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					The British School of Brussels vzw                   The weekly newsletter of
                                                The British School of Brussels
                                                                        Y 00
                                                           Music in Primary School!                PC No 379 - 7 April 2011
                                                         Music in Primary School!

                                     ‘Best of Both’ - official launch - 5 April 2011

  Contents                                   A message from the Principal
                                             It was a real privilege to be present this week at the official launch
  •   Whole School News                      of the charity ‘Best of Both’, the end product of outstanding efforts
  •   Secondary School News                  by some senior students. Hosting the launch at the Royal Museum
  •   Primary School News                    for Central Africa, the students also welcomed Vince Subbey,
                                             Director of Trax Ghana, with whom BSB liaises closely to ensure
  •   Music                                  the links with our twin schools in Ghana continue to grow. He
  •   Drama                                  spoke of the importance of water for the villagers there, and our
  •   Charity                                students continue to investigate the commercial development of
  •   Friends of BSB                         their ‘water for water’ initiative. Their efforts and commitment are
                                             truly inspirational and they deserve our unfailing support.
  •   What’s On
                                             The following night we were entertained at a fashion show with a
  •   Cafeteria Menu
                                             difference. On the theme of ‘ethical fashion’, students modelled
  •   PC Listing                             wonderfully creative items, many made from recycled fabrics, and
  •   Sports                                 the proceeds of the evening supported the charity ‘Hope HIV’. The
  •   Messenger Contributions                evening was compered very ably by Maisie Tripp, whose team had
                                             also worked with Year 2 students in the run-up to the event. They
                                             held their own show earlier in the week and handled the catwalk
                                             with aplomb!
                                             Congratulations to Alex Barker who will be our next School
                                             President with Jacob Ezomo as Vice-President. I am sure they will
      Easter Holidays                        provide an excellent lead for the team of subject, sports and house
   School is closed to students              captains, and I thank most sincerely the outgoing President and
 from Monday 11 to Tuesday 26                Vice President, Katie Berkley and Will Woodroofe.
 April inclusive. We look forward
                                             I do hope all BSB families enjoy a restful and happy Easter break,
  to welcoming students back to              and that the sun shines on you wherever you may be.
 School on Wednesday 27 April.
                                             Dr Brenda Despontin, Principal

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The British School of Brussels vzw

Whole School News

                                     Notice of Withdrawal from School
        A reminder to parents/guardians to notify the School in writing please, by Saturday, 30 April 2011 at
        the latest, with an email (or a letter) addressed to the Principal, Brenda Despontin (with a copy to
        the Admissions Office, please) if you intend to withdraw your child/ren from the School at the end of
        the academic year on Friday, 1 July 2011.
        If you already know you will be withdrawing your child/ren from the School this summer, it would be
        extremely helpful for our planning, if you could inform us before the end of this term on Friday, 8 April
        And please let us know too, even if you only think you may be moving from Brussels at the end of the
        Summer term. Any information regarding a provisional withdrawal is always treated confidentially, and
        your child or children’s place(s) are assured at BSB until or unless you confirm you are definitely leaving.
        Please note that any notification of withdrawal received after the deadline of 30 April 2011 will incur a
        fee penalty for late notice of withdrawal amounting to the fees for the 2011 Autumn term. This is
        clearly stated in the official contract that parents sign when their child/ren join BSB and also on the
        School fee schedule. Thank you.
        Debbie Lochtman, Admissions Officer
                                                 Please send emails to:

 The new eMessenger
 This is the very last edition of the current Messenger format! After the Easter break,
 the Messenger will become the ‘eMessenger’, a new streamlined electronic
 newsletter containing links to pertinent information on Families Online, which will
 be emailed to all parents. We hope this will enable you quickly and easily to
 access the information you need.
 If you have not already done so, we ask all families to register with Families
 Online just as soon as you can. Families Online is becoming an increasingly
 important way of communicating with you, so it is essential that you have access
 and visit the portal regularly.

 Messenger contributions
 Staff, students, parents and alumni should continue to submit items for the eMessenger
 by emailing Please click here for more information.

 Thank you
 A huge thank you goes to all the wonderful people who have worked so hard with me over the past few years, and to
 all those who have submitted content, making the Messenger the full and comprehensive newsletter it became. A
 special thank you goes to Sue Bailey, Mukami Namu, Hilary Roesen, Carine Goosens, Richard MaClear, Paige Berger,
 Kim Burgess and of course to our volunteer photographers: Jenny Hulme, Sue Munday and Huw Downing - your help
 has been invaluable. I look forward to working with the ‘Team’ next term - they will be instrumental in launching the
 new eMessenger on Thursday 28 April!

 Note for former staff and BSB alumni
 From 28 April 2011 onwards, the Messenger will no longer be available from our main website, which means former
 staff and BSB alumni will no longer have access to it. However, both are warmly invited to join our alumni portal, where
 they will have full access to news and information. News items will continue to be published on our main website.
                                        Click here to register with our alumni portal

 For more information about the eMessenger and/or Families Online please contact Sue Scheffelaar by email on:
 Sue Scheffelaar, External Relations Administrator

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The British School of Brussels vzw

Health News from the School Nurse
We have been informed of a few confirmed cases of chickenpox within Primary School. The most commonly recognised
symptom is a red rash; however before developing a rash, there may be some mild flu-like symptoms. If you have been in
contact with someone who has chickenpox and you are pregnant, have a baby under four weeks old or have a weakened
immune system you should contact your family doctor/consultant for advice.
If your child is absent from school due to a contagious disease such as chickenpox, rubella (German Measles), measles,
mumps, scarlet fever, whooping cough or parvovirus 19 (Slapped Cheek) please inform the School immediately to enable
us to inform at-risk groups in the community where appropriate. Please see the Parents’ Handbook Appendix Seven for
information on advised lengths of absence for specific diseases.
Head Lice - update
This term the number of reported cases of head lice in School has remained low. Thank you for your continued vigilance.
We do understand the concern felt by those families affected and would like take this opportunity before the Easter break
to encourage all BSB families to inspect their hair for early detection of head lice over the holiday period. Please click here
for further information.
If you find that your child has head lice please inform the School as soon as possible. This information will be held in
confidence but helps in the management of contacts and the monitoring of cases within the School.
The School’s preventative health care programme continues during next term on the following dates:

Thursday 29 April       1L medicals
Thursday 5 May          Year 8 Hepatitis B 2nd injection and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine 3rd injection for girls
Thursday 12 May         1S medicals
Thursday 19 May         Kindergarten medicals
Thursday 26 May         Kindergarten medicals
Thursday 9 June         Kindergarten medicals

Students in Year 1 are offered a full medical examination and recommended vaccinations as required. Children in
Kindergarten will receive an eye and hearing test and a vaccination update. Invitations and information about the general
medical examination and vaccinations offered in School with be sent home. Recommended vaccinations are only given
with parental permission.
Year 13 Students
If you are not sure about your vaccination status please remember to ask for a copy of your vaccination record as part of
your preparation for university, gap year/travel or employment before your graduation.

If you would like any further information or have any questions please contact the School Nurses who will be very happy to
help you.
Cathy Barfoot and Sue Court, School Nurses, 02/766 04 71

Summer Academies @ BSB
As part of The British School of Brussels' relationship with the local community,
from 4 to 18 July 2011 we will be offering a range of activities run by
independent, qualified and experienced teachers. Open to all children aged 6-16
years, activities range from football and golf to horse riding, dance, tennis and
musical theatre.

Please click here for more information

Community Office,

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The British School of Brussels vzw

Secondary School News

BBC Telenet Speaking Awards
Congratulations to Sam T and Cliff S who are through to the final round of the BBC Telenet Speaking Awards. At this
stage of the event they require as many votes as they can get via the link below. Please support our students and vote!

                  to watch the semi final
                  to vote for our students

Student Loans 2011 to 2012
The application system for student loans for our UK/EU Year 13 students applying to universities in England is now open.
The system for Scotland opens in early April. New students to the system should apply by 31 May 2011. The main website
Other useful websites are: (Scotland)
Gillian Radusin, Head of Careers and Guidance

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Primary School News

                                             Fashion Show
                                             The Year 2 students put on a brilliant fashion show this week for their parents,
                                             modelling their personally-designed clothes using recycled material. They will
                                             do a final parade at Friday's end of term assembly for the whole Primary School
                                             to enjoy. Once again we thank the Year 2 team, Helen Sumner and the
                                             Secondary students who worked with the students to create such unique

EAL Assembly
Our Upper Primary EAL students put together a
very touching Assembly for the students on
Monday and for their parents on Wednesday of
this week. They sang and performed beautifully
showing us what great strides they have made in
learning and improving their English language
skills. Well done! A huge thank you to Phil,
Doreen, Natasha, Helen and Debbie for working
so hard with the children.

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The British School of Brussels vzw

Ski Trip
A group of Year 5 and 6 students will be travelling to Pila in Italy for a ski trip over the Easter break. We wish them a safe
and enjoyable trip and look forward to seeing the photographs!

Happy Holidays
We wish you all a restful holiday, hopefully with some beautiful spring weather. We look forward to welcoming everybody
back on Wednesday 27 April.
Carole Denny, Vice Principal and Head of Primary

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The British School of Brussels vzw


                                       Music Office Opening Times
                                             a note to parents and students
                                Please note that the new Music Office opening times are:

                          Monday to Friday: 08.30-09.15 and 12.30-13.30
             If you have an enquiry related to instrumental lessons please ensure that you come to the Office
            during one of these opening times. There is no one available in the office at the end of the School
                                       day to deal with your enquiries. Many thanks.

Music Festival House Point Allocation
All participants of the Music Festival were awarded house points. Extra points were earned for those who were awarded
commended and highly commended certificates. Well done all!
           Pantlin           93 points
           Firman            54 points
           Goodman           73 points

Junior Singers Forthcoming Concert
The Junior Singers’ annual concert will take place on Wednesday 4 May 2011 in the Brel theatre at 19.00. Years 3 and 4
Junior Singers will perform some of their favourite songs that they have been learning throughout the year and Years 5 and
6 will perform “Swingin’ Samson”. This is the only time in the year when the Singers have their own concert and can really
work on and perform a variety of music. Other ensembles featured during the evening will include guitar and flute
ensembles. All the students have been working hard and looking forward to performing to you all.
Entrance is €5 with all proceeds going to charity.

Return of Musical Instruments
If you are ceasing instrumental lessons either because this is your final year at BSB or you are on study leave and do not
intend to carry on with your lessons in September, please remember to return your instrument to the Music Department at
the beginning of the summer term.

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The British School of Brussels vzw

Rehearsals for Year 11, 12 and 13 students
Please continue to attend rehearsals for your instrumental groups as usual after Easter and during study leave wherever
possible. Most rehearsals are after school for just one hour and so could fit in at the end of an exam. Choir will move to
Wednesday after school in order to suit those on study leave. Please bear in mind that we have a concert approaching in
June, which requires preparation and your commitment. Thank you.

Music Events for your diary:
         • Wednesday 6 April: CAS choir sing at Carina
         • Wednesday 4 May: Junior Singers Concert in the Brel theatre
         • Friday 17 June: Summer Concert
         • Friday 24 June: Junior students sing at Disneyland, Paris
         • Wednesday 29 June: Secondary students sing at Disneyland, Paris

Associated Board Music Exams
The Associated Board Music exams took place on the 21, 22 and 23 March.
26 students took part in exams ranging from Grades 1 to 8. Congratulations to all the successful students. The results come
from a great deal of hard work.

                Results of The Associated Board Music Exams - March 2011
                                Congratulations AB students!
                               Graded exams: 96% pass rate of which
               50% were awarded a pass, 27% pass with merit and 19% pass with distinction
              Grade 1
              Pass: Ryo Henada (Violin), Charles Beddoes (Alto Saxophone), Jack MacQuillan (Descant Recorder),
              Conan Clohessy (Violin)
              Pass with Merit: Caroline Berkley (Flute), Lucas Maley (Piano)
              Pass with Distinction: Jennifer Payne (Violin), Grace Herbert (Flute), Elisa Solvay (Piano),
              Sophie De Ville De Goyet (Vocal)

              Grade 2
              Pass: Toby Walton (Alto Saxophone), Hannah Brock (Violin)
              Pass with Merit: Emilie Baerts (Flute), Vilma Ylosjoki (Piano)

              Grade 3
              Pass with Merit: Samuel Copner (Trumpet)
              Pass with Distinction: Berk Mankaliye (Piano)

              Grade 4
              Pass with Merit: Hannah Rosser (Violin)

              Grade 5
              Pass: Lucy Scarlett (Clarinet), Cameron Campbell (Clarinet)
              Pass with Merit: Zofia Tokaj (Flute)

              Grade 6
              Pass: Jon Ander Urquidi (Piano), Emily Lindsay (Clarinet)

              Grade 7
              Pass: Kathryn Shaw (Piano), Esti Urquidi (Viola)

              Grade 8
              Pass: Gabrielle Robitaille (Violin)

Christi-Ann Nancarrow, Director of Music
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The British School of Brussels vzw

LAMDA Exams are approaching and you will soon be sent details of all exam times. If you have any questions, please
come to the Drama Department.

After the holidays, the play is only four and a half weeks away. All cast, please make sure you know your lines. There will
be a meeting for all those who wish to work back stage at the start of next term.
Massive congratulations to all the students who worked so hard on their practical exams and who achieved such stunning
results. Have a well earned rest, but please make sure the same level of effort goes into the written papers.

Rob Messik, Director of Drama

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Charity Netball Tournament
Thank you to all those who took part
in or supported the Charity Netball
Tournament on Saturday 2 April. It
was a great event with a good
competitive atmosphere but with the
emphasis on having fun and raising
money for charity. All the teams
fought hard for the trophy and at one
point we thought the students were
going to walk away with the cup but
finally the parents’ team won after a
well-fought final.
Through the collection of entry fees
and the sale of water, oranges and
cakes we raised a total of €285 for
our charities.
Amanda Noble, Primary Office

Charity Quiz Night
The Annual Quiz Night to raise funds for the Banunule School for orphans and underprivileged children in Uganda will take
place on 6 May at 20.00 in the Parochiezaal in Vossem. Tickets are €10 pp (light snacks included). Bar available. Grand
Prize in the raffle is a week in Tuscany!
Call Hugh Dow, 0494/33 70 25 or email

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The British School of Brussels vzw

Friends of BSB (FoBSB)
The Friends of BSB (FoBSB) is a group of volunteer parents, staff, alumni and friends. We work with the School to provide
support to families, especially newcomers. We organise events, arrange daytime trips and run clubs. We raise funds to
enhance students’ extra-curricular activities and support charities via the Charities Committee.

                      The PIC is open as follows:
                          •    Mornings:    08.30-10.00 - Monday to Friday
 Parents’                 •    Afternoons: 15.00-16.50 - Monday to Thursday
 Information          The next Newcomers’ Coffee will be Thursday 28 April at 09.00 in the Swoosh Lounge.
 Centre (PIC)
                      Thank you to those who have volunteered their time to help out in the PIC. We still have spaces
                      available so if you would like to be part of our small friendly team just email us – it’s fun and
                      rewarding and a good way of meeting and helping others.

                      Our programme of trips and activities are now available and it is updated regularly
                      so please keep checking it and all of the sign up links and more information are in
                      there – just click on the tram :

                      Tuesday 3 May 2011: 08.45-13.15: Art Nouveau Style in Brussels - Visit to
                      the Horta Museum.

 Trips                A tour has been organised to visit ‘The Horta Museum’ which was established in
                      the private house and studio of the renowned Belgian architect and designer Victor Baron Horta
                      (1861-1947). He was one of the foremost creators of the Art Nouveau Style which rejected historical
                      styles and embraced new materials. The Art Nouveau style sought to create harmony between
                      architecture and interior design by devising its own ornamental language, which transformed the
                      home into a work of art.
                      Horta laid the foundations for modern architecture. This museum really is a gem and well worth a

                      Our next Youth Club will be on Friday 13 May where, in addition to our normal activities of music,
 Youth Club           dance, indoor and outdoor games, we will hold table tennis and badminton competitions with prizes
                      for the winners.
 13 May and
 10 June 2011         As it will be “Friday 13th” we are planning some spooky goings on in the Swoosh Lounge...!
 (when Year 6         We encourage all Year 7, 8 & 9 students to attend and ask for parent helpers to sign up via the
 are invited)         doodle link, please. To sign up to volunteer please click here. The Youth Club cannot run without

 International        POSTPONED. This lunch will now be held on 10 May – see programme of trips/activities to sign up
 Lunch                or for more information.

 Car Boot and
 Second Hand          Saturday 28 May: see the link here to register or to volunteer to help selling books, directing cars
 Book Sale            etc.

                      The Summer Ball will take place on Saturday 18 June 2011. The theme is ‘James Bond-007” Click
 Summer Ball
                      here to register for tickets and start planning your tables.

                Unless otherwise stated please address all email enquiries to
                     Many thanks – The Friends of BSB Committee - integrating families and friends

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The British School of Brussels vzw

What’s On at BSB

                   Whole School      Primary School            Secondary School         Extra-curricular      Community
APRIL 2011
Thursday      7                                                Yr10 AS French oral      U11 Rugby v
                                                               exams                    Chinthurst (H) 7-8
                                                               Yr9 & 10 IGCSE           April
                                                               French oral exams
Friday        8    End of Spring     PS Assembly 13.00         Yr 9 ISMFS Maths         Dolphins lessons
                   Term              SS Gym                    Competition in Basel     end
                                                               8-10 April               U11 Rugby v
                                                               House competition        Chinthurst (H) 7-8
                                                               ‘Reach for the Skies’    April
                                                               Social Area & Rubens
                                                               Hall 14.00-15.00
                                                               SS Assembly 15.00
                                                               SS Gym
                                                               Yr 13 IB End of
Saturday      9    Easter Holidays                             Yr 9 ISMFS Maths
                                                               Competition in Basel
                                                               8-10 April

Sunday        10                                               Yr 9 ISMFS Maths
                                                               Competition in Basel
                                                               8-10 April
Monday        11
Tuesday       12
Wednesday     13
Thursday      14
Friday        15
Saturday      16
Sunday        17
Monday        18                                                                                              Zimbabwe
                                                                                                              National Day
Tuesday       19
Wednesday     20                                                                        DoE Gold practice
Thursday      21                                                                        DoE Gold practice
                                                                                        DoE Silver practice
Friday        22                                                                        DoE Gold practice     Good Friday
                                                                                        DoE Silver practice
Saturday      23                                                                        DoE Gold practice     England
                                                                                        expedition            National Day
                                                                                        DoE Silver practice
Sunday        24   Public Holiday                                                                             Easter Sunday
Monday        25   Public Holiday                                                                             Easter Monday
(Week 2)
Tuesday       26   Staff CPD         Staff CPD Training        Staff CPD Training /
                   Training Day      Day                       Moderation Day
                   School closed     School closed to          School closed to
                   to students       students                  students

Wednesday     27   Summer Term                                 Year 10 Exams with       Dolphins lessons      South African
                   begins                                      study leave 27 April –   start                 National Day
                   H&S mtg 13.15                               5 May
                   Lg. Conference                              Yr 13 IB Film exam
                   room                                        presentations
Thursday      28                                               Yr 8 Geog. trip to De
                                                               Yr 12 AS French oral

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The British School of Brussels vzw

Cafeteria Menu

 Monday 25 April         Tuesday 26 April       Wednesday 27 April          Thursday 28 April           Friday 29 April
      Public Holiday                                Minestrone soup             Carrot soup               Parsley soup
      Easter Monday
                          Staff training day    Baked salmon fillet with      Pitta with chips,
                                                leek and bean sprouts       iceberg lettuce and         Pasta bolognaise
                           School closed       and potatoes with chives      garlic mayonnaise
                            to students
                                                      Quornburger            Stuffed tomatoes           Vegetarian pasta

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PC Listing
                        If you are registered with Families Online you can click here to view all PCs

359        28.03.11    U11 RUGBY V CHINTHURST
360        28.03.11    BSB MESSENGER
361        28.03.11    YEAR 11 PARTY – 28/6
363        28.03.11    7L - THE ORANG-UTAN AND POLAR BEAR PROJECT
                       YEAR 12 AND 13 ORAL EXAMINATIONS IN LANGUAGES
364        29.03.11
365        29.03.11    YEAR 10 HISTORY FIELD VISIT TO LONDON – 17-18/5
366        29.03.11    YEAR 12 AND 13 VISIT TO RESIDENCE CARINA
367        29.03.11    YEAR 13 GRADUATION BALL - FRIDAY 27 MAY 2011
368        29.03.11    FASHION SHOW PARTICIPANTS
370        30.03.11    CLARKE’S GYM VISITS LETTER TO PARENTS: 16,24,30 MAY 2011
371        31.03.11    GOLF v. ISB
373        31.03.11    BSB MESSENGER
374        31.03.11    JUNIOR SINGER’S CONCERT 4 MAY 2011
375        31.03.11    YEAR 12 HISTORY TRIP TO WATERLOO – 27/4
376        01.04.11    YEAR 2 FASHION SHOW
377        01.04.11    GCSE MUSIC REVISION DAY

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The British School of Brussels vzw

General Sports Information

BSB Rugby Club ‘Scrum down’
The annual fundraiser to support our young rugby players will be held on Saturday 7 May from 19.30 until 00.30 in the
Secondary School Gym. This year’s fancy dress theme is ‘A Night at the Movies’ and tickets cost €25 which includes a
buffet and disco. Please place your ticket order with your Team Mum, or alternatively contact Caroline Barlow on

The BSB Rugby Club needs you
All clubs need to be organised and this takes a committee. Like the sport of rugby the committee is a team and needs
volunteers. Find out more by asking your child’s Team Coach. No qualifications are needed; just some time to help run the
Rugby club so the students can enjoy themselves.

‘SNAG’ Golf
New sessions of ‘Snag’ Golf will start after Easter. Any parents interested in enrolling their Year 1 or Year 2 child can
contact me in the Sports Office. Sessions will take place on Mondays from 16.00-17.00 or on Wednesdays from 12.00-

Richard Maclear, Sports Administrator,

Sports Department Fixtures
CRICKET                SATURDAY 9, 16, 23 APRIL
                       U7             BSB BARN                          13.00 – 15.00
                       LADIES         BSB BARN                          13.00 – 15.00
                       U17 & U19       BSB BARN                         15.00 – 17.00
                       SUNDAY 10, 17, 24 APRIL
                       U9 / U11        BSB BARN                         08.30 – 10.00
                       U13            BSB BARN                          11.30 – 13.00
                       U15            BSB BARN                          10.00 – 11.30
                       U19            BSB BARN                          13.00 – 14.30
RUGBY                  SATURDAY 9 APRIL
                       U7             Training                          10.00 – 11.15 Bijlkensveld
                       U9, U11, U15    Flemish Finals                   See coach for details (Bijlkensveld)

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The British School of Brussels vzw

Sports Results Overview

                       SATURDAY 2 APRIL
                       Minimes Girls   v OMBR2 (H)                     Lost 1 - 3
HOCKEY                                 v LEOP2 (H)                     Won 7 - 0
                       Minimes Boys v LARA4 (H)                        Won 5 - 0
                       Scolaires Girls v PING1 (H)                     Draw 2 – 2
                       SATURDAY 2 APRIL
                       U19       v Antwerp (H)                         Won 33 - 20

Match Reports - written by our Student Team Captains
BSB Minime Girls v Leopold (7 - 0)
After winning against this team before and now playing at home, we were confident we'd do well. After a slightly shaky
start, we began to concentrate and play the ball well. Our passing was good and we made a lot of breaks, resulting in 2
goals by Fran and one each by Vivian and Milly by half time. With our confidence levels high, we then scored 3 more goals
in the second half (Polly, Fran and myself). During the whole game, our defences stayed strong with Hannah and Livvy
intercepting everything that came their way. Everyone on the team played really well.

BSB Minime Girls v Ombrage (1 - 3)
Our aim was to win this match, too, as it was Fran’s birthday. The opposition were a tough team and we were tired from
the previous game, but we were going to give it our best shot. It was very even with chances for both teams; however a
goal from Fran gave us a 1-0 lead at half time. The heat and tiredness really got to us in the second half and our
concentration and energy levels slipped. We conceded 3 goals and although we battled hard and had chances, we just
couldn't score. Considering the circumstances of playing back to back games in the heat we played brilliantly. Well done
everyone. Many thanks to Chris Beynon for refereeing both matches.
Lydia Marks, Team Captain

BSB Minimes Boys v LaRa4 (5 - 0)
Unfortunately for them LaRa turned up very late and therefore forfeited the match. We agreed to play a friendly anyway.
They were cross with themselves for getting the times wrong but still won 6 – 4 on goals. But they did borrow Alec James
as they were a player down.
Rory Mc Aneny, Team Captain

BSB Scolaires Girls v Pinguin (2 – 2)
Going into this match we knew we were going to have quite a task ahead of us. Last time we played Pinguin we had a
fantastic game, so we expected nothing less from this match. We got off to a good start but unfortunately we conceded a
goal, despite Aditi's heroic efforts to prevent this (making their attacker fly). Nevertheless we were determined to draw
level, and so we did scoring from a short corner. Continuing to play some great hockey, we took the lead, going to 2-1 at
half time. Despite the weather being so warm, we displayed some great hockey, and although the end score was 2 - 2 we
did ourselves proud. Well done, girlies, and I will see you all on Tuesday when we take on the rugby boys. Goals: Sarah –
Sarah Court, Captain

BSB U19 v Antwerp U19 (33 – 20)
This was BSB’s final game of the season in the Belgian League and it was a beautiful day, reaching 24 degrees Celsius.
BSB started the game in a positive way, maintaining the majority of the possession and this resulted in a try by Charles
Phillips after great continuity from the backs. BSB proved dominant at the breakdown where we were turning over lots of
possession, leading to Niam Ross crossing the line after a well-rehearsed move. In the second half, BSB’s early errors
proved costly as Antwerp quickly scored four consecutive tries. BSB did not let their heads drop and great determination
allowed Savenaca Vocea and Dylan Bompas to score two tries after amazing pressure. There was fantastic support from
parents. A big thank you goes to Caron Davies and Richard Tomes for all the hard work they have put into this season,
and also to the squad for their commitment throughout the season. Well done lads!
Charles Phillips, Team Captain

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The British School of Brussels vzw

BSB Girls v BSN
After ISST we had a last ‘friendly’ meet for the season against BSN. It was great to see our hosts again and to swim with
them one last time before the season was over. Megan Alliston in our U9 girls again succeeded with many personal bests
– her 50m back with her new time cut by 2.10seconds and her 50m breast by 2.39 seconds. Holly Tickner and Georgia
Crowe both achieved smashing times in their 100m back, Holly cutting her time by 1.82 seconds and Georgia by a
massive 6.24seconds. I cannot mention all the PBs as there were so many – including Emma Williamson and Defne Atac.
Unfortunately we came second to BSN in the meet but it was an excellent end to the season and I’m very proud of my
team. Well done all.
Lottie Richards, Girls’ Team Captain

BSB Boys v BSN
The competition against BSN last Sunday marked the end of external competitions for this swimming season. The
competition involved the whole of the swimming team and was held at Rixensart. It was nice to see that even this late in
the swimming season we are still getting personal bests especially from the junior team. In particular, I would like to
mention Callum Simpson, Lucas Maley and Joseph Brady who knocked an impressive amount of time off some of their
races. The final scores of the competition were: BSN – 364 and BSB – 315.
This meet has been my last full competition during the 10 years that I have been a member of the Dolphins. I certainly
enjoyed myself over these years and am proud to have been captain for the last two. Thank you to everyone for swimming
their best and I look forward to seeing you all at the internal meet in May.
Theo Barfoot, Boys’ Captain

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