Mystery Vocabulary Letters Rubric by MarvinGolden


									                                  Mystery Vocabulary Letters
                                           Kelly C. Roell –
                                      is a NY Times Company

   1. Choose a partner.                                                       should request information about the
   2. Choose one of the following situations.                                 mystery situation.
   3. Write a letter from the confused person's                            4. Use eight of your vocabulary words
      point of view. The letter should be                                     correctly in the letter.
      addressed to someone else in the scene and

   1. Confused Person: Christine Mariachi, high-powered business manager of Faces, Inc.

   Christine Mariachi has discovered money laundering in her beauty products company, Faces, Inc. She suspects the
   enchanting Vanessa Jefferson, but does not have proof of treason. To save her corporation from inevitable
   bankruptcy, Ms. Mariachi must determine if Vanessa has been stealing. In order to find out the truth, she could
   question one of her other employees like the intern Jacob, who knows all the office gossip, or the receptionist
   Henrietta, who has eyes like a hawk. As an alternative, she could contact Vanessa’s previous employer, Benson
   Little, to ask if Vanessa has had sticky fingers in the past.

   2. Confused person: Sunshine, a concerned father and homeopathic healer.

   Sunshine has discovered that his 15-year old son, Lyric, has been skipping all of his classes and is failing with a
   12% in English. Lyric told his dad that he is being teased about the dreadlocks and canary yellow pants he wears in
   protest of the war in Iraq; therefore, he doesn't want to go to school anymore. Perplexed, Sunshine has to figure out
   a way to get Lyric to go back to class, but he also needs to know if Lyric’s really being pushed around for his
   unique sense of style. He could contact Bessie, Lyric's new green-haired girlfriend, Ms. Garza, Lyric's stony-faced
   counselor, or Mr. Jonas Michael III, Lyric's eccentric English teacher.

   3. Confused person: Zip-Tie, lead singer for the metal band, Black Happy.

   Zip-Tie has learned from a secret source that his #1 groupie, Elmira, has been stealing his personal items, like
   toothpaste and antiperspirant, and selling them on eBay. The problem? He can never catch her because of her
   extreme stealth and Zip Tie’s blindness in his left eye. He must devise a way to catch her in the act of stealing
   before she makes a profit from his toiletries, but he needs help from an outside, objective source. The only people
   he can turn to? His agent, Erik Shoshanna, who loves making money off of Zip-Tie, Safety Belt, another member
   of the band who has been known to date Elmira on occasion, and Elmira's mother, Ruby, the widow who head-
   bangs to Black Happy's tunes.

Partners:      __________________________________________________________________________________

One letter written                                                                      _____/10

Vivid language/creativity                                                               _____/10

Eight vocabulary words used and spelled correctly                                       _____/80

Total Points                                                _____/100

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