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Bankrate - Mortgage Rates Hit 4-Month High


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									Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hit 4-Month High

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Dec. 2, 2010 - Mortgage rates moved up notably this week, with the average rate on the benchmark
conforming 30-year fixed mortgage rate rising to 4.71 percent, according to Bankrate.com's weekly national survey. The
average 30-year fixed mortgage has an average of 0.36 discount and origination points.

To see mortgage rates in your area, go to http://www.bankrate.com/funnel/mortgages/.

The average 15-year fixed mortgage increased to 4.07 percent, and the larger jumbo 30-year fixed rate did as well, settling at
5.29 percent. Adjustable rate mortgages were also on the rise, with the average 5-year ARM climbing to 3.74 percent and the
average 7-year ARM jumping to 4.08 percent.

Good news regarding the U.S. economy alternated with European debt worries and tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Despite
ample nervousness among investors - a condition that would typically drive rates lower - mortgage rates posted a notable
increase for the second time in three weeks. The November employment report due Friday Dec. 3 could be the catalyst for the
next move in mortgage rates, with evidence of solid private sector job growth fuel for higher rates.

The last time mortgage rates were above 6 percent was Nov. 2008. At that time, the average rate was 6.33 percent, meaning a
$200,000 loan would have carried a monthly payment of $1,241.86. With the average rate now 4.71 percent, the monthly
payment for the same size loan would be $1,038.48, a savings of $203 per month for a homeowner refinancing now.


30-year fixed: 4.71% -- up from 4.58% last week (avg. points: 0.36)
15-year fixed: 4.07% -- up from 3.97% last week (avg. points: 0.35)
5/1 ARM: 3.74% -- up from 3.66% last week (avg. points: 0.38)

Bankrate's national weekly mortgage survey is conducted each Wednesday from data provided by the top 10 banks and thrifts
in the top 10 markets.

For a full analysis of this week's move in mortgage rates, go to http://www.bankrate.com/.

The survey is complemented by Bankrate's weekly Rate Trend Index, in which a panel of mortgage experts predicts which way
the rates are headed over the next seven days. Most panelists - 64 percent - think mortgage rates are headed higher, with 22
percent predicting mortgage rates will remain more or less unchanged over the next week. Just 14 percent expect mortgage
rates to decline.

For the full mortgage Rate Trend Index, go to http://www.bankrate.com/RTI.

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