodnight Irene
 Brad Paisley                      We Danced
                                                                     Judds                        Grandpa
 Brad Paisley                      Wrapped Around Her Finger
                                                                     Judds                        Love Can Build A Bridge
 Bread                             Make It With You
                                                                     Kansas                       Dust in the Wind
 Bryan White                       Someone Else’s Star
                                                                     Keith Whitley                Miami, My Amy
 Chris LeDoux                      Five Dollar Fine
                                                                     Kenny Chesney                Me And You
 Chris LeDoux                      Thank The Cow boy For The Ride
                                                                     Kenny Chesney                You Had Me From Hello
 Clint Black                       One Emotion
                                                                     Kenny Rogers                 Lady
 Clint Black & Lisa Hartman        When I Say I Do
                                                                     Kenny Rogers                 You Decorated My Life
 Collin Raye                       I Wish I Could
                                                                     Leann Rimes                  Blue
 Collin Raye                       Love Remains
                                                                     Lee Ann Womack               I Hope You Dance
 Collin Raye & Susan Ashton        The Gift
                                                                     Lone Star                    Amazed
 Conw ay Twitty                    Hello Darlin'
                                                                     Lyle Lovett                  She's No Lady
 Dan Seals                         One Friend
                                                                     Mark Wills                   I Do (Cherish You)
 Deanna Carter                     Strawberry Wine
                                                                     Mary Chapin Carpenter        Grow Old With Me
 Dixie Chicks                      Landslide
                                                                     Mcbride and the Ride         Going Out Of My Mind
 Don Williams                      I Believe In Love
                                                                     Mel Mcdaniel                 Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On
 Doug Stone                        I See You In A Different Light
                                                                     Michael Peterson             From Here To Eternity
 Eagles                            Best Of My Love
                                                                     Neil Young                   Heart Of Gold
 Eagles                            Desperado (Liv e)
                                                                     Nick Cave                    Let it Be
 Eagles                            Love Will Keep Us Alive
                                                                     Patsy Cline                  Stand By Your Man
 Faith Hill                        Cry
                                                                     Patsy Cline                  Walkin' After Midnight
 Garth Brooks                      If Tomorrow Never Comes
                                                                     Patsy Cline & Loretta Lynn   How Great Thou Art
 Garth Brooks                      She's Every Woman
                                                                     Paul Brandt                  I Do
 Garth Brooks                      Somew here Other than the Night
                                                                     Paul Overstreet              See'n My Father in Me
 Garth Brooks                      The Dance
                                                                     Randy Travis                 He Walked on Water
 Garth Brooks                      The River
                                                                     Randy Travis                 Look Heart No Hands
 Garth Brooks                      The Thunder Rolls
                                                                     Randy Travis                 Whisper My Name
 Garth Brooks                      This Is Your Song
                                                                     Rhett Atkins                 She Said Yes
 Garth Brooks                      To Make You Feel My Love
                                                                     Rick Tippe                   Keepin' The Faith
 Garth Brooks                      Wild Horses
                                                                     Ronan Keating                Nothing At All
 Gary Allan                        Her Man
                                                                     Sammy Kershaw                She Don’t Know She’s Beautif ul
 George Jones and Conway Tw itty   She Needs Someone to Hold Her
                                                                     Shania Tw ain                From This Moment On(Live)
 George Strait                     Amarillo By Morning

Party Music Productions                                                                                                             Page - 22 -
 Shania Tw ain                     The Woman In Me                  Boys Il Men                      A Song For Mama
 Shania Tw ain                     You're Still The One             Boyz II Men                      End of the road
 Shania Tw ain                     You'v e Got a Way With Me        Boyz II Men                      Till The End Of The Road
 Shenandoah                        I Wanna Be Loved Like That       Brandy                           Have You Ever?
 Steven Curtis Chapman             I Will Be Here                   Brian McKnight                   Back At One
 Susan Tedeschi                    Angel From Montgomery            Brian McKnight                   Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
 Tanya Tucker                      Tw o Sparrows In A Hurricane     Brian McKnight                   When I fall in love
 The Mavericks                     O What A Thrill                  Bryan Adams                      I Finally Found Someone
 Tim Mcgraw                        Don’t Take The Girl              Burlap To Cashmere               Anybody out there
 Tim McGraw & Faith Hill           It's Your Love                   Cat Stevens                      How Can I Tell You
 Tracy Lawrence                    Keeper Of The Stars              Celine Dion                      Because You Loved Me
 Tracy Lawrence                    I See It Now                     Celine Dion                      The Pow er Of Love
 Tracy Lawrence                    Stars Over Texas                 Celine Dion & R.Kelly            I’m Your Angel
 Travis Tritt                      Anymore                          Celine Dion and Clive Griffon    When I Fall In Love
 Travis Tritt                      Here's A Quarter (Call Someone   Chris Rea                        Ace of Hearts
 Travis Tritt                      Tell me I w as dreaming          Common f/ Mary J. Blige          Come To Me
 Trisha Yearwood                   How Do I Live                    Dan Fogelberg                    Longer Than
 Trisha Yearwood                   To Make You Feel My Love         Dan Hill                         Never Thought
 Vince Gill                        I Still Believe in You           Edw in McCain                    I Could Not Ask For More
 Vince Gill                        Look At Us                       Edw in McCain                    I'll Be
 Vince Gill & Patty Loveless       Whenever you come around         Enrique Iglesias                 Hero (Instrumental)
 Walter Egan                       Magnet And Steel                 Enrique Iglesias                 Hero (Slow Version English)
 Whitley\Krauss                    When You Say Nothing At All      Eric Clapton                     The Way You Look Tonight
 Willie Nelson                     You Are Alw ays On My Mind       Faith Hill                       Amazing Grace
 Wynona Judd                       Only Love                        Faith Hill                       Breathe
 Wynona Judd                       She is His Only Need             Fleetw ood Mac                   Landslide(Live)
                                                                    Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes   If You Don't Know Me By Now
                                                                    INOJ                             Let Me Love You Down
                                                                    James Ingram & John Tesh         Wedding Song
 SLOW DANCE                                                         Janet Jackson                    Again
                                                                    Jew el                           Angel Standing By
                                                                    Jew el                           Foolish Games
 98 Degrees                        I Do (Cherish You)
                                                                    Jew el                           Have A Little Faith In Me
 Aaliyah                           Miss you (radio edit)
                                                                    Jim Brickman                     After All These Years
 Al B. Sure                        Night and Day
                                                                    Jim Brickman                     All I Ever Wanted
 Al Jarreau                        We're In This Love Together
                                                                    Jim Brickman                     Love of my Lif e
 Aladdin                           A Whole New World
                                                                    Jim Brickman                     Night Rain
 Alicia Keyes                      Falling
                                                                    Jim Brickman                     Secret Love
 All 4 One                         I Sw ear
                                                                    Jim Brickman                     The Love I Found In You
 All 4 One                         So Much in Love
                                                                    Jim Brickman & Michelle Wright   Destiny
 Allison Krauss                    When You Say Nothing At All
                                                                    Jim Brickman & Rebecca Lynn Ho   The Simple Things
 Amy Grant                         Fathers Eyes
                                                                    Jim Brickman & Tara MacLean      You
 Anita Baker                       Rapture
                                                                    Jodeci                           Come & Talk To Me
 Atlantic Starr                    Masterpiece
                                                                    John Hiatt                       Have a little faith in me
 AZ Yet                            Last night
                                                                    John Tesh & James Ingram         Give Me Forever (I Do)
 B2K                               Got's To Be
                                                                    Josh Groban                      To Where You Are
 Babyface feat Mariah Carey        Everytime I Close My Eyes
                                                                    Joshua Kadison                   Beautiful In My Eyes
 Backstreet Boys                   Never Break Your Heart
                                                                    KCI and JoJo                     All My Life
 Backstreet Boys                   The Perfect Fan
                                                                    KCI and JoJo                     Tell Me That It's Real
 Barbara Streis and & Vince Gill   If You Ever Leave Me
                                                                    Kenny G & Michael Bolton         You Send Me
 Berlin                            Take My Breath Away
                                                                    Leann Rimes                      How Do I Live
 Billy Joel                        She's Got A Way
                                                                    Linda Eder                       Someone Like You
 Blackstreet                       Never Gonna Let you go
                                                                    Lionel Richie and Diana Ross     Endless Love
 Boys II Men                       I'll Make Love 2 U
                                                                    Lisa Loeb                        Stay
 Boys II Men                       Water Runs Dry

Party Music Productions                                                                                                            Page - 23 -
 Lucy Pearl                     Dance Tonight                    Zapp & Roger                    Be Alright
 Luther Vandross                Alw ays and Forever
 Luther Vandross                Endless Love
 Luther Vandross                Here and now
 Luther Vandross                Pow er Of Love                   SLOW OLDIES
 Marc Cohn                      Perfect Love
 Marc Cohn                      True Companion
                                                                 Al Jolson                       Sonny Boy
 Mariah Carey                   Angel Of Mine
                                                                 Al Martino                      Daddies little girl
 Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men     One Sw eet Day
                                                                 Andy Williams                   Moon River
 Mariah Carry                   Hero
                                                                 Andy Williams                   Moonriver
 Martina McBride                My Valentine
                                                                 Ani Defranco                    Wishing and Hoping
 Melissa Manchester             Through the Eyes of Love
                                                                 Anita Baker                     Caught up in the Rapture
 Michael Bolton                 When A Man Loves A Woman
                                                                 Anita Baker                     Sw eet Love
 Monica                         Angel Of Mine
                                                                 Barry Manilow                   Chattanooga Choo Choo
 Monica                         For You I Will
                                                                 Beach Boys                      Surfer Girl
 'N Sync & Gloria Estefan       Music Of My Heart
                                                                 Ben E King                      Stand by Me
 Natalie Merchant               Because the Night
                                                                 Billie Holiday                  Georgia On My Mind
 New Edition                    I am Still In Love With You
                                                                 Bobby Vinton                    I Love How You Me
 Next                           Butta Love
                                                                 Bodeans                         In The Still Of The Night
 Northern Sky                   Nick Drake
                                                                 Carpenters                      We've Only Just Begun
 N'Sync                         God Must Have Spent
                                                                 Commodores                      Easy
 PM Daw n                       I'd Die Without You
                                                                 Dean Martin                     You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Lo
 Pretenders                     I'll Stand By You
                                                                 Dion                            Run Around Sue
 Prince                         The Most Beautiful Girl In The
                                                                 Don Ho                          Tiny Bubbles
 Princess Bride                 Storybook love
                                                                 Doris Day                       Sentimental Journey
 Richard Marx                   Now And Forever
                                                                 Earth Wind and Fire             Sing A Song
 Ricky Martin                   She's All Ever Had
                                                                 Elvis Presley                   Its Now Or Never
 Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson   That's What Friends Are For
                                                                 Elvis Presley                   Love Me Tender
 Savage Garden                  I Knew I Loved You
                                                                 Engelbert Humperdink            There's A Kind Of Hush
 Seal                           Kiss From A Rose
                                                                 Englebert Humperdink            Love is a Many Splendid Thing
 Shakespeare Sisters            Stay With Me
                                                                 Everly Brothers                 Let It Be Me
 Shakira                        Underneath Your Clothes
                                                                 Frank Sinatra                   I did it my w ay
 Shaw n Colvin                  When You Know
                                                                 Frank Sinatra                   I Get a Kick
 Sisco                          Incomplete
                                                                 Frank Sinatra                   I've Got You Under My Skin
 Starlight Express              Only You
                                                                 Frank Sinatra                   The Shadow of Your Smile(Live)
 Stevie Nicks & Don Henley      Leather And Lace
                                                                 Frank Sinatra and Count Basie   I Only Have Eyes For You
 Sting & David Sanborn          Ain't No Sunshine
                                                                 Frankie Avalon                  Earth Angel
 Surface                        First Time
                                                                 Frankie Avalon                  Why
 Surface                        Never Gonna Let You Down
                                                                 Frankie Valle                   Can't Take My Eyes Off You
 Taylor Dayne                   I'll Alw ays Love You
                                                                 Gladys Knight & The Pips        Neither One Of Us
 Timmy T                        One More Try
                                                                 Glenn Miller                    Moonlight Serenade
 TLC                            Baby Baby Baby
                                                                 Guess Who                       These Eyes
 TLC                            Red Light Special
                                                                 Jim Croce                       I Love You In A Song
 Tom Jones & Dione Warick       Endless Love
                                                                 Jo Stafford                     You Belong To Me
 Toni Braxton                   Breathe Again
                                                                 Johnny Mathis                   Chances Are
 Toni Braxton                   Unbreak My Heart
                                                                 Larry Graham                    One in a Million You
 Tori Amos                      A Sorta Fairytale
                                                                 Lawrence Welk                   Let Me Call You Sw eetheart
 Tori Amos                      Precious Things
                                                                 Louie Armstrong                 Kiss To Build A Dream On
 U2                             One
                                                                 Louis Armstrong With Kenny G    What A Wonderful World
 Vanessa Williams               Save The Best for Last
                                                                 Nat King Cole                   Mona Lisa
 Vanessa Williams               The Sw eetest Days
                                                                 Nat King Cole                   Stardust
 Whitney Houston                I Believe In You And Me
                                                                 Nat King Cole                   Unforgettable
 Whitney Houston                I Will Alw ays Love You
                                                                 Nat King Cole                   Walkin' My Baby Back Home
 Whitney Houston                My Love is Your Love
                                                                 Nat King Cole                   When I Fall In Love

Party Music Productions                                                                                                           Page - 24 -
 Patsy Cline                       Crazy                                Elton John                       Your Song
 Patsy Cline                       I Fall To Pieces                     Eric Carmen                      Hungry Eyes
 Paul and Paula                    Hey Paula                            Eric Clapton                     Change the World
 Penguins                          Earth Angel                          Eric Clapton                     Lady In Red
 Percy Sledge                      When A Man Loves A Woman             Eric Clapton                     Tears in Heaven
 Perry Como                        If I Loved You                       Eric Clapton                     Wonderful Tonight
 Perry Como                        It's Impossible                      Extreme                          More Than Words
 Peter Frampton                    I'm In You                           Firehouse                        Love Of A Lifetime
 Platters                          Harbor Lights (Original)             Firehouse                        When I Look Into Your Eyes
 Ray Price                         For The Good Times                   Fleetw ood Mac                   Songbird
 Righteous Bros                    Unchained Melody                     Guns and Roses                   Don't Cry
 Ritchie Valens                    You're mine                          Guns and Roses                   Patience
 Roy Orbison                       I Cant Stop Loving You               Harry Chapin                     Cats in the Cradle
 Smokey Robinson                   Ooh Baby Baby                        Heat w ave                       Alw ays And Forever
 Stevie Wonder                     You Are The Sunshine Of My Lif e     Jackson Five                     I'll Be There
 The Pastels                       Been So Long                         Jamie Walters                    How Do You Talk To An Angel
 The Platters                      Only You                             Jeff Healey Band                 Angel Eyes
 Tom Jones                         Green Green Grass Of Home            Joe Cocker                       You Are So Beautiful
 Vic Damone                        Affair To Remember                   Jon Bon Jovi                     Alw ays
                                                                        Jon Secada                       Angel
                                                                        Journey                          Faithfully
                                                                        Journey                          Open Arms
 SLOW ROCK                                                              Journey                          When You Love A Woman
                                                                        Kenny Loggin                     For the first time
                                                                        Kiss                             Beth
 Aaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt    Don't Know Much
                                                                        Kiss                             Everytime I Look At You
 Aerosmith                         Angel
                                                                        Linda Ronstadt                   All My Life
 Aerosmith                         I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing
                                                                        Loverboy                         Almost Paradise
 Atlantic Starr                    Alw ays
                                                                        Maurice Williams And the Zodia   Stay
 Bad Company                       My Only One
                                                                        Mazzy Star                       Fade Into You
 Bad Company                       Ready For Love
                                                                        Michael Been                     To Feel This Way
 Bangles                           Eternal Flame
                                                                        Michael Bolton                   I Promise You
 Barbara Streis and                Evergreen
                                                                        Michael Bolton                   Said I Loved You... But I Lied
 Bette Midler                      The Rose
                                                                        Michael W. Smith                 Friends are Friends Forever
 Billy Joel                        She's Alw ays a Woman To Me
                                                                        Motley Crue                      Without You
 Billy Vera and the Beaters        At This Moment
                                                                        Mr. Big                          To Be With You
 Bon Jovi                          Bed Of Roses
                                                                        Neil Diamond                     Heartlight
 Bon Jovi                          Ill Be There For You
                                                                        Neil Diamond                     Marry Me
 Bon Jovi                          Never Say Goodbye
                                                                        Neil Diamond                     You Don't Bring Me Flow ers
 Boz Scaggs                        Love, Look What You'v e Done
                                                                        Neil Diamond Waylon Jennings     One Good Love
 Bryan Adams                       Everything I Do
                                                                        Old 97's                         Designs on you (acoustic )
 Bryan Adams                       Have You Ever Really loved a woman
                                                                        Peter Cetera & Cher              After All
 Bryan Adams                       Heaven
                                                                        Peter Frampton                   Baby, I Love Your Way
 Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting   All for One, All for Love
                                                                        Peter Gabriel                    In Your Eyes
 Chicago                           Your My Inspiration
                                                                        Phil Collins                     Against All Odds
 Chris Issak                       Lady In Red
                                                                        Phil Collins                     Another day In Paradise
 David Grey                        Please Forgive Me
                                                                        Phil Collins                     Can't Stop Loving You
 David Grey                        Sail Aw ay
                                                                        Phil Collins                     Groovy Kind Of Love
 David Grey                        This Years Love
                                                                        Phil Collins                     In The Air Tonight
 Don Henley                        The Heart of the Matter
                                                                        Phil Collins                     One More Night
 Elton John                        Blessed
                                                                        Restless Heart                   I'll Still Be Loving You
 Elton John                        Can You Feel the Love Tonight
                                                                        Richard Marx                     Hungry Eyes
 Elton John                        Candle in the Wind
                                                                        Richard Marx                     Right Here Waiting For You
 Elton John                        I Guess Thats Why They Call it
                                                                        Roberta Flack & Maxi Priest      Set The Night To Music
 Elton John                        Why They Call It The Blues

Party Music Productions                                                                                                                   Page - 25 -
 Rod Stew art                     Sailing                          Simple Minds                      Don't You Forget About Me
 Rod Stew ert                     Have I Told You Lately           Snoop Doggy Dogg                  Do You Wanna Roll
 Ryan Adams                       Call Me On Your Way Back Home    Soundtrack                        Titanic Theme Song
 Scorpions                        Send Me an Angel                 Starship Troopers                 Bugs!!
 Scorpions                        Still Loving You                 Survivor                          Burning Heart
 Scorpions                        Winds of Change                  Survivor                          Eye Of The Tiger
 Sheena Easton                    For Your Eyes Only               The Studio E Band                 There's No Easy Way Out
 Sheriff                          When I'm With You                Viktoria                          To Be Near You
 Simply Red                       Holding Back The Years
 Skid Row                         I Remember You
 Steve Winwood                    Back In The Highlife
 Stevie Wonder                    Ribbons In The Sky               SWING
 Survivor                         The Search is Over
 The Pointer Sisters              Slow Hand
                                                                   Big Bad Voodoo Daddy              Boogie Bumper
 Thompson Tw ins                  Hold Me Now
                                                                   Big Bad Voodoo Daddy              Go Daddy-O
 U2, Dylan & Bob Marley           Knockin' On Heaven's Door
                                                                   Big Bad Voodoo Daddy              Minnie The Moocher
 Warrant                          Heaven
                                                                   Big Bad Voodoo Daddy              Mr. Pinstripe Suit
 Wet Wet Wet                      Love Is All Around
                                                                   Brian Setzer                      Jump Jive 'n' Wail
 Wham! & George Michael           Careless whis per
                                                                   Brian Setzer Orchestra            The Dirty Boogie
 Whitesnake                       Is This Love (CD)
                                                                   Bunny Master Mixers               Sw ing the mood(Remix)
                                                                   Cherry Poppin' Daddies            Brown Derby Jump
                                                                   Cherry Poppin' Daddies            Cherry Poppin Daddy Strut
                                                                   Cherry Poppin' Daddies            Zoot Suit Riot
 SOUNDTRACK                                                        Royal Crow n Revue                Hey Pachuco
                                                                   Royal Crow n Revue                Zip Gun Bop
 Adam Sandler                     I Wanna Grow Old With You        Squirrel Nut Zippers              Bad Businessman
 Adam Sandler                     I’m So Wasted                    Squirrel Nut Zippers              Hell
 Adam Sandler                     Somebody Kill Me
 Adam Sandler                     Talking Goat
 Adam Sandler                     Toll Booth Willie
 Badly Drawn Boy                  Something To Talk About          TANGO
 Bette Midler                     Under the Boardwalk
 Blues Brothers                   Minnie the Moocher
                                                                   Ew an Mcgregor Jose Feliciano J   El Tango De Roxanne
 Celine Dion                      Beauty & the Beast
                                                                   Gato Barbieri                     Girl In Black- Tango
 Celine Dion                      My Heart Will Go On
                                                                   R. Kelly                          Fiesta
 Dances With Wolves               Ride To Fort Hayes
                                                                   Tango from True Lies              Tango
 Fiddler On the Roof              If I Were a Rich Man
 Fiddler On the Roof              Sunrise, Sunset
 Forest Gump                      Feather Theme
 Gin Blossoms                     Til I Hear It From You (Empire
 Goo Goo Dolls                    Iris                             TECHNO
 Joe Cocker                       Wonder Years Theme
 Kid Rock                         Cow boy                          2 Unlimited                       Get Ready For This
 Love & Basketball Soundtrack     Love and Happiness               ABC                               The Look Of Love
 Madonna                          Buenos Aires                     Amber                             This is Your Night
 Madonna                          Don't Cry For Me Argentina       ATB                               9PM (Till I Come)
 Madonna                          You Must Love Me                 ATB                               You're Not Alone
 Miss Saigon                      The Last Night Of The World      ATB and Paul Van Dyk              Rave Me
 New sies                         King of New York                 ATB and Paul Van Dyke             DJ Special Rave Mix
 Only the Strong                  Zoom Zoom Zoom                   ATC                               Around the Word (La La La La)
 Randy New man                    Natural, The                     Captain Hollyw ood Project        More & More (Razormaid)
 Remember the Titans Soundtrack   Spirit In The Sky                Chemical Brothers                 Block Rockin Beats
 Rocky Horror Picture Show        Time Warp                        Club Nouveau                      Lean On Me (Dance Version)
 Sara McLaughlin                  Angel                            Crystal Method                    Busy Child

Party Music Productions                                                                                                              Page - 26 -
 Crystal Waters                  100% Pure Love                    Andre Rieu & The Johann Straus   Emperor's Waltz
 Daft Punk                       Around the World                  Andrea Bocelli                   Con Te Partiro
 Daft punk                       One More Time                     Andrea Bocelli                   The Prayer
 Dirty Vegas                     Days Go By (Mitsubishi Eclipse)   Bach                             Air For G String
 DJ Baby Anne                    Enter the Dragon                  Bach                             Bach-piano
 DJ Micro                        Close your eyes                   Bach                             Brandenburg Concerto No 9
 DJ Micro                        Mega Bass Mix                     Bach                             Wedding March
 DJ Sammy                        Paradise Of Love                  Beethoven                        Symphony No. 9 (Scherzo)
 DJ Shadow                       Fixed Income                      Boston pops                      Canon in d
 DJ Shadow                       Giving Up The Ghost               Chopin                           Fantaisie Impromptu
 DJ Shadow                       Letter From Home                  Clarke                           Trumpet Voluntary- Processiona
 DJ Shadow                       Mashin On The Motorw ay           Classical Compilation            Mouret- Fanfare ('Masterpiece")
 DJ Shadow                       Monosylabik                       Debussy                          Claire de lune
 DJ Shadow                       Right Thing / GDMFSOB             Enya                             Angels
 DJ Shadow                       Six Days                          Enya                             Book of Days
 DJ Shadow                       Un Autre Introduction             Enya                             Caribbean Blue
 DJ Shadow                       Walkie Talkie                     Enya                             Cursum Perficio
 DJ Shadow                       You Can't Go Home Again           Enya                             Evacuee
 Dj Skribble                     Why Don't You Dance With Me       Enya                             Fire and Ice
 Eiffel 65                       Blue                              Enya                             How Can I Keep From Singing
 Fat Boy Slim                    Right Here, Right Now             Enya                             I Will Find You
 Fatboy Slim                     Rockafella Skank                  Enya                             Lothlórien
 L. A. Style                     James Brow n Is Dead              Enya                             Love Song
 La Bouche                       Mr. Vain                          Enya                             May it be
 La Bouche-Le Click              Tonight is the Night              Enya                             No Holly For Miss Quinn
 Lords Of Acid                   Drink My Honey                    Enya                             Oh Holy Night
 Lords Of Acid                   Paris France                      Enya                             On Your Shore
 Lords Of Acid                   Spacy Bitch                       Enya                             Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)
 Madonna                         Ray Of Light                      Enya                             Return To Innocence
 Metallica (DJ Spooky remix)     For Whom the Bell Tolls           Enya                             River
 New Daft Punk                   One More Time (celebrate)         Enya                             Sail Aw ay
 Paul Hardcastle                 Strollin'                         Enya                             Shepard Moons
 Paul Oakenfeld                  Beautiful Day (remix)             Enya                             Storms In Africa
 Peter Frampton                  Baby, I Love Your Way             Enya                             The Longships
 Rahzel                          battles DJ scribbles              Enya                             Watermark(instrumental)
 Rahzel & Humna Orchestra & DJ   Four Elements                     Enya                             Wild child
 Real McCoy                      Another Night                     Franz Liszt                      Hungarian Rhapsody #1
 Rockw ell Church                She Hung the Moon                 Frederic Chopin                  Nocturne in E-flat, Op. 9, no.
 Snap                            I've Got the Pow er               Frederic Chopin                  Waltz No. 6 in D Flat Major
 Snap                            Rhythm Is A Dancer                Glad                             Gloria
 Sting & The Police              Walking On The Moon               Gluck                            Dance Of The Blessed Spirits
 The Movement                    Jump! ( Everybody Mix)            Handel                           Air from The Water Music (Normal)
 The Prodigy                     Breath                            Handel                           Air from The Water Music (Slow)
 Vengaboys                       We Like The Party                 Handel                           Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
 Zapp & Roger                    Mega Medley                       Hermann Baumann                  Strauss Horn Conc. 1
 Zapp & Roger                    More Bounce To The Ounce          Johann Strauss                   The Blue Danube
 Zhane                           Hey Mr. DJ                        John Tesh                        Can You Feel The Love Tonight
                                                                   Kenny G                          Breathless(instrumental)
                                                                   Kenny G                          The Joy Of Lif e
                                                                   Kenny G                          Wedding Song
 WEDDING                                                           Marble Halls                     Marble Halls
                                                                   Marcello                         Concerto for Oboe #2 in C minor
                                                                   Mozart                           Flute and Harp Concerto in C
 Afer Ventus                     Afer Ventus
                                                                   Mozart                           Piano Concerto No
 Almost a Whisper                Romantic Piano

Party Music Productions                                                                                                                 Page - 27 -
 Natalie MacMaster                Celtic Fiddle (Instrumental)
 Offenbach, Ravel, Strauss, Bor   Offenbach- Orpheus in the Under
 Pachalbel                        Cannon In D (violins)
 Pachelbel                        Cannon In D (Strings Orchestra
 Pachelbel                        Cannon in D Major
 Pachelbel                        Cannon in D
 Pachelbel                        Cannon in D ( Piano)
 Paganini Var                     Soundtrack Somewhere in Time
 Paul Stookey                     The Wedding Song
 PDQ Bach                         Canon in D
 Purcell                          Trumpet Tune in D major
 Richard Wagner - Eastman Wind    Lohengrin - Elsa's Procession
 Sarah Brightman, Cliff Richard   All I Ask of You
 Schubert                         Ave Maria
 Sw itched On Bach                Sinfonia to Cantata No.29
 Tchaikovsky                      Sleeping Beauty Waltz
 Theme from Ice Castles           Theme from Ice Castles
 Theme From Romeo and Juliet      A Time For Us
 Tw isted Sister                  One Man's Dream
 Virgil Fox                       Bach - Air on the G String
 Vivaldi                          Four Seasons - Summer
 Vivaldi                          Largo
 Vivaldi                          The Four Seasons, Spring op.8
 Vivaldi                          The Four Seasons-Winter
 William Orbit                    Xerxes (George Frideric Handel)
 Yanni                            Face In The Photograph
 Yo-Yo Ma                         Cello Suite No.1, 1. Prelude

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